OUTRAGE: Female Veteran Denied a Job by Macy’s Because She’s ‘Been To War’


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

This one will really make your blood boil if you have the respect and admiration for our troops that you should. A female Army veteran named Kayla Reyes was turned down from a sales position at Macy’s for a reason which has left the department store under fire. She was told that her experiences fighting in the war in Afghanistan disqualify her from the position. The hiring manger did not want someone with Kayla’s “mindset” on her sales floor.


I would sure like to know exactly what “mindset” that ridiculous woman was referring to. Was it the mindset that Kayla has which protected our freedom? Was it the mindset that another life is more important than your own? Was it the mindset that this is the greatest country on Earth and our freedoms must be protected in order for them to be maintained? We will probably never know the idiotic reasoning that was floating around in that woman’s mind.

What we do know, is how the whole world found out about Macy’s regrettable decision not to hire Kayla. When she was turned down, she immediately shared the news with her Facebook friends in a post which is pictured below:


Kayla’s friends began sharing the post and it soon went viral, much to the dismay of Macy’s.

Kayla says her job interview took a turn for the worst when the hiring manager began to ask about her four-year service in the Army, which included a one-year deployment to Afghanistan. Kayla, now 21, enlisted when she was just 17. She says that she was told by the Macy’s hiring manager:

“Being that you’ve been over there, you wouldn’t really know how to approach people. Once a customer’s in your face, you wouldn’t know how to do it. You wouldn’t know how to react. I’ve been here 15 years, I know you wouldn’t be able to do good here. There’s another job in loss prevention. That’s what you’re good for–that’s what you do.”

Something tells me that if Kayla can react to the constant threat of IED’s and the Taliban, she can most certainly point a customer towards the shoe department.

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This is outrageous. Our veterans should be given first priority when companies are hiring. If the fact that a person risked their life for this country is not the most compelling sign of good character, then I don’t know what is. Macy’s has since recanted their previous response to Reyes’ application for employment and offered her a job in response to the backlash they have received. Reyes turned down the position. Who could blame her? As is to be expected, the Army vet has more pride than to accept the offer of the department store after they came crawling back to her in an attempt to save face. Instead, she accepted a position working for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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Here’s the statement that was released by Macy’s Vice President of Media, Betsy Nelson:

“Employing veterans is a priority at Macy’s, and we have proudly hired thousands to work within our stores and corporate organization. Our commitment to veterans is strong, as we recognize that veterans possess leadership skills that we find are essential in a dynamic department store environment. Ms. Reyes’ application for a position with Macy’s is, in fact, still under consideration as we continue to consider the types of retail jobs that may be available. We are actively looking for an appropriate open position that would be best suited for her skills and experience level, as we do with all prospective employees.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but we all know that if Reyes’ rejection hadn’t gone viral, her application for employment would not still be “under consideration” by the department store.


Tell us how you feel about this story in the comments section. Will you think twice now before shopping at Macy’s?

  • Alan Purser Sr

    All veterans need to boycott Macy’s

    • Hank Rearden

      Not just veterans, but all of us who support veterans as well.

    • Doreen Thomas Sorensen

      I would agree but maybe it is just that one stupid store

      • Ferrari fan

        I’m not of the boycott mindset just because one hiring manager is an idiot. Fire the manager that did this. They offered her a position, and I agree with her decision to not take it.

        • Elizabeth Jaramillo

          they didn’t offer a position

          • Ferrari fan

            “Macy’s has since recanted their previous response to Reyes’ application for employment and offered her a job in response to the backlash they have received. Reyes turned down the position.”

            They did offer, she turned them down. And I don’t blame her, who wants to work for a company that offered you a position only after getting publicly shamed.

          • Papi

            They would probably use some lame excuse to can her when they got the chance.

          • Cheryl Weatherford Hindmon

            They did offer a position which she turned down. They are keeping her application active though to see if there’s another position that she’s qualified for. Read the article carefully.

          • LadyScot

            That’s the problem. No one wants to read, and comprehend. They are too busy being offended. And the soldier too. How the heck did being told you would be better for another position than the one you apply for get to be discrimination? They did not tell her she would be better scrubbing toilets, for crying out loud. Loss prevention job would have been a dang good compliment, and yet, the soldier and all these on here are so offended.

        • Elizabeth Jaramillo

          when the situation is rectified no more boycott, until then we should

    • John T Cherwin

      I don’t believe it was a “Macy’s” decision. It was the wacked out hiring manager.

      • Larry C Mason

        The Manager is put in the position by MACY’S UPPER MANAGEMENT. So yes the Manager does speak for MACY’S… YET MACY’S CAN CORRECT THIS PROBLEM.

      • FoodPolice

        Macy’s agent (e.g. the hiring manager) is part and parcel with the company. That makes it a Macy’s decision.

      • Lee Thomas Walker

        It’s called “vicarious liability.” The company is responsible for the actions of their employees when on the clock, as it were. The thing to look at in judging Macys’s itself is its response to the event. I will leave that to you.

      • Kathleen Judson

        She is representing Macy’s..therefore it’s on them. When you work for any company..you are representing that company. Always be careful in what and how you say things!

      • RonKeffer

        The wacked out hiring manager is “MACY’S”

        You work for a company, you are the company……

      • Don & Cristina Smith

        OK, but I believe Macy’s shouldn’t have hired a “wacked out hiring manager!

    • RonKeffer

      veterans hell ! Everyone needs to boycott Macy’s

    • Don & Cristina Smith


    • LadyScot

      Oh for God’s sake. She told her that she would be better for loss prevention than sales floor. Anyone who takes that as an insult is stupid. What a way to blow something out of proportion.

  • Alesia Buttrey

    Sad a member of the armed forces can’t get a job at Macy’s.

    • What’s truly sad is that as an American Veteran, she has to try and work at a Macy’s or any retail store. We need to take better care of those veterans who served our country.. especially those who fought in wars.

      • Christopher Rant

        Working at Macy’s is honest work. It is not beneath anyone even if some people think they are above the job. Honest work for honest pay is nothing to ever be ashamed of, ridiculed or held in contempt.

        • Nobody ever said that a retail position was anything to be ashamed of.
          What I was saying is that as a Veteran who protected our nation… she already has the skillset to reach far above a retail position.

          • Christopher Rant

            As someone who grew up a Brat, there are few occupations in the military that translate at all to the civilian world. What they (ideally) learn in Service is adaptability, honor, honesty, discipline, efficiency, pragmatism and decisiveness. What a Vet does with that should be THEIR choice based on THEIR options and inclinations, be it the Corrections department, motherhood, Macy’s or eventually a CEO. While it may not have been your intention, you disparaged the job she went for. I hope you wouldn’t walk into a Macy’s and insult the people who work there, doing an honest job for an honest wage, because you think they should do better. The majority are working for something better; that’s part of being in the workforce. If they are good at their jobs, tell their boss. If they suck, politely tell them. Getting better is what character and economics are all about, and you have to start somewhere.

          • I don’t disagree.
            Although I will agree that my comment may have been mistaken due to a poorly phrased context on my behalf.

          • Christopher Rant

            Nothing to pardon, forgive or argue… Just some good dialogue. Thank you.

          • AK_Hounds

            However, your statement that, “We need to take better care of those veterans who served our country.. especially those who fought in wars.” is absolutely right on the money!

          • kwkiki7562

            so true, lol. After my husband was released from the Army, he held a certificate naming him and Executive Chef. He cooked in the daytime in Nam.lived in the trenches at night, —as for his cooking skills- well let’s say we let him make breakfast, nothing more.lol. Man I mlss him everyday.

          • MACVSOG

            I guess we can assume that your avatar is not a current picture ?

      • william

        It is a JOB<< many people would like it.. It damn sure beats digging ditches or working in a coal mine in china.. good grief. ALL positions in life are shaping you for tomorrow's journey..

        • No work position will shape you the way that fighting for your country, your brothers and sisters in arms…and for your life, does.

      • Vince Occhipinto

        We all need to call Macy’s and let them no how we feel about this demand that the manager be fired!!

    • Maria21

      I know for a fact that Macy’s employs veterans. Our store has 3. And has 2 more servicemen that are in the guards. Don’t judge the entire company based on one lousy employee, that I’m sure lost their job over this.

  • Dan Worthington

    I am a Navy veteran, and when working at Sears, I was informed that I could not wear short sleeved shirts, because of the tattoos on my forearms. One is a panther, the other is an eagle and anchor motif, nothing profane or lewd. I stated that I proudly volunteered to serve my country, and told them that this was prejudiced action, asked them if this was about the color of my skin. The HR rep blushed and returned 10 minutes later with an apology. Sometimes, you just gotta speak up and not allow wrong thinking to get any traction.

    • Cody

      I’m not surprised she said to cover ’em up, as the general has been that all tattoos are covered when you work in retail and deal with the public regularly. By all means though, explain the tattoos and the responses may be to favor.

      • Dan Worthington

        As stated, left forearm is a black panther, rampant, a very common tattoo (my dad has one just like it). Left forearm, eagle and anchor, with a banner, U.S.N. on the banner. Nothing offensive or controversial, unless you hate the military.

        • Cody

          I didn’t mean to explain to me. I meant it for someone in an interview. Cool though. I don’t think any of my buddies have tattoos themselves just yet, but I’m sure several will soon.

        • ScottA

          I don’t hate the military. I just wouldn’t hire people with visible tattoos, long hair and face piercings on a male.

