Reporter Accuses General of Being Reckless; His Response SHOCKED Her

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Liberals will say and twist any situation or statistic to make guns and their owners look irresponsible, evil, or just plain stupid.

Which is why I love this Marine Corps general’s response to an interviewer who grilled him about guns and kids.

You’ll enjoy this!





I bet that lady will think twice before taking on a general on gun related topics in the future!


[h/t The Federalist Papers]



  • Brenda southerland

    I wonder how all these stupid liberals think this country is going to stand unless we fight like America has always done do they think Hitler was stopped with council meetings God and guns defeated Hitler.

    • Michael J. Simmons

      No Brenda God and Guns did not Defeat Hitler. Men and Women of our US Armed Forces w/ Guns and a Belief in that our Idea’s where right. God had nothing to do with Defeating Nazi Germany.

      • Truthsayer

        Sorry…. Back then God did have an important role in many peoples lives. Religion meant a lot more then than it does now. There are many many stories from servicemen and women who reached out to god during this time. Not to mention all of the families back home who worked and worried and sacrificed for the greater good. Faith and willpower helped them through. Not just firepower. God helped the US to defeat all of the Axis powers in WWII.

        • Michael J. Simmons

          I can understand that.

        • David Martin

          What is sad is that you are right about today and then. People long for the simple life and the peace and morality we had back then but no one seems to understand that it was our faith in ourselves / each other, our country, our military, and God that made it that way. Now we have have none of those things and that way of life is gone for this crap today. Everyone is so afraid to offend someone. Well you know what there is no law about offending someone. Get on the band wagon to be a Proud American and Patriot. Be willing to defend our country against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

          • BTeboe

            And NO ONE has a RIGHT to NOT be offended. It (offense) is a by product of freedom of speech and religion.

          • Brian

            Free speech isnt safe,and a society that permits only “safe” speech isnt free

        • Woody Nelson

          In what way?

          • Michael J. Simmons

            We have as a nation many enemies, they start simply with Sincere Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity. These two things are the two greatest dangers to our nation and to us as a Species. If we stop those two things then we as a species can move on.

          • Smarter than u

            “Sincere Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity.” AKA, liberalism!

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Also known as Conservatism it is a disease that spreads.

          • Smarter than u

            It can’t be both, DA. lol

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Yes it can. Extremism on both sides is a disease. It does not allow you to experience life or even grow. An extremist say’s that everything they need is what they believe in and if you don’t believe in their way then you are wrong or committed a sin. This is the true sadness of Extremism it is a dry desert in a world of wonder and thought.

          • Smarter than u

            “If you don’t believe in their way then you are wrong” Sound a lot like you, bro. So why do people with convictions scare you so much? Do you have anything that you believe that can’t be swayed? Do you stand for anything other than seething hatred for Christian conservatives? If my faith says something is wrong, why would I want to listen to someone who says it isn’t? That’s the problem with liberalism, no real conviction other than hatred.

          • Michael J. Simmons

            I have conviction it is us as a species. I am a Secular Humanist, if you want to believe in Christianity believe, if you want to believe in Islam than believe, if Hindu floats your boat well that is your thing. Same with a Pastafarian. I really don’t care. What I do care is when you insist that your belief is the only belief and everyone else’s is wrong.

          • Smarter than u

            Everyone believes that their faith is the only faith, that’s really the crux of religion. When Christ says that no one comes to the Father but by Him, if I don’t believe that, then I’m not much of a Christian am I? I don’t believe in forced conversion if that’s what you’re implying, and I don’t know any Christian that does. That’s more of an Islam thing.

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Sadly this also seems to be an Extremist Christian thing as well. Since some of the current crop of GOP contenders all seem to want the United States to be worshiping One God and ignoring that we are a Nation of many beliefs.

          • Russ Frame

            When did extremism become a disease? You deny God, fine that is you’re choice, and because you deny Him you try to figure it out with you’re own logic, but just because you believe what you say is truth you are fooled by you’re own ignorance. A fool in his heart says there is no God.

          • Alex Tegnazian

            extremism or muslim for there is no nonextremist muslim

          • Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in support of freedom is no virtue.

        • annie

          Amen, Amen, Amen!!!! You got that right

        • caussie

          The Netherlands
          New Zealand
          South Africa
          United Kingdom
          were allies also involved in WW11 and most of them quite sometime before the US…. So whilst God may have helped the US so did one hell of a lot of men and women from other countries…..

