Public School Kids Rail Against Michelle Obama’s ‘Healthy Lunches,’ While HER Kids Feast on Meatball Subs And Ice Cream


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Students in public schools across America are in full revolt against the revolting lunches that un-elected First Lady Michelle Obama has imposed upon them over the past 2 years.

Disgruntled kids across the nation voiced their displeasure over Lady Michelle’s school lunch program from the beginning. Now thousands of students have taken to Twitter to express their frustration. Many have used #ThanksMichelle to tweet photos of their daily choices.

Here are a few mouth-watering examples:




By contrast, Michelle’s daughters’ school lunch is….well, something a bit different.

At their elite Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., where the Obamas send their children, serves school lunches designed by chefs. This week, for example, they might enjoy meatball subs, BBQ wings and ice cream, in addition to chicken curry, deviled egg salad and the “Chef’s Choice.” Other options on the exclusive menu include:

  • Crusted tilapia
  • Herb roasted chicken
  • Pesto cream & garden-fresh marinara sauce
  • Roasted edamame & Shitake mushrooms
  • BBQ sliders
  • Pesto pasta
  • All-natural rosemary chicken
  • All-natural beef nachos
  • Baked three-cheese lasagna
  • Pepperoni flatbread pizza

chickenparmsub How divine! Of course if you are a poor Black family living in Washington, D.C., your kids who attend its disastrous schools have no chance of ever eating such fare, since Barack Obama killed the district’s school voucher program back in 2009, in one of his first acts as President.

  • NOYB2014

    Classic, do as I say, not as I do.

  • Gstephens

    “Let the little fatso’s eat cake,” a disgruntled Queen barked from the Portico balcony to the throngs of little people huddled outside the guarded fence who were hoping table scraps and healthfood coupons might come their way.

  • Joel Rivera

    All I want is the First 8itch, Mooochelle, to go away and never come back….and she could take her wife Barack with her.

    • Desiree Seifert

      BOTH of them would do the world more good in BODY BAGS!!!!!

      • BusyMomOf7

        I totally agree. Keep hoping and crossong our fingers

      • John

        But then we have President Biden for two years.

        • John T. Castle

          So we would. But at least that particular ineffectual clown wouldn’t be able to do as much damage, since his directives would be indecipherable.

          • adoremeorelse

            John just made me snort out loud!!! I can’t stop giggling!

          • rochesternative

            yeah, but then he could run for reelection 2 times…

        • Ferrari fan

          Yeah, but with luck he will cross traffic without looking, the one time the Secret Service looks the other way.

        • JUSTME

          as long as Valerie Jarrett is kicked out along with the obama’s, Biden can’t do too much damage, (see John T. Castle below)

        • Joseph Price

          At least we know that Biden is American by birth, even if he is retarded as hell.

        • Resdya Darkwatch

          A second bullet don’t cost that much more

        • Imtoooldforthis

          My question is who would be the one leading him by the nose. He’s not capable of being a fully functioning human being.

          • Terrie Goodson Henderson

            Yeah I think he drinks a lot. He goes to the villages and parties down I guess!

      • jack

        Don’t you think that is a bit extreme? I expect the FBI would. Beware what you post. It could backfire.

      • Morgan Sokol

        charming…btw when you say that about a president..ANY president expect a visit from secret service you dope

        • Pete X

          So you crack a beer with them (the SS)and let them vent about how hypocritical, evil, and disgusting anti-American their “clients” are!! After a while, they’ll realize they should save the country and erase them themselves!! lol It’s nice to Hope anyway! Isn’t that what got us in this situation anyway? People didn’t think about the change this joker was talking about! Now we can Hope to bring back the better days!

      • Imtoooldforthis

        You’d have to make an actual threat to get a visit so I wouldn’t worry about it. You in no way implied that you were going to harm to any of the idiots in the white house. Some people don’t know how to relax:)

    • Imtoooldforthis

      She’s a Wookie. A big furry fat a$$ed Wookie who has more hair between her ears than brain.

  • Old Ga Dawg

    What in HELL does Moochelle knows about healthy eating? Another…. Has Moochelle ever kept a “Checking Book” here lately as to what her cost of eating out on tax payers monies are costing ALL AMERICANS? Here is what I think of Moochelle :

  • Let them eat cake mentality…what happened again to Marie?

    • Beedogs

      Her Royal Thighness Queen MoochMore demands the peasants eat their peas as the buttered lobster drips off her chins.

    • Desiree Seifert

      She lost her head, and the SAME needs to happen to the Ovomits!!!

  • bweez b-wildered b-wise

    This is how socialism and communism work… the elite get the best while the “equals” get the shaft.

