OUCH: ‘PolitiFact’ Had a Nasty Little Surprise for ‘Emperor Obama’ About His Amnesty Claims


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Barack Obama once claimed that he could never go “on my own” and enact executive amnesty for illegal aliens “without Congressional action” because, “I am not an Emperor.”

Thursday evening, of course, he did exactly that, and many across the fruited plain are calling him “Emperor Obama” this evening, a sad testament to his post-Constitutional administration which increasingly resembles Venezuela.

Well our beloved Emperor had a rather rude surprise waiting for him around 10 minutes before he strode to his royal podium for tonight’s proclamation.

That is because the left-leaning fact checking website PolitiFact had awarded Obama a rating of “FALSE” for claims he and his White House staff have made all week — that his position on executive amnesty “has not changed” from portraying it as an unlawful act, to now claiming it is well within his executive authority.

PolitiFact presented a devastating, years-wide exposure of Obama’s lies on this issue that should leave no doubt that this Administration and its ‘Emperor’ cannot be trusted on the issue. First came an interview with ABCNews last week:

Jim Avila of ABC asked, “In 2010, when asked by immigration reform advocates to stop deportations and act alone on providing legal status for the undocumented, you said, ‘I’m president, I’m not king. I can’t do these things just by myself.’ In 2013, you said, ‘I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Mr. President, what has changed since then?”

Obama replied:Well, actually, my position hasn’t changed. When I was talking to the advocates, their interest was in me, through executive action, duplicating the legislation that was stalled in Congress. And getting a comprehensive deal of the sort that is in the Senate legislation, for example, does extend beyond my legal authorities. There are certain things I cannot do. There are certain limits to what falls within the realm of prosecutorial discretion in terms of how we apply existing immigration laws.”

[PolitiFact:] Obama is revising history. While at one point he used the “I am not a king” line to rebut those who asked why his administration wasn’t doing enough to address comprehensive reform, as you’ll see, he continued to use it when asked about other, more limited uses with his executive powers.

PolitiFact then detailed how Obama repeatedly told audiences of all sizes that he was compelled to act “lawfully” by not taking executive action to halt deportations for millions of illegals — yet now claims it is well within his powers:

Earlier this month, Obama told reporters that when House Republicans expressed they would not take up an immigration bill this year, “What I indicated to him is I feel obliged to do everything I can lawfully with my executive authority to make sure that we don’t keep on making the system worse.”

Juxtapose that with his previous statements. In the 2013 Google town hall, Obama said, “we’ve kind of stretched our administrative flexibility as much as we can.”

Similarly, in March 2011, as pointed out in fact-checks by the Washington Post Fact Checker and FactCheck.org, Obama was asked in a Univision town hall whether he could grant temporary protective status to undocumented students. He first explained why he could not, and then he addressed the idea of immigration through executive action more broadly.

“With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed,” Obama said. “Congress passes the law. The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws.

“There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.

Yet of course, Emperor Obama tonight threw those very “congressional mandates” out the window in announcing his lawless action — but still tries to claim that this was always his position, an incredibly arrogant lie.

And PolitiFact exposed him on it, again and again. And their conclusiuon was unambiguous:

“We rate the claim False”.

The ‘Emperor’ has no clothes on the issue of immigration. And the American people clearly oppose his amnesty decree. The question now, is what is the GOP “leadership” going to do about it?

  • Buypass

    Well at least he’s consistent. Lies like a rug 24/7

    • Ashley Moran

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  • Arrgh2112

    He can’t be trusted to tell you the color of the sky, much less anything about immigration or health care.

    • Pag

      Didn’t Reagan do the same thing? And didn’t Ronnie sign the legislation that required hospital emergency rooms to provide service to folks without coverage?

      • Lonnie Franklin

        No one opened the flood gates and gave the all clear sign for them to start flooding except Obama!! Pag the -ag

      • GrammarSquad


      • Steve

        Reagan signed the order because he felt the Immigration bill didn’t go far enough to solve the problem.

  • overit

    And to think we have another two years of this crap. Tie the purse strings!!!

    • Colleen Cardoza Souza

      No! He needs to be impeached! he is so stubborn! he will forever have the reputation of being the worst president this country ever had!

      • mrb

        If he is impeached then “We” have to contend with Biden????

        • Joseph Price

          Biden may be dumber than owl shit…but at least he IS American.

          • David A. Tuttle

            if impeached, he would just do like clinton did and keep sitting in the oval office

          • Cubalibre1953

            My very thoughts,!!

          • Pag

            Why mince words…Just say White!

          • SaraLouTrueBlue

            Amen to that!

        • Glenda Stokes

          Has to be better than what we have. Beside he is a follower so he will agree to somethings.

        • Colleen Cardoza Souza

          well he will be easier to deal with once he cant hide behind Obama anymore.

    • Rose

      We don’t have one more day of it than WE THE PEOPLE ARE DEMANDING.

      Frederick Douglass: Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.

      Frederick Douglass: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.

      • SaraLouTrueBlue

        Douglass was an extremely insightful, intelligent man!

      • Guest

        “State ownership! It leads only to absurd and monstrous conclusions; state ownership means state monopoly, concentrated in the hands of one party and its adherents, and that state brings only ruin and bankruptcy to all.”

        ..Fascism [is] the complete opposite of…Marxian Socialism, the materialist conception of history of human civilization can be explained simply through the conflict of interests among the various social groups and by the change and development in the means and instruments of production…. Fascism, now and always, believes in holiness and in heroism; that is to say, in actions influenced by no economic motive, direct or indirect. And if the economic conception of history be denied, according to which theory men are no more than puppets, carried to and fro by the waves of chance, while the real directing forces are quite out of their control, it follows that the existence of an unchangeable and unchanging class-war is also denied – the natural progeny of the economic conception of history. And above all Fascism denies that class-war can be the preponderant force in the transformation of society….”

        …Fascism denies, in democracy, the absur[d] conventional untruth of political equality dressed out in the garb of collective irresponsibility, and the myth of “happiness” and indefinite progress….”

        But I would be careful at how far right you pull…

        Who said the above?

    • SaraLouTrueBlue


  • gop4ever

    The best thing McConell can do is secure the border. There’s 60 votes right there. Done, easy victory but nope-not gonna happen.

    • Rose

      But what McConnell will do is to SHOW US HIS TRUE HEART. THAT is the MOST important thing of all.
      After all, the REINS have ALWAYS been in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE and when we get tired enough of the garbage,m THEN WE WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP IT, and we will find we do not NEED McConnell to do it for us.

