Trump Opens White House Tours for First Time… The Reaction of Schoolkids BLOWS UP the Internet

by Gina Cassini

The media seems to spend every day trying to convince Americans they should dislike their new President.

But one group of schoolchildren apparently did not get the memo that they weren’t supposed to be excited about Donald Trump.

As the president opened up White House tours for the first time Tuesday morning, the kids’ excitement was… palpable.

The image behind President Trump? Perfect

The president came out to greet the schoolchildren, hugged one young man, and then told them all to “work hard.”

Fist pump? On point.

Their reactions were… adorable.

It’s great that at such a divisive time we’ve had in America, at least some people are mature enough to put aside partisan politics.

Yes. America needs more of this...and a lot less bitterness.


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