Poll: Should Sheriff Joe Let Tent City Inmates Watch the Super Bowl?


Sheriff Joe Arpaio is world famous as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. Inmates weak pink underwear, eat bologna sandwiches that cost only 40 cents per meal (and for which Joe charges them!) . In Summer inmates bake in Tent City, which recently celebrated its 20th year. When Sheriff Joe put up flags in prisoner’s cells, he warned if any are defaced that inmate would get only bread and water for a full week — and 38 inmates have been punished so far.

But Joe also has a heart of gold. He spends a huge amount of time helping animals,  giving indoor space to rescued animals, setting up a no-kill shelter for them, while hardened criminals got sent to the tents. Joe even housed inmates who are veterans in a separate area indoors, providing those with PTSD with special programs to get back on their feet.

Perhaps with sympathy in mind, this afternoon Sheriff Joe asked his fans on social media a question:

On Sunday, millions of us will be in front of the television watching the Broncos and Seahawks battle in the NY/NJ hosted Super Bowl (next year’s game is here in AZ). The question is, should the inmates have that privilege? Normally, they get C-SPAN, Food Network and the Weather Channel. What do you think? Should I have the game tuned in for them?


Should Sheriff Joe Let Tent City Inmates Watch the Super Bowl?

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  • Fre20741

    of course not – they are in jail

  • Christopher Ruegsegger

    Yes, but ONLY those who have good behavior and are not repeat offenders.

    • fed_up_white_guy

      You beat me to it, I was going to say the same thing.

  • William Dedee

    Give them the same chance they gave their victims.

    • Gene Fleeger

      I imagine 90% are in for victimless crimes. It is a county jail, not prison

      • Susan Johnson

        If they didn’t do stupid things, they’d be home watching tv, now , wouldn’t they?

        • dragon5126

          some of these people ARE victims of circumstance. for example a man trying to walk away from a bigmouthed spouse who wont shut the heII up and keeps baiting him so that he will hit her… mandatory arrests for domestic violence do not take circumstance into consideration. So watch how you throw the term “Stupid” around… it might just bite you in the arse

          • Jill Brooks

            Sounds to me as if someone needs an “anger management” course. And that someone might be you dragon5126. While I will agree that both people in your theoretical circumstance are equally sick and need help, there is still not justification for physical abuse. Any adult should know where and what a door is for, and how to use it.

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            That is EXACTLY why they will dole out Domestic Violence charges for STUPID reasons that really ARE NOT domestic violence in any way shape or form! Chances are pretty good, the person isn’t going to jail ~ that is, as long as they agree to go to “anger management / domestic violence classes, at a high cost of course to the “offender”.. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE AFTER, they want the revenue that those WEEKLY classes are going to generate. They hit these people was 12 weeks, 16 weeks, etc..!! And those classes are not CHEAP and EACH and every class cost!

          • dragon5126

            Justice for Money… sad bur true

          • dragon5126

            Jill brooks it is YOU that need some help. it is you out to point fingers. As for the “theoretical circumstances”, they are not theoretical, they are very real and I see them at least 8 or 9 times a week, but you were not supplied that information, thus allowing you and people like you to show your ignorance of the legal system. Any adult would know not to make such asinine assumptions such as you have. it’s time to grow up and learn the facts. I deal with this as an investigator for a major metro District Atty’s Office, NOT as some foolish individual with no training and just ill informed opinions

          • Nancy Townsend

            A real man will walk away no matter how baited he is because he knows that one hit isn’t worth time behind bars and a lifelong criminal record. A real man thinks before he acts and can control his anger.

          • Randal Phillips

            Funny how women think they know what a real man is. Too bad so few of them think about what a real woman is.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Some of us know and are not only a real woman but also a lady and YES, there’s a reason only some women can be called a lady. Some of us are still believers in the man is the head of the household rule in the Bible and we still live it. At the same time, If I’m going to be a lady, I want a man that is a real man, who knows how to act and control himself and that includes being a gentleman. If a woman expects her man to be a king, and not a joker then she must behave like a queen and not a tramp. I also know how to control my temper and knew when to keep quiet. I have a job where an angry outburst could go against me and cost me my job. Therefore I never react in anger but walk away and think about how to handle a situation. If a woman can do it, then men can too!

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            That’s the problem, NOT ALL women do that.. I agree, that’s a great way to handle a situation and many of us do that… SOME women can be spiteful after a relationship has ended or is ending at the moment and they do goad the man into a situation that can land him in a domestic violence charge…

          • dragon5126

            If you know what a Lady is start acting like one instead of a rabid cocker spaniel. Everything you have been spouting is anger

          • Nancy Townsend

            I beg you to show me one post that I put out that portrayed anger from me.

          • dragon5126

            every one of them
            especially those with your blatant lies

          • Nancy Townsend

            There’s no anger in my posts. I type individual words in caps that I would normally EMPHASIZE in normal conversation. Since this is typying, I show that emphasis with CAPS, not anger! Do you want me to put a smiley on every post to SHOW that I’m not angry? 🙂

          • Nancy Townsend

            BTW, show me the lies? I can show documented proof for anything that I’ve posted. Can YOU? 🙂

          • Andrew

            I’m really not siding with Dragon on this, but mandatory arrest for domestic violence calls is absurd. You can be found guilty for domestic violence for “slamming” the door on your way out of the house.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Easy fix to not get arrested, record everything with cellphone video and don’t slam the door.

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            To bad life wasn’t so easy as you see it.. I know of a woman, 25 yrs of marriage, she came home one day to find her husband with another woman in HER bedroom.. Of course, even you should be able to realize her despair. She went back out to HER kitchen, there were dishes on HER kitchen counter… being upset at what she just experienced she swiped her hand across HER counter, HER dishes fell to the floor and broke.. The police had been called and she was given a charge of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE because she broke HER own dishes in HER own house! Now myself, I think she handled that incidence quite well..! But you would be shocked to find out some of the stupid reasons that they can actually charge you with Domestic Violence over ~ and it has NOTHING to do with laying your hands on your spouse or significant other! Domestic Violence charges are a MONEY MAKER for them!

          • Nancy Townsend

            Dispair or not, LEAVE without touching anything or saying anything. Deal with it with a cool head after you’ve calmed down and can think straight. That way you won’t end up with Sheriff Joe AND you’ll end up getting more in the divorce settlement because you were the good guy and he was the scum.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Apparently you’ve never heard of the saying “Revenge is a dish best served cold”

          • dragon5126

            revenge is WHY mandatory arrests are made, the ignorant seek revenge, and those who are simply hurting inside pay for it. Its tome to look at things like an adult lady

          • Nancy Townsend

            There you go with the generalizations. By Revenge, I don’t mean violence. I mean hit them in the pocketbook where it hurts. If he’s cheating and you walk away without destroying the place, the judge will look highly in your favor and may give you more than you were asking for to start with in the divorce. Lawyer friend said that he handled a case similar to that, the woman walked in, caught them, snapped a photo, walked out, filed divorce, only asked $200 a month alimony and the judge granted her $600 a month because they judge found the woman acted with extreme self control.

          • dragon5126

            generalizations? Lets see, you making THAT statement would make you an abject hypocrite, All he would have to do is prove mental cruelty and she would lose everything. Its time to give up the lies and fallacies you are trying to foist off here. The fact is you are so full of yourself that you cant see that others can see right through you. Particularly with this last lie.