      Frederick Douglass: Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.

      Frederick Douglass: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.

      • Walmartian

        “WE THE PEOPLE” haven’t done JACK but sit on our asses and TALK and SQUAK like CHICKENS. You quote people who would laugh at you and call you a coward for your inaction up to this point. So do something, anything at all to stop it, or shut up. The least you can do is accept responsibility for your INACTION which has led OBAMA to this point!

        • Ben R Sizemore

          Keep talking, coward………bring your recorder so you can record you chicken squaking ………………………………

  • Ednar

    When he begins talking the lies begin to pour out. This isn’t a broken faucet, this is a tsunami.
    He can NOT be rehabilitated.
    It is best to send him straight for electro-shock therapy.

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza


  • Behning Brad

    Defund the White House utilities. Cut the power and heat off. Maybe he will move back to Kenya.

    • Cory Williams

      fire them all and put the U.S. citizens back in charge.

    • whamo

      He love dat free rent.

      • Lonnie Franklin

        And Free Vacations!!

    • Hugh Richard Williams

      He and his lovely wife will simply go on more taxpayer funded vacations.

      • Yukon36

        cut 90% of the white house budget which includes Airforce I and Airforce II, Useless White House parties, only expense should be entertaining foreign heads of state. Michelle can have two attendants only.

        • Pauline Bunch

          That is a great idea. We could save a lot of U.S. dollars that way.

        • Pag

          Did a personal review of the budget allow you to make this determination or are you trusting Glenn Beck?

          • Yukon36

            I don’t listen to Glenn Beck nor do I watch his TV program.

          • Pag

            So then you are saying you have personally reviewed said budget, spending reports and found 90% of this spending to be frivolous and completely unneeded?

      • Walmartian

        You mean his live-in boyfriend that dresses like a female?

        • Joe Weaver


      • Pag

        Still fewer than Bush…

        • mathcheck

          Factcheck: michelle has a staff of 24. Hillary had 19 and Laura Bush had 18. Now I don’t know what math you were taught, but I was taught that 24 is greater than 18

          • Pag

            Ummm Really that is your problem? No outrage against billions in fossil fuel subsidies which we all pay for on the back end? No outrage against the ridiculously low estate and capital gains taxes? No outrage against the military and it’s many failed weapons projects? I could go on…But this is really telling I think…

            Not to mention the obvious…I didn’t comment about the number of people on anyone staff…My comment was in reply regarding the number of vacations days, but we could just as easily apply that number of executive orders as well..Since he has signed fewer. But I hope he gets a new pen!

      • SaraLouTrueBlue

        Lovely “wife”? Are you KIDDING? lol

    • Joe Weaver

      Best ideas of all Brad!!

  • StellarStella

    Great – we knew he was a liar. He continues to lie. And continues to do his best to turn America into a third-world-level country on as many levels as he can.
    The question remains – what is Congress, the House, the Senate going to DO about this?

    VERY tired, like many Americans, of endless complaining, hashtagging and venting over the horrible things and illegal things this president is doing. He should have never even made it to the ballot, so now that he’s squatting in the office, squandering our resources, signing away our rights and opening the borders to people who do not deserve amnesty, WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE?
    THAT is the big question to ask our representatives.
    Haven’t we all had enough of this anti-American president?

    • Randy L. Smith

      Awesome summary, Stella!

    • Seen2Much2014

      The ONLY thing Congress can do is: NOT FUND ANY OF THIS. Tell your Reps.

      • TLR

        It is the state and local levels that will fund this, IE: Welfare, WIC, etc…

        • Stephen Ritger

          Don’t the states get money from the Federal government, though, for welfare, etc?

          • KimBOchs

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          • SaraLouTrueBlue

            Those moochers are on FEDERAL handouts, not on state. Their sustenance is from the taxes that we pay when we pay income taxes. The moochers are given undeserved moneys because the HOUSE allows it by NOT USING THEIR POWER to STOP the flow of tax dollars to the illegals.

          • CarolWatts

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          • Lothele Davis


          • Annette Rogers

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          • Lothele Davis

            Let’s hope not!!

        • pelon

          TLR for your FYI 75 percent of Welfare, Wic, et are funded by the federal government, the states and local governments will not fund them fully.

          • TLR

            I suppose I should have clarified my comment a little clearer, and not implied that states only footed the bill for the big six welfare type programs that was not my intent, The six programs most commonly associated with the “social safety net” include: (1) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), (2) the Food Stamp Program (FSP), (3) Supplemental Security Income (SSI), (4) Medicaid, (5) housing assistance, and (6) the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Yes the federal government is the primary funder of all six, although TANF and Medicaid each require a 25–50 percent state funding match. States will feel the pinch of this not just in additional funding of the programs due to more people it must now cover but in staffing costs labor benefit packages for the added new staff needed, this will hit not only states but local cities and counties the govt does not fund this also with the added money that states must now fork over it will mean less money they have to filter down to counties and Cities

      • McH2099

        Unfortunately, it doesn’t cost anything for the people who enforce deportations to not enforce anything. If King Obama says not to deport a class of people. … we don’t.

      • johnshroeder

        The Republican-dominated Congressional Committee has stated that the commission which will implement most of the provisions of 0’s amnesty order is “fee funded” by “users” rather than by appropriation so they cannot do anything to “cut off funding.”

        • AirFrank

          They were wrong. The law specifically states that any fees collected goes directly into the Treasury. So those Repubs are just looking to keep the status quo.

      • Krass

        WRONG! They can impeach him and they need to!! IMPEACH OBAMA!

    • LindaFromNewYork

      Well said Stella, We are on the same page……….when is something going to be done about this ???, how much further can he push his authority, and why hasn’t this lying, anti-American, communist been impeached ??? enough is enough !!!!!

      • SaraLouTrueBlue

        He’s seeing JUST EXACTLY HOW MUCH he can push Congress and the American people before he imposes martial law, enforces the UNLAWFUL executive order (collectively, a group of more than 20 executive orders that include every aspect of life in the USA) that he signed which strips Congress of ANY power whatsoever for a period of 6 months after he imposes martial law. Within that 6 month time period, Americans will see his terrorist-trained Homeland Security forces (bloodily) disarm Americans, a severe rationing of food, water, and electricity, the stoppage of transportation and communication among the general population, and the deaths of millions and millions to fill those towers of “caskets” that are stockpiled for Americans. He’s testing the waters now, and has been for the past almost 6 years.

        • Patriot

          Should he decide to impose Martial Law and send his Goose stepping DHS after weapons there will be a Blood bath that will make the War between the states look like a School ground spit ball fight

          • Lothele Davis

            Perhaps WE MIGHT petition the LORD for OUR SALVATION??

