Phil Robertson’s Son Defends the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch’s ‘Controversial’ Comments


As we reported the other day, CNN and the the Huffington Post have tried to invent a new phony controversy, by taking a humorous relaying of marriage advice to a teenager in 2009 video of Phil Robertson ridiculously out of context.

The Robertson Family are no strangers to vicious attacks and smears from the Left, but no family member has yet gone on the record to specifically speak out on behalf of their patriarch.

Until now.

Phil’s oldest son, Pastor Alan Robertson, recently spoke to The Christian Post about his dad, stating he was standing up for Christian values in his comments in GQ:

“We basically stood with dad, and I think he has the right to express his biblical views, as well as his opinions,” said Alan. “Dad is a good, solid Bible man, and so are the rest of us. His views of sharing that haven’t changed and ours haven’t either. The biblical message is not always a popular message. There have been many people throughout history who’ve stood up for God and said what God needed them to say, and it didn’t always mean they were popular because of it.”

Amen to that. Alan said his family was simply paying the price for standing up for Jesus Christ.

“We realize that, to be Christians, and to do what God has called us to do, it means you’re going to rub up against people,” added Alan. “And sometimes that’s great when people see that and accept the Lord. Or, when they don’t, it’s not always so pleasant. So, there’s no promise that standing up for Christ is going to be an easy experience.”

“With dad sticking up for the scriptures and saying the right thing, we’re going to be the first people there, ” stated Alan. “If he gets off track, we’re going to be the first ones to tell him he’s off track.”

Alan also defended his dad’s comments about marrying 15 year olds, by once again pointing out its basis in teaching proper Biblical values:

Honestly, dad, as well as the rest of us, we really try early on in our kids’ lives to teach them about the importance of finding the right person that you can grow spiritually with,” stated Alan. “So that may begin early, or it might not happen until you’re older, but at the same time, most of us got married pretty young, in our teenage years.”

“We’ve always had a mindset that, as Christians, we want to find someone else who’s not only going to be a complement to us, and help us spiritually, but we want to be able to help them,” added Alan. “We were all boys, obviously, so dad always taught us that our role was to be a spiritual leader, and to help our spouses and ultimately our children make it to heaven. So that’s always been our approach in terms of picking a spouse.”

God Bless Pastor Robertson for coming out and standing up for his father and all Christians who speak the Good Word, no matter what price they may pay for doing so.

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