          • Nancy Townsend

            It was easy for her to show adultry and he had no proof of mental cruelty so he didn’t even try to claim it. She got the house, the kids, child support and alimony for 5 years.

          • dragon5126

            and if you drove him to the other woman? You are simply full of generalizations that do not work in the real world

          • dragon5126

            this is why so many of us in the law enforcement community are trying to get the mandatory arrest laws removed, a good compromise would be mandatory removal with an automatic 72 hour restraining order being filed, however there are too many people who would have no place to go for 3 days since there are no real safety shelters other than private

          • dragon5126

            Recordings are not admissible

          • Nancy Townsend

            Recordings ARE inadmissible BUT have many LEO friends including a nephew that is a deputy and they will tell you that they will look at or listen to any recording offered to them on the scene because it shows them what transpired before the responding officers arrived. It’s also one of the reasons officers have dashcams. They have saved many officers from disciplainary actions against ticked off drivers that were issued citations. And I’m not worried about people liking my posts or agreeing with me, I’m not here for a popularity contest. I’m here to tell you what a judge or a counselor will tell you about domestic violence and anger, walk away when you get the warning that it’s coming and let everyone calm down. We are not neanderthals and we call ALL control our emotions and anger. YES everyone has emotions and anger, but do you break out laughing at a funeral, or do reach out and slap the judge when they make you mad? NO, you control and then release when and after you walk away.

          • dragon5126

            Lady I AM a detective with The local County Sheriff, assigned to the District Attorney’s office, specifically investigating Domestic Violence and Homicide cases that fall under our Sensitive Crimes Unit. The fact is unless there is a clock AND a certifiable form of date verification in the video they are not even considered. Get over it and drop the lies.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Apparently you aren’t as smart as you like to think because ALL cellphones time and datestamp everything including photos and videos all you have to do is know how to find the data that shows it. On the phone that I now carry (Droid) when you pull up the individual photo then hit the phone menu button a menu pulls up and on that menu is DETAILS. Click on that and it shows title, time and date photo was taken, width of photo, height of photo, orientation of photo, file size, cell phone model # t the photo, flash (was flash used, yes or no) focal length, white balance, aperture, exposure time, and ISO. On video the detail button shows title, time and date video was made, duration of video, file size, and path. NOW as far as me contradicting myself, show me where and I’ll give you $1000. I didn’t post my whole life story on here. I’m a 42 year old widow (I believe it’s 2 posts on here that say my (LATE) husband or (MY HUSBAND DIED). I was born to a poor but working class family, (my mom worked 50 hours a week as a drug store manager) she divorced my dad when I was a year old because he was very violent (the day she left, she had just come home from playing the piano for choir practice at church, he got mad because she was at church and supper wasn’t ready and he sliced her right hand saying he was going to make it so that she couldn’t play again) (this was told to me by my sister that is 8 years older than me, and mom has a scar on her right hand and has tendon damage) My mom remarried and my stepdad was violent as well, (I was 6 and it was Dec 21st the night he held a shotgun to mom’s head. He had been out drinking and us girls had a great night with mom before bedtime, we made cookies and watched Santa Claus is coming to town and Frosty the snowman, I was 7 years old when he hit me with the 2×4 on April 8th while trying to repair the fence, he asked me to hand him the hammer and I accidently dropped it on his foot and he went into a rage hitting me in the face with the board and DHR placed me and my older sister in foster care for almost 2 years, It’s documented by the state DHR and state court system) My mom worked and took care of us kids, we went to church every time the doors were open to be with mom instead of home with stepdad. At the age of 21 when I was legally able to carry a firearm, I applied and was hired in as security and worked my way up to high level with government and civilian security clearances. I married a man who was divorced that was totally the opposite as my dad and stepdad (he worked, didn’t believe in violence, and was a true family man. I have lived in the same city all of my life and because of my job I have become friends with about 85% of our LEOS (Law Enforcement Officers) I have a nephew who became a deputy 5 months ago, I’m friends with a lot of attorneys and judges here. I have been through the counseling when I was a child and know that my choices affect others and you can always walk away. Would you like to know more?

          • ValleyCounty

            NOT by an honest officer, that is following the law…..

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            That actually made me laugh out loud…

          • dragon5126

            he has made some comments that actually discredit his commentary about being in law enforcement, a Mckey Dees rent a cop maybe but not a sworn officer.

          • ValleyCounty

            Hey dragon, if you are referring to me, I have 28½ years as a “sworn” officer, and prided myself in being honest and above board. There are a few honest cops in this world, that follow the law, NOT some illegal script from above.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Valley, dragon has been outed as a troll. He has a history of harrassment on many boards and the next few posts will probably include him dropping the f-bomb and calling us all the female c word. His real name is Scott Schoemann from WI. Here’s the info:https://thelibertyzone.wordpress.com/tag/scott-schoemann

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            Absolutely correct! There are so many STUPID reasons why they can charge someone with “domestic violence” and they do so because it’s a MONEY MAKER for them! If you throw your OWN phone and break it ~ you CAN be charged with domestic violence. Their philosophy is, if you’ll break your OWN property you could hurt somebody!! And yes, I do know someone that WAS charged with Domestic violence for that exact reason!

          • Nancy Townsend

            The simple fix is do not throw anything, do anything or say anything. WALK AWAY and record it from start to finish.

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            Come towards the light Nancy and live in the “real world”.. You have a YOUNG couple, just adjusting to their new life together ~ they are arguing and you honestly expect them to “record” the argument… LMAO I live in the real world, I’m thankful that neither laid their hands on each other. Throwing THEIR phone is NOT a good answer, of course, we know that and in time they will probably learn that also. BUT, throwing THEIR phone, breaking their own property should NOT be a domestic violence charge either! You should really check in the law, and see the many different ways that a person could be charged with domestic violence when it’s really NOT domestic violence AT ALL…

          • Nancy Townsend

            A parent is responsible for teaching a child the correct way to deal with anger which includes no temper tantrums, no throwing, no distruction of property, no hitting or touching anyone in anger… Shall I continue. It’s really not that hard to raise children that way, look at all the millions that have become grown adults and have NEVER been in the situation that you named. If they are too immature to control themselves then they shouldn’t be together

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            I’ve worked in the childcare field for MANY years Nancy.. Too bad many parents don’t take their responsibilities more serious and teach their children all those important things ~ but sad to say, that number is much higher then you would ever imagine. The punishment should fit the crime, young people do make mistakes and we do NOT lock them up and throw away the keys. People can learn from their mistakes without a firm hand of the law coming down on them the FIRST time they do use misjudgement.. You should try a little compassion for those that may not of had that PERFECT upbringing such as you, being hard on them will many times make them bitter towards society and teach them to not trust law enforcement.. In the long run, what good is that? You are entitled to your opinion, however I do not agree with it… and I am entitled to mine. I would much rather sit down with that young person afterwards, try to talk about a better way we could of handled the situation, help him learn those valuable tools for the future. They don’t learn that in those classes, they learn how to NOT TRUST, they come away feeling that the law is out to get them… Yeah, some really good lessons to learn there! …. smh

          • dragon5126

            You are full of excuses that simply do not meet the light of day. every valid example someone lists you argue. If I could I’d take you with me just ONE day and show you the reality of life, but you would need to take that silver spoon you were born with out of your mouth, you need to see the real world and the despair people face, YOU need to come out of your gilded cage and get hour hands dirty and face what real people face… there are no fairytale endings, life is gritty and people have emotions. You must live a shallow and sad life because you sure are not living in reality if you believe ANY of what you have been trying to convince yourself of

