Obama: My Health Insurance Isn’t Expensive — Just Cancel Your Cable and Phone Service


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

So, if you make less that $40,000 a year and find the high cost of Obamacare to be overwhelming, President Obama has a message for you: cancel your stupid cable TV and iPhone service you ingrates. Then you will be able to afford my mandated-by-law take over of our national healthcare system.

This is what Obama told a Latino audience at a townhall held this week on several Spanish language media networks.

Obama was presented with a question about a family that makes $36,000 a year and found that the cheapest Obamacare plan they could find would cost them $315 a month. This, the family felt, was too expensive and something they could not afford.

The President’s response was chilling. Obama said, “if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.”


So, he expects people to cancel their phones and TV to be able to afford his mandated, fiat healthcare charges?

But wait, isn’t this the same President who said that healthcare would be cheaper than a cell phone bill?

I am sure President Obama has some pretty decent cable and phone service, but I am afraid I can’t relate.  I have minimum cell service and a minimum cable TV package and both bills together don’t get close to the $315 a month that the healthcare above would cost.

So, it is clear that Obama lied right out that his takeover of our healthcare system would produce cheaper insurance rates than a cell phone bill. Then again, he did win PolitiFact’s “Lie of The Year” for his ObamaCare promises already — so what’s one more?

And Ed Morrissey of HotAir shows us how — even if the “catastrophe” scenario Obama laid out happened — it would still be cheaper to NOT have ObamaCare, and simply pay out of pocket. AND Ed also includes what Obama failed to: the high cost of ObamaCare’s deductibles!

Let’s take a look at that $300 a month, too. Assuming that we’re talking about a family of four, that would force the family to spend $3,600 a year. While that might be money well spent in the case of catastrophe, it’s a bad investment on several levels otherwise. If both kids break a bone, it might run them $500 each to get treated, or perhaps even a thousand each if they go to an emergency room. If they get the flu, perhaps another $200 each for a doctor visit. Throw in wellness checks for everyone at $250 each, and we’re talking about $3400 in medical care, $200 less than their premiums.

But wait! In most plans of that cost, the family will have to spend thousands of dollars in deductibles first for everything but the wellness checks — so the only benefit will be covering the $1000 those cost. In this example, the family that normally would have spent $3400 out of pocket in that year will now spend $5,800.

That’s why families such as the caller’s used HSAs to spend pre-tax money on routine care and smaller emergencies, and chose so-called catastrophic insurance to deal with serious issues requiring hospitalizations. They could do that and still afford to have a phone and cable TV, at least until Barack Obama assumed he could prioritize their budgets better than they could.


  • AZ Native

    I don’t know where they’re getting the cost to fix a broken bone. I broke my ankle in January. To date, I’ve paid out over $2500 and I’m not done yet. When I finally get my $3K deductible paid, my private insurance will pay 80%. I somehow doubt Obamacare would do as well as my private insurance,

    • CMGill

      Most of the ACA is private insurance and works just as your coverage does.

      • Andrew Paul Moulton

        Woah, don’t bring logic to this site.

      • Frank455444


        90% of the people cant even find a doctor or hostpital who will take that scchyyt!

  • Plava Veela

    I know a kid who broke his hand in 12/12, there were no deductibles on his insurance plan at all through it all. This february, he was thought to tear his achilles tendon and it has cost via obamacare frenzy and increased healthcare costs over $500 in one weeks time out of pocket on the SAME insurance plan, this is unreal!

    • Andrew Paul Moulton

      omg different things cost different amounts?

      • Plava Veela

        No; Since Obamacare, aka the Affordable Healthcare Act, kicked in out of pocket costs of those with “really good insurance” have sky-rocketed…

  • Gstephens

    Somewhere in America, there is a person who is benefiting from Obamacare. Therefore, the rest of America must spend hundreds of billions more in premiums, deductibles, and copays to help cover this unknown American (or newly-covered foreign national illegally living in our country). Well, I certainly sleep better at night knowing I’m doing my part. BTW, I don’t have a cell phone and I only have basic cable, but I’ll give up my eight stations of basic cable to help pay the salaries of the “effing” bureaucrats running this corrupt socialist garbage system.

    • Frank455444

      The only people benefiting from Obamacare are the illegal aliens and the welfare trash that signed up for MEDICAID through Obamacare and it doesn’t cost them a DIME!

