Patriots With U.S. Flags at Calif. Protest Called ‘Racists’: ‘What’s Wrong With These White People?’


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

As we reported this morning, dozens of patriots protested the censorship of patriotism at Live Oak High School in 2010, and a subsequent, outrageous 9th Circuit ruling declaring that a U.S. school could BAN the display of an American flag to “prevent” racist violence by Mexican students.

The case began in 2010, when four boys wearing t-shirts bearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo, when the school was decked out in Mexican flags, were told to turn the shirts inside-out, or go home.

Remembering that day, several people were waving American flags today at Live Oak High this morning:

A repeat of the 2010 incident will not happen this year, according to the school superintendent:

Read that sentence again and then cringe at the fact that had to be said in the United States.

Apparently for some, displaying the American flag in the United States on Cinco de Mayo is “racist” or something:

(deleted, but Twitter is forever)

Or what? You guys will threaten to have MS-13 gangbangers beat up their families, as you did in 2010?

And another (deleted) Tweet shows the attitude we saw from Mexican students 4 years ago


Disgusting. We salute the patriots who showed their colors today.


  • Thomas

    So stupid. Is it racist to fly the Mexican flag in Mexico on July 4th?

    • John Mccullough


      • W Dawes

        Not even a war, more like the last battle of the last division that left Mexico. Most of the main force had already left.

  • Disabledmilitaryvet1

    Ivan Mora needs to be escorted out of the United States so he can play with his Mexican flag. There is only one flag in the U.S. and that is the American flag!

    • Anja J

      you wait, once amnesty is passed, we WILL be forced to accept the mexican flag as one of our own! Just like the courts said that those American boys wearing the US flag t-shirts were in the wrong and could be sent home! Who thot THAT would ever happen either?

      • Smee

        It ain’t happening in my house!!!

      • Roy Maddox


    • HogWild1964

      Ivan needs that POS MEXICANT flag shoved down his throat! And then deported!

      • KLinNYC

        “Throat” isn’t the end I was thinking of…

        • Kevin Mathews


    • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret)

      He made comments on the thread that got deleted that he served in the US military.

    • VivaLaRazaThis
    • MarieLittleone P. Boston

      Indeed! I’m so sick of these people disrespecting America! My heritage/genes is part Mexican among other nationalities (Mexican, Spanish, German, French, Filipino, & Greek.) You could say I’m an American mutt! LOL. That being said, I was born and raised in the United States of America. I’m American and proud of it. I won’t go to Mexico and any other country and disrespect their flag or their traditions. I expect foreigners that come here to respect our flag and our traditions. If they don’t want to? If they want to respect only their countries flag and traditions? Then go back to the country you so much love and respect. And to this idiot Ivan Mora … 5 de Mayo is the celebration of “La Batalla De Puebla” that the Mexicans fought against the French in the state of Puebla in 1862 AND it’s only a “regional” celebration in Mexico mostly in the state of Puebla! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! How dare you come to America and demand to celebrate a “Regional Mexican Holiday” that’s not even celebrated in Mexico Nationwide …

      • Doug

        Objective reason speaks

      • matwood17

        1974, Rota, Spain – I was a US sailor walking down the street with 3 friends. One had an American flag on his sleeve. A Spanish national walking past spat on that flag. Not taking any action toward the Spaniard ourselves, unluckily for him he was observed by a La Guardia Civil (Spanish national police force) officer. That policeman forced him into the same stance used by police here with his hands against the wall feet back out and spread. He then took the butt of his rifle and smashed in, breaking both the Spaniard’s hands for showing disrespect to a visitor to their country while apologizing profusely to us.
        However in this country we respond quite differently. Why? Because while we might detest what he said, he has the right (as long as he is here legally and a citizen of this country) to say what he said. I was in the military to defend those rights and will defend to the death still today, his right to free speech. If, however, he is here illegally, he HAS NO RIGHTS to protection under the Constitution. The Preamble itself says the Constitution is of the people, for the people and by the people of the United States. Illegal aliens do not fit into that group. He should be deported, but this administration doesn’t believe in supporting the laws of this country and wouldn’t even try.

