Radio Host Glenn Beck Under Secret Service Investigation Over Donald Trump Stabbing Threat


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is under federal investigation for threatening to repeatedly stab GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

As Top Right News reported, Beck made his shocking apparent murder threat during his Friday show.

While Beck’s co-host later went online to insist that the threat was actually directed at him and not Trump, the Secret Service appears to be “taking the threat seriously and is unwilling to leave the matter up to chance”, CBS 11 Dallas is reporting (via DailyCaller).

The radio show exchange started after Beck, who has endorsed and campaigned with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), talked about how other candidates on stage at the recent debate with Trump should have answered when host Chris Wallace asked them if they would support Trump if he won the nomination.

After giving part of how he might answer that question, Beck then said:

“If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop,” 

Audio below:

Beck, who started his career as a morning “shock jock” in New Haven, Connecticut, has become known for bizarre rantings on air, some of which got him fired from both CNN and FoxNews in recent years.

Since Beck endorsed Cruz he has turned his fury on Trump. Over the past 4 months, Beck  has compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, and his followers to “Brownshirts;” called Trump’s wife Melania a “Lesbian porn star” over some risque modeling photos; said he would vote for Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders over the GOP billionaire; and even posted a fraudulent Tweet from Trump which Beck claimed “proved” Trump voted for Barack Obama. Beck later apologized for the last incident.


Despite insistence from co-host Stu Burguiere that Beck only wanted to stab him again and again, not Trump, the Secret Service has plans to push the investigation.

This isn’t the first time the Secret Service has gotten involved regarding death threats directed at Trump. An Egyptian flight student was recently arrested after writing a Facebook post saying he’d gladly serve a life sentence if he could kill Trump. Emadeldin Elsayed has said he will voluntarily return back to his home, instead of being deported. He is currently sitting in a Southern California jail. The State Department has pulled his visa.


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