          • Nancy Townsend

            Dragon, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth thank you. I’m the girl that was born on the wrong side of the tracks with a violent dad AND violent stepdad. I LEARNED by WATCHING and keeping my mouth shut. I saw my stepdad hold my mom against the wall with a loaded shotgun pointed at her at 2am when he came in drunk and woke us up telling us to say goodbye to our mom because he was going to blow her head off. I FELT the pain when he beat me so bad with a leather razor strap that it pulled the skin off and I had open and bleeding wounds across my back, butt, and legs. I FELT the pain when he hit me across the face with a 2×4 causing me to go to the ER which was a blessing because a social worker came up and had me removed from home immediately. I learned at a very early age that a persons decision and actions can hurt other people. At times I couldn’t make any decisions at all because I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I know how hard it is to stop the cycle of abuse and that’s why the very second that I hear a voice raised in anger I get silent and leave until things calm down. I have had to walk out of the house and sit outside and smoke a few cigarettes to calm down when my daughter mad me so mad that I was SCARED that if I spanked her at that moment that I would hurt her. I KNOW that I have choices, I can spank in a heat of anger and hurt her more than I intend, or I can walk out and calm down and approach it and spank when I know that I have control. I CHOSE to rise above my past and the childhood that I had, I CHOSE to cross over the tracks, better myself and “marry up” as they say, and I know that if I can, then anyone can. As far as the “Excuses” you say that I make, nope, not excuses, just someone that was so terrified to make decisions in the past that even now when I’m faced with things, I think of ALL possible outcomes and ANYONE that may be affected BEFORE I make my choice. When my husband died, I literally couldn’t even decide what to cook or what to wear for several months. Finally some of my female law enforcement friends came to my rescue and helped me to cope with it all.

          • dragon5126

            Lady you are either a liar or a head case. you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. even in this current diatribe you contradict yourself left and right. you are summarily dismissed in either case

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            Obviously you look at the world through rose colored glasses.. There ARE women that will bait a man in hopes to get him to push or, hit her, whatever ~ just so she can press charges against him! As I was always taught, if you’re going to stand up like a man, you better be able to take it like a man! There ARE women that will start swinging FIRST and a man should be able to DEFEND himself!

          • Nancy Townsend

            Actually I look at the world realistically. A man can walk away from ANYTHING if he chooses to be the better person. I have SEEN a woman punch and beat a man and he stood there with arms crossed against his chest and didn’t move or say a word while she did it. When she was through, he silently walked away, and SHE went to jail. Don’t tell me that it can’t be done. That happened to my late husband and his exwife and it was ALL on video. She CHOSE to attack him in public where there were security cameras which no one knew about at the time. The police found the cameras by asking witnesses and business owners about what they saw and they business owners produced the tapes.

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            I’m so grateful that you live in such a perfect world Nancy.. But there are some younger members of society that growing up they were not given all the appropriate tools to make those quick decisions. I don’t feel their lives should be marked with a “domestic violence” charge that is truly NOT domestic violence! Should we try to assist them, help them learn those tools that we were fortunate to learn? YES, we most definitely should.. Everyone is entitled to a mistake, NONE of us are perfect. But the punishment should really fit the crime! My husband had an abusive ex-wife as well, who like to hit to get her point across.. He too, did not retaliate by putting his hands on her in any way shape or form… Of course, this was always done by her in the privacy of their own home so no public camera’s available to record anything.. Everything is not always so black and white, so cut and dry ~ sometimes you really got to look into the individual circumstance..

          • Nancy Townsend

            And I’m telling you that it don’t have to be a “perfect” world in order to walk away and not be arrested. If the person does it one time, then it will only escalate when they see that they can get away with it. The first time is the warning to GET OUT and never go back. Anyone going back knows the risks and can and should be held responsible for not acting appropriately. Look around you and SEE all of the thousands of people who have never been in a domestic violence situations because they know to get out, stay out, how to act, how to control themselves and their temper. You’re just trying to make excuses for someone that should know better. If he’s still with the woman after all of that, knowing how devious she is, then he deserves what he gets. Any real man would walk away and never look back. A woman (and I am one) is not worth going to jail for, not worth getting a criminal record for and not worth messing up your life for. If you’re a woman, no man is worth going to jail for either. Keep it real people!

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            Don’t assume to know me at all Nancy. I’m not making “excuses” for this young man, I didn’t know him “personally” at all.. So, if I were you ~ it wouldn’t matter if they locked him up and threw the key away. I seen the person he become AFTER those classes, I see how he then felt about our law enforcement officers. Do NOT assume he continue the relationship with this young woman, he did NOT. It left a very bad impression on a young man that NEVER laid his hands on another person, he did NOT raise his voice to HER.. She yelled at him and stormed out and tried to cont. the argument over the phone and he wouldn’t argue with her… He hung up on her. THat made her mad, she called the police! What he did after he hung up in the privacy of his own home with NO ONE around is HIS BUSINESS and no one else’s… That’s the bottom line.. but of course, he probably don’t believe he had the right to his own privacy either…

          • dragon5126

            it is YOU that needs to keep it real. you have not once accepted the fact that you do not know what the real world is like. your fairy tail world only exists in YOUR mind and nowhere else. LOOK at how many people have stopped agreeing with you the further you have trotted down the yellow brick road. Ths alone should tell you that you are in Oz and not Kansas

          • dragon5126

            You really are ignorant. physical abuse is by and far the easiest thing to take. yet you stay in denial, there is no reality in living through someone else’s experiences unless you are there to see them first hand.

          • Susan Johnson

            Why? Are you one of them? What are you going to do, hit me?? WTF kind of response is that? That is not being a “victim”, that’s being an a-hole who can’t control himself. As far as jail goes, nobody’s in there that doesn’t deserve it. If you lack that much self-control, it is YOUR fault you wind up in jail- which these days isn’t easy, with all the overcrowding, you need to make an effort… Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your actions!

          • Andrew

            Ok, I’m all for Sheriff Joe and tent city, but sweeping generalizations are simply a sign you’ve given little thought to the subject. You really think that no innocent person has ever been sent to jail? Really?

          • Kyle Parish

            So someone who hasn’t paid a parking ticket for $150 and is in jail, deserves to be there? Seriously?

          • ValleyCounty

            Another of the “laws are made for someone else, not me” crowd….

          • Kyle Parish

            Not at all, but let’s honestly keep the low end “offenders” out of jail. Strip their license from them first, and impound their vehicle. Less costly to the county/city to do it that way.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Then they drive on revoked license and borrow someone else’s car.

          • Kyle Parish

            And I went to the moon.. Then at that point you arrest them and put them in jail as now they have committed more than just a minor misdemeanor. But to throw them in jail right off the bat? Where they have no chance of paying the fine at all is just a waste of money. Not everyone will drive anyway. A majority of them will indeed pay the fine, and the impound fee from the tow agency. So now you have turned a $150 fine into several hundred. Locking them up right off the bat is just a waste of resources.

          • dragon5126

            hey trunk monkey first the citation gives an average of 30 days to appear to plead, then anywhere from 90 to 180 days for the actual case to come to court so the MINIMUM time is four months before seeing a judge, who then will give time to make the actual payment, up to a year down the road, without adding any additional cost as court fees are already part of the citation. you really need to learn the facts. You sound just like a stalker I have who I busted While I was still working for the Justice Department, She too was one full of fallacies, but when She was caught representing herself as a former Army Intelligence Officer on a routine background check, by her employer who had defense contracts she went off completely unbalanced. In YOUR lack of knowledge of the facts, the impounding of an auto that has more than one name on the title, unless it is due to criminal charges, in most instances is not lawful other than a simple tow and go. such as happens with common parking citations. So it wont do a damned thing. Look to NYC for an example. You are so wound up in what YOU think is real that you are about to walk into the wall of reality.