          • mikeirish

            What do you consider to be long hair? What about short hair on women? Long is a relative term. My wife’s hair is over 36 inches, mine is short, only 12 inches. My beard is even shorter at 6 inches… It is clean and groomed…

          • ZT

            12″ is short hair on a man lol. When my hair crosses the 1″ mark it’s time for a haircut

          • ScottA

            Past the collar on men, wife’s okay as long as safety protocol is signed off and followed, beard not allowed due to respirator. Of course we posted “valid driver license” in the ad and 48% of the respondents didn’t.

          • Glenn Hughes

            So are you also saying that you wouldn’t hire a female with visible tattoos, long hair and facial piercings?

          • ScottA

            Visible tattoos and face piercings other than ear piercings would not be hired. The long hair on a female would be okay as long as safety protocol was followed. Our customer base would not feel safe with workers with mouth piercings and snakes tattooed around their necks. Too much income to ignore. And generally speaking, drug test, skills test, ag test, physical and Wonderlic eliminate most of them.

    • Suzan Hillhouse

      FYI The Army has now banned tattoos below the knee, elbow and on the neck. If a soldier cannot get existing ones grandfathered in they are to have them removed at their own expense. Employers do have the right to set and enforce a dress code for their employees.

      • Ferrari fan

        I think the Air Force did something similar. I know heard it talked about, and noticed that those that did have tattoos below the elbows always wore “sleeves down” instead of rolled up in the warmer months.

      • Becca Tart

        no one said a word about her having tattoos

        • Suzan Hillhouse

          Becca ~ You are absolutely correct. My comment was to Dan Worthington who was sharing his experience with Sears over his military tattoos.

      • FoodPolice

        In addition to that the Marines will not assign you to Embassy Duty if you have tattoos.

        • Brenda Cole

          Why are tattooed people being discriminated against. What’s the problem with tattooes

          • FoodPolice

            Because tattoos show low self esteem and judgment for a start. They are also unprofessional… and in management circles are referred to as “job stoppers.” In addition can be used to identify and track you in the case of Embassy Duty.

          • Fantazunique

            Great point!!! I totally agree with this!!! They tried to claim that Levine man the sexiest man alive and all I could see was his horrible looking tat’s!!! That ain’t a bit sexy, in my opinion!!!! Gross as all get out, in fact!!! I wanted to hurl when I read about him!!!!

          • Jesse Donelson

            But yet, he’s a multi-millionaire, and you are an internet troll.

          • Robyn Yocum

            I got my tattoo at age 45…I don’t have low self esteem nor do I look like a cheap bar fly…Im a grandmother of 6…and my Dolphin still looks like a dophin..no flabby skin here

          • FoodPolice

            Such is the problem with inmates of the institution doing self assessments. A person with a problem is the last one to recognize the problem.

          • ZT

            Grandmother of six at age 45. I’m sorry but you sound like a cheap bar fly. That means you and your children must of had children at 16. You look like a cheap bar fly too by the way.

          • Pam S

            So says someone with no profile picture.

          • Edith Brown

            She said she got her tattoo at 45, not that she is 45 now.

          • Jesse Donelson


          • Jeanette S.

            I’m not a fan of tattoos personally, however most of what you stated is opinion. Which of course you are entitled to. Given they are not presented as fact.

          • FoodPolice

            Actually most of what I stated is fact and not opinion… and I have no obligation to state anything as an opinion just to stroke your ego.

          • Brandon Zolninger

            the funny thing is i bet there are people with tattoos making more money then you and probably have a more professional job i have tattoos and i actually have to turn jobs down its not about how you look its about how you perform. Also i know for a fact i dont have low self esteem i use tattoos as either a memorial or pride of something i have done.

          • FoodPolice

            What you say is pure conjecture. With that noted, there are always exceptions to the rule… but they are just that… exceptions. And the rule is… if you go to any job that pays any kind of real money… tattoos will be very, very, rare. Professional companies want professional people who project a professional image… because those worker represent the company. And once again… people with a problem (especially Wal-Mart grade people) are typically the last ones to recognize and acknowledge they have a problem.

          • Brandon Zolninger

            actually after looking at your profile pic your probably the last person for someone to take advice on being professional your holding a gun to your camera. Which in my opinion shows low self-esteem because you want to look cool to others. Thanks for the professional lesson but I’ll take advice from someone that walks the walk not talks to talk.

          • FoodPolice

            Guess you better learn how to walk and to talk then…

          • Brandon Zolninger

            haha if you say so.

          • FoodPolice

            It’s more than my say so… Its a matter of fact and public record. Just like your being from Texas.

          • Brandon Zolninger

            i love how you think your opinion is fact haha and Barbara Warren i guess your 12 years means nothing because hes a “professional”

          • FoodPolice

            Her claims mean nothing because they are total nonsense. She was hoping she was the only one with military experience so that she would be our resident expert… but that just isn’t so…

          • Jesse Donelson

            So what makes you the resident expert?

          • Jesse Donelson

            Her claims are equal to yours.

          • Jesse Donelson

            … and we should just believe this and care, why? You’re on the internet! Thinking so highly of yourself and judging others like you’re god or something. Whatever you say you are means nothing on the internet!! It’s like a ventriloquist on the radio. .

          • Barbara Warren

            Low self-esteem you couldn’t be further from the truth. You should see all the military doctors that have sleeves on both arms and legs. Umm! mens skin gets flabby too…….SMH

          • FoodPolice

            Contrary to what you purport… there are not a lot of military doctors running around with tattoos. There is a lot less tolerance for them in the officer corps than there are in the enlisted ranks. And low self esteem is right on the mark and so is bad judgment.

          • Barbara Warren

            I am speaking from my experience over the last 12 years I am operating room technologist and have worked with many doctors and nurses tattooed from head to toe. Yes AR670-1 has changed and which enlisted personnel will not be able to commission if they have visible tattoos. I guess all the doctors that I know personally have low self esteem which is ridiculous.

          • John Mann

            Don’t you bring facts and truth into this!

          • FoodPolice

            So… claim what you will but I have 14 years of military experience… and have also dealt with military doctors.

          • Pam S

            I agree Barbara Warren. I was never military; but I was corrections for much of my career, then finished out as a federal contract employee working with dignitaries from here and other countries. I have several tattoos…visible. I will say it does look unprofessional to covered in tattoos and body piercings. To have a few on the forearms on the job….no. Only problems I’ve had was with one Baptist church that asked me not to come back because of my huge ankle tattoo.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            Curious what was on your ankle that so offended a Baptist Church ?

          • Pam S


          • Don & Cristina Smith

            Nice tattoo Pam. I hope you didn’t find a church like the Westborough type. I’ve been in more than a few Baptist Church’s and so far have never run into anyone that would be offended by your tattoo. Hope your experience with that church didn’t put you off going. My guess is that you would be hard pressed to find another Baptist church acting like that.

          • MaddiMariee

            Having Tattoos or even Piercings is NOT unprofessional. What’s unprofessional is turning down and aspiring employee due to superficial reasons and not their skill level or experience.

          • FoodPolice

            Unfortunately… your are wrong. Tattos are unprofessional… and piercings are grossly unprofessional. The more people have themselves marked up like carnies and circus freaks… the less professional they are… Time, History and Reality stand in opposition to your claim.

          • FridayTN

            Getting inappropriate tattoos, piercings, hair color, etc. when when you want to have a professional career speaks volumes to a potential employer. It alerts the employer that you might not use common sense when making a decision that will affect your (or the company’s) future. In business, it’s important to consider what might happen if you do something that can’t be undone. Potential employers don’t want people who can’t see the big picture, and who don’t think about long-term repercussions.

            Yes, it’s your right to have visible tattoos and piercings. But when you make a decision, you must be prepared to live with the results. That’s what freedom is all about. And just as you are free to get tattoos, others are free to NOT like them.

          • Someone who knows Champ

            Excuse me, oh wise one: ) Tattoos are often coping tools for those that have endured pain. They are also forms of creativity and self expression. Your lack of insight and clarity puts you in the critical/low self esteem seat. When one adheres to social “standard” they are quite often the least trusted of the group. Professionalism comes from self awareness. But you keep pretending that youv’e educated yourself on self esteem: ) One day you might understand that your failing greatly at decency.

          • Someone who knows Champ

            I will say: Robyn..sometimes it is best to not present yourself as a dart board to the blind.Just saying: )

          • FoodPolice

            Total nonsense and a cheap attempt at guilt transference…

          • Someone who knows Champ

            You are not very smart: ) I ordinarily would let this go …however as one with tattoos on my back with the words agape and sophrosyne as well a black panther with a mouth full of flowers I can assure you that I do not suffer from low self esteem nor do I represent myself in a way that others find offensive: ) I received my tattoos when a family member had been raped and beheaded by one of her sons friends. I did not suffer personal trauma in my youth nor have I ever been in an abusive relationship. I am a vegan and I do not partake in substances..not even the occasional drink ( something I suspect you partake in quite often 😉 I am well read and hold a degree in design as well psychology. I am skilled at many things and I scored incredibly high on my EQ. You are very ill mannered and judgmental which means that you are either insecure about your appearance and profession or you are a small town thinker who places their value in their ability to knock people down. Regardless..you are an ***. No one here cares about your flaws and how they manifest in regards to criticizing women. If you have nothing kind to say..I suggest you work on yourself . If that is impossible…maybe you could grow a beard and begin licking stamps: )

          • FoodPolice

            You are obviously a person with mental issues… and continue wasting time in your attempt at guilt transference. Too bad it doesn’t work.

