Outrage After Teacher Tells Students to Report Contents of Family Medicine Cabinets


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Parents of some junior high school students  are outraged after a teacher gave their kids an assignment that seriously invaded their privacy, without even notifying them.

According to Fox 13 Salt Lake City, a “health” teacher at Mapleton Junior High in Utah have student a “homework” assignment to raid the family’s medicine cabinets and report back to her with the contents therein.

The assignment was made public by parent Onika Nugent, who posted it to Facebook and sent a note to both the teacher and principal, in which she said “Although it may be a good idea for parents to do an inventory of their medicine cabinet, I believe it is inappropriate for students to counsel their parents, or report to the school what that inventory is. It is a complete invasion of privacy.”

The administration claims they were “blindsided” and that they had “no idea” the assignment was given. Um, ok.


Many parents were concerned that the assignment was part of the national “Common Core” curriculum that is angering parents nationwide, and on which Top Right News has extensively reported.

Did you notice how Fox 13 and the administration said it was not part of the national “Common Core” curriculum that is angering parents nationwide, but a “rogue” teacher doing her own thing?

Don’t bet on it. One of the key tenets of Common Core is iintrusivedata collection — what families eat, what are their parents’ political views, do they own guns — all have been asked of children in Common Core programs across the nation.


What do you think? Do you buy the school’s explanation? How would you react if your kids came home with this assignment?



  • ozarksunshine

    The problem is with unions and liberalism, there are too many rogue teachers and administrators just like this one.

    • Thomas Meadows

      i have a problem with this being attributed to a “rogue” teacher/More like a ‘rogue’ common core assignment

    • Bob Petersen

      I don’t buy the “rogue” rhetoric. Teachers don’t work within a nucleus, they have teaching plans and the administration uses “ignorance of the situation” like Obama uses not knowing events until they are on the news..

  • Dave Simpson

    I would like to skull f u ck that teacher for giving out such an invasive assignment, as well as for providing a list like this for public consumption.

  • Lenny Dudley

    Teachers…the Obama loving …America haters, commies…who teach your kids

    • Carl Shuler

      Teachers…the Obama loving…America hating commies….who indoctrinate your kids.

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      well your teachers certainly have you well schooled on your generalizations and how to lump a group of people together, and blame all on what some have done. some teachers have brains, and wont stand for crap like this. I know many of them. so please. dont act out your repressed rage at teachers who are either teaching what they are told to teach, or they get fired.

      • Debra Hackbert

        Cedric in one sentence you claim you know many teachers who have brains and won’t stand for this type of “crap” then in the very next sentence you supply the very reason they have and will stand for it…….they know they will have to teach it or lose their jobs. That is the very reason they are still teaching evolution when it has been proven scientifically inaccurate on may scales over and over again in the last fifty years. One would hope they know the difference between truth and a lie but they have gone along with the lies of evolution for years and common core isn’t too big a leap after swallowing that load of “crap” and presenting it as truth.

        • scrapiron5

          “evolution . . . has been proven scientifically inaccurate on may scales over and over again in the last fifty years.”

          That’s funny stuff. Got any good jokes about the earth being flat and the sun being pulled by chariots across the sky?

          • marytg

            you do know that Jesus was brown.. He was born in miidle east No white, blue eye people there His Mother did not have blond hair they were what we call black.. There were no white people there

    • Joyander

      Not all teachers are like this !

      • Terri Lewis

        if they want to keep their jobs they are like this !!!!

        • anderjo

          What schools are you talking about? I worked as an aide for 3 years and was a sub for 1 at our elementary school. Never knew of any teachers that would have sent this paper home.

        • scrapiron5

          I’ve been teaching for 20 years in six different systems, public and private. The only time my job has ever been threatened is when kids from the “right” families didn’t get the grades they wanted in my class.

  • CraxyD

    FTA: “According to Fox 13 Salt Lake City, a “health” teacher at Mapleton Junior High in Utah have student a “homework” assignment to raid the family’s medicine cabinets and report back to her with the contents therein.”

    “have student a “homework” assignment to raid the family’s medicine cabinets”

    With piss poor proof reading like that, I really want to call bullshit on this story.

  • Tidewaterhorse

    Quit blaming everything on common core. It was probably a rogue teacher who should be fired.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    The woman wrote a nice letter to the school. I would have had two simple words. Kucf Off

    • Alexander Ruden

      Is that a German phrase? Commie…

      • KWT

        Seriously? :/

      • Imtoooldforthis

        I certainly would like to think you’re joking and not as big a fool as you sound.


    She and the district need to be sued

  • HeyJudeOregon


    • Ellen Rittgers

      Out the “teachers” that try this – put it all out there on the internet, along with their names and addresses – after all they don’t mind shredding the concept of privacy, right

      • marytg

        great then you can home school your kids. Close all the schools in nation and let parents home school all the kids. I will not have to pay any taxes

        • KWT

          That will never happen.. too many people use the school system as their babysitter.. they have a fit now, when schools are closed for snow days or holidays..and don’t even get me started on summer break.. it is like they don’t want their kids around. Not to mention, how many people would not even take the time to make sure their kids are properly educated.( let alone, to be qualified to do so) .. Homeschooling is serious business.. The parents that do it, are heavily invested in their kids future..

  • Pat

    I believe that prescription medications would fall under HIPAA guidelines, and as such, be confidential information. Not to mention an invasion of privacy! Indoctrination of our children to spy and report on their families??? Everyone should keep a close eye on their kids’ homework.

    • Ellen Rittgers

      Just like East Germany before the wall came down. The socialist trash that are running this administration would LOVE to have that kind of reach, and they’re working hard to make it happen, piece by piece. Remember in November, PLEASE!

      • frances951

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      • marytg

        your state is red do’t blame washington

        • beaut

          this is not a STATE issue, marytg it is the FEDERAL government overreaching, again

          • Kelly Burr

            This is actually an incorrect statement. The federal government does not govern the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core was and will remain a state-led effort.