          • dragon5126

            its MORE costly, it leads to repeat offenders and escalation of the offences eventually they ignore traffic laws entirely. look at the records of the average drunk driver, and you will find a large number of moving and non moving violations leading up to the onset of their drinking and driving.

          • Carmencita

            Well yes. Duh. WHO didn’t pay the parking ticket? If you owe it and didn’t pay it then you should suffer the consequences!

          • Kyle Parish

            I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be consequences, but jail time? Really? How about you revoke their license, and impound their vehicle until the fine is paid? That keeps the jail open for more violent offenders.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Because they drive on a revoked license and borrow someone else’s car. Why not give them a punishment that when it’s over, the person says, I’ve learned my lesson and will pay those tickets in a timely manner or park legally from here on out.

          • Kyle Parish

            Because in some states they are not released UNTIL the fine is paid so now you (the tax payer) are paying to house someone on $150 fine and wind up paying thousands to hold that person. How is that good economics?

          • Nancy Townsend

            This is not some little thing as you like to put it. First they disregarded the law causing them to get the ticket, then they disregard the law when they refuse to pay the ticket. Two instances where they were given a chance and messed up by showing a complete lact of respect to the law. How many chances does your child get before the punishment escalates? As any parent knows, if the punishment doesn’t correct the behavior then you increase the intensity of the punishment until it does.

          • Kyle Parish

            So you want to use tax payer dollars to hold someone who has committed a minor infraction? Yes they need to be punished but jail time cost me money in tax payer money. If you want to foot their bill then go right ahead. But jail time for something so minor is a waste of resources. There are times when the cost of putting someone in jail outweighs the crime they have committed. And a ticket is one of those things.

          • dragon5126

            Something you may not be aware of, is on county and about half of the State sentences the convict is required to pay RESTITUTION for their room and board. so you NEED to educate yourself before you chew your toes off. The only time there is no restitution for R/B is on direct criminal incarceration, where the inmate is required to WORK IN the prison for between 25- 30 cents an hour, 40 hours a week.
            So your Ideas are incorrect. The cost for manpower, building and other things are fixed no matter how many are locked up. All variable costs are paid for by the convict.

          • dragon5126

            Wrong, it is unlawful in the US to have open ended sentencing. even contempt of court sentences must have a finite time span per the definition of “cruel and unusual”

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            So, any illegals in our country ~ they are breaking our “law”. So, shouldn’t they ALL be rounded up and put in jail? After all, no one FORCED them to come here illegally, they did that on their own.. SO, off to jail with ALL of them!

          • Nancy Townsend

            Yes, go directly to jail and then deported. As in the game of monopoly, go directly to jail, do not collect $200

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            Absolutely… Let’s get it done then. Sure is a more important cause that would be a tremendous help to our economy ~ instead of going after someone that only destroyed THEIR OWN property and charging them with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…

          • dragon5126

            I have an issue with this destruction of property situation. There used to be a very valuable form of therapy all across the nation. Chopping wood. It was destructive as hell. You cant chop wood in the city now, its “too dangerous to swing an axe” cant go to the thrift shop and buy a stack of cheap pates to smash, its disorderly. The physical release of anger now prevented, and look at the rise in “aggravated” assaults and domestic abuse… The ignorance of liberals trying to control everyone has gotten out of hand.

          • dragon5126

            they should be tattooed on their foreheads with their deportation numbers and sent back across the border. A SUBDURAL tattoo rather than the standard dural tattoo so it can not be removed, and a combination of UV and black inks will make it readable even if its tattooed over with a coverup… This wAY THE WILL BE EASILY identified like a counterfit 100 dollar bill…That work for you It sure as hell does for me (this was suggested to me by a NATURALIZED Mexican, now AMERICAN, Tattoo Artist, who hates the reputation the illegals have given him and his WHOLE family, grand parents parents brothers sisters wife and children who ALL naturalized, and live down the street in five duplexes the bought and renovated, and made the pride of the neighborhood)

          • Nancy Townsend

            If they were stupid enough not to pay the first punishment then they should receive the second one. It was their choice not to pay it, knowing full well that a benchwarrant or FTA warrant or whatever type of warrant would be issued for their arrest. A parking ticket means they weren’t parking legally and had to be punished.

          • dragon5126

            YOU are the exact type of person that will push their spouse beyond the point of human endurance, cause them to snap and fight back. It is called the burning bed defense and has ben upheld in the highest courts of the nation. So take your foot out of your mouth and then take your meds. It is obvious that at this point, you are stalking me, and need psychiatric help

          • dragon5126

            are you taking your anger management classes yet?

          • ValleyCounty

            I see you have NO knowledge of the actual law. Mandatory arrest is for the person striking and NOT for the victim. So, if you were arrested, it was because you were less than a decent person and instead of walking, you retaliated. Sorry, after 25+ years in law enforcement, the only ones that got bit were the one’s that deserved it, man OR woman.

          • dragon5126

            Come to a real department some time poser We will educate you

          • Carmencita

            Spoken (and rationalized) like a true abusive spouse/partner. ‘She made me do it!’ or ‘He was asking for it!’. Sorry, that dog won’t hunt.

          • dragon5126

            speaking of dogs, do you have your shots? You need to come back to reality, that hydrophobia has you off in foaming mouth land. Ask any REAL cop how often they see these situations and then come back and eat your humble pie

      • Nancy Townsend

        I’m 42 and have yet to see an actual victimless crime.

        • Kyle Parish

          Happens all the time. Domestic violence. Wife or husband attacks the other and both are arrested. Since it is a He said She said they are both taken into custody even when the other spouse didn’t lay a hand on the other one.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Sounds like a lot of poor life choices to me. The best way to keep from being arrested is the minute things get started, start recording and don’t stop until you’re out of the situation. A LEO will not argue with video evidence that shows the other person is lying about you or your behavior and that officer will respect you for being the better person.

          • Kyle Parish

            It is indeed poor life choices, but there are times you CANNOT record. Things like that happen VERY fast. It takes less than a second to punch someone. Hard to pull out a cell phone and start recording in that time frame, and the other person is not going to stand there and let you record so they will do what they can to stop you of doing that. And when they stop you, both get arrested.

          • dragon5126

            mandatory arrest laws do not allow for officer discretion you moron! get that crap out of your head. the ONE caught simply has to say it was defensive and I want to press charges and they both MUST BY LAW be arrested. But as you do NOT understand the law you keep arguing . This is a prime example why one spouse loses it, the other will not stop being a know it all. You are PROVING this example to everyone else and are BLIND to it yourself. and everyone else is sitting back, laughing and saying “they are right, there are women who drive men to smacking them, and they deserve it too” Sometimes you really do have to hit someone in the back of the head with the proverbial baseball bat to get their undivided attention. Thank you for proving my point

          • Nancy Townsend

            No actually I’m showing that YOU have no control over yourself or your emotions or anger, YOU’RE the one that won’t walk away so therefore YOU result to violence to shut a person up because you don’t agree with them. Why don’t you say “Let’s agree to disagree” and stop posting and belittling everyone. They’re actually sitting back laughing at you because you have been handed your butt on a platter by a GIRL. There’s several people on here that have made comments about YOUR anger showing in your posts and you keep proving them right. There’s usually a pyscho cop in every few departments and we just met the one for your town! 🙂 BTW, Mandatory arrests for domestic violence IN MY STATE is mandatory if ONE has marks but the other don’t, the one that has no marks goes to jail and in the case where BOTH have marks but none are determined to be defensive then they BOTH go to jail. I have our police chief on the phone as I’m typing it and he is confirming what he just explained to me. Would you like his number? (We’re longtime friends and chat a lot late at night, he asked me on a date, Should I go?) 🙂

        • Kyle Parish

          Or better yet. A guy parked his car 2 minutes longer than he should have at a parking meter. Where is the victim there? There isn’t one.