  • sniper74

    I hate to say this, but Obama does have a point. I went in for kidney stones. The total cost after everything was said and done was around $4000. Luckily for me, I had health insurance and all it cost me was $200 for the ER bill and my share of the medications. So if a person is making $36000 a year and they can’t afford health care, then they should drop their cable and phone and get healthcare. Or perhaps the man should find a better paying job. Seriously, if you can’t afford to pay for health care then he needs to think about his family first.

    I make $40k a year and I can afford healthcare. I am also in debt up to my eyebrows in student loan debt. I have a car payment and rent as well. I value my health more than anything else. If his family gets bored, go to the library and borrow some books. Pay for internet at home and get a netflix account.

    Chances are, his wife doesn’t work. So he is the only one that is bringing in some money. Have the wife go work. Even part time. If he works a day job, she could easily go get a part time job at a grocery store for evening and weekend hours. Then she can stay home with the kids during the day, and then when she is at work, he watches the kid.

    • Pissed off person

      Really people. I work for a state agency and on make $26000. So tell me oh wise one how the hell can I cover my basic needs and still pay for healthcare.

      • heidi jo bean

        You obviously live in a state that has fought the ACA. I make $24,800 and my insurance would be $53/month. NO DEDUCTIBLE, my copays would be $10, and I would be responsible for 20% IF my procedure goes over $125,000. Fortunately, I’m a veteran and I use the VA, but the private plan available to me through the ACA is affordable. I live in CA. which is one of the first states to set up and take advantage of the ACA.

      • sniper74

        Explore your options. Give them a call. Chances are there is a cheaper plan. Yes the deductible might be high, but still, it will be cheaper. Plus you might qualify for a different plan than the one you see on the internet. I am saying is give it a try. Don’t just look on the internet and look at the prices and then throw your hands in the air and whine if you don’t try.

    • William Robert Guerra

      the health insurance you had was probably NOT a plan under obozocare as for a single person making 40K, your deductible was probably at least 4,000.
      My wife and I both work, and even with both our salaries we cannot afford insurance and how dare you assume people are not trying to find better paying jobs. My field continues to be de-valued every year. You are a true ass.

      • sniper74

        Ah….no I prioritize my health as number one. I know there might be a time when I break a leg, get the flu, or might have a heart attack. If you don’t have insurance guess what, the cost of the bill is going to be more than what I make. So I realize that paying $2500 is a much better solution than paying an entire bill from the hospital. If you think you wont get sick, then go with a high deductible and a low payment. If you think you will get sick, then adjust accordingly.

    • Cynthia


      • sniper74

        Why? Because I feel that the first priority of a family is the health and well being of that family? I am sorry but I grew up in the age of taking responsibility for my own actions and don’t ask for handouts unless I absolutely need it. If I had a family I would make sure that I had health insurance for my entire family. What happens if your son breaks a leg or gets cancer? When you drive in a car you are required to have insurance right? So if you have a family you should have insurance. If that means that you get rid of your iPhone and go with basic cable or over the air TV, then thats what you need to do. It’s called taking responsibility for your family. Family first. There are many cheap ways of entertainment. Books, renting videos from the library, over the air TV which is FREE. Or change your situation.

        • William Robert Guerra

          you just don’t get it…there are NOT affordable plans for everyone…many people are in many different situations and it is just not possible….just stop talking cause you don’t know everything…

          • sniper74

            No there are affordable plans for everyone. It’s just nobody is actually making it a priority. What people need to do is sit down. figure out what is important and make it happen.

            If you are not healthy, you end up losing your job. When you lose your job, you have no money. Then what happens?

        • Hobbit Hole Farm

          Sniper74 you are so full of yourself. I do not have a husband to support or help support me nor do I have children. I make under $20,000 a year (a lot under) I work as a farm hand and part of my “pay” is a house and a parcel of land for me to do with as I see fit. Dude I could have an antenna a mile high and not catch one channel , I live in a valley surrounded by mountains and trees, I can not afford a car at this point so going to the library for my books and internet is not an option. I work on this farm and from the net. My cell is a cheap ass $10 track flip phone that is like 5 freaking years old and I spend $50 a month for JUST the ability to make calls NO TEXT OR DATA! Just because people are “poor” does not mean that they should have to do without or get rid of things to be able to afford this coverage. I have pretty much given up as much as I am willing to do and I STILL can not afford Obamacare. You sound like a stuffed shirt and you have already said that you do not have a family in your reply above this so you are talking out your a$$ HOW would you KNOW that you would tell your kids NO you can not have a cell phone or internet or tv? Yea things were different when you were a kid cause cell phones and internet and cable tV prob did not exist! Get rid of your phone and your boss can not reach you and you get canned REAL great way to put family first. And as for “changing your situation” THAT is not as easy as you make it sound. If I wanted to get a better paying job than what I have here (NOT) i would have to go work with all the illegals in the chicken processing plant and THAT is not going to happen! I will take this job and breaking the law (which if i remember right cause I am so freaking poor I am NOT doing) any day over killing thousands of chickens for a better paycheck. And there are many other people that can not just change their situation due to physical handicaps, location, or other very real honest reasons.

