Police Make Heartbreaking Discovery Next To White Man Gunned Down By Black Teens

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A man out for a walk with his dog last week was gunned down by three Black teens. And when police found the man’s body, they made a heartbreaking find right next to it.

As NBC Philadelphia reported, the three black teens got “bored” playing basketball and decided to go rob someone. After seeing one man with a large dog, and deciding not to rob him, they then saw 51-year-old James Patrick Stuhlman walking his terrier.


Stuhlman typically walked his dog with his 13-year-old daughter. But on the night of his murder, March 12, he had told her to stay home because it was getting dark out, which very likely saved her life.

As he walked down the street, Stuhlman, who owned a local landscaping company, saw three teens approach him. Then they grabbed and robbed him, and shot him once in the leg. They could have just taken his money and ran at that point. But they did not.

At one point, he did plead for his life,” Captain James Clark said Thursday at a news conference, according to the New York Daily News. “He said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,’ and they still shot him one more time.

That second shot took his life.

So “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” really did happennot in Ferguson — but in a Black-on-White capital murder in Philadelphia.

So can we expect Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch to demand a civil right investigation? Don’t bet on it.


Police have arrested 15-year-old Brandon Smith. They also arrested a 14-year-old whose name has been withheld — because he is supposedly a “child.”.

They said they decided to rob Stuhlman because his dog was smaller than their intended first target. The shooter who gunned down this father in cold blood, 15-year old Tyfine Hamilton, is “still at large”. Philadelphia police consider him “armed and dangerous.”

Smith has been charged in relation to the murder and is still in custody. But the unnamed teen was inexplicably just charged with robbery despite being an accessory to murder. Police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Hamilton.

Typically, the teens have all been in trouble with the law in the past. It is stunning at what early age vicious murderers are now made. 15? Unbelievable.

Capt. Clark warned Hamilton at a press conference: “Get with your parent and turn yourself in before we come and get you…We know where you are.”

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said that when police arrived at the scene Stuhlman was laying in a pool of blood and was already unresponsive. The family man still had his flashlight in his hand.

But  what police found next to him was heartbreaking. His dog was pawing him, sniffing at his face, and whimpering.

“The dog was lying next to him — appeared to be scared and in shock,” Walker said.

“His daughter goes for a walk with him almost every night,” Clark said. “For whatever reason, he said to her, ‘it’s a little late tonight I don’t want you walking with me.’ So in effect, he may have saved his daughter’s life.”

Thank God he did, but that is small consolation for the young girl who is now without a father, and will forever fear walking at dusk, thanks to the savage brutality these young monsters inflicted on her own dad.

Author’s personal note: I don’t usually do this, but feel I must. The media is censoring this story. You know why. They made the Michael Brown fraud front page news for months. But they will bury this REAL “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” horror. It is up to you to share this article with everyone you know. We can bypass the media censorship and get the truth out there. Thank you. -BB


[h/t: Opposing Views, Sean BrownConservative Tribune]

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  • And people think I’m crazy because I conceal carry…sheeeshhh… I saw a different story on this, so who is telling the truth?? http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Arrest-Questioned-Killing-Dad-Stuhlman-Walking-Dog-Overbrook-296849631.html

  • Ticked off

    That just ticks me off. Little punks should do heavy time for the crime but will get off because the justice system lets off slime!

  • Sam Draper

    There is no defense for these “boys.” Bored with basketball so lets go rob someone and then being too cowardly to go after the person with the big dog. What their parent(s) have raised is human excrement. What a shame that the taxpayers of Pennsylvania will have to pay to keep them alive in prison for years to come.

  • CaneRVa

    Black hunters, white prey, and the beat goes on with almost perfect regularity…

  • PureGold

    We can agree to disagree. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is blasphemy against the Trinity. The Bible speaks of God the Son, God the Father and God the Holy Ghost. If you apply math to that it wouldn’t be 1+1+1=3 it would be 1x1x1=1 because God is a triune God.
    The “unforgivable” sin Jesus spoke of put into context, was not addressed to his disciples or a mere crowd. He was talking specifically to Pharisees who had personally witnessed his miracle of complete healing a blind, mute and demon possessed man. ( Matthew 12:22) . Instead of acknowledging the obvious fact that Jesus was using divine power, the Pharisees were so spiritually depraved that the attributed Jesus’s power to Satan (Mathew 12:24). It wasn’t blind ignorance but willfull rejection. It was deliberate refusal to believe even though they knew the truth was what Jesus called the unforgivable sin. Jesus was warning in these verses to the people who had such hardened hearts putting them in peril. Blasphemy against the Spirit to them wasn’t a one time offense but an ongoing attitude of rebellion. They were stubborn and continually rejects and insults the Holy Spirit. That is what makes it the eternal sin (Mark3:29). Blasphemy against the Spirit is not unforgivable because of something done unintentionally in the past but something done deliberately in the present.
    A genuine Christian shouldn’t fret over whether they accidentally committed the unforgivable offense. Fear that you’ve done so is probably a good sign you haven’t.
    So, accusing Jesus in person on this earth of being possessed is blasphemous and unpardonable. Can’t do that specific sin today. The only unpardonable sin now is that of continual unbelief. John 3:16 “For God so loved the World he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. The only condition in which someone would have no forgiveness is if they are not one of the “whoever” that believes. Rejecting the only means of salvation is condemning oneself to forever in hell

  • PureGold

    If my reply shows up twice its because I typed it on a 3″ screen and I don’t know if I sent it or deleted it. I also realized I typed part of my lesson plan at the beginning. You can ignore the math. (you’ll understand if they post it).
    Why do you want to argue about this? Read my post. I said “.. I CAN say God forgives our sins if we ask & believe.” That sir IS repentance. Again you try to twist my words to suit your desire to “win” when in essence we said the same thing. However, I will use this moment to extrapolate what perhaps I should have done the first time. I thought you understood:
    The “Unforgivable” sin Jesus spoke of , put into context, was not addressed to his disciples or a mere crowd. He was talking specifically to Pharisees who had personally witness his miracle of complete healing of a blind, mute and demon possessed man. (Matthew 12:22). Instead of acknowledging the obvious, that Jesus used his divine powers, the Pharisees, who were spiritually depraved, credited Jesus’s power to Satan (Matthew 12:24) It wasn’t blind ignorance but willful rejection. The deliberate refusal to believe, even knowing and seeing the truth is what Jesus defined the “unforgivable sin”.
    In Matthew, and other verses you cited, Jesus was giving a warning to these hardened people that pretty much sent them over the edge to hell. To be blasphemous against the Spirit is not just a one-time offense. To them it was a continual resistance and ongoing rebellion towards God.They stubbornly resisted, rejected and insulted the Holy Spirit. That’s what make it an eternal sin (Mark 3:29) Blasphemy agains the Spirit isn’t forgivable because something done in the past but because something is being done deliberately and unrelentingly in the present.
    So, true Christians shouldn’t worry over whether you have accidently committed the unforgivable. A Christian can not commit it. Just having fear that you may have done so is a pretty good indicator that you haven’t. It’s the defiant rejection of everything Christian with no conscience that constitutes the unforgivable. Those accusations against Jesus were the unpardonable and that specific unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit can’t be duplicated today.

    The only unpardonable sin today is that of continued unbelief. There is no pardon for a person who dies in unbelief. John 3:16 told us, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. The ONLY condition in which someone would not be forgiven is if they are not among the “whosoevers”. To reject the ONLY means of salvation is to condemn oneself to eternity (and that’s a long time) in hell because to reject the only pardon is, obviously, unpardonable.

    To me it’s not a matter of proving you wrong. It’s a matter of you understanding that if one is a Christian blasphemy isn’t possible. You can’t believe and defiantly reject God and his promises at the same time. Sure, we all slip and ever so often use the Lord’s name in vain. I do and I consider that blasphemous. Am I going to hell for it? No, because I believe Jesus died for my sins. I hope you have a further understanding now having read those verses in context. God Bless You.

  • Jamie W

    The reason why neither the President nor Holder etc. will demand an investigation, is that no investigation is needed. The murderer who committed this crime has been arrested, and will be going to trial where he will most likely end up behind bars for the rest of his life – and rightly so. Therefore, in this case, justice has been served. That is the difference between this case and the cases of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown etc. where the individual who pulled the trigger got away with it.

  • Greatestshowonearth

    these young guys finally realized if your gonna do a crime might as well take it to white neighborhoods and not trash your own neighborhood

  • Joe Lewand

    u are so niave

  • Alexis De Los Santos

    A clearly racists person wrote this article. Ignorance like this is why we are all dammed!!

    • tbrec63387

      What was it that you found racist?

  • Pat

    Behead them in the middle of town for all to see and set fire to their lifeless corpses. Send a messages to these people that crimes like this will NOT go unpunished! It is time to back our streets, our cities and our nation from these THUGS!

  • James Whitehead

    They already have that, but child molesters, murderers, rapists, assault’s all get probation while the pot head does the time.

    • easyuser

      child molesters, murderers, rapists, assault’s shouldn’t get probation. Offender’s like them could never be trusted again.
      Pot heads. We’re never going to win the war on drugs. Time to call it quits. Let the Feds buy the drugs from the grower’s and give it out for free. The only requirement is the drug user’s need to register as a drug user.
      Imagine all the money we could save not wasting our money on a never ending problem. Just think about this.
      We would be cutting millions of dollars from the countries gang’s.
      Kind of hard to be buying guns and other criminal needs without their income from peddling drugs to drug abuser’s.

      • James Whitehead

        I live in Washington… legal here.. I drive to a corner store and buy it anytime I want lol

        • easyuser

          Yes only weed. I talking about the drugs that gangs made their most money and makes them very violent which is bad for all of us.
          Let the government give away or sell them very cheaply are drugs like Heroin, Crack, Cocaine drugs that cause society so much money to be rid of them. If only they could.
          Giving it to registered user’s picking up their drug of choice without the need to rob, steal, carjack, beat up, OH the list would go on for to long.

        • Kay

          Don’t brag about that! Smoking and driving isn’t anything to be impressed about anymore than buying like is cool. You sound like a winner.

