Obama IRS to Give Illegal Aliens Retroactive “AMNESTY BONUSES”


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Illegal aliens who managed to invade America, and were handed instant amnesty by Obama’s unlawful amnesty decree will receive what has been called “amnesty bonuses”, under special provisions of the Obama IRS tax code.

As the Weekly Standard  reported on Friday, a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing revealed a stunning, unreported consequence of Obama’s illegal amnesty — a usurping of immigration powers he was not given by the Constitution, and which, under a GOP Congress with courage, would have already triggered Articles of Impeachment.

Thanks to that his tyrannical action, illegal aliens will now be eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit” (falsely-named, since “it’s not “earned” at all). So foreign invaders will now be handed tax credits.

And adding insult to injury, those illegals will be allowed to rob legal American taxpayers retroactively for the past three years.

“By offering illegal aliens new payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit, the IRS will encourage fraud from those claiming children living in other countries. The Administration may have blown open the doors for fraud with amnesty bonuses of more than $24,000 to those who receive deferred action,” Senator Sasse (R-NE) said in a statement on the matter.

“This is basic economics: if you want more of something, you subsidize it,” Senator Sasse explained. “By subsidizing illegal entry with four years’ worth of new tax credits, the IRS would promote lawlessness. This program severely undermines the White House’s lip-service to enforcing the law and would increase the burden on law-abiding taxpayers.”

The Republicans have been rendered powerless to stop it legislatively, as every single one of the 46 Democrat Senators agreed with Obama’s illegal amnesty and redistribution of wealth from American citizens to foreign invaders, all in the name of “fairness” and “equality” — and last week filibustered the GOP attempt to defund execution of the amnesty order as part of the bill funding the Department of Homeland Security.

Therefore, 2016 looms larger than ever, as does the lawsuit by 26 states to try and stop Obama’s illegal amnesty.

If the Founding Fathers were around, they would have a very simple term for Obama’s illegal amnesty: “Treason.”

  • Ted

    I call bull$hit

    • Rolland Jones

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  • Pat

    They’ve been getting that for years, anyway, by claiming dependents they don’t have. Or don’t even live in this country! And they get away with it!

  • why

    why dont they impeach this son of a bitch alresdy

    • Patricia Hayes

      Couldn’t they do it now that have both the House and Senate? They couldn’t before because the Democrats had the Senate, but no more.

  • Dan Snow

    I remember when the photo of the illegals showing the world exactly what they think of America, its Citizens and its laws was first shown. As a result I have NO respect for them, will never accept them unless they leave and come back legally, which we know will never happen. They are ILLEGAL Foreign invaders, and obama is a traitor and should be immediately arrested and jailed.

  • Baron Von Stache

    Well, Barac HUSAIN O’Bummer Gave illegals amnesty for breaking the law. Rewarding them with money for breaking the law. Was completely ineffective and did practically nothing during the ebola scare. Did nothing to stop ISIS until it was too late. Is it just me or does it seem like he’d rather see this country fail?

    • mickey5020

      you are right hell o don’t want to pay taxes either and these people will be getting back more than I make ,for being a law breaker well that 24,000 should be enough for them not to be on welfare because I am living on it . This is total bs he needs impeached and I don’t care if has only has a short time in office , he is working fast to destroy us , and could do plenty more wrong in that time with no one working hard enough to stop him.

    • great4me

      No it’s not just you it’s getting to be everyone who takes a little time to check things out.
      He is planing on a economic collapse for this country, then he will call martial law ! Then he will become a Dick tator… And never leave…Wake up America

  • Federico Gialone

    Obama should be hung for his actions this it bullshit how much more are we going to take people?

  • Jimmyjack James

    The South will rise again.

  • Winston Null

    It all comes down to an attempt to entrench Democrats in power. He does not care what it costs taxpayers. He doesn’t care if it’s constitutional. He is taunting the Congress with this b.s. He knows if he can shore up the Hispanic vote it is far more reliable than the black vote. He got them to show up in 2008 but it is an undependable vote. Hispanics if given power will become more bias than black leaders have ever been and the Democrats will rue the day he did this. I have not been in favor of wasting time and money in the past for impeachment. This treasonous act certainly calls for impeachment but there is absolutely no stomach in the Republican party to oppose him outside of Trey Gowdy who cannot be everywhere at once. He is doing his part.

