POLL: Should We Close Mosques In America That Support Terrorism?


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

America was founded on Christian values. But she was also founded with the fundamental freedom for all Americans to practice their faith of choice. And by far, most do so peacefully, and without threat to others.

However, there have been numerous Mosques in America that have proven ties to terrorists – both homegrown and from other countries. Our government has even been able to prove these connections, but has not done anything about it.

One Mosque in Boston produced both the Boston Marathon bombers and a convicted terrorist with ties to Al Queda. Another mosque in Oklahoma converted and trained a man who went on to behead a coworker for refusing to submit to Islam.

Perhaps the most telling quote about the true purpose of Islamic mosques was uttered by the Islamist President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, when he chillingly said:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

Do you think we should close all Mosques in America that support terrorism? (Vote below)

  • Rob

    Shut them all down. Islam is a dangerous religion.

    • independent_az

      Shut down all churches. Christianity is a dangerous religion.

      • Diana Kerr

        Yep… gotta go with all those stories of Christians blowing up towers full of thousands of people, capturing children so they can use them as sex slaves, cutting people’s heads off on YouTube and, especially when co-workers refuse to accept their evangelizing. Oh wait…. those weren’t Christians, those were MUSLIMS!

        • Leslie Madaffari

          actually Christians have blown up abortion clinics, there are more Christian man in prison for killing their wives than any other religion, most Eastern European sex slaves are sold to Christian American men, can the Lord’s Resistance Army has committed over 2 million murders and has stolen over 60,000 female children as sex slaves. please educate yourself

          • Thomas Darkvane

            Sorry I call bs on you. Cite your source or keep your mouth shut.

          • bill1024

            Learn how to use your computer, then you can keep your mouth shut.


          • sicemdawgs77

            So you are citing Wikipedia and naming a cult as Christian, just because they say “The Lord’s Army”? Quite weak.

          • bill1024

            As I said, learn how to use a computer. You obviously didn’t bother to look at the Wikipedia entry. Maybe you don’t know how. It’s opening sentence is “The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), also known as the Lord’s Resistance Movement, is a rebel group and heterodox Christian cult…”

      • Donna Nuunya


        • independent_az

          Get back to me when, or rather IF, you ever manage to grow up.

          • Donna Nuunya

            Not only am I “grown up” but I’m college educated and a professional.

          • Donna Jeffrey

            Really… then please explain the Crusades or have you forgotten about them ?

          • Proud_to_be_American

            The crusades were the direct response to the Blood Cult followers of the Pedophile repeated attacks upon Constantinople.

          • HarrySak

            this is 2015 idiot

          • sicemdawgs77

            Crusades? How long ago was that? Get real.

      • Davidq

        People with no morality hate religion, apparently you qualify……..

        • independent_az

          People with religion hate reality. Apparently you qualify….

        • Leslie Madaffari

          You dont need to hate religion to hate racism and bigotry.

      • rnot

        usual crap to deflect off the fact that Islam’s message is about advancing islam – via deception, terror/war, deception/propaganda, slavery, etc.

        Read: The Mosque Exposed – a short book filled with good info.

        From: “The Mosque Exposed” by S. Solomon and E. Alamaqdisi

        “The mosque at the time of the prophet was his propagation center, the headquarters of the State, as it was for his successors… the mosque was their base for all their activities political as well as non-political…. As Muslims [politics] is part of our religion, for it is doctrine and worship. A system for the whole of life… and the mission of the mosque as required by correct Islam is not an isolation from … politics… The mosque must then have a role in guiding the nation and informing her about the critical issues and making her see her enemies. From ancient times, the mosque has had a role in jihad for the sake of Allah, … That blessed Intifada in the land of the prophets, Palestine, started from none other but the mosques; and its first call came from the minarets; and it was first known as the mosque revolution. The mosque’s role in the Afghan jihad and every Islamic jihad… cannot be denied.

      • donna

        get a life tis country was founded on Christianity.

        • independent_az

          Get a clue. This country was not founded on Christianity. Try reading the United States Constitution some day.

