‘Racist’ Kanye West Does it Again; Attacks White Performer for Grammy Win


by Smith Callen | Top Right News

Kanye did it again.

Back in 2009, rapper Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the VMA’s with his infamous,  “Imma let you finish” shocker. West was upset with Swift’s win, saying the award should have gone to Beyoncé instead.

At last night’s Grammys, once again, a White performer was in his crosshairs.

and once again West was irate that Beyoncé  did not win an award that he thought she should have. The award for Album of the Year went to Beck, for Morning Phase, and Kanye was pissed about it.

When Beck went to the microphone to accept his award, West leaped out of his seat and jumped onstage to grab the mic – then apparently thought better of it, after his wife Kim Kardashian yelled something at him.

The audience looked stunned, including Beyoncé’s husband, record producer and artist Jay-Z, as West jumped the stage.

But when West jumped back down they applauded, clearly thinking West was making a humorous reference to his 2009 dissing of Taylor Swift.

But Kayne was not joking. He was seriously pissed, and after the event, West was interviewed by E! News as his wife, Kim Kardashian, and others, nervously looked on. He explained why he believed that Beck was not deserving of the award, and unbelievably demanded that Beck himself give the award to Beyoncé:

The Grammys, if they want real artists to come back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more. Flawless, Beyoncé video, and Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.

And at this point, we tired of it because what happens is, when you keep on diminishing art, and not respecting the craft, and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration.And we as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day and they listen to that Beyoncé album, they feel like it takes them to another place, then they do this whole promotional event that, they’ll run the music over somebody’s speech, the artist, because they wanted commercial advertising.

And by the way, I got my wife, I got my daughter, and I got my clothing line, so I’m not gonna do nothing to put my daughter at risk, but I am here to fight for creativity. That’s the reason I didn’t say anything tonight. But y’all know what it meant when ‘Ye walks on that stage.

On Twitter, however, much of the focus was on the race of the two people he targeted as “not worthy” of recognition. Many people called West a “racist.”

They would be destroyed by the media and other artists.

For the record, Beck responded with class when asked by People about Kanye’s interruption and statement that he should have given his award to Beyoncé:

“You can’t please everybody. I still think he’s genius, and aspire to what he does. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

Class. Something West would recognize if it smacked him in the head.

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  • wvobiwan

    Lol! I’m not a fan of West’s ‘music’.Beyonce’s ok, Beck too. But there’s no excuse for West’s meglomania and rudeness. And no justification whatever to call the punk a genius. I boycott everything he does.

    • Mark Cooper

      Calling Kayne West a “genius” was merely intellectual sarcasm Beck was demonstrating. That’s something Kayne West couldn’t comprehend if it was beat in to his pathetic skull.

      • displacedjim

        South Park–as *always*–pegged him perfectly: He loves fish sticks.

    • Robert White

      many have this tribal, law of the jungle mentality. they also have a huge number of domestic violence cases, many unreported, within this culture. over and over. when its so repetitive, its reality. not racism. however, by their own words, West would definitly described, as “black enough” for sure. he meets some of the criteria, with this aggressive, rude act.

      • Richard M

        Well, if Kimmy gets into trouble then mommy Bruce can come slap kanye around.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    West is a no-talent, egotistical douchebag.

    • PeteyGLaFlare

      To be fair, kanye has a knack for making entertaining music, some of his older records were pretty good, and he is a good producer as well. Certainly not fine art though.

      He is an idiot savant, although more often than not, just an idiot.

      Regardless of talent, or lack of there of, he is definitely a self absorbed prick with a narrow perception of reality. He seems to be an unhappy angry person, which serves him right.

      Also, regardless of Kanye, Beck is very talented. He produced and wrote all the songs on his album, and played 15 of the instruments featured in his songs. There is no doubt that Kanye has not master 15 instruments, so he has no room to speak on Beck’s talents as a musician.

      • Richard M

        Idiot-Savant means there is something not quite right with him and should be excused. He should just have his ass whipped.

        • nowayjosejose

          The only difference in the definition you give and how he was described by the OP is that you disapprove of him. Therefore he’s an idiot and not idiot savant.

          • Sancho Rodríguez

            A idiot-savant has talent. An idiot does not.

          • Steve

            These posts are actually the BEST thing I’ve ever read about this idiot!

        • Kathy

          I’m with you. Nothing wrong with him a good ass whooping and stun gunning couldn’t correct!!!

      • ain’t joe mama

        I agree. I am noticing more and that those people aren’t moving on after the Ferguson ordeal. They continue to protest and act like little kids. They also try to make everything an issue. Just live your life fools.

        • rick

          Bring back segregation I’m right on board!

        • nowayjosejose

          “those people”? Just say blacks. We all know you’re thinking it. And how dare black people continue to decry a racist law enforcement and judicial system!

          • STFUMORON a


          • iamnotroysten

            Anyone that has their eyes open is thinking it.

          • Greg Neely II

            He wasn’t talkin’ about blacks, he was talkin’ about niggers. If you don’t think there is a difference, ask a black person.

          • 002lisamarie .

            Racist ? Bullshit. They have to be scared of upsetting blacks everyday.

        • Midnight Jinx

          According to FBI, after Ferguson assaults Black on White up 18% and White on Black is up 2%. This is nationwide.

        • iamnotroysten

          Yep. Give them fame and fortune, and they still chimp out, every time.

      • Htimez2

        If you think he made those songs I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Reading words that rhyme is not skill.

        • PeteyGLaFlare

          If someone doesn’t like wine at all, bad wine or very good wine will both taste bad to that person. Same goes for rap, if you don’t like it, a bad rapper and a good rapper will both sound bad to you. That doesn’t mean someone else can’t tell the difference.

          • Htimez2

            Who said I dont like rap?

          • PeteyGLaFlare

            You implied it when you said it does not any take skill to rap. If you realllly liked rap, you would know it does(it’s very easy to tell an unskilled rapper apart from a skilled rapper if you listen to a lot of rap). I’m guessing you like a couple songs, and you are counting that as liking the genre?

          • steph

            yeah, but I compare rap to golf. the pros are better, but it’s still a useless skill. It’s like who can fart with the most precision.

          • PeteyGLaFlare

            OK, lets use the comparison to golf. It is a “useless” in a practical sense, but many people enjoy watching it. Just as many people enjoying watching other things, from billiards, to skiing, to hockey, to football. A person could argue most anything entertainment related is “useless” – but the entertainment it’self is the entire purpose.