          • James Whitehead

            Dont be so quick to run your mouth Kay, I did not say I drive and smoke, I said I drive to buy it legally. Take time to read and understand a comment before you run your mouth and look like an idiot.

          • Rick Minick

            Wow reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it? He said he drives to the store to get it. He didn’t say he drives stoned to the store to get it. You assumed that he was stoned when he drove to the store. Like I said reading comprehension is not your strong suit but making assumptions apparently is.

      • Bob K.

        We can’t “give away” or even legalize drugs because as Hillary Clinton said when asked “We can’t legalize drugs, there’s too much money in it” The government ships in most of the drugs. The whole war in Afghanistan was because the Taliban were burning the poppy fields. Now drug production there is up 90%. Don’t believe it? Do the research!

      • Ray Nordgaurd

        I wish people would stop grouping pot & their by products, with the real drugs out there that really do harm people. The only thing that happens with pot is a nice buzz followed by a snack then a snooze LOL!!! Overdosing on pot is falling asleep,that`s it, nothing else, ask anyone who has smoked it steady throughout their lives.

        • Fantazunique Brown

          That was not my experience with pot. It completely makes a person totally lose their minds!!! Its the entrance drug more then alcohol ever could be!!! Been around more alcoholics that never went on to stronger intoxicants but every pot head l have ever met has gone on to meth and crack!!! Things that make you go, hmmmm???

          • Woody Nelson

            Your so full of crap your eyebrows stink.

          • Brian Scott Rosenbaum

            Guess we should outlaw milk since eventually that’s a gateway for alcohol. You a lunatic lady……..

          • Nick

            Wow, the ignorance! I know more than my fair share of “pot heads” and though they may be more free spirited, creative, friendly and docile, they are not Crack/meth heads, Alcoholics, or career criminals! No one has ever died from an overdose of smoking marijuana, and most wouldn’t even think about being violent people. The habitual smokers I know just want to be able to but their pot, go home and relax with a joint or whatever method they prefer, without being prosecuted by fear mongers who have been fighting the most expensive war in history (the war on drugs) and still losing. I’m not saying to let the Crack addicts and methods heads run free, but pot is no worse than, and in many opinions far less dangerous than alcohol, and yet it is legal and easily accessible!

          • Debbie Patterson


          • neaslon

            Sad that we are commenting on a post about a man who was murdered in cold blood and we are arguing over weed. Human life, weed, Human life, which is more important? That’s are hard one!!!!!:((((

          • Lea Dodge

            They are probably the ones helping to curve the conversation away from this like the media. Its a murder not a drug problem at the moment.

          • Climbcat

            Tell that to BS to my grand son who started with pot then his friends convinced him to move to other drugs for a bigger kick. Tell this to the thousands of teens that move up every day to addictions.. Each one I am experienced with started on pot.

          • joe

            yea dude. and everybody that moved to those other drugs also drank water everyday!! Those bastards. We should have every water line removed from the city!

          • DOC McGreenthumb

            You when.I was younger I partied pretty hard for a bit. It started with tobacco for me and an inherit discontent for the norm and theyre “rules”, so naturally like many rebellious kids I start out breaking the rules with tobacco. After which I began drinking around 8-9th grade with friends…now let me point out something out, normally people tend to become friends from having common hobbies and interests, and when your young getting drunk and high is a hobby. The group can influence the person, but that person is choosing to be with that group, they already have it set in their mind and or atleast are willing to place themselve in that situation. But just about everybody I knew in my high school drank and smoked pot occasionally, everytime any of me or my friends were busted by the cops, alcohol was involed, we lost kids all over the county do to alcohol related incidents…not pot. Most people get busted weed secondarily to a minor offense like a bisted taillight…or more often than not they were drunk and made a bad decision. Typically when youre stoned you think twice before doing something stupid..drunks on the other hand as well know let the turn beligerent in some form or another whether slobbering on the toilet bowl, or trying to start a fight, or being way to pumped and over the top at whatever theyre doing. I ended up joing the Army for 8yrs until I was wounded amd medically retired, while serving youll realize that everyone is a hard drinker in the military, I had all but quit smoking pot while I was in. i smoked a handful of times, all when I was wasted and didnt care, and all during special occasions when.I was home with my old friends for events like predeployment, leave, or when we got home. I also had a few puffs of some Afghan herb while I was deployed. I was a medic and things do get rough and gritty often. Now that Im out I dont take painkillers, I dont drink but.maybe once every couple of months, I dont take those jeavy drugs for ptsd anymore…instead I smoke pot. And I do just fine. I am at peace and not anxious, I can sleep through the night now, and my appetite is back after losing about 25lbs. Your grandson grandson and you for that fact need to own up that he has a disease, the disease of addiction, and thay means that he can become “addicted” to just about anything, its the disease that forces him to feed it and its a evergrowing.beast that will demand more and more and surely leave you with nothing. You both just meed to accept it and find away to keep it from running your every move in life. Im an addict, Im an addict as well I just learned to accept that I was and continued on with my life, I am now a functioning pothead…I remember early on that I had replaced alcohol with pot..about a 1/5 a night, and this was normal with my whole platoon. Like I said the beast must eat and it will find something. Self discipline, gratitude of life, my daughters, and probably probably the gained maturity has helped me to find my path. Honestly you sound like one of the characters on “Reefer Madness” the way you speak of the devils lettuce.

          • DOC McGreenthumb

            Sorry about the grammar, and repeat words my keyboars has a ba glitch. Anybody know of a solid keyboard app to replace this pos factory installed LG app on my android.

          • April

            Read what you wrote, his FRIENDS convinced him to move on to other drugs. The same FRIENDS that are probably convincing him to do other bad things. Pot can’t talk, pot didn’t convince him to move on to bigger things, pot is just a plant. Maybe instead of blaming pot, you should focus on finding your grandson better friends!!

          • Christisking

            What is a “method” head?

          • Janice Payne

            Someone who is methodical hahahah?

          • Elsa1965

            THIS ARTICLE IS NOT ABOUT POT. Try reading

          • Debbie Patterson

            your nuts lady. i have smoked pot for over 30years, and did not go on to crack or anything else. you are just repeating what people tell you,because if you smoked it,you would not say that.

          • Robert Frost

            She doesn’t know that she is ignorant. Must be hard for those around her.

          • a drug addict

            not everyone is the same, I started with alcohol, then mary jane , from there it was meth. pills, and then coke (in all forms) they destroyed my life for 45 years, I thank GOD for getting me off the drugs! and yes pot is a drug ie: a mood altering chemical as is alcohol .too, pot is not a herb! check out the chemicals you use from smoking it! just as coke is made from a plant, THC is made from pot, The difference? all of them can destroy you!

          • Happy Day

            Then someone gave you something else besides basic marijuana. You have truly been around some real trash in your life if everyone you have met goes to meth and crack! Geesh, the fabrications people think normal people will believe.

          • Jim Sterrett

            lol…it it made them “lose their minds” it wasnt pot they were smoking.

          • Emily B

            Woah. That’s a huge assumption that ALL pot smokers get into worse drugs.

          • Clint Da-da Stringer

            Well, I’m a recovering addict and trust me, an alcoholic is the same as an addict. Most every rocovering alcoholic that I’ve met has done their fair share of drugs too. I went all the way on up to herion. To think, if I never had drank that first beer, I wouldn’t have ever done it. Pot is child’s play. I don’t know of one person that has died from pot. I’ve lost soooooooo many people to alcohol in my 34 yrs, it’s stupid

          • eldon7589

            If it was regulated and sold in shops this wouldn’t be the case, the only reason this happens is because most dealers who sell weed also sell other illegal substances or can get a hold of them thus making harder drugs more available to people who enjoy marijuana. Switch alcohol and pot and the same would true about alcohol lol.

          • You are totally insane. I have smoked pot for over 20 years. Alcohol is the true gateway drug and statistics prove it. I never touched pot until I drank. I quit drinking because it is much more dangerous than smoking. How many lives are destroyed by alcoholism or drunk drivers? I know plenty of smokers who do not go on to use harsher drugs. Just because you don’t know what you are talking about does not make your statement true. Total ignorance on your behalf. Things that make me go hmmm?, people like you.

          • Greg


          • Paula roberts

            Wow! ! Uninformed much? I can tell you that I smoked a LOT of pot in high school and college, and guess what, i never did meth. Or crack. In fact , I went on to become a very successful Registered Nurse. Just because someone smokes the ganj doesn’t mean they are automatically going to go on to abuse harder drugs.

          • Rick Minick

            Liar. Alcohol is the gateway drug, Educate yourself before spouting lies. Makes you look a lot less intelligent than your double digit IQ should show.

          • Robert Frost

            You are a stupid person aren’t you?
            Oh wait, you didn’t know you were stupid. I’m sorry.

          • Robert Beaucaire

            Pot is not a entrance or gateway drug, I know many people who smoke pot and only pot. I also know people who have done meth,crack or heroin and have never touched pot. There is only one Gateway Drug out there and it is not even a drug, It is called Peer pressure that is what get teens to try pot or any other drug in the first place.

          • Bobbie Jo

            That sounds like the “fake weed” to me..usually wild lettuce mixed with who knows what..I’ve smoked a lot of real pot and once smoked what I assumed was also real..I’m not a paranoid person by nature and pretty level headed..but after 2 hits, I thought I was having a heart attack, hallucinating and thought I was going to have to call 911 on myself ..
            I know a lot , and I mean a lot of pot heads, and none of them have lost their minds or anything even close (a few have gone on to harder drugs, but they had a lot more going on than just smoking here n there..most are just your regular every day people..holding down full time jobs, raising families, PTO members, sit beside you at church, volunteer at local shelters. .) ..but every person I’ve ever talked to that tried the ‘fake n bake’ thought they were going to die

          • whow

            You realize cocaine and alcohol go together like pb&j and cocaine is the gateway to use harder drugs. You are stuck in the 70’s campaign against marijuana, “it’s a gateway drug!” Gtfoh

          • Woody

            “Your” experience is apparently not that of most people. Virtually everyone I knew in college smoked some dope now and then. NONE ever went on to meth and crack. Most went to law or med schools.