          • David Martin

            Just to add a little clarification here, many of the places you mention here were directly involved in the war because it was happening on their home ground. So they were fighting for survival. Others such as the USSR began as the enemy and then switched sides because they themselves were attacked by the countries they held as allies. Other countries you list were, at the time, under the control of countries directly involved in the war which is why they helped, they did not want to help but they had no choice. The thing to remember is that the United States sent more then 10 times the troops and equipment then any other country listed here with the exception possibly of the USSR, and the USA really was under no direct domestic threat. We stepped in to help save the rest of the world. These other countries were defending themselves, and before the end almost all of
            them quit fighting. A job partially done is a job not done.

          • ksmat

            For your general information.

            The Indian Army during World War II began the war, in 1939, numbering just under 200,000 men.[1] By the end of the war it had become the largest volunteer army in history, rising to over 2.5 million men in August 1945.[1][2] Serving in divisions of infantry, armour and a fledgling airborne force, they fought on three continents in Africa, Europe and Asia.

            I am a proud American who served in the Indian Army. It to-date is the largest volunteer Army in the world.

          • Russ Frame

            Just so you know God is in other countries also.

          • Alex Tegnazian

            thing is tho bro till america joined the war all those countries u mentioned were LOSING its not till after DDAY that we actually turned the tide so remember that

          • I would suggest that the tide turned at El Alamein or even before Moscow.

          • Chloe Rowles

            Yes, but they were losing the war, some of these countries were even defeated and occupied, until America stepped in, and joined them.

      • scott

        God was a major moral coach in the early wars,before Obammy and his war on christians.There are many servicemen who relied on god in their time of need to get the job done,many snipers who prayed to god to keep a steady hand while shooting.You atheists are a big problem in America and need to visit Jim Jones for some of his special kool aid

        • Michael J. Simmons

          That is funny Scott, The War on Christians, so tell me when have you been told you are not allowed to pray. Have you been rounded up and shuttled to some camp or not allowed to vote or had to be marked in someway to make you different than everyone else. Or maybe you have just been asked to accept a simple idea that all the other beliefs out there have just as much validity as your own. We have one and only one rule of law about Religion in our Country and it is a simple rule that tells our Government that they cannot create a State sponsored religion. What this means is that no one Faith will rule this Great Nation of ours. We are a Secular Nation made up of many people, cultures, beliefs and this is what scares the extremist’s so much. Yes, we will argue over a belief; but in the end we do not have Theocracy (such as in the Middle East or the then Church of England) which is what our forefathers feared.

          • TacticalYoda

            Yet, schools are indoctrinating kids. Telling them Christians persecute while Islam is peaceful (see: McDougall Littell, World History, Medieval and Modern Times – used in 7th grade) having our kids do assignments where they are REQUIRED to recite the Shahada and “pretend” to be Muslims – just to touch the tip of the iceberg . YOU are a prime example of what is wrong. You blather on ignorantly with your ridiculous, condescending drivel that need only sound enlightened in your feeble widdel mind to qualify as gospel truth. You lecture those who apparently are more in the know than you. Why? because you have simultaneously been kept ignorant while being led to believe you’re smarter than everyone else. You’re laughable, truth be told.
            You may go now

          • Woody Nelson

            Can you provide some facts to back up your drivel. You’re excused!

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Gee, my school taught a lot of different things. Most of it the exact opposite of what it is you are saying now. I am not what is wrong with this Nation. I am what is trying to make it right. History should not be taught by who is the winner. It should show all sides, Muslim’s are no more innocent than the Christians. So stow the persecution complex.

          • scott

            you are not trying to fix America,you and your ilk are destroying it,gay marriage,muslims being equal,tax the rich while rewarding the useless.

          • Alex Tegnazian

            hey bro that was back in the stone ages now is now then was then get ur ass out of ur fuckin ssand hole and actually go to school and see with ur eyes u dumb muslim lover

          • Rich

            Pull your head out of the sand son, don’t ever act as if you have any answers about serving our country unless you have served!
            It’s in plain sight that you haven’t served, so stand back and learn what those that put their lives on the line for you have learned.
            I hate pretenders, you’re starting to sound like one!

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Sorry Rich, I have served. I was in the service during Desert Shield/Storm on board USS-Reid FFG-30. But what the hell, I will let you believe what you want to believe.