          • Htimez2

            Your making assumptions which make you look even more ignorant, i can promise you you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • PeteyGLaFlare

            Actually, there were no assumptions at all in my post. Are you sure you know what an assumption is? I’ll give you an example of an assumption, straight from your post: “you have no idea what you are talking about.” You are assuming what I do not know about something, I guess that assumption makes you “look even more ignorant”. You’re words and logic though, not mine. It’s not nice to put yourself down like that, you know?

          • iamnotroysten

            Or “good rap” could just be an oxymoron.

          • PeteyGLaFlare

            Well, maybe it is an oxymoron to you, but I may be able to illustrate the difference. For example, I would consider “The Prayer” by Kid Cudi to be a “good rap” song, it’s well thought out musically, it’s well organized, has a good melody, and good content. I recommend giving it a listen. After listening to that, try listening to “Doin numbers” by “OJ da Juiceman” – an absolutely terrible song by all measures. If you listen to both songs, the difference between “good rap” and “bad rap” become extremely obvious.

          • Kevin Klimecky


            I am not a fan of rap but I think you have a very well thought out argument for anyone who makes a blanket statement denying the viability of musical expression or art of the spoken word art set to sound. Art is anything an artist wants to call art. That by no means makes it a great piece of art. If the artist can defend why they feel what they have created is creditable compared to the vast amount of expression in history then it deserves to be a viable piece of expression. If the artist can’t defend that their piece has a originality, heart, and is well crafted than it has no place in the current or historical realm of art. One definitely does not have to like or enjoy a piece of “music” or any other form of expression for it to to stand on its own merits. Mearly expressing an opinion without historical evidence or personal experience to back it up is plain ignorance .

          • pamela

            most RAP crap sounds like it was written by MORONS. ever heard of the emperors new clothes???meantime CONYAY is one ugly MF he should take his money and get plastic surgery

      • Victoria

        Talent without class = SELF ABSORBED PRICK. Period.

        I have always thought he looks like a serial murderer…that sour-ass face of his…

      • Corinne Waters

        “entertaining” and “music” are not two things that accurately describe what Kanye does. I have kept an open mind, I’ve listened to him. He can’t sing, he can barely rap, and he’s a jerk.

    • wasted_life

      don’t you mean kim? lol

    • steph

      like Beyoncé, west has no talent. who ever told beyonce that she can dance. she dances like Jim Carey in his vanilla ice skit. Somehow the American public has adopted hip pop as genius. It’s not even worth anything. kind of like country music. stupid.

  • 01KennyAlton01

    Next time somebody is going to put that racist’s *POS*, (pardon the pun) light’s out!!!

  • Raymond M Ursillo

    who is Kanye West ,, never even hard a song by him,, what a clown,, lol

    • nowayjosejose

      You mean someone who posts on conspiracy theory and right wing websites doesn’t know much about black music? Say it ain’t so! I’m shocked, absolutely shocked!

      • byebyebigred

        Black “music” is all about race, ho’s, and gangsters.

        • nowayjosejose

          This is like saying “So is white music” because Eminem sings about the same thing. Believe it or not – and you’re probably going to have a problem here – not all black music is homogeneous. Even within one artist’s oeuvre there is likely variety. Tupac sang about “race, hos, and gangsters” but he also had some of the most insightful social commentary. You seem to be ok ignoring one while focusing solely on the other. And your post is still dripping with racism, but I doubt you’d be able to see it.

          • STFUMORON

            LMMFAO, and you’re accusing others of racism….LMMFAO!!!!!!!!

        • pelones

          I am sure you know that “the Blues” is also black music. It’s just been accepted by everyone. If you want to hear some old “white” rap listen to Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe album…from the 70s. Even Gilbert and Sullivan wrote a song called “Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare Song” which could be loosely considered rap (covered by Todd Rundgren on his Todd album). “Rap” isn’t new its just been reduced to low-life status by the new [artists].

          • Hickster007

            Don’t forget Blondie’s (Debbie Harry) “Rapture”


        Wow!!! Says the racist….yeah, keep it classy…eat your own words hypocrite….

  • overit

    Such an angry person. If he acts like this in public, can you imagine the rants in the privacy of his own home?

    • Daniel Lafond

      That’s what I was thinking

    • Debbie Bubser

      I’m sure he doesn’t. Remember, he’s married to a Kardasian. I’m sure she rules the home front. That’s probably why he has to act like a douche in public, it’s the only place he is able to voice his opinion.

      • Chriistiine

        He’s been doing this before being a Kardashian. Shes a dumb ass white girl girl that likes nasty black guys who hate white people. I guess having a big ass is enough for him to want to lay with one and knock her up. I’m sure he’ll raise his half white daughter to hate white people soon enough, right before they both throw her into the spotlight. Maybe she’ll be famous for having sex with black guys as well as jumping on stage to criticize white people.

      • ain’t yo bro yo

        Still doesn’t give his sorry ass the right. Give them an award and they think they to make it another dark holiday. They were given a holiday in freakin Jan. What really gives them the right to take the whole next month too? Just sayin. Always got to be about you people ( yep from Tropic Thunder)

  • stone8

    What does this West person sing? I have never heard her. I think they should be banned from attending these events if they have no more control of themselves than that.

    • William Owen

      kanye is a thug. He supports thug mentality through his garbage music. He is also extremely racist and a bigot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a black panther.

      • He’s an Al man and another race baiters. It’s just another attempt to discredit the white race and being haters which isnt true. You hsve to put your best out there and apparently theirs wasnt good enough!

      • PeteyGLaFlare

        I don’t like Kanye, but he is one of the rappers that doesn’t make thug/gangster music, it’s mostly just him talking about how cool he thinks he is. Kanye is soft, not a thug, just a brat.

      • P11

        He doesn’t sing, e just memorizes sentences that make no scene.

    • lovly2008

      Fake. You know exactly who he is and what he sang or sings. He was one of the first or first one to crossover with gospel to secular, but you already know that.

      • May mia

        Lol I guess that’s bad because I had to look up Kanye west a few weeks ago I didn’t know who he was. Sorry I just see where his popularity comes from

        • May mis


        • JSM422

          Everyone knows who Kanye is. He’s Kim Kardouchian’s wife.

          • constitutionalist

            Not wife, bitch!