          • KWT

            It is outrageous that Obama and Washington bureaucrats are trying to dictate how public schools spend education dollars. There is overwhelming opposition from parents and voters to Common Core, Washington is now acting to punish us. This is just one more example of an out-of-control administration that places a politicized Washington agenda over the well-being of students.

          • BGMAMA

            Dept of Ed blackmails States to follow or be cut off. You are either deliberately misleading people or are just really dumb.

          • KB


            No Child Left Behind required ALL students to be proficient in the year 2014, which
            everyone knew was an impossible goal. Therefore, forty-eight states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands voluntarily came together to make a change; they drafted the common core standards. (Federal law prohibits the federal government from creating any national standards or tests). Work groups included teachers, administrators, community and parent organizations, higher education representatives, the business community, and civil rights groups. After the initial draft, state departments of education were then given the opportunity to add 15% in order to customize the standards to meet the needs of their own state. Finally, individual states were given the choice to adopt the standards or not. There were incentives to states that adopted, but not penalties. Last I checked, this isn’t blackmail.

            What is it you oppose exactly? Do you disagree with Common Core Standard for Mathematical practice # 1 – “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them”? Or is it #3 you don’t like – “Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.” Asking students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers…what an outrage!!!!!!

            If you want to complain, at least know what you’re complaining about. You obviously haven’t read the standards. I suggest you look them over (http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/). Watch a video showing what common core actually
            looks like in the classroom (https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/common-core-state-standards-elementary-school, or better yet, observe a common core lesson at a local school. Then, if you still oppose common core, at least you can come up with an educated argument. Or feel free to move to Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, or Virginia – the only states that haven’t adopted common core (but interestingly enough, have written standards of their own that are almost identical).

            Kindergartners will graduate in the year 2027. We can’t possibly know what jobs these kids will need to be prepared for. Common core is a shift that moves students away from memorizing information, and instead encourages them to analyze, construct, collaborate, debate, and explain their thinking. I’d say this is a step in the right direction.

          • Lisa Starke

            Last I checked that isn’t the way it went down. You voted for Obama didn’t you?

          • StoneAge

            My mother used to RUN the “No Child Left Behind” program in Northern Fl. She quit because of all the damage it was doing to the kids.

          • catbird10

            I disagree with any national group, especially one co-opted by the government as Common Core has been, deciding what materials and books my child will have to read or what he has to study to pass a history test. Those decisions should be made locally where parents have a say in who makes the decisions and what decisions are made.

          • NukeWaste

            The standards are not the problem. The actual curriculums are. Words are redefined. “Rigor” is now defined as what students can determine on their own. Conforming to Socialist norms are emphasized over real learning. The end result was massive early retirement for disgusted teachers.

          • Pmarie

            You really need to educate yourself better because everything you said is incorrect. First, about adding 15%…Common core curriculum is copy write protected and therefore can not be deviated from and you can not leave anything out however schools may add up to 15% which if you think about it makes for even more levels of testing throughout the States which goes against what they are trying to do which is to make everything equal. ou 2 teachers were involved in the beginning but in the end they refused to sign off on the Curriculum and therefore their names were removed. No teachers were involved and no parent organizations were involved. Nor were civil rights groups. Oh, yes, the federal government was involved and the way cc was implemented was illegal because it did not hold hearings or do anything they were supposed to do to make such changes. When you dangle money over the heads of States who are having a difficult time funding their local schools and tell them we will give you and absurdly large amount of money AND we will give you a waiver to no child left behind and all you need to do is accept common core site unseen when it is written and completed. It was bribery at best and a “let’s make them an offer they cant refuse”. If you really want an education, watch a 2 hour video by Dr. Duke Pesta and if you dare to watch the video, I would love to have another conversation with you to get your comments then. Stop believing everything people tell you and start researching things for yourself.

          • Marvin Thornbrue

            Which is mandated by the federal govt. states aren’t taking this on their own, there’s tax dollars at stake

          • Recynd

            That’s your story and you’re sticking to it.

          • Lisa Starke

            NO NO NO. It was forced upon the states by the government. If they didn’t go along with it they wouldn’t get anymore government funding…

          • NukeWaste

            No,it is completely a federal directive. The school districts have to do Commie Core or lose funding. We weren’t even allowed to tell parents that the ciriculum was only 2/3 the amount of material that should have been taught in an honest class. It is more important that every loser graduate then anybody get a proper educationeducation. Remember that very few teachers that don’t have SpEd kids send to public school. Their private schools don’t do Commie Core. Their kids will rule over yours.

          • afeatherkile

            Study the origin and on going history of the Common Core “state” standards and you will see the error you just made. I suggest you read “Common Ground on Common Core” by Kirsten Lombard from Resounding Books (they have a facebook page)–a collection of essays from across the political spectrum written by teachers, psychologists and data scientists. This is not a partisan issue.

          • Jim

            do they work for the Government? or do you know? if it was me I would think about it

    • Blanche

      Yes, prescription are part of HIPPA unless extraordinary circumstances or changing DR’s.
      Recommend that parents also look at the texts books being used. With the Pearson publishing company in bed with every liberal over the top stakeholder it is far worse than what we can imagine.

      • scrapiron5

        Putting Pearson and liberal in the same sentence shows how little you know about either Pearson or liberals.

        • Superguest

          Please feel free to look moronic after seeking Pearson’s 2013 political donations. Top 2 recipients were Barack and Hillary. Top 2 PACS were the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Committee. Try harder next time

          • scrapiron5

            Waiting for a connection to “over the top” liberals. Barack and Hillary are about as liberal as Ronald Reagan was.

          • ltlgeneral64

            Ummmmmm……what?!? That comment shows how stupid you are AND how little you know about Ronald Regan. Hilliary and Obamao AND all his minions are about as radical over-the-top socialist liberals that have surfaced in the septic tank in, well, since Hitler anyway….

