Report: Boehner and Pelosi Cut a Deal to Use Netanyahu Speech as Cover for Amnesty Vote


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Conservatives and supporters of Israel alike are furious at John Boehner after a stunning report this afternoon.

Politico reports that the Speaker of the House cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi to use the media frenzy over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress as cover for a vote on funding Obama’s executive amnesty order.

If true, and the Republican caucus doesn’t throw the RINO turncoat out of his ear, then they might as well all become Democrats.

Breitbart has the details:

A new bombshell report from Politico found that House Speaker John Boehner had several days of secret negotiations with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the recently emboldened former Speaker, leading up to his decision to flip-flop and fund President Obama’s executive amnesty—including a pre-hashed out deal to use the hoopla around Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address to Congress over Iran’s nuclear ambitions as political cover to sneak in the extraordinarily controversial vote. Even with the bombshell report, however, Boehner’s office continues to deny any deal took place.

“It was Monday at 5:30 p.m. when Pelosi and Boehner agreed that it was ‘best to take up the matter on Tuesday immediately after Netanyahu’s address in order to deal with the matter as quickly as possible upon return of the Senate papers,’ according to an aide familiar with the conversations,” Politico’s Lauren French wrote on Thursday evening.

That part of a supposed deal between Pelosi and Boehner came after what French reported were several days of negotiating and dealmaking between the current and former Speaker. French wrote:

Since Friday, Pelosi and Boehner have held quiet rounds of negotiations and maneuvering to push the measure through the House over the objections of a cadre of conservatives in Boehner’s conference who scuttled a three-week funding bill in a dramatic showdown last week. As late as Tuesday, Boehner tapped Democrats to help pass a procedural rule for a funding bill for Amtrak that Republicans were threatening to bring down if it did not include a provision that would stop a clean DHS bill from moving forward. But Pelosi pledged Democratic support to move forward — a departure from normal where the minority party always votes against rules brought by the party controlling the floor.

I suggested the possibility of such a “distraction play” in my Tuesday report on the vote, but I never imagined that Boehner would go so far as to conspire with the enemy, Pelosi.

If true, it’s a serious slap in the face of Benjamin Netanyahu as well.

Boehner doesn’t just lack a spine, as most conservatives already know, but — having begun his career as a raging conservative — he is now also a pawn of the GOP establishment, whose greedy donor class and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have demanded amnesty for millions of illegal aliens to increase their profits at the expense at working Americans. This massive amnesty will also produce a demographic bomb that will destroy the Republican party.

And their ventriloquist’s dummy Boehner is doing their bidding. He will get a big payoff after he leaves office, to be sure, but the cost will be his nation’s future.

Our Founders who pledged thier lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor would surely be disgusted by such a political whore leading the People’s House.

Will Republicans finally get rid of Boehner as Speaker?



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