Mexican Troops Invading Arizona Border; Shooting American Citizens (Video)


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Last month, we reported on an incursion by Mexican troops in Arizona, who held U.S. agents at gunpoint before being allowed to retreat back into Mexico. Many experts believe that elements of the Mexican army are openly assisting the drug cartels along their smuggling routes into the U.S.

Now comes a new shocking report of dozens of invasions across the border by Mexican troops, who have shot Americans and even landed helicopters on ranchers’ land and held them at gunpoint.

WATCH the stunning report from News 4 Tucson:

So what is the Obama Administration’s response?

Last month Top Right News asked US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske exactly that. His answer? 

Kerlikowske admits that the intruders were “confirmed members of the Mexican military” but he asserts that U.S. border officials determined that no further action was necessary involving the matter.

NO FURTHER ACTION necessary….after an invasion?

Like a loyal Obama lapdog Kerlikowske claims military incursions from Mexico are infrequent though he was apparently forced to admit that there were 23 such incidents in the Tucson and Yuma sectors of Arizona since 2010, including three this fiscal year alone.

The Mexican Army is providing cover and escorts for the cartels, under a Pieto administration which has promised to “end” the “bloody war” with those cartels.

So where is Obama? MIA, as with Ukraine, Iran, China and on and on. Weakness is exploited, and it will only get worse.

  • John Schipper

    “Kerlikowske claims military incursions from Mexico are infrequent”, Once is too many.

    • uglyamerican

      Time to stop giving them weapons and just give them used ammunition.

      • Dale Baranoski

        Bullet end first conveniently expedited by some blackpowder?

        • Johhny “the rat”

          Well said.

    • Magicman

      This is an act of war and we should be attacking them the minute they cross the border. Send them home in body bags. My phone tells me where I am, they know where they are. Get out the Gatlin.

  • howdy doddy

    what about the US Citizens held in Mexico for crossing the border innocently with a gun on their person ..held and chained to their beds for months attacked while in custody by other inmates ..but we let these people go about their business …illegal business with no questions asked .Something is very wrong here ..very wrong

    • wwj745

      Yes, and it has been wrong for years. The habit of the voting public to continually vote for the “lesser of 2 evils”. There is no such thing.

      • tinalouise

        That would be the first Bush I’m sure! Yes, it’s gone on way too long! Needs to stop, if our gov’t won’t do what they are being paid to do, then it has to be done by the people….as well as getting an entire new gov’t …. every last one of the present ones need to go. If they don’t like it they can go to Mexico!

    • dondi31

      OH, but Howdy, don’t you read all the poles put out by the democrats which say that the majority of Americans want to make illegals legal? In New York, they want illegals to have the right to vote. It is very wrong that we let them cross, keep them here, feed them, give them medical care….treat them better than we treat our Vets. This country is really messed up. Close the damn boarders. When they cross, SHIP THEM BACK…woman, children, men….it does not matter. SHIP THEM ALL BACK!

    • Anisha Dunne

      U.S.Citizens are subject to the federal zone/District of Columbia. We have been hoodwinked into abandoning ‘Union state Citizenship’ that reserved all our sovereignty to the state or the people…I suggest Americans look into changing their status to ‘Union state Citizens’. Read the Constitution, Read the Declaration of Independence…know the law of the land…

  • Michael Lawrence

    Maybe it’s time to secure our border and put troops on it to defend it.

    • Mauricio Carvallan

      Charles Shumer, Luis Gutierrez, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder, NEED TO BE HAN/ GED!! Ha/ ng them Trait ors!

      • Joel Rivera

        And ASAP.

      • usachris68

        You forgot two Obama and Hillary!

      • 04TXS1836

    • chickief

      Can’t they are all busy up in Bunkerville!

    • margaretbugg

      Way past time!

      • Michael Lawrence

        No doubt about that, I’m with you on that.

    • Jason Lewis

      That would be racist. 🙂

      • Sheryl Rayburn

        Who Cares . . .

      • Robert Wallum Sr.

        No, just good shooting.

    • adoremeorelse

      I guarantee you that if we put armed guards at the border, and those guards popped a few little mexican heads as they rose above the fence, the vermin at the bottom would be less likely to chance sticking their own heads over. It’d only take a few good head shots to show that we mean business. The mexicans don’t seem to understand laws, but I’m pretty sure we could teach them.

      • Anita Johnston

        What fence? 🙂

      • Jonathan Gardner

        I fully agree with you .. a few dead Mexicans would wake up Obama. or would he ignore the constitution.. like he always does.

    • tinalouise

      Citizens are going to have to do it, the government isn’t.

      • Michael Lawrence

        Sadly, you are probably right.

  • Gistine

    Time for target practice!

  • Tin

    Call out the State Militia. Issue a call to to arms to defend the state and our country if the feds refuse to act.

    • Jeremiah R. Patterson

      I’m there from Utah, can not have a gun so I’ll bring my crossbow,knives,axes,slingshot and a damn pitchfork – broadcast hangings of cartel! These sick animals including the corrupt mexican police need to be taught a lesson!

      • 1PRAYS4U

        Don’t forget a backhoe!

        • Daniel Lawson

          a backhoe haha…. got to bury them I suppose

          • uglyamerican

            Otherwise they stink more than they do while alive….

          • John Bovenzi

            That’s what Lime is for! 😉

          • Michael Lawrence

            The coyotes will eat them, don’t worry about too much stink

          • Charlie Rock Collins

            desert animals need to eat too

          • liberalssuck

            Nope find a pig farmer. They eat everything.

          • Kyle Sexton

            That would be creepy think about it, eating pigs that ate Human, wouldn’t that make you a cannibal?

          • liberalssuck

            Nah, they would only get the proteins from a human, no different then anything else they eat.

          • Rudy Wallesch

            No just carnivorous!

          • StonerProud

            Some women consider me to be a cannibal but for other reasons! >=)

          • godofhellfire1

            No it would make your belly full! I got a great recipe for B-B-Q sauce

          • Lynnz

            Except hair nails and teeth !

        • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

          forget burying them….let their corpses stack up at the border….makes for cheaper fencing material as well works as a good example of the repercussions….

          • F. De Moraes

            It worked for the Spartans!
            Semper fi!

          • Teresa Pitts

            I loved that movie the Spartans!!

          • Johhny “the rat”

            Heads! Just the heads on pikes. Simple and effective.

          • followurownadvice

            If you know the real story of Vlad Dracula he impaled the enemy on pikes and when the advancing invasion came across the field of impaled bodies they turned around and headed home. Sometimes it takes being barbaric to stop an invasion force.

          • wildbillxxxx


          • magormissabib

            if Obama was an american he would act.

          • Lobo

            You got it IF???

          • Teresa Pitts

            Obama is a coward.

          • Ted Sockwell

            Vlad also nailed the turbins to their embassadors heads coz they wouldnt take them off when he asked them too Id do the same thing except nail their ass to a tree and see what the next wave thinks

          • StonerProud

            Just nail their genitals to a tree and kick them over! So much for future dumbasses!

          • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

            ^^Fact and his acts were so atrocious that while much of the legend of him may be unknown by most the name and vampires carry on in the nightmares of many children as well as the vampire movies all from stories that originated with his actions.

          • tracymae

            The wild life needs food, let em lay where they drop.

          • captbob123

            maybe the birds want some mexican

          • Justin Bassett

            Worked in 300, right…?