  • Sam J Craven

    A country that has followed the path that we have chosen, “Gets the government that we deserve.”

    • BusyMomOf7

      If you voted for them, I hope you are suffering severely and die a painful death.

      • Joseph Price

        If another civil war starts, then they will.

      • Michael Weinstein

        Your comment wraps it up in a nutshell! People will hopefully reap what they sow!

  • Richard O’Connell

    A clear message: Stop your complaining unless your ready to sign a petition to get Obama’s corrupt government out of Washington. That’s the ONLY way thins will change!!!

    • Homer

      Petition is useless, to many democrats blindly follow him.

    • Beedogs

      Don’t demand the end to complaining. That’s what liberals do! Ending free speech is not the answer! I complain to my House and Senate reps all the time about what is occurring on our country!

    • BusyMomOf7

      Signed months ago

    • Christine Lee

      How will a petition change our government? I thought that’s what voting did?

    • Deacon Davis

      I wish a petition would work but I believe that obama has pushed so far that the only response that will work will be an armed revolt against the fascist government.

      • JUSTME

        the best response is to get out and vote in November and every November from now on.

        • Joseph Price

          True, but when the Democrats steal more elections, then there is only one recourse to right the wrongs done in this government.

        • Michael Weinstein

          That’s the ticket!

    • Pat Fricke

      Well Richard, I don’t know if you know this, yet, but the Revolution has started and the war is on! Now, are you going to do your part? You know, it does start with YOU and all the other patriots who are tired of the corruption in our government! Fight for our country while we still can!

    • Pete X

      Petitions only get you letters back Thanking you for your concerns, but that they are going to do what they want anyway! In spite of what We the People are telling them we need and want!

      • Terrie Goodson Henderson

        Hey if you have one of those letters maybe you could post one to show how they don’t even listen to any of us anymore.

  • Homer

    why are first lady’s even allowed to do anything, They are only there due to being married to president, they are not elected to make any decisions for this country.

    • Keith A Richey

      I wondered that when President Clinton was in office and first lady Mrs Clinton was pushing for “her” health care reform. if failed then.

      • BusyMomOf7

        In case you hadn’t noticed, that is what Obamacare IS!! HillaryHealth (or HellaryHealth) is what it should be named. She made him her scapegoat

    • John T. Castle

      Agreed. And I’m not sure what her on-the-job experience co-piloting the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo makes her qualified to do in the White House, either. Send that Wookie packing, is what I say.

      • Ferrari fan

        please don’t insult Chewbacca and other Wookies. They might show up and tear your arms off!

        • Joseph Price

          Yeah, I gotta agree…Chewbacca kicks ass…Tranny Moochelle just licks it.

  • Rd Cargill

    HE is one of the ugliest men I have ever laid an eye on.

  • Kelley Moore

    Did anyone see the video of the speech? Looks like we’re paying for her Botox now, too. Watch the eyebrows and forehead.

  • country patriot

    Moochie have you looked at your rear lately? Maybe you should follow your own advice. Well feed our children you worry about yours. I dont remember anyone asking you for your 2 cents.

    • Roland Garros was a hero

      Still bitter over getting Romney getting his ass kicked? Hate always loses!

      • John R Willis

        Go away little troll. Learn proper sentence structure and maybe someone will take you serious. We aren’t bitter over getting Romney getting his ass kicked. Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

      • BusyMomOf7

        Romney was a joke. However, Obama is a worldwide disaster. Why do you think Europe’s economy tanked as soon as he took office. He is pure evil, as Romney was a Mormon puppet.

        • JUSTME

          at least Mr. Romney was an true patriot and believer in Christianity. oh and btw he also believed in our Constitution.
          Bet he would never have put his shoes up on an historic desk in the oval room either.

        • Jared Ellis Wilson

          Romney wouldn’t have led America down the Socialist Spiral. AND NO, He wasn’t a “Mormon Puppet.” Romney would have been a Million times better for America than this Fool and her Gay Lover Barry. Romney had business experience and knowledge about the real world, unlike these rabble rousing, community organizing, Commie, Racist pukes.

          • Michael Weinstein


      • Christine Lee

        Bitter over Romney losing? No, but I am disgusted that a so-called lawyer with no dietary training is trying to tell me how to feed my children. I’d like her to stay out of my home and my kitchen. She has no moral authority to tell me how to feed my children as well as no training at all.

      • Richard McGrath

        Bitter over Obama’s numbers being so low even people in Kenya are saying he was born in America?

        • whamo

          I don’t love Obama, but the trolls posting garbage need to grow up. Obama’s old lady is just trying to encourage kids to think about what they eat. You guys act like it is an act of treason.