        • Joe bun356

          The President can declare martial law when circumstances warrant it:
          When the civil authority cannot operate, then martial law is not only
          constitutional, but would be necessary: “If, in foreign invasion or civil war,
          the courts are actually closed, and it is impossible to administer criminal
          justice according to law, then, on the theatre of active military operations,
          where war really prevails, there is a necessity to furnish a substitute for the
          civil authority, thus overthrown, to preserve the safety of the army and
          society; and as no power is left but the military, it is allowed to govern by
          martial rule until the laws can have their free course. As necessity creates
          the rule, so it limits its duration; for, if this government is continued after
          the courts are reinstated, it is a gross usurpation of power. Martial rule can
          never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed
          exercise of their jurisdiction. It is also confined to the locality of actual
          Protests to not constitute to be invasion or of a civil war activity. Remember the 1st Amendment, We have the right to assemble of peace.Impeaching a President does not constitute invasion or an act of civil war.

          • Jerry Rotten

            Agreed, but you’re quoting laws as though they mean anything to Obama. I’m really stunned to see all this happening right before my eyes. I’m not a spring chicken, and I never even vaguely imagined that this kind of criminal behavior from a sitting President would EVER happen, to say nothing of the fact that nobody is doing anything to stop it. I’ve never felt that our sovereignty and the rule of law (which separates us from so many other third-world, lawless republics) would be as fragile as it is today.

          • True for other presidents, but not Obama, he can and will declare martial law if he wants too. Do you really believe anyone will stop him? They will be taken into custody and executed.

        • Lothele Davis


      • Lothele Davis


        • Peter G Villa

          Ironic. Cajones means drawers in Spanish, the human male body parts you have in mind are referred to as Cojones in Spanish. Nice try though.

      • lugnut

        He’s black and that has been the problem with righty’s opposition to him from day one. No laws have been broken, the constitution hasn’t been violated, no communist policies passed, no impeachable offense. Yep enough is enough of you rightwingers lies.

    • Dennis Victor

      Just like the President, Congress is limited in what it can do unless we want them to go imperial as well. The Current Congress still has the old stalled Democrat controlled Senate. We have had more than enough of the liar in chief. Two more years until he is replaced. Let’s not choose the slick talking amateur next time.

      • SaraLouTrueBlue

        Two-thirds of Congress CAN OVERRULE anything that Obama “dictates”.

        • Joe bun356

          You are correct.

        • Lothele Davis


    • BluelineMike

      Up yours, GOPiece of crap

      • Skyhawk

        You are a useful idiot. Thank you for nothing.

      • vince campos

        up your’s jackass !

        • BluelineMike

          How original! GOPiece of shat! HAHAHAHAHA!

          • Ben R Sizemore

            Again his defense mechanism is archaic, because some drugged out liberal told him he was smart, he is loved by all his friends, well he will be when he finds any that are feeding on the bottom with him. When he was a little boy at age 16 he had a hand puppet called “peanut man” and he would stay up late at nights holding debates with peanut man, he always lost those debates, but when he graduated from junior high at age 22 he had a debate with his classmate, Samantha, in day care, and he actually defeated her in a close battle, she was 2 years old. Now he is in charge of paper clip distribution at the Wal Mart.

        • Lonnie Franklin

          I wonder how many times round mouth Mike gotten his lips caught up in Obama’s & Al Sharptongues zippers!!!

          • Guest

            Probably fewer times your daughter has had millions of potential children spilled on her face….o.O

          • Lonnie Franklin

            There you go, another one those liberal smackers want to run their mouths to someone & to big a PUSS to put your name on it!!!

      • DJDave

        Spoken like a true Democrat, filled with hate, and judging others… Go back to sniffing Obama’s asshole…

      • Ben R Sizemore

        Never a comment, because he can’t think of anything stupid to say, quick with the insults and language, because he was never taught any better, slow in understanding what is happening, because his puppet master controls his actions and doesn’t allow individual thought, a low informed and ignorant voter, because he was taught that no matter what socialism is the best form of government.

      • JIMB

        Such a well thought out, intelligent and relevant comment. I would say you are retarded, but that would be offensive…..to retards

      • Pag

        Dude all you need to do is ask them where their outrage against Reagan was and is?

        We know they just ignore things like that because it gets in their blind deification of the man.

        • gingerdog

          What of the demarxist deification of the Obamarxist? Scandal after scandal and lie after lie, you still accept the readings from the bottom of the obamarxist’s bidet as ‘data’ and ‘fact.’ According to you and the rest of the obamarxist disciples, the obamarxist has NEVER made a mistake and anything that goes wrong on his watch is somebody else’s fault.

          Sounds more like a spoiled brat who got caught playing dress-up in the White House than a grown man.

          • Pag

            Marxist? The man who has seen the stock market more than double!? If that is the makings of a socialist my 401k And Ira’s are very happy with him…I think you should take the time to learn what socialism is and is not…Here’s a freebie to get you started Social programs and public works are not Socialism…When someone passes legislation that declares all land state property then we can start talking.

          • Spat

            fed keeps printing money,the only reason clown,wait to the fed stops printing…

          • Spat

            ALL the hedge funds who bought thousands of homes are unloading them,kids are moving back home after college,and now amnesty, watch the wages drop the next 18 months across the board. While food prices sky rocket and the market crashes.

          • Spat

            Saul Alinksky is his hero,read rules for radicals,fits Obama in a nutshell.

          • Pag

            Who replies to themselves?

          • Spat

            Another tip sell everything you own in the stock market,or you’ll end up with squat. Obama is trying to figure a way to take from ones 401k like they did in Greece. I can’t see how for life of me, you think 21 trillion in debt by 2016 can be a good thing.

          • Pag

            So how does your response translate into a statement that refutes what I already said?

        • sharpies

          You do realize that Reagan signed a law passed by congress and that Obama simply passed congress, correct? There is a difference, one followed the constitution and Obama is continuing his fundamental changes that he promised. Pag, is you life better now than it was in 2007?

          • Pag

            He simply bypassed congress? Simply? No he acted when a faction in Congress failed to faithfully execute their jobs. A faction the clearly stated their intentions. And are again puffing up….

            And yes i am doing better i have considerably less debt and my 401k and ira’s are booming….hopefully you haven’t had to take any government hand outs via foreclosure or bankruptcy. …

    • NunyaBusiness

      Impeach him and then try him for the 5 million plus felonies he just committed.

      Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii):

      (A) Any person who-
      (iv) encourages or induces and alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing that such coming to, entry or residence, is or will be in violation of law; or
      (I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
      (II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts,
      shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).

      (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—
      (ii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both;

      According to the law, for his actions in encouraging an estimated 5,000,000 illegal aliens to reside in the United States, Barack Obama is now subject to approximately 25,000,000 years in jail.

      • Pag

        So you are ready to admit Reagan committed 3 million felonies in addition to his treasonous involvement in Iran Contra?

        • NunyaBusiness

          Nope. Reagan acted on law as passed by Congress as required by the Constitution.
          Obama violated law as passed by Congress in violation of the Constitution.

          • Pag

            Well that figures…Don’t want to cloud that blind deification of St. Ronnie the mentally incompetent President.

          • NunyaBusiness

            I know it would work. It always does.

            If you want to piss off a liberal:
            Tell them the truth.
            I told the truth and you got angry

            If you want to piss off a true conservative:
            Tell me a lie.

          • Pag

            Angry? Hah not at all. Saddened by the lunacy I see on these forums Absolutely!

            The real fact is this….The right wing extremists in this country are far closer to fascists than any moderate liberal is to being a communist. Feel free to keep watching the Blaze….

          • Lothele Davis


          • SaraLouTrueBlue

            Yes, a GREAT difference between Reagan and Obama…VAST difference!

          • Lonnie Franklin

            The whole time that he has been in the white house!!!

          • Joe bun356

            You are right

          • Joe bun356

            He signed an executive order without Congresses approval. A lot of people don’t know that a Presidential Executive order needs Congresses Approval. And congress made that clear on national television

          • Steve

            It was an Executive Action , apples and oranges.

        • Gary

          Felony or not, Reagan said his giving amnesty to illegals was the biggest regret of his presidency.

          • Diane Frank

            and yet we keep repeating what does not work

          • Pag

            Maybe the obstructionists in Congress should have worked with the man…

          • Lothele Davis

            BARF!! WHAT A JOKE!

          • IFC_Buzzkill

            So Pag, since the REPRESENTATIVES WE ELECTED didnt bow down to the King then he can do whatgever he likes Constitution be damned?

            Also notice that the House gained seats and the Senate got bitchslapped. But that all is irrelevant when your the King….

          • Pag


          • IFC_Buzzkill

            And, what was your response? “yawn”. Nice rebuttal. I guess you dont have anything relevant to add.

          • Pag

            Winning seats in a midterm with 1/3 voter turn out is not a mandate nor a rejection of our direction. The President being elected twice winning the popular and electoral votes both times…That is a mandate. So yeah while I wasn’t happy with the election I am using it to point out to everyone one what happens when you don’t exercise that right.

          • IFC_Buzzkill

            Obama only got 27.8% of eligible votes in 2012. So thats a mandate? I noticed he thought that when he won, and he tells the people who didnt vote this time “I hear you too”.. So he thinks he can do what he wants even when he loses. And yes, the votes in the midterm were a vote on the Kings policies even though all the D. candidates were running away from him as fast as they could.

          • SFTOBEY

            Go away Obamabot. Your lies are just too much to endure. Zero NEVER wanted to work with Congress. It was all his way or the highway. This POS excuse for a president has all but destroyed this nation, and you’re still making excuses for him? You must be some special kind of stupid.

          • Pag

            So you open your argument with Ad Hominen…OK…Really? You are saying this man destroyed this nation? I call bullshit! And folks like you are just devouring these talking points under the guise of Liberty, Patriotism and Christianity…You are all being suckered into a Neo-Fascist belief system and I feel for you…

          • SFTOBEY

            In addition to the “one-time” amnesty was the requirement that the borders be made secure AND a heavy increase in internal enforcement.. The DemonRats just laughed in Reagan’s face as they WILLFULLY IGNORED and de-funded the other portions of that bill that were supposed to make America more secure that went along with that amnesty.

    • Pag

      What about when St. Ronnie did this same thing?

      • Lonnie Franklin

        What about all of the Illegal crap that your sugar daddy Emperor Obama has done!!

        • Pag

          Sugar daddy is your code for someone on public assistance I guess. However that dog won’t hunt….I have been gainfully employed since I started working in IT at age 16 with an associates degree I might add which I got in less than two years…and am now 46…So yeah I don’t need a sugar daddy. But at the same time I find the I Me Mine folks behavior to be very reminiscent of the behavior of an adolescent that never learned charity or how to share….

          • Lonnie Franklin

            And everyone can take your word on that right!!

      • GrammarSquad

        He didn’t do the same thing. Please educate yourself.

      • Loren Fancy

        i call bullshit…not the same

  • RFQ

    flush him down the toilet

  • RFQ

    the politicians are loving all of this attention, like little babies crying for their mamas

  • Pam

    He is a pathological liar and it is a mental illness. They have convinced themselves that their lies are the truth.

    • Rose

      It isn’t a Mental Illness, Read the Book of Daniel. (Nebuchadnezzar’s life and his insanity)

      It is mere cold-hearted Vicious Evil. PERIOD.
      God in Heaven never accounts this kind of activity in Dictators as INSANITY – HE HOLDS THEM TO ACCOUNT.
      We find the conduct “incomprehensible” – JUST AS THEY DO, OURS.
      But God isn’t having a bit of trouble understanding it.
      The “TEACHING” of Criminal Behavior as “insanity” came out of the Hitler regime and helps “decent” people who are TOLERANT of EVIL who want to feel kindly towards the most MACABRE of Vicious Hedonists, because it makes them feel “Christian” to be so “magnanimous” towards the most filthy and vile.

      Ever notice they don’t want to STUDY what God actually says in Scripture about such degrees of pure evil? in the Bible…

      Well, it isn’t because He isn’t merciful. It isn’t that He doesn’t want US to be merciful – BUT HE IS RELENTLESSLY HONEST in all circumstances AND DOES NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR US – HE MAKES PAYMENT for our redemption, INSTEAD.
      But He calls the Thing He is paying for WHAT IT IS.
      And the Fact is, that with many people, their WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY for Redemption DOES END long before they DIE.