    • john

      he hasa no balls he closed his account after that statement

    • shane wade

      Yeah exactly. If you feel that way about OUR American Flag then take you fat ass to mexico and come talk to us in a year or so. Some of us fought for that flag for generations!

    • gary

      a body bag

  • Bo Treat

    what happened to expelling mexicans for intolerant RACIST BEHAVIOR AGAINST THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISPLAY PATRIOTISM?!

  • Amanda Demko Zellers

    why is it we, as Americans have to give up our patriotism for everyone else?? The last time I looked this was still America…but we are racist for showing our patriotism!! Send them ALL back to mexico, they can show their flags all they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KLinNYC

      ADZ: Because there has been too much Political Correctness and an acceptance of double-standards — where one side can do something, but the other side can’t. Just like here: Mexicans can spout racist remarks, but they are a minority, and are not reprimanded; whites cannot make similar statements, because that would be considered racist.
      People have to point out these incidents with solid, intelligent comments. The students who made the racist comments have to be held accountable.
      At this point, it doesn’t seem that they understand exactly what racism is.

      • LG Kathy

        I wish that there were a clear legal definition of the word racist. Then if someone called you a racist, which seems to happen on a daily basis, if your actions did not fit that clear legal definition, you could sue the accuser for slander. Might cut the name calling down a bit. Hit ’em in the purse.

    • disqus_H2BJZ2lgBq

      Stand up…step off the porch…..check out the Bundys ranch and see whats going down in America,

    • HonestC

      Because their votes are needed to win political races, they are pandered to . . . by BOTH political parties!

  • Ryan Jay E Chesley

    Cinco de Mayo is an AMERICAN holiday… only one little province celebrates it in Mexico. now for a history lesson…
    May 5th is the date of an insignificant battle in Mexico where France lost. It isn’t an “Independence Day” The U.S. started celebrating it not because Mexico won, but because France lost. Cinco De Mayo is literally a “We hate France day” More people celebrate May 5th in the U.S. than they do in Mexico.

    SO since it’s a “Screw France” day, I’d say celebrating Cinco de Mayo is inherently a racist holiday to begin with.

    • Anja J

      NO, the US started celebrating Cinco de Mayo when the tequila industry decided they wanted more money and picked that date to make another “drinking holiday” not unlike St Patricks day, it is a TOTALLY business (ie the booze business and the mexican restaurant business) initiated holiday, because you are correct, in most of Mexico, if you mention Cinco de Mayo, they don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about, it is ONE state, kinda like maybe Virginia celebrating “Virginia’s entrance the US as an official state” holiday, with the other 49 states saying, who cares. I know this because May 5th is my birthday, and believe me, 25 years ago, it was just another day on the calendar! And, no one cares about screwing France, honestly.

      • ozarksunshine

        Sorry but the Mexicans in California started the Cinco de Mayo celebration when they got word of the defeat of the French at Puebla. At least learn the true history before posting. The only thing the alcohol companies did was kick it up a notch.

        • W Dawes

          Yes it is a CHICANO holiday not celebrated in Mexico. But I believe it was the beer companies that emphasized it back in the 1980’s. Probably after the botched amnesty.

  • Steven Druzynski

    If I moved to Canada and protested that they should celebrate the 4th of July…..or if I snuck into Mexico and protested to celebrate George Washington’ s birthday. ….
    Sinking de Mayonnaise is nothing more than an excuse to get drunk and be an asshole!
    I am going to make a legal protest with the government to abolish a Mexican holiday ( which no one in Mexico gives a damn about) being observed in the US.
    This is America, we didn’t fight that war with the French so why the hell do we have to observe it?
    We already provide refuge for your drug cartels you sent here!

    • Pissed off

      Absolutely agree!!!

    • 455supreme

      I totally agree, Why is it even acknowledged in the US? Besides serving chips and salza on Stinco de Mayo is raciest, right? They have not gained independence, if anything they are more depended then ever.