          • Bryant Hill

            Now, that is the sort of stink of a liberal I am talking about. You people just don’ t know crap about anything.

          • Lisa Starke

            Barack and Hillary are murderers and terrorists, who cares that they are liberals.

        • Bryant Hill

          Liberals are easy to detect. There is sort of stink in the air when they are nearby.

          • marytg

            So your talking about our veterans who are fighting and losing thier lives for the like of you. I am a liber both my dad and brother served. We are liberals.. Did you serve? I bet you have that flag out side telling people what a great American you are. When you state gets a disater It will be the liberals sending you money and things you need. Don’t count on you GOP for funds

          • pastrami

            The only money liberals send to anyone in need, belongs to somebody else. Check it out mtg, conservatives willingly give substantially more (higher percentage as well) than liberals in every study ever done. Talk is cheap.
            I’m a Veteran, and I’ll count on the GOP to reduce spending overall, and eliminate spending on idiotic causes.

          • DMan

            I call Bull$hit on EVERTHING you wrote!

          • Lisa Starke

            Not just a stink……

      • BGMAMA

        Um, No. HIPAA is not applicable here. Still horrendously wrong to do to these kids, however, HIPAA does not cover what bottles are in plain sight in a cabinet.

        • Marine Vet

          I think it can still be argued that this should be covered under HIPAA. Sure it is in plain sight but it is within the confines of a personal residence.

          • Ted Joffs

            HIPAA defines what someone with your medical records (organization) can do with them. How you share that, is up to you. Now, perhaps HIPAA could apply, but it would be parent’s children that would be violating your privacy by sharing that information without their permission. A teacher can ask your child to provide any information they like. Just like I can ask you if you have cancer? Do you? Nope, I am not in violation of HIPAA laws for asking. Before claiming laws, learn them.

          • MaryEJ

            I beg to differ. Telling a teacher what medicines are in your personal cabinet in your home can easily result in them finding all sorts of information about your health. For instance Valtrex is most commonly used for viral herpes. Do we REALLY want sensitive information about our personal health conditions shared with strangers? No.. and I do believe if we research it, we will find that it is, in fact, an intrusion on our rights and will be covered under HIPPA. We have a right to privacy.. our homes are off limits. That goes for medical issues, guns, political beliefs and religion. They need to stick to teaching the kids math, science, English (SERIOUSLY MORE ENGLISH) and WRITING.. along with other school subjects. My home and what is in it is no one’s business unless I am charged with breaking a law.

        • DMan

          lmao in plain sight in a CLOSED cabinet in your bathroom! silly girl!

      • Lisa Starke

        There aren’t any text books anymore

    • Brad

      I don’t think that school systems fall under HIPPA. Otherwise they would have to go through HIPPA training.

      • Pat

        I worked in an Ancillary medical office, and there was no HIPAA training. It came down to, medical records were confidential, to be shared with other medical practitioners and insurance companies. If an attorney or anyone else needed the info, the patient had to sign a release, period. And they had to stipulate exactly who the records were to be released to.

    • cathie M

      I would tell my child 2 say nothing in med cab.

    • Mojave

      HIPAA only regulates what caregivers, insurers, etc…, are privy to and responsible for……If a teacher asks for information that is freely given, he/she has no obligation to follow HIPAA guidelines.

      • Pat

        Then it’s the parents’ responsibilty to teach their children about The Right to Privacy. The information isn’t “freely given” if it’s behind the parents’ backs.

        • Mojave

          Well, then if the parent(s) haven’t taught their kids to not talk about cabinet contents already, the information can’t be presumed to be “private” in nature. If the contents were locked up, but the teachers asked the kid(s) to defeat the lock, this would be a different matter. This would be “behind their backs”.
          The real question here should be why junior high kids are allowed access to all the family’s medicine cabinets. Why should ANYONE have unrestricted access to a family’s medicine cabinets? While I don’t agree at all with the teacher giving out this assignment, if people were more restrictive with their medicine cabinets, they wouldn’t be so concerned about this obvious intrusion of their privacy.

          • Lisa Starke

            It is people like you thats scary!

      • Marine Vet

        Are you kidding me…..”If a teacher asks for information….” If this is an assignment then the Junior High Schoolers are being coerced into providing the information or risk a failing grade on the assignment. I don’t even work in the medical field and I am required to take HIPAA training annually. The teacher not only has a legal obligation to follow HIPAA guidelines but they also have a moral obligation to respect the privacy of their students as well as the students family

        • Mojave

          Wrong!……..The teacher has zero obligation to follow HIPAA guidelines……Since you are required to re-cert annually for HIPAA, then I suggest you pay attention to what’s being taught next time…….OR, do a simple web search on who falls under the umbrella of HIPAA……It does not pertain to the average citizen.

          • StoneAge

            Hippa or no hippa – Medical information is PRIVATE. I suppose the schools could ask, but the student should not be punished if the paper comes back with “NOYFB!!!!!!!!!” on it.

  • Katie Keeton

    Don’t believe the “explanation” AT ALL! Does Utah have common (core) crap?

  • James Smith

    Schools will call the cops on parents if they come to the school without an appointment to talk to a teacher. But they think this is just fine and appropriate?
    Last month at another school a teacher had his students secretly record their parents response to test questions he provided. About the president,gun control,the government,the school. This has to stop now. They are turning kids away from their parents. Making them good little soldiers. Walking in step with the state.

  • jhk

    For the one that said quit blaming it on Common Core? With it being reported across the nation, why would you even question if it is Common Core? If you don’t wake up, you are going to be in a police state and it will be YOUR fault for not standing up for YOUR rights!

    • James Smith

      Exactly…Why not blame common core? Liberals blame Bush for everything.
      Im sure this teacher is a huge fan of CC. Shes new so thats what was pumped into her and now she is a danger to our children.
      Its not the kids that need to be educated its the teachers. Especially the new ones.