          • Someone who knows Champ

            : ) I realize that this may be your only interaction with females…so i am finished with this diatribe that you are attempting to direct with criticisms and hate. ps..you are very unfortunate looking: ) Much worse than a tattoo: )

          • FoodPolice

            If thinking that makes you feel better about your self… then good luck with that. Tattooed people are like alcoholics… everybody knows they have a problem… except themselves…

          • Someone who knows Champ

            oops. I just opened your photo: ) Nothing left to say sport: ) Do the best that you can with what your momma gave you…poor woman..must have had a rough life;)

          • Fantazunique

            In my opinion they look horrible no matter what they depict or for whatever reason they were gotten. There’s no reason to put ink to skin and I don’t care who one is when they do it!!! It looks tacky!!!

      • Barbara Warren

        Tattoos are not banned for Soldiers who had them prior to updating AR 670-1; everyone is grandfathered in, including those on the neck and hands. They just have to be photographed and uploaded to the Soldiers OMPF record.

        • FoodPolice

          So what’s your point… that is what she said…

          • John Mann

            Dude, why are you such a dick?

    • Chet McFetter

      Well done sir, well done.

      • Dan Worthington

        Thank you.

    • Tom Barr

      Dan my company doesn’t allow tattoo’s of any kind to be shown. Can’t have beards or long hair. I work for a company that was founded by a WWII fighter pilot. I don’t call it discrimination, it is the rules set forth by the privately owned company. I am a vet and I have tattoos also. My boss has his body full of tats and is not a vet.

    • nanap

      I thought Sears was well known for their support of our military and, if so, simply asking you to cover your tats should not offend you. There are many service-oriented businesses that do not allow tats that show which might offend the customer. My daughter in law is a nurse. She has tattoos but they can not be where they are seen while she works. My son is a service rep for a computer services company and he is also not allowed to have visible tats. He and his wife (the nurse) each have one half, which makes a whole, Celtic loveknot (when under a black light) but is otherwise invisible. Of course, YOU know how this was presented to you. Just saying, I have heard much about Sears’ military support. Thank you for your service.

    • amdatme

      Some people really like tattoos. Personally, I think that they are ugly and stupid and are a sign of immaturity. “Here, hold my beer and watch this.” You certainly have the right to put ugly markings/pictures/writings on your body or stupid piercings with all kinds of crap hanging from them, but your prospective employer has the right to not hire you. You say that it is prejudice? How about if some stupid punk that wants to wear his pants down around his knees? Is not hiring that punk also prejudice? That’s his right, but I have no desire to see the crack of his a$$ and anyone that would hire such a person would not get my business. Obviously, you have never started your own business and risked your own money in an effort to make the business successful…. because, if you did, then you would know why some people object to your display of tattoos.

      • Dan Worthington

        You are speaking from a position of ignorance. I DO own my own business, have worked high-end retail for many years, with great success. Good luck with your life, and remember what your mama told, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

      • Daryl Earnest Yonich

        I was 42 when I got my tattoo so I was hardly immature. It is also not prominently visible. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but I always tell my kids if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I do agree with you though, some people go waaayyy beyond the point of excess. 🙂 Have a nice day

    • Hiedi Hall

      Why bring up skin color? Fight the fight that needs fighting, why add the race card, it makes you sound desperate. Your tattoos do not define you as a proud veteran, your character however does.

      • Diane Stanley

        urgh, what a comment… 🙁

      • Dan Worthington

        Because it WAS about the color of my skin. Nothing to do with race. Keep in mind, female employees were allowed to have as many piercings as they wanted, wear as much makeup as they wanted, and had a much more lax dresscode than male employees.

        • kwkiki7562

          No Dan, it wasn’t.

          • Sergeant Kroker

            Dan I am glad you served your county my dad is a marine and i follow in his foot steps but just as you stated having tattoos is your own opinion and the stores feel that it is unprofessional for retail, also the comments you are making are naive we are here to support are fellow sister in arms because macy’s hiring manager was not respecting a american patriot and we are to let the stores know that is uncalled for. so please don’t make comments like that it is time to become mature you and i represent are soldiers and you need to act like one semper fi and salute to you

        • ScottA

          And the other shoe drops.

    • kwkiki7562

      That’s a corporate set standard and the rules are the rules. I’m sorry, I like most tatoos, but if the rules state they must be covered, (and MANY corporations do!) then that’s that. Pulling the “color of my skin” was unbecoming of a US veteran, your skin color had no merit in this corporate policy, that I am certain is in their employee handbook. Be proud, wear them proudly- on YOUR time, not the companies. (and I don’t even like SEARS)

    • JustLurkin

      Damn right, Dan! This warmed my heart and made my day. Thanks for being a stand up guy for yourself… and for us.

    • Fogle

      Sears and many other companies no matter WHO the employee is requires tattoos to not be visible. It had nothing to do with your skin color, its company policy. I also worked at Sears and saw that policy as irritating considering I have a tattoo but didn’t over react like you did. Its great that your military status ended up getting you a job but lets face it if you had just been a kid with tattoos no matter how tasteful you wouldn’t have gotten the job. I had many friends who interviewed with me who interviewed for jobs there and weren’t invited to come back for a second interview because they had tattoos that couldn’t be covered. They are allowed to say no Tattoos.

    • shocololoa

      cocktail waitresses cant have tattoos showing in a casino either there are a lot of places like that. Just like they don’t want employees smoking so the public can see it. Its all about the minds of people and the judgement placed upon you …the discrimination is among your own peers and customers in reality therefore a business must take that into consideration

    • Good for you — talking back, and setting them straight .

  • Donn Caldwell

    I recently bought a piece of furniture from Macys, but NO MORE !!!! Liberal pack of pendejos !!!

  • jack taggart

    She should be given the Managers job and present Manager should be sent to Iraq to know how it feels to give sacrifice for your country

    • Vashra Araeshkigal

      I like the first part, but let’s just leave the manager here. No point bringing down the stats of any of our service branches by drafting that fool.

  • Johhny “the rat”

    The “hiring manager” ought to be fired for this.

    • BlackCanary007

      I am sooo disgusted by this story! This women put her LIFE on the line for her people and her country and this is how she is treated when she gets home! I want that so called “hiring manager’s” name!

      • RonKeffer

        The same thing happened when we returned from Vietnam. We were instructed to wear civilian clothes off the base, when applying for a job, we didn’t reference our time in the military. If we did we didn’t get the job

        Now that is how we thank our veterans. If I were in the service today, I would walk out and take others with me.

        • Tracer76

          And sir it still happens today, its a shame that civies dont respect the ones that serve so that they can have a job, freedom of speech, and their rights. I am sorry that you even went though this as well sir. That is no way even to thank vets at all.

          I have also served as well but class my self as a Civ, reason I am no longer in the military. I have seen this also first hand, not just with myself but others as well.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            Tracer, “There is no way even to thank vets at all.” I’m also a Vet and
            I still support Veterans. There is one excellent Veteran support organization I believe in and have supported for years. I’m retired with very little money to spare but I can still send a small check several times a year.

            DAV (Disabled American Veterans). http://www.dav.org/

            It’s always a very good idea to check out any charity you may be interested in BEFORE sending any money.


          • Tracer76

            Hi Don, thank you for the links that does help as well. I will also be doing this as well.

          • Tracer76

            Thank you Don for the sites as well as the information and how to make sure I know if its a good one.

            I am looking in to the wounded warrior project. http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

            As well as DAV.

      • Smee

        The shame of returning vietnam vets all over again, only this time returning from afghanistan. America should open their loving arms and hearts to these men and women! If not for them, these unamerican people might be over there.

    • John Samuel Wilson

      No…the B!TCH should be packed on a C130 straight to Afghanistan for a 12 month tour.

      • I would NOT want such a weak, Anti-American MACY’S Manager — in my unit .

    • Lin Pasternak

      I agree!! She is totally ignorant and has 0 common sense!!

    • RonKeffer

      Yes there ought to be a couple heads roll with this situation.

      Veterans fight so Macy’s can stay in business

    • LadyScot

      For what? Telling an applicant that a better position is open and they would do better at it? LP always pays more than the floor, has better hours, and is a better position than a sales associate. HOW is this discrimination? The manager actually complimented the soldier. I guess the military did not teach her much in the way of LISTENING and COMPREHENDING.

      • Johhny “the rat”

        Quote: ““Being that you’ve been over there, you wouldn’t really know how to approach people. Once a customer’s in your face, you wouldn’t know how to do it. You wouldn’t know how to react. I’ve been here 15 years, I know you wouldn’t be able to do good here. There’s another job in loss prevention. That’s what you’re good for–that’s what you do.” Now what makes this person feel she’s qualified to judge another based ONLY on their service record? Not able to approach people? Come on now. I guess we read into it diferrently. I in no way saw this as a “compliment”. How do you see it as a “Better position”? Did we read the same article?

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    I’m of a divided mindset on this one. On one side, it sounds like when Corporate found out about this incident, they tried to make it right by offering the young lady retail positions. On the other side, they *should* have made it right by giving a pink slip to the bigoted anti-military manager.

    • Kelly Prophet

      Yaup, I agree on the pinkslip part. Sam Walton used to say something like it only takes a few moments to lose a customer — and it takes some number of years to earn them back. I can’t remember how many years. Macy’s, give me a ring when you think it’s enough years. I’ll be shopping elsewhere.

      • mikeirish

        Ditto… Flat out discrimination against the military. Personally, after winning the lawsuit I would never darken their doors again, even just walking by….

        • CW Betts

          there is no grounds for a lawsuit. I may disagree with the hiring manager, buy they didn’t do anything illegal. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act covers race, color, creed , religion, and national origin. Again, the hiring manager was stupid, but the applicant’s rights were not violated.

      • Every Private Person and Private Business has the moral right to choose,
        but I have the right to condemn irrationality, and to withhold my business .