          • Josh Gilman

            lol…who cares. See: South Park, Kanye, g ay fish.

      • byebyebigred

        Never heard his “music”, but I imagine its trash.

      • danielle

        Why would someone have to know this? I actually had no clue.

      • Guest

        I don’t know who either one of them are. So not EVERYONE knows just because you care to.

      • dont care who west is

        I know who he is but dont know what he sings nor do i care he trampeled on the flag i work hard to defend all i need to know and for someone that did gospel he forgot the values behind gospel

        • Sean

          She was wrong. He was never a gospel artist.

      • Sean

        “Crossover with gospel to secular”? Kanye was NEVER gospel. He made one song about Jesus but was never gospel. He was always secular. Now he claims he is god. You must have him confused with someone else.

      • Derek Bryan

        So he did that before Elvis?

      • greg

        what about whitney Houston mrs frankling the queen of soulmany more have been singing the lords praze befor this low life

      • stone8

        I only know who he is by his ridiculous actions and consummate rudeness. I do NOT know his music nor do I have any intention of listening to it. I much prefer the music of the black ARTISTS of the 50’s! You should try some of that actual music.

    • nowayjosejose

      The photo of HIM at the top didn’t give away that West isn’t a “her”?

      • Beedogz

        More of an it. Perhaps with an sh in front of it.

      • stone8

        Of course it did. Ever hear of sarcasm? I have however never heard anything by HIM either and have no intention of listening to that genre of (music?). I much prefer to be lost in the 50’s.

  • Jan

    Can you imagine when his child plays sports one day. Gezzz

    • lucke1949@yahoo.com

      Heaven help the other parents.

    • Tim G

      I will personally come kiss your a$$ if that ever happens.

    • Kay

      That will never happen. They won’t let their daughter live a normal life.

    • byebyebigred

      Oh, the mulatto child?

      • Tammy McPhetridge

        That’s sounds very racist to say the mulatto child? Come on grow up! He is an idiot but that child is beautiful!!! Beautiful and innocent so people on here should avoid comments involving that baby.

  • jon

    He’s a huge legend in his own mind! The media won’t touch this as being racist unless the roles are reversed. That’s nothing new though. Been that way for years.

  • WEST

    And the charade of disrespect continues, and the youth follow their “hero’s”- be it a parent, a rap artist….. no wonder so many get in the face of authority and disrespect a civil society due to these “role models”.

  • Dave

    Because of this disrespect, West should be banned from the Grammys. He is a racist, disrespecful ass!

    • Tin D

      Absolutely, ban his ass from future Grammys.

      • Rich

        Unfortunately, stuff like this, will just put him more in demand. It’s all about ratings. They will demand he be there and get a first row seat

        • Pat

          Ratings were the worst ever this year!!!

          • Rich

            My point exactly. Next year, advertise he will be there and ratings will soar. This is all anyone is talking about. I don’t even know who won any awards, except for Beck, of course.

    • M Meier

      He should be banned from everything associated with the Grammy’s. He has no talent, just spews racism and hate and violence.

    • ain’t yo daddy either

      He should b banned from any awards ceremonies. Kanye is a genuine lowlife from the hood. Go back under that rock that you crawled out from.

    • He’s a black rich man who gives 0 fucks about what you have to say.. Doesn’t it piss you off so so bad lol.

      • Josh8550

        Not really. Lol. I find it funny. It’s one thing to do you and ignore haters but to ignore genuine people who are trying to get you to be mature and not a racist little burn out rapper is not the same thing at all. I pity him.

      • Tammy McPhetridge

        Stevie I stumbled on this website while googling about what Kanye did, don’t normaling read it, not my thing. Having said that your a racist if that’s all you have to say about his behavior, that’s whites are mad because he is rich??? lol more then whites were bothered by his behavior! For the record race is brought into this because he did this to 2 deserving white artists… It’s not saying Beyoncé isn’t deserving, it’s just that she wasn’t voted for by her peers in music! But why so much anger when 2 whites artist win something instead of Beyonce? She has lost awards before to other black artists…. Also if this were a white artist who just acted this way it would be a non stop news story for weeks about racism!!! A Double standard that blacks use continually today! Why they use it I don’t know! They obviously do not like the progress in this country over the decades and they do not respect anything about Martin Luther King was working toward. It’s sad to see Stevie what the black community has become today with every opportunity they have, the black community chooses to want to turn back the clock on race relations. They we doing a good job too because a person like me who has always been a kinda left leaning centrist in my thinking is fed up and now I find myself looking at blacks as very racist bigoted hateful whiny group! Great job Stevie and people like you who support racists idiots like Kanye!

      • Nancy F

        Actually no it doesn’t. Most of us give 0 fucks about what he has to say but you go on licking his ass.

      • iamnotroysten

        I find it telling that he has fame and fortune, and still chimps out.

      • lolabird

        Didn’t a black man piss on his wife?

      • 002lisamarie .

        Actually no one gives 0 fucks about what he has to say.

    • David Major

      I’d like to Kickye, Kanye a$$ye noye talentye jerkye!!! YE ?

  • Kat

    West clearly does not have the manners to attend this event. Whomever invited him is equally responsible.

  • Tarantula2

    Well, he IS a thug after all. What do you expect?

    • nowayjosejose

      It’s really sad that “thug” has turned into the pc version of nig*** – because that’s exactly how you’re using it.

      • Renee

        Who started using that term? and who uses the “N” word most?

        • nowayjosejose

          I’d reply about the ways in which pejorative terms are appropriated by the community they’re typically used against but I don’t see the point in this context. This is an assumption on my part here but I doubt you’d understand half the words I’m using.

          • Nicole

            I suppose there has to be one idiot that comments on an article.

          • Nicole

            The awkward moment when you’re Kanye posting under a different name and get super butt-hurt reading this article and the replies.

          • STFUMORON

            LMMFAO, how long did take you to look through a thesaurus with others help? Being a smart-ass racist just makes you look like an even larger idiot than you first appeared……and that “prejorative term” happened to be first brought up by YOU…no one else in this forum expressed it…..

          • veerex66

            Not sure which words you’re referring to. You’re vocabulary hasn’t been as impressive as you think. Oeuvre is the only genuinely interesting one that I have seen. In light of that smug last sentence in the above comment, I must ask, are you attempting to communicate a valid point, or are you simply demonstrating how nifty dictionary.com is? Next time you go researching big shiny words, phrases, etc., check out The Dunning- Kruger Effect. Or you could just look in the mirror.