          • Nancy Townsend

            We don’t have parking meters where I live and hopefully never will, But YES there’s a victim even in that. The victim is the person with no where to park, that has been waiting for a space to become available and by you using that 2 minutes, you may have made them late for any number of things…. The trouble with the world today is that people don’t think about how their actions may affect anyone else. When you think about others, then you realize that crimes are not 100% VICTIMLESS.

          • dragon5126

            there are referral services for psychological help, your persecution complex is getting the better of you

          • dragon5126

            they really should post the names of the people who down vote like they do the up votes. The sour grapes would be very amusing. Time restrictions on parking are one of the biggest victimless crimes there is. Or what about the time operated do not turn signs. This one happened to me on duty, I was in the lane to turn left and the no left turn sign opened up, I could not go code due to circumstances but could not take the time to drive 5 blocks and come back to make the arrest of a known homicide suspect. I made the turn and a motor cop who was writing parking tickets went batshit on me and stood in the road trying to make me stop. I almost ran the idiot down to get in front of the perp who was on foot and would have gotten into the metro mall if I hadn’t. The idiot cop tried to arrest me while I was making my arrest, he called for backup, and then when he found he didn’t have anything tried to go after my job for “endangering him” anyone who claims there is no such thing as a victimless crime, do not realize these situations are strictly attempts to restrict morals and generate revenue, and nothing more, BUT like it or not, they are STILL the Law, and the cop is obligated to enforce them. BUT that doesn’t mean the cop has a right to be abusive of their power.

        • dragon5126

          its those rose colored glasses…

      • Robert Beaudreault

        There are severe crimes and lesser crimes but there are no victimless crimes

        • Kimi Trombley Pyles

          Seriously? I know of a person, his girlfriend and he had an argument. She left the house went to her Mothers. When she got there she called his cell phone, continuing the argument. He refused to argue, hung up ~ and threw the phone, it hit the frig and broke. Police came, knocked on his door, he let them in ~ he had nothing to hide, he hadn’t done anything. The girlfriends MOTHER had called the police.. Once inside they seen the broken phone on the floor ~ he was charged with Domestic Violence. He asked WHY, he hadn’t touched ANYONE! Their answer: “If you’re mad enough to throw your phone and break it, you’re mad enough to hurt someone”.. WTH??? WHO was the victim in THAT “crime”? The phone?? Everything is NOT always the way it seems or is charged!

          • Nancy Townsend

            The victim is the person that has to replace the phone or if they have ins on it, then it’s the cell phone company for replacing a phone that was broken in anger and not due to the conditions in the contract. Why didn’t he just push the power button, turn it off and place it on a table?

          • Kimi Trombley Pyles

            Nancy, you seem to think you have the answer to everything ~ and that your way is always the ONLY right way. The young man that THREW the phone, is the person that OWNED the phone. So, he would be the one replacing HIS OWN phone! You want to “assume” he turned it into an insurance claim…He didn’t. No one else paid for his broken phone other then himself, he went without a phone until he could replace it HIMSELF… So NO, you do NOT have a “victim” in this crime no matter how you want to spin it! Hindsight is always 20/20 Nancy and I highly doubt that you have ALWAYS made the BEST decision in every matter that you’ve ever been involved in. Do we learn from our mistakes? Yes, hopefully we do. Did the young man learn from his ~ yes he did, by having to replace his phone. Did he need 16 wks of anger management classes at a hefty cost to him? NO, he didn’t.. Whether you want to admit it or not, this was a “victimless crime”. Had he NOT invited the officers into his home, they would NOT of been able to charge him. What did they teach this young man? They taught him to NOT trust Officers, they taught him to NOT trust the law, they taught him to be leary of being approached or to call the police in a situation. They taught him to LOCK your door when they arrive, speak to them THROUGH the door, but NEVER open the door and invite them into your home, EVER….

          • Nancy Townsend

            Kimi, I don’t profess to be a perfect person in a perfect world. I’ll tell you how I came to have the views that I have. My dad was violent, my mom left him and remarried a few years later. Step-dad was violent, she figured if two were bad then a 3rd would be too. She stayed with him. She, on the other hand was june cleaver made over, happy homemaker, worked a full time 50 hour a week job outside the home, played the piano at church and never missed a service. Our house was the ultimate split between good and evil with her being the good one teaching us right from wrong and a smoking, drinking, abusive, man showing us the results of the bad choices. I wanted to please my mother and show her that I was learning HER behaviors, not his. When I turned 21 I wanted to go into law enforcement to stop men like my stepdad and my real dad, but couldn’t deal with the blood, guts, and gore that officers deal with. I went into high level security. I know that just one angry blow up could cost me my job, security clearances at government and civilian facilities. Therefore in order to keep a job so that I can continue to support my child, I know that I MUST control my temper. When I had a child I had a CHOICE to continue the abuse or stop the cycle. I looked in my baby’s eyes and KNEW I would stop it come hell or high water because my baby would NOT live in a world like I did. I KNOW that you can walk away, turn off the phone, drive to the country, or whatever you have to do to calm down and not deal with it. I also saw my stepdad spend nights in jail for fights with other men, hitting mom, and hitting us. He missed a lot of things in life being behind bars so I know that it’s not worth it to hit someone. I CHOSE a man that was the polar opposite of what I grew up with. I respect him and his opinion and he respects mine. If we disagree then we say, “Let’s talk later” and then we hold each other to that and not bring it up until we are both ready. If I go by todays standards of making excuses and blaming everyone for what I do, then I have every right and reason to be a criminal, but I CHOSE to rise above it. If I can, then anyone can. We are all a product of the choices we make.

          • dragon5126

            your story doesn’t hold water, you see that background would first off make you learn that there is no such world as you are trying to profess, secondly IF you held security clearances of any kind you just lost them by claiming to have them in the first place. Keep shooting your mouth off and eventually you will post MORE obvious lies that will debunk your fallacies.

          • Nancy Townsend

            The homelife you live in (If you’re an adult) is a homelife of your choosing, you can choose the happy home or you can choose the domestic violence drama. I CHOSE the former, not the latter. Are you honestly telling me that there’s not one family in your town that has never had the police called? Are you telling me that in your town EVERY single family there has had some form of domestic violence? You’re the one that needs to get for real! Better yet, let me give you the phone numbers to several officers and judges here that can verify that since I turned 21 I have not had the police at my house 1 time. Not once in 21 years has a patrol car been sent to my house (I’m 42, I was 21 when I got married and 21+21=42) An ambulance for my husband, yes, and a patrol car came out when he heard the call because he knew both of us and was concerned about my husband, but dispatch didn’t SEND him) As far as security clearances, I can tell that I have them and the TYPE they are, just not the location or name of the facility unless the facility is no longer in existance. I hold 2 valid government clearances now and 4 outdated ones. The outdated ones are to facilities that are no longer here. (The chemical weapons incinerator is where 3 of those clearances were issued and the other was the chemical weapons training facility that was closed when the military base shut down. The incinerator was demolished after all chemical weapons were destroyed) I currently hold 2 for a chemical plant and several for military equipment manufactoring facilities. Keep showing how stupid you are now! 🙂

          • dragon5126

            WHY? because under reasonable consideration he did not break any laws. it wasn’t until it was associated with the argument that it became a point that was covered under mandatory arrest acts. Talk about ignorant, lady get a life.