          • Ferrari fan

            she’s not just “getting them to think about what they eat”. she is dictating what they eat. And from what I have seen in the photos, it’s not exactly “healthy” food, in portion size or dietary content. Not to mention, her own kids eat better than a lot of working adults.

          • Richard McGrath

            Ever see the menu from their private school and what they get for lunch?

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            Prison food is better in some districts.It is just awful.

      • Joseph Price

        Both elections were STOLEN by Democrats and the military has the proof of pictures. Hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots were stashed in Kuwait to be destroyed as “defective ammunition”, but they were found.

        Now I know why Rensselear County, NY never delivered my ballots in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • ross mcglockness

    FK U michelle obama.

  • Roland Garros was a hero

    FK U Republican aHoles

    • Hoimaha Coin

      Aww look a silly liberal losing the argument
      Resorts to name calling and temper tantrums. ..go away troll ..go spew your ignorance elsewhere.

    • Richard McGrath

      Ah the party of the tolerant have spoken

    • treynich87

      Yep, losing an argument. When all else fails, call names and hurl insults.

    • Patrick Comfort

      Die you POS TROLL

  • Keith A Richey

    the pizza shop I worked at had a contract to provide pizza one day a week. had to get special dough, lowfat cheese, and lean meats for the pizza. after the school threw out most of the pizza, because the kids would not eat it. the school backtracked and said “just send us your normal pizza”

    • BusyMomOf7

      Smart school. I hope you still have that contract and are feeding them well once a week. Bless you

    • Christine Lee

      Kids know that low-fat means extra sugar and lean meats means not enough saturated fats to keep kids healthy. Kids know the American Dietary Guidelines are crap.

      • JUSTME

        and children up to the age of 18 need whole milk. ask a pediatrician if you don’t believe me. (*unless there is a medical reason for skim)

        • Vonstaad

          Kids don’t “need” any milk beyond what they got (get) from their mother, wet nurse, etc. There is an absolute deluge of research you could read regarding the issue. You absorb more calcium eating leafy greens than milk (absorb is the key word). Don’t lay all your faith in a doctor’s opinion. I have many colleagues that are so short-sighted that they can’t help but regurgitate what they learned in their “etched in stone” philosophy courses.

          Christine, you sound like you care so I encourage you to really research the milk/calcium issue for yourself. You won’t like what you find. In addition, the only organization which states we NEED to drink milk is the Dairy Farmer’s Association.

  • BusyMomOf7

    My son plays Varsity sports and has 12 hour days at school, sometimes more. He is expected to last all day on 500 calories!! That’s the same lunch elementary school age kids eat. They used to have an all-you-can-eat salad bar with great foods. Healthy foods. Michelle made them get rid of it. He regularly passes out in the car after practice or games because he is so starved. Then gorges when he gets home. His grades are suffering because he can’t concentrate from hunger. He WAS a high honor student.

    • birds and cages

      and there’s a reason why you can’t feed your own kid instead because?

      • David

        Because with M. Obama’s new school lunch rules, food from home is thrown out, and if the child hasn’t got the money to buy the approved food they go without. I really hope by the time my grandchildren get to school these will have been corrected.

        • Terrie Goodson Henderson

          Wow I didn’t know this. Who made this law anyway? Socialist, communist, facist, marxist, Heck I don’t even know anymore but that is not American and a disgrace for our children. Why are we not hearing about this?

          • Lisa A. Watson

            Because “main stream media” is in ovomits pocket! That’s why we don’t hear much about it!

  • Cheryl Reed

    Since the First Lady Bitch is Not a nutritionist and in no position to make anyone do anything, why do the schools go along with her lunacy? Someone Impeach Moochelle along with her Criminal Bastard Husband.. New name for Moochelle: Nosy Bitch Trash… ’cause that is all she is!

    • ntranzed

      because she got it tied to the federal grants public schools need to be able to run. if they don’t conform to the new lunch rules they don’t get their subsidies and federal grant dollars

  • Steven Redmond

    just feed them both a bullet and be done with it

  • Dottie Mertsky

    the Obozos have screwed up so much in this country – – even kids lunches. Why Michelle??? they can’t event so why torment them? These lunches aren’t even healthy. What makes you the expert? Are you a licensed nutritional expert? Where did you get your degree on nutrition?

  • LMC

    EACH kid needs to properly wrap their “meal” and send it certified mailing to the WH. This way, at least, one person at the WH has to sign for it. M Obama should get the jest of the statement being made!

  • Judy Selich

    Aren’t young people supposed to have a healthy, well-balanced lunch so that they can concentrate during the afternoon.

