Police Make Arrest in Animal Cruelty Case That Went Viral Worldwide


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

North Charleston Police have made an arrest in the animal cruelty case that has been spread worldwide.

William Leonard Dodson, 41, is being charged with ill treatment of animals and torture. He was found in the area of Quitman Street and Calvert Street. He is expected to be in bond court on Tuesday.

Caitlyn the dog was found in critical condition last week on a Good Samaritan’s doorstep with electrical tape tightly wound around her muzzle.

The tape was so tight around Caitlyn’s muzzle that her tongue was caught between her teeth, stopping blood flow to her tongue. Officials think that the tape was on Caitlyn for up to 36-48 hours.

The Charleston Animal Society Senior Director of Veterinary Care, Dr. Lucy Fuller, DVM, said “Caitlyn is in a lot of pain, her condition is critical, and her prognosis is guarded.” She also said that “A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow. She may be severely disfigured, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications.”

The story of Caitlyn, the North Charleston dog who had her muzzle taped shut, is now worldwide.

We talked with one man at the Chinese Deli in the Chicora-Cherokee community. That is where the dog was discovered earlier this week. “You gotta think, what kind of cruel person is gonna take their time to that to a dog?”

“It’s many things that’s not good that comes through my mind when I hear it…it’s cruel. It’s degrading. Wrong. Life threatening. Sick. It’s like, the mere thought of it is, I mean, why?? That’s one question that comes through my mind when I look at it, is why?”

I don’t think I can put in writing what I think should be done with this man, if guilty.

He is a monster.

  • David N.

    Because animals cruelty is treated as more terrible than infanticide…

    • Mildred_ESharpe

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    • jennifer9999

      I don’t believe there is a comparison. Suffice to say our precious little animals are mistreated more often than reported or seen. This precious dog just happened to meet someone who cared. The dog owner who did this needs to be strung up. Low life bas____.

    • Josh Gilman

      Then encourage planned parenting, increase birth control availability and morning after pill, don’t whine when welfare queens support 5 kids on tax monies and schools promote sex education. You cannot have your cake and eat it too with social engineering either by libs or cons. And you can tell a lot about a nation by how it treats the truly helpless creatures.

    • Fawkes

      Infanticide? You mean an abortion? My only problem is late term abortion, and those are a very small percentage of abortions and those that do happen are usually to protect the life of the mother, not because she doesnt want it, it is my belief that a child is not an entity until it reached a point where it is viable outside the womb, once that point is reached i consider it capable of thought and is sentient, thereby akin to murder, but before that point i could care less what you do with your body, though i personally wouldnt abort a child, so by my belief, yes, i consider animal cruelty a more pressing issue then abortions

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  • B Mc

    That Filthy Animal need to Rot for a few years in a Prison….

    • BuckTard

      A few?

      • B Mc

        I say about 3 years….. In a cell with just a burlap mat to sleep on…. No toilet or sink, Just a covered drainage hole in the middle of the room….. His food and water are given twice a day in 2 bowls……. No Fork, No Knife….. Twice a week we spray down the cell…… Once a week take him outside for 1/2 hour for a hosing down…..
        He needs to be Treated like an animal without being Reduced to an Animal…… You need to keep Certain Humanities in check in order for him to Remain Human and Truly understand and feel what its like to be an animal….. If he Becomes the Animal he will never learn and he will adapt and shun what little Humanity he has left…..

        • Ken De Luca

          Sleep on dirt like in the jungle before slavery

  • Proud American

    Pull his tongue out between his teeth, brutally tape his mouth shut, and drop him off in the middle of a Forest.

    Maybe some forest creatures will have pity on him and cut him loose…. but that’s just a gamble he’s going to have to live with….. just like the poor dog had to suffer through.

  • Mel carn

    I think duck tape needs to be wrapped around his little penis and nut sack as tight as can be and left until the tissue dies and needs to be cut off with anesthesia or pain meds …sick asshole

    • Ken De Luca

      Duct not Duck but you’re right.

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  • Ken De Luca

    Just scream racism over and over.

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