      Fresh out of college ,taught by Marxist professors. Guided by CC. Under a Communist president.

    • Jane Clark

      This is not common core!!!! And obviously no one has even read the common core standards! The standards are not specific objectives; they are standards by which a student must meet by the end of a school year. I am a treacher and I do not agree that the government needs to be in all our business but before you blame one thing for EVERYTHING, read the standards for goodness sakes!!!

      • Kelly Burr

        Thank you Jane! You are absolutely right!

    • scrapiron5

      “With it being reported across the nation, why would you even question if it is Common Core?”

      That’s an easy one to answer. I read the actual Common Core standards, so I DO question every ignorant nutjob that comes along blaming totally unrelated stuff on the Common Core.

      There is nothing at all. Nothing, nothing, nothing at all that even comes close to suggesting that a teacher give this assignment. For starters, there aren’t even health standards in the Common Core.

      The CCSS aren’t perfect, but they sure aren’t what many anti-CC folks claim they are.

    • marytg

      you allready have one your GOP have stop other americans from voting. With gerrymandering, cutting polling hours, making it hard for people to vote. I really love it because you state now make you all have photo cards to vote. Not washington but your state. So they know where you are.. Use you brain you stste knows every thing about you because you gave it to them. thinking you are preventing other American voters from voting

      • Marine Vet

        Voter ID is not about keeping legally eligible registered voters from voting; it is about ensuring only legally eligible registered voters vote and only vote once.

      • jhk

        First of all, I have no idea what your rant has to do with the subject of this thread. Second, if a person can get governmental assistance, they are supposed to prove who they are. How do they do that? With a photo ID. Third, my state does know what info I give them, because I am a legal citizen and a law abiding citizen, so therefore, I have nothing to hide. Now, back to point one. What does your rant have to do with this subject?

  • Phil Brown

    oh they would get a list… none of it would be true… because its none of there business on what is in my home!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth Owens

      And then sit back wait to see if the cops come to arrest you for keeping the drugs.

      • Guest

        And then Dec nd yourself with an AR15…twice daily, as need for pain-in-the-ass gubment. Lol

  • Autumn Skye

    Absolutely no way would my children be allowed to complete this assignment.

    • Carl Tim

      If you KNEW about it….which is the main point.

  • Carl Shuler

    If I still had children in school and one of them brought this assignment home, I would have written in large, bold letters “NONEYA” and then signed it and sent it back to school the next day.

  • David Serra Sr

    hitler had the kids inform on parents

    • EdWatts

      So did Lenin. And Stalin. And Mao. And Pol Pot. And…

      • westriversd

        and Obama and Michelle.

  • Lee

    Well since ‘THEY’ opened up the proverbial goldenbox…., I wholeheartedly would’ve fought fire with fire!

  • megookin

    I would go as far as saying asking for contents of a medicine cabinet to anyone other than the people the medicines were prescribed to is a HIPAA violation and legal action should be taken against the teacher and if proven they knew, the school district. Set the example once and it should not happen again.

  • Fred Smith

    Six yrs of zero, these new teachers have had a complete indoctrination of the leftist agenda of total control and will stop at nothing to gain that control, these leftist make home schooling look better and better each day, along with mooshells stupid food lunch program

  • Training them to be good, little Brown Shirts…

  • Jon Weiss

    So now we have an admission that not only do schools have no qualms about invasion of privacy, but they are totally incompetent in that they don’t even now whats going on in their own organizations.

    I wish they had tried this at my house, I would have told them what’s in my medicine cabinet….”Morphine and Spaghetti Sauce”.

  • Diane

    The Nazis had the Hitler youth reporting on parental activity. Is this the same thing? I don’t know. But with every passing year, there are fewer and fewer of us that remember this fact still alive. When we are all gone I hope there are still some folks alive that remember that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Terri Lewis

      They don’t teach that part of history anymore !!!!!

    • John Best

      Most children were duped by the nazis, some did so willingly. George soros, for example, was one of the willing.

  • Elizabeth Owens

    Sounds like Hitler’s Youth. The were taught to inform on their parents, under the guise of helping. They did not know the monster they were working for. Just his public persona.

  • bob e. wills

    I just asked my wife what she would do if the kids came home w/ that assignment? She told me that she’d march right up the school teacher that did this and ” I’d put an ass-whooping on that woman she’d never forget. Then I’d drag her out the front door by the hair and tell her she was fired !”….Ya just gotta love a woman from Texas !!

    • scrapiron5

      And then your wife goes to prison and you raise the kids by yourself. Great parenting plan.

      Seems much more reasonable than sitting down with the teacher and airing your concerns like a rational, civilized human.

      • Terri Lewis

        the trouble with your statement is that they just won’t listen cause if they did they would loose their jobs if they buck the system !!!!

        • scrapiron5

          The trouble with your statement is that there is no system to buck, in this case. This was a worksheet designed by the teacher that the school had no knowledge of.

      • bob e. wills

        You silly-willy dumby you….it hasn’t happened where I live. You’re a p***y and you let everyone run over you. That’s just the difference in you and I. We don’t, won’t, put up with people that try to manipulate us, especially people we pay. You just don’t have a backbone that’s all, there’s weak people and strong people, I accept that you are of the former. I just don’t know any anyone personally that take things like that lying down. And truthfully? Since you read the same title I read to get here, why you would even be interested in this thread since it starts “w/ Outrage parent?”

        • scrapiron5

          Do you seriously think the only reason someone wouldn’t physically attack this teacher is lack of balls?

          Is immediate physical violence how you approach every disagreement?

          Are you fourteen years old?

    • marytg

      and she would be in jail and the teacher would sue her for all she was worth.

  • Carl Tim

    If it’s got a “don’t drive” sticker then that means it’s good for us !!! 😉

  • Pauline Bunch

    If my child had came in with homework like that I would be pissed. It’s nobodys business what’s in myhome, whether it be meds. guns or anything else.