  • Anja J

    And that is the kind of stuff that needs to be copied and sent to Boehners office, Cantors office, Rubio’s office, Paul Ryan’s office, Rand Paul’s office etc, all the rino’s who are supporting amnesty and maybe then they MIGHT figure out why most Americans are NOT happy with their amnesty plans! Just bombard all of them by forwarding those tweets!

  • Joe Vigliatura

    You have to realize, this is California.

  • ken

    Call me a bigot And a racist then…this is still the United States of America……..I can display the AMERICAN flag whenever I want.

    • adoremeorelse

      I’ve been called a racist so many times in the past 5yrs that I just became one!

      • LG Kathy

        It would be funny if every white person were to get a t-shirt with the word racist on it, and we all wore them on the same day. That way, if you look at someone the wrong way, and they call you racist, you can say, yeah, I even have the t-shirt. It would take a lot of the power out of that overused word.

  • margaretbugg

    This is totally unacceptable. This is America, NOT MEXICO. Let those who do not like the American flag, who feel that it is racist to fly the flag of the United States of America be totally escorted OUT of this country.

  • teflon250

    Why would we even celebrate cinko de mayo in the USA-I can’t even spell it.

  • Priscilla Reyes

    Last time I looked, this is America, not Mexico, so we should be to fly the US flag when and where ever we want including Cinco de Mayo.

  • James F. Zilvitis Jr.

    These people live in the USA? They should all be deported… NOW

    • Thomas Rice

      Is that before or after they suck us dry and help the idiots in DC run us bankrupt?

  • liz

    This is america bottom line u wanna fly the mexican flag go back over there if its so great. I guess we are racists for wanting to fly the american flag in america.

  • borderraven

    Nothing is wrong with US Citizens showing pride and patriotism. There’s plenty wrong with Americans labeling US Citizens showing pride and patriotism as racists. Get with American Pride or GET OUT OF THE USA!

  • Dan Snow

    Words cannot express my disgust with these people. Their complete disrespect of this country, My Country, is a major contributing factor to the rapidly escalating racial tensions we see today. They enter my country illegally, taking advantage of those in our country that like them, want to destroy our way of life and replace it with their own corrupt idea of socialism, and demand, yes demand, that we bow to them, that we discard our own country’s pride and honor lest they claim offense.
    These despicable people offer us nothing but disrespect, dishonestly and threats of violence if we do not accede to their wishes, then cry racism when meet with the rightful anger of a people reacting to an invasion.
    The racism being shown here is theirs. The anger and protest they face is because they come into our home and act as if it belongs to them and we are only here to serve them. Until that changes they will not find welcome or acceptance.

  • Smee

    If you don’t like the U.S. flag inside the borders of the U.S., GET THE F OUT OF THE U.S. AND GO BACK TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • VivaLaRazaThis


  • Justin35769

    Forget all the logic, all the rights, all the things people are suppose to do. It does not work anymore. Americans are forced to take action now. This is the only way invaders listen. Reasoning won’t work anymore.

  • Rogers Glenn

    I am black and I wore my flag pin to show that I love my country and flag so to hell with all you so called Americans that think it’s okay to have selective outrage.

    • Jimmy H

      Thank you for flying the flag. it is selective, but that’s part of the problem in the country now. everyone is divided and only corporate paid politicians and foreign interest profiting. Anything that’s pro american is racist and news will minimize any black contributions to stir the division.

  • nancyj1922

    It would be a cold day in He#( before anyone would get me to put down my American flag so it would not OFFEND people!!!!!!!!!!!! MY COUNTRY, MY FLAG!

  • John Grey

    America has nothing to do with the 5th of May. It was a Mexican vs French victory in battle. We don’t celebrate that in the U.S. and immigrants shouldn’t either, since they have abandoned their country to come here and be citizens.