      There is a final line we can cross, and beyond that point, after the person hardening their own heart, the devil adding more hardness to their hearts, then as they persist and NEVER call to Him to save them even from themselves, as He relentlessly DRAWS THEM to Himself, and their rejection gets more and more fierce, at some point, THEY CROSS THAT LINE – and at THAT point, God Himself also adds His Own measure of hardening their hearts as well … “lest they…turn and ask forgiveness… and He be forced to forgive…” [i.e., 2 Thessalonians 2]
      This is NOT due to the hardness of God’s Heart towards them, but RECOGNITION of HOW HARD THEIR HEART IS, and their own SETTLED DECISION that they will NOT allow their own heart to be made soft, by God, and He be forced to allow them to go with the master of their own choosing, knowing that even if they got scared or whatever and asked for salvation, they will NEVER allow themselves, even in Heaven, to LOVE HIM.
      And Heaven is NOT EARTH.

      Sin cannot be tolerated there. He who chooses to enter into Heaven through Jesus and His Precious Blood, MUST CHOOSE TO LEAVE THE SIN BEHIND and be SEPARATED from all Darkness, and not cling to the Darkness any more, even though as long as we are in a mortal body, the darkness does cling to us, and we continue to battle – nevertheless, WE HAVE CHOSEN HIM! And NOT the Darkness.

      • MSCsocal

        Thank you for your insightful and well versed logic.

        • Pag

          Logic? That was mysticism not logic. There is a difference. ..

          • MSCsocal

            It is Logic if you have eyes too see and ears to hear the Truth.

          • Pag

            And it is beliefs like that which have needlessly set mankind back thousands of years….GG

  • copywriter111

    He needs to be arrested now.

  • copywriter111

    Charge, treason and nothing less

    • Bee Cee

      If he is charged and found guilty of treason, he will remain a burden to the US….we taxpayers will still have to support him with our taxes and of course, he will receive ‘special treatment’ even if he goes to a prison somewhere. I say take away his citizenship, if indeed he IS an American, and prevent him from ever entering this nation again.

      • gjs

        This is the best solution I have heard yet. Send him/them to Africa!

      • copywriter111

        Treason is what he has done but these days our society is too cultured to put this label on him. Also he has the Supreme Court in his pocket.

  • Tomcat58@gmail.com

    I will take dumb ass Biden anytime over this liar and thief…. Impeach Now !

    • Rose

      Not necessary – Obama is a fraud – charge him with fraud in TRIAL and you have the RIGHT AND OBLIGATION to obtain DECREES TO VACATE all his administration and EVERYTHING IT DID – VACATE BIDEN, HOLDER, KAGAN, SOTOMAYOR, AGREEMENTS with IRAN, Hillary and Hanoi John… OBAMACARE, SHAMNESTY, ALL his quadrupling of EPA regulations…. etc etc etc etc….

      • MR. BOBO

        Deport him

      • Walmartian

        Stop talking and DO IT already!

        • Ben R Sizemore

          What is wrong with you coward, he like people doing your dirty work……well we got some dirty work saved just for you………………….

  • Jill Kennard

    He has been a lied forever, before being elected ans threw his Presidency too..never trusted him..never will…The only people more Anti-American than him our the one who want our heads.

    • disgusted!!

      well said Jill!!!

  • whamo

    Obama the BSitter.

  • gregzotta

    Barack Hussein Obama overstepped his bounds with his
    Executive action on Immigration violating the Separation of Powers based in the
    US Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. We do not have nor do we
    want a King in this country. There are already laws on the books that are not
    being enforced to secure the border and deport the illegal immigrants. We do
    not need any more laws on immigration; just enforce the ones already in place. If
    a law is not enforced, is it a law? Any federal politician who does not speak
    out would be complicit in this illegal unconstitutional act. What will the
    republicans do to stop this lawless president? They have the power of the purse
    and the power of impeachment, but will the Republicans have the courage to use

    • Ben R Sizemore

      Even when the Senate is controlled they would need 67 votes for impeachment and 67 votes for punishment. I am sure that party lines will not be crossed.

    • Pag


      • Lonnie Franklin

        Where is all your proof Pag the -ag!!

        • Pag

          Oohhh…Lol…As if you are the first genius to coin that insult…you are still a day late and a dollar short….keep it coming….

      • GrammarSquad

        Didn’t do the same thing. Please educate yourself.

    • SaraLouTrueBlue

      He is hoping the GOP will impeach him. He knows that is another way to effectively divide the citizens in this country and stir up even more hatred and violence here. He needs Congress to step up to the plate and clips his wings. They CAN and they know exactly HOW to do it. But, so far, none have had the gumption to do it.

    • Patriot

      Only one MAJOR problem with impeachment…. Have you looked at Biden???

      • gregzotta

        Trey Gowdy said the same thing. Trey Gowdy shut down talk of impeachment with a simple one-liner: “Have you met Joe Biden?” Trey Gowdy is WRONG. The question is, Is Barack Hussein Obama a lawless president and in violation of his oath of office, committing impeachable acts? Yes. So, how does Gowdy propose to stop the lawlessness if impeachment is off the table? BTW, Biden has not said
        he wanted to “transform” America. Furthermore, Gowdy is heading a committee on the scandals of the Obama Regime. Those roads will lead to Obama. So what then? Gowdy and the Republicans are WRONG for not impeaching this lawless president.

        • harvey kaylor

          Trey also stated that “impeachment is punishment not removal from office”, it would apply a restriction, to which Obama would ignore. Military coup anyone.. Clinton was impeached and did not leave office.

        • NunyaBusiness

          The major problem is that even if the House votes to impeach, the Senate will then have to hold the impeachment hearings.
          Barack Obama could choke a person out on the floor of the Senate and 99% of the Democrat Senators would say it was the Tea Party’s fault or Bush’s fault and still vote to not impeach. You have to have at least 66 Senators vote for an impeachment conviction. Unless the Senate had 75 or more Republicans there is no way Obama would ever be impeached.

          Reworded and re-posted due to Top Right News censors not liking a word or two.

        • Spat

          D.H.S to Obama is his own guard, better funded then the U S Military,and yet he says he has cut military spending. He also has fired 100s of top officers in all four branches of the military,and replaced them with god knows who.

  • Jonathan Chen

    All Hail to His Majesty, Obama the Tyrant!

  • Maggie Scheck Geene

    This particular emperor has been wearing no clothes for eight years (or more) and finallyeven the left are waking up to that fact.

  • Rose

    One question – why isn’t Politico, PolitiFact, happy with what they worked so hard to help create?

  • Tronx

    Emperor Obama. How can I put on my uniform in the morning and salute the flag at 0800, knowing that I detest you?

    • Bilroy Jenkins

      Something to remember… The uniform and the flag are representative of a higher idea. America is not it’s government, but rather “We The People”. As a member of our Armed Forces, you represent US… not the President. That’s where you find the strength to continue. Thank you for your service!