  • hexxuss

    Interesting… I’m glad I’ve taught my son well enough that any time someone has asked him to do something sketchy, he comes to me & asks me about it. I can guarantee that if I found something like this, that I’d already have my lawyer retained. The spying on parents was predicted MONTHS ago, then again, the pandemic outbreaks were predicted last year… *smh*

  • bigsurprise

    Just another example of our schools going to hell in a hand basket….just like the rest of our country and the world. GOOD PEOPLE need to reclaim the schools, how they are run, what our children are taught, and how our government is run., and start EXAMPLING decency , love and kindness, and using Common SENSE ! We have been spiraling down on all counts for decades. Complacency and sitting back complaining does not get the job done. Speaking up and taking action…showing up at PTA meetings and speaking up against all the issues that are wrong in our schools…Calling the White House, and Capital and leaving them a good heap of your 2 cents on issues..a new issue every day , so they will hear it and take it seriously, as opposed to too many in one call…IS IT WORTH A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME ?? IS the world you are leaving to your children and Grandchildren worth it to you ???BUT if We The People would rise up and let our voices be heard to correct things, and scream that We are mad as hell and will not take it anymore…..we CAN effect changes.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    So relieved to have my kids out of school, university and on their own. I was worried about my three grandsons until my daughter and son-in-law, both conservative and smart, decided that homeschooling was the best option.

    Had an annual checkup a couple of months ago and my doctor asked if there were any guns in my home. I stood up and walked out without a word, went to the lobby, paid my bill in cash and walked out.

    • dragonflash

      I wouldn’t have paid the bill, the doctor didn’t do anything for you. We have already had one doctor pretty much run out of town, (small town) because he tried asking things like that. The other doctors in town won’t because they know everyone and don’t care what the feds want to know. In fact we are losing our doctors because they are nearing retirement and won’t cave to fed tactics of invasion of privacy. One of them is taking ONLY cash and if you can’t pay in full, he takes payments. We all hope we can find like minded doctors to replace our doctors who are retiring.

      • marytg

        why would doctors go there your closing clinics were women who have passed childbearing or single women want to go for a pap smar, or other problems are closed down by people who don’t care. But demand what women should do

        • dragonflash

          WE are not closing down the clinics. THE “GOVERNMENT” IS. We have supported our doctors in bad times, good times and in-between because they are not only our doctors, they are our friends and neighbors. The ONE doctor that left, was a jerk and he brought the lack of patients on himself. It is our RIGHT to demand the best care since most of us pay the doctors cash out of our own pockets. Small towns are filled with SELF EMPLOYED and most of us can no longer afford health insurance.

        • dragonflash

          WE are not closing ANYTHING! The so called health care industry is. Maybe YOU don’t mind other people knowing the intimate details of YOU & YOUR FAMILY, however we don’t. That “doctor” had a choice, he ignored his patient’s PRIVACY and got exactly what he deserved. He was given money and help finding a new town to turn over to the “government”.

    • scrapiron5

      I’m not afraid of a discussion with my doctor, so I actually answered that question in the affirmative.

      What happened next was a friendly reminder to please make sure that the guns were inaccessible to my kids and a suggestion to store ammo in a separate, locked place, while my kids were still young. Then a discussion of the docs and my relative luck with shooting grouse that fall. No big brother appeared anywhere on the horizon.

      Since suicide and homicide are in the top 5 causes of death in every age group from 1 to 54, I think it’s a totally appropriate question for a guy charged with public health to be asking.


    If I had grade school kids that brought home this crap. I would have sent it back telling the teacher to go f*** yourself and just like this parent send a letter to the principle. I’m sure on that assignment if it was from the common core it would have been listed on the form as you know they have to advertise there crap.

  • cskolt

    No way my child or grandchild would be allowed to do this! It is none of their business.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    I would tell my kid to fill it out and just fill the list with boner pills and abusable prescription narcotics. I don’t have those things, I just think it would be amusing.

  • cindy

    How many rogue assignments before we all believe that education has been corrupted beyond control? If it isn’t Common Core, it is data gathering and excessive testing and 21st century skills which are teaching consensus over individual thought, and social engineering now framed as “social emotional learning,” etc. etc. etc.

    Schools will not produce more well educated students, they will create hordes of students who behave, think and act the same way, or else fail.

  • Dan Barber

    If any student followed the directions of the teacher, school or district that would constitute a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Of course I don’t believe that the Obama administration is concerned or even aware of such violations. Somebody needs to go to jail for violating federal law, as ignorance is no excuse.

  • Kris

    I would be completely outraged. I would refuse to allow my child to do the assignment. I would instead have my child write a 500 word essay on the meaning of personal privacy, both within the community and the family. The “family” medicine chest is one thing, although its contents are no business of the school’s. My own personal medicine chest?? Forget it. I do not relinquish my right to personal privacy because I am a member of a family. As for whether I believe the school’s explanation, I have no idea. I don’t know what Common Core is. I certainly hope this sort of thing isn’t part of it. Funny, I just read some of the postings, and I had to laugh. I was thinking that this had a right-wing republican agenda all over it .. ferreting out moral misdeeds and all. It has a self-righteous overtone to it. But you all see it as some sinister Marxist plot. Different biases, I guess.

    • dragonflash

      research commie core there are even some democrats who supported it now realizing what crap it is and fighting it.

      • Kris

        I would never take seriously anything from someone who uses a term like “commie core.” It is sad but ruefully amusing to see people who are stuck in the 1950s and see communism behind every bush .. the McCarthy era ended a long, long time ago, and so did communism. It now exists only in your minds .. why, I have no idea, since it makes no sense, but I guess everyone has to have some bogeyman to blame for things. I will, and did, however, research Common Core. I couldn’t get a clear picture from the descriptions online of what is so objectionable about it, but it is probably in the practice of it rather than the theory? I see no hint in the explanations for the offending assignment of the article to be attributed to it .. it’s just establishing standards, no? But it is determined by the states, not the feds, so I’d think the Repubs would love it. States rights and all that ..

