Pope Says Illegal Alien ‘Children’ at U.S. Border Must Be ‘Welcomed and Protected’


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Pope Francis says “migrants” around the world are subjected to “racist and xenophobic attitudes” and he wants the tens of thousands of Central American “children” crossing the border into the United States to be “welcomed and protected.”

NBC News reported:

In a letter Monday to a Vatican conference in Mexico City on human migration and development, the pontiff said that immigration has become a hallmark of modern society. “Many people forced to emigrate suffer, and often, die tragically,” Francis said, according to a Vatican Radio translation. “Many of their rights are violated. They are obliged to separate from their families and, unfortunately, continue to be the subject of racist and xenophobic attitudes.” The pope drew special attention to the crisis on the U.S. border. He said that not only must the children be welcomed but the world must also promote development in their home countries.

We are not sure if the Pontiff is aware that despite media and leftist talking points, not all of these 290,000 illegals from Central America are “children”. In fact tens of thousands of them are teenagers, many of them MS-13 gang members or drug runners — and all are being released into the U.S. population. And as TRN has well-documented, 77% of these illegals will go right on welfare, most for life, after Obama releases them.

On NBC’s Facebook post, about 80% of commenters in the U.S. were not pleased with the Pope’s comments, to say the least:


The Vatican’s real estate, gold and other holdings have been estimated anywhere from $30 billion to $1.2 trillion, with $2.6 billion is stock market holdings.

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