          • Teresa Pitts

            To set an example for any others who might be thinking of coming over

          • Teresa Pitts

            To set an example for any others who might be thinking of coming over

      • Lilu Kanine

        No worries, we’ll arm you when you get here. After a background check of course. 😉

        • American Patriot

          Nobody needs a background check from government!
          A right is not a permission FROM government!
          I will NOT be denied my rights, no matter what!

      • Kieran O’Hagan

        Why not? Arizona has Constitutional carry.

      • Kyle Sexton

        So your a convicted felon, that’s nice to know.

        • disqus_rNCBazBmWm

          not really, i can’t own a firearm because of dui’s from 27 years ago. don’t believe me? go look it up

          • American Patriot

            Then YOUR rights are being trampled illegally!
            No government can stop you from exercising YOUR RIGHTS, and no court can take them either!
            The constitution states: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED…it does NOT get simpler than that!

          • Jibba Bean

            easier said than done…

          • disqus_rNCBazBmWm

            i have not even had a parking ticket in 27 years and this is an ex post facto law. not allowed to vote anymore either!

          • Jerry Emery

            If all you say is true, it should be a relatively easy case to get them expunged after so much time.


          • disqus_rNCBazBmWm

            i have read that it is next to impossible

          • Jerry Emery

            Yeah, I forgot that expungement is a process that varies state to state. I have a friend in Indiana who is about to get hers locked after 13 years and it was fairly serious (2 class Ds and a class B). Did you mean you read the info in the link or that you have just read that it is next to impossible? If you have not followed that link, do so and you may be surprised.

          • disqus_rNCBazBmWm

            thank you

          • Tere Wilson

            Have a friend working on that in OK. Check it out with an attorney – don’t give up easily.

          • Tere Wilson

            Unfortunately, that only applies to the federal government. State constitutions vary, but their legislators are going against their own constitutions with impunity. Watch for whom you vote! But VOTE!

        • Zachary Fraedrich

          Anyone with a diagnosis of PTSD also cannot pass a Background check.

          • William Craig Woofter

            not so Zachary, if you read the questions on the background check, it asks if you have been deemed mentally deficient by a court or other governing authority. PTSD is only a condition, not a judgement. I have it and still legally buy firearms on occasion.

      • Rob

        you can have a gun, period, no other laws should say you cannot

      • American Patriot

        You CAN own a gun, the law is ILLEGAL and you do NOT have to obey it!
        It is a RIGHT, and government never had the authority to stomp on your rights!
        If I were you, I would get one!
        NOBODY gets to decide MY rights, I am the only one qualified to answer that!

        • disqus_rNCBazBmWm

          how would you get anybody to sell you one

    • 1PRAYS4U

      That’s pretty much it in a nutshell!

    • Reiki-ology Master Healing

      They are headed to Tx who has BALLS, unlike my states Law!

    • Johhny “the rat”

      Who has the authority to do that?

      • Anisha Dunne

        WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE PRIME AUTHORITY of the American Constitutional Republic of Law when it is clear that the delegated Office has been ABANDONED! The PEOPLE ARE THE MILITIA! When those who hold Office, fail in their duties to protect the Rights of the People, their Office may considered abandoned whether de jure or de facto.

    • Arizona does not have a state militia.

      • Rd Cargill

        everyone in Arizona IS militia, all you need is to stand tall and git r dun

        • I’m keeping my guns loaded and my powder dry. 🙂

          We will be a last stand state against enemies foreign OR domestic.

          • James Breen

            I agree with everthing in this statement except for the word OR, it should read “against all enemies foreign AND domestic”

          • Indeed that is how it was penned but I changed it to OR to empathize that the enemy will probably be domestic.

          • BushMaster63

            Don’t change the wording…it adds gray area where there is none…the enemy is the enemy, regardless of where they originate.

          • BushMaster63

            As in the oath I swore back in 1985…and it used the word “AND”…

    • Sarge1retired

      Just deputize citizens.

    • Ryan Rhys

      Assess their routes, lay traps, take their gear; local militia now even better prepared to counter such open acts of war… Huffington post’s headline reads “mexican Army accidentally invade US” which figures, so you will get no support from the lamestream media, until of course you have a decisive victory on your hands.

    • Michael Mazzoni

      This entire comment section make me so happy that not everyone in America are gun control loving pussies.

    • Autumn Leaves

      They aren’t going to act Tin! And I’m afraid that we have grown into a nation of gutless wonders!!! I mean tell me exactly what else you can do to a people before they do what is right and revolt against tyranny? Our founding fathers were great men and they acted if they were cowards like us we would be speaking a different language possibly and certainly would have a different flag. I guess there just aren’t any of those kind of men left besides myself and I certainly can’t do it alone so we are going to get out of dodge. I am not going to let something happen to my family because we live in a country full of vaginas! I never thought my own people would make me so sick to my stomach but they do!!! Our founding fathers started a war and freed this country from a tyrannical ruler the because of taxation without representation. What is going on in this country is much worse now than it was then, the only difference now is we are being ruled over by a Muslim king and a group of tyrants called congress!!! We all should be ashamed of ourselves and I’m not afraid to say it. And you know I 100% believe most if not all of our military men & women feel the same as I do. I have spoken with many of them in my area and I know that they cannot stand this president and are disgusted by the things he has done to our country. Our military men and women would never turn on their own people and O’bummer knows it also that is why he signed exec. order 13524 giving Interpol and other foreign military forces full authority over us on our own soil FBI included. Tell me now why a POTUS would sign an exec order like that. We have the national guard so why do we need foreigner military forces on our soil with full power over us? I know why because that is part of what you need when you plan on an takeover!!!!

  • Tammy Abbott


  • Mike Moraitis

    I have said forever that our returning troops should be sent down to the border to secure it, which not only gives them work and a future, but also secures our border in the process. Nobody is more equipped to handle such a task and if they were sent down there to do it, these Mexican scumbag troops wouldn’t last 5 minutes against our men and women.

    Regardless of who does it, this garbage needs to stop. Mexican troops attacking Americans on U.S. soil?! That’s an act of war that cannot be allowed to happen, but unfortunately our dictator…. I mean president is a punk and allows it to happen because quite honestly, he hates Americans and prefers them dead.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      To hell with securing the border. It’s too late for that. It’s time for a full scale take over of that disgusting country . All the government officials need to be tried for crimes against humanity. The country is beyond repair. The only answer is to start all over again. At least it’s a good idea for a movie.

      • F. De Moraes

        Sadly the same can be said for most of our blue states and their crime infested welfare funded inner cities!

      • Mary Doan

        I’ve been saying that for months.

        • Johhny “the rat”

          Well Mary, the upside is, what was not too long ago a radical idea is now being embraced by more and more citizens. We need to counter this travesty, and we need to counter it NOW!

      • Duayne Howard

        Right? I mean, our government is all too happy to quickly take over small disparate countries and insert our “democratic” beliefs and leadership upon them. What makes Mexico any different? Hmmm…

  • Rick Knoebel

    obama told border patrol to stand down– remember???

    • Mike Moraitis

      Seems to be a trend from our dictator whenever Americans are in harms way… but, a few nazi-sympathizing Ukrainians need some help, GIVE THEM 5 BILLION NOW!!!

  • nanap

    What happened to protecting our borders and the Constitution from the enemy from without and within? Any number of people have taken that oath, including Obama. What have we done to deserve this mess of “protectors”.

    • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

      Muslims do not honor oaths.

  • Thomas Meadows

    To me this would be an ACT OF WAR!!!!!!!

    • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

      It is an act of war.

  • deb800

    if they come across on our land…armed…shoot them.

    • TheMaineReason

      Absolutely! Unfortunately King Obama would have you arrested and chop off your head for inciting an international incident, on your own property.

    • Gistine


  • Joel Rivera

    And meanwhile, that agenda driven tyrant, Barack, is sitting down with his thumb up his ass doing nothing as usual as Rome burns.

  • Walt Schmidt

    America is dead…Prepare yourselves for the worst….It is coming..

    • R.s. Moffatt

      You must be a democrat, Walt. We patriots will never say die except to the enemy. Just where are you from, Wally?

      • F. De Moraes

        If you are unable to admit that we are pissing into the wind, you are the one in denial! The establishment GOP is no different than the DNC and the chances of the Tea Party or any other constitutional party wresting away control from the two parties is infinitesimally small. The sad reality is that we must implode for a real chance at rebuilding and the chances of the USA and the world remaining intact when that happens is highly improbable. Until then, we can kid ourselves that voting for and electing a sprinkling of constitutional candidates will somehow reverse the course of fifty plus years of incremental socialism and increasing parasitic dependence on the taxpaying producers for basic necessities. The reality is that we are beyond the tipping point, any chances to stem the programs in place will result in violence. Given the fact that our selected leaders have polarized and divided us to their benefit, the resulting violence will best be described as tribalistic at best. It will take us decades to undo what we have allowed our selected leaders to devolve our Nation and culture to.
        Until then, Semper fidelis!

        • uglyamerican

          It won’t take us as long as you think. Us “Old School’ guys are better trained and you’d best believe better armed. The Mexicans will be easy to take down. The people in DC who encouraged it to happen are next on the list. Why do you think Obama wants illegal aliens in the military? Many of us swore to an oath we know never expires. His new breed of soldiers won’t even understand what it says.

      • Walt Schmidt

        No, I am a conservative and I am not so blind to think this country will just straighten itself out. If you are such a patriot take your guns to Washington D.C. there is where the greatest enemy of the American people can be found. I will surrender my guns to no one. I will not allow the state and federal government’s to take away my constitutional rights, and I am not a slave to the banks like most Americans are with their mortgages and car payments. I too will NEVER say die, it just seems like I am more aware of how bad off this country is than you are. The ONLY thing that will save this nation is when the people rise up and destroy the tyrants who have enslaved them, and destroyed the futures of millions of American children alive now and as yet unborn! Wake up Moffatt, the war for the future of America is already upon us.

        • uglyamerican

          They are next if this goes down like you think. If you are the kind of independent patriot you say you are count on me and many others to stand with you to defend what we pledged and swore an oath to fight for. Our military will be told “stand down” but there is little to keep us from standing up.
          Considered joining the American Legion?

        • R.s. Moffatt

          I am very happy that you, too, are a conservative. I agree with much of your response statement, but the point of MY first reply is that I will NEVER say “America is dead”, as you did. I am fully aware at how bad this country is doing, and how far the tyrants in DC are trying to “change the world”. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Feinstein, Waters, et al are all pure traitors.
          As far as my own little piece of this world, I am very well armed, trained, with loads of ammo. Far more than any average gun guy. I hope you are too in you part of the nation.

      • American Patriot

        Our job is to MAKE the enemy die for HIS leader!

    • uglyamerican

      You really don’t get why we have had the Second Amendment for more than 200 years, do you? Many of us are prepared. Some of us even have heavy artillery…or we know where to get it and know how to use it. There are many of us who have Special Forces training and we are just itching for an opportunity like this.

      • American Patriot

        All we need, is the call to arms!
        When the troops rally, we WILL be geared up and ready!

  • John Best

    Make a strip of land from the border 5 miles in running the length of the country. Turn it into a military base. This way we can legally put troops on the border and it will be secured.

  • Audieleon

    Giv’em some da U.S.M.C

  • Les K

    For five miles from the border, plant land mines.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      Don’t forget underwater mines with proximity fuses for the Rio Grande.

  • pete

    and this is called journalism?

    • uglyamerican

      Nah, the question is how dare they call the tripe on MSNBC and the rest of the MSN journalism? This would make Obama look like the traitor he is and we can’t have that, now can we?

  • Michael Ross

    Anytime one countries Military comes onto another countries land unannounced and unrequested that is an INVASION!!!! That means War!!!! WTF

  • The very sad fact is that you Conservatives would welcome these same barbarians with open arms, so long as they are legal migrants.
    So get used to these Mexican military going rouge incidents for soon enough it’ll be Mexican-“American” civilians going rouge within U.S. borders in the racial calamity that’s brewing.

    • Rosie

      It’s not rouge (makeup) it’s rogue dufus.

      • Don Lenamon

        NITPICKING SPELLING IS NOT THE TOPIC HERE!!! The topic is how do we protect our borders and ourselves from this Obama sanctioned invasion.

    • TheMaineReason

      If you think Conservatives would welcome these actions under any circumstances then your knowledge of how conservatives think is extremely flawed. If Conservatives had their way the boarder would be secured using a completed fence and supported by 10k plus troops. That would all but eliminate this and several other problems facing this country today. By the way…I would support putting troops on the boarder. Then let the Mexican’s take a crack at this behavior and see how far it gets them.

  • We’ll send our Army 5000 miles to stop Russia from going into Romania, A can’t defend our own boarder at home! What’s wrong with this picture?

    • shots

      people the word is border not boarder a border is a line between two properties a boarder is a person that lives in a rented dwelling. at least try to sound a bit intelligent or at least use spell check….. geez

      • Nance Gordon

        I am sure folks can easily figure out what they are saying.

        • shots

          yea well to other people, simple spelling mistakes and the lack of using spell check shows either laziness or lack of education and you wonder why other countries call us stupid Americans

      • Don Lenamon

        Stop nitpicking people’s spelling. The topic is not correct sentence composition! The topic is security at our borders. STAY on topic or leave the conversation.
        If Obama has his way, and all the illegals are allowed citizenship, complete with the right to vote, he will become America’s 1st dictator. Then we will have one helluva time trying to oust him. Loss of American lives will be catastrophic. Better to stop this now before it gets any worse. It’s already bad, but that’s NOTHING compared to what it will be then.

        • shots

          and you lack of all of facts and just blame the politicians negates your post too…

  • Oldhead60

    Worst part about this is they are fully ARMED by US and trained by US forces…We are headed for a civil war and I feel so bad for our children to have to face this. If we continue on this passive, liberal, and progressive status, the US will be a third class country in 10 yrs. Keep voting these aholes in and YOU deserve the final outcome.

  • Sheila Morlas

    Gosh…I must have missed this on the 6:00 news…

  • Niggalopolis

    LOL hope they keep doing this and see what Murica does xD

  • Gistine

    Obama and his minions hate our country. it is both infuriating and so terribly sad.

  • Maurice SteelerzfoLife Smith

    All of you that are blaming Obama, only removed the damn hood you had on to begin with. This started way before he was elected. Were any of you talking bs when the eldest bush demolished affirmative action? Then his crooked son came in an opened our borders for mere votes?!
    The other point I’d like to make is the lack of education regarding the government and the way its structured. No way does Obama completely hold the reigns. He has to answer to an opposing house of representatives! He puts a plan or bill together to help the people, they refuse it…restucture it to fit their needs and then puts it back out as OBAMA’S! Truth be told…he is honestly nothing more than an escape goat for what the bush family did to a once great nation for PURE greed! KNOW THAT THIS ALL DIDN’T JUST START HAPPENING IN THE PAST 2 PRESIDENTIAL TERMS! These comments are proof that their tactics are working…glad I learned to think for myself….