        • dragonflash

          As I said RESEARCH

          • scrapiron5

            So you must have researched yourself, right? What did you find?

            Which Common Core standard requires kids to spy on their parents’ medicine cabinets and report back to their teacher? I read the whole Math section and a good part of the English, but I somehow missed the spying on parents medicine cabinets standard.

          • dragonflash

            I have a friend whose child is now home schooled after recieving a COMMON CORE work sheet that asked not only about the medicines in her home, it also asked about guns. NOT ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS. It also said right on the paper, CCSS and they won’t put these types of things right out in public BECAUSE it is WRONG

          • scrapiron5

            Sorry. That’s not research. That’s a story about some kid’s worksheet that had CCSS on it.

            I’m asking where in the actual standards do you find this requirement. This might help: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Common+Core+State+Standards

  • cole leblanc

    Thank goodness i dont have any more children in school;; because i am afraid i would end up in prison over some government lackey posing as an educator.common core is an abomination. For the sake of your children and our country find a way to home school your kids to not trust them to these charlatans.

  • Cliff_Skridlow

    My response: 1) NONE 2)OF 3)YOUR 4)DAMN 5)BUSINESS

  • William Stevens

    Here comes the eye of ‘Big Brother’ government invading your most private areas. There is more to come under the title “Hope and Change” and yes, there are too many imbeciles and idiots teaching our children in schools throughout the country who are loyalist to Big Brother

    • marytg

      have much information do you give to strangers on the internet?

  • rockyvnvmc

    It’s cultural Marxism.

  • Matthew Matuse

    First thing is to find out who created the document…

  • don

    That would be a assignment that would be returned with NON of your freekin business written across it…common core is nothing more than soft socialistm…a experiment in Frog boiling… we are the frogs, so WAKE UP, the commies are at the door

  • DanaLanders

    Come November, vote out every damn Democrat in office! Enough of this crap! We need to take our country back from them and the only way is to boot each and every one of them out!

    • marytg

      what makes you think its democrats .. You give you informaton away every time you post. How much have you told people about your family. ITS you GOP that want id cards.. You need a certain card to vote.. This is a GOP and TEA party thing. fool

  • Mark Flaming

    This is pure horseshit. Liberal curriculum and indoctrination to invade the home and family life.
    Classic example of Liberal Teachers and School Admin pushing invasive Government.
    That whole staff should be horse whipped.

    • marytg

      do you post on facebook?? do you have a GOP?tea party voter id????? the democrates are agianst voter I D cards how much information are on those cards thaat YOU told them. HAhah You ca,t have it both ways

      • Mark Flaming

        Pudding head, you’re an idiot. So you’re saying the contents of your home is listed on your voter ID card? Have you even filled out a voter registration? Apparently not. Stupid chit.
        OH, work on your spelling and punctuation, dumba)s)s.

  • BiteMe-Again

    there’d be some asses get whipped if it happened here and I don’t mean the kids.

  • altos

    I would, as part of a “data collection process”, have this teacher list the names of all sex partners, including time and “activities”. It’s just research and common core notes it’s a good thing… so…. let’s see it !

  • Terry J

    If the teacher did this on her own then sue the teacher not the school and send a message to them all

  • Angelgreg

    If this came home with my children, I would turn the tables on the teacher. I would make up medicine and what it is for. i.e Invisible pills, X-Ray vision pills, Fly pills, Mind reading pills.

  • Alexander Ruden

    You’re article might be a little more convincing if it weren’t filled with spelling errors and on a site covered in spam ads and sex pills. Take pride in your work. However I do agree that this is a massive invasion of privacy.

  • Amani Sc

    First, it says with your parents. So there is no spying. Second this is a family medicine cabinet. What do you keep in your cabinet that if your child has access to it, you would have a problem with the world knowing about. A junior high student should have an idea of what is in their medicine cabinet. They should look at expiration dates. I would hope that there is something in their that is not approved by the FDA. It is a learning experience.

  • PJai

    Both of my sons would have told me…we would have wrote down some crazy drugs…transgender…Viagra…psychotic…..then the principle and I would have had a sitdown meeting about this….I had regular communications with my sons teachers…good and bad, until they graduated HS.

  • Rhiannon1223

    If the students, personally do not used the medications on the lists they’re constructing, they are more than likely required to list the name of the patients for whom they are prescribed. This is a clear violation of the privacy protection section of HIPAA. These students should also not be required to breach their own privacy rights.

  • Maven

    Maybe, just maybe; and think about it really hard people instead of jumping to illogical conclusions. That it was an assignment for kids to learn how to read medicine bottles. not so the government could steal ya guns, and drag ya outta ya homes and blah blah blah

    • scrapiron5

      “think about it really hard people”

      That might be too much to ask of this crowd here.

  • I would help little Johnny fill that questionnaire with the names of many kinds of guns and ammunition and that the teacher should come and see for herself. Never would I allow the teacher to invade my privacy and I would have a serious conversation with the teacher about his/her health in the coming school year.

  • Lidian Pow

    Total invasion of privacy.

  • scrapiron5

    “One of the key tenets of Common Core is iintrusivedata collection — what
    families eat, what are their parents’ political views, do they own guns”

    It’s amazing what imaginative stories people can come up with when armed with total ignorance. There is nothing at all in any Common Core documentation (go look for yourself, it’s all searchable) that indicates in the slightest any kind of data collection, intrusive or otherwise, and particularly not the items claimed in that sentence.

  • scrapiron5

    “Many parents were concerned that the assignment was part of the national
    “Common Core” curriculum that is angering parents nationwide,”

    Can we stop blaming every stupid thing that happens in any school anywhere on the common core. There aren’t even Common Core health standards, for Pete’s sake, so there’s no way this is a common core driven assignment. Wake up, do some original research and think for yourselves, people.