      • Guy Drumm

        A THUG is a THUG is a THUG regardless of color!
        I call many (White) Police Officers THUGS, because they (SOME) are!!!
        I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (until I was 19) and have lived in Tennessee, Florida, Maine and now Washington.
        In my 55 years of life’s experiences, I have found many more Black people to be racist towards non-Blacks (So including Hispanics, Asians and Mid-Easterners), than White people.
        The minute a non-Black person says anything negative about a person who happens to be Black (even though it may be a criticism about the PERSON, and having nothing to do with race); Many Black people scream “RACISM”!
        Kanye West is not a THUG because he is Black: He is a THUG because he is a disrespectful human being! PERIOD!

  • texashorseman

    Genius? I think the folks at MENSA may have an issue with that statement. I’ll bet West couldn’t pass my son’s 7th grade math test. He is nothing but an ass.

    • Renee

      7th grade? I doubt he could pass a 3rd grade math test!

  • Chewable Germ

    He probably beats the crap out of his wife….but she deserves it…

  • crazybitch

    He is a ASS!! I wish they would ban him from all award ceremonies. This is the second time he has done this.. enough is enough. If he does happen to win something have it shipped to him.. Problem solved !! It is a sad day when Kim has more class .. SMH

    • skorpyo

      Kim class? Not hardly.

    • Mikey

      Ship what to him. He should not even be eligible to win any awards acting like a baboon.

  • Metstheory22

    Surprised he would associate with that no talent Paul McCartney guy.

  • JesusLovin’AngryCracker

    Racist Douchebag; kw is how the ‘N’ word remains relevant. Supporting a
    tramp satanist over a scrawny but very talented musician based on
    jealousy, envy, and hatred while married to a media whore is a very good
    example for today’s youth……..NOT
    not a Beck fan, but he is talented; kw is a hack wannabe

    • Evelyn Gail Dunbar


      • nowayjosejose

        And people thought Kanye was racist! Telling people that the N word is still relevant or that people are “tramp satanists” …keep it classy folks!

  • Janice O’Neil Field

    Kanye West is a racist pig himself!!! He just keeps on showing his true colors and making an ass of himself.

  • Lynell English Weller

    I’m so sick of the black and white thing. Kanye West could fall off the earth and no one would miss him……js. He is a racist in my opinion. What Kim sees in him……??? Who knows.

    • truthbroker

      They marry their own kind. Sick marries sick, racist marries racist, hate marries hate. Here, it’s all of the above rolled into one; well, two.

  • Mary Ann

    What a complete waste of humanity. This is the second time he’s done this. I feel he should be banned forever from the Grammy’s and any other music events too. He’s a racist pig that should be put in the sty with other racist pigs like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder.

    • Midnight Jinx

      Three reasons for the problems in America.

      • M Meier

        Four – you forgot Eric Holder

  • laundryman01

    For a guy that hates whites he sure was in a hurry to get married to a white.She doesn’t count either she is another piece of garbage,they deserve each other.

    • Wiggle D

      White Women are considered erotic in some cultures. White men are considered racist devils. Go figure.

    • M Meier

      White women are often considered ‘prizes” by black men, no matter what the woman actually looks like or anything else. Something in the black culture. But there are white women who will only be with black guys. I personally don’t care about inter-racial marriages. But this guy, and his media —– wife, are trash as far s I’m concerned. Maybe someday they’ll change and become humans instead of caring about how much money they can make off of scandalous acts.

  • CaoSong

    Gay fish strikes again.

  • NoClassTalent

    West and Foxx, too me, are the same… Bannardor life in my eyes by me for any support no matter what they do…

  • Patricia Warren

    Who does he think he is. Some people can do without his music or comments.

  • T Nick

    ” I still think he’s genius…”, West is a genius? Well the bar for being a genius got lowered to ground level.

  • I care

    West needs to eat a bullet. What’s with his Beyonce obsession? If I were Jay Z, I’d be wondering about that.

  • Tinaw1969

    Beck is a real person with class! Kanye should take notes! Why does he feel only a black person has talent and should have recieved the award. Oh yeah…he is racist! I think next year he shouldn’t even be invited! Him and his wife! Hey Kanye…go rap a song about this! LOL

  • white dude thats had enough

    Thought he was leaving the country

    • Bob Phillips

      Wish he had!

  • Shirley Cameron

    That man needs shut the hell up. Most of these awards are done by who sells the most records. If he is to stupid to know that then he should find out the facts. He is one of the biggest racist bastards there ever was. If every one would refuse to buy his stuff, maybehe would figure it out.


    he should be banned from everything boycott his clothing line and everything else. This is a racist no good mother trucker. EVERYONE BOYCOTT THIS EGOISTICAL IDIOT.

  • Peter S. Jennings

    I have an easy Solution to his antics, ban him.

  • Kevin Slack

    He must not of won anything at the Thug music awards !

  • mike

    momma should have swallowed his ass……!

  • JaneB

    Maybe it’s a racist thing but the bottom line is that KW is an AH.

  • LaMonte Monnell Sr.

    I think that Kanye needs to pull his head out of his rear end and move on. beyonce is great but not the only artist out there in the World.

  • Maggie Scheck Geene

    I have no idea how these things work, who votes for the Grammy’s? Aren’t they awarded by Industry insiders? If the industry thinks Beck deserved the award over Beyonce’ the must be a reason.

  • Ed Woodson

    I just wonder….. How many of the people making comments here are Black? Probably not many. His Racist @$$ is a hero to the Blacks.

    • pelones

      In my small corner of the world, not so much Ed. It seems they are just embarrased at his poor sportsmanship. They had already summed him up when he had featured Sir Paul on one of his creations. Most considered him to be someone who married a highly marketted, nothing special except her booty, celebrity and has been supporting his career with her props…and image-masters. He is a meaningless blip on their radar…and when his wife walks away they all think -wait for it- Metronome! Sorry that’s mean.

  • Mango

    This ignoramus doesn’t deserve respect, he has no idea what respect even is…now everybody is talking about this buffoon instead of Beck and his win. If I were Beck, I don’t know how, “classy,” I’d be about his insane behavior.