      • Walmartian

        What a fool. “Thank you for experimenting on us, spraying us with nanochemicals, and spreading imperialism while ignoring our borders, letting our economy fail, and serving Israel!” Yeah, f–k their “service”. You’re an idiot, Bilroy. But then again, most “Americans” today really are.

        • Cayce

          Still butt hurt because you didn’t qualify for the military Wally?

        • Ben R Sizemore

          Walmartian You are in a world of CRAP. Is the statement below yours? If it is you just made one hell of a mistake. You are now officially on the our list and you will be subjected to the wrath of the military and veteran “cowards” so watch your back, and your front, check your car before starting. Or if you want to get it over quickly any one of us will gladly accommodate you, just name the place and time. Now let us see who the coward is!

          “But US citizens and US military are cowards, and Obama knows it, so he and his foreign military are moving against all Americans because of it.”

          • Pag

            did you just threaten a mans life on a public forum?

      • MSCsocal

        Very well spoken truth.

    • Joseph Dittrich

      I was always told that we were to respect the office, but we didn’t have to respect the man.
      EM3 USN 87-90

    • Walmartian

      Maybe you and the rest of the military need to dethrone the emperor. Ever think of that? Or do you just serve Israel and poison the people with chemtrail planes these days between guarding opium fields, etc?

      • Ben R Sizemore

        You are in trouble, run while you can…………………………..

    • Ben R Sizemore

      You are paying respect for our great nation, not to our government. And don’t you ever forget that, do you hear me?

  • Jim Bob

    Imagine that. Blowbama lies again.

  • Stan Bryars

    If the time has not come to take the third box to the rooftops it never will.

  • Gstephens

    Boehner and McConnell will both say they cannot act until the new Congress is seated. Then we will hear that the time is just not right. Then eventually hear that is too late to undo what has been done. The truth is, in 2014, neither party is fit to rule. Democrats have backed a play to neuter the Constitution and Republicans will ring their hands for fear of offending Latinos–hundreds of thousands of them will find their way to Democrat voter rolls–legally or illegally. The Republic is dead! The Reconquista is well underway.

    • Bryan

      Of course I hope Gstephens is wrong on at least one of those predictions- but I’m afraid he might be totally correct. A vigorous “opposition party” IS most certainly needed, but as voters we find ourselves in a, “the time is just not right” situation over and over again. Not unlike the voting earlier this month. Did a vote for a third party risk desperately needed victories against Obama’s loyalists? Absolutely. Not sure what we need to do, but my uncertainty does not diminish my approval of Gstephens analysis.

    • David A. Tuttle

      its never to late to undo anything in the USA!

      • joanndenlinger

        wonder if we can get everyone together and everyone writes to the congress and let them know we do not want Obama as president we want him & his family out of the white house now!! We all mail them out same day. I know we will have Biden,, BUT at least he will not be doing the pen & phone thing, and congress can stop the illegal amnesty by defunding it completely! They also can secure our boarders and get rid of that Obama care as well,, congress has a lot of business to take care of but I feel the number one thing is to get rid of Obama should be the number 1 thing at this point, and get the illegals back to their own country and secure our boarders then work on getting rid of that Obama care, then work on all the ones that need to be jailed as like maybe Obama, Hilary, Holder, Lois, and whom ever else is guilty of crimes period. what do you all think? would this get him out? I do not know anything else that we the people can do any one got ant ideas?

      • Walmartian

        Until it is.

        • Ben R Sizemore

          It is getting late for you………….or have you already decided to be coward?

  • Ginger Jensen- Starks

    I want a citzens arrest anyone else

  • Brian Beard

    Time for the Impeachment.

  • mrb

    Is this the place where you dream of telling lies so much take you believe it is the truth? A vote of “one” (Your Dream) supersedes the votes of many.

  • harvey kaylor

    This POTUS is always doing something for other people of the world other than working with those who elected him legally. He believes in the legals more than those he will hurt that need the available jobs. These people always use the words, we need these people to pick our crops and make our beds and mow our lawns…..Are we going back to picking slaves…On the other hand they talk about the injustice of employers not paying the wages these people deserve, because they are illegal, how does this illegal order change that…the doj is going to be busy enforcing the laws on employers that have these people working for them now….I am retired on fixed income, where do I apply for my pick of the available slaves and will the govt pay thier wages, bet we see that happen shortly….use to be migrate workers are here to stay and we all pay everyday

    • Walmartian

      People didn’t elect him. They only think they did. He was not elected “legally”, even in the joke of voting in the US.

      • Ben R Sizemore

        Keep talking, build up your courage, act like a man, take responsibility tor your actions and words you say……………………or play our game………………………

  • valgal10

    Start impeachment !!

  • Curmudgeon52

    I actually watched the President last night (I usually can’t stand to hear him talk) and I must say he pulled the bow across the heart string with all the talent of a master cellist. However no matter what sympathy he tries to play on we are still a nation of laws and no matter how sympathetic the individual person is, they (illegals) still violated our laws by coming here. I know all the reasons they come here. To escape oppression, they want a better life and if they were willing to assimilate I might be more inclined to say ok. The truth is that the vast majority will never assimilate. They come here and expect us to accommodate them hence the ubiquitous “dial 1 for English, marque 2 para español”.
    “It does not take a majority to prevail…
    but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting
    brushfires of freedom in the minds of men”
    Samuel Adams
    12-20 million determined people could turn Mexico (And the rest of the latin countries) into paradise. Send them home to do that or to accept what ever government they will allow but do not come here illegally and expect us to accept the third world you drag here with you.

    • David A. Tuttle

      oh, and they come here to work and supposively build a better life for them selves, however, 90% of the money they make goes back to their family members in Mexico!!

      • Walmartian

        They come here to steal, destroy, and scurry around like spanish cockroaches.

        • disqus_QJcTowQaUi

          You like cheap produce, don’t you?

        • Ben R Sizemore

          Speaking of cockroaches, what is the day and time coward…………………

    • Bee Cee

      Well said!

  • Kim O.

    What is GOP going to do about it?! What about each and every Senator, Representative, Supreme Court Judge, lawyer and American citizen???!!!!!! Where is God when we need Him most to help give our nation it’s backbone for our Constitution which was based on the Bible?

  • Jim

    He is not insane, he’s obsessed with ruining America and dropping our world standard as the most powerful, most giving nation on Earth. Nobody knows what his agenda is.

    • Byron Shutt

      I do, google it Cloward-Piven Plan.

  • RHaav

    We the people are screwed

  • Jack Carmody

    The sad thing about King Obama is .The left think he’s doing a good job. why? Because they never read or listen to any thing other than what the liar in chief tells them. That’s what is sad. They are dumber than he is !