          • alan_1969

            Try reading the federalist papers, or Democracy in America by Alexis Tocqueville, who said that without morality, this country would fall.

          • independent_az

            The United States Constitution is the foundation for our government. You really should read it.

          • Kirby

            There was much confusion during this time about just what comprised christianity as Vatican and Jesuit excesses and their self serving corruptions gutted the Bible of its critical issues. People were soured on it all thinking as many today that catholicism and christianity are synonymous. They are not.
            Nevertheless, our Founders were peaking in their beliefs right at the time they were writing all of the documents that represented our country’s beliefs and system of gov’t.
            Even Franklin was quite enthusiastic about the Bible and Christian beliefs. His problem was that he got tangled up with the Illuminati infested Freemasons. It took him down in the end but during the time of our founding, he was fully on board with everything Christian.
            The atheists and all other foes of Christianity make much of the confusions as they quote from different times in the Founders’ lives.
            In short, yes our nation was founded on Christian beliefs. The Constitution wasn’t meant to be a lengthy rendition on biblical principles. That would have made it a rather large book, but those principles were very much in mind. No one expected the rampant corruptions and microscopic inspections of every dot and tittle of the Constitution to corrupt what was a given in that time – Christian/Biblical principles were very important to most of them. There wasn’t the time to make it a 10,000 page document that would quote the Bible word for word and stand up in the horrendously puked up system that our courts have become today. Christian beliefs were taken for granted. No foresight saw the coming of the cess pool our nation has become today.
            Today, nothing can stand up in the courts when there is the determined and heavily financed efforts to dissect to death every word of all our founding documents in order to justify every conceivable polluted putrefaction that our citizenry can conceive of.

        • Leslie Madaffari

          e pluribus unum. out of many one. THAT is what this country was founded on. Why do you suppose the founding fathers deliberately declined to name this a Christian country?

        • Donna Jeffrey

          Ya right, I forgot. The kind of “christianity” that slaughtered millions of Indigenous People for their land…

          • sicemdawgs77

            Yes, and those same indigenous people were not warring with each other and killing each other (taking slaves, raping, etc, from the tribes that they won against).

          • Kirby

            You’re talkin’ bout the Vatican sweetheart – not christianity. The Vatican saw to the slaughter of millions of Christians as well as a degraded response to the degradations of Islamic attacks on innocent civilizations from India through the Middle East, Northern Africa, and several probes through Europe.
            No one attacked the Muslim nations for centuries until they got fed up with the slaughter, rape, enslavement, torture, beheadings, destruction, and mayhem of the Muslim hordes that cost tens of millions of lives, tens of millions of rapes, and more tens of millions of those enslaved.
            Get a real education.

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  • formercanuck

    Shutdown any organization that supports terrorism. This way you won’t be accused of any ‘racism’ for a religion.

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    • SheilaRCanady

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      • ncgrma


    • Proud_to_be_American

      • ValH


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      • Donna Jeffrey

        You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about !!

        • Proud_to_be_American

          • Robert Chambers


          • Proud_to_be_American

            please be a little more specific…

          • Stephanie Tilley Wilcox

            self explained.

        • Proud_to_be_American


        • Proud_to_be_American


        • AK Bauer Strohl

          Yes we do. It’s in the Muslim playbook.

  • Hugh Jass

    end Islam now.

  • SinCityLocal

    Why is this even a question?
    And who are the idiot 3% that like terrorists?!

  • Samantha Pynes McQueen

    By shutting down mosques we set a dangerous precendent. By giving the Government power to shut down a mosque you give them the power to do the same to the local churches if they don’t agree with what is being taught ( ie.. the mayor of Houston and her war against christian churches). The answer is to go after the leaders with terrorist ties.

    • Diana Kerr

      I agree that it’s a slippery slope, but there MUST be some kind of protection against these people who are enemies in our midst!

    • Donna Nuunya

      we the people should shut them down!!

    • sammy

      if they are encouraging terrorism ..shut them down.. there is no slippery slope

  • kevinh5

    Shut down any organization that promotes the aggressiveness of a race or religion! While you’re shutting down mosques, shut down RAZA, and even Catholic Churches harboring illegals!

