Phil Robertson Breaks Down in Tears After Helping a Hard-Luck Family for Christmas

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

For most celebrities, “giving back” just means writing a big check to whatever charity is trendy at the moment, and that’s it. But the Robertson family is famous for their faith, and that means they don’t mind giving to those in need — and family patriarch Phil Robertson broke down in tears after building a family a house for Christmas:

Patriarch Phil Robertson broke down in tears on a recent episode of Duck Dynasty while praying for a family that he had just built a home for.

The Christmas-themed episode saw the Robertson clan pitching in to help a family in need.

During the episode, Willie Robertson explained that his family had known the Lewis family for over 40 years, and after they fell on financial hard times he wanted to alleviate their pain as much as he could.

It is inspiring to see a celebrity so openly practicing his faith, and also being so openly generous. If only more people in Hollywood followed his lead.


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