Obama Trip to Kenya Doesn’t Go As Planned When His Speech Causes a Backlash

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

While visiting his father’s homeland of Kenya Saturday, President Obama thought it would be a good idea to give the nation’s leaders a lecture on “LGBT rights” – and also to equate it to legalized racism in the United States.

Let’s just say it didn’t goo over too well.

Obama said, according to CNN:

“When you start treating people differently not because of any harm they are doing to anybody, but because they are different, that’s the path whereby freedoms begin to erode, and bad things happen. And when a government gets in a habit of people treating people differently, those habits can spread.”

The comment was made during a joint press conference between Obama and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. Kenyatta wasn’t exactly thrilled with his counterpart’s remarks, replying back:

“The fact of the matter is Kenya and the U.S. share so many values: common love for democracy, entrepreneurship, value for families — these are some things that we share. But there are some things that we must admit we don’t share, our culture, our societies don’t accept.

“It is very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept.. This is why I repeatedly say for Kenyans today the [gay rights issue] is generally a non-issue. We want to focus on other areas.


And Kenyatta – whose family is not on the best of terms with the Obama Clan – is not in the minority. Most Kenyans agree with him.

According to a 2007 Pew Global study, 96% of Kenyans surveyed believe that homosexuality should be rejected – a stark contrast to the 41% of Americans who felt the same way at the time. A 2011 study published by the non-governmental Kenya Human Rights Commission also found that among the Kenyans who came out or were outed to their family members, 89% of them were later disowned.


  • clearh2os

    Please keep this poser in his birth country,Kenya. We really don’t want him back in the USA….

    • independent_az

      You must be talking about Kenyatta because Obama’s birth country is the USA. If you don’t like it you can always move to Kenya.

      • Matt O’Dell

        Thats the stupidest rebuttal I’ve ever seen. Dur, Obama is American now you move to Kenya.. Hazzah!

        How does it feel to be an 8 year old girl?

        • Theark
        • independent_az

          Wow. Do you know what irony is? Get back to me when, or rather IF, you ever manage to grow up and figure it out.

          • dick picker

            irony? the irony is that you didn’t use anything close to or resembling irony. you can pretend to know what you talk about but if you are wrong you only have fooled yourself!

          • independent_az

            It seems you couldn’t figure it out either. I never said I used irony. I was referring to the childish comment from Matt O’Dell. If you are having so much difficulty reading the comments here then maybe you should get someone to help you.

          • dick picker

            try to keep up. i know it’s hard when your developmentally disabled but you can do it!
            i followed the exchange and there was only one ironic element in it. your ignorance of what irony is when you challenged matt on his comment.

            duh! you move to kenya and then maybe you can impress them with your grasp of irony!

            get it? you should, it’s moronic!

          • independent_az

            You just proved my point. Seriously, if you’re going to keep commenting here then get someone to help you actually read what is being posted. Maybe they can also help you finally understand the difference between “you’re” and “your.” I’d tell you to grow up but it looks like that will never happen.

          • dick picker

            grammar police pay very well? or is it pay very good? who cares? take a hike. comprende pendejo?

          • independent_az

            You just proved my point.

          • dick picker

            your point? is at the top of your empty little head!

      • James Neel

        His birth country is kenya stupid and you can there with porch monkey

      • taster

        You move – Obama was born in Kenya n his wife n Grandmother are on tape saying so – Too many guys had sex with Obama in college n that’s why he has rainbow colors on the White House but no red, white n blue on the 4th – So here’s your stupid card – you earned it

        • independent_az

          LOL. Still birthers are still funny, and still wrong. Obama was born in Hawaii. The state health department is on record saying so. Congress is on record saying so. You really should try to visit reality someday.

          • Mel

            The whole Hawaii birth story is a fabrication, the birth certificate the White House posted is a phony document many experts have examined the document. So phony that the woman who certified the BC for the state was they only person to have drowned (murdered) when a plane carrying her and 8 others crashed on takeoff into the ocean.

          • independent_az

            LOL. Wow. You really are deep in the delusion, aren’t you? Obama was born in Hawaii. That has been established as a fact. The birth certificate Obama released in 2008 has never been proven to be a phony. The long-form birth certificate Obama released in 2011 has never been proved to be a phony. In fact, the state of Hawaii said they issued him a long-form birth certificate as a result of his special request. Obama’s Hawaii birth records were verified in 2008 by the directory of the Hawaii Health department Chiyome Fukino. She did not drown in a plane crash. Try stepping outside your paranoid conspiracy theory bubble once in a while.

          • taster

            Then why did CNN show the speech of Michelle say he was born there in Kenya and his grandmother saying she was right there at his birth – But some just rather believe a paper that anyone can make – Give me a break

          • independent_az

            CNN never showed any such thing because Michelle never said he was born there. His grandmother’s words were mistranslated. That nonsense was all debunked years ago. You’re on the Internet so you have no excuse for your continued ignorance.

