OUTRAGE: Florida Vet Might Lose Home Over Small American Flag


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Just days after we reported on a man told to remove his American flag because it was “threatening to Muslims“, comes this outrage:

A veteran in Jacksonville is embroiled in a bitter dispute with his homeowners association over a small American flag in one of his flower pots. Larry Murphree, 73, says he has incurred fine after fine over it, totaling around $8,000.

If he doesn’t pay, the Sweetwater community’s homeowners association is threatening to put a foreclosure lien on his property.

Murphree says he just wants the whole thing to go away, questioning why the association is going after him over “such a little thing.”

Murphree points out that state and federal law is on his side, vowing to keep fighting until he can display his flag freely.


Read more on the dispute at WTEV-TV in Jacksonville.


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