  • scrapiron5

    This seems like an unwise move on this teacher’s part. As a veteran teacher, it’s certainly not something I would have done. But I would like to know the other side of the story. There’s always another side to the story.

    In a quest to make learning relevant, good teachers will often try to make connections between subject matter and the students’ everyday lives. For example, I often ask students to go through household products, including medicine cabinets, looking for examples of organic chemical naming, Maybe this was something like that, only not thought through very well.

    I think the nice note the woman wrote was an appropriate response. The best thing to do is talk to the teacher directly and find out what was the purpose of the assignment and address your concerns with her. Calling for her to be fired immediately or even threatening her with physical harm, as more than one commenter below has suggested are stupid and inappropriate instinctual responses that do not belong in a civilized society.

    • Don Newcomb

      This was far to intrusive to be ‘an unwise decision’. This was purposeful information gathering, just like ‘how many guns do you have in your home’. The gov’t has been using our children to gather information on their families for years. I’ve seen one of these ‘assignments’. And it was full of questions that were a complete invasion of privacy and were asking questions that were of a very personal nature. It’s not a coincidence.

      • scrapiron5

        This isn’t “the government”. It’s one teacher who happens to work for a local governmental agency making up a worksheet on her own. Thinking that this is the government collecting data on families is a stretch.

        It is true that we teachers are required by law to report suspected child abuse, so in that way I guess it’s true that the government is gathering a certain sort of family information, but I think that’s a little different.

        But that’s not my main contention with this article. I object to this worksheet being characterized as a “common core” assignment, as it clearly is not.

        • It may or may not be common core, but it surely is NOT the business of government or government schools, no matter the excuse. But my question for you is, why are you so quick to defend government and its clearly unconstitutional, unconscionable and invasive activities? It’s obvious you have no legitimate purpose loitering on a website such as this. Unless you’re just here trolling.

          • scrapiron5

            Apparently you completely missed the point of my comment. Like 180 degrees missed it. I’m not defending government. I’m not even defending this teacher. I’m just saying asking kids what is in there medicine cabinet has abso-freakin-lutely nothing to do with the common core standards.

            Unless you think I’m defending government workers (teachers) reporting suspected child abuse. I’m not, but I would if that were the issue. One of government’s few legitimate functions is to protect its citizens, even the little ones.


    Hitler Youth! Don’t even try and tell me no. Don’t insult my intelligence either with some false claim of plausible deniability.

  • reggie98ud

    The teacher was probably given a special award when she should have been fired. It is disgusting to see what has become of our schools, I mean government indoctrination centers.

  • Don Newcomb

    Here it comes America – Communism. This is all Government data collection to collect as much private information on American families so that when our rights as Americans are finally stripped clean they know who to arrest and imprison first.

  • You’re all thought criminals and need to report to the nearest detention facility for reeducation.

  • Tinaw1969

    Across the sheet of paper I would have put MYOB! With the dose being everyday!
    The nerve! I wonder if the parents can press charges against this teacher for privacy matters?

  • Lizette Cartaya-Koszty

    Didn’t realize that after 48 years, I had left the USA & gone back to Cuba.

  • Scott Smith

    Hitler did the same thing in Germany….ie raise a generation of children that were totally loyal to the Reich. Once you have these young minds you will continue to grow you cause. If parents aren’t aware of what their kids are being taught or asked to do in the name of education…shame on them for not paying attention. Their children will be the ones to turn them in to the socialist police and they won’t even shed a tear for doing it.

  • Chris Davis

    I would tell my kids to list a bunch of illegal drugs. Then if the good folks tried to invade my house, I would file a lawsuit against the school, teacher and whatever law enforcement group it was that was invading my privacy.

  • john

    I don’t throw away any meds considering the cost of prescription drugs now a days. What the hell is wrong with teachers now a days. Trying to teach Islam to our kids and now this stuff? SMH

  • justavenger

    Time to refresh the Tree of Liberty. Toss the tyrants to the curb.

  • phred01

    A. The teacher wanted to know what was in cabinet to break in and steal and sell?
    B. The princible wanted to know for his/her drug addiction?
    C. The Government wants to know so the next swat team can illegally enter into your Domicile?
    D. All of the above?

    • scrapiron5

      E. None of the above. The teacher was trying to create a learning project for her health class that would make connections to real life and didn’t think the consequences through very well. Nothing to see here, folks. Go on home.

      • phred01

        Ahh yes, another common core/socialist, apologist/propagandist. Crawl back under your bed.

        • scrapiron5

          Fail on many levels. (1) This isn’t common core. (2) Common core isn’t socialist. (3) I’m not socialist. (4) I’m not apologizing for the CC, just saying this isn’t in the CC, which it isn’t, go to the website and search the standards. (5) Propaganda? Pointing out the obvious truth which anyone can verify for themselves? Maybe you should look up the word.

      • phred01

        It is none of teachers, government or anybody else’s business what is in your home. PERIOD. It doesn’t matter how well ‘thought out’ the assignment was.

        • scrapiron5

          At what point did I say it was anybody’s business what is in your home? I implied the very opposite when I said that the assignment was not well thought out.

  • Bryant Hill

    I would be down at the school and in the face of that teacher.

  • marytg

    Oh please I am sure people can find every thing about you and your family becaue you tell everyone in the world about you and your family You belong to facebook or another site. You see something free and you give out your private information. You will always answer questions. Stop blaming liberals. Your the one giving informato to face book, stores, polls on the internet.

    • jhk

      That would be HER choice. Any information SHE gives is her free choice to do so. To have it stolen through a school is not HER choice. You liberals are scary people!

      • marytg

        No you are the scary ones. Your party wants to take away a womans right to see a doctor. By closing down clinic’s that might provide abortions. So women who have pass the having baby stage have to drive hours away to have a pap smar.

        My party does not do gerrymanding and other fake rules, orthings to prevent Americans from voting. like closing polls in certain democrats area’s.