  • Toni Welnhofer

    Kanye West hasnt produced a music hit in years that I know of. And he would think how negative a reaction he got the 1st time, much less do it a 2nd time. I would ban him from future award events of any kind. He cant control himself, it took his wife to call him back to his seat like a dog. Thats pathetic, all of it is pathetic & sad. He only hurts himself, now ppl wont buy his clothing line. Stupid is what stupid does!!

  • Mike White

    Let’s get one thing straight Kanye, singers are not musicians. Turntablists are not musicians. Beatboxers are not musicians. Kanye West, Beyonce’, Jay-Z, and others in their genre are not musicians. They are millionaire “singers” and I am not saying singing isn’t a talent, but they need to stop equating themselves with musicians. I believe Beck has a song mocking their genre, “I got two turn tables and a microphone.”

    • Paul MacKay

      Beck incorporated turntables in a fair amount of his earlier work actually.

    • nowayjosejose

      So the voice doesn’t make music? I think you’re conflating “musician” for “instrumentalist”. The reason your comment makes no sense is in the difference in those two words.

    • pelones

      You seem to equate musician with someone who plays a musical instrument. A musician is someone who creates music by profession. Whether they do it with an instrument or their larynx makes little difference. KW may have a pleasant voice but I wouldn’t call him a musician. I can sing in key and with a modicum of skill and I play several musical instruments fairly well but I am by no means a musician…but I can play one on TV. Rappers aren’t musicians either. They MIGHT be considered poets (I had to bite my lip on that one) and they might have rhythm but rap should not be considered music…unless you include the singular talents of William Shatner (aka Cap’t James Tiberius Kirk).

  • unimpressed

    I don’t think this had anything to do with color. West is just a whiney a$$ed, tantrum throwing, spoiled rotten little brat who pitched a hissy fit when things didn’t go HIS way.

  • Robert Senn

    once an ass always an ass he even married a big ass

  • obamagonian

    Kane hates black women. He is repulsed by them.

  • Patsy Vickers Blackner

    Having attended many sporting events where my children participated there are always disagreements when a decision is subjectively based. However, if a coach jumped up and behaved like Kanye has done he would be banned from attending and participating in those awards. Why does Kanye think he is the only opinion that matters? “They” keep preaching acceptance and diversity but “they” only want you to give it all to them!

  • Kat Oberst

    I think this and his last stupid moment of replying to a question about working with a legend. ..” I’m not sure if Paul McCartney new who was dealing with” or something along those lines. Sorry KW…. you’ll never be THE Legend you sang with.

    • pelones

      I think Sir Paul is probably chugging pepto-bismal and losing sleep over why he even contributed to Kanye’s creations. The fact that most of the tweets I saw were praising KW for giving this old upstart a leg up when Sir Paul had already made a lasting contribution to music AND got Knighted for it when KW was 20 shows the range of awareness of his followers.

  • MariettaGator

    If they want real artists to come back, they won’t need AutoTune, the robot that sang for Madonna AND Kanye last night.

  • Paul Hosse

    Some people naturally have class, and by that I mean intergrity, respect for self and for others, and grace. Some don’t but they try through hard work to develop it, until then, they fake it. And then there are those who don’t have it; can’t fake it; can’t buy and never will cultivate it. The latter is people like Kanye West.

  • Ace Duncan

    I do get tired of everyone calling Kanye a musical genius. His music is pretentious and self indulgent. His autotuned Grammy performance was embarrassing. Why Paul McCartney agreed to be his prop I will never know. And his shtick is getting so tired. We get it, you love Beyonce and no one, especially no one white, is allowed to beat her for an award without you acting the Fool.

  • Kay

    But Kumye has no talent either.

  • ross mcglockness

    Kanye, you are a talentless, moronic jacka$$.

  • Lolly811

    Beyonce did not get the reward because she is putting out soft porn to our teens. Plain and simple.

  • Lin

    Wake up smell the coffee-he knows he have gotten away w.his baby tantrum twice now, he’s out of control-if you think he’s gonna be human from now on, think again WAKE UP

  • Papo1836

    I’m effing tired of this bullshit, if something doesn’t go their way it’s racism. …Thanks to Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of obama’s administration. ..

  • lmc959714@gmail.com

    Insufferable knappy-headed racist. I couldn’t tell you if Beyonce’s music is good or
    not. What she calls dancing is nothing more than bump-and-grind, hunching, soft porn
    so I pay no attention to anything she does now. Regardless of her
    talent, WHO gave ‘ye the idea that his opinion is held in higher regard
    that those who choose the Grammy winners?

    • nowayjosejose

      FYI – the irony of calling someone a racist while simultaneously calling them “Knappy-headed” is astonishing.

      • Nicole

        I don’t condone racism, but West deserves to be insulted.

      • lmc959714@gmail.com

        … and with purpose. I’ve been called a racist for several years now when I wasn’t, just because I resisted Socialist government. So, now I throw it back and don’t care what anyone thinks. My statement stands… Adjective, adjective noun/subject… and all quite accurate. Blacks can sling the race card all day long and feel justified. So can I.

  • Brenda Golden

    Just another no talent homie that is jealous of any white person with talent. His only claim to fame is being the racist MR. Kim. Kardashian. And for those who thought it was funny shows just how low class they are. He is a slap in the face to all intelligent black people.

  • lovly2008

    I think what Kanye is saying is that the Grammy should have gone to an experienced artist and the fact that it didn’t shows racism.

    • John Urban

      Experienced? Do you even know who Beck is? He won 2 Grammys for his 1996 album Odelay, a multi-platinum album. Beyonce did not even record her first Destiny’s Child album until a year later.

    • JasonHomrighausen

      Wow.. Beck has been around the music scene quite a bit longer than Kanye, or Beyonce.. I guess if Paul McCartny was more experienced, they would have let him do a solo act. But he’s up and coming, so maybe next year buddy..

    • Sean

      You seem to be misinformed ma’am.

  • Wraith Ideal

    Who cares? There is no point to the “Grammys”. This “award” show is nothing but a big commercial. Society needs to realize that. BTW – I could not even recognize one of West’s songs, because I’ve never listened to them. Just reading his stupid comments on this post insulted my intelligence. These idiots need to learn how to speak English. No class, no talent bums.

  • Kevin G. Darmon

    Stopped watch the Ellen show when she had West on and told him he was great. West is a low life thug that needs to go live on that island he said he was going to move too.