  • MerriAnn McLain

    I’m confused: how is an American flag on American soil racist? Noting the language used, I would be willing to bet not one has ever bothered with Anthropology 101: there is only one human species (homo sapiens) with adaptive variations. Really interesting how these cretins managed to use a Twitter account

  • Rob Waldrup

    If they get in your sights, don’t hesitate. Their day is coming. We just have to wait until nobody is watching.

  • Difster

    I’m not a big flag waver as far as that goes. I believe in the supremacy of individual liberty and the American flag no longer represents that liberty. HOWEVER…. Saying that someone is racist for carrying the flag of this nation is absurd.

  • BeeAccountable

    AMERICA – land of the free, home of the brave. That’s what our flag symbolizes. Not racism, but patriotism. Pride in our great country.

    If you don’t agree, go back to your country, because I don’t know why you are here.

  • George Murrey

    Makes me wonder what side of the border they live in. If they don’t like our American flag and values, Mexico will still take them back.

    • KLinNYC

      I don’t think Mexico wants them. Mexico just wants their parents to make money so they can send most of it back “home.”

  • KLinNYC

    The court
    needs to acknowledge that racist violence is prevented by dealing with
    the source of the racism. The statements and the situation in general
    clearly point to the sources, and it isn’t coming from the people holding up the US
    The school itself needs to define what racism is, and hold the students accountable for their statements. So far, it looks like there has been a double-standard, and that needs to be remedied.

  • Snowflake

    I’m confused…do they think this is Mexico? Since when is holding up our country’s flag a racist act?

  • dgunn

    I still would comment on Ivan Mora’s post but I won’t waste a good English word on him. There are far better places to cram his flag up.Then send him packing.

  • All this tells me is these people don’t want to be American..then get the hell out of this country!

  • Thomas Rice

    The people talking out against the patriots holding flags,,,are the same kind of people who think free speech zones are ok,, last time i checked waving the American flag was being patriotic, the rest of you who dont like it, TOO BAD!

    • Les K

      The people who talk out about those holding flags are also those who think Obozo is the best president this country ever had.

  • Amazing how many ignorant people are let into this country.

    • Les K

      Most of the ignorant people either came illegally, or are Democrats and were born here. The people who come legally swear the oath of allegiance to the US, and support the flag.

  • mary c

    California, the Golden State, no longer exists. I now live in Mexifornia. Gov, Brown bends over backwards to kiss the asses of the millions of illegal invaders who have taken over the State. I plan on getting out of here this year. With all the tax-paying citizens fleeing, Brown will be left with illegal taco carts, Spanish as the official language and Mexican hat dances in the street. Adios!

  • Stoney Burt

    OK. here is a question…. Do the Americans in mexico get to demand that on the 4th of July they be allowed to run around waving Old Glory, spouting pro-American slogans and hateful tweets (ref: Ivan Mora) and claim anyone flying the flag of mexico is a racists? Who is the real racist here?

    • Kevin Mathews

      Yea,if you like getting thrown in a mexican hell-hole

  • Laura

    one God, one flag, one country, if you don’t like it LEAVE

  • Scott Irwin
  • Jessi Rachelle Masulonis

    How many people actually know the significance of Cinco De Mayo without googling it.… just saying.

    • Chandler

      The Mexican army won the battle of puebla

  • odinsthunder

    Perhaps Cinco de Mayo needs to be banned in the US as it causes too much trouble. It’s not a US holiday and it interferes with our orderly process and daily activities. THAT would put an end to this crap….

  • joehop

    Diversity Divides. E Pluribus Unum.

    • Les K

      Don’t wear that in Pizza Hut. They’ll kick you out for gang colors.

      • John Eric Dous

        “Gang colors”? Please. If a Pizza Hut manager doesn’t understand what that ribbon stands for and kicks a Veteran out because said manager thinks this stands for “gang colors”, then Pizza Hut doesn’t need our business.

        • Les K

          Happened 2 weeks ago. Stupidity is out there.

        • SoCalCop

          I stopped doing business with Pizza Hut years ago when they fired their employees for legally carrying a firearm for self defense.