  • Tina

    There should be no mosques in this Country! And anyone that said no in this poll is a terrorist or supports them. This religion wants anyone who is with ANY other religion dead. They are dangerous and need to go!

    • Leslie Madaffari

      Christians also want all non Christians dead. what’s the difference

      • David Pendleton


      • sammy

        same crazy people who lie about Christianity …Christians do not have to threaten anybodys life if they want to convert. They plant the seed and move on. Islam is too insecure in their little god so they have to threaten death…if you leave it or to convert

        • Donna Jeffrey

          That’s how little you know about Islam… they don’t use the word “convert”… do some research. While you’re at it research the crusades & see how many people were slaughtered by christians !!

          • Proud_to_be_American

            Well it would be a drop in the bucket compared to the 270 million plus Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhist, Christians and other non-moslems murdered by your beloved Blood Cult.

      • Donna Nuunya

        No they don’t. That’s a bare faced lie or you’re just so stupid you know nothing about Christianity!!

    • Terence Francis

      There should be a dearth of air-head, self-important, waste-of-space, political illiterates named Tina-nah-nah-nah in America.

  • Not Anonymous

    Islam is a sick twisted political ideology, IT IS NOT A RELIGION.

    • Diana Kerr

      It’s a religion that encompasses every facet of their lives, including their political ideology.

      • uglyamerican

        Not to mention justifying any crime they want to commit “In the name of Allah”.

        • Donna Jeffrey

          I think you have them mixed up with the zionist israhell.

          • Proud_to_be_American

            If you look around the world, in non-moslem countries moslems have been welcomed with open arms and allowed to settle. But in moslem countries non-moslems are NOT welcomed, they are in fact assault, their belongings taken their homes & churches, synagogues burned to the ground.

            Paris France – Rioting, illegal sharia zones with patrols inflicting assault and battery against ‘violators’ murder of 12 people over cartoons of a child rapist.

            London, England – British soldier beheaded in the street, sharia zones, unlawful patrols of said illegal zones.

            Dearborn, Michigan – the same illegal zones and activities.

            The list of crimes against humanity goes on and on and on. Pisslam is a cancer that should be treated with radiation.

      • rnot

        including the military aspect of islam (violent jihadists, and also stealth jihadists because some aspects of war is the spread of lies and propaganda, and the funding of war – done via the zakat – part of zakat is required to fund jihad, per sharia).
        Read: The Mosque Exposed – a short book filled with good info.

      • Proud_to_be_American

        if I may…

        • Donna Jeffrey

          Clearly you know nothing about of which you speak & have obviously never read the Quaran. Please do some research

          • Proud_to_be_American

            Clearly you are using this device to redirect from the truth.

          • Donna Jeffrey

            And this proves what ? That someone (probably a zionist) knows how to type out lies so idiots like you would believe it.

          • Donna Jeffrey

            HERE”S some truth for you… the Talmud zionist bible. If this is what you want for your America, then you are just as sick as the zionists !!

          • Proud_to_be_American

            “And this proves what ? That someone (probably a jihadist) knows how to type out lies so idiots like you would believe it.”

          • Donna Jeffrey

            Touché… proves my point though, doesn’t it ? That’s why it’s imperative to do the research yourself & find out the truth rather than listening to what others say, including the zionist owned media !!

          • Proud_to_be_American
          • Donna Jeffrey
          • Arnold Sanders

            the last time there was a Jewish bombing in a non-muslim country was when?

          • Proud_to_be_American

            When was the last time an arab attack Israelis? What time is?…

          • Proud_to_be_American

            I use my eyes & I have seen where ever moslems ooze to, that when are in the minority, they use democracy & minority rights to gain power and then they eradicate democracy & minority rights.

    • ValH

      Precisely. It is a TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM, using religion as a guise to make it acceptable to others, so that they can take over using our own laws against us… IT MUST STOP!

  • independent_az

    Should we close all churches that support pedophile priests?