    • Bill Alcorn

      maurice foolforlife, obamas administration has been doing nothing about it at all. it has gotten much worse last few years as obama has ted up border patrols ability to act

      • shots

        and who took away alot of your rights under the patriot act… bush jr. that is who

    • Bruce Darling

      Go back to your padded room before you hurt yourself.

    • uglyamerican

      Truth be told it started with Reagan and before that in 1965 with Johnson.

  • James W Thomas

    I thought another country military improaching on American soil was an act of war Obama needs to stop being a pussy and send out troops to the border with tanks that will scare the Mexican army into retreating.

    • Don Lenamon

      Obama WANTS this. Why would he send troops to stop it?

  • Eric Thomas

    “Many experts believe that elements of the Mexican army are openly assisting the drug cartels along their smuggling routes into the U.S.”
    No…you don’t say?! LOL!! Well knock me over with a feather.

  • Eric Thomas

    The Mexican Army. Ha!! Gen. Zachary Taylor should have never let them from under his boot ans should have burned Mexico City to the ground when we had the chance.
    Don’t make us come back and finish the job.

    • uglyamerican

      In the near future we’re going to have to.

  • NellieCA

    We have no idea what Mexico, China and drugs lords are doing in Mexico. We have a lot of illegals from all over the world coming through Mexico to our borders! Why is Mexico allowing these illegal from Middle East and other countrie to get to our borders and who is paying for them to get here?
    we have more crime in my area sense Obama has been in office than all the 30 plus years I have lived here.

    • F. De Moraes

      If anyone believes Mexico is any sort of an ally to the US, you are seriously delusional! They are whores at best, for sale to highest bidder. They like islamists tolerate us and put up with by offering up a front of quasi friendship to fleece us financially and when the times come, take over great portions of our Nation from within.
      Semper fi!

  • rileytownsend

    Maybe our CIC can draw a red line. He has a pen, and he is a phon-e !

  • Marie

    This is why we need to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and let them protect our borders…

  • UTKR

    Is this pure fantasy?

    Glenn Beck did not even report it.

  • Kathy Pozel Clark

    Time to play cowboys and Mexicans!

  • joe ferguson

    This is only going to get worse! As long as WE Americans sit idly by and allow ourselves to be invaded! It is obvious that we will get little or no support from the current federal administration, who blatantly relies on ILLEGALS to bolster their agenda!!

    • uglyamerican

      The Mexicans think they are going to regain the Southwest US without a fight…they have even said so. Did anyone really think that allowing a civilian invasion would not be followed at some point by a military invasion they think won’t be repelled?

  • Ron Tyler

    Arizona is not the only state whee Mexican Army soldiers have come into the United States ILLEGALLY with automatic weapons and openly challenged our Border Agents. Border Agents are told Not do do anything let alone, NOT to defend themselves!

    • Johhny “the rat”

      They were only probing to see what response, if any, would come from that impotent scumball of a President. Now they Know. They will come better armed, and if masse next. Mark my words. We need to counter, and we need to counter fast.!

  • Dale Baranoski

    Why not have ANY branch of the military train along the border? Its perfect simulation for middle east practice isn’t? And the illegals can represent the bad guys!

    • Eric Long

      We do!!!! Not across the whole border but we have some of the border as a training ground. Our unit used it once to help us train and to assist the border patrol help locate smugglers crossing the border. As a Soldier though we weren’t allowed to make any contact with the people because of the laws that prevent American Soldiers from conducting operations on American Soil. As a RECON Soldier all we could do is spot the enemy and guide the Border Patrol onto their position. The hardest obstacle we came across was converting MGRS into Lat Long.

  • uglyamerican

    Mexico wants the Southwest back since we have improved it. With millions of Fifth Column people in the US they think now they might be able to take us.
    The time may come soon to give Mexico more than they bargained for; Make ALL Mexicans US citizens because they will be the 51st state.

  • uglyamerican

    A border war would be a good thing. It would boost our economy, drive the illegal aliens out or into prison camps and say on logistics because we could use the interstate highway system we built for the purpose to drive to the war. And Mexico would rapidly get over the notion that because they are of Spanish decent they are “conquerors”. Think of the unity and the millions of jobs generated by actually using our military for their intended purpose; defending OUR country.

  • uglyamerican

    This is not “rogue”. This is intentional by the Mexican government. Propaganda isn’t getting them what they want, so military action is the next step. They are stupid enough to think Americans won’t fight back.
    But, Mexicans have a well-earned reputation for stupid….

  • Dragon

    It was bad enough when illegals from Mexico were harassing our border patrol and personnel guarding our southern borders, but with this development and it being made public,i believe it’s time for our military to be involved and ready to go! If not our military,then we need to implement a plan for our well armed civilian residents should be allowed to roam the southern borders to snuff out any attempt and defend our citizens who might be attacked otherwise! It’s time the welcome mat be lifted from our front door to those who feel we owe them access to our side of the border! This is definitely a just cause to leave gun control bills where they should be,out of our governments hands,and let our nation’s citizens defend themselves,because they don’t seem to want to defend us!

  • craig fisher

    Kerlikowske was no better when he was in Seattle.

  • Charles Barnard

    And I thought FOXtainment Snooze had imaginative writers….

  • Joe Neston

    Our military is much much stronger. ..if we do defend ourselves by invading Mexico it would be another 1st desert storm. other words we would crush them in very little time…game set and match

    • olaler

      If we turned Mexico into the 51st state, it could be richer than Texas- without the corrupt socialist government. They are loaded with natural resources.

    • American Patriot

      Mexico is a one day ‘war’ with cleanup ops taking a week longer.

  • theairdog

    “Military incursions from Mexico are infrequent”.

    So are military incursions from Japan.

  • adoremeorelse

    That is a clear military invasion on U.S. soil, and acts of terror against U.S. citizens. Obama’s silence is not surprising; he is guilty of treason on so many levels that I can’t fathom how our nation has yet to rise against him. We have truly allowed ourselves to hand America over without a fight, and I seriously doubt we’ll get it back.

    • American Patriot

      Living 80 miles north of Phoenix does not allow me to ‘casually’ head to the border, as I used to when I lived in Douglas.

  • Dale Baranoski

    We need this because Congress won’t stop Obsama! The Constitution has a tool designed specifically to deal with bad government and yes, government has been blocking it illegally!

    It makes me so angry when the military sacrifices and endures so much to protect the Constitution and us, only to have our dirty government illegally and covertly change the Constitution to protect all of government from the one accountability tool the Founding Fathers included to hold it accountable!

  • Kim Bailey

    Is it time for Cowboys and Mexicans ?

  • libertytribune

    Perhaps it is time for the militias to take the fight to the Mexican military for the unlawful incursions.

  • suzysee

    Called the White House and demanded it be stopped!!

    • Don Lenamon

      And what response did you receive?

  • Herman Vogel

    “A whole new group is there now,,the old ones left” Tell me something,,,do these morons work for the IRS?

  • Smee

    Don’t send our military overseas, send them to the border, with live ammo in their weapons, and put mines the ground!!!!!!!