          • James Whitehead

            wow lady better take your meds. My first drug was Nicotine and my second was alcohol. Third was pot and thats it. You dont lose your mind lmao You make it sound like acid or mushrooms. I hope that someday when you get you cancer you find out what pot really is. You sound like one crazy uptight nutjob

          • Chase Masters

            An Alcoholic starts with beer then moves on to whiskey then up to gin and harder things. An alcoholic will drink mouthwash or vanilla extract if they think it will get them drunk. Please do not try to romanticize alcohol. Just look at the stats of people that die every year be it from over consuption, poinening, liver failure or DUI’s. Alcohol is the worst drug in this country by far.

            I’ve known a lot of heads formally living in Alaska. Very few moved on to harder stuff. Yes there was a couple who did but more than not most who did smoke just quit or cut down as they grew older.

          • Rick Minick

            LOL, ask most addicts and they will tell you that Alcohol is the gateway drug, but go ahead and drink more of the kool-aid and believe the lies. Trace the money and you will truly find out why hemp and pot were made illegal. Hemp you can’t even get high with yet it was made illegal. Grow a brain and use it by doing your own research instead of relying on the disinformation that the schools and the government is spreading.

        • The anti pot Illuminati has a thousand false rumors about pot to try and sell thier bs with. And most of fhem have never even tried it!

          • Lenny Szubinski

            Oh yeah? And just look how it affected your brain, or rather now, lack thereof!

          • I bet I have a higher IQ than you. I am willing to place money on that one. You are just using the typical stereotype that you were told in Junior High School. You know nothing about the person you are commenting to and it makes you look pretty child like. Insults on the internet? Please grow up and at the very least, know what you are talking about and contribute something intelligent.

          • Greg

            ” i bet i have a higher IQ than you”….what a douche

          • lol. Please stop you’re hurting my feelings.

          • PawneeBill47

            You have none, your numb, life is more than you can handle. See, the topic is MURDER of a 51 year old man and stoners always wind up discussing pot. Stfu.

          • I wasn’t the one who started this subject. The subject was started by a brilliant non-smoker. Maybe you should learn to read. Why don’t you stfu. I am quite fine with handling life and morons such as you.

          • PawneeBill47

            How do you suck yourself like that?

          • lol you sound like a 7 year old bitch

          • Ken

            and what do you think you sound like?

          • Rick Minick

            Pot must be good for reading comprehension because all the anti pot people on here have a severe issue with reading comprehension. But then again they are just copying and pasting their talking points instead of having an original thought themselves.

          • By reading your many posts to this site, I see that you are a sad, sad man with insults of “moron” and “stupid” frequently scattered through your conversations. Such eloquent prose. Did you learn that in kindergarten? You are pathetic.

          • Did mommy and daddy not love you?

          • Rick Minick

            Richard I bet when you walk into a room, you look around and think “I am the smartest person here”. You are so wrong.

          • Oh ok you are right, you got me. That is exactly what i think when I walk into a room full of people. You are sooo smart. Wow you can see into the deepest part of my soul! Are you God?

          • dotag69

            Richard Kingsbury – I would take that bet about our IQs..But that aside, all the new studies have found that regular pot smoking lowers ones IQ by about 8 points..There are several reports on this, but here is one to start: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/9426205/Cannabis-smoking-permanently-lowers-IQ.html

          • Rick Minick

            So what I lose 30 and still ahead of you.

          • PawneeBill47

            Your IQ has zero to do with your ability to function Einstein.

          • Oh no, more name calling. Again maybe you should read the full discussion. Just another two bit troll, spewing his uninformed two cents like a lost little child. I never compared IQ with the ability to function. Get a clue.

          • PawneeBill47

            IQ is very important to stoners, it is all they have.

          • Glad to know I am in good company at least. William Shakespeare, Bill Gates, Carl Sagan, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Dumas, Stephen King, Phil Jackson, Maya Angelou, Sanjay Gupta, Sir Richard Branson, Leonardo da Vinci…just a short list of people you would call dead head pot smokers. lol

          • PawneeBill47

            Do you buy from your mother or her pimp?

          • Your mom gives it to me for free after she sucks me off

          • PawneeBill47

            Bathe misses you, San Antonio can do without your doper ass.

          • lol oooh you can read. wow

          • Rick Minick

            Mama read it for him 🙂

          • so you are a stalker too. smh what a sad pathetic excuse for a man you are

          • PawneeBill47

            Come see me some time homo lookin’ guy.

          • Why? Are you into homo’s? So your stupid and homophobic too.

          • They say homophobes are scared of becoming gay themselves.

          • Rick Minick

            Actually since he “likes your looks” sounds like he might be on the down low 🙂

          • You certainly can’t spell.

          • Rick Minick

            Most morons have trouble spelling. In his case smoking pot might actually add to his IQ. Sure can’t lower it much more.

          • lol doper ass rofl lmfao better than being a sad internet troll

          • wisdomandtruth


          • Rick Minick

            Your low IQ has everything to do with how you function in these conversations, lol.

          • wisdomandtruth

            You talk a lot like Obama. You seem to try to look like him. Sounds like a personality disorder or mental illness. Wonder what caused that?

          • Gee, I didn’t hear anyone say send in the clowns.

          • The only “disorder” I have is not giving a rat’s ass what you think.

          • Rick Minick

            Oh please, what wisdom and truth are you trying to impart to us? Please enlighten us. Where did anything Richard had to say have anything at all to do with Obummer? Just another troll. Go crawl back under your bridge.

          • Sorry but I do not use it…just against the abusive bastards attacking and ruining the lives and futures because of smoking a joint behind the barn…at least I have enough brains to figure out this is bs!

          • Rick Minick

            I will put my 30+ years of pot smoking IQ up against your koot-aid drinking close to moronic IQ any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

          • dotag69

            Rick Minick – And you would lose…All the new studies prove that pot smoking does indeed lower ones IQ..The last report: it lowers the IQ by about 8 points..There are several of these reports, but here is one to start: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/9426205/Cannabis-smoking-permanently-lowers-IQ.html

          • Erin Murphy

            you should get your studies from google scholar and primary literature and then once you read it and go through the details and use your superior pot-free mind to evaluate the study then you can actually comment that what you are saying has any truth to it

          • dotag69

            Erin Murphy – Studies, not study..And I have done years of work through my local school district and local police force in this area…All the studies say the same things…Anyone who is a regular marijuana user is going to lose about 8 IQ points over the years…That you do not like this does not change the facts.

          • Rick Minick

            LOL, all biased studies. Get a grip on life and go back to your legal prescriptions and alcohol. Why do you care that others use pot to relieve the same problems that others use scripts for. Get a life. You lost your argument as soon as you showed that you use biased school and law-enforcement studies. LOL, you fall for that I have property I want to talk to you about.

          • wat

            And I’ve found just as many studies suggesting that the one (that is singular, not plural, just one) study that found marijuana lowers IQ points was heavily biased.


            Also, you failed to mention the study only found a lower IQ in people who were ‘dependent’ (said study neglects to mention there’s never been a recorded case of anyone being physically or mentally ‘dependent’ on marijuana) by or before age 18, which basically puts weed on the same level as alcohol in that it should be consumed only by adults who can be held responsible for their own decisions.


          • Rick Minick

            Said I would go against you with what I have, smoked much pot lately cause your reading comprehension is a little low, lol. It would take a lot more than 8 pts lost for me to get within even 20 pts of your suspected IQ.

          • Ken

            why keep insulting, can’t you win an argument on fact?

          • wat

            Yeah, ’cause the mainstream media never misrepresents studies on such things with cherry-picked quotes.

            No, wait…that’s exactly what they do. Like 100% of the time.

          • TheNameGame

            But not everyone has the same baseline IQ, and other factors can increase/decrease one’s IQ. Clearly, you don’t understand that measures are relative and numbers are hinged on other numbers hinged on other numbers (statistics). For example, you smoke weed, but you spend all your time reading nonfiction books about psychology, global history, biology, anatomy, and whatnot. Chances are, you’re going to have a higher IQ than someone who doesn’t smoke weed, but spends his/her time doing nothing but playing golf or watching TV.

          • Aria Rose


          • Bobbie Jo

            I agree a hundred times over..I have a family member that has smoked every day and then some for the last , oh 40+ years..he’s still smarter than anyone under 30 that I’ve met in the last 5 years..works his ass off at a full time job and then works until dark every night on his fatm. He could work circles around any younger person, and I’ve seen it time after time..
            I’ve smoked my fair share over the years and yep, nothing wrong with my IQ.. lol..
            I would much rather smoke a lil weed to help me fall asleep than take 4 or 5 prescribed meds to do the same thing..
            And there is a HUGE difference btwn Marijuana and hard drugs like heroin and crack. There’s always the person that’s going to scream “it’s a gate way drug”.. yeah okay..because I’ve never touched any other drug..don’t even drink, not socially or on holidays, never..I don’t drive after smoking, my kids have never even seen me smoke a cigarette (and trust me, a cigarette a day is 10x worse than a joint a day). But yeah, that’s my 2 cents on that.
            As for the murder in this article..the boys parents should be ashamed for not knowing what their kids were up to. I don’t care if my kids are 5 or 50, I will be in my wheelchair in my old age, still teaching them. That’s what a patent does, teaches right from wrong and raises a child to be a productive contributing citizen..not another juvenile delinquent. I don’t whip my kids, they don’t need it..but I honestly believe that if half of these parents could give their child one good whipping without having to worry about jail time, there would be a lot less punks running the streets. Yes, I was whipped as a child..did I hate it, yes! Do I think it made me a better person, maybe…but I know that it kept me from acting stupid a few times..
            I know the whole violence leads to violence , and break the pattern. .I’m not talking about getting beat because you didn’t clean your plate or spilled a drink..I’m talking about these 14 year olds coming in drunk at 2am and then getting an ass whipping bad enough that they’d remember it for the next week every time they sat down.
            My heart goes out to this man’s daughter, wife and family. Another senseless murder that left a child without a parent..tragic.