          • Smarter than u

            Forcing Christian business owners to participate in gay weddings or be fined or put out of business ring a bell? Students in public school being told they’re not allowed to pray or bring Bibles to school? Christian student groups losing certifications at some universities? Heard of any of these things? If you think there’s no war on Christians, you need to pull your head out of your posterior.

            And you need to explain how “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” translates into the idea that no government entity from the federal to local level can do anything that could be remotely construed as religious. Congress means congress.

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Congress has not made any law respecting an establishment of religion or it’s exercise thereof. What has been done is trying to stop the establishment of a Christian theocracy that you and your ilk seem hell bent to establish on the rest of us Human beings.

          • Smarter than u

            Nice use of hyperbole! Congrats!

          • scott

            when my brothers in arms are told to remove god from their weapons,when school children are told they can not pray before they eat lunch in school,when the 10 commandments are ordered removed from a courthouse,yes,that is oppression of christianity.When a private business like hobby lobby is sued because they do not want to give health insurance that covers abortion pills and certain forms of birth control,when Chik Fil A is boycotted because they are a christian business and christian bakers are ordered to disobey their beliefs so a queer can have a wedding cake,yes,that is suppression of christianity.But hey Micheal,I hear muslims love queers like you,they throw you nasty fucks off of roof tops for sport

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Scott, I love your jump to conclusion on my sexuality. Keep up the good work. As for the rest, Our Nation is a Secular one, any soldier that is putting anything on to their weapons should have it removed as it will pose an issue with the equipments potential to operate properly. This is not an affront against Christianity it is a means of making sure the equipment does work. Now to date I have not heard of any child being told they cannot pray in person over their lunch in school. I have heard when a student has tried to make it a thing for everyone in the school to pray (which is wrong and not allowed.) When the 10 Commandments are asked to be removed from a Courthouse, because this is where the Laws of Man are used and not that of God, I say good. When a Public Business such as Hobby Lobby, Chik-FIl-A are boycotted (As well as Public Bakeries) because they serve the Public. Which means all the Public not just “Those” people they want to service. There is an issue, this is not persecution, this is telling the far right that we are going to treat you as equal to everyone else, you are no better, nor worse than anyone. Your Religion is your personal thing, and you do not get to apply it in a public venue. If you want to go into business to serve or minister to your specific religious group/denomination. Than make sure that is clear in your advertizing because believe it or not. I will support that business in it’s cause that it’s religious values do run it’s business model.

          • scott

            ok,so my friends taping an in god we trust banner to the shoulder stock of their weapon will cause it to misfire,are you stupid?
            as for the business issue,what ever happened to we have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason?

            Laws of man vs laws of God,let’s see

            thou shalt not kill-rule of God

            Murder-punishable by life in prison-rule of man

            thou shalt not steal-rule of god

            theft is a crime,sentence depends on severity-rule of man

            there is not much difference between gods rules and mans rules,duh

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Taping anything to a weapon you have to use in a possible combat situation is inherently not a good idea. You do have a right to refuse service this is reserved for the individual who is obnoxious or is somehow causing your other guest’s to be uncomfortable you may have heard of this thing it is called the 14th Amendment and it says you will not discriminate for any reason based on a person’s Sex, Race, Skin Color, Religious belief. Guess what, this also means their Gender preference it’s what you would call read between the lines. Exactly we already have Rules of Law so their is no need to post the 10 Commandments which came from a Bronze age society in our Courts of Law. After all we have our Laws in which we can pass sentence on.

          • Alex Tegnazian

            bro they do this in parades what are they gonna use the gun in a parade? hmm o wait u were on a ship what did u have to parade over

          • colt721

            Interesting how you glossed over the Issue there. You lumped Hobby lobby’s court battles in with the boycott of Chick-Fil-A. The two are NOT the same. Anyone who wants to boycott a business are welcome to all they want we all do it all the time. I shop where I feel I am appreciated and valued. That is fine. The thing is, in the past few years, I have seen/heard of 2 bakeries 5 churches and a wedding site being sued and forced to either provide services for people with whom they have moral issues/disagreements or shut down and be fined ridiculous amounts. At the SAME time we see other religious groups (notably Muslims) who are arguing, SUCCESSFULLY that to do the same to them is religious persecution.
            What I am looking for is that the law should apply equally to all. If it is religious persecution to force a Muslim bakery to provide a cake for a Christian, Jewish or Gay person; or if it is persecution to make a Muslim have to deliver alcohol or bacon to a restaurant, As has been declared by the president AND the courts, then it ought to be the same for The Christian. On the other hand if Christian businessmen have to provide services for people they disagree with then it ought to be the same for all other religions.