    • Aimyloo

      Wow… you just have ALL the answers! Its NOT as simple as you seem to think it is. I’m in the exact situation where my husband supports us both… the insurance, (looking at the very cheapest plan option given to us) w/high deductibles, high co pays and horrible coverage STARTS at $275/mo. Even if we turned off our basic cable, internet and our 2 cell phones- it still wouldn’t be enough to cover that payment. We already live check to check, we scrimp to buy groceries most months- we have nothing else we could cut back on, period. I’m handicapped too, Einstein. What now?

      • sniper74

        Perhaps you are not actually looking into the right plan for you and your situation. Perhaps you should call the ACA and talk to them because you might actually be surprised that you might actually qualify for a different plan. Sit down and talk to them. When your husband drives down the road, is he not required to have insurance on the car? My point is, there are ways to qualify. I think most people just look it up on the internet and see the prices and get scared instead of actually calling the plans and talking with them. My mom raised me and my brother alone and yet we always had health insurance, and we weren’t rich. We didn’t have cable TV. We read books, went outside, did things for free. There is no requirement for you to have a cell phone, internet and cable. I know plenty of people who don’t.

        It’s called taking responsibility for your family. Sit down and explore your options. Perhaps your husbands work has a cheaper or better plan. Has he explored that option?

        • William Robert Guerra

          why would you think there would suddenly be different plans available by phone that are not available on line? the plans are what the plans are…and if your job has a cheaper or better plan you are not even eligible for an obozocare plan…you have no idea what you’re talking about…

          • sniper74

            Really? I just went on to the ACA website and pulled up insurance costs in the silver plans for a family of 4. The lowest I see is $159 a month and the highest is $335 a month. If you can’t afford to pay $159 a month for a family of 4, then honestly getting rid of cable and your cell phone should actually get you at least $100.

            Think about it this way William. I just went through a situation with Kidney stones. I spent about 6 hours in the ER, had a CT scan, meds, the whole 9 yards. After everything was said and done, the total bill came out to around $8000, but my out of pocket expenses was $200. So you tell me, which is more affordable? My $100 a month insurance and the $200 out of pocket expenses or the $8000. Now I am not rich, never have claimed to be. But there is no way in hell I am going to afford to pay $8000 for a medical bill, but I sure as hell am willing to pay the $200.

            So you should step back and look at it from the prospective of “What happens if someone in my family gets ill or injured, and how is that going to affect the affordable part?”

            It’s called Priorities. It’s like when you look at your bank account and realize it’s either beer money or gas money. If you need to drive to work, you sure as hell are going to use the money to pay for gas so you don’t lose your job.

            The problem is, why are all of you looking at Obamacare for your insurance? Why not look at your company that you work for. The reason I am saying this is because Obamacare is POSTtax and your employers health insurance is PREtax. The difference is how you are paying your taxes. You can have it taken out before your taxes are taken out or afterwards.

            It’s called priorities and budgeting. Sit down, figure out how much money you bring in, how much your bills are, factor in healthcare, and then figure out what luxury items you can do with out. Cable and phone are not required to live. Food and shelter is. Listen…if you don’t like it, then tough…it’s the law. Until you vote out every single Congressmen and Senator and get some better politicians in there to nullify the ACA, you are required to have it or face the penalty. It’s up to you. I am NOT going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. But I feel that being healthy so that I can have a job is more important than watching TV. Besides, you can still watch TV. Just buy yourself an HD antenna and catch it from the air. You don’t need cable.

      • Paige Foltz

        I was just going to bring your thought up. Most handicapped people can’t work and even cutting costs at home isn’t enough.

      • William Robert Guerra

        he has NO answers….he must be a paid shill for obozocare…he says to call them instead of looking on line – right after he tells me to give up my phone, cable and internet….so then how do I get a plan?