  • svartalf

    There is no “rogue” elements of their Army here. This is an EXPLICIT act of War, folks.

  • liberalssuck

    It truly is time to fire the feds at the borders, then let the National guard from each state to patrol and engage these folks. It is time!

  • Robert Chambers

    Lets go to the border and take care of it ourself

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Dont you know they are smuggling what the USA Government protects? Why expect help to stop it? Does the heroin NOT make its way from the middle east to S America and up? Isnt it the US Army guarding the poppy seeds?

  • william C

    Arizona militia and civilians and state police should be shooting these bastards. WTF is wrong with us?!

  • odinsthunder

    Well, an AK-47 goes for about $160/@ by the case from the same international weapons dealers the cartels buy them from, delivered anyplace in the world…. They WILL bring down a helicopter, then the gov’mint has to explain how it got there… Oops…

  • Beverly Buckman

    So it starts….the false flag obama wants to start a war and put in martial law….

  • Mark Robert Jones

    Where the hell is the National Guard? You don’t need Obama’s permission to call them up…

  • Utahlady

    What do you expect ? Did you ever look at Mark Zuckerberg Facebook where illegals and legals gather to whip up anger re WE taking their land from them and they are coming to take it back. Look up a gal on Facebook named Sonia Garcia and some of her friends ,read her writings. She threatens Americans all the time .

  • olaler

    Ever wonder where Obama’s large campaign chest first came from? If we want to stay the land of the free, we better be brave against corruption. Mexicans let their officials be corrupt and became a narco state. Stand with Rand and unite against Obama’s corruption.

  • Happygramm

    Wonder what Israel would do in this situation? Let’s do what they would do.

  • GlarryB

    No worry, the Senate is busy right now voting on whether to make the Bison the National Mammal. Once they finish that fine piece of work, they may look into this… MAYBE.

  • Dan Moore

    Time to consider this as an act of war by Mexico.

  • Sparten1

    We can start by refusing to elect those liberal democraps and errant repubs. You gotta ask the questions and then hold their feet to the fire.

  • Christopher Midkiff

    Hm. Maybe I should move back to the desert. I wouldn’t feel bad popping a few holes into a Mexican soldier.

  • Lilmissopinionated1

    Why do I have the feeling that these “Mexican Soldiers” have Obama and the U.N.’s blessings? I sense that this is just part of the U.N.’s agenda to form this continent into one country and using peace as a reason why it is important to erase the border. Keep your eyes open. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • tim

    and yet they will not release our Marine that crossed by accident.

  • aunti obama

    Put our military on the border and give them bullets for a change ,I guess they didn’t go to the right farmers In my days they would have been dead… This is war no matter what OBUM BUM says…American is being invaded and he calls and chats with the Mexican Prez..Didn’t bother to mention our Marine held in a cell for months for making a wrong turn…He. the President never met a foreigner he didn’t like better than an American….

  • Janette Miller

    0bummer is a drug dealer. He and his thugs are enemies of America. Throw them all into Gitmo and sort it out later. Put boots on the ground at the border and start retaliating they have declared war.

  • Mary Doan

    How is it that they have helicopters if they aren’t Mexican Army ?

    • Johhny “the rat”

      If they are with the cartels, the cartels have a whole fleet of them.

  • California Granny

    Cut off their arms. That’s what a book about the ancient people in Mexico said they did to the people they conquered.

  • Andrew Ice

    Butttt, he’s not even American…

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    I’d like to see a confrontation between a US Army or USMC battle hardened fire team and this Mexican peasant cannon fodder.

  • Linda Reames Polete

    Next time, capture them and take them to Guantamino and let them sit for several months.

  • shots

    but yea an American citizen accidentally crosses the border tries to get back and is put in jail and threaten and beaten

  • minuteman75

    Call out the national guard. And BTW you can buy long guns if you are from a different State.

  • Michael Lawrence

    So if we take out one of their patrols,,,,drug smuggling escorts…whatever…can we keep their G3s and Hummers? And maybe a helmet or two to go with the UN blue helmets when they invade.

  • J.b. Buchanan

    Any armed force attempting to impose their will on American territory or against American citizens should be dealt with swiftly and violently. As we use to say in the Marines: “Light ’em up!”

  • William Russ

    We need to hold their army and exchange for our Marine then if any more come over take their weapons and let them set in prison for a while

  • Charlie Rand

    WE see the Border issue as the Mexican Gov’t’s policy of restricting resources to such a degree (La Mordita!) that it forces Mexicans to illegally attempt emigration to El Norte.
    True, and so do i, but…
    THEY see it as the ReEstablishment of their ancient homeland ‘Astlan.’
    I’m just sayin’.

    • Capt Clayt

      It’s a shame that all we do is talk about it. We need to expell the dumbocrats from office and establish some sort of order. I was raised as a staunch dumbocrat but it didn’t take long for me to see the harm they are doing to this great country. Now, with obummer in office I shiver for my grandkids. I have heard that the presidential seal will be changed to a skunk. It’s black and white and stinks. Quite fitting I think.

  • Timothy Hesseman

    Capture them and hold them prisoner like they are doing with our Marine.

    • Don Lenamon

      And your plan to house and feed them is funded by…..?

  • Edward Taylor

    This time bleeding heart liberals will find what bleeding heart really means….

  • mum28

    So our guy crosses the border by accident and is in prison because he had guns. They cross the border with guns ON PURPOSE and “no further action required”????

  • Mancave Heywood

    Sorry, but if I owned land like that close to the border, anyone found illegally on my property would end up buried on it!

  • Curt Miles

    Um, this has been happening for over a decade, the ONLY difference is that all our previous Presidents, actually did something about it.

  • cesvargas2001

    they really are trying to wake up the Hydra lol

  • tracymae

    Sounds like the need of a joint effort on behalf of the real governors to shut down a couple of problems south of the border. They aren’t doing us any favors down there.

  • Liz

    So all you people call this invasion but yet the US has military post in more countries than anything and they get attacked because the locals don’t want them there and you call this invasion…..grow the hell up and learn who’s invading who.

    • Don Lenamon

      The American invasion of other countries has been due to our governments false ideology that we’re helping them be more like us, democratic. America is the world’s police.
      But now we are facing another country trying to invade us, and the government is planning to let it happen. We couldn’t really do anything about those other countries due to our propagandized brainwashing. Making us think we were helping. But this situation is an all out invasion of our country with no” helping” agenda. Just a hostile takeover.

  • Where’s all the famous Arizona militias we used to hear about?

  • Michael Lawrence

    I still want to know if I can keep their G-3s and hummer as “spoils of war” or some such? You know, in the even that they invade where I happen to be.

  • The Original GateKeeper

    This will continue as long as we keep putting Democrats in the White House. They have declared war on America.

  • Seth Davidson

    This all part of Hope and Change so many loving Americans voted for. America is gone, thank the low information voters.

  • PharmDoc61

    So where is Obama? Golfing or fundraising.

    The WH and media are running cover to protect the dreamers and future Democrats. His actions are nothing short of treason and should be treated as such.

  • CT Peabody Wilkes

    I say napalm Mexico and then nuke Iraq, Iran and all the other Middle Eastern muslim(e) led countries…


    Too bad the video wont play.

  • Jim

    So does Obama want to give these armed invaders appearance tickets, a few hot meals, and welfare application forms?

