Fugitive Illegal Alien Obtains Security Clearance, Access to Arizona Air Force Base


by John Urban | TopRight News

A potentially disastrous security breach by the Pentagon was discovered by sheriff’s deputies during a routine traffic stop in Southern Arizona.

Pinal County deputies stopped a 2006 Ford Expedition for a traffic violation. The Mexican national initially presented an Arizona Identification Card, in the name of Armando Villalobos of Phoenix.

A records check revealed that not only did the illegal alien have no driver’s license, but there were outstanding felony warrants for his arrest in Texas.

The suspect eventually told the deputy that his real name was in fact Mario Bustamante, 37, and that he was in this country illegally. Deputies figured that was it, and processed Bustamante as a typical fugitive alien catch.

But as they investigated further they made a startling discovery: Bustamante was actually working under the fraudulent name at a local military base.

KVOA reported:

Bustamante told the detective he currently works for “Briston Construction” out of Mesa. The company was contracted by Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to complete work. Bustamante had obtained a “security clearance” through the military to work in “critical areas” on the base under the name of “Armando Villalobos.”

Bustamante also obtained a Social Security Card, a bank debit card and a vehicle registration all under the alias of “Armando Villalobos,” according to deputies.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu slammed the Obama Administration for their lax security and even took a swipe at those pushing illegal alien amnesty:

Mario Bustamante was able to obtain numerous fraudulent credentials and even a security clearance on a high security military airbase. It begs the question of who else has access to our secure military facilities that may have sinister plans?

I guess President Obama and the Senate Gang of Eight will likely defend suspect Bustamante saying this illegal was only trying to work and he really didn’t intend to break any laws, but the system is stacked against him.”

Bustamante has been charged with taking or using the identity of another person and possession of a forged device. He is currently being held at the Pinal County Jail on an immigration detainer.

The incident was reminiscent of the illegal alien who gained access to the nation’s largest nuclear power plant in 2011, despite having a long criminal record with prior deportations — after being granted a clearance by Obama’s NRC using a fake ID.

When you have keystone cops running DHS, who don’t care about nabbing illegal aliens, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. As it did at the Boston Marathon last year, after DHS ignored warnings from Russian and Saudi security services about the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers, who then killed 3 runners and an MIT policeman in the mayhem that followed.

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