Reporter Exposes ‘Racist Videos’ Put Out by Trump’s Father… Just One HUGE Problem

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Talk of a Trump “scandal” hit the Washington and New York press corps this weekend, as “bombshell” videos of President Trump’s father Fred Trump “emerged” showing “racist” ads the elder Trump made during a 1969 run for Mayor of New York City.

The videos were shared by The Washington Post‘s fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, on Twitter, and quickly spread by re-tweets by reporters from multiple publications.

Here’s how the report describes the “ads”:

In 1969, Fred Trump plotted to run for mayor of New York … He made two test television commercials. One of them, called ‘Dope Man’, featured a drug-addled black youth wandering the streets. ‘With four more years of John Lindsay,’ the narrator intoned, ‘he will be coming to your neighbourhood soon.’ The ad flashed to the anxious faces of two well-dressed white women. ‘Vote for Fred Trump. He’s for us.’

The other commercial, ‘Real New Yorkers’, showed scenes of ‘real’ people from across the city, all of them white. Fred Trump, the narrator said, ‘is a real New Yorker too’. In the end he didn’t run, but his campaign themes were bequeathed to his son.

 Here’s one of the “shocking, racist” ads the reporters spread:

The ads were shared by reporters from the AP, Washington Post, Mashable, Arizona Republic, San Jose Mercury News, Fast Company, and others:

There was just one MASSIVE problem…it was a complete and total LIE.

The ads are fakes, made last year. These seasoned journalists didn’t even bother to check their sources, but the conservative Washington Examiner exposed them in minutes:

The videos in question were created and published online last year by a group called “Historical Paroxysm,” which specializes in producing “found footage from alternate realities.”

The footage used in the group’s “Dope Man” ad, which ends with a banner reading, “Paid for by the Committee to Elect Frederick C. Trump,” is from a 1969 short film called “A Day in the Death of Donny B,” according to the Post.

So no one bothered to investigate if Fred Trump had even contemplated a run for mayor — he never had.

And guess who FIRST circulated the phony ads in the first place… longtime Hillary Clinton aide and serial liar Sidney Blumenthal, who first mentioned them in the London Review of Books, where it was then spread — unquestioned — by dozens of so-called “journalists.”

Is it because the lie already fit their belief that Donald Trump is a racist?

This is “Fake News” in a nutshell.


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