  • Mike Santino

    Get with it America rememfer the Bundy Ranch

  • stablepar

    And we can’t get one Marine back?

  • seanfrancisco

    Most politician’s lie to some degree. What sets Barack Obama apart from the rest is his propensity to murder American Citizens so casually and with no regard for his own soul.So not only is Obama a monumental liar, he is a murderer without conscience.

    Barack Obama and Eric Holder supplied weapons to known murderers and drug dealers. This resulted in the murder of Brian Terry, who died in the line of duty protecting our country’s borders. THIS IS A FACT!!!

    Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Take 5 minutes to educate yourself by researching “operation fast and furious” on Google and other search sites on this conspiracy by the Obama Administration.

    Brian Terry was murdered by drug dealers with weapons given to them by authority of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. They are co-conspirator’s in the murder of an American Citizen who was under orders to protect our borders.

  • Annie Reese

    The Governor is most probably working on a plan as we speak!

  • Kathleen Reed

    Have been preaching for many years that Mexico has been sending his people (mainly the thugs and gangbangers) illegally into America to set up in certain areas along the boarder, to start a war with America, for a takeover, and it is proving everyday to be true. An in your face amnesty supporting website,, has proven this to be true also. Majority of the supporters on that page are illegal Mexicans, and they are not shy of spouting their vile hate for Americans and America. Now, because of our lazy, greedy, politicians, who for years turned a blind eye and wanted more votes and tax dollars, and didn’t care if they got those two things legally or not, we are in a very bad situation.

  • Bo

    Ranchers could probably buy rockets and heavy munitions from the gun runners in charge if they sign the papers with a foreign last name. Then they can blow those choppers out of the sky and do what the balless leaders won’t do. This is a tiring dialogue, it obvious we have enemy’s within. States need to do what the feds refuse to do.

  • Colton Streib

    If they invade us we invade them. Lets see how they like it.
    No one messes with America and gets away with it

  • Doug Stevens


  • AmazedHuman

    Where is the state militia? Where is our government while this is going on? Or if not, let the citizens of that state just start shooting and let the Mexican corpses be laid across the border to swell up, decay and perhaps send a message. Why the hell are we putting up with this stuff?????

    • Dred Dormammu

      FIghting wars for AIPAC, Wall Street, and the War Party.

  • jane

    give the american people the weapons and let them patrol the borders. civilians will fire back and not take any shyt form the,

  • Kay

    The cartel has more power than you think….

  • DixieAngel_76

    His reaction is probably to offer them foodstamps and free medical care.

  • Pat Seel

    Obama wants citizens to take up arms so he can declare marshal law and unleash the military on us… he’s pushing backs against the wall in many ways hoping for it. I wonder if they would fire on us considering them saying they have his back and asking why he doesn’t have theirs re Bergdahl. I know its a lot of years and not the military but I remember Kent State so even as a veteran myself and knowing what I would do I’m not sure if they would.

  • Billy Severt
  • psychenudity

    I would venture to bet that if you asked any Mexican govt. official (w/an opinion) they would tell you this is “payback” to American govt. for the Fast & Furious scandal. At least, they would use that as reason to justify their actions, no matter what their original intent.



  • thestormy

    obummer is loving it. H*LL,he probably to d them to take out as many Americans as possible. obummer has armed the enemy in Libya,Syria,Iran & mexico!!!

  • Ana C. Maus

    I say catch them, hold them and exchange them for the Marine they have in Mexican jail, one for one and keep the rest, until Mexico learn that we mean business and Obama is irrelevant, because this is America and it belong to the American people, not to him.

    • obama sucks

      Let’s just trade them say OH about 30,000,000 of their citizens for our marine! We’ll give them a package deal—ALL OF THEIRS for ONE OF OURS!

  • Oyeaegalis Williams

    I am SO sad, there were NO “fences” when YOUR ancestors showed up, even MORE sad, mine didn’t have the sense to poison every last one of yours…:)
    blessings for your days

    • quimb

      I’m so sad your ancestors did not have the intellectual ability to create weapons superior to my ancestors. That way they could have protected the land that they were occupying (remember they walked here from Asia). Don’t get all butt hurt because your great-great-great-great grandpa couldn’t figure out how to make a wheel, a f-ing wheel.

      • obama sucks

        It’s idiots like that that want to get rid of white people but without white people they would still be living in mud huts worshiping the Sun.

    • obama sucks

      YOU could have stopped at the word SAD.

  • jim wood

    Protecting each state against invasion is specifically listed in the Constitution as a duty of the federal government. And the potus swears to defend the Constitution. The pos we have in the White House is guilty of another impeachable offense.

  • Ray Devlin

    I was stationed in Germany on border patrol, what we had was 10 ft high fence a 20 foot open field another 10 foot fence next came a mine field and then a 10 foot fence 20 feet of open field and finally another 10 foot fence. There was a observation tower and a walking patrol and a roving patrol. In my opinion that might keep the little beaners out of the USA.

  • JoS America

    Time to Declare War and cluster bomb their little bases.

  • disqus_rNCBazBmWm

    watch your backs, obama has fema camp in south arizona with guillotines. just saying

  • That Guy

    You must also know the cartel can easily dress up as police to get the US army to do the job for them… Think!

  • Claire Grossman

    Having worked in media for many years I can say this is a bogus story
    and a way to push for the Republican vote and a scare tactic to fool the
    public. 1. Does anyone really believe that Mexico wants war with the
    U.S.? ha, that’s a joke to even think about… the answer is obvious. 2.
    They blame Obama for not stepping up… ummm, what did both Bush’s do
    about immigration or the cartels? another obvious answer. 3. Would
    anyone here in this chat like to see the heads of their kids chopped off
    and on display?
    All it takes is a little thinking… maybe a little reasearch and effort before coming up with an extreme opinion/”idea.”
    off heads, lol. We’re in 2014, we’ve come up with cell phone technology
    that allows us to be connected anywhere and anyplace, we’re printing
    live organs, we have robots on Mars, yet we want to go back to barbaric
    times? lol… wow. If we can’t find a better solution than that the
    world is fkd.

    • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

      Mexico is NOT controlling their Cartels for starters, 2 they don’t want those from South of Mexico that are crossing in to their country to come here to stay there….then add in the Owebummer has actually gone down there and passed out publications on how to use OUR welfare system, course he has also called ICE off many of the borders, as well every red line that this POS has drawn he has backed down on and made a laughing stock out of him and the rest of this country so while Mexico may not want a war with us…well they know even if they did they would have to work damn hard to get it because the POS in office wont do a damn thing unless it is against this Countries Best interests and this he and his regime have pointedly shown time and time again….

  • Rebecca Howell

    Guess no fat cats get rich sending troops to the border. Wake up America! Our government doesn’t care about this country. They only care about making money off war. Sending troops to the border is chickenfeed. No one gets rich. These war industries (Haliburton/Brown and Root) can’t get away with murder here. They can in remote areas where journalists fear to tread- Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan.

  • The I

    It’s the same people calling for war. This has nothing to do with Iraq, Russia etc, unless you make military equipment. Then it’s all the same because it’s all income. But did we finish paying the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why not? Are we going to borrow heavily again? The US can’t even take care of veterans and it has people always wanting to risk more soldiers lives and welfare. Come to think it, the former Governor Texas had 8 years fix the border. He thought Iraq was more important. But it wasn’t important enough to raise the taxes that support the troops and veterans.