  • stangace20

    Frankly as a white guy who considers himself american I could honestly care less if someone wore a shirt w/ a mexican, british, german, japanese, australian, canadian, or any other country’s flag, When did people get so pathetically worked up over something they should actually be behind if they remotely cared to even understand why these people are actually there….but people don’t bother to waste time thinking for themselves anymore so….you get this!

  • Corey Lampert

    So, how does this work, You hold up an American flag IN America with no signs and say nothing and then people who are “offended” bring up your “race”/color and call you racist? Maybe I am missing something…isn’t the protest about the decision to ban t-shirts with the American flag on them and has NOTHING to do with Mexicans, Chicanos, Latinos, Hispanics, Spanish?

  • Les K

    Funny how all the people above twittering about being racist are black and mexican, two of the most racist groups of people.

  • Informed

    Clearly, no one in this discussion actually knows what Cinco de Mayo celebrates… Do some research you idiots!

    “…today the date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Thanks to Mexico in fending off the would be French invasion of the U.S”

    • Stoney Burt

      OK Informed,,,, Please explain to me how waving the American Flag on a ‘so called’ American holiday is racist. And some how. a French invasion of the US does not seem all that threatening, especially since a little known Mexican general kicked their butts in the first place. Personally, I think that just a thank you card may be in order and that is all.

      • Informed

        I’m not calling waving the American Flag on its own racist. I am calling the protest as a whole as IGNORANT. Not to mention that half of the posters in this thread clearly have no idea what the holiday symbolizes. Who knows, had the Mexicans not helped, we could all be speaking French. But to you, this is ‘Merica and we hate anyone that is from anywhere else (even though this is Native American land) and wants to celebrate their heritage!

        • Stoney Burt

          ” But to you, this is ‘Merica and we hate anyone that is from anywhere else (even though this is Native American land) and wants to celebrate their heritage!” Please refrain from attacking me personally and putting any words in my mouth. I never even inferred such. I am actually only 2 generations from being a Irish-Hungarian (strange mix I admit) but more importantly “I am an American” or as you said :A resident of Merica” In any case I will wave the American flag when ever I damned well please, I earned that right and demand the right to do so….. BTW, You and I do not seem to following the same article, maybe you should reread the tweets. The only protests I saw in the article had to do with censorship and freedom of speech. Within the tweets, however, were multiple attacks on America and it flag. Your arguments do not seem to apply.

        • KLinNYC

          FYI Informed: This isn’t about hating immigrants, it’s about disrespect on more than one level.
          The protest was against the court decision, which favored Mexican students who threatened violence and used profanity. The decision prohibited any display of the US flag in an effort to avoid any violence, which jusifiably pissed off run-of-the-mill US citizens from coast-to-coast, not just Republican Tea Party Conservatives.
          The court deciding to ban any display of the US flag to avoid violence from Mexican students, instead of dealing with the source of the violence, is reverse-discrimination and would never have been tolerated if the racial sides were reversed.
          The Tweets profiled in this article are pretty strong evidence that the racists are not the ones displaying the US flags.
          This protest was in no way “ignorant,” but you are.

        • Les K

          Mexicans don’t want to celebrate this day or their heritage on this day. This day means nothing to them. It only means something to one small city in central Mexico where the Battle of Pueblo took place. Only to those Mexicans does this day actually means something.
          American took this as a holiday to celebrate Mexican culture, but Mexicans who “So love America” turned it into a racial battle. Why are they so obsessed with Americans celebrating a holiday they themselves don’t even care about?

    • jules2u

      Not exactly, but then again wiki is not always known as being factual. IF Mexico had paid their debt to England, Spain, and France they would not have had a war to begin with.

  • brentg44

    Its quite obvious multiculturalism is a failed experiment.

  • scott

    I van loves Mexico but I will bet he loves welfare for his illegal anchor babies here more.No,him and others like him will never love the U.S for it freedom,just the free handouts

  • Johnny Blackwelder

    Talk about races,
    one only has to read the above comments to see racism.

