‘One Spark and the Whole Thing Will Explode’: Shocking Video Captures Gas Station Disaster



by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

In a stunning video posted to YouTube Saturday, a Russian gas station can be seen leaking gas (or is it? More on that below).

Dozens of cars go past the station, unaware of the extreme danger of the situation, some even stopping in front for long amounts of time as the imminent catastrophe approaches — all while the couple filming the leak discuss what might occur.

At the 1:15 mark in the video, the inevitable disaster occurs.


According to Reddit user thatguyinconverse, the couple filming the video commented on the smell of fumes coming from the station. “A single spark and the whole thing will explode,” the woman apparently said at one point. “Maybe a trolley bus will pass and spark up.”

According to the Reddit user, the couple noted that a gas station attendant had gone up the road to stop traffic shortly before the explosion occurred.

In comments on Zach Noble’s post, readers knowledgeable with such installations speculated on what happened. Was it even gasoline? Propane perhaps?

I am guessing at this, but I worked in the trucking industry for about twenty years, three with a transport (tanker) company. What it looks like happened is that there is a truck/tanker out of view on the other side of the wall behind the station that was unloading into the station’s underground tanks. There are also fill openings to the same tanks that can be used in the front of the station and the driver failed to watch or see that the tank he was filling was full, therefore the front fill ports blew open with the overflow, pouring out gasoline in the front of the station. The massive explosion was actually the tanker exploding. – battles

What gasoline? It is clearly a gas. – ithinkiam

I agree Ithinklam , it looks like Propane . You can see the source above and behind the wall , where the fire ended up after the explosion. As mentioned above it does seem that the green car underneath started the fire , I wonder if it was the catalytic converter set it off . – topcat

the source definitely was behind that wall and the ignition was that grey car that stopped to look if there was someone still in the car i cannot imagine they got out – jr23

Actually, you can see one man running from the gray car even after the flames engulfed it (@ 1:23). But the no one can be seen exiting the silver car. There have been no confirmed reports of injuries as of yet, but this explosion happened less than 24 hours ago.

Any experts (armchair ones included) want to chime in on what happened? Also, do you think the couple could have helped stop this had they stopped yapping and called the station or the Russian equivalent of 9/11.

(h/t YouTube, Reddit, Zach Noble)


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