          • dick picker

            the video evidence was presented to you and i bet you still believe moochell didn’t say it!

          • healthnfit

            Michelle Obama Admits Barack Hussein Obama’s Home…: http://youtu.be/6M7Rp_Ghv6k

          • dick picker

            [The birth certificate Obama released in 2008 has never been proven to be a phony. The long-form birth certificate Obama released in 2011 has never been proved to be a phony.]

            oh really? you need to use the internet to wise up! try a google search! both were roundly criticized and proven to be ‘created’ or forged if you will!

          • taster

            Well since his wife n Grandmother say different – Since his college ID card shows him as Barry Sotero a foreign student – who left Kenya because they do not treat gays very well – His boyfriend at Columbia said he had sex with many white guys n if all this is not true – then why don’t they get arrested or sued – Here’s your stupid card again – n that’s reality

          • independent_az

            His wife and grandmother did not say different. His college ID card does not show him as a foreign student. You really have left reality behind and embraced the crazy nonsense. The only think funnier than a birther is the Russian real estate agent dentist lawyer birther.

          • dick picker

            and you have seen his collage id card? then you must be the greatest detective ever! he certainly claimed in the presser and foreword to his first book to be from africa! try google for that.

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  • JCDArizona

    Because you know, LGBT issues are a top priority for Obama in America, so why not push them on Kenya as well?

    • nmpher29

      At one time, as seen on a tv interview, when asked about gays, Obama said because of his faith, Christianity, he could not support gays or same-sex marriage. My, my, my he’s come a long way, hasn’t he? What a flippin’ hypocrite.

      • RedMeatState

        Certainly now that his islamic loyalties are out of the closet he simultaneously embraces lgbt “rights”. As if.

    • RedMeatState

      Did he lecture the Iranians on this same issue? Or no deal?

  • dawn

    So what DID happen to obozo’s gay lovers/drug buddies he was proven to be involved with? Oh, they got murdered when he decided to run for prez. Using Hillary and Bills playbook on silencing those who have proof of immoral and criminal things against a candidate and/or prez. Murder those who know the truth and make sure it’s called a suicide or accident.

    • JeanluvsCa

      I read the article in one of the Chicago papers in which the mother of the murdered boy placed her suspicions on Obama because of their very close relationship at Mans Country. Too bad the so called mainstream media didn’t or doesn’t do some digging.

    • taster

      Their names n pics are on my timeline on FB – n his real name

      • Weneedtermlimits

        I would love to view them if possible thanks

  • GLB

    We know what muslims think about them, so watch out Barry !!

  • Mike G

    All done with the economy and jobs in America then I guess….

  • Wiggle D

    Wow… Barry is so full of sh!t! lulz.

  • John Hillman

    Yet another demonstration that the Obama Administration is in dire need of a common board game – CLUE.

  • Joe Tokoph

    Most don’t agree with weirdo homos, but king Obama decided it for us.

    • Anamta

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      • jimnbubba

        Does your neighbors aunt put out ?

        • dick picker

          i bet that’s what ‘on the laptop’ refers to! hooking for spare change!

  • Robert Brumley

    You can’t force people to accept homosexuality or anything that’s immoral. Kenya already told stupid that they didn’t want to hear it.

  • CLR

    Barry can’t make up his mind. First he doesn’t … and then he does……. He’s like a merry-go-round – up, down, round and round!

  • Joyce Riebe

    Just making sure he ruins relations with that country too before he leaves office.

  • Larry C Mason


    • Had Enough

      Actually they should keep his useless ass there

      • VeryConservativeMillennial

        That would be an insult to Kenyans. Obambler should be deported to Iran since he loves those muzzies so much.

  • RedMeatState

    well, Obama does know how to erode freedoms.



  • Jeff Bennett


  • BuckTard

    Obama again showing he has no clue on the world stage

  • independent_az

    The nerve of Obama to dare speak about freedom and equality for all, right?

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  • Had Enough

    Would you people please keep him there. We don’t have ANY use for him here in “OUR” country….the good ole USA !!!

  • madalon baum

    He has one hellava nerve telling anyone else about legal racism…..he who has addressed all the black thug deaths by (especially white) cops, but ignores all the white deaths by blacks and his precious illegals

  • Ann

    He’s such an embarrassment and idiot.

  • margarettcornett

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  • PixelPusher777

    While President Uhuru Kenyatta battles the harsh intricacies of a culture which has seen unspeakable violence and upheavals for years on end, Obama comes across as an ignorant and hapless child who loves playing with dolls.

    This was the wrong place to be discussing the plight of LGBLTs…

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  • jimnbubba

    It’s probably closer to 80% here as well if the entire population was polled

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  • Buypass

    Kenyan Pres stuffs BO’s shoe back in
    his community organizing fat mouth. Good.

  • Jos America

    Obama is a turd.


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