  • Pissed off

    Cinco de whatever is not a holiday here or in Mexico. The American flag should always be flown here with pride and patriotism. The Mexican flag should never be flown on our soil

    • Naftul Zvi

      Lol hypocrisy at its best, guess the land of the free doesn’t include people who are here from other countries.

      • Pissed off

        This is the USA not Mexico or any other country. It is all about respect and patriotism!

        • Naftul Zvi

          Right, the criminal element of illegals excluding the 50 million+ legal Hispanics of course.

  • lidd butler

    If they hate it here so much and think that just because WE are proud of our country then they can all leave and go somewhere where they can all be happy. Obviously it’s not here in America. Am getting REAL tired of being thought of as a white supremacist and a racist just for being patriotic and white. I’ve never been racist or supremacist yet I am constantly assumed to be just because I’m a white Christian. I am NOT responsible for what my ancestors may have done. But most of mine weren’t even in the states during the time of slavery etc. Seems it’s getting to where the only ones allowed freedom of speech or protest are those that are not white and hate Americans and America and want to tell us all so. So then why do they want our laws of freedom to help them? And why should they? Any time you see someone standing up for America or the flag they’re automatically pegged as bigots and are prejudice. Just getting REAL tired. Dang, maybe I’LL leave!

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    People in this country throw out the word “racist” way too easily.

    • KLinNYC

      And I wonder if any of those kids know what racism really is? They sure know how to dish it out, but they don’t seem to know that their comments are racist.

  • Roy

    If these morons are so proud of the Mexican flag, why do they run from their country like cowards?

  • Rory Womack

    You want to celebrate your pathetic little Mexican holiday go ahead, just crawl your ass back under the fence from where you came. Your either an American or Mexican national.

  • BrianJ

    I’d love to ask why Americans proud of the American flag is somehow a bad thing, but Mexicans proud of the Mexican flag is a good thing. It’s called patriotism, not racism.

  • Jack Savage

    NOT A Mexican Holiday!!!!!

    http://www (dot) cnn (dot) com/2014/05/05/living/cinco-de-mayo-etiquette/index.html?sr=fb050514cincodemayo2pVODtopLink

  • VivaLaRazaThis

    How can all these pro-Mexican crap exist in a country that isn’t Mexico? If they love it so much maybe they should move their a$$es back.

  • DanaLanders

    Until we come together, band together and march in large numbers with our American flags proudly flapping in the wind, none of this will ever change. Until we stand up for our country things are only going to get worse…if there are 100 million patriots in our country, why is it we seem to be able to only gather a dozen or two when we really need to prove a point? That’s why these illegal mutts have gotten as far as they have. We’ve sat quietly on the sidelines and watched them go to DC by the busloads screaming for reform and whatever…we should be counter-protesting with the same numbers or more each time they open their mouths! Only then will they know we are serious, this is our country (legal citizens, one and all)and we are not going to stay quiet any longer!!!!!! Who’s with me? Join me at H.E.Y?! Had Enough Yet?! where we will finally come together and turn things around….

  • Craig Schofield

    Ivan, you can support both flags and be proud of your heritage, but to crap on the flag of the country that is probably supporting your butt.. is both F’in repulsive and stupid…ever heard the saying “Don’t bit the hand that feeds you! I am damn proud of my heritage but more proud to be American, that does not make me racist…it just means like you I am proud of my heritage just as everyone should be! And to call me a racist because I am proud of my country and my heritage only shows that you are the one that is racist by saying its ok for you but not for me…I have one thing to say to that… If you don’t like the American flag get out of America and take everyone that feels like you do with you….. your the racists hypocrites not me!

  • Harry Charles


  • Harry Charles


  • Guest

    How’s this?

  • sassarooch

    No kidding?

  • Jonathan Ramey

    This is all a distraction people. The reason you are at each others throats is politicians that want to divide and conquer

  • Jkc

    Last time I looked it was usa not some 2bit scum country who do these clowns think they are.

