What POLITICO’s Chief Reporter Tweeted About Rick Perry and the Border Called ‘Disgraceful’


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The Left always comes unhinged when Republicans make even the slightest attempt to secure the border or enforce the immigration laws on the books. But one very prominent reporter this morning went way beyond the pale.

As I reported yesterday, Gov. Rick Perry — tired of Obama’s abandoning his state to an unprecedented influx of criminal aliens — announced he was deploying a mere 1,000 National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley to assist with border patrol operations.

Perry pointed out that, despite the massive media focus on “unaccompanied minors” from Central America (and the less-publicized kids from places like India), only 20% of the massive border influx since October consists of children.

The rest are adults, and a large amount of them cartel thugs, violent MS-13 gang members, and perhaps worse. And as Texas’ Lt. Governor revealed this morning, one in four illegals crossing the border this year have criminal records.

So Perry is trying to do what Obama refuses to do – secure the border. Heck Obama won’t even visit the border mess he created.

All this was too much for the face of POLITICO.com – Roger Simon – who tweeted something despicable in response:

Um, what? That is so wrong on so many levels, and folks on Twitter quickly let him know it:

Maybe it’s simpler than that

If you want to let Roger Simon know what you think of this sick Tweet, you can find him, on Twitter at @PoliticoRoger. Or better yet, let the brass at POLITICO know (via email HERE) what you think of it, and that you demand an apology to the find men and women in our National Guard reserves.


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