Obama IRS to Give Illegal Aliens Retroactive “AMNESTY BONUSES”


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Illegal aliens who managed to invade America, and were handed instant amnesty by Obama’s unlawful amnesty decree will receive what has been called “amnesty bonuses”, under special provisions of the Obama IRS tax code.

As the Weekly Standard  reported on Friday, a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing revealed a stunning, unreported consequence of Obama’s illegal amnesty — a usurping of immigration powers he was not given by the Constitution, and which, under a GOP Congress with courage, would have already triggered Articles of Impeachment.

Thanks to that his tyrannical action, illegal aliens will now be eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit” (falsely-named, since “it’s not “earned” at all). So foreign invaders will now be handed tax credits.

And adding insult to injury, those illegals will be allowed to rob legal American taxpayers retroactively for the past three years.

“By offering illegal aliens new payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit, the IRS will encourage fraud from those claiming children living in other countries. The Administration may have blown open the doors for fraud with amnesty bonuses of more than $24,000 to those who receive deferred action,” Senator Sasse (R-NE) said in a statement on the matter.

“This is basic economics: if you want more of something, you subsidize it,” Senator Sasse explained. “By subsidizing illegal entry with four years’ worth of new tax credits, the IRS would promote lawlessness. This program severely undermines the White House’s lip-service to enforcing the law and would increase the burden on law-abiding taxpayers.”

The Republicans have been rendered powerless to stop it legislatively, as every single one of the 46 Democrat Senators agreed with Obama’s illegal amnesty and redistribution of wealth from American citizens to foreign invaders, all in the name of “fairness” and “equality” — and last week filibustered the GOP attempt to defund execution of the amnesty order as part of the bill funding the Department of Homeland Security.

Therefore, 2016 looms larger than ever, as does the lawsuit by 26 states to try and stop Obama’s illegal amnesty.

If the Founding Fathers were around, they would have a very simple term for Obama’s illegal amnesty: “Treason.”


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