          • PawneeBill47

            Oh we KNOW how intelligent left wing dopers are………….ummmmmmm hmmmm! Gimme a break dead head.

          • Rick Minick

            LOL, me left wing? LOL You are about as wrong as you can be but then again you are used to being like that.

          • Freedom?

            You are a mindless leftist goon.

          • Elsa1965

            gawd internet chat rooms are depressing. total strangers insulting each other. How is that fun?? It sure is not entertaining.

          • Hemodr

            Your obvious mastery of grammar and sentance structure absolutely lends tremendous credibility to your argument. Just saying.

          • Jennifer Davis

            He says this based on absolutely no knowledge of the poster above. lol

          • Guess Lenny is a know it all…I do not use it…but know many vets that swear by it for meds…so screw you!

        • patman

          You would have to smoke 9.8 lbs of marijuana in less than an hour to overdose and you would die of smoke inhalation

          • Rick Minick

            Carbon Monoxide poisoning (smoke inhalation).

          • wisdomandtruth

            So you have smoked 9.8 lbs of pot in less than 1 hour and survived? Come out of your brain fog and read some facts. Read this http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/news/20050503/federal-report-marijuana-causes-mental-illness

          • Leslie Adams Wilkins

            Read the article, highly misleading. Of course kids who start smoking pot at ages younger than 12 have twice the probability to develop mental illness… and not because of the pot, but because they live in an environment that would allow them to smoke pot at that age! They obviously lack proper parenting and a healthy upbringing to begin with.

          • wat

            Quoting WebMD? The site hypochondriacs use to self-diagnose?

            You dumb SOB lol

        • wisdomandtruth

          Mental illness develops in 21% of people who use pot before the age of 12. Half that, 10.5%, develop mental illness if they begin using pot at age 21. this is from government figures, so it probably errs on the low side as to the dangers of pot. Read more at http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/news/20050503/federal-report-marijuana-causes-mental-illness

          • Chase Masters

            According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), depression, anxiety,
            and personality disturbances have been associated with marijuana use.
            However, the NIDA says it is not known whether marijuana use is an
            attempt to self-medicate an already existing mental health problem, or
            whether marijuana use leads to mental disorders (or both).

            From the same article you obviously did not read.

        • wisdomandtruth

          Sorry to burst you bubble (or fog), but 21% of people who begin smoking pot at age 12 develop mental illness. Half that, 10.5 %, develop mental illness if they begin smoking it at age 18. Government figures show this and more. Read http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/news/20050503/federal-report-marijuana-causes-mental-illness

        • Shirkahn

          This article isn’t about smoking pot or doing drugs, it’s about these 2 animals gunning down a dad. I say just give them the death penalty and be done with them. I never heard about this act until I looked on here about 10 minutes ago. Seems so strange, you never hear about blacks killing whites but, when a white kills a black, it’s all over the news.

      • Justin Welker

        if you think anyone would want to be on a registry for something that only affects them youre about as stupid as my water head cousin

        • easyuser

          If the feds required registering for free drugs, no strings attached.
          I believe million’s would signup. They need to register so they don’t acquire to many drugs and OD.
          If you take any legal prescription drug’s your already registered.
          The feds already know I take Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Clonazepam,
          Cyclobenzaprine and a few others.
          So what? How great it would be to get them for free or at a great discount.
          Lets try it and see how it works out.

      • rabb046

        You really love apostrophes, huh?

      • Old Man On The Porch


      • Tina Stewart

        Pot made no one go out and commit murder. No drug has ever made someone do any thing they, stone cold sober, haven’t already thought about. Any thing “mass” produced is going to have defective ones. These are defective people and should be eliminated from the population for good. EXECUTE! Execute, immediately, all who commit violent crimes with guns is the only gun control we need and the only one that will work.

    • RandyRant

      Actually james, potheads don’t go to prison, possession of marijuana in small amounts (personal use amount) is a misdemeanor, and is not a j jail-able offense or omission. Problem with todays media and gullible society, the media makes stuff sound worse than it really is and the public is dumb to to educate themselves and believes the media hype or what somebody tells them. Everyone in this country could use a criminal justice course at their local community college, just take CJ1 and CJ2 and maybe, just maybe they would understand how our criminal justice system actually works and what law enforcement has to deal with on a daily basis. Yeah, I suppose that if we actually had an educated public, rags like the Blaze wouldn’t last long and we wouldn’t be having this interaction.

      • Jason

        Bait comment as the statement “possession of marijuana in small amounts (personal use amount) is a misdemeanor”, while true, is also very misleading. Someone will say, “actually people do go to jail because of marijuana”, and the response is then, well they had more than the personal amount, or it was due to other things and the marijuana was simply what they initially got stopped for, blah blah blah. Even with the laws currently as they are, there are still people who are in jail and serving sentences for non-violent drug charges, such as the Missouri man, Jeff Mizanskey, who just had his LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE sentence for a nonviolent marijuana charge commuted by the governor, but only after serving 22 years. His is but one case from the drug war. There are many more. Currently the laws are more favorable, but potheads do still go to prison. It’s not over yet, not everywhere. I believe it was cases like Mizanskey’s that James is likely referring to, as that guy saw murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc get free on parole while he rotted in a jail cell for what would have been the rest of his life had this media that you speak so much ill of not written stories to drum up interest in his plight and make the governor take notice. So maybe you should educate yourself on that and similar cases, or at least acknowledge that they exist, before telling everyone how stupid they are.

        • Happy Day

          Your post is right on and your last sentence to Randy is perfect. It’s so sad what happened to Mizanskey. I can’t believe everyone turned away from that case all these years. So very sad.

      • Steve Chenoweth


        What kind of marijuana offenders are we talking about?


        Most of them are marijuana growers and marijuana dealers, although there are instances of people being put away for remarkably small amounts of marijuana. I’ve come across more than one case of people getting life without parole for a joint or for less than a joint. They tend to be habitual offenders and that’s their third strike, but that’s still a very severe punishment for possessing a joint.

        When I started looking into the war on marijuana, I was struck by how similar it was in a lot of its internal dynamics to the McCarthy era witchhunts, which I had studied in college. And the deep unreason to it and the hysteria surrounding it seemed very similar. And what concerned me most was how it seemed like another scapegoating. This country traditionally has gone thorough periods of intolerance where we look for scapegoats blame scapegoats and avoid dealing with our real problems.

        And the war on marijuana seemed like a classic example of that national tendency. So the question that I address myself to in the articles I’ve written is how does society come to punish a person more harshly for selling marijuana than for killing somebody with a gun?

        • Steve Chenoweth

          What say you on this Randy Rant ?

      • Paulonater

        Maybe you should come here to Florida and explain that to all the Sheriff’s Departments that ARREST for possession of marijuana. Just recently had a friend who was taken into custody because he had one joint, ONE. That works out to less than one or two grams, unless you’re Tommy Chong…

      • Happy Day

        Actually, Randy, all “misdemeanors” are jail-able. People still do time in some courts for possession, especially if leveled to a felony. I do agree with your comment though regarding the media and gullible society. You would think by 2015, no one would still believe the film “Reefer Madness” is factual for normal people.

      • Elsa1965

        why does no one talk about this article????

    • Ronie

      You mean like the “pot head” who just ran over four students in Washington State killing two of them and critically injuring the other two? All while driving with his three year old in the vehicle…you mean those poor “pot heads”?

      • James Whitehead

        Its best to do research before opening your mouth. The person you speak of, was up all night doing harder drugs than pot and drinking. Drug test has confirmed this. I also agree, that you should use pot responsibly. Just like alcohol. Driving on any drugs is stupid. I only smoke at home, after a long days work, and after Im done running any errands for the day. RESPONSIBILITY IS KEY

    • Ken

      Don’t you mean Drug Dealers that sell poison to kids?

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  • sadformycountry

    I bet everyone in this thread considers themselves to be good Christians.

  • Stan Bryars

    So your answer is
    Nothing but whine because I am more important than We

  • Stan Bryars

    This is where you show that I in anyway advocated any of these things.

  • easyuser

    What are you talking about?
    acting right?
    Explain yourself

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  • Thisracistworld

    This is of course a tragedy in itself, this father should not have been gunned down!! It was such a senseless crime. But the thing you racist don’t understand is there’s a difference this boys are being prosecuted prayerfully to the full extent of the law. The murderous cops that choose to gun down unarmed minorities are not!!

  • Darryn James


  • Darryn James


  • Terry Melvin

    Maybe you should’ve been the one out walking your dog.

  • Terry Melvin

    Yep, and white victims..hands up, don’t type.

  • gordonmartines

    To my fellow bloggers,

    Why hasn’t the main stream media picked this horrific incident up yet? More than likely the skin color of the aggressors doesn’t quite fit in properly with their unholy agenda. We had all better wake up quick because we are in real trouble, Folks.

    Just an old veteran cop reflecting,

    Gordon Martines

  • Sherry Anderson

    My point is that the KKK consider themselves xtians, they do not think they are a hate group. If hangings, burning people alive, wrongfully imprisoning innocent people & beating black children & women, if this is xtian behavior, if the horrific racist comments you spew are xtian, I’d rather die than be called a xtian because you people are great role models for HOW NOT TO BE a xtian. Filthy, middle school drop out, knuckle dragging imbeciles you are. You men aren’t any better, either.

    • rob

      but I am not an xtrian, you ignorant slut, I am Christian, until you get it right your statements are bs …again you ignroant bitch…another fool with theeir head stuck obamas rear, you idiots must love it in there!

  • Sherry Anderson

    Yes, before 1960 Democrats were the conservatives and republicans were the liberal party. That is common knowledge, that is why you are so happy to tell me the KKK is a democratic group.

  • Sherry Anderson

    I know black men are educated. What I meant was that I doubt you even know or are friends with anyone black. Or Hispanic. Or Native American. Or Asian. You people don’t want to associate with anyone unless they are white xtians. You all think, believe, you are superior to others and that you deserve special rights because of your religion. In fact, you xtians are a bloodthirsty, judgemental lot, no better than any other religion.

  • rob

    Exception, the fact that you have to name a couple or 3 makes it a sound correctly that most of them are just ignorant uneducated animals, thanks for making the point!