          • Nancy Townsend

            I have let you cyber bully me and everyone else on this page for a few days now, talking down to us, calling us ignorant and worse, BE VERY glad that I don’t live in your town because if you act like this here, then you more than likely do it on the job, and I would have your job in a heartbeat if you treated me like this in a professional (job) setting! Now talk about IGNORANT, YOU’RE the ignorant one because a NORMAL person would power off the phone or block that number (YES you CAN block texts and phonecalls on a cell phone, call verizon and they’ll tell you how, you can block up to 5 numbers) If you are angry enough to throw something then you are angry enough to hit someone most of the time! So in that instance it can be domestic violence. Especially if he accidently hit someone with the phone that he THREW. You may actually be a man with a domestic violence record yourself since you have the characteristics of an abuser (bullying, blaming someone else, not accepting responsibilty for your actions, talking down to people, inflated self worth) Maybe your supioriors need to watch over you a little until you calm down.

          • Susan Johnson

            Nancy, maybe some of your friends or family could take a look and see if this bullying blowhard’s credentials are real, if any at all. I would imagine his superiors wouldn’t be thrilled with his continual online harassment of others and negative representation of law enforcement. I’m sure knowing that he thinks women “make” men hit them would go over very well at work, too. Cyberbullying is a federal offense, something he would know if he was a competent member of the law enforcement community. I wonder if he’s doing this on county time…

          • Nancy Townsend

            Susan, he’s not real as far as his credentials go. We (LEO friend and me) did a little investigating after your tip. His real name is Scott Schoemann from WI and he is a “professional troll” go here to read about his online antics and supposed jobs, (he impersonates many careers including NSA and a military firearms trainer)

          • Robert Beaudreault

            Urban tale…… The cops ain’t THAT stupid

          • dragon5126

            Urban myth? Hardly, you can not destroy your own property without committing a criminal act if there was a domestic situation involved, a disagreement without any physicality but with a dropped plate can result in an arrest under the mandatory arrest laws. the cop does not have the discretion in the matter. so stop being so ignorant. I see it every day as an investigator in the DA’s Office.

      • Carmencita

        Idiot. There are no ‘victimless’ crimes, or else it would not be classified as a ‘crime’. You are delusional and are probably only trying to rationalize away the criminal behavior you yourself have participated in.

        • Gene Fleeger

          Possession of pot; who’s the victim? Idiot? Delusional? Libtard democrap

        • dragon5126

          any attempt to legislate morality is the creation of a victimless crime. Letting people like you walk the street is victimizing the defenseless…

      • Tmatthew Kolber

        If it’s victimless then they shouldn’t be in there. Dumbass politicians and lawmakers…

    • dragon5126

      these are not felony prisoners, these are “short timers” drunk drivers, and similar. The hard core are in the state house, not a county lockup.

  • Tesla Rawks

    Sure its the Super Bowl.. not soccer..

  • Alan

    A little compassion goes along way. But only as a reward for appropriate behaviors. leadership with only a whip leads to mutiny and leadership with a feathers touch leads to disarray. So a firm and fair hand works best.

    • Robert Beaudreault

      well said

    • dragon5126

      It seems there are those who do not under stand this. I was raised with a firm hand and a belt, as well as rewarded as much as my parents could when appropriate, not frivolous things but with things of educational value as well as character building. A tent, an axe for camping eventually all my own wilderness camping gear, and similar types of things, like a hunting dog when I was 13, who came with me to marriage and became my wife’s constant companion. My, OUR daughters were raised the same way and constantly thank us for it when they look at their spoiled friends who cant make it in life. A prison/jail environment is no different. When someone earns the little extras, not giving it to them breeds contempt, but showing respect for their efforts with even the smallest reward brings greater respect in return, especially when you tell them WHY they have gotten the reward.
      This isn’t the liberal “give them everything” ideology. It is Conservative Respect where respect is due.

  • bumbul

    Yes for inmates in good standing; no for the bad actors.


    They should only be able to watch tennis.

    • Carmencita

      Or Golf. Make the whites watch soccer and the hispanics watch golf, and the blacks watch swimming events.

  • Wolfy Wolf

    I agree with others that for the ones with no issues (or very minor ones) they should be given a reward for doing as they should…

  • Bill Smith

    No TV at all, prison is punishment, not a country club!

    • Gene Fleeger

      This is not prison but a county jail

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    It should be used as a carrot to reward good behavior, and a stick to punish bad behavior.

  • Susan Johnson

    Absolutely NOT! Crime is crime, victimless or not. The attitude that “good behavior” or “victimless” crimes should be rewarded is like giving illegals amnesty because they work…

    • dragon5126

      you are not too bright, keep the better behaved occupied and it allows the guards more time to spend watching the unruly… you have NO concept of prison management. And probably not child rearing either.

      • Nancy Townsend

        No, she’s right on, this is a punishment. Do you allow your child to watch their favorite shows while they are sitting in time out just so that you’ll be able to pay more attention to the other kids in the house? What needs to be done is cut tv and other luxuries for prisoners and put that money into the schools so that the kids will be better educated and fund some parent classes so that the children will be raised to make better life choices.

        • Jolly Hansen

          live in Phoenix Arizona.. Joe and his wife have racked up millions
          doing who knows what on salries that no one in the world could do unless
          in political office.. Yes the inmates should be able to watch the

          • Jolly Hansen

            On top of that, how many there waiting for anything judicual that you are denying their rights on even before they are judged?

          • Nancy Townsend

            Sounds like you have an axe to grind….
            “Joe and his wife have racked up millions
            doing who knows what on salries that no one in the world could do unless
            in political office..”
            How do you know that they’re not just great investors, inherited the money from deceased relatives, or any other of the millions of legal ways that they could have acquired it? Sounds like you’re the one judging them guilty without a trial.

        • dragon5126

          Do you punish your children because you are punishing them? That is what this essentially is. Agreed tvs should be locked down and the time should be turned constructive. HOWEVER, the use of positive reinforcement is a valid tool as well. And in a group dynamic can be more effective than negative reinforcement when there is no other reason to step down on the entire group. For example you segregate the trouble makers, give extra privileges to those who set higher examples and the rest of the group will follow the others based on what their character make up prescribes, BUT if there is ONLY negative reinforcement you then have a rabble of bad and worse. In the end tis raises costs by requiring MORE man power to control them, it creates hostility among the population of the facility and increases recidivism. This is a long time proven fact. The punishment is being locked up, rewarding GOOD behavior decreases problems and lessens the need to add punishment for bad, just like in a grade school or even at home raising kids. And lets face it the difference between convicts and kids is just the infraction that brought them to their punishment. These are NOT state inmates these are county prisoners/convicts few are there for felonies, as that raises them to the level of state inmates

      • lszumlic

        I got a chuckle out of the analogy between prison management & child rearing!!

