Phil Robertson Slams Removing God and Ten Commandments ‘From Our Psyche’



On Thursday’s Hannity, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson appeared to discuss his speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The host suggested Robertson is a “preacher at heart.” The A&E star explained that he views everything through a faith lens and finds himself dealing more with “spiritual warfare.”

The man behind the duck call described his life’s mission as one based upon the “gospel of Jesus, Jesus died for the sins of the world.” A simple message, Robertson believes. “God loves you, sent Jesus to die for you.”


Hannity asked Robertson if he was at all surprised about the controversy he found himself in earlier this year. The TV star responded with an emphatic no:

“Surprised, not at all. Men hate you when they exclude you, when they insult you and reject your name as evil, Jesus said, because of the son of man. Leap for joy because great is your reward in heaven. It goes with the territory, spiritual warfare. There is a Satan out there, an evil one, and if anyone that looks at our culture doesn’t believe it, I would simply say, what, are you blind? It’s pretty rough out there.”

For the Duck Dynasty patriarch, what’s ailing America is “evil.” He described the removal of the Ten Commandments from courthouses and taking God out of schools. Essentially, he argued, Americans have removed God from their “psyche.” The basic principles of “honor they father and mother, don’t murder, don’t lie, don’t steal” Robertson believes would help restore a “better society.”

“We took the Ten Commandments now and removing them from the courthouse and we’re getting them out of our psyche. We took God out of our schools. If you started with young people and you taught them, you rebuke them, you corrected them, you trained them, you instructed them to obey their father and mother, honor their father and mother, don’t murder, don’t lie, don’t steal from a young age, is anyone trying to tell me we wouldn’t have a better society? I mean, it’s nuts.”


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