  • Debbie Specht

    Are you saying a White man does not have the right to walk his dog without being gunned down, but 3 Black men have the right to gun him down? And BTW, I don’t even know who David Duke is because I’m not a race baiter! However, you sure look to be jumping on just about everything you can to defend 3 armed Black men shooting an
    un-armed man. Referring to what I wrote as “Stupid” doesn’t get you any points. but it is a really juvenile thing to say for someone who wants to come off as educated. You should keep your comments to addressing my opinion, not name calling like a 4th grade bully.

  • Debbie Specht

    Good for you! Your eyes are open! I did not inject race, it is there in, oh, Gee! Should I just go ahead and state this? Black and White print. Not to mention the victim is white and the accused are black. I certainly did not make this up, I did not send those 3 out after that man, and I now truly wish he was armed so he could have taken at least one of those poor excuses of Humanity with him. I suppose you don’t think Black guys “from the States” are also joining ISIS? Gee, can I have a look through your Rose Colored glasses?

  • George Griffin

    they should never live long enough to have to take any more meds!!

  • Mary Mann

    Why haven’t we heard about this before now? Kids don’t know God, or that He is JUST, and that Hell is REAL. https://www.olrl.org/doctrine/hell.shtml

  • Jing Yagunazie

    can they just burn these kids. I see no reason for rehabilitation of deadly animals.

  • mark

    Bunch of F*^#king animals, taught from a young age, the brutal mentality they now have, isn’t their fault, it’s society that made them this way. hope they all get the death penalty, even the little boy. if that’s what you want to call the piece of crap…..

  • Norm39

    Between the muslims moving in and our own home grown kind of thugs and racist killers, we are in deep do do if something is not done and soon.

    • Laura Casey Schoen

      You are sooo right Norm

  • disqus_aue6WkVBhH

    All the hate language is ridiculous! There are good and bad people with every different colour of skin. Sure, I agree that those who murder should receive just punishment. They should be taken from their own families just as they ripped their victims from theirs, but that doesn’t mean it should be done in a vicious, vengeful way. Where is civilised humanity?

    • tbrec63387

      If I notice poor language, especially language that’s clearly racist on either side, I don’t bother reading the comment. In my many years of life, I’ve been robbed and beaten up by blacks. But ya won’t ever see me using racist terms.

  • Greg Price

    time to pack a gun

  • ReeRee

    wow are you serious… i thought that they just pinch…. see you learn something new everyday…Thank You

  • Linda Woodcock

    Where is Obamamama, Holder and Sharpton???????? Not big enough for them?????

  • jimbopeep

    If the punks are found guilty, lead or hemp. Don’t need to worry about the lads suffering because the chemicals don’t mix right. Their parents would need to watch also. That is if they have parents.

  • C Fowler

    Niggers being Niggers!!! Stupid a** Thugs… Sick of the actions of these kind.

  • Jay Cee

    Just ship them to Utah. I hear they brought back the firing squad.

  • gordon

    these ni&&ar pos thugs are worthless brain dead idiots

  • DoubleTapped

    Hopefully someone will give the shooter a Mike Brown style lead shampoo.

  • ssatoladbs

    Disgusting. Low lifes. Who. don’t. deserve. to. live.

  • sbozich

    If he thought it dangerous enough to not bring his daughter, then he should have thought it dangerous enough to bring his gun.
    You can’t plead for your life to a wild animal. Given the fact that no one knows who their father is in the black ghetto, there is probably a decent amount of inbreeding going on.

  • Donald Cassidy
  • Andrew C Eden-Balfour

    Clear case of robbery gone wrong and these people being punks. No doubt they’ll have the book thrown at them

  • Beedeekay

    You are one sick individual and one of the reasons your Country is going to the dogs!

    • The idea came from English Pirates in the 1600’s. Is that any worse than dousing a man in a cage with gasoline and throwing a match on him.

      • Beedeekay

        Exactly my point. Savagery has no place in to-days world. Those that burned the man in the cage, always will live in past centuries with rules that have never changed since Adam. They are slipping into every Country in the world! And want to dominate. If that is so abhorrent to you, why would you then advocate an agonising death for anyone? You are as much a savage as the ones that threw the matches into the cage and watched while the young Pilot writhed in agony before he died

      • Rick Minick

        Actually I like the bury them to their necks next to a ant bed (preferably a fire ant bed) scenario best and that one can be attributed to the Apache Indians.

    • Live-n-Learn

      Sir Dirty Harry would be a sick individual if he actually did it. There are a lot of people who comment what they would like to see done to criminals. They are not sick, they are angry. My Country is not going to the dogs because of people like SDH, it’s because of greedy politicians. There are a lot of Good people over here. Unfortunately, those people rarely get air time.

  • Ken Darby

    Where is the Civil Rights Investigation? Oh that’s right. White lives don’t matter

  • Justin Foreman

    This is awful, but you can’t compare it to what happened to Michael Brown. This is being dealt with by the system although you may not agree with the manner. None of them have been totally exonerated and released by the system like Darren Wilson, and the chances of them being done so are quite slim to nonexistent.

  • Justin Foreman

    This is awful, but you can’t compare it to what happened to Michael Brown. This is being dealt with by the system although you may not agree with the manner. None of them have been totally exonerated and released by the system like Darren Wilson, and the chances of them being done so are quite slim to nonexistent. Each of them has a permanent record- a bad one. Nor is this repeated, rampant behavior, like what we see almost every week with perpetrators going scott free in most cases, though horrific and cold blooded as this case was. We have to put our emotions aside and not loose proper perspective and context when dealing with problems and social issues.

  • PawneeBill47

    I like how you think.

  • Lola

    And the worst part is, because they’re so young, they probably won’t even have to pay really. A few years in juvie maybe then they’ll be back out on the streets to do the same thing they’re doing now. It’s sickening.

  • ratso4747

    They look like they have a combined IQ of about 50. I mean look at those ears and blank expressions.

  • dixonvixen

    Gets MY vote!!!!!! ^^^^^

  • Joan Of Arc

    To bad ! Then his butt should have been at home if he is unfit to be free in society! Always an excuse, NEVER taking responsibility ! Pathetic and Disgraceful

  • Peter Toth

    This is the legacy of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and all the rest of the race baiters! I also blame MSNBC, and to a lesser extent, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

  • HadEnough

    brooke, there is no civil rights violation to investigate. Must state action causing the rights violation to investigate. this happens everyday so “mainstream” press will ignore as not news worthy. that’s why I quit watching/reading news several years ago.

  • HadEnough

    Must be state (government) action for there to be a civil rights action.

  • seminalcacti

    we looked into and everything seems to be fine. It was a justified shooting. …

    is this the outrage and justice this stupid writer is talking about when a white cop kills an innocent black man?

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Hi. Off-topic, but have you been banned from Amren by any chance? I used to enjoy reading your comments, but haven’t seen you post there in a while.

  • Jack Jacox

    obama the halfbreed NI@@ER SCUM HATE America TRAITOR spawn at PLAY! VOIMIT on all SUCH NI@@ER FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria O’Connor

    So where are the white people, full of righteous indignation, going on the rampage & burning cars and homes, looting businesses and maiming police officers?

  • LarryBo

    Too bad Mr. Stulhman did not have a gun. The leftist liberal democrats disarmed him by not allowing good people to carry a gun. If three thugs were to try this stunt with me in Texas, I would pull out my gun and and dispatch them.

  • Otter58701

    Well if that’s how them monkeys wanna play it. We can play that too. Going to be more Travon’s that’s all.

  • Chris

    Fvcking little Nigglets need to be strung up!!!

  • Skwa

    And are these kids considered “thugs” ? No no no of course not! how dare we use that term… Honest to God, when I hear the word thugs, I think of the WHITE henchman in like Spider-Man or something. Never EVER related it to race. WTf are people thinking nowadays

  • chris2pher

    Adult Crime, Adult Time

  • John Birmingham

    We will over come

  • Roger Brown

    People that commit senseless crimes on innocent people need to be buried alive.

  • Will Griffin

    OK so when are all the White people gonna meet up and Riot and Loot oh wait, I mean “display our frustrations with society injustice”?

    No? Nobody? No plans? But ALL lives matter!!!

  • usachris68

    The judicial system is all messed up. Criminals need to pay the price for their actions. The victims have no rights! Time to take America back-everyone needs to carry.

  • Swaggerifik

    To the author: Racist much? You want a protest? How about organize one!! It’s NOT black people’s job to protest for you. You feel this is an injustice, so do I. But you comparing this to Michael Brown, is ridiculous. If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Let me know when YOU organize a march/protest, hell, I’ll march with you….until then stfu.

  • Tommy Sgro

    This is why I carry a fire arm

  • Jasna

    “Why do whites always make everything about race”
    “Maybe he shouldn’t have been out in a troubled area, late at night, what did he expect?”
    “What was he wearing? Was he showing off how much money he had?”
    “If he hadn’t acted so stupid, it wouldn’t have happened”

    “The media censoring this story”

    Muggings happen all around America constantly, there wasn’t a racial theme, just criminals looking to rob someone. People die every day from robbers, muggings, theft, break ins. These criminals chose him, because his dog wasn’t a threat.

    Victims of crime that are not straight, white and male, are constantly shown in the media as:

    “Bringing it on themselves”
    “Not showing enough awareness”
    “Playing the race/gender/sexuality card”
    “Asking for it”

    They barely get the sympathy this man was afforded for similar horrifying crimes.

  • Bob Kennerson

    There should be mandatory birth control for such people.

  • Davey Lindsey

    Will Mr. Stuhlman get a tax-payer funded memorial like Michael Brown? Disgusts me!!!

  • Teri Key

    ! no money to profit ! or free publicity exposure for Al ! Jesse !
    NAACP ! NO hate to blame on the racist white ! ect… WHY ! ??
    Apparently, it seems the media doesn’t think white lives matter all that
    much. !!

  • Lavon Madsen

    Exactly where are their fathers? What function do they hold in these boy’s lives?

