Oklahama Gov: Obama Dumped 1,200 Illegal Alien ‘Children’ on Us – Including 90 From INDIA


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Barack Obama: international human smuggler.

The lies of this administration and its La Raza allies continue to unravel, as the magnitude of the total collapse of our Southern border and the bum rush that may bring 2 million illegals into the U.S. this year, is exposed more every day.

Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK) told Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday show that — without any notice, of course — Obama’s DHS sent 1,200 illegal alien “children” to Oklahoma to hold for 120 days — before of course being released, as nearly 100% currently are.

But Fallin also revealed a shocker — that 90 of those illegal alien “kids” are from India.

“Because they are children, we want them to be fed, and have appropriate medical care, certainly be safe within the facilities, and they’re segregated. But, one of the things I’ve heard since they’ve been there and it was reported while I was there actually, that there were not only El Salvadoran children, and Honduras, and Guatemala, but there were 90 children reported to be from India that were actually at the facility. And, one of the case workers told my secretary of health that we had people there besides South American children.”


So are children from India also suffering from an “unprecedented level of gang violence, rape, murder and human trafficking”, as the White House has nonsensically claimed of children from Central America?

Or will they finally admit that Obama’s unlawful executive order amnesty for illegal alien “kids” is the sole reason for the massive border bum rush, and not a “humanitarian crisis” that does not exist.

As one border agent put it, Barack Obama is “completing the human smuggling cycle” that the Mexican cartels started.

There are 3 billion children in the world. And if they can get here, Obama will give them instant amnesty. That is the only crisis here: a lawless president breaking nearly a dozen Federal immigration laws — and a Congress that will do nothing to stop him.


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