            I also take issue with people telling me that I have to accept their beliefs and wants and I have to not offend them But, on the other hand, they can force me to accept their beliefs and even celebrate them, And I have to accept any offense they offer.

            In other words, For me the first big problem is the hypocrisy of the law. Secondly I am opposed to the Hypocrisy of the claims.

          • Alex Tegnazian

            war on christians lets see, if ur muslim u get out of jail if ur christian u get no help yup thats a war on christianity bro try harder with ur muslimiteness

        • Woody Nelson

          Hate to say it but you’re the one drinking the kool-aid. Obama has no war on christians and is one himself. He goes to a christian church every sunday. Look it up yourself.

          • calypsodancler

            the liberalism disease is at its terminal stage for this one.

          • Fannydoright

            Going to church every Sunday don’t make anyone a good Christian any more than standing in a garage makes anyone a car!!! Obamanation’s old pastor, Rev. Wright proved Obamanation ain’t a Christian!!! And he ain’t patriotic either!!! Ever wonder why the people in the Middle East were dancing in the streets after Obamanation was elected??? They were celebrating his election because he is one of them, not one of us!!!

          • Woody Nelson

            Then I can assume you’re probably not a good christian just because you go to church every sunday or anybody else for that matter.

          • chris white

            nggrs dont do christian

          • Gradcia

            No he does not… Look it up.. He’s the first president who does NOT… Plus true Christians know you cannot pray publicly to a false god …. Look it up…

          • Ferrari fan

            Every move Obama has made shows he’s a Muslim, not a Christian. “By their works ye shall know them”. In other words, Actions speak louder than words.

          • Woody Nelson

            All you have to do is Google Obama’s religious affiliation and you will get all the answers. Of course I don’t expect you to do that because you enjoy the Obama hating.

          • Alex Tegnazian

            yes lets look up what islamists have said about obama suure cause lets see hes not a christian hes a muslim try harder bro thx

          • krushadetree

            Sorry I dislike him as much as anyone else, but your comment does not work, You say look at what islamists have said, problem is how many “TRUTHS” have been claimed by them. So if they claim he is one of them he prolly aint.

          • Rick Etter

            Wow woody, stupid much?

          • Woody Nelson

            I have been through this discussion before and Googled Obama’s religious affiliation and everything referenced shows him attending a christian church on sunday.

          • Kathy McKinny

            Islam and Taqiyya LOOK THEM UP He is a MUZZIE

          • Alex Tegnazian

            christian church? are u stupid? he said hes muslim already and hes with the muslims in everything try not being stupid

        • Justin Darcy

          This is how I feel about what you just said:

      • Bennie Fits

        There’s no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole. You’re going to pray to SOMEONE that you survive.

        • Woody Nelson

          Not me, I know it would be fruitless anyway. Either way the end is the same.

          • chris white

            well in your case,God wants you dead

        • Michael J. Simmons

          Didn’t pray when I was sitting on board an FFG I was on during Desert Shield/Storm and then I was a Roman Catholic.

          • Smarter than u

            That’s because there’s no real danger on a US Navy vessel. Some of us actually put ourselves in harms way to defend the US. 🙂

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Right, never been aboard a Naval Warship have you? There are many ways to be in harms way. I choose one that was not in the Army or Marines, for I know my limitations.

          • Smarter than u

            I know! The biggest danger is when they have to switch over to powdered eggs! Yuck! Or did you do the Titanic pose on the bow and nearly fall overboard? Bet that was scary! lol

          • Michael J. Simmons


          • Smarter than u

            At least I didn’t ask what day was yours in the barrel. The Navy guys I served with hated that one 😛

          • Michael J. Simmons

            I can understand that, that phrase never came up when I served. Usually we reserved that for the “Bubbleheads”

          • Smarter than u

            You know the joke though, right?

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Yep! nice little homosexual reference.

          • Smarter than u

            I just like to irk the Navy guys. 😛

          • Michael J. Simmons

            Meh! Good joke!