      • RonKeffer

        never again will I shop at Macy’s

      • Don & Cristina Smith


    • kwkiki7562

      where do you see they offered her a position? it says her application is still under consideration.

      • msudawgs64

        from the article…”Macy’s has since recanted their previous response to Reyes’ application for employment and offered her a job in response to the backlash they have received. Reyes turned down the position.”

      • RonKeffer

        GEE kwkiki I wonder what rock you have been hiding under

    • Coaster26

      How they deal with the hiring manager is not going to be public information. Unfortunately, there is a reason you see many more former soldiers in loss prevention than in other jobs, and it’s not because that’s what they prefer. This woman merely misspoke when she said it out loud. I assure you that most retailers feel the same, whether they conciously act on it or not.

    • LadyScot

      I don’t think telling someone they aren’t a right fit for sales but they would do great in loss prevention is discrimination. I think this is being blown out of the realm of proportion.

      • Vashra Araeshkigal

        Here, let me help you with an example puerile enough for you to follow:

        “See…our customers are mostly White, and you’re Black, so you really aren’t articulate in white speech to properly address upset white customers. You wouldn’t know how to handle them. But hey, we’ve got a job over in the cafeteria making fried chicken and grits…you’re good at that right? That’s what you do.”

        Seem discriminatory? Seem a little bigoted? Well so is…

        “Being that you’ve been over there, you wouldn’t really know how to approach people. Once a customer’s in your face, you wouldn’t know how to do it. You wouldn’t know how to react. I’ve been here 15 years, I know you wouldn’t be able to do good here. There’s another job in loss prevention. That’s what you’re good for–that’s what you do.”

        It’s NOT being blown out of proportion.

  • Cody

    Usually you tell someone you are a serviceman, be it military or first responder, and you are not only considered but often placed slightly higher as it shows discipline. To see someone denied for serving America is just disgraceful in itself.

    • Ferrari fan

      my exwife got passed over for jobs while I was still in the service. the reasoning was that they wanted someone who would be there more than just a couple years.

  • Phil Stewart

    “Thinking twice” is not necessary. They’ll never get another penny from me!

  • BurkeanMama

    Macy’s is so expensive I can’t afford to shop there anyway. But if I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn’t spend any of the money at Macys.

  • texan2thebone

    The more important question remains unanswered. Is that hiring person still employed by Macy’s? I won’t set foot in a store that employs someone with that attitude toward our veterans.

  • Jodi Sedan-DeLawder

    What a shallow minded manager. A young going to fight for our country like that and the gratitude or should I say lack of gratitude by the manager to me is a smack in the face what a pathetic waste of oxygen piece of trash some people have turned out to be. Thank you Kayla Reye for all that you have done for our country.

  • william

    she’s HOT and thank you for your service !!!!

  • Macy’s will never get another penny from me!

  • Charles Edward Akers

    Maybe if everyone who considered shopping at Macy’s would shop elsewhere, the company might get the idea that this kind of discrimination is bad for business.

  • Doreen Thomas Sorensen

    she should sue!

  • John R Willis

    If life were fair, that “person” who talked that way to Miss Reyes would be the one working in loss prevention !

  • jennfire

    I will shop at Macy’s as before. One person’s description of an interview may not be exactly as it went. I think she misinterpreted the hiring person’s words. Macy’s is a good business, and does not need to be ruined by illogical reporting.

    • John R Willis

      I never shopped at Macy’s to begin with, however, the interpretation of the interview was not disputed. It sounds like to me , the “Hiring Manager” just assumed she was better suited to security or “Loss Prevention” because she was in Afghanistan in the Military. It was the way she implied that her judgment was not only superior, but final . This young lady might do excellent in either job, on the sales floor or in Loss Prevention, it just wasn’t right to pigeonhole her in a discriminatory fashion like she did. Maybe Miss Reyes wanted a sales job instead of chasing shoplifters. It doesn’t matter anymore anyway, she has already been hired in another job. One I hope has good benefits and pay. Our Veterans deserve so much more than what our Government gives them. ILLEGAL ALIENS receive better treatment from our Government than our Veterans do.

  • Janet Sutter

    Personally, I think that the one with the problem is the manager. Maybe she should have some training. If this woman can go to war, there is nothing that she cannot manage to do. She has proven herself.

  • I agree that this is disgraceful but I’m not sure I agree that anyone should be given priority over anyone else. Jobs are hard to come by, if you apply you should be given the same consideration as anyone else.

    • RightInCali

      You’re missing the point. She was disqualified specifically because she is a veteran of a combat zone. That is exactly the opposite of being given special consideration.

      • paramount

        I believe Mariann was referring to the line in this particular article which says, “This is outrageous. Our veterans should be given first priority when companies are hiring.” Not to Kayla’s incredibly unfair situation.

        • Cheryl Murray

          Veterans are given preference points when being considered for hire. It’s nothing new, but too it depends on the business. As a disabled veteran who has found it very difficult to find a job, even with those five preference points, I find what was done to this young woman to be atrocious. The hiring manager should at the very least fall under some sort of remedial training.

      • I’m not missing the point – I understand that she was disqualified
        because of being a veteran. The author of this article said that Veterans should
        be considered over all other applicants. “Our veterans should be given first
        priority when companies are hiring.” I don’t agree with this. True, Veterans
        deserve jobs when they come back from duty – I’m not saying they don’t. My Dad
        is a Vet and I’d be very upset to find out he was turned down for a position he
        applied for just because of his Veteran status. What I’m saying is that his
        being a Veteran doesn’t necessarily mean he is suited for the hypothetical job
        and if there is a better qualified candidate, they should be considered just the

  • Sharon Hesse-Tabor

    I stopped shopping in Macy’s a while ago. Now I am glad I did.

  • doug jones

    After that I would not shop at Macy”s if they was the only store around. I would do without first

  • Jo Ann Martin

    Boycott MACY’S

  • LLLeon

    She should have sued the store and demanded a public apology.

  • Deana J Cruise

    I will never set foot in Macy’s again. I am 62 years old have shopped there for many many years BUT NO MORE!

  • Goofy1954

    Cant hire vets, dont need our money at Macys

  • Jesse Teres

    I see a lot of people hammering Macy’s about this on their page! please continue to voice your protests on their FB page! let’s show ’em that veterans have a lot of backing from good people!

  • susan

    With Macy’s saying they employ persons with high leadership skills, why isnt the manager that interviewed her gone yet? She definitely didnt have any, and shes a manager!! I wont be going to a Macy’s anytime soon!!!!

  • Dean T. Pangelinan

    The “hiring manager” should be canned, and we should all boycott Macy’s until she is.

  • Douglas Menning

    I will never cross the doorstep of Macy’s again…unless the sales manager that rejected Kayla is fired for incompetance and makes a public apology.

  • Cynyster

    Everyone has an opinion … but lets not let the actions of one person reflect the entire company. People here have been calling for her dismissal. Well I don’t think that is right either. Disciplined? Absolutely! Fired? if this is a trend. Everyone is an @$$ at some point. Give our hero a good position and put the other on probation. and give Macy’s a break.

  • Trudy Lewis

    I’ll make sure to avoid buying anything from Macy’s again!

  • Brian Bates

    Look, this story makes me upset too, but it’s ridiculous to say you’re going to boycott Macy’s. Clearly this was one stupid hiring manager, not a companywide policy. Every company is going to have bad apples, especially one as big as Macys, and quite possibly the hiring manager was just having a bad day. Does the manager need to be reprimanded? Absolutely. But, you can’t judge the manager, let alone the entire company, based on this story. Boycotting Macys would simply hurt lots of good, honest people that work there, including lots of other vets who are already employed by the company. Assign blame where it goes– don’t have a kneejerk reaction.

  • Suzette Gorrell

    My opinion, as a Veteran’s wife, I think the “hiring manager” should be fired. Also, I think the statement that they put out is merely to cover themselves.

    I know many people who have been turned down, although not with such a bold statement as the hiring manager made. Why? Because of the news the media puts out about Veterans and PTSD. Anytime a Veteran is involved in a crime then it must be due to PTSD or a TBI. Suddenly ALL Veterans have one or the other. But that’s not accurate either. In fact, most media outlets don’t even have a grasp on what PTSD or TBI really IS to be putting out all the crap that they do!
    So now when an employer or company looks over prospective employees and they see “Veteran,” more often than not they also are afraid of those things. Which is ridiculous. But it doesn’t stop them from stereotyping and not hiring.
    I think the Media needs to take a step back and learn some lessons about Veterans and Mental Health and what it’s really like.

  • Jeff Cummings

    I will never spend a dime at macys

  • toma kay

    F*ck Macy’s

    • toma kay

      And their crappy parade

  • John T Cherwin

    I seriously doubt that that would be “Macy’s” official position. It was the hiring manager’s screwed up excuse to not hire her. I wonder if it wasn’t a racist decision on the manager’s part. She should be fired ( the hiring manager )

  • Chet McFetter

    The one thing that has always bugged me about Macy’s is their use of a bright red star as their logo. It is also a well known fact that the bright red star is a symbol for communism. Being that I was brought up in a family of patriots who have fought in just about every war in the last 100 years, I cringe every time I see an ad for Macy’s displaying the ‘red star’. I have never stepped one foot in a Macy’s. Although this act was perpetrated by only ONE employee of Macy’s, it illustrates a ‘mindset’ among the management of Macy’s. This just galvanizes my opinion of the merchant known as Macy’s.

  • Mike Lazar


  • Lee Murray

    I think Macy’s was just covering up – I won’t shop there.

  • jbobduke

    I will never shop in that store again. I don’t like their “MIND SET!”