    • William Robert Guerra

      besides, the only plan that might not have any deductible, where you would only pay a co-pay is a platinum plan, which costs over $500/month…otherwise you would have a deductible of several thousands…

    • Donna Cheshire Holland

      The point is Americans shouldn’t have to give up anything so iillegal aliens can have free Medicaid!

  • Lee Weber

    how is it that this guy has not been impeached or worst? I mean, I look at him, and can not help but think that even HE knows HE is lying out his a$$ and this whole thing was a mistake/lie. Barrack Hussein’s philosophy – its not a lie or mistake if you say its not over and over again.

  • CMGill

    Hahahahaha! Nice bit of pulling numbers out of thin air, Jason DeWitt. I broke my arm 3 months ago, a simple Colles’ fracture with closed reduction. I went to the county hospital to reduce costs. First day’s charges were just shy of $3000. Add in one cast change and periodic x-rays and another $1000. This was without surgery or rehab.

    Having done a quick check on plans available at this person’s supposed income level and family size I’ll come right out and say someone in the story is lying.

    • AZ Native

      My point exactly. My ankle fracture isn’t really all that bad. Yes, I broke it in 2 places, no, it did not require surgery. I’m still going to be out well over the $3K deductible. Oh and DR’s “equipment” charges are ridiculous. They charged me $160 for a lace up figure 8 ankle brace I could have gotten at any med supply for $60. $569 for a boot too. Holy cow.

  • DanaLanders

    He’s an arrogant ass!

  • Semper Fi

    Boy, he must really get dizzy with all that spinning.

  • David Phillips

    Dude I needed chest surgery… Guess how much it cost me at kaiser? 5$ ;D

  • Brian Woodruff

    Next Tax Season in the coverage block on the tax form I am writing this “The ACA is in Violation of Article 1 Section 7 of the United States Of America Constitution and Violates my 14th Amendment as a tobacco user”

  • Doherty Kelly

    Mr O. You could give up your golf, vacations in Hawaii, your wife’s fancy clothes,,,, private schools, there are ever so many luxuries you could do without.

  • ace65

    I say Congress should stop any money going to HIS elaborate vacations.

  • MsPractical

    Where does this loser president get off telling people how to spend their money…oh yeah because the idiots on the supreme court decided the gov’t can force you to buy a product. Where are the republican congressmen fighting this socialist garbage? And why do we have so many moochers in the US with their hands out looking for someone else to pay for their insurance?

  • ace65

    Just cancelled my BCBS obamacare compliant policy for Assurant , BCBS deductible $6500, Assurant NO DEDUCTIBLE, BCBS PREMIUM $256, ASSURANT $215, BCBS out of pocket $9572 / year and then I still pay 20%, Assurant $2580 / year and receive the full benefits with NO copay!!! You don’t have to buy a compliant policy the fine is only $97.

  • Hobbit Hole Farm

    Well as a single young woman I can not afford to get obamacare. I NEED my cell and my internet (do not have TV already because I can not afford that!) for my job. I will not give up my minimal cel service and internet service for a what if. IF I have to go to the dr. I will pay for it myself. IF i have a catastrophic event in my life I will pay for it myself (or my church will help me out SOME) but this Obamacare is totally beyond my means unless I decide to live in a tent THEN i could afford it.

  • Chai’el Ma’etheius

    what about people like me and my bf?
    i havent gotten a job since 2008, and my bf gets paid 7$usd/hr…
    we both cant afford a phone of our own but that of a government phone that runs out of minutes when trying to call doctors, foodstamps/snaps, and including this obama care insurance… we both dont have the luxuries of owning our own laptops to get on the net except perhaps 3 to 5 times per year via public library.

    now, if this insurance going to be so tight and stricked with deadlines, what happens to people like us? do we get penalized for something we cant afford? my bf and i havent had health insurance for as long we can remember, so now that we missed the deadline, how much are we mandated to pay at each tax season?

    i suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, cant take medications for that, on top i got severe allergies to many different food products, including water… my bf got pre-diabetes and has to make self sometimes starve instead of taking any chances of getting his sugar higher than what it is now, last reading was 3hrs ago at 438…

    so please if you can help me and my bf with more info on how to apply for health insurance that be a great honor and blessing.

    again i get 0$usd and 180$usd foodstamp… my bf gets 7$usd/hr from work, gets paid at end of the month… he is about to perhaps lose his only transportation since he hasnt been able to get it fixed, no money no job to go to…

    he/she who has a heart, keep us in prayers and pray that someone in here or out there got a heart to help us out.

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