  • Gabriela Garver

    Imagine if a white performer were continually saying this after awards were given to a black performer. The white performer would have been banned for life from the show, with cause, first time it happened. If we all boycott the show until Kanye is “banned for life,” it would happen. Also, Madonna should have been made to cover her backside. She is setting a horrible example for the world.

  • Bill Wood

    Like I really give a rat’s ass what this worthless no talent idiot thinks. He needs to get some talent and lose some attitude.

  • Fed Up

    Wasn’t he going to move to France because America is racist? LOL

  • nowayjosejose

    He’s an ass, indeed, but there was nothing racial in his comments. He thought that Beyonce was a better artist and more deserving because she’s a better artist. This is not the same argument that Beck did not deserve it because he is white. #logicalfallacies

  • vivian

    inappropriate behavior is inappropriate – why does he feel it a right to even think of going up on stage to diss anyone? such a twit

  • Mark A. Gorski

    This is what happens when an under educated, underprivelaged kid with a modicum of talent suddenly finds himself thrust into the limelight and given tons of money. The people around him egg him on because as long as he is making money they can ride his coat tails. You see, when a person does not realize that money is not a license to do whatever you want things like this happen.

    He needs to be smacked down and smacked down hard. Obviously he does not respect his piers. He needs to learn the meaning of respect and courtesy. If you have an issue with who wins the award the stage is not the venue to bring up that issue. Take it up with the selection committe.

  • Barbara Fisher

    West should not only be banned from these awards show, he should be barred from the human ace. He just always has to be center of attention and it’ getting darned old. He is the original attention whore.

  • byebyebigred

    He needs to crawl up Kim’s behind in embarrassment.

  • What exactly is a Kanye West? Is that slang for headed in the wrong direction?

    Too funny, check this out:

    Kanye /ˈkɑːnjeɪ/ is an Igbo name meaning “Let’s give” or to give honor, tribute. The name is usually a shorter version of another name e.g. Kanyechukwuekele (let’s give God praise) etc.

  • Dancer

    Kanye West can’t sing, WTF was that action he did on stage with the light, I thought it was gonna be cool, but no, NOT. He needs to listen or shut up and go home.

  • Renee

    Wow, Kanye just can’t kiss Beyoncé’s butt enough!

  • Rick Hill

    Give him to Jim Crowe

  • Nelson Stanley

    Relax my Niga ,white people have talent to !!

  • CE Vaughn

    I wouldn’t wear his clothes if they paid me to I have a little more class than that

  • Goldigger is the only good song Kanye has ever done, but frankly, I’m starting to get tired of his racist ass.

  • cantonredhead

    Kanye West is a complete asshole. He should be banned from all music awards. If an athelete did something like this they would be fined. He should be penalized in some way.

  • yomamma

    Y’all honkeys need to calm down beck sucks and ye is crazy but he’s just more outspoken then most. Quit being jealous y’all don’t have his money!!

  • K Miller

    If you want him banned, let them know…. http://www.grammy.com/contact

  • Ira Highley

    did you all notice beyonce and her bunch were supporting him..racist pigs..

  • cookie

    He is the worst!! Bad enough his performance sucked..crickets when he finished instead of the standing ovation he thought he’d get..and after he gives his racist BS rant he closes with I got my clothing line…the worst hypocritical race baiter ever!!!

    • pelones

      His “clothing line” is pure marketing for someone without a name but who can actually sew. Kinda like an athlete who sponsors a line of shoes (like the Jordan Air Nike), has no idea how they are made but displays the shoes as his own.

  • fruitfl

    He is talentless racist scum!

  • Larry Lynn

    If Kanye thinks Beyonce is so good, why not put her in his own videos instead of his no-talent wife?

    • Wiggle D

      She’s aware she is too good for Kanye?

  • wildcat97

    He needs to be banned from attending if he can’t act with politeness and courtesy.

  • Barto

    A talent-less racist thug.

  • JesusLovin’AngryCracker

    and don’t forget, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ 2005
    and Kanye doesn’t either, because he takes their $$ for his 1% lifestyle while they rot in the slums waiting for mo money………
    Except of course the responsible folks of a ‘much more beautiful tan than I’ who educate themselves, take care of their families, and don’t rely on ‘the man’ to steal from the working middle class to give to the freeloading middle class.

    • nowayjosejose

      Sorry, you don’t see a difference in the job between the president and an artist? The president’s job is to take care of the country. Kanye’s job is not to make sure that people don’t rot in slums – though he did give hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities. A president’s job isn’t to entertain while Kanye’s job is. I think the guy’s an idiot but you’re doing a poor job of understanding what his job seems to be.

  • InvisibleZombie

    Here’s my question… what is West’s critical opinion on Beck’s album? I’m just “sure” he listened to it objectively. {/s}

  • DoubleEngine

    I’ll ask this here since the commenter probably frequent this site. Is this a satire website? Like the Onion for conservatives?

    • nowayjosejose



      Whether it is is or not, the story IS believable and wouldn’t second guess behavior like this being conducted by Kanyne…..

  • Richard M

    If he were cheap, I’d pay Beck $100 to shove that Emmy up Kanye’s 4th POC.

  • Jeannie McGrew Williams

    Kanye needs his racist ass whipped and banned from the Grammies.

  • entitled2my2cents

    Kanye is a poor sport, a talented artist perhaps, but a poor sport. In order to be a star, anyone needs to learn how to win, and lose, with dignity and grace. He’s not there yet – neither a star, nor a sport.

  • Josh Gilman

    Not sure who to root for here. Beck is a nutjob scientologist and kanye is a blathering, racist idiot.

    Ok, I’ll side with good manners. kanye needs to sit down and shutup.

    ***Anyone notice how he places “his wife and daughter” on the same level as his clothing line? Possessions?

  • Ryan

    Respect artist talent?? Beyonce had like 50 writers for 14 of her tracks

    • nowayjosejose

      One doesn’t have to be a writer in order to be a singer. One’s talent as a vocalist is not dependent on one’s ability to write a song – only to sing it.

  • paulc

    Kanyne is racist. He thinks black s are the only talent worthy. Get a life . ban that baby forever

  • Michael J. Wilson

    I find it funny that he has no idea of the talent that Beck has, it doesn’t matter to him. It doesn’t matter to him that Beck inspires people as well, or that people listen to his music everyday. Everything West said about Beyonce can be applied to Beck, but he doesn’t care about anyone else. I understand defending your beliefs etc., but have some clue about what you’re arguing for.