  • Pamela Wilson

    i agree with “formercanuck”…to keep us from being accused of racism, our government should shut down ANY organization that supports terrorism…so that means that we should also shut down our own government and re-elect them all

  • Charles Griffin

    You can’t constitutionally close down a religious-purposed building. It won’t do any good as the Imam or whoever is preaching violence can do so anywhere. You can’t shut that person up, either–unless one of the people who listen to him begins to actually plot and gather materials to do violence. Opinion is one thing, we all have our opinions. Law is another matter entirely.

  • Sandie

    Freaking no brainer.

  • petesomebody

    What a dumb question. I Actually think it’s click-bait and I was stupid enough to fall for it!

  • Michelle Mexico

    Just bomb them.

  • oesgwynedd


  • Daniel Spain

    I say assasinate all men who make their women wear Burqa’s, and all the women who do it willingly saying, “but its part of my culture”.

  • Michael Ruocco

    burn them down……………

    • Daniel Spain

      don’t give them a reason to hate America…..oh nevermind they already do.

      • Donna Jeffrey

        And why is that ? Oh ya, because we are over there slaughtering their people for their resources ? hhmmmm

        • Daniel Spain

          They have medications for your ailment.

          • Donna Jeffrey

            Sorry Daniel, but no amount of medication will ever hide the truth. On the other hand, there is no cure for stupid people like yourself.

          • Daniel Spain

            so original. Try again bible thumping ______

          • Donna Jeffrey

            You just proved my point of stupid people like yourself. Where did I mention the bible while commenting to you ?!!

          • Daniel Spain

            you didn’t your words come across as an extreme fundementalist christian. You a bitter lady aren’t you, I am sorry for that.

          • Donna Jeffrey

            Nah, wrong again Daniel. I’m not bitter nor am I a christian. I just do my research & know better than to trust a zionist.

          • Daniel Spain

            I am stupid a zionist anything else researching fool?

  • cloud1930

    Freedom of religion has to be close to absolute or else other religions would have to comply with government edicts that don’t follow religious beliefs. We should however, monitor all Mosques in the USA and closely watch those who support terrorism. This is the best compromise that can be made I think.

    • Diana Kerr

      The problem is that with this liberal progressive “politically correct” society, we can’t monitor all Mosques, that would be racist… or bigoted, or… or… or SOMETHING!

  • David R Lindsay

    We should shut down ALL mosques, period.

  • Diana Kerr

    America may have a Freedom of Religion clause in the Constitution, but there’s also a clause in there about how we are to protect our country and ourselves from enemies, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! Let’s use a little logic here!

  • Pamela Johnson O’Brien

    We should CLOSE ANY BUSINESS wheater Religious or Private that supports Terrorism. For the Safety of AMERICA.

  • sweetums

    close all mosques PERIOD!!!

  • Artirles

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  • lstarr55

    This should never have become a question to be asked in the first place. What on earth is going on, when the American citizen is asked whether we think these monstrosities should be shut down?! They should never have been erected in the first place and since they have been, they should definitely be shut down. Or demolished.

  • Daryl

    Why is this even being debated? It’s a no-brainer!

  • Mark Yarbrough

    The mosques don’t support terrorism, people do. Prosecute the hell out of the people. Would you want your church closed if there were a few members fomenting anarchy and the overthrow of the state?

  • Molly Truitt

    Shut them down. That shouldn’t even be a question.

  • RHaav


  • uglyamerican

    Islam was founded by an Arab trader who thought it was easier to steal than to work. They began by raiding and robing the caravans going in and out of Mecca. The reason Mohammad didn’t want his face pictured is the same as any other criminal; If authorities knew what he looked like he stood to be punished for his ‘religious’ crimes. Why do you think Islamic terrorists wear balaclavas? Same reason as any other crook.
    A religion that condones and encourages lying, theft, bullying and even murder “In the name of (God)”, that is a cult, not a religion and they need to be eliminated for the good of society in general no matter how many people subscribe to it.

  • uglyamerican

    Under Islam’s definition of “Religious Freedom”, the Mafia qualifies as a religion…and they are actually nicer and more civil.