      • Susan Johnson

        Oh, please enlighten me on the dynamics of prison management, since you seem to think you know everything… Do you know from being in prison yourself? Prison management and the whole American prison system is a joke (except for what Joe’s doing). You know being a “baby daddy” doesn’t make you a parent, right? Your inflated ego mirrors your lack of self esteem, and the fact that being a “victimless” offender is probably in your public record somewhere (I’m guessing more than once). Spend more time on improving yourself, instead of trying to tell other people online how wrong they are (when they aren’t).

        • Steven Redmond

          when it comes down to it…..it’s a game. why would it matter if they watch that or the food channel? if you think that’s wrong then you should probably push to take away their tv.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Actually I do push to take away the tv, and use the money on the school system. The children need the money more than the prisoners, the children ARE all innocent and not just claim to be (you know that EVERY prisoner says they are innocent and was framed)

          • Kyle Parish

            Here is the reason they have all of that: Prisoners don’t have their freedoms. So they must have something that can be taken away. Otherwise you run the risk of them rioting and attacking your guards. That risk is there all the time, but is greatly reduced by freedoms inside the jail. I was a correctional officer, so I do know the reasons. You have to give them something to lose.

          • Nancy Townsend

            Prisoners CHOSE to commit the crimes KNOWING how tough Joe is. They gambled and lost! They are EXPECTED to be good in jail and not be rewarded for doing the norm, any misbehavior should include more punishments but they shouldn’t be rewarded just for being good. According to your thought process then I should reward my child EVERY day of her life that she is good, How about NO. I reward when she learns to do things right the first time and then it becomes EXPECTED behavior. Or do you as an adult still get a reward from mommy every time you go to the potty? They look forward to their release date and being free, they can loose so much more by being jerks.

          • Kyle Parish

            “They are expected to be good in jail”. Lady whatever you are smoking I want some. We are all expected to be good no matter what!! There are many offenders who are in jail for life, they have no chance of getting out except when they are dead. Therefore the only thing to keep them in line is to offer TV and things of that nature so that you can take them away. That way they still have something to lose. The lifers or the people with 30+ years don’t give a rats butt about getting out. They just want their TV and their next meal. Jails do this to keep the correctional officers lives safer. To keep attacks down on their guards. You have never worked in a jail environment, I bet. For a large group of these people would rather lose their life than their TV privileges. I’m not joking it’s true.

            I am not disagreeing with you about the Superbowl. They don’t need to watch that, but to strip them of everything is inviting attacks on the guards in the facility.

        • dragon5126

          Spoken like an uneducated idiot with no interpersonal skills what so ever. As a matter of Fact, I have worked with Prison Management when I was Doing my internship in Criminal Psychology. And YOU need anger management intervention FAST.

          • Susan Johnson

            Wow, projection at it’s finest. There’s nothing uneducated about what I’ve said. Facetious, maybe, uneducated, no. I’m not angry. I laughed at the things you said. Your responses are irrational and immature, as well as ignorant. You’re the one who talked about a woman “making” a man hit her by causing him to get angry enough at her, as if that is some kind of legitimate excuse. That is a statement representative of latent anger. Doing time in prison is not an internship, you do know that, right? I don’t know what community college you went to for your “education”, but if anyone lacks interpersonal skills, and an education, it’s you. Your boasting about your supposed knowledge and the fact that you try to denigrate me in your responses is indicative of lower intelligence and an inferiority complex (might want to look that up in one of your psychology books). You really need to focus more on improving yourself, instead of putting down others as a way of ignoring your own faults. I see you already have quite the reputation as a troll online…

          • Nancy Townsend

            I had no idea that he is the resident troll, I just figured he either had a comprehension disability of sorts or was just a complete jerk, with me leaning more towards the latter. I also get the feeling that he believes a woman DESERVES to be raped because she MADE the man do it by dressing wrong, talking wrong, or acting wrong just like he believes a woman MAKES a man hit her. I’m sorry but no one is going to MAKE me do something that I don’t want to do unless they hold a gun to my head AFTER disarming me and a man should be the same way! Thanks for the heads up!

          • Nancy Townsend

            Wow, you’re right. I know now not to feed the troll!!!!

    • Jolly Hansen

      So good citizen that you are.. everyone is guiltiy before judged.. good one you.. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!

  • kazoober

    Instead, make them watch Justin Beiber’s movie Never Say Never for 24 hours straight.

    • dragon5126

      cant do that JB isnt an American Citizen… it would violate someone or anothers rights

  • JP

    Make them watch women’s basketball. That’d be the real punishment.

    • dragon5126

      even better make them watch a recording of the SOTU Address,,,

  • dragon5126

    there needs to be a “yes for those who earned it” choice

  • greatgrandmasue

    There could be an exception: Yes to those who are working to change their behavior in a positive way such as teaching others to read and write, working on getting a GED, following the rules, helping others get their GED.

  • Chris Varela

    No and these people are in there for various crimes. Not just DU I but drugs, spousal abuse and other crimes. They can do their time without the privilege of the super bowl. It’s not the end of the world if they Don’t see it.

  • ratso4747

    yes, it is UnAmerican to keep folks from seeing the Super Bowl.

  • Jill Brooks

    Normally I say a LOUD no to any special privileges, but I might possibly consider saying yes for those inmates who have been model prisoners, done the work they were asked to do without whining or breaking any rules and showing a propensity to change the things that got them into prison in the first place. However NO special privileges for rapists or murderers, or anything involving abuse to children.

  • pjsolarz

    You people are cold… lol
    Let them watch American’s biggest sporting event of the year.

  • Lucia

    We should be helping folks get help such as education, GEDs, therapy, mental health/medical/drug health assistance, job training and placement. The folks in prison could have and should have received while growing up. We should help those in the prison systems become productive members of society. We should put more effort into reducing prison population. We should reduce the private prison industry which is hell bent on keeping people in prison to maintain their income. We should give Joe a swift kick in his intolerance.

  • disqus_fEhg6Sow9o

    No. I spend day after day and night after night working to support my family. I miss all sorts of family events, tv events, sports events, etc to make sure my family is provided for. Sheriff Joe has a good thing going and should not reward them with “special” events. The only events that should be important to them, is their release date and making sure they never come back. This is coming from a 40 year old person that screwed up 20 years ago and is still paying the price for it today.

  • Shootist

    Sure, as part of a rewards program for excellent behavior.

  • cpob1688

    No, and for the same reasons you’ve not allowed it before. Why start now?? Are you going soft on us?

  • lszumlic

    My daughter was only allowed to watch t.v if her room was clean. It should be a privilege. So if they have “earned” it … yes, it promotes better behavior… eliminates entitlement thinking… & the “group pity party” & resentment directed toward others that “won’t let them watch…” Some get to… & some won’t be allowed.

  • SylviasDaddy

    Convicts should not have any television at all.

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    Given that I’m trying to understand why they get TV….I’m going to go with no.

  • bspa

    Yes, but not because they deserve a break. Because they are Americans and it’s healthy for them to feel that they are a part of us.

    • Nancy Townsend

      They chose not to be part of us when they committed that crime to be locked up.

    • gma14

      Not all are Americans–I think they should be treated just as they would be treated in their home country—

  • Palerider1957

    No. They are being punished for breaking the law, Why should they get any rewards?

  • Jack Deth

    To quote the Woody Allen film, ‘Take The Money And Run’:

    “The convicts here get one hot meal a day… A bowl of steam!”