        My party did not try to change the law in certain states to prevent AMERICAN INDIANS from voting because by the law 1965 the ballots have to be in thier language. Many do not read English and why should they made to read it. Should I go on?

        Watch some real news you may learn something

        • jhk

          Get a brain and learn to think for yourself.. YOU may learn something!

        • Butch Rudolph

          you cant possibly believe that the American indian whom you leftwing idiots think we owe the entire world to cant read or write English can you?,, you need to get a grip on the reality of the world and quit living in your little fantasy land perpetuated by the likes of Pelosi , ofuckma, and the mainstream media,, you aren’t even going to see the end till it bites you in the ass

        • ladynred

          The line about pap smears is ridiculous. Women can get those at the local health dept. There is no need to have an abortion clinic for things like that.

        • TheDuke330

          Ah there’s that line again. Think of the women has replaced think of the children. What will it be next? Think of the pedophile! Think of the transgendered otherkin polysexual wolfkin (not even making this up. Its a thing) Thank God conservatives have more kids than liberals.

    • Lisa Starke

      Very intelligent response. Go back to sleep marytg….and when you wake up please smell the coffee

  • deejayaz

    If you give birth and plan on sending them to public school, the ‘State’ is owning them and raising them, not you.

  • John

    a VERY relevant question that these parents should be asking is what emphasis was put on PROPER disposal of the medication…. Many, most cannot simply be flushed or even run down the sink. They contain compounds which survive treatment and go back into the water reclamation / ground water and build up in plants or animals. This is not hokum hippie bs, this is government safety regulation, or at least request made to citizens for the safe disposal of any prescription medications. If they did not include anything about that, THEN you can take from that that THE PURPOSE of the assignment was information collection, and not for the safety of citizens AT ALL… 🙁 A little simply logic unveils the dishonest easily…

  • Kelly Burr

    While this assignment may be an invasion of privacy, it has nothing to do with Common Core. The purpose of Common Core is to get kids to think critically, to work collaboratively and to explain their thinking; it does not require anyone to disclose personal information. If the author of this article can say this assignment is a result of Common Core, they clearly don’t understand what
    Common Core is. The Common Core is not a curriculum. It is a clear set of shared goals and expectations for what knowledge and skills will help our students succeed. Local teachers, principals, superintendents, and parents decide how the standards are to be met. Being a teacher
    myself, I know first hand that we are still given the opportunity to devise lesson plans and tailor instruction to the individual needs of our own students. It sounds like this particular teacher may not have thought this assignment through, but don’t try to pin it on Common Core.

  • Infidel

    Big Brother is alive and well. This Criminal Government is in the process if giving away the sovereigntiy of our Republic over to the United Nations, and this is just one of a thousand cuts that will enslave you to the World Elite. Through:

    Trade Agreements-Don’t let the RINO’s give Obama fast track to make Trade Agreements and give away your livelihood.
    Treaties that usurp the constitution and cannot be undone.
    Global Warming Lie.
    Marxist Infiltration
    Islamic Influence
    Hated of Christians

    Give Me Liberty ort Give Me Death!

  • John Sullivan

    This is a violation of HIPPA and a formal complaint and law suit should be filed against the district. PHI (Personal Health Information) is protected and access to this information must be consented by a Parent or Guardian and can only be released to an authorized and licensed health professional. I believe the fines can go as high as $50,000 per infraction.

  • Mike

    Did the school district fire this teacher?

  • anarchorenea

    This isn’t an issue with CommonCore. CommonCore is just math and english, not health. It’s more likely an issue with the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs is why teachers would tell your children to look through your cabinets, not English and Math standards. Please stop looking for flimsy conspiracy theories and address the real issue here, the war on drugs.

  • Anna Rose

    How would I react? I’d pull my kid out of that school! But I wouldn’t put them in a public school anymore anyway. I’d send them to a private school and if I couldn’t afford to do that, then I would homeschool them. Fortunately, mine are grown and I don’t have that problem. It’s disgraceful what we are allowing to happen to this once great country!

  • Ted Joffs

    You are an idiot if you think that the Common Core actually creates
    lesson plans and materials. Read the actual Common Core guidelines.
    They are a prescriptive standard that defines “what” students should
    know (at a very broad level) as opposed to “how” that should be taught
    and/or lesson materials. Common Core anti-people that have never taken
    the time to understand it make me furious. If you are against it, fine
    but don’t make up crap in your “news” article to fight it. It makes you
    look stupid, and actually hurts your movement more because now people
    equate anti-common core people with “stupidity”.

  • StoneAge

    Two words. HOME SCHOOLING.

  • Denise

    HIPAA is being violated here. Parents need to monitor all homework and attend school board meetings to make sure this is not going on.

  • Julie Mathison-Craft

    Sounds like what the Nazis did in Germany pre-WWII. Stop this now!


    This came from the Board of Education and the state health department. The FDA and CDC and DYFS want to track and monitor what drugs are in the house where children live. These agencies in turn will use this information to use as a excuse to visit your house and see how the drugs are stored and also to see if there are any firearms in the house. this will give the agencies the necessary excuse to remove your children for “their safety”. They are really pushing “see something say something” and tell the younger children its ok to turn in your parents in for doing bad things. People have to wake up and get your kids out of public schools and stop paying school taxes. Catholic school was the right thing for me but I’m sure there are other private schools that won’t poison the minds of our children.

  • Burnt Meatballs

    This is easy parents, don’t have the paper work filled out and the medicine cabinet should be locked.

  • Buford ButtFish

    Dumb A$$ hasn’t read the Privacy Act of 1974. In BIG trouble, lawsuits a plenty coming.

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  • sugadoll

    It’s none of their damned business .

  • Pingback: Outrage after government school teacher tells students to report contents of family medicine cabinets | Return of the Conservatives()

  • Andrew

    “Privacy is not a concern of the Socialist American Republic. It is often contrary to the public collective good” altered quote from Hunt for the Red October.

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