  • Dwayne Zimmerman

    Freedom of religion yes….but it has to be able to co-exist with others. Clearly islam cannot. Out of the pool……..

  • mrunpc

    Mosques are nothing but terrorist gathering and brain storming centers for their eventual orders to act.

    w w w . z a z z l e . c o m / m r u n p c
    ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  • Rachael

    This is the biggest sack of sh** that I’ve ever heard. Should we close down whatever churches Wade Michael Page, Scott Roeder, Jim David Adkisson, Paul Jennings Hill, Eric Rudolph, James Charles Kopp, John C. Salvi, Joseph Stack and David Lane, and Timothy McVeigh go/went to? Do Christian churches speak a message of terrorism or are there just some crazy Christian extremists out there? As I am not a Christian myself, you now have me wondering.

  • JMudder

    This is a question that should not even be asked. We have religious freedom in this country, promised by our Constitution. Terrorism is a criminal activity, and the FBI should be actively monitoring serial criminal activity. In Boston, the Boston Islamic Society has 2 Mosques, some of the 9/11 terrorist worshiped there, the Boston Marathon Terrorists attended services there, the recent suspect, who planned a beheading a Boston cop, attended and had a brother who was an Iman there before moving to California. A former Iman was convicted and is serving a sentence for funneling money to terrorist there.
    This Mosque should be monitored closely, and even the hint of a problem should trigger immediate investigation and search warrants. But it shouldn’t be closed down, neither should the Westboro Church, the Catholic Church, or any Protestant denomination.
    We can not throw out the First Amendment for all, just because you have roaches hiding behind it.

  • M&M

    Obama is seeding the USA with Islamic refugees

  • leslymill

    No brainer

  • 1TomDuncan1

    Well, I see 70 muslims voted.

    • Fast Eddy

      Or liberals who support the jihad.

  • Outlaw Mohammedanism. Anybody that claims that Mohammed was “the prophet of Allah (the name of their fake god), is a terrorist who wishes to destroy all non Mohammedans.

    • Adam

      Allah is the same god as the Christian god, I’m going to assume that your parents were siblings and that you only learned to read and write a couple weeks ago.

      • I grew up as an American Catholic and we all knew that Allah was not the same as Jesus

      • alan_1969

        My God came to give life, the Islam god brings death. The devil brings death. Allah is the devil, not God.

  • Betty Taylor

    Shut them all down now and throw the people out of this country .

  • MyQHFilly

    That would be ALL of them.

  • pazaparry

    Shut them all down no bulldoze the lot they all support terrorism by following the quran.

  • TPartyGuy

    We should do to their mosques what those animals do to our churches, BURN THEM DOWN! What they do to us, we do to them.. An eye for an an eye.

    • soflo49

      Show them the same tolerance they do to Christians in their countries

  • rnot

    Yes. Read: The Mosque Exposed – a short book filled with good info.

    From: “The Mosque Exposed” by S. Solomon and E. Alamaqdisi
    “The mosque at the time of the prophet was his propagation center, the headquarters of the State, as it was for his successors… the mosque was their base for all their activities political as well as non-political…. As Muslims [politics] is part of our religion, for it is doctrine and worship. A system for the whole of life… and the mission of the mosque as required by correct Islam is not an isolation from … politics… The mosque must then have a role in guiding the nation and informing her about the critical issues and making her see her enemies. From ancient times, the mosque has had a role in jihad for the sake of Allah, … That blessed Intifada in the land of the prophets, Palestine, started from none other but the mosques; and its first call came from the minarets; and it was first known as the mosque revolution. The mosque’s role in the Afghan jihad and every Islamic jihad… cannot be denied.

  • Donna

    burn them down they don’t belong here

  • Bird

    We should also shut down any government that is filled with such ignorance that it needs to even ask such a question much less take a poll about it. That is the most stupid question and or poll that’s ever been put out there. Should a person be stopped when loading a gun to blow your head off? Or should we pretend we don’t see them loading the gun. That’s how stupid this sounds.

  • pagarymac

    Close them, demolish them, and de-sanctify the ground with pigs blood.