    • Evony Master

      You don’t decide whether to deploy the US armed forces based on the fact soldiers are going to die. That’s a given in war. You base it on whether it is in our nation’s interests. As for Bush? Yeah he should have done something about this but like most GOP he was bought and paid for by the chamber of commerce.

  • BobF50

    And who thinks this administration is not involved in the drug trafficking?

    • obama sucks

      THAT is probably the very least of their crimes.

  • Lloydl333

    Time for Heuys and 050 Cal guns on the border.
    Mexico in not a friend.
    Close the border 100%. Kick ’em in the $$$$.
    Watch how friendly they get then. They understand $$$$$.

  • kelsy

    wheres our troops? let the war begin!

    • Anon

      They’re fighting for Israel.

  • Tony Venuti

    as reported by KVOA – Tucson’s NBC outlet

    • American Patriot

      We do not receive Tucson stations here…We are 80 miles north of Phoenix.

      • Tony Venuti

        thanks goodness fhe internet…

  • Rocky_Lady

    Today’s date is June 22, 2014 – I want to know how these comments can be from 2 months ago when they are commenting on a story dated June 16, 2014.

    • obama sucks

      the media manipulates comment and thumbs up or down to try and provide the picture they want you to see. Plus they tend to run old stories as new ones to get the people to pay attention.

  • Paul Derosier

    It’s the very thing Odipshit is hoping for . He’s not going to do a damn thing . He may talk about it AFTER he sees it on the news but will NOT push for action. GET A CLUE he is out to DISTROY AMERICA by any means necessary. If you can’t see it by now you clearly deserve what is coming to America

  • gerielou

    The Unites States of America is being INVADED by a foreign MILITARY, and acts of aggressive military actions are taking American lives. . . that is an ACT OF WAR !!!!

    But we have a spineless weasel in the White House, so nothing is being done.

    • Anon

      You need to watch this so you can understand why Americans interests are not in the foreseeable future.

  • Jami

    LMAO…because O’DICK doesn’t give a damn. He opened the boarder. Our Gov. doesn’t care. This is a rebel administration and they are all above the law. We have kids in N.J. singing praise to Obama and he has a Pen and Obama Phone. He is the cats meow and doesn’t care and no one is gonna do a damn thing about it because then you are evil and racist and helping the white man. We have to endure for 1 1/2 more years and then we get Hillary!!! YAY

  • David Wilson

    Not one of you actually has the ballz to do it…..stop talking about it when you know damn well that nobody in the US will actually ever defend this country ever again. We’re fucked.

    • Anon

      People WANT to defend it…they just don’t want the government with messed up laws convicting them for life and ruining it for defending the country. The government is in the way of a healthy establishment. Our world is upside down.

      • obama sucks

        The truth is that whoever does stand up WILL instantly be labeled a criminal and traitor. ALL of the founding fathers were called criminals and would have suffered the death penalty if they were caught. The lived because they won. People are too afraid to speak their mind or even speak of the truth. Until WE THE PEOPLE grow a pair and seriously stand up for what we know is right nothing will change and one person standing alone is a fool. I often wonder how many people crying for people to stand up would be one of the first to call those people criminals when and if they did stand up?

      • obama sucks

        Also obama breaks the laws all the time , enforces them on some and ignores them on others and we go along with this. Aren’t ALL laws meant to be applied equally to everyone?

  • fbs1946

    Let us pray! Lord please save us from evil? What? Lord, what do you mean the evil lies within? Wall Street, congress, crooked businessmen? Well, that’s no reason to punish us! What do you mean, electing George Witless Bush was the final straw? Now, we’re on our own! OMG! We’re doomed!

  • TheHarrytruth

    This administration is killing our country!

  • TheHarrytruth

    This is a step in crashing our country and our dollar!

  • BushMaster63

    Here’s my take on the situation…The whole purpose of having a standing military per the Constitution is to repel foreign invasion and protect our borders…that being said any and all foreign individuals found here illegally should be engaged, arrested, and then detained and tried under the UCMJ…and any of them in uniform operating under the guise of foreign military entities should be tried and hung as spies. There behavior and treatment of our confused Marine is a very stout indicator that dictates we treat them accordingly.
    But the truth of the matter is that we have a foreign usurper illegally occupying the White House, and his sworn duty to “allah” and his ilk is to take this nation down…and any that would try to defend him I would demand that you explain why since taking office he has created an open border stance…telling US citizens they are not allowed along the border and the Border Patrol not to engage hostile enemies found on our side of the border…Read the Constitution and the primary allowed duties of the federal gov’t…it is to ensure the peace and prosperity of it’s citizenry, and to protect us from what they are now openly embracing. It’s called HIGH TREASON, and the penalty for such actions are spelled out plain and simple!!!

  • independent

    time to build our own armor vehicles, there is enough welders that would be glad to help

  • Ryan Rhys

    Assess their routes, lay traps, and take their gear; level up for local militia.

  • Teresa Pitts

    I mad as hell, and the American citizens aren’t going to put up with too much of this It’s time to call the Militia from all across the U.S. time to kick some mexican butt

    • Anon

      The boss of our president is demanding that we send more troops to the Middle East to protect the borders of the “holy nation” lest we be excommunicated by his majesty. Meanwhille, our borders are WIDE open and all kinds of diseases pouring through….

  • Darryl Lee

    What the he’ll lock them in prison. They put our Sargent in prison and he was not shooting at any one.?????? Lock thir associated up that’s an order….. NOW right now…? No damage excuses trade them for our man quit playing games with them

  • Darrell Farmer

    no ones gone do anything about anything any more kiss America good bye folks learn to bow your head to all.

  • susansmithNAG

    I can’t believe that the Governor’s of Arizona and Texas have not long ago taken steps to protect their citizens and border! What exactly are they waiting for? It’s obvious that the federal government refuses to handle the issue so dammit what exactly is the problem down there?

    • Anon

      This government is the most traitorous entity American’s have EVER had to deal with. When you think about it…its REALLY illogical. Any country on the planet would have their nations armies protecting their borders yet America and Europe are wide open…almost as if the people leading the show are NOT Americans but subversive foreigners.

      • susansmithNAG

        I agree. President Obama and Congress by their inaction and negligence have created this situation at the border. I knew about the Mexican Military incursions back in 2007 from Border Patrol Agents who were in Omaha recruiting personnel. The fact that it is 13 years since 9/11 and our borders are still not secured is Treason and now we have a compromised border along with Mexican Military adding to the mix – It is an Act of War and we should be responding in kind.

        • Anon

          I agree…and there are many Americans who would LOVE to volunteer and keep the border safe but out of fear of retribution from the federal gov are afraid of taking matters into their own hands. Its not an American gov in place….its been hijacked by other people.

          • susansmithNAG

            From what I understand there are armed citizens on their way to help border patrol now.

          • Anon

            Really?….wow …don’t break my heart cause I have given up hope lol Do you mind sharing where you heard this?…on the TV?

          • susansmithNAG

            It was in an email sent to my by an email and I know there are border volunteers from Iowa who go down there regularly too.

          • Anon

            Oh ok, I understand. I hope this situation can be controlled and I don’t know but I feel that the admin will legalize all these people. These are treacherous times.

          • susansmithNAG

            Even better he’ll probably give them Refugee/Asylum status which will allow them to stay here legally like he’s done with other countries – and they are always getting extensions even though crisis situations have been cleared up. It’s all just a joke…and the whole world laughs at us.