  • Nigga rich

    And it’s people like you that don’t make enough hype about things and let the government walk all over us. You are probably one of these lazy fucks that sit there and collect my hard earned tax money.

  • whymilikethis

    Witch behavior used to get women like you burned at the stake in public. You totally missed the point.

    • Patricia Brosig

      But these little black americans……are going to get the “point”…and they are going to get it good. And hopefully, MANY, MANY times. I think about it and have to laugh. They will be so busy protecting their bung holes….they won’t have time to be bored ever again.

  • brit

    evil thugs

  • Richard Arnell Harris

    I detect some racial tension here. As a person who had faced injustice and some abuse at the hands of both blacKS and whites, I don’t lIke it. Y for some reason Americans are so stupid it is impossible for us not to kochi mostly on race.. why does the article say, “supposedly just a child?” in he a child; criminal or not? Then why? Why does death make us forget these good measures of humanity? It’s not death or murder that has done that. No, face death everyday.. we KNOW someone will be born and someone 0gets you the ratings you do hope for.. because it did nothing for me..

  • Little Wing

    Death penalty for all 3.

  • Chris Pritchard

    cut em some slack..they have not had a paternal influence in their lives.

  • Cathy Swanson

    I say we bring back lynchings and take control of these young black punk thugs.

  • Jselvy

    Should have been armed

  • Patricia Brosig

    Wait until they get to Prison….they definitely WILL be “procesuted”….but we spell it “PROSTITUTED……..” I’m sure they’ll take good care of the bastards.

  • Patricia Brosig

    Gotta start somewhere……..! LOL

  • Chris Dull

    I will put this on my facebook page

    • Yea, that will teach’em. LOL What an assh*le!

  • Chris Dull

    I dare a news station to put this on !

  • Chris Dull

    I think all life is sacred, but I am willing to make an exception in this case, as I am with killers of children, and a man or woman in uniform.

  • Dana Lind

    These monsters are a product of their environment. they see glory in killing, much like their ancestors. Where are the mothers and fathers of the monsters? Probably a mom who is working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads and the father is long gone and a memory. When are the supposed “adults” going to wake up and realize that if they have stable family the odds of their sons committing murder go way down?

    • WRONG. The Black comes from a much divergent evolutionary lineage. There is no domesticating this beast no matter how much money you throw at them.

  • Sybil Schroeder

    They all have an excuse

  • Sgt76

    Good article and point however as so often occurs you bias and ignorance negate your point, the President has nothing to do with this and a civil rights investigation can only be initiated when the person causing the death is acting on behalf of the government ie law enforcement officers

    • Ed Woodson

      Incorrect. George Zimmerman was not acting on behalf of the government and he was the object of a civil rights investigation.

  • ryan miller

    Oy vey but my Sheckles this can be !

  • Pretending that this is just some isolated incident is just nonsense. The Black is a significantly differing species, violent and degenerate, genetically, biologically.

    Something the world has known for hundreds of years but recently decided to pretend is not true. We must separate from the Black, our own White Country. Northwestfront.org

  • appleannie1

    They were arrested and charged. What a shame that does not occur when law enforcement kills someone.

  • Janette Miller

    These 3 killer thugs lives do NOT count. Death penalty please, for these killer thugs.

  • Nate White Jr

    Wow u white folks get mad whn tje rabbit got the gun…

  • Barbwire Bob

    Look, carry that gun rather you have a license or not.

  • Mary Brown

    I have his medication, it is lead, weighs 124 grains… arrives at 1200 feet per second!

  • Dave

    The don’t have their silly ass grin now….

  • ???????

    I love how the further I scroll down the argument suddenly becomes about pot vs. other drugs and the legalization of pot. Jesus Christ people, this is why things like this are forgotten. You get all fired up about something completely off topic and forget about anything else.
    “There must be justice for this horribl-SQUIRREL”

  • Lynnz

    I’m sure our fearless leader will send in Al Sharpton and Eric Holder to defend these Pos.

  • Mike Stern

    No the lunatics are these thugs and their parents not owning up to the responsibility of killing someone.

  • Dave Allen

    The tragedy of the cold-blooded murder is just the beginning of the burden that these three people have placed on society. Taxpayers will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting and incarcerating them, probably for life. They will never hold a job, pay taxes, or volunteer for a good cause. We need to figure out what is wrong with a society and culture that produces people like this and fix it.

    • Jay

      At the risk of oversimplifying; they had poor role models, bad genetics and an environment that is more conducive to crime than a decent life.

  • avengeflipper

    Yes, that’s the excuse they make every time their little angels get in trouble in school. The teachers are forced to accept that and let them off because they usually have IEPs for their behavioral disorders. It’s an ugly cycle and this is the result.

  • Bill Webber

    Try them as adults, mothers as Co-defendant or accomplice. Parents are
    responsible for their children’s well-being. Now they need to pay.
    All innocent lives matter.

  • Hugh Jass

    this is why I carry a Glock I started MMA and jiu-jitsu around 1993 and I am now 56 and in solid shape but the bottom line I am not bullet proof.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    “All had trouble with the law before”. and the low life “Parents”, if that’s what you can call these Sperm and Egg donors, did NOTHING about it. If I would have had ONE scrape with the law first of all my dad would have skinned my backside with his belt, then found ALL Kinds of unsavory things for me to do ALL summer long,,,and by my self too. These little Farrell Hogs need to be dealt with in a manner fitting the crime.

  • Wiggle D

    If you rape or murder, you are no child and deserve no mercy.

    • Jay

      Wiggle? What are you doing here, girl? 😉

  • Edward Simons

    They committed an adult crime. They should be tried as adults. If they are found guilty, They should suffer the same penalty as an adult. It is time to put a stop to this type of situation.

  • RedMeatState

    these little bassterds are earning a death sentence for themselves and their community because if it keeps up I GUARANTEE YOU that the rest of the population will take matters into their own hands.

  • C Lew

    Throw this scum away for life.

  • Michael Parrish

    15 & 14, see th8is is how they get their [Cred], there will be nothing in the news, nothing from the White House, nothing-I sure miss the sixties, we would have taken these to monkeys out to a filed and slit their throats!

  • Codgewife2

    These little basterds need to be tried as adults and be put away for life.

  • Paul

    Child my ass, throw them both in adult prison for life.

  • mymissionofmercy

    They should have life in prison without the possibility of parole. All three.

  • Harvey Henkelmann

    Those young boys could’ve been Obama’s sons.

    So where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this one?

  • zivo24

    It disgusts me that a blatantly partisan group is trying to make this into a political issue. The irony is that they just end up making themselves look STUPID in the process.

    “So can we expect Barack Obama and Eric Holder to demand a civil right investigation? Don’t bet on it.”
    First of all, Loretta Lynch has been the Attorney General of the United States since 4/27/15. Eric Holder had been out of office for almost a full month when Brooke Bosca wrote this.
    Second of all, three people had already been apprehended and charged with the Mr. Stuhlman’s murder. A murder charge is a great deal more serious than a “civil rights investigation”. Civil rights investigations usually only result in fines, where as a criminal conviction can result in imprisonment.
    Wow…what an asinine story. A family is grieving and Brooke Bosca is trying to exploit it for his/her own partisan political agenda. Shameless. Disgusting. Despicable.

  • Francis

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  • thefon1010

    Really tired of this nonsense, violence does occure. The difference is these lawbreakers are going to jail. A lot of time when it is white on black, doesnt matter if it is citizen or police these murders never see the inside of a jail. Stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution. Murder is murder treat it accordingly. None should get a pass.

  • hunt458

    Ya’ll still living where black folks live? That’s crazy.

  • Happy Day

    While true, it’s BS any Country protects “young kids” when they commit such horrendous crimes!

  • Jim Sterrett

    lol…i think my first comment got rejected because i said something mean about women. but heres the point. a woman wrote this article. title mentions some majorly heartbreaking part of the story. i am expecting that the man used something to make a recording in the last seconds of his life saying goodbye to his daughter. something like that. but no. a man has died. the man was a father. his children will never see him again. this is all business as usual. but what is REALLY HEARTBREAKING. it made his dog sad. people disgust me.

  • mary witte

    I am really tired of black parents coming up with their excuses for their thug kids ,if he was off his meds its your fault, and the fact that he committed murder is also your fault, they should be punished for what they did, your children are murderers>they have No sympathy for the man they murdered for a few dollars and so no sympathy for these “children” who had gun and use it.And blacks wonder why other races hate them

  • joenyer

    So? Where is that national media who panders to every “victim” based on color preferences? I cannot wait for Obama and his henchmen to leave town permanently next year. i will THEN start carrying my weapon once again.

  • Raheem Washington

    This is terrible but who needs an investigation when the culprits are teens who ADMIT what they did? You need an investigation when you are a GROWN AZZ MAN who is being PAID to LEGALLY carry a fire arm via being sworn in to honor the badge of law enforcement….and then after being so you gun down a victim in an emotional tirade unjustified in the court of men and the court of God. Justice will be had here for this heinous crime(hopefully) and if it isnt then THERE is where the outcry should be.

    This is terrible and evil but its equally as evil to get lost in color….the writer of this article is CLEARLY not judging people by conduct of character nor a believer the virtues of law enforcement. If we are playing tic for tac then black people owe white people a million for free murders but thats not the game and shame on anyone whos dumb enough to hold that bias. Sometimes both sides of the argument are wrong…dont pick a color, pick a conduct of character. Pick right even when it leaves you on the side that is typically wrong….otherwise you are the problem.

  • Rosemary Green

    Get over yourself. Protests happen when the perpetrators are not brought to justice. These criminals have been arrested and will pay for what they’ve done, so no, there will not be an uproar. Stop spreading hate and fueling the fire of an already ugly racial divide in this country!

  • Silent_Service

    America: You have raised a FINE generation of lazy, vicious psychopaths and whore-queens. Congratulations.

  • Ruthann Alberts

    they always make excuses and then cry wolf i think they should beat the hell out of him and his mother too~! she dont see the wrong her kid did that is why this world is coming to what it is today a piece of garbage just how they raise there kids~! I say lock his ass up and throw away the key he dont deserve to breathe air~!