  • Dan

    Blaming Macy’s for the action of the idiotic manager is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you get a bad hamburger. The Hiring Manger definitely screwed up, and if Macy’s doesn’t “fix” this problem THEN you can blame them, until then, calm down stop blaming a corporation for the action of one person.

  • Jayne Wathne Rogers

    We shouldn’t blame Macy’s. It is the hiring managers fault. She needs to be retrained or fired. I have had the same issue with looking for a job and was discriminated against because of being a military wife. The person interviewing me, assumed I would be moving in 3 years so why should they hire me. Not blaming company but that ignorant person

  • Carrie

    To be fair to Macy’s I think it was the hiring managers mindset not the corporation’s, so they handled the situation the best they could. Though I hope that they fired that hiring manager

  • Frank Winkler

    I hope I get word that she was hired by Macys because I will not spend another dime in that store until they do , to many other stores to shop and if they can’t support our military then I can’t support them

    • IDConstitutionist

      According to the article, she was offered a position but she turned it down. She has gotten a job elsewhere.

  • Jill Cole

    What a mean spirited person. I won’t be shopping at Macy’s again unless they announce that the hiring manager has been fired. Military Service people that risk their lives daily to help protect our freedoms aren’t good enough for your store. Shame on you as a hiring manager you should have more respect especially since they are out there everyday protecting your right to be an idiot.

  • randy udandy

    As a Vet, I am absolutely offended by this action, the manager represents Macys, so it is their fault! I will never spent another cent in there again!

  • Dee McDowell

    Nice,the young woman deserved far better treatment than she received. Too bad she didn’t sue them.

  • AFMomXs2

    I believe this was more the fault of the person doing the hiring rather than Macy’s Corp. She obviously has a bee up her butt when it comes to veterans. No doubt a commie liberal

  • Sandra Stubbs Woodhouse

    She was easily able to refrain from slapping the crap out of the Manager, so what’s the problem? Seems to me she has a good handle on handling people.

  • snppygrl

    Macy’s can forget about my business! I love our vets and support them always! Too bad their “management” didn’t!

  • Christopher Rant

    Why don’t we just make the “hiring manager” spend one week in basic training? I am sure that person will learn a lot.

  • Chatty Kathy

    That hiring manage was obviously a liberal Democrat.

  • bellinR

    Something is not just quite right on this. I think more to the story.

  • Raptor Jezus

    I’m not saying the SPC is a liar, but I’d have to hear the hiring manager’s story about this before I made up my mind. If this is exactly how everything went down, ya that is damning and the hiring manager needs to be fired. However, if the truth was stretched, and being in the military has taught me that it happens more than it should (maybe I’m cynical, but I get that way for having to do the paperwork for soldiers that fail drug tests), then we need to hear both sides of the story.

    Like I said, I’m not accusing the soldier of being dishonest or misrepresenting the situation, but we can’t blindly jump into an absolute boycott of Macy’s and firing someone over something like this when we only have one side of the story.

  • schr8er


  • nanap

    I shop very little at Macy’s but I have most recently shopped (and made purchases) in their Fine Jewelry Dept. I won’t be doing it in the future.

  • Larry C Mason

    Maybe a walking PICKET line would help… Is there some law that prohibits this?

    • Larry C Mason


  • Miramom

    I hope the manager is also looking for a job.

  • ThirtyNineWinks

    Frankly, I am suspicious of the vet’s story, and the store can’t defend itself. (Privacy laws and such.) Why would anyone ever say why they were not hiring someone? All a hiring manager would ever say is “we found someone who seemed a better fit for our position.”

  • LeGeneral

    I think you of all people should know this: Corporations are people, my friend! And people are free not to hire whomever they want. Because America!

  • DaBear

    I am banning Macy’s and encourage you to do the same unless and until they fix this situation. The company’s general statement just does not cut it, in my opinion. I will be watching this closely and if no resolution is forthcoming, I will NEVER shop at Macy’s again.

  • FoodPolice

    She will make a whole lot more money working for the California Department of Corrections… not to even mention the better benefits…

  • Steve Powell

    I never shopped much at Macy’s and certainly never will now..

  • Luposian

    I think the reason she was denied the position was because war zones do funny things to people’s head. Makes them unable to cope… Or worse, go ballistic/postal. While I don’t agree with what they did, I can also understand why they did it.

    • stone8

      And you know these things how? Have you served, been to a war zone and if so are we to suspect your post as someone with funny things going on in your head? Get a grip and get over it. Proud veteran, USN

  • Ruth Heymann Baker

    I doubt Macy’s would miss me since I buy very little there but I agree a boycott is needed.

  • Maria21

    Macy’s does hire veterans! Our store has veterans. We even raise money for the Got Your Six campaign. This was one hiring manager that most likely lost their job over this…Macy’s makes a point of hiring a diverse work force & promotes from within the company. Don’t judge the entire company based on one lousy employee.

    • Glenn Hughes

      But that one lousy employee represents the company as do the other employees of that company. It just takes one employee to make a company as a whole to look bad

  • Marie Flaig

    Both my husband and I are veterans. He was stationed in Southeast Aisia for 33 months during the Vietnam War. I never saw combat but after reading this I plan on going to MACYS store in Phoenix and telling them that if they don’t want to hire young returning war vets then maybe us vets need not shop at I Macys.

  • Ffhs

    This has boycott Macy’s written all over it only symbols can express what I feel *#$% Macy’s that store can eat sh** I wont shop there neither will my family or friends or anyone else I show this to.

  • KJ917

    Welcome to America…where discrimination is illegal yet practiced every single day in the hiring process most citizens are forced through. Is what happened to her right? No, it is not right. I just feel the entire system is geared to discriminate job seekers. Fail a drug test, have a criminal record, have been fired before…you will be discriminated against and turned away just like she was. So yes job discrimination is wrong and illegal but it still happens every single day.

  • Sally J Boyle

    One: is the “hiring” manager still employed by this company>? If so, perhaps her “mind-set” needs to be adjusted. Two: my mind is now set to show at any and all competitors to Macys and to never step foot in their door again…..will that matter to them? Not in the least, I am sure….but it is one step I can take to say enough is enough.

  • Lee Thomas Walker

    Fire the bitch that told her that and hold her up on criminal charges I will invent later. Then hire this veteran for her job at twice the salary, half the work, and protection from termination.

    • Joshua Allen

      your describing a union job or person

  • MikeTX62

    Well, I guess I’m done shopping at Macy’s. I will not set foot in another of their stores until it is confirmed that the “hiring manager” in this story is fired. I WILL NOT be holding my breath.

  • MikeTX62

    Frankly, Macy’s should FIRE that manager and offer THAT job to Ms Reyes. NOT holding my breath for THAT, either.

  • Jeff Claiborne

    As a military veteran and the Father of a daughter who received a bronze star for actions taken during combat in Afghanistan, I am insulted by the hiring managers attitude. The hiring manager needs an education on the quality of military veterans. It is obvious that the hiring manager received and believed some bad information, perhaps from some radical liberal professor at college. Regardless of the source, my guess is that the hiring manager is now doing a lot of squirming. One more thing, the vet has a good case against Macy’s and should sue the company. I never shop at Macys so I will let my wife know about this one.

  • John

    yeah….because thats what americans fight for…freedom. sure…bullshit.

  • Tricia Purkiss

    Totally disgusting.The hiring ‘manager’ only has a title not the qualifications to be called a manager.

  • B Frye

    That’s crazy. When I got out of the Corps in 07 I had the hardest time getting a job when I returned home. Not many people were hiring and everyone wanted a degree instead of the experience I had in my field from my MOS. So, I found out through a friend that Sears was hiring. I applied, and immediately got an interview. He asked me about my Military background then minutes later said he was proud to hire a Marine to be one of his sales associates. Stayed there for almost 2 years and did a damn good job when it came to customers even though I had my own issues I was dealing with physically and mentally at the time. The store didn’t know anything about it because it did not effect my job.

  • patfo49

    The Macy’s that I used to frequent in Baltimore Maryland has been taken over by thugs! She would be perfect for that store I’m sure she could catch them stealing!

  • Franklin Kester


  • Ron Handy

    ” Don’t shop at MACY’S ” Stay away, & don’t spend another dollar at Macy’s. !! They are way over priced on everything in the store. They get the stuff from China,& mark it up like crazy.!!

  • theelviscerator

    Typical of most retail mgt, idiots.
    Never will Macy get a dollar of mine.

  • Deb Scott

    the manager probably couldn’t handle the responsibilities and emotional stresses of a soldier’s job

  • SoCalCop

    Macy’s has overpriced crap! Who cares what they think? If there is one close by her, she should go to work at Bass Pro. Great people, great discounts, and very pro military.

    • Katia

      Not to mention Bass Pro is an awesome store!

      • SoCalCop

        I know, I work there. 🙂

  • Karen Nachtigal

    She was good enough to be risking her life for this “sale manager” and our country but not good enough for her sales floor… Seriously?!?!?

  • kwkiki7562

    Iit’s a freaking sales floor job- it’s an entry level position!

  • kwkiki7562

    If the HR director – after interveiwing her- felt she did not “fit” the salesperson position, and said simply “I have other applicants I am looking at as well as you for this position, I do have another opening in store security. would you be interested in that position? She would not have broken the laws set by EEOC, but if she said exactly what the applicant says she stated. #1, she is extremely poorly trained and SHE is not right for HER position, or #2, Macy;s standards pf training are lacking – incredibly lacking, but after this law suit, bet they won’t be.

    • Miranda Wallen Kester

      You actually never have an interview with the HR director. You’re first interview is with the Sales Manager, then with the Department Manager, and then finally with the Store Manager….at least that’s the process for being hired at Macy’s.