          • obama sucks

            Patriots information hotline —-has articles and links. I’ve seen it in several places.

    • Uncle Bob

      Mexico is in a low-key civil war where drug cartel money can distribute wealth to the common people better than the Mexican government can which buys the cartels greater loyalty than the government.
      The uniformed men may have been Mexican Army or they may have been cartel smugglers dressed as soldiers – or both. Loyalty and morality are somewhat blurred down there and uniforms can often be a disguise or deception for illegal activities.
      I’ve seen a video where cartel soldiers dressed as federal police and equiped with police vehicles stormed into a prison and freed cartel members while the prison guards stood by and helped them do it. Mexico is as dangerous as Iraq yet Americans still vacation there every winter and most usually stay in the guarded tourist areas where they are somewhat protected from the local predators – but not always.

      • susansmithNAG

        Copy That Uncle Bob – I believe they are known as Narco-Terrorists. I’ve wondered over the years how much of that drug cartel bribe money made its way into the pockets of our local, state and federal level elected officials.

  • 72Z

    Agent provocateurs. O’insanity wants this sh!t

  • Lobo

    This is an invasion on American soil.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is Obama and his thugs going to do??? Nothing,he is clueless and gutless.He is all blow and no show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Schneck Gooding

    So death of Americans once again are ignored. I am so glad his term is almost over. I raise our country flag high. Stand by the second amendment and Semper Fi! Homeland Security really needs to get their crap together cause they are one of many bringing this once great country to its knees.

  • dalart

    Fire the Feds show the will of We The People…release our.military on tge boarders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Calafornia .An Act of War has been seen on our.boarders by Mexico today. 6/27/14… 2nd helicopter atrack in a week.

  • Bill Gilbow

    Anyone realize yet that Obama is a subversive shill brought in to take the USA to it’s knees?

  • George Briffa

    I would like to say lets deport all Mexicans!,..but thn we won’t have anybody to cut the lawns! lol

    • obama sucks

      Deport em, we can cut our own lawns

  • ChiefD

    This isn’t new. Back in the mid 90s we had an operation going on in Jacumba, on the Mexican border, where we intercepted radio traffic from the Mexican military trying to find a route for the drug smugglers to cross without being caught. They weren’t successful that night, but, probably had another load cross to the west of east of where we were set up.

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  • anon

    Im disgusted by all these comments full. . of racism. Yes id like to see how this country would function without mexicans. .how long it would last.. jaja. And you idiots worry so much about some troop getting shot do yiu know how many people from Mexico trying to cross the border die?? Alot! Thousands. And since when have you heard of a Mexican bombing or commit a terrorist attack by crossing the border?? Never…they come here to work something the majority of you lazy americans dont do..thats why usa is the most obese country and the most feel threatened? Is that why you feel so much hate toward a country you know nothing about..alot of mexicans dont have the need to come to the usa for a better life..its mostly the poorest parts of mexico where the people have no opportunity to progress thats why they come..just like your damn ancestors did.. you americans are so inhuman have no morality. You claim to protect a country that wasnt yours from the beginning and invaded and now you want to prohibit Mexicans from coming..yes id lke one damn day without mexicans and see this economy fall on its ass

  • anon

    Haha worry about those freeloaders taking from the government recieving free money free food free medicaid from your precious taxpayers lol…now the blacks have the highest rate of unemployment compared to I said..Mexicans work the jobs americans turn their noses up to..

  • pedwards6445

    WTH is Mexican Military doing in ARIZONA, I don’t think is true!

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  • Autumn Leaves

    Isn’t time to take action to defend ourselves and our country, tell me WTF we waiting for? Are we waiting for them to attack us when we are at our most vulnerable so we lose millions of Americans? Think about what is going on you have Mexico right there beneath Texas and Cuba just below us to the south of Florida. We have an Shiite Muslim in the white house surrounded by his appointed cabinet of Muslim brotherhood members and we sit and do nothing! The king of Saudi Arabia said in 2008 just wait and see we will put a Muslim in the white house. Does anyone remember when Obama visited with the king of Saudi Arabia and he bowed to him when has an POTUS ever bowed to any leader or king? NEVER EVER EVER!!! We don’t bow to anyone, not any leader or king!!! The Koran calls for them to lie in order to deceive the infidel, just look for yourselves at the treasonous executive orders this O’bummer has signed, he has signed more executive orders than has any other president before him. His most recent exec. orders are a joke! Exec. order – 13524 which gives him the right to have foreign fighters & Interpol come here and fight Americans and they have jurisdiction over all of our domestic law enforcement including and not limited to the FBI. Exec. order – 13603 which states the government can seize anything it wants to ANYTHING without any reason or provocation. O’bummer has shrunk our military and weakened it steadily over the last 7 1/2 yrs. hes violated & infringed on our 2nd amendment rites to keep & bar arms with another exec. order. He is going to release the last 90 detainees for Gitmo and those 90 are the worst of the worst they are key terrorist leaders and operatives in the Muslim brotherhood and Al Quieda & the Taliban. On top of that he is pushing hard for these Syrian and God knows where else from refugees 10,000 of them to be rushed through the vetting process in 3 mos. when it takes normally 18 to 24 mos. Come on Americans I mean really, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck WTF it’s a duck!! I just cannot believe we are going to sit here and let this Muslim president mobilize his plan and take this country from us!! Our founding fathers must be looking down at us & screaming WAKE UP THIS IS NOT WHAT WE SACRIFICED EVERYTHING FOR YOU ARE GIVING ALL THAT WE FOUGHT FOR AWAY, STAND UP AS WE DID AND FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT!!! When it happens & this O’butthole declares marshal law so he can stop this election and remain in the white house just crawl up in a ball somewhere in your house and wait for them to come and get you, but don’t cry about it!!!! I never thought I would ever say that my own people are making me sick to my stomach but they are it’s no wonder they are targeting us, lots of talk and no action they will walk all over us and we will just let them take all that every generation who has come before us has worked so hard to build. LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD WHEN YOU ARE BEING THREATENED BY AN ENEMY ESPECIALLY AN ENEMY THAT HAS INFILTRATED THE WHITE HOUSE AND IS RIGHT HERE ON OUR HOME SOIL YOU DON’T JUST SIT BACK AND SAY “UM LETS JUST SIT IDLE AND DO NOTHING LETS JUST IGNORE WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WAIT FOR THEM TO ATTACK US”! My God I don’t want to hear one cry or see one tear when it happens we are sickening and deserve everything we get!!!! I guess if I were an Muslim and part of their Islamic Muslim brotherhood I would do the same thing what would be a bigger better achievement than conquering the so called Super Power of America. Nothing would be better! If the nation of Islam takes the USA they will be super heroes to all of Islam and we just sit around like deaf mutes and do nothing, shame on all of us!!! I don’t think my family and I will sit around this piss poor excuse for a country much longer before we move out of this country and go to one of the virgin Islands or something. We are really just starting to get sick of all the so called Americans around us that talk shit and do nothing and the others with their heads so far up their own asses that they believe nothing is going to happen. News flash idiots its already happening but you and your ignorance can just keep ignoring it. We personally are not going to allow ourselves to be slaughtered by Islamic terrorists and we certainly are not going to be forced to convert!!! All I can say to you heartless gutless Americans is “WE WOULD RATHER DIE FIGHTING ON OUR FEET THAN LIVE ON OUR KNEES” NO THANK YOU SO BYE FELECIA!!!

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