  • Ruthann Alberts

    MMMM brutal but if the shoe fits wear it~!

  • Billy Kaae

    riot! riot! riot! All white people need to converge on Philadelphia and burn it down!!!

  • Cavitekid

    And you call yourselves Americans? This is stuff out of a Third World Country and the government and the people should be ashamed that you allowed it to get this far with that liberal, black and white, lets smoke dope and gay marriage and it is OK not to take responsibility for your actions. Only veterans would understand what I am saying and YES “GOD BLESS AMERICA”. You can do whatever you want because someone paid your with their blood in a place, you cannot pronounce.

  • Lenny Szubinski

    The “dreaded” “N – word” is too good for these vicious animals! They need to be hunted down and tortured! Let these apes know what terror feels like! Cowardly scum!

  • Lenny Szubinski

    You are just another typical bleeding heart asshole, who gives sympathy and respect to these cold blooded murdering apes, and ignores the horrible plight of the victim! You help prove that liberalism is truly a mental disorder! And the only freaking lunatic here is you!

  • Carlitosway

    There needs to be no civil rights investigation, because everyone already knows whether or not this makes it on news, those teens will be charged… Unlike most police shootings and ferguson. So stop looking for a pity party.

  • Tina

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  • Mike Hiler

    Apples and Oranges.

  • lbmolitor

    I think Whites ought to protest in that neighborhood…not violently like in Maryland or Ferguson…just enough to let our white presents known, sorta like the others of late but just the opposite…it’s ok, I k m ow my comment will NOT be allowed, too racist maybe…nah!

  • phoenixcomm

    the little sob’s should breath my air anymore. enough said!

  • Bruce

    It’s a bubble of hate speech for people who don’t want to think in nuanced terms. This is sad to see. Stoke the fires, so we can all burn, don’t ever consider a sad scenario as a thing you can draw anything but hate from.

    Meanwhile the tone deaf motherfuckers never think “Neither of these were the police”

  • TheINternetTroll

    its obviously racially motivated since the perpetrators and the victim have different color skin.

  • TheINternetTroll

    why do retards like you post in the reply section of a comment instead of actually making a comment. do you idiots not know how disqus comments work?

    • Jared

      My comment was in reply to a spam post, numbnuts. Or do you not realize that posts can be erased but not the replies to them?

  • RU

    What total BS…charge all three as adults. If they can act like adults at 14 and 15, then they can be tried as adults too. This is why kids need to go back to NOT getting what they want and getting their butts spanked. The parents should be tried too. They need to be charged with neglect….neglecting to teach their children

  • A. G. T. Jr.

    This incident is normal and usual for this ethnic group. The Polar Bear Hunt and Knockout Game are one the favorite pastimes of this specific ethnic group in Chicago and in St. Louis, Louisiana. No serious law enforcement investigation has been done about it because the attorney general at that time ruled that black criminals should not be caught and prosecuted be cause it would be racist. Only non-black offenders should considered for prosecution. There is a chance the two so-called reverends will go to Philadelphia and blame society, specially non-black society, that it has made dregs of humanity these 3 black criminals because non-black people don’t understand black culture.

  • John Opinion

    Are you serious? The writer compares this horrible murder to Furgeson? It’s completely different. These are punks who should spend the rest of their lives in prison are just that “punks”, but Furgeson involved a cop, their held to a higher standard! Comparing punks to cops is really stupid!!

  • Keith Bryant

    Cut off their heads with a dull machete, Rwanda style.

  • Jay Schantz

    This was a horrific crime, but the article from TRN was just pure propaganda.

    1) Civil rights cases are only involved when a civil right has been stopped. Such as singling out a jaywalker because they are black.

    2) There is no need for a march because the people that committed the crime are in custody or have arrest warrants out for them. Justice is being served. Unlike the badge wearing thugs that murdered Tamir Rice.

  • YoureNotThatImportant

    Murder, robbery and a hate crime charge please.

  • Marc

    Here is the difference, those teens will go to jail and pay for what they did. So you don’t need to protest to make sure justice is served. However, too many times corrupt police never even see the court room for their crimes. That is why Obama and Holder will not make an appearance.

  • Peggy Lawson

    No worse than the “teens” who committed the murder. Try them as adults, lock them up, NO parole and through away the key.

    • Peggy Lawson


  • DollyWolly

    There are just no words to describe how senseless this is. These two need to be tried as adults. They will never be a contribution to society, so let them rot behind bars.

  • James Sawor

    To the author: Now you fully know you are being ridiculous. There is a huge difference between officers under oath committing murders and punks committing murders. Asking for a Federal Investigation? Nowhere in this did they say anything about choosing the man because he was white. Sorry the Constitution doesn’t protect people because they have smaller dogs. Media censorship? Murders happen, robberies happen. There is nothing out of the ordinary here. And to bring up Michael Brown? May I remind you that the officer did not approach Michael because he was a criminal, he approached Michael with a racist slur telling he and a friend to stop walking in the street while he was looking for the thief. Not a comparable story either. Stop grasping for your racist straws.

  • freedixie

    Typical jungle mentality of these aborigines. Wild animals do not belong in society with humans.

  • seaarrow

    Black privilege brought to you by liberalism.

  • Archangel

    Give these little thug pricks the needle! Zero tolerance on any senseless murder committed by any skin color. Really tired of the Circus the 4 stooges (Obama, Holder, De Blagio and Sharpton) have caused. The stooges have blood on their hands. This is the fallout from sheer idiots in power.

  • Shania

    Filthy POS, with no respect for life. I hope they die young, and rot in Hell.

  • mato matic


  • mato matic

    Black Basterds fkng cotton makers

  • mato matic

    exterminate all niggers

  • Kris Henderson

    Don’t think he’s a pirate.

  • gonewiththwind

    We have Obama and his give away programs to thank for this. IF YOU CAN’T RAISE YOUR CHILDREN, DON’T HAVE THEM. It is a shame we can’t charge the mothers of these things for bringing them into the world.

  • Aunt_tea04

    For a real eye opener, read Colin Flaherty’s “White Girl Bleed a Lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” and watch his video’s on Youtube.

  • Ranny Lane

    Black SOB’s Punks… Death by hanging…

  • Marcene Heeren

    Google this story and you will find that local NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates have been covering this story. It’s sad and it’s senseless, but don’t say the mainstream media isn’t covering it.

  • Purple_Zebra

    The parents of these children; who run rabid in the streets, need to have their asses kicked.

  • Roger Penn

    Wow. “Could have ran?” “Was laying?” I know this is the Internet, but a professional journalist that can’t write proper English? That’s their job! At least Lt. Walker can.

  • Jumpy Gathers

    You couldn’t drag me to that fuquin Philadelphia. What a hellhole of horrible crimes committed by the usual suspects !

  • Carrie Graham

    There is no excuse no matter the color of allowing children to get away with murder. You made an adult decision to commit murder therefore you should be tried as an adult and not just stay in jail until you are 21 nope you get the whole sentence. I also do not care of the age of this so called child. Nor do I care what race you are. They should all be treated equally…

  • gene45420

    hope they spend every day of their natural born life in jail

  • David Bruce Lucas

    You mean that in the good way, right?

  • Million

    Let’s not bring Michael Brown in this situation. These children have done a terrible thing and they should be punished accordingly. There is no speculation if they were in the wrong. Why make this a race issue? No one is saying that they should not be punished…

  • Caleb Jackson

    Okay… what is there for Barack Obama and Eric Holder to investigate?

  • SFCRetired

    “Child”, my foot! If a “child” is old enough to commit cold-blooded murder, that “child” is old enough to face the consequences. I am so tired of hearing excuses for these vicious little thugs.

  • dotag69

    No way in Hell I would let a Black teenager into my home…Under no conditions…

  • dotag69

    Rob – People are fed up with teenagers getting away with these kinds of crimes..Nothing will happen to these killers..A slap on the wrist and then they will be back on the streets…Robbing and killing other innocent persons.

  • Cee Mack

    It amaze me how facials shows its ugly face every time. Let me stay by addressing this horribly unnecessary crime. These kids were evil idiots for this crime and should be tried as adults and receive the wrist sentence available for the crime.

    As for the police brutality towards the many black men, teens and young kids I ask WTH diss that have to do with this. How DARE you try to justify hundreds of unnecessary deaths to bring awareness to another.

    ‘m glad you are bringing awareness to this story but you are as hateful, disrespectful and evil as these young boys for how you went about presenting this madness. Just simply prejudice!

  • Tired taxpayer

    where is Al or Jessie??? Guess this man’s life did not matter. So one of the little murderers was not taking his meds…be a parent, stand in front of him, make him take his damn meds, have him sit for 30 minutes after he puts them in his mouth and drink a glass of whatever!!! It is not easy for all involved. I have taken care of kids that needed meds and refused and they were punished…no tv, no phone, x-box, no anything!

  • yeahyeah

    Wow now it’s 1-567890009866. Not condoning what they did but I hope they get off like everybody else. So y’all can see how it feels. Who told the officer he begged the dog?

  • phm

    AMEN to this suggestion

  • Terry ‘daBear’ Browning

    …hurts my heart………………….the stupidity is staggering….

  • Jack meoff

    I’ll be glad when the economy collapses and there is no military or police for the common man. The population of these failed ape species is going to be almost extinct in just a matter of about a month. What we don’t get, their own kind and starvation and disease will.

  • I am really not sure how many times my heart can break. These things that are happening to those that are just living their lives…..just following their journey in life. Then, out of nowhere …….out of NOWHERE……That person’s journey is snuffed….his hopes, his dreams, his loved ones in his life, his belief that taking his dog for a walk would be a ~~~~good thing!~~~~and it turned out …..his life ..and everything in his future is just.gone.
    People, we really need to figure this out. This is real…and it isn’t good……we are all at risk. What are the options?

  • PawneeBill47

    How so, the man worked, had a family, they showed him zero mercy. YOU are he lunatic to even place the value of their lives over that of a slug.

  • DanWas

    The media isn’t censoring this story. Not at all. There was plenty of coverage on it when it happened back in March.

  • Fred Garvin

    Philly, you deserve the trash you voted into office. Good thing they have gun control.