    • Richard McGrath

      Yes but these are not a healthy, well-balanced lunch, what Obama’s kids eat in the private school they go to is a a healthy, well-balanced lunch.

      • DiscoRubic

        Yeah, that aHole Reagan called catsup a vegatable.. Let them eat that! LOL

        • Richard McGrath

          This has nothing to do with Reagan

        • Patrick Comfort

          STFU moron

  • DiscoRubic

    Republicans are dying every day in record numbers, or degrading into dementia.. Hard to tell them apart.

    • Vonstaad

      It seems a monkey can tap out a more coherent point than any of your trolling posts, which are nothing more than childish gibberish.

      • DiscoRubic

        Monkeys sound more aligned with your family tree.. They’re not human either.

        • Vonstaad

          I read some of your posts on Yabberz, and you seem articulate and intelligent. THEN you post absolutely the most immature crap like this. You may like to get a rise out of people (which you do often), but how do you thrive off of one-sided conversations? Why don’t you simply engage in dialogue instead of “Repube” this and “Blah blah” that?

          I’m sure others would welcome the debate instead of labeling you a moronic cretin and then put you on their black list.

  • LegendIAm9

    All these kids complaining about how “horrible” their school lunches are
    should remember that there are starving children in Ukraine that would
    love to have that “disgusting” lunch.

    • rochesternative

      Please. This is America. No kid should have to eat the slop that is served. I am a teacher. I see it. I wouldn’t eat it, nor feed it to my kids.

    • Disgusted

      Parents have to pay for their kids to eat that crap. I could understand if this was free food. But this is there lunch that they have to pay for and as David said above ” food from home is thrown out, and if the child hasn’t got the money to buy the approved food they go without!”

      That is what the big deal is! Parents would if they could send there kids a lunch.

  • disqus_RnIsATDU0g

    this is why my child takes his lunch to school…he will eat what I WANT HIM TO EAT..not what someone else thinks he should eat…hey moochele…GO TO HELL

  • Tuition for said Sidwell School is over $36,000 a year for each student. Surely the taxpayers aren’t picking up that tab – surely not!

  • abusedcitizen

    After Michelle imposes her menu on the White House and Congress with objective, measurable results, then she might have some credibility.

  • Nicole Gaynor

    My child was forced free lunch for that program!!! No Choice and always hungry!!!

  • Jeffrey Grimes

    IDEA! Everyone start a line of your kids with plates outside that school. Signs that say “If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!” Or vice versa, depending which end you want them on.

  • merrakesh

    Wow…. you know this site at times posts some really great articles then there are time, like now, that it reinforces everyone’s idea about the right being small minded bigoted and petty!

    • Lisa A. Watson

      Ask the children, who have to eat this crap, how small minded, bigoted and petty we are, for trying to stick up for them! You either don’t have kids, don’t listen to your kids and don’t care what they’re being fed in school or are just another dem kissing the ovomits collective asses!

  • Nancy Sanders

    School lunches suck in Texas also, had the principal call me one day to tell me my granddaughter had refused to eat all day, she kept saying “her granny would bring her some real food”…I was a hundred miles away, so put in a call to dad to go get her and feed her.

  • jannelson

    Unelected Mooshelle should mind her own business….I did not elect her did you ????

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    It all looks like crap because it is. What is wrong with these schools? Parents, get a grip on your Schools already.

  • H. Johnson

    Buy the book or see the movie “Dreams of my Real Father”… lots of info on Hussein and Mooch. These are very bad people.

  • troy

    i worked in one of the local school cafeterias for a while as a temp my advice to parents now is to pack their child’s lunch. with all the new “healthy lunch” rules and the budge they are left with 95% of what they can serve is uneatable

    • Lisa A. Watson

      We tried to pack healthy lunches, but school officials threw them away, cause they didn’t know what was in them!

  • canucksam

    Moocow the Food Nazi who pigs out on greasy all dressed hamburgers and fries and pulled pork sandwiches with her husband Odimwit. Who died and made her president??

  • Morgan Sokol

    Are you people for real? Bigger fights out there then Obamas kids having a Parm sandwich for lunch…..jeezus.

    • Disgusted

      Parents have to pay for their kids to eat that crap. I could understand if this was free food. But this is there lunch that they have to pay for and as David said above ” food from home is thrown out, and if the child hasn’t got the money to buy the approved food they go without!”

      That is what the big deal is!

  • John Brown

    Truth be known, Joan Rivers is calling it for what it is, we have the first Lady and the second lady in the WH…

  • DiscoRubic

    Repubes would rather watch children bring guns and pork rinds to school.

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  • Matthew Newgarden

    Straight to the ash heap of history for you Michelle Obama!

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