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    Obama and his handlers know they can do as they wish as the American people are stupid and the GOP in Congress will do nothing.

  • Jens Pedersen

    Obama,, He is breaking laws left and right, He is Pissing on our Constitution, Bill of Rights.
    There has been Scandal after Scandal to many to list. There is Benghazi, and the 5 Ex-stream Radical Muslims he released, They are right back killing Americans.
    ( this is a short list, There are many more)

    No – One, No – Body, not Congress, not any Senator, not the Supreme Court, Nothing!!!!!!

    Talk Talk Talk Talk, This is all we do Talk, Cry, Whine, Bitch. Government will do Nothing.

    I will say this! Mr Obama you are the only one in Government that has a Pair of Balls,


    • Walmartian

      That’s exactly correct.

      If it were not, and the people were not, he would have been gone before 2010.

      But US citizens and US military are cowards, and Obama knows it, so he and his foreign military are moving against all Americans because of it.

      • Ben R Sizemore

        Boy, I would say you have balls, but that would be complementing you……You are ours……….don’t worry you should be proud that so many American Patriots want a piece of you….you spit upon our brothers who lost their lives, our brothers who are no longer whole, because of freeloaders like you are too cowardly to do anything but talk, but just love the freedoms the military allowed you to have even though you do not deserve it. Again, you are ours!

  • frillbot

    The little ‘Truth meter’ pictured with the article…….For years I’ve been wishing that there would be one of those attached to the podium ( & connected to EVERY candidate ) for EACH debate leading up to a Presidential election. That would include ALL of the debates leading up to the primaries, etc. You would think the networks could get together & REQUIRE it. It would certainly get more folks to tune in for the ‘entertainment’ factor alone. Or even better….because they always run long with their answers……make each candidate stand inside a booth ( like the old quiz shows ). The booths would have a ‘Truth meter’ attached to the front……and as soon as the candidate’s time limit to speak or respond expired, their microphone would cut OFF. The booth would go dark. You might see their silhouette…..arms gesticulating wildly…in the window, because they were suddenly cut off from speaking. If they could add a trap door, THAT would be a bonus.

  • retired_geek

    Breaking news: President Obama is such a prolific liar that his name has been officially changed on his birth certificate to “Barack Hussein Gruber”

  • Bee Cee

    I hope it’s realized that BO was up all night, getting his back-pedaling statements together: ‘I didn’t say that, that’s not what I meant, past presidents have done the same thing or more, etc. etc.’

  • Avg joe

    Don’t be a “slacktivist”, get off you butt and call or write your congressman demanding action against this unlawful act by Obama.

  • John Belanger

    For the 1st time in his life Obama is a US Citizen. And we’re all left with Barry and his 535 Palace Eunuchs.

  • boss06hog@yahoo.com


  • Yukon36

    It is now what are the Citizens of America going to do. What happened in South Africa will happen here but in reverse. Throwing out a black man for a white man.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    Folks, you need to let your congressman or woman that you are behind them to stop Obama in any manner they can… That the American People are all for impeachment, cutting his funds, whatever it is. Your congressman needs to hear from you. Its easy to do, everyone emails are easily found, their facebook pages are easy access. They are monitored by staff. So go do YOUR part..and make some noise.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    It is up to us, to write our congressman to let them know we have their backs, we will support impeachment, we will support cutting all funds…not matter what they are. Write on Facebook pages of your congressman, send emails, these are monitored by staff…get the word out to them!!!! do YOUR PART

  • Tank_Commander

    The democrats want a higher minimum wage. The voters want compromise and a working
    congress. OK. So in exchange for this, the republicans get:

    Make it a criminal offense to be an illegal alien within
    the borders of the United States. E-verify
    would be made mandatory for ALL EMPLOYERS regardless of size. Make it a felony criminal offense for any
    employer who knowingly hires an illegal alien with the penalty of 5 years in
    prison and a $5,000.00 fine for each count (employee). Withdraw any federal funding or grants to any
    municipality in the United States that declares itself a “sanctuary city.” Fully fund the immigration and naturalization
    service, include funding for the transfer of any illegal alien from state,
    county, or local law enforcement in custody to the INS for deportation.

  • Cluster_Chuck

    The question is, where you lying then or are you lying now. Or are you in fact a habitual LIAR?
    Rhetorical question, of course.

  • MrTorrey

    The Emperor has spoken! Period! He speaks for the majority… The two-thirds who did not vote in the last election. SHUT UP! ~STUPID AMERICAN VOTERS~ King Hussain has so decreed, let the order be written!
    Do not for one-second, think our Second Amendment is safe from the Benevolent Benito Obama, Think Gruber!

  • Arkansas DD

    All I keep hearing is how can he do this? Its simple America stays on their knees and does nothing, We moan and groan about how he is the king or the emperor But we are the ones who are letting it go on and on, Everyone speaks about impeachment but as usual NO one has the cahonies to do anything but talk!!

  • steve

    He doesn’t give a damn about immigrants. This is a political ploy. He was ignoring existing law already. Not deporting them was the status quo. No executive order was needed. He is trying to look strong and force the GOP into a battle for the Democrats to use as fodder for the next election. He knows it will take months to implement this for a large number of immigrants. By January a Republican controlled Congress will pass legislation . He will find something in the bill he doesn’t like, or the Democrats will stall in Congress. Meanwhile the Democrat media machine will be churning out sensational reports claiming the Republicans are racists and hate immigrants. The mid-terms should have been a wake up call for them. Instead of listening to the people , they misread it as a need to double up recruitment and galvanize the party for 2016.He told us his policies were on the ballot. The Democrats promptly lost in a landslide. Obama’s confusion and disregard for America’s wishes was evident in his speech the day after the elections when he said he heard the 2/3rd who didn’t vote and narcissistically interpreted that as support for him. He has his own agenda and he’ll be damned if he is going to let America get in his way

  • Charles Edward Akers

    Ignoring existing laws and failing to enforce them is a crime. Overturning existing law by presidential decree is a much worse crime. what is next on his agenda? Will he appoint himself emperor for life? How long is he going to be allowed to continue in his lawlessness? Are the people going to get anything more than lip service from Congress and the courts?

  • TJ

    If the new Republican legislature doesn’t stand up to him on this, how many more time will he do the same thing in the next 2 years? Time is now for them to stand up or they’re gonna be very disappointed in 2016.

  • Jack Schmitt

    He never belonged in the White House in the first place, and his almost daily lies are just further proof of that.

