Poll: Should Sheriff Joe Let Tent City Inmates Watch the Super Bowl?


Sheriff Joe Arpaio is world famous as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. Inmates weak pink underwear, eat bologna sandwiches that cost only 40 cents per meal (and for which Joe charges them!) . In Summer inmates bake in Tent City, which recently celebrated its 20th year. When Sheriff Joe put up flags in prisoner’s cells, he warned if any are defaced that inmate would get only bread and water for a full week — and 38 inmates have been punished so far.

But Joe also has a heart of gold. He spends a huge amount of time helping animals,  giving indoor space to rescued animals, setting up a no-kill shelter for them, while hardened criminals got sent to the tents. Joe even housed inmates who are veterans in a separate area indoors, providing those with PTSD with special programs to get back on their feet.

Perhaps with sympathy in mind, this afternoon Sheriff Joe asked his fans on social media a question:

On Sunday, millions of us will be in front of the television watching the Broncos and Seahawks battle in the NY/NJ hosted Super Bowl (next year’s game is here in AZ). The question is, should the inmates have that privilege? Normally, they get C-SPAN, Food Network and the Weather Channel. What do you think? Should I have the game tuned in for them?


Should Sheriff Joe Let Tent City Inmates Watch the Super Bowl?

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