  • Vance Freeman

    We Americans need to start celebrating on Feb 2nd…. When a WAR was done NOT a battle!!!!

  • Lion Heart

    It’s funny because, long ago when California used to be Mexico and it was taken over. Mexicans were deported further south. If they protested holding Mexican flags, they’d be murdered : )

  • COGowan

    How come no one gets all worked-up and waves Old Glory in my face when I fly an Irish flag on March 17? Or my Scottish cross of St. Andrew day on Nov. 30? Oh, that’s right: Ireland and Scotland are white.

  • Dez

    Does this mean that anyone flying a flag other the the US flag on the 4th of July can get called racist? This is getting really ridiculous! Wait… Based on the logic shown here, that isn’t considered racist because they aren’t white…what was I thinking?

  • SoCalCop

    Not surprising. When I asked the question in an informal conversation with “Mexicans”, “if a war broke out between the U.S. and Mexico, who would you side with?”, the Mexicans chose Mexico everytime. Time to remove 22 million invaders and their kids from this country.

    • Rick Cash

      Talk is cheap, if we said a war was starting in 30 days so pick a side, more than half of them would not leave the US.And it would be OK. They have chosen to be Americans with Mexican roots.

      • SoCalCop

        Actually, I think it would be more like, if Mexico had even the remote chance of winning, they would pick Mexico, but would capitulate to the U.S. if the U.S. won, to keep getting free stuff.
        There’s no pride, just a bunch of sponges that take and have no interest in giving back.

  • KesterEd1967

    Peace to All, posted by a Racist Infidel

  • Everyone who is concerned about what is going on in in our country should read The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you to read. Find out more here:

  • Eli Goldsmith

    “Allowing” the young folks to wear their T-shirts bearing the flag of our country in NO WAY excuses the fact that this UNITED STATES school is ALLOWED to display pant-loads – or even ONE – flags of the Republic of Mexico. The ONLY flag that needs to be “allowed” is the Stars and Stripes on the flag-pole. Want to show your Mexican colors, do it in a parade or at home.

  • Rick Cash

    If you don’t respect the US flag, you have other countries to live in. We Americans have given up on so many rights that we fought to have and then open our doors to those that want a better life (I assume their is no other reason to come to US), why can’t we wave our flag any time we choose? We are letting you celebrate your heritage holidays, so be happy with that.

    I am married to an Hispanic and my son is 1/2, so I am not racist, just American, just like my wife and son. My wife feels the same way I do.

  • Rick Cash

    You don’t have to be white to be an American. So why is being proud to be an American called racist?

  • Ragman69

    When someone calls you a racist for waving your country’s flag in your own country I would say it’s time to cull the herd. They are obviously in the wrong country. If you want to celebrate May the 5th with a bunch of mexican flags…you know, the country you fled….go back and rejoice there if it was so great. So great you had to flee….freakin idiots. It;s no wonder the U.S. ranks down at the bottom in education now.

  • Dashleea Johnson

    If you live in the USA you should not be bothered by the USA flag a flying high or printed on a tee shirt. If you are bothered by being reminded that you are in the USA then go where you are so proud of being from. Problem solved. You don’t have to live here if you don’t like it here.

  • Jared Shipley

    White + conservative = racist. When are you naive and gullible White folks going to get that through your heads? And you still believe in the fantasy of a color blind meritocracy. There’s only one way to beat the “race card”….you play it yourself.

  • William Gibbs

    If you can not respect our flag and our country and our beliefs as we respect your then please feel free to leave and go back to your 3rd world country and piss in the streets and watch your kids die at the hands of drug cartels. Again please feel free to leave and dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • Naftul Zvi

      That’s good American principles right there, screw your right to celebrate your holiday because you’re in the minority and I don’t celebrate that holiday. This has nothing to do with flags, they were protesting their holiday with passive aggressive crap.

  • Brandon

    I bet most people, American and Mexican have no idea what Cinco de Mayo even represents. And no it’s not Mexican Independence Day. That is September 16.