      • Suzette Gorrell

        Perhaps they should look over their hiring process so this doesn’t happen again. As well as the training process, and throw in extra training in the EEOC.

  • Deb Siener

    Yes, the hiring manager should be fired. And if this had not gone viral on Facebook, she would not have been given another thought. Who does this lady think is protecting her freedom and her butt? Get it the real world, I will not shop at Macys again. Sorry Macys, your loss.

    • Miranda Wallen Kester

      Clearly you don’t know the hiring process of Macy’s. I do…I used to work there. And you actually have to go through THREE interviews, before actually being hired.

      And she actually did get hired, just not for the sales floor.

  • Katia

    I am appalled, and I would love to know the name of this stupid manager who interviewed her and “knows” that a veteran can’t handle customers at Macy’s!!!!!
    Is that pompous and pretentious D-bag embarrassed now? I hope so!

  • David

    I’m not Macy’s patron but the more video footage I watch of her the more intense and gruff she seems. This is not a trait any retail company wants on a sales floor, regardless of prior military experience or background. She claims she’s qualified because she worked at Target before the military. Didn’t the military give her any marketable skills? Why is she having to fall back on her prior civilian experience? Is she not eligible for a clearance to at least work for a DoD contractor? I suspect there’s more to the story we’re not being told.

  • Harvey B Vaughn Jr.

    I would wager that manager voted for the people who sent Kayla into the situation that gave her that “mindset”. She’s now faced with the reality of what she approved and she can’t deal with it. When I was younger this is what we said about people like that manager, “She has $hit in her blood!”

  • Lisl Hale-Ortega

    The hiring manager used extremely poor judgement, especially with the ignorant comments she made to this young woman. It’s appalling that she is a hiring manager who makes decisions about who should work for Macy’s. I honestly think she should be demoted at best but terminated is my vote. Macy’s could be sued for this. Honor our troops – they have given their lives for this country.

  • SirLouie

    Sadly, the old stereotypes of veterans still exist, and are embraced by people who are too lazy to find out the truth. This woman is an ignoramus, and I hope she’s fired.

  • Bruce S Wall

    I will never set foot in a Macy’s and I will encourage EVERY military member I know…Hmm…Ret Military and I work at the Veteran’s Administration..that would make quite a few people.

  • Bweez

    Here are a few “mindsets” she may have developed “going to war.” Commitment, the true value of life, dedication to her job, organization, people skills, more appreciation for the finer things in life, etc. Wow… that would hurt anyone’s job skills! (tongue in cheek)

  • Del Matticks

    This veteran is not going to be giving my business to any company or corporate entity that supports a anti military mindset. I am disgusted and ashamed that in today’s society that Macys answered in such a political manner instead of simply apologising and showing the manager being walked out the door. That’s how you earn respect and business with this countries proud American’s.

  • James Bletz Jr

    sue them.. her… this is illegal at least where I live.. and the so called manager should be fired and fined at the least

  • camperben

    So she says…If it happened its awful…but we just take her word for it? This could all be entirely made up. If its not…I’m not sure what this proves? One store manager is a tool. K. Are we saying there is an epidemic of military being discriminated against? It always helped me to be a Marine…that’s pretty much how I was able to be a Police Officer and learn about this stuff called evidence. Neato. I usually would never stick up for a Corporation ….but…seriously guys. One woman makes a Facebook post because she didn’t get a job. It goes viral…millions see it…now you come back to her to get the story. Is she gonna say ..
    “I was just mad and didn’t want to tell my Dad I blew the interview” if it was something like that? No…you go full story cause you in it now. I would be curious to hear and see the Store Manager in question and see if this even happened. All we have prof of is she applied and was interviewed.

  • Kathi

    I don’t think she should be fired, her job at the store as a manager? I don’t think so! Hiring is not her forteit! Too closed minded for that! She needs to get some training on how to work with others! As far as Macy’s, it wasn’t anyones fault but the manager!

  • Elizabeth Jaramillo

    yep not shopping there anymore

  • pianoman

    Question, forgetting for a second if this young lady is or is not qualified for the job (no matter the reasons either way), shouldn’t an employer have the final say on who they do/do not hire? That is I thought one of the bedrock principles of the “Right-To-Work” laws that are being pushed all over the nation.

    • booseyboo

      Its the BS reason she wasn’t hired for is what people are upset about. Under that logic she might never be employed.

      • pianoman

        It might be a dumb reason, but employers don’t have to have valid reasons, actually in some states now they don’t have to have ANY reason, to hire, not hire, fire anyone. I know, it sucks, and it’s sort of stupid, but that is the way it is.

  • matwood17

    Really good reason not to shop at Macy’s is it not? Can you not find those same goods purchased there somewhere else (and probably for a lower price)? Boycott is a very good term and an effective tool against companies like this.

  • Nathaniel Meyer

    This i think is a complete outrage. I am a veteran myself and currently now managing for circle k gas stations. Mindset she says? 10 months ago i was hired as an assistant manager and 10 months later will be managing my own store.This young girl deserves the same chance. The hiring manager should be fired if Macys really wants to save face. However as a shopper at Macys i can say they have officially lost me as a customer. My mother is at the moment cutting up her Macys card. Hows that for a mindset from a vet.

  • Rhonda Ward Stoner

    I don’t shop at Macy’s anyway. but if I did this would seal the deal. SMH

  • elmo

    Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and don’t understand your country’s fanaticism over vets, but your country is hardly at risk of losing it’s freedoms and these days soldiers aren’t sent to war to protect your country, they’re sent to war to protect your country’s controlling interests in other country’s natural resources and political decisions. This girl should be respected for taking on a sometimes dangerous job BUT let’s not forget she chose that job for whatever reason, she was not conscripted like our grandfathers. I don’t see why a veteran should be given any sort of special preference over anybody else who may be more qualified for the job. Sure the manager’s reasoning is BS, but honestly, just how does a tour in Afghanistan prepare you for a sales job?

    • booseyboo

      Boo Elmo. Whether or not she voluntered is irrelevent. We honor our vets because they rise to the call from our nation and that should be respected.

  • Sue Piazza-Patrick

    I wont think twice now before shopping at Macy’s. I hope they fire the woman that told Kayla she did not have the right mind set. As a mother of two Marines, I personally would want her working for me, but I think we have gotten out of control thinking that because of one persons stupidity the whole company and all its employees should suffer… I am sure they employ other Veterans who don’t
    want to get laid off because of one person bad apple.

  • I don’t think we can blame Macy’s for this as they tried to make it right when it was brought to their attention. However, the manager clearly has a bias for some reason, as well as an illogical and ignorant thought process. The only way to truly correct this situation is to dismiss the hiring manager. Sometimes, “we are sorry, we are still considering her,” are simply not enough. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Darren Wilkens

    Macy’s just joined my “do not patronize” list. Freakin’ pathetic!

  • Ryan Beaudry

    Nearly everyone commenting on this story in an enraged, emotional manner needs to take a step back, cool down and actually use their brains to process this story. Imagine that you are the husband or child of this hiring manager, and she comes home to tell you about her day after this incident. I can only guess that she is incredibly upset, mortified and kicking herself every which way because of a comment that she made that happened to be in poor taste and lacking in the proper language a hiring manager should be using. How might you react to her story? You might have your own opinions about what she said but you would almost certainly feel some semblance of understanding and compassion for her, as well as to support her through what is sure to be an incredibly tumultuous time for her going forward. Yes, she made a mistake, a pretty sizeable one. Yes, she should have known better. However, she is human, just like the rest of you commenting on this stream. Each and every one of you has made a gargantuan mistake in your life and have had to pay the price for it, as she will. Stop hurling around the judgment like a bunch of children on the school yard. You all sound like bullies jumping on the bandwagon because you see others doing it.
    Kayla is someone that went into the military at a young age and served our country with pride, but that does not necessarily make her suitable for a sales position anywhere, not just Macy’s. She may have the capabilities to do the job but none of us know because none of us were present for her interview or know her directly. The hiring manager, whether right or wrong, obviously felt that she was not quite right for a sales position but sought to offer an alternative based on what she felt might be a good fit for Ms. Reyes. Her delivery of that message was incorrect but who can say what her thought process was when she made that statement. I highly doubt she is a bad person or purposefully discriminatory towards veterans. It would seem that she may have a bias or lack of education regarding veterans or anyone who has served or is currently served in the military, an education that she is undoubtedly receiving every day since this happened.
    To the people representing the idea of “boycotting Macy’s” and “Macy’s as a whole being responsible for the discrimination of veterans,” then I ask you all to consider a couple of things. Firstly, I will assume that based on your viewpoint, you have never made a mistake that you regret and indeed believe that if you do make such a mistake, the company you represent and your families are also to blame for that mistake. Secondly, I know for a fact that Macy’s does indeed employ veterans avidly across the nation, along with so many different types of people, providing jobs to hundreds and thousands of people in this extremely tough time for our country economically. Macy’s has a hiring strategy that is aimed at best serving its customers and creating a great shopping experience for them. Is this mission always carried out exactly to the letter? No, not always. Anyone who has ever been a loyal customer of Macy’s, Target, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Abercrombie, Wal-mart, Apple, Microsoft etc. should know that sometimes errors are made, whether in product quality, management, security, or corporate structuring. That goes for any company that exists. In a broader sense, for those of you that live in America, does each and every president, senator or state representative that contributes to the running of our country specifically speak for you? Do each and every one of their ideas and actions agree with your way of thinking? And if one of those actions or ideas turns out to be a huge mistake and ends up setting our country back economically, internationally or socially, does it necessarily reflect upon you or speak to who you are as a person? Of course not, so why is this situation any different? This hiring manager made an error in judgment and is certainly paying for it in ways that would torment the majority of you if roles were reversed. However, it is because this issue was broadcast on social media and is an easy topic for the masses to jump on the bandwagon about that it has received so much attention. I urge each and every one of you who is condemning Macy’s or the hiring manager to simply re-evaluate your position and relax with the judgment. You never know when one of your simple oversights in judgment might end up going viral and potentially ruining whatever career you have worked hard at to achieve. There are two sides to every story and the only side that has been represented is the side of Ms. Reyes. No one is making this situation any better by taking up arms and speaking from a place of ignorance or emotion. It was simply a human error that will be dealt with without the input or hatred from the masses.

