Republican Congressman Mentions TRUTH About ‘Refugees’… Look What CNN Does to Him

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

CNN has an odd problem with technical difficulties arising just after conservatives say things they don’t want the public to hear.

It’s a remarkable coincidence!

In 2015, a widely-admired NFL player mentioned Jesus, and the feed was immediately cut. Last October a Congressman mentioned Wikileaks and Hillary and — in a shocking coincidence — his feed was cut as well!

Well this morning, those stubborn technical problems reared their ugly head once again, this time when discussing President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from high-risk nations — which CNN falsely calls his “Muslim ban.”

Dana Bash was interviewing a member of the Homeland Security Committee and when he brought up the shocking FBI statistics of how so many “refugees” to the U.S. have been linked to terrorist acts.

It did not go well for him…

Dana Bash: “Do you think as a member of the Homeland Security committee it is necessary for the security of this country to put this ban in place?”

Congressman: “I do think that it is important for our security and I think that the people overwhelmingly in the country want that as well too because again just today the FBI comes out and says that 30%, 30% of their domestic terrorism cases that they are investigating are from folks who are refugees.

It’s important not to label all refugees bad people..that’s not why I’m here..but”…BEEEEP

Dana Bash: “Oh! I was just gonna say Congressman it’s time to go but I think the T.V. Gremlins did that for us.”

Gremlins? Seriously? And why would it be “time to go” when the interview had only just begun?

Just another “technical difficulty” to stifle forbidden narratives, courtesy of the Fake News Network.


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