  • LeeAnn Dixon

    I wish everyone would quit calling him Emperor Obamo. He likes that. first comes Marshal law, then he will instate himself as emperor. This is a scary EVIL man

  • BluelineMike

    Republicans platform:
    “We want dirty air and water so CEO’s make more money!
    “Don’t tell us what’s in our food!”
    “Send our jobs overseas!”
    “Stop giving us benefits from our tax money!”
    “Give our forests to the timber companies now!”
    “YES to costly health care!”
    “No laws for industry!”
    “Pave our farm lands!”
    “Give us e-coli burgers!”

    • common-sense-needed

      Troll Alert !!

  • BluelineMike

    Republicans are dogfarts.

    • Stephen Ritger

      Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

  • Stephen Ritger

    I can’t wait for January. The new GOP-controlled Congress will hopefully put a stop to all these shenanigans.

  • AntiObama

    Last time I checked criminals belong in prison with the other criminals. Obama, the biggest criminal in the country certainly qualifies for prison.

  • Franklin E. Horst


  • Klaus Fischer

    Do we really need to go back to square one, after all the efforts and lost lives in creating this Republic? Will it take the same sacrifices over again, only this time to maintain our freedom? I cannot , nor will I accept that any American, no matter what culture they come from wants to exchange our liberties for any other ideas of government. Will we have to repeat Americans killing Americans to set this right? What straw needs to be placed on the camels back in order for universal recognition of the truth?

  • Pag

    “Thursday evening, of course, he did exactly that, and many across the fruited plain are calling him “Emperor Obama” this evening,”

    Fruited plain is right…Only the fruits are up at arms over this….

  • varlog

    Ouch nothing. You are making the assumption that obomba cares if you think he’s lying or not.

  • Dave Evans

    Stop the funds,and impeach him. Override Obama care and all the other crap he has shoved down our throats. The same for all the crap his mate has pushed on the schools

  • bonesrd

    Congress can do three things, ask the Supreme Court as a co-equal branch of government to issue an injunction preventing obama’s actions from taking effect until they have reviewed the constitutionality of his actions, subpoena his personal records to determine if he has perpetrated a fraud on documents including applications for student loans that would show he was not a natural born U.S. citizen nullifying all his actions as president, and immediately impeach the sob for failing to uphold and defend the constitution!

  • Jerry Buckley

    If he lied, AND WE KNEW HE LIED… Then what is he doing sitting in the White House? He SOUNDS be in solitary confinement in Levan worth awaiting Execution.

  • Edward Lewis

    Outstanding. Now we have definitive proof that the prez is a liar. I knew that 7 years ago. Where have you all been?

  • David William Reid

    So have the laws on the books been changed? I mean if the laws on the books still say they have to arrest and deport illegals. Not doing so would be the same thing as saying I am going to give tickets for speeding, but running red light we are going to look the other way.

  • Domenick

    If you like your Green Card, you can keep your Green Card. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Joe bun356

    the legislation that was stalled in Congress.
    All I have to say is, 1). Congress doesn’t have to do anything if it is not in the best interest of the country. And 2). Congress doesn’t have to do what ever the President requests.
    And 3). if you don’t like what number 2 is, refer to number 1).

  • larry

    Obummer and the libs apparently want to convert America into nothing more than being Northern Mexico.

  • larry

    I fully believe that Obummer and his staff did NOT research the subject and discover that Obummer did indeed have the constitutional authority to issue sweeping immigration changes. Rather, I believe they pooled their opinions and decided Obummer could GET AWAY with it.

  • D

    “a sad testament to his post-Constitutional administration which increasingly resembles Venezuela.”

    “PolitiFact presented a devastating, years-wide exposure of Obama’s lies”

    Hyperbole much? If you knew anything at all about what’s been going on in Venezuala you’d be embarassed for that statement.

  • cloudy

    Deal with it

  • William 1

    Well he’s right, he didn’t do it alone! There is Reid, Pelosi, Holder, etc who helped him-ya gotta listdn to him! He uses NO QUALIFIERS ON ANYTHING HE SAYS-JUST AMBIGUITY!

  • W Dawes

    Down with Caliph Obama!!! Who ever believed this liar? Oh yeah all the gullible liberal Kool Aid drinkers.

  • Glenn Martin

    As a Republican myself if I had it my way I’d shove his Lawless Actions up his ass. Everything Emperor Obama has done is a direct smack in the face to all the hard working men and woman of America and everything we stand for as a Nation. Emperor Obama is breaking the law by NOT deporting ALL illegal aliens, he rewards them with amnesty and shits on us with paying their bills. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of it. I’m a disabled vet and have to wait months to see the doctor yet they cross our border, get welfare with fast and better healthcare than I do.

  • Lothele Davis

    What’s the name of that critter whose nose grew longer and longer with every lie? Well, Nobama’s ears are responding just like that critter’s nose did with HIS lies!

  • pelon

    Stellar Stella are you that ignorant to write,The question remains-what is Congress, the House, the Senate going to do about this? FYI Congress is a national legislative body of a country that consist of the House of Representatives, and the Senate they are not three different entities.

  • pelon

    Here is an article that all of you that are misinformed should read. The article is http://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases?ID=217b4707-52e8-4aba-9df5-a02e739be1b0

  • Siobhan_McCallen

    Joe Wilson was right.

  • Roger Reid

    Republicans won this election for one reason! To stop this egomaniac from acting as the Dictator of America! If they do not have the fortitude to put a halt to to the illegal and hateful governance of our country the Republican party is doomed! It will take generations of leftist rule to remount a true opposition if they fail to do their duty now!

  • lugnut

    Great job president Obama. And politifact, it’s not an amnesty plan

  • lugnut

    They can’t cut off funding. The worse thing to happen to the GOP was to win the midterm election. They can’t do anymore than they were doing before the election, which was nothing anyway. You rightwing people actually voted for republicans who’ve done nothing nada, for 6 years. That’s so sad.

  • lugnut

    I tell you what, why don’t all rightwingers get on a boat and ship out, going east. Because history has shown us, the biggest obstacles to progress in this country has always been rightwing ideology. An ideology that led to them even committing an act treason against our country. I’d rather have Mexican instead of rightwingers. Old black Mississippian and I approve my message, rightwingers are always wrong.

  • Glock29

    History will not be nice to this POS! He will blow away peanut head as worst POTUS EVER!

  • Robert Brumley

    Obama is nothing but a low life scum bag. The lowest of low and isn’t even an American citizen. He was raised communist and is applying those methods to the American way of life

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