  • chaloner

    Anyone who voted yes must be a Obama Worshiper.

    • gramma boop

      chaloner: what a stupid fuck’n remark. redneck racist

      • gma14

        Why did you bring race into this discussion? You must be an Obambi fan!! You sound just like him!!

    • Gail McConnell

      i am far from an Obama worshiper. But i think the ones who are actually working on bettering themselves deserve a treat. I don’t plan to watch it cause I am not a fan of either team, but some of them might be.

    • TJJ300

      Far from it. I just think if you follow the rules there should be a bonus. If you keep whipping them, by the time they come out they only want revenge.

      You, on the other hand, I hope your cable goes out!

      • chaloner

        Just like there doing in Virginia? Inmates there are allowed a sex change thanks to the tax payers.

        • TJJ300

          You certainly know how to escalate things, don’t you. Since when is watching a football game on TV the same as publicly funded sex change operations? Just don’t ever invite me over to watch the game.

  • grannisue

    My sister spent time with Sheriff Joe. Had an accident with a tree while driving drunk. She still got to go to work everyday. Her father would drive her to her job as a nurse and back again. She should have been on a chain gang and maybe she would have learned her lesson. Beware drivers she is out on the road. The less privileges the better. They are there because they are guilty of breaking the law. If they wanted to watch the superbowl they should have stayed out of trouble in the first place.

    • dragon5126

      your sister and HER father… hmmm

  • Randal Phillips

    You MIGHT let those whose behavior warrant some sort of privilege watch it IF they want. Personally, I’d consider having to sit through it a form of punishment. Having to set through it with a bunch of screaming, rowdy inmates would be cruel and inhumane, even by Sheriff Joe standards.

  • Tamara Sarmento

    Not at all. It would be a treat for the offender that is now locked up for child sexual abuse on my 2 daughters. I hope you read this comment sheriff.

  • Donna

    If it is allowed I am sure there will be prisoner wagering of some sorts…and with many of them being hot heads or dumb azzes…the ball game will only cause an opportunity for arguments, threats and fighting. I see it as an accident waiting to happen. If you don’t want the dog to bite….don’t pet him on the head!!!

  • Mark7Seven

    Joe, it’s good to remind those that are paying their debt to society how sweet it is to be free. Without that reminder all they see is hardship and pain in their lives. There must be some hope to keep the spirit of man willing to do better.

    I agree that it should only be those who have shown they can maintain good behavior.

  • Elaine Eckart

    it was their decision to not obey the law.

  • Dan Straight

    they are not there to enjoy it i say NO WAY

  • JohnSkookum

    Let them listen to it on the radio.

  • Pamela Austad

    yes,you should allow this special occasion but only to those who are not rule breakers and follow the rules.Let the inmates know ahead of time that if they break the rules they will go into shu during the superbowl and will not be allowed to particapte in the activities .

  • Jon Bradley

    I’d say no except most are in there for minor drug offences.

  • LeHund

    They should have to do something to earn it, or save it for the ones who are behaving and not complaining.

  • Jolly Hansen

    live in Phoenix Arizona.. Joe and his wife have racked up millions
    doing who knows what on salries that no one in the world could do unless
    in political office.. Yes the inmates should be able to watch the

  • Jolly Hansen

    seeing all the comments on here.. alot of Joe’s prisoners have never been up to a judge or convicted of anything.. you are all making everyone guilty before they are judged guilty.. see why this country is divided and in shambles.

    • Jolly Hansen

      those without sin throw the first stone.. dont judge lest thee be judged.. Christian country this is.. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nancy Townsend

        I don’t commit crimes and I stay away from criminals, that way I’m not falsely accused. If you lay down with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas.

    • Nancy Townsend

      Please enlighten us on how they came to be there then…. Oh let me guess, one was arrested trying to help his daughter sell girl scout cookies, another was arrested trying to help a little old lady cross the street……

  • Yes, the good inmates.

  • helen knight

    why don’t someone tell them that Joe owns the jails

  • Bobby Goldesberry

    Absolutely NOT, this question is ridiculous. I dont care how good they have been. They are there to pay a price. No freedom should be given until they have payed the penalty. This is the problem. Inmates remembering good times while incarcerated? Yeah that really makes em not wanna return right?

  • Carrie Boelter

    Yes, he should. Bet he has a pink TV too! Pink teaches these people something. I read where he does this for a reason.

  • Jose Hernandez

    If obama wants to rule the country by presidential power and executive order-he has pen and phone- then…Mr.Arpaio as a Sherif can do whatever to apply the immigration Laws to those illegals aliens……they are criminals.

  • Sharon Golden Wheeler

    The Veterans shuold see the game, they fought for this country and have earned the right to enjoy, the inmates with good behavior and who are working to imnprove themselves should be given the priviledge. Anyone with bad behavior within the past 6 months, better luck next year.

  • Thomas J. Butman

    If the SB was on the normal channels they get then Yes of coarse, why go out of your way to punish them beyond what’s necessary, BUT if not… Then NO! Why go out of your way to reward them beyond what is necessary. They have been found guilty by a jury of their peers. It’s PRISON, not day care for nimrods.

  • ted robbins

    even a condemned prisoner gets a last meal of his choice

  • Dana Lewis


  • disqus_PjBpDnyQSS

    Inmates shouldn’t get any tv time they should be working to pay that $10000 a month they are costing the tax payers because they invade others rights they shouldn’t have any.

  • Lee Workman

    Not for the ones who desecrated our flag. Others that have been on good behavior YES!!!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I don’t like the two options. I don’t think they should all get to watch it. I think it should be a reward for good behavior. Prison should be a place of punishment but also rehabilitation. In order to rehabilitate they need to be rewarded for right choices.

  • Carmencita

    Absolutely NOT! They are in prison for a reason and should not even have TVs or Computers or anything vaguely ‘fun’ or recreational. They are there to be PUNISHED and should never be able to vote again.

  • Carmencita

    ‘Good Behavior’ should be a norm and what is expected of criminals. ‘Good Behavior’ should not be ‘rewarded’, but BAD behavior should be punished harshly!

  • Warren

    About like most other people said, use it as an incentive for good behavior.

  • Az Cat

    I agree with the idea of those who have been “model inmates” being given a pass to watch it. If not on good behavior, no.

  • Neveron

    How about only the commercials… or here is an idea… show last years Super Bowl… or have a live feed to a sports bar showing people enjoying themselves watching the Super Bowl. Thats the one i like most… dont have the game in the feed… just the people enjoying the game.

  • AprilJean

    There is NO such thing as good behavior in jail or prison. These creeps are simply not given access to whatever they would be doing if they weren’t behind bars!!! That is not good behavior. That is just binding their time!

  • Karen Hall

    Sheriff Arpaio has done well without us second guessing him. I support what ever decision he makes.

  • GabbyGibby

    Depends on if they have been doing the right thing or not? Have they been doing their duties to your rules and guidelines? If they have then yes. If they haven’t then no.

  • Tom Reed

    Hell no,when my county jail was built they had a tour and there was a tv in every pod,as soon as the tour was over,our beloved sheriff took them out and sold them.

  • josh

    They are prisoners people. Couldn’t hack it in society, why should they get liberties that people on the outside may not have the opportunity to.

  • Coby Smith

    No, I had no idea they were permitted ANY television? Let alone be able to watch the Super Bowl? What’s the reasoning in bologna sandwich and water for a meal, then permit television which provides the prisoners a method of taking their mind off of being incarcerated?

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