  • crewldude

    A complete classless fool. Just goes to show you can be a complete moron and still make millions off other morons.

  • Jim Stefanovich

    Lets face it,he only cares about his shitty self and wants into Beyoncé pants.She’ll never go for you-loser.

  • Timothy E Raiford Jr

    Hey, justlet him run it next year. Give him the whole ball of wax, see who shows up, see who wins. Anybody can bitch, not many people can do what others have done successfully for years. Raceophobia at it finest.

  • EQ4ALL

    Jayz needs to be wary of this guy. This goes beyond liking Beyonce’s music !

  • Ron

    West is a racist black man. A useless POS.

  • ONoLemmeGuess

    West is such an arrogant, classless, no talent d-bag. Why is he so hung up on Beyonce anyhow? I guess he thinks she can’t fight her own battles, as if there’s one to be fought in the first place. It’s disturbing to think he’s reproduced, & with a Kartrashian at that.

  • Mary Warner

    First off, the man needs to learn to speak correct English. Wow that was hard to even read, much less listen to.

  • Bgs

    Kanye is obsessed with Beyoncé. If she wasn’t married, he would go after her Ina heartbeat. Kim should realize she’s second fiddle to Beyoince in his eyes.

  • Mut

    racist punk

  • MeanieHead

    Kanye NEEDED to marry Kim because he’s a king-sized used tampon with ZERO talent and even LESS class.

  • Corry

    He’s probably upset because he “sold his soul to the devil” (referenced by Kanye in one of his songs) but is losing out to actual talent. He apparently helped write the Beyoncé song at the 2009 Grammys. I imagine he feels ripped off lol

  • hunter

    Racism: the belief one is superior because of skin color. He did not make any mention of race, so to infer he did and that he is a racist is incredibly ignorant. He married a white girl. If you love someone who is white and you’re black then you can not be considered a racist. By the way he only performed this little stunt because he is releasing a brand new collaboration with Adidas this Thursday. The media is now paying attention to him and buzz is being created to,promote his clothing. That is from a marketing standpoint, a brilliant move. One final note: kanye does not care about the Grammys, nobody does. Awards shows mean nothing nowadays and that is why he did not show up to the past 6 Grammys. And how can people hate his performance? He uses autotune as an instrument, not as a crutch. It is an artistic choice. In fact if you listen to the song four five seconds he can hit a few high notes pretty decently. At the end of the day, Mr. West is a person who has 20+ Grammys and speaks his mind. The fact that people hate him is ridiculous. If he is ignorant, which he comes across as sometimes, why is it fair to say that he is an a hole or talentless? Ignorance only begets more ignorance, so stop paying attention to this little incident that’s not a big deal. Why not, mmh, I don’t know, pay attention to the fact that unemployment is hovering around 11% and there’s people overseas lighting people on fite(ISIS)

    • BuddyLuv

      If your Kanye ‘defense’ is true, you’re forgetting one thing. What about Beck’s moment that was stolen from him? He won an award, yet some scene stealing, no talent, RACIST hack literally stole the spotlight from him. By the way, not only white people can speak in ‘racist code’ that you liberals love to talk about. ‘We’ in his diatribe is divisive and racist.

      • hunter

        I AM A CONSERVATIVE. Lol. Did I say I was a liberal? Where in my statement did I say I was a liberal or a democrat. Again, there is no proof his intentions were racist, he even sId mark ronson, a white artist, deserved a Grammy that he won during an acceptance speech 7 years ago. And ‘we’ refers to artists. He said artists, not black people. To infer he meant black people or black artists is a false stTement with no credible evidence.

  • Quinn D Quinby

    Love it when the real racists show thenselves in public. Kanye hates white people.He is in the same class of people as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson……..White people HATERS.

    • hunter

      Hates white people yet married a white woman and does songs with Paul McCartney by choice? Great logic sir

      • BuddyLuv

        So, using your logic, if a white person says ‘I’m not racist, I have black friends’, that’s proof they aren’t racist.

        • hunter

          by your logic he would not have sex with a white girl and would hate his daughter and not think she is going to amount to anything because she is half white.

          • BuddyLuv

            Where in my statement did I infer that Kanye West wouldn’t have sex with a white girl and would hate his daughter? You have no evidence that I said that. You’re doing the same thing with my statement that you railed against me for doing to you in the statement below. Also, I’m quite certain that Beck is an ‘artist’. Which means that your argument that Kanye West saying ‘we’ was referring to all artists is so full of crap (like you), that we have to flush several times. Do you realize that if Beck is an artist, then Kanye West would have no argument since last night at the Grammys ONLY ARTISTS won awards!

  • Bridget

    Can one imagine, if a white guy did that to that Bag of Douch kanYe? I so hate him…..Someone give it a taste of its own medicine. PLEASE.

  • Zeus 58

    Kanye is an Angry Racist, period. Why aren’t musicians in general, especially black artists pulling his coat tail and saying, ‘Not only are you making yourself look like a fool, but your making us look foolish?’ If he doesn’t like the way Grammy’s make their decisions don’t come!

    . . . and yes you can be black and a racist. All human beings have all the potential (positive and negative) of feelings, emotions and thoughts.

    • huntr

      Proof he is racist? Said mark ronson a white artist deserved a Grammy during an acceptance speech for a Grammy he won 7 years ago. Now why would a racist do that? And he wasn’t even mad he was grinning the whole interview

    • nowayjosejose

      “When Beck went to the microphone to accept his award, West leaped out of
      his seat and jumped onstage to grab the mic – then apparently thought
      better of it, after his wife Kim Kardashian yelled something at him.”
      Read first and THEN comment.

      • Nicole

        Yet again opening your mouth. What do you think of West saying Swift didn’t deserve her award in 2009 and now he was going to do it again? Read first and THEN comment

  • Scott Loyed

    He needs to be banned fro all future emmies

    • yyyy

      I know, neck did not deserve best new sitcom of the year. Shame!

  • David J Winters

    I’d like to see him try that with Henry Rollins or Glen Danzig. It would really be funny if he tried that stupid stuff with Joe Rogan. Please Kanye, try that with Joe Rogan. I know Joe isn’t a singer but if he was getting an award in comedy and Kanye tried that it would be funny as hell. Call an ambulance.