      • chris white

        drop down and give me twenty ,lying liar untruther

        • Michael J. Simmons

          You can be first Chris. I served my time from ’88 to ’92. I am sure you heard of it, it was called Desert Shield/Storm.

      • Michael Lynn

        God doesn’t need you or your guns. You fight and war against each other because you are worthy of it and your lusts rule over you. For he dashes you to pieces and blood touches blood. You live by your sword and die by it also, his word cuts you off. But those who are his walk in his light and know the way of peace, “beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: for nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

        • Michael J. Simmons

          I love the idea of Peace, Peace is good. Now if only the extremist’s would stop to listen to those ideas. Our world would be a better place to live in, instead of the world of turmoil it is now.

      • colt721

        Honestly, Many of those people who fought had a moral code that came from their faith. A code that Said you help others and do what is right, You Stand up for the oppressed and you sacrifice for those you love. A code that is embodied in religious principles. If they did NOT have that faith in God they would not have fought for those principles like they did and WWII would have been very different. So whether you want to believe in God or not is up to you but it WAS a belief in him and his word that caused so many to make the sacrifices that won the war. So, at least in a sense, Yes you have to admit that it WAS God (or at least belief in him) that won the war.

      • Richard M

        Never been in a foxhole have you?

      • Pat Enery

        Why is it that no one knows any facts about Hitler? Jews had everything to do with defeating Germany. Hitler’s interest free currency was the threat to their world monetary control. Couldn’t let that catch on. Notice any similarities today?

  • Michael J. Simmons

    In all honesty and fairness, I’d rather they be taught on a Marine Gun Range. Because I know they will be taught Gun Safety before they will be allowed to pick up the pistol and/or rifle that they will be firing. Also the Range master is God on that Range and heaven help one of those Scouts if they decide to get all Rambo with a Gun.

  • Bennie Fits

    Can’t argue with logic.

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  • Pat

    My Dad was a Scoutmaster in the 50’s and 60’s. He was an Army Vet (Artillery) and he taught his troops hunter’s safety.

  • Julie Gonsalves

    Wish we could see a cell phone video of that…..Great punch line.

  • Truthsayer

    This is priceless. But perhaps the General was incorrect. Have we done a background check on the reporter?

  • Jeanne F Brown

    I wonder if the Marine really said that. Truth is they would get proper schooling.

    • Josh Pierce

      I have no doubts that’s exactly what he said. As a Former Marine I saw many officers make comments a lot worse than that.

  • Rizzan

    Sure. That happened. Really.

  • Daryl Ann Guy

    My son was the first scout to be NRA certified in a special program age 15. He knows that guns are a defense not an offense. He knows how to properly use and store one.

  • Brad Harris

    Sorry people, as much as we would like this to be true …

    • Gary Knapp

      I suspect this story was born out of the frustration people feel from all the political correctness we are subjected to when we don’t cower in the face of ultra left wing nonsense.

      • Kathy McKinny

        not to mention is run by a FAR LEFT wing couple that LOVES OBAMA.

    • olddog

      actual or not..still HALL OF FAME….PERIOD!!!!

  • Bill Pittman

    That is very good. A well trained shooter, even if he becomes a thug is safer than a thug who shoots wildly. A well trained thug will hit his target (other thugs usually) more often and bystanders less frequently. Non-thugs would probably have fewer accidents and a higher probability of hitting thugs. A win win situation.

  • Roger Coke

    That’s the best one I’ve heard in a long time!!!

  • lll%’er Patriot

    BOOM got that woman big tome

  • oclvroadbikerider

    While funny, this is just a REHASHED OLD INTERNET JOKE.

    How about sticking with REAL NEWS, or at least identify these Hoaxes/ Jokes as such please?

  • Jim McCormack

    Stupid reporters have no idea how are Freedom was won from the English and maintained since.. Damn shame History is no longer taught in schools

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  • babote

    Silence is golden. Lol

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  • Ferrari fan

    This story always makes me laugh.

  • Rose

    Bet that General was wrong about her.

  • Brian

    Epic !!!!! Nine thumbs up



  • olddog

    Absolutely HALL OF FAME…

  • Shaghayegh Hend

    what a good comeback!! omg so funny!! This was fucking stupid, anyone who thought this was funny is an idiot lol seriously though, is this even real?


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