  • Jennifer Lacey Pruitt

    it should not be black teens gun down white man, it should be teens gun down father

  • John Galvin

    Give it time the tables will turn

  • todd ledgerwood

    And the race baiters wonder why the rest of humanity avoids young black men like the plague. Animals, pure animals.

  • Frances_HLowrey

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  • Doug McGinn

    What a sad sad world we have created, a man gets murdered and rather than express opinions and concerns about the senceless murder commited by two young black men, you people turn it into a debate about marijuana. Perfect example of why marijuana should remain illegal.

  • Peter Dochinez

    I don’t understand why we do not have public hangings for assholes like this ! We could sell admission tickets to football stadiums when there aren’
    t games ???

  • Peter Dochinez

    NO, your are part of the problem !

  • Leinad316

    All debate about drugs and race aside, one does not simply pull a gun out of thin air when one becomes “bored”. This is a clear indicator of some level of premeditation.

  • Janice Dexter

    where is the outrage there wont be any rioting or looting nothing will be said or done

  • Chandra M. Jordan

    Well I’m sure it’s going to be okay for some reason that these “poor kids” did it right? Or can we FINALLY start assigning culpability for things?

  • Joseph Von Zipper

    This is why we need the death penalty for little nigglettes that will keep costing the US Taxpayers money taking care of these lowlifes for tthe rest of their natural life.Kill em all..They do unto you,Do unto them first…Why some of us has guns.

    • Dick Adams

      Man after my own heart. Fry ’em.

  • Jennifer

    Hey maybe they will put up a plaque or statue memorialize get them as wonderful kids because you know the parents will say they were angels also they will problem blame the victim in some way. This racial crap needs to stop if you commit a crime you are in danger of getting hurt by police that poor clerk that Michael brown beat up everyone is acting like Michael didn’t do anything wrong and now a statue?

  • LetMeBeClear

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like Tyfine…

  • gramps

    Black LIES matter!

  • Reality Bites

    Focking animals.

  • dennis

    Really why are we arguing about pot–don’t you think these kids need to assume some responsibility – where is Al “Not So” Sharptown at?

  • jake

    I feel like the writer is excited that the man was murder by black people. This is disgusting race baiting drivel.

  • Danny Blaylock

    This is a tragedy, and it is horrible what these teens did. BUT….the author diminishes the message by flat out lying about **the Michael Brown fraud**. The police gunning down an unarmed black kid is no “fraud”. It actually happened.

    • Dick Adams

      A three hundred pound, 18 year old ill tempered bully is hardly a unarmed kid.

  • Lovenia Johnson

    So why are the cops lying?? If they know where Hamilton is go get him.

  • Ravenhawk Remington

    i hope they get the death sentence and get beaten and raped in prison over and over

  • Hemodr

    I’d bet those nignogs would’ve thought twice about shooting that man if he was carrying a pistol on his hip. His poor daughter. Se la vie…
    God Bless Texas.

  • Judi T

    Cue the Momma’s crying about the persecution of their “good boys” Pieces of CRAP

  • ThouShallNotJudge

    OMG!! Wth?! When a white person kills a black person, the black people ban together and riot and march & form a united BOND. THIS happens to a white man by 2 young punk ass kids, nonetheless and 95% of the comments are focused on smoking pot. What the hell?!.. No wonder it keeps happening! We can’t get it together & stay focused long enough to form any type of unified bond. Sad, situation! Disappointing to say the least!

  • wisdomandtruth

    His mother is responsible for keeping him on his medications. She should be charged as well for neglecting her child.

  • jackie canada

    This is terrible and it could happen to anyone. We must acknowledge that there are dangerous people everywhere no matter what race one is. We seem to forget that all life is given by God Almighty. Every life is precious no matter what race you are.

  • Mike Szabo


  • J Rock Barrington

    How can we help these lost young men?

  • Byron Smith

    The thugs look like some of Obama’s children.

  • cmag1971

    Next we will hear from Race baiter Sharpton that these kids are the real victims. Makes you wonder what kind of parents raise kids like this.

  • Deirdre Duester-King

    Maybe the parents should have had their asses home having dinner and doing homework/housework. Despicable excuses these “parents” give.

  • Jim in Irvine

    That is a horrible crime that deserves all the attention of the other crimes noted in the media. But that last paragraph in this story is troubling. “Thank God”?! “Thank GOD [the murder victim took the rare but not unheard of step of walking without his daughter]”?!? “THANKS” for what? Did God have a hand in protecting the daughter? If God had a hand in protecting the daughter, why did He stop there? If God had a hand in protecting the daughter, He is as evil as everyone who has ever maliciously harmed another living thing.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Are you demanding white parents to take responsibility for THEIR criminal children? Are you watching Fox News interviewing guests who are talking about the deterioration of the white family ad nauseam and how it should be fixed? When you start doing that we will let you tell us how we should fix the black families.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Young punks. How many times has this 21 year old white kid who has murdered 9 black people been called a “young punk”? Anyone know? All that I have been reading is that he is a “quiet, soft spoken young man”.

  • Mandy Tirado

    Absolutely heartbreaking. These boys are just far too young to have such dark, evil thoughts. (Well, is there ever a really great age for them?) And that poor man, his family and dog. Also, to be the police who responded on scene…how terrible for them as well.

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    And where was obama talking about gun control and race here? Does not fit in his agenda.

  • ConcernedParent

    They must both be related. Look at their ears, Anyways this is indeed tragic. My prayers and sympathy for his friends and family.

  • sozo85

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  • Steve Holsten

    These things are what causes things like Charleston to happen.

  • obloodyhell

    The more important thing isn’t what they do, it’s how little attention the media gives it while promoting all the black-hatred-black-racism baiting incidents they can.

  • judy

    i get dibs on the tractor supply store.. there is a cute little riding lawnmower i have my eye on.. breaking the door down is an easy job.. ill protest this murder by taking that mower and anything else there that i want… its my right to do this.. ill show them w ho ever them is…

  • mike house

    one round in each dome ,,solves this problem and alot a future ones

  • disqus_cU1kkO44Kv

    A look into their eyes reveals nobody home. Evil rushes into an uncaring heart.

  • Jack Magurn

    White lives DON’T matter!

  • Lovebandit

    So they found a guy shot dead in cold blood and now his family has lost a cherished member and his daughter is an orphan but what is REALLY sad is that his Terrier was pawing at him? You dog worshipers are sick in the head. The dog was probably wondering why he was sleeping on a sidewalk. I got news for you, three bowls of kibble from somebody else and the dog won’t even remember this guy. Do I like dogs? Sure. Are they on par with people who have a soul, uhhhh, that would be NO….geez.

  • KingArthurNY

    I ordinarily don’t respond to people whose only contribution to a discussion is to accuse their adversary of being ignorant or uneducated. You don’t agree with my opinion, fine. That doesn’t make me ignorant or uneducated. It’s simple-minded to argue that way. The black race is far more aggressive and prone to this type of animalistic behavior than any of the white killers you mentioned. Statistics on crime bear this out. You picked a few extreme cases where whites were the perpetrators, but you cannot reasonably argue that blacks are far more likely to commit the kinds of crimes told about in this news story. And they are champion breeders, too. Black men love to breed, and don’t apparently care about the quality of their breeding partners. Thus we have fatherless chimps in human clothes wreaking havoc on our society and making certain cities unsafe for anyone. Plus, blacks kill each OTHER in far higher numbers than any other race.

  • Jamie Wilson

    It is very sad how young these criminals are becoming. Murdering someone. Taking an innocent life. Why should they be able to have another single breath after what they did. All murderers should not be able to live. It is not right to the victims.

  • Chloe Rowles

    On medications??? Another example of someone who should be committed to a mental facility instead of walking free in society. We need to get back to locking up the mentally ill. If his mother knew he was off his medications, she could have had him in the hospital, but our laws don’t allow that anymore.
    Up until the 1950’s, people,(yes kids too) were locked up when diagnosed with a serious disorder, and we didn’t have these kinds of thrill killings.

  • Sammy

    I think it’s about that time, actually it longggggg overdue!!!!!


  • larryaschro

    I’m not white, lol, now who’s the racist?

  • larryaschro

    So do I, but we aren’t talking about them are we?

  • larryaschro

    Evan, why don’t you go and live in Oakland for a bit

  • larryaschro

    Race baiter

  • Union Lacktivist

    You the one flagging comments like a little bitch?

  • Jenny

    You call them monsters?..How many of YOU have killed a black kid and get away with it?…How many of YOU have killed BLACK peoples and get away with it?..How do you call yourselves??!!…

  • Heartbreaking? These two must be EXECUTED

  • Tina Stewart

    What prisons have you been in, what country? These defective humans should immediately be executed. There is no fixing them and why should anyone have to support them, least of all victims of violent crimes.

  • Tina Stewart

    There is no excuse, made up or not that excuses this. Why is everyone arguing about “pot”? This has nothing to do with any of this.

  • Bubba Bluffton

    All of you pro-marijuana people–this article isn’t about the pros or cons of drugs. It’s about cold blooded murder by three animals, raised by animals and taught the ways of the street by the human detritus in their community. Each of these individuals should be tried as adults and given the most severe punishment possible and offered no deals or probation if found guilty.
    It’s not about race so don’t even go there because each and every person who commits these acts of violence MUST be held accountable for his or her actions.
    These pieces of garbage will be raped and beaten in prison when they are finally sentenced. It won’t happen frequently enough, unfortunately.

  • squirl033

    Damned inbred thugs… line the little bastards up and gut-shoot ’em!

  • Bill

    Just shoot the little niggers and be done with it. Save the money for a trial and spend it on the Man’s family.

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  • Wodanson

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    There is no place for these savage primates in a civilised society.

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  • Danna

    Don’t let their names be forgotten, if it was a white person guilty of any such thing done to them their names would be on T.V. all day and night for several days. Never forgotten, lose their jobs and reputation.

  • Danna

    Let their names be on t.v and not forgotten like whites that have done anything to that race. Make a big SPLASH on T.V. and let all know they have committed a crime against whites. Since never talked about on T.V..

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