    • Richard Bates

      RIGHT ON BROTHER !! And may I suggest exterminating the vermin with pig blood treated ammunition by JIHAWG AMMO !!!Guaranteed to send the dune coons to MOOSESLIME HELL !!!!!!!!!!

  • soflo49

    Should we close them? Not only should we close them, but we should burn them to the ground and deport all those who attend

  • Fast Eddy

    Obama brings 100,000 Muslims to the US each year. Bush did the same. So the war being waged by immigration. The Mosques are just Muslims proclaiming victory over us.

  • Leslie Madaffari

    I think that depends on how you define supporting terrorism.
    If anybody who opposes Christian tyranny is considered a terrorist, then No.
    if you mean they are actively involved in a terrorist organisation or are giving money to a terrorist organisation then yes

  • jlh243_1

    They all teach jihad against America, every single one of them. CLose them ALL down, tear down the buildings and put pig farms on the vacant property.

  • Medusa 2015

    Yes, deport them and blow up the mosque

  • Sherri CLark

    Shut down all of them and solve that issue. Then go after the twenty two terrorist training camps they have here. Fight ba k America before it is way to late.

  • David Pendleton

    “Should We Close Mosques In America That Support Terrorism?”…This shouldn’t even be up for debate, not only close them but prosecute those running it..

  • dian hudson

    This is one poll that just MUST HIT THE NEWS !!


    Muslims shouldn’t be here in this country

    • Proud_to_be_American

  • Theres

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  • alan_1969

    Not shut them down, wait till they are full and then blow them up.

  • Davey Dunn

    burn the muhammad goat fuckers house of quran pigs

  • Rude Richard

    mosques are terrorist training schools for muslims and must be burnt down with muslims inside…

  • Sandra Dudley

    Jesus taught his followers to pray for unbelievers, Mohammad told his to behead them There is a big difference! Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by Christians and the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing terrorism is something new to Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they always have. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take the violent veses in the Quran, Hadith and Sharia law literally, the radical Muslims do. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of government.

  • brandan69

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  • moniacalia00

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  • fidlin1

    Absolutely, and start with the Mosque in Lawrenceville Georgia that housed Muhamed Attah before he flew a jet into the world trade center.

  • Proud_to_be_American

    De-evolution is the goal of the muhammadans.
    Here is but ONE example of the Blood Cult of the Pedophile at work, trying to bring civilization to it’s knees.


  • shanealder28

    you like me toprightnews give you chance,,,,, Now Go Read More

  • kathy kalb

    Burn the damn Mosques to the ground! They are all terrorist in Mosques!

  • YES!!!

  • Denawc

    And BLM, NBP, KKK, etc.

  • dissidentpatriot

    You do realize that they ALL support terrorism in one way or another, right?

  • YES!

  • charles conlan

    Why do we cater to non citizens over citizens of the USA?

  • Robert Chambers

    We have one in Phoenix that should of been shut down a long time ago


    Yes, shut down any mosque that promotes terrorism. Don’t be stupid by electing any muslim to any office.

  • Rhonda Bateman

    Close ALL Mosques in America. Ban Islam. It is not compatible with US Law. They do not intend to assimilate, but to overthrow.

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    And ,, STOP voting democrats into Public Office ,, for they support Open Borders, Massive Abuse of our money through welfare, free housing, free medical, dental, food stamps, Free citizenship for anyone crossing illegally,, the list goes on. The democrats DON’T CARE FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Pete


  • another_engineer

    Ahh.. just shut down all mosques.

    it’s a no brainer

  • Jared Barney

    If you can prove someone is supporting terrorism why haven’t they been arrested yet? Screw the building arrest the people.

  • MichaelG23

    There is a difference between a faith of Choice and Muslim beliefs. First of the ‘ISLAM’ they claim is a religion ended in 768 AD when Muhammad killed off all the holy men of Islam and appointed the old IMANS of Ba’al religion. as Caliph or Steward of the Area. Not a religious teacher or rabbi just a putz or another perverted Pedophile.

  • Felix Rodriguez

    Terrorism cannot happen without support. So yes, shut down any F’ing thing that supports terrorism!


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