  • cristo52

    If the sight of the American flag would incited Mexican students to riot, they don’t belong here.
    If they want to be pissed off with someone, tell them to go after the Spanish, the folks who conquered them in 1524 and sat on them for 300 years in what was called New Spain.

    • McClane

      I think Mexican students feel the ONLY reason the American flag is being on display like that is because it is Cinco De Mayo. If Cinco De Mayo didn’t exist, then these flags wouldn’t come out on this day, just like every other day in the school year. It’s like Americans feel threatened so they have to display their pride only on May 5th.

  • Clinton Parks

    If you people don’t like the waving of the AMERICAN flag in THE UNITED STATES then pack your bags and move your illegal alien asses back to where you came from. As long as you are in America you play by our rules, We are not here to appease to your status you came here we did not go there

  • Azsteve53

    To the Mexican who has pride with the Mexican flag but NOT the American flag.


    Racism, the fall back position of every low intellect progressive who can’t think for themselves,

  • adoremeorelse

    I’m sick to death of catering to Mexicans in my own country. Perhaps banning flags to prevent violence seemed like a stellar idea to some, but it’s disgraceful to me. We Americans need to quit bowing down to the whining of illegal vermin and demand our rights, while stripping those same “rights” from those who don’t deserve them. They want our Welfare and Food Stamps, but they don’t want our laws and our flag. Every single illegal one of them needs to be rounded up and sent back to the cesspool they tried to escape. Maybe then they’ll have a bit of respect for this country when they have to work hard to become part of it.

    • Naftul Zvi

      What about the 50 million+ legal Hispanics who have every right to celebrate their holiday as you do Christmas (which isn’t an American holiday either, it’s Roman).

      • adoremeorelse

        When a bunch of illegal Romans start protesting their right to love Rome in my country, I’ll give you credit for being clever. Until then, look into Cinco, what it means and to whom, and get back to us.

        • Naftul Zvi

          Can you show me where it says anywhere that these people are illegal?

  • Tara

    Mexican is not a race, it’s an ethnicity. Races are white, African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native. This is not racist.

    • Naftul Zvi

      Yeah it’s just incredible ignorance and the politically correct term of “ethnic hating”.


    My ancestors are from all over, but I was born here and so were my parents. I don’t even recognize what the other country flags look like. I fly the stars and stripes. If you want to celebrate other countries holidays. go back to that country and STAY THERE.

    • Naftul Zvi

      You think Christmas or Easter are American holidays? We should stop celebrating those as well.

  • Martin Ellacott

    If you don’t wave the flag, some day you won’t have it to wave. Don’t be intimidated.


    I said something to all of them so ha.

  • Carter_Burger67

    Hey Ivan, it’s that “racist” American flag that gives you the privilege to say stupid, moronic, ignorant things on twitter buddy. Go back to your Mexico and try saying the same thing against that government and see how far you get.

  • gary

    why can’t we defend ourselves from a foreign invasion?

  • Judy Saakes

    Why weren’t the students, parents and the American people who are citizens of California outraged over this?! If there ever was a more appropriate time to be marching in the streets, this was it. If I lived near there I would have organized a peaceful march because it’s time to stand up and take back our once beautiful country before many people decided to come here and make their own laws. Why are we catering to these people?! This country has become so spineless that it’s embarrassing!!

  • Guest

    It’s really a shame that La Raza and other race-baiters have so twisted the meaning of Cinco de Mayo.

    it was a holiday meant to honor friendship between Mexico and America,
    and thank the Mexicans for (albeit, inadvertently) helping us stop the
    Confederacy. If the Mexicans had lost the Battle of Puebla, the French
    would have been able to help the Confederacy win the Civil War. The
    victory was also a great morale booster for Americans: they figured that
    if a tiny ragtag band of Mexicans could stop one of the most powerful
    armies in the world, then surely the Union could stop the rebel

    was a time for Americans of Mexican descent to celebrate their heritage
    and to foster unity among all Americans. Now it’s used as an excuse
    for the real racists to tell us how they’re going to take over.

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