  • Tessa Bailey

    Anyone at Macys who is placed in the position or manager with the ability to hire anyone needs to under go some serious questioning. Macys the company might support troops or vets in hiring them. But what about the individuals placed in a position that can effectively change someones life. The individual shouldn’t have to like the vets or troops but know to put a side differences by hiring based on skill set. Besides what would that manager know about anyones mind set. Hell an Army recruiter would out sale all her associates.

  • Damon Brashier

    I have shopped there in the past, but as a Navy vet; never again!

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    I think I’d rather see her in corrections. Only a fool would mess with her.

  • Sabrina Lambert

    I will never shop at macy’s and will post this so my friends and family (who many are in the military, mostly the core, or are vets) wont either. this is outrageous.

  • Kary Ann Kidder

    I won’t be shopping at Macy’s any time soon, or ever.

  • Stephen Heckler

    I have a feeling that due to the recent light shown upon PTSD and the possible violent outburst associated with it that the hiring rep felt uncomfortable hiring someone who might possess those symptoms….that being said if she wants to work on the floor then I’m sure she is more then capable of doing so and should have been promptly hired on…or even better hired as a security guard or manager

  • Rick Vincent

    she sure did get shafted hard. She worked up the ranks to find herself once again on the wrong end. she will need to get all the way down to the bottom of this and make it right by showing those that she can tough it out and be on top and enjoy the plunges. moral of the whole thing is.. women get screwed over all the time and they keep taking it. if you wanted that job you should have fought for it and sue. discrimination. then fire the hiring manager. then rename the outlet to… Reyes Fabrics – Designer outlet

  • ted1478

    We should all tell Macy’s to go pound sand!

  • Rebecca A Martin

    What a bitch… I’d like to know which Macy’s it was.. Apparently she has no respect for our active and veterans who fought for her freedoms…

  • A more adequate title might be “Macy’s needs to upgrade it’s people skills”

  • Randysayyes

    They did her a favor. She deserves a better job than catering to bottom-feeding scumbags walking around looking for discounts and bitching when something costs more than ten dollars. However, how arrogant to say “you can’t do this job because you’ve been to war,” like she couldn’t differentiate between customer service and combat!

  • dbrett1962@yahoo.com

    This is craziness. I caution though, that we need to see the entire story. Macy’s in the Big picture does hire veterans. If this particular hiring manager isn’t on board, they need to ship her to the Macy’s in North Korea. If this has a little Far Right Rove spin on it though, we’ll need to wait for the full story.

  • Daniel Phelps

    Boycott macy’s

  • Achyhart

    Just let Kayle be the boss of the woman that turned her down.

  • Denise

    Macy’s has always been discriminatory. It’s not just vets, it’s also anyone who doesn’t fit their image of the “Macy’s customer”. I don’t shop there anymore.

  • Disk2Legacy

    I will NEVER step into a Macy’s store again. I can shop other stores. Macy’s this was a mistake and you are going to pay for it. Maybe even go out of business.

  • Brenda

    I was told by Asurion a few weeks ago that bc I’m a reservist I can’t work for them.I would just one weekend a month and the 2 weeks for the summer

  • bella loca

    Im a 2003-2004 Iraqi War Veteran and, currently am an employee of Macy’s in Washington DC. I was hired party because of my Veteran status. I was told I was a good candidate for the sales position because I know how to work under pressure, and was then hired on the spot. So I don’t believe Macy’s as a whole feels this way about us Veterans. She/he is just ignorant and was obviously not a supporter of Veterans or the military as a whole.

  • Timothy Green

    Dude it is HR’s job to place people where they think they would fit best. Iraq here btw, Infantry. They denied her a specific position… Not employment. Ever see a life guard at the beach that was missing a limb?

  • Jp Martinez

    Just today I was thinking I hadn’t shop at Macy’s in a while. Funny because now that I see this, I’m thinking “yeah right, not anytime soon”. Macy’s this what I think of you guys t (-.-t) times infinity.

  • Mike Bernauer

    Discrimination, you know they can’t legally do that, I’d sue them…they have the money for it, even if your not working for them you’ll get paid ;P

  • trini bwah

    She found herself a better job. Macy’s is a waste of time, glad she didn’t go back.

  • Jeanette S.

    I am not a fan of Macy’s, however I worked for HR at store level. They are fierce about following policy. I can assure you this IS not their policy. Stores are even audited that every last detail in hiring is accounted for. I love our veterans, but I love truth too. They DO go out of their way to hire veterans, for all sorts of positions. Seniors too! I have serious doubt’s this is true. For crying out loud, they receive a ton of $$$$$ incentives from the government for hiring vets. It would have gotten the hiring manager brownie points for hiring her. My guess is this girl is pissed that someone with stronger qualifications got the job.

  • Jeanette S.

    Oh yeah, its not up to one person either, there are several people you interview with sooooooooo, one person does not hold all authority when making a hiring decision.

  • Shadow Warrior

    BOYCOTT MACY’S Overpriced anyway, but this is just outright contemptuous…

  • Scott McKissack

    I am sure that that manager is no longer working at Macy’s. There is no way that Macy’s would tolerate that. This world is just full of misguided people, they have jobs and are placed in the wrong positions. Many people cannot handle power of any type.

  • Arthur Hamilton

    That hiring manager sounds like my ex OIC in the service, who was reported to EEO. The hiring manager should have been fired as Macy’s can face charges of discrimination action from the federal & state courts.

  • Scott McKissack

    This is disgraceful, but as mentioned earlier, this was a person that represents Macy’s. She should be dealt with accordingly. I am sure that Macy’s does not support this in their policy. This could have been ANY company, remember we are dealing with individuals and their own views of the world. The manager obviously is ignorant and while it reflects on Macy’s on their behalf, as long as Macy’s deals with the issue appropriately I see no other problems. People do stupid stuff, all the other people that work for Macy’s should not be punished. So, lighten up everyone.

  • Jerri

    The only thing to do to show respect and support for Ms. Reyes is to impact Macy’s where they understand most, and that is to boycott them. They do not sell anything you can’t purchase elsewhere.

  • SD

    If the veteran was the most qualified applicant for the job, then she should have been hired. I believe that the hiring manager in question should be terminated. I don’t believe that this is a policy of Macy’s as a whole, but instead the ignorance of one member of their team. I think that Macy’s did the best thing that they could after learning about the incident by offering her the position. I don’t blame her for a minute for not accepting it though.
    Having said all of that though, I do also want to say that I keep seeing replies saying that veterans should be given jobs before others, and some even say that its because they are veterans they must have better values, etc. Sometimes the veterans simply aren’t the best candidate for the job. Sometimes they aren’t the most qualified. Sometimes veterans do not have these values that some believe they do because they “put their lives on the line”. You can’t use a blanket statement or view on one side or the other (for or against) veterans. They aren’t made from the same mold and each interview/applicant should be reviewed on a case by case basis. If in fact the veteran is the best candidate then they should be hired. If a person who has zero military experience is the most qualified candidate, then they should be hired over a veteran.

  • John

    I support veterans and would definitely be offended by any discrimination against them. But I think there’s more to this story. Go to this girl’s Facebook page and you’ll see her right arm is covered in tattoos from her shoulder to her wrist. Her left arm is covered from her elbow to her wrist. This is not something most employers want in their salespeople.

    The hiring manager was probably looking for an excuse and stupidly came up with combat duty. Most likely, they simply didn’t want a salesperson covered in tattoos that could only be covered by always wearing long sleeves.

    And, if she has her arms covered in tattoos, who’s to say she won’t show up one day with a tattoo on her neck or face that can’t be covered up. The hiring manager stuck their foot in their mouth with a bad excuse rather than being truthful.

  • Frederick H Carey

    I would say the lady has the hostile mindset not Kayla. They then send the normal letter covering there ass. I see nothing in the statement about the lady doing the hiring being wrong or removing her for her mindset. Semper FI Kayla

  • Megsi

    this is disgusting!

  • TJefferson44

    Schucking Macy’s …

  • Judy Heilig

    How about this, “This vetern will never shop at Macys again” or any other store they own until they fire that manager.

  • Sarah Moore

    if macy’s wants to keep face with the public then they should fire the manager that turned her down and said that she didn’t have the right mindset they were looking for for the position

  • Cristin Noelle Hackley

    At this point, Macy’s is just trying to save face and avoid a lawsuit. I do give credit to this young lady for taking to social media than to a lawyer for a quick cash in an a slam dunk discrimination case. Kuddos to her for finding another job & letting the world know who not to shop from in the future.

  • Barbara Nightbird

    I got my new Macy’s card a few months ago. I hadn’t “broken it” in yet but was thinking of checking our the store soon. Now? It will remain in my wallet unused. Their damn prices are too high, their interest is outrageous and what they did to Ms Reyes is the topper. She served our country, I think she can handle the public. Good luck with CA corrections. Screw Macy’s.