  • Rodney Davis

    Beck should have landed a right hook and knocked his pathetic ass out when he ran on stage. This guy is batshit crazy.

    • mike

      Violence begets violence- martin Luther king jr

  • kanyeloser

    If Kanye was White & Beck was black…everyone would be fighting, protesting, and killing right now! He’s RACIST and the Grammy’s (or any award show) should never let him into the building again. His friend Beyonce should tell him how to behave instead of just standing their smiling.

  • Kris

    His behavior is a disgrace! No doubt he is a racist. He needs God in his life. If a white person did what he did then he would be called a racist. I’m not white and I HAVE moved on. He shows a lot of anger, hate, racism, etc… He is a COWARD and he knows who he can pull this off with. I would love for him to do what he did to a black artist, like 50 cent. I’m sure he would have got smacked in the eye with an award.

  • tammy

    Why don’t they ban this guy from the Emmys?

  • Jimmy Chio

    That nigga needs his ass whooped I would decked him right then and there in front of everyone on live TV.

  • Fran Parker

    We could get into a big discussion here about people who have IQ”S that match their shoe sizes,about people showing respectr to those of another race., and if this had been a white person showing such

  • Black and rich plus doesn’t give a damn about your opinion. I can see why you haters mad lol

  • Uncle Tom

    People need to stop making everything about racism. Does anybody think Kanye would hesitate to do this if it was a black artist that he happened to dislike?

    This has nothing to do with race. It’s ludicrous that racism is still even a term used in common vernacular. I’m in 2015, who else is with me?

  • What_has_it_come_to

    idiots like this are one reason I don’t watch the Grammys… most of the acts are talentless

  • Lee Lee

    NO Affirmative Action Grammys….Great!

  • Ithamar

    Today’s talent? Well if this fellow has talent, then it amounts to holding your crotch in one hand and a microphone in the other making flatulence noises with the mouth. Now that is talent which appeals to the base herd.

  • Roderick Goggenheimer

    Kuntye Kardashian is a punk that needs his ass whipped.

  • chickief

    West is trailer trash, (without a trailer) because that’s what he acts like! He can’t even formulate a proper sentence with nouns and verbs.

  • smoke

    How Cld anyone say Kanye is” racist? ” Look who he’s married to!!!! She sure isn’t from his nationality so u all can drop the race card already.

  • J.

    Racist? Along with his white wife…okay.

  • Mark Noske

    What the F… U … Kay?? Now, on top of everything else happening in the world this guy wants to impose “reverse racism”? He’s making a bazzilion $$$ a year and he has the balls to do?,say that?? Screw him! And … his records!

  • Ruth Ann Schulte

    Stfu kanye u enormous asshole no one cares wtf u think

  • BigV

    I wish Trace Adkins would have been up on that stage rather than Beck. But then again the punk Kanye would never approach Trace Adkins. Trace would kick his scrawny ass.

  • Lanzecki

    Okay…not sure I understand his complaint. I mean, there is the Black Entertainment Award show that features BLACK artists. So, what’s the deal? You don’t see white people jumping up on their stage and whining about it….jeez. Get over it.

  • EzraPoundWasRight

    Does Beyonkce even write songs? I thought she did the music of others. Like, her hit song “Halo” was written by a nice White man. Etc. How can anybody deserve an album-of-the-year if they don’t even write their own stuff?

  • shadowwarrior

    Kanye is just a racist brain dead Ass hole

  • LordTinkleton

    What a douche! Beck is extremely creative. Far more so than Kanye.

  • Toni Joyce Poling Beers

    West is a no talented ass with a big ego he can’t even sing

  • Derwood Kirby

    I knew Kanye from da hood. One day, he comes walkin’ down da street all dressed up in a tuxedo and nice polished shiny shoes. I go “Kanye West!! Whatshoo all fancied up fer?” He sez, “Man… I just saw the doctor, and he said I be impotent. So if I gonna be impotent, I gotsta DRESS impotent.”

  • Sarah Connor

    How is he racist he is married to a white woman lol and his child is part white

  • Steven Thompson

    What a POS plane and simple……………….

  • mike

    I will fight him on tv and donate proceeds to charity I wanna put that ugly dress wearing racist on a stretcher pick on me gayye im 62 220 and white and hate ur ugly jaw ass

  • mike

    He is weak he picks weak targets taylor cmon beck haha ok tough guy try it on toby keith I bet u are scared sit on back of the bus gayye

  • j

    Will everyone give it a rest

  • iamnotroysten

    Why isn’t that ass wipe given the beat down, then bounced on out of the place when he does that? Have they no security? THAT would be worthy of a Grammy itself.

  • dumbass

    he is such a giant douche bag never liked him he can go home and spank that fat ass wife of his he’s a jealous hater because he sucks and can’t win nothing I think all the white people should go to the BET awards and f*** it up for them oops wait a minute why people have too much class for that

  • Grey Hammond

    ” Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.” So a man who plays over 12 instruments needs to respect the artistry of a woman who needs 4 artists to write one song… makes sense…

  • BDS

    2nd Year in a row, Mr. Kardashian’s minute 14, douche bags time for fame is about up TGFT He should be banned for all future events.

  • Pl Zee

    Kanye is a cun*



  • Michael

    why don’t he start his own Awards show for black people maybe that will make him happy.

  • Michael

    It sure seems to me that he might have a thing for Beyonce or maybe he’s had a sexual relations with her in the past or maybe it’s going on?





  • shameika

    seriously…what a true dickhead thats what he get of loving whitewoman

  • Amánda Paterson

    He’s a self obsorbed asshole.

  • Thomas Channing

    He’s not racist, he just has this weird ass pact with Beyonce where he defends her for every award she doesn’t receive.

  • Enough

    He needs to be ban form the Grammys. Peroid!!!

  • Kathy


  • SAm

    Kanye west is a rapper and not a musician…… he has no talent for music…he can’t read or write it ……the only talent he has is yelling his urban rap at all people who will listen to his shiit. He is an arrogant angry blk man.

  • joeyr

    Kanye and his wife are narcisstic asses. I refuse to buy any magazines they are on and I always change channels when they appear on tv. Please make them go away. We are all sick to death of them. I don’t care about the pregnancies or the painful experience she had and maybe having a hysterectomy. Wa wa Kim you are not the only woman who has had health problems, so get over yourself and drop out of site and take your whole family with you.

  • Steve

    OR a finger in the butt…….


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