  • Tom Liemohn

    Macy’s can SUCK IT! By the way most DOC jobs pay pretty darn well too. Guess who made the better career choice, the Macy’s manager or the vetran?

  • Jan Leedy

    How many stories have we heard of vets freaking out and killing people? They should go through the same procedure as everyone else. Just because you’re a veteran doesn’t get you special treatment. You chose that life not us. Don’t get me wrong i’m all for the vets, but being outraged because you didn’t get the job is a little selfish. outraged people responding to my comment in 5…..4……3

    • Toni Johnston

      I agree.

    • Vibiki Nichols

      It’s not about being outraged BECAUSE she didn’t get the job. It’s about being outraged about the REASON she didn’t get the job. If the idiot manager had half a brain cell, he/she would have kept their personal feelings quiet (because personal opinions have no place in the workplace), said nothing about it & just not hired her (DUH). The manager OBVIOUSLY has something against vets or military in general. That is disrespectful as well as discrimination & THAT is why people are outraged…P.S. You said “they should go through the same procedures as everyone else”. I agree & they should ALSO be treated as EQUAL to everyone else.

  • Dave Dawley

    Macys is bad news as of now as far as I’m concerned. It’s time for a boycott

  • FridayTN

    What is the NAME of that hiring manager?

  • Elvis Levoy

    Macy’ s here’s my credit cards .ill enter your store only as a shortcut to the rest of the Mall! You see I’m a vet and if one can’t work for you ,I can’t shop with you!

  • Toni Johnston

    I agree this is horrible but the statement “veterans should be given first priority” is disgusting as well. If there is someone better qualified then that person should get the job. Just because someone is a veteran does not always mean they are more qualified for the job. Veterans should be considered and the excuse this macy’s manager gave her is disgusting.

  • John Chwaszczewski

    so all our service people become uncontrollable killers? what a dimwit.

  • Fisto

    Who are we kidding? The chick didn’t “fight” in the war.

  • Jeff Gabel

    You notice that they didn’t fire the manager that treated this veteran so poorly and not a word was said about discipline or change of policy. Macy’s is still wrong and against veterans.

  • Lion Heart

    Yea so has anyone tried to contact the Macy’s and get their side of the story ? Is this all basing off what she posted on Facebook ?

  • Brent Carter

    Macy’s statement should have said they don’t agree with the opinion of their manager. They shiuld have fired the manager and offered Kayla her job. The way they handled it makes them look like that used to be the position of Macy’s.

  • RonKeffer

    I will never darken the door of a Macy’s again. I am a Veteran, and I support Veterans

  • yes2bertl

    Outrage? What for? Would call this sanity arriving in some places finally.

  • Tracer76

    I dont put my mil record on applications at all when applying to them. There is discrimination against the ones that put the lives on the line so people like her could even have a job, I mean the manager. And yet she disrespects the ones that come home safe. People like them should never have a job for such disregard.

  • Krista

    I don’t fault the corporation for the opinions and discrimination of one individual. She may represent Macy’s, but they did not tell her “Do not hire veterans and if they apply, tell them that they are unfit for sales.” When corporate heard about this, they attempted to correct the action. Yes, they should have fired that hiring manager; BUT, they did try to offer the vet a position in which she turned down (and I don’t blame her for that). However, I don’t find fault with the corporate. Just the idiot manager.

    • Vibiki Nichols

      I DO find fault with corporate for not firing the idiot manager. The manager would have been fired for saying that to someone of a different race, someone handicapped, etc. (it also would have ended up in court on discrimination charges!) So why not fire the manager for discriminating against the very person that fights for their right to be an idiot?!!?

  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    Macys is pretty is pretty snotty.

  • Sandra Murray

    that is just sad and very disappointing to hear!!

  • Don & Cristina Smith

    I guess I’ll be a blue moon when next I enter Macy’s!

  • Becky

    that is ok i do not shop at macys anyway cause they are snobs and anyone whom does that to our veterns should be fired and sent off i am very proud of our militaty veterns and thier families cause they give up so much and sometimes all to keep me and mine safe go vets and tell people about the way vets are treated make sure u let everyone know about it so that it does not happen again and thank you for keeping me and mine safe with your service

  • Michael Walsh

    This is a blatent violation of federal law, specifically, USERRA, The Uniformed Services
    Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. If she sued, and it was proven that her story is true, Macy’s is toast. That manager was clearly not trained properly, and the company’s reaction is too little, too late.

  • cheli11

    The manager’s attitude is discriminatory and insulting. Even if she is personally anti-war, she doesn’t have the right to discriminate against those who have been to war. I’m surprised she was open about it. Usually people keep it to themselves during the interview and discriminate when hiring. I have to say though, I’m shocked at how biased the author is… “Was it the mindset that Kayla has which protected our freedom?” Really? American freedom protected? How so? The Taliban were never in any position to invade the States and colonize it. It’s a small and weak country. This is not about AMERICAN freedom. I’m not denying that she went to war with noble intentions or the possibility that she felt like she was protecting America’s freedom, but if anything fighting the Taliban can protect Afghanis’ freedom, if their idea of freedom is in line with the US. I would say nothing about that though, if another way more screwed up sentence didn’t follow: “Was it the mindset that this is the greatest country on Earth and our freedoms must be protected in order for them to be maintained? ” (%&//&/ are you for real? Who says you have the greatest country on Earth? The US has a lot of racism, social inequalities, enters in far too many wars, doesn’t support its veterans, and have/recently had basic things such as health care and superior education out of reach of a huge proportion of the population. The US has historically supported many dictatorships across the world. That has nothing to do with this veteran, as far as we know. She deserves all of our respect. But “best country in the world”?? Get real. On July 4th when you feel all warm and fuzzy sure go and say your country is the best in the world, like we all have the best mom in the world. But, as a moral/political statement… Try reading about a country other than your own and then judge, with a little more humility.

  • Marvin Pineda

    Wait, so she didn’t get a job at MAcy’s but she got a better job at a DOC? That’s a win in my book. Plus why apply for Macy’s when there are way better jobs out there?

  • Steve B

    If what this veteran says is true, it is horrible. What’s worse is the writing in this piece. America is no longer the greatest country in the world. We are no longer a democracy, but because of people like Sheldon adelson and the Koch brothers, we are becoming a theocracy, where only the rich have a say. How can the greatest country in the world think that money equates to free speech? That’s saying that those without money have less free speech than those with millions and billions. Open your eyes people! How can those who claim that they want smaller government want to limit freedoms from other American citizens, such as saying who is allowed to marry and who is not, based on some people’s interpretation of one religion’s holy book? How can we be one of the greatest countries in the world if nearly half of the population is railing against a healthcare program that actually benefits them? Or would benefit them if the republicans in power (governors) would let their state’s citizens get the healthcare that they need. How can we survive if one side of the political debate thinks that cooperation means “do things the way we want it or we’ll shut down the government?” (just in case you’ve been listening to fox “news” instead of real news stations, the republicans did that, not Obama). Also, you can’t have freedom if you sacrifice it for security. But back to the matter at hand. No one should be discriminated against for serving their country honorably. Now, if you were dishonorably discharged for, let’s say killing innocent women and children or torturing people, or raping fellow servicemen or servicewomen, then you should be deemed to have an “inappropriate mindset” for working with people. She doesn’t seem to fall into that category, but without any proof, there’s nothing that can really be done. At least she got a job with benefits instead.

  • Donna J. Black

    That hiring manager should be fired!!! There is no excuse for this type of. Enviro! Did she think Kayla might lose it and start shooting customers?? I would think they would be more than eager to hire someone who served their country in such a dangerous area of the world. I am done with Macy’s.

  • helobuff

    I will not shop at Macy’s again! I am bullshit about this.. I am a veteran along with 290 facebook friends and over 11,000 twitter friends! I will certainly be spreading this story! How dare they insult those that protect their freedom! I say fire the manager that interviewed her and hire this veteran! Bound to be a better employee and communicator than who they employ now! Screw Macy’s!

  • helobuff

    I am calling out on twitter for a national boycott on Macy’s! You have no idea how many veteran’s there are in the world, not to mention all their family member’s in the USA! Don’t worry Kayla, we have your back!

  • helobuff

    I sent this story to different news stations, sent it out on twitter to the world with #BOYCOTTMACY’S tag and contacted some shows to do a story on this. Macy’s need to make restitution on this!

  • dwayne

    i am curious as to what part of been to war has to do with the ability of a person being qualified for a job, is it the conception that are military people are unemployable, unstable, because of the there service to us, the military didn’t think they were unemployable.

  • An unpronounceable symbol

    Just happened to my husband. He applied to be a loader/unloader at Cintas in bedford, VA and they told him he didn’t have the skills. How many skills does it take to Load and Unload items? Im going to raise hell over this! Military veterans are just shat on when they get out of the service.

  • Michelle Hensley

    Sorry Macy’s – but if a veteran is not the type of person you would hire – then I am going to use the freedom many veterans have fought hard to give me….. and I will no longer shop at Macy’s or give them my hard earned money – which I earned on the salesfloor – with far less experience than this fine lady



  • Gene Valbuena

    I too was passed over multiple job offers that I was interested in, not at Macy’s, but at REI: cashier, stocking, and sales… Basically I applied online, received an email stating, “After evaluating candidates for this position we have made the decision to move forward with other applicants who are a closer match for this specific role.” Then I contacted REI directly, by phone, asked to speak with a hiring manager and was told by the “hiring” manager at REI Tustin, CA that my application went into the same pool as regular applicants, regardless of military status. I was convinced that REI does not honor priority of service to military veterans.
    I understand how Mrs. Reyes feels. And I am almost tempted to expressing my concerns a bit more discretely and going through the proper channels.

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