  • Lori Usitalo Scherer

    Just one more reason that this asinine idiot needs to be kicked out of office. This is AMERICA. Deportation would help with the government deficit greatly.

  • ken

    I’ve just stopped paying my taxes on this news. That’s IT!

  • ken

    Obama likes to compare himself to far more successful presidents like Kennedy. It would be great if he went out the same way in my opinion. Although, I’m not sure too many people would be upset other than a bunch of his ISIS friends or that douchebag Al Shartpon.

  • Tina

    but they get already a lot of benefits, at least in IL … pregnant moms-to-be all doctor and tests for free, hospital free, food stamps (wic) free and “single” moms up to 200$ per month per child

  • Skunk

    How about giving a raise to SS instead of the Illegals that are destroying our country. Deport them . O bummer is a sorry a$$ excuse for a person and president

  • Mark Muylaert

    It’s to late for impeachment, the GOP hasn’t the will to uphold the Constitution any longer. Our system of government is now failing before our eyes and no one can stop the corruption. We the people have only ourselves to blame for voting the same corrupt azzholes into office. Our nation will cease to exist in another generation or so.

  • Bonnie Dugas

    Why should you go pay taxes, so he can give that money to the illegals, there has to be someone that can stop this man,,,,,I know out of 500+ people in Washington, one has to have some balls, how can they just keep on letting him commit treason and set back and do nothing,,,,,,I hope all that voted for himmmmmmm, they take the biggest share of your money, but then the ones that did vote for him apparently thinks what he does is ok

    • great4me

      They do think what he does is ok, because they have no money and he’s giving them free phones , food stamps and now letting everyone he can it to enjoy your tax money…We’re going down like the Titanic….

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    Pure asshole

  • Michael Klein

    One day, all the free rides will end. I so want to be around to witness that.

  • QUICK find some Republicans to blame ! I hear they are responsible for Obamacare, why not this? I can’t even believe this is true, but it is because I have heard it first hand from the H&R Block tax preparer. Oh and btw, do you have anyone’s kids you could add to your tax return. The outright fraud is astounding.

  • Chloe Rowles

    Well, the democrats keep getting re-elected to Congress, and many of their constituents are not doing as well as these illegals, so why do they keep electing democrats???.

  • Dellburt

    He wants to be impeached that is the only way he will be able to use the race card to take all the attention from his failure.
    His second chance at helping his ratings is give free everything to the illegals and minorities. Free money you are sure to make people happy

  • Tinaw1969

    Obama is out to destroy this country! We all know it by now.

  • P’Oed in Michigan

    So I wonder what would happen if I as a white middle-aged stuggling business man refused to continue to pay on my back taxes??????? THE IRS AND FEDS WOULD TAKE MY HOME THATS WHAT!!!! Simply Infuriating………

  • Louisa Manna-Guccione

    What the Congress needs to do is tie his hands from making any further decisions if possible. He would be out of office before he is impeached. This is a country of laws that US citizens have to follow but not illegals or the president. Makes sense…NOT!

  • Disgusted with Government

    This is nothing new. I’ve known about these tax credits for many years. It was uncovered by an investigative reporter in Illinois. Some of the refunds he investigated gave as much as $41,000 back in tax credits because these illegals claimed they had up to 20 dependents on their taxes. When the reporter questioned the IRS, their comment was that they didn’t have enough man power to investigate these people. This isn’t just Obama doing this. This is all of those greedy politicians that have allowed this to happen. They all need to go!

  • Chris B

    Who is going to take action against all the Illegals? Why can’t we a have a president that will try to save tax payers money and Kick out Illegals Immigrants? I feel like I’m alone or a very small group that believes in what I believe. How could people vote for him the 2nd time? I feel like I’m the only one voting for the Republican side. I think its time for the Republican side to take action and at least vote. I need this country to be great again. I’m looking out for the best for me and for my future family.

    In my family there are a few people who use to believe in Democratic party, but over time I convinced them that Republican side is the way to go. What if we all changed someone view. With Obama being a Democrat it really easy to sway to the other side.

    So instead of whining and complaining lets actually do something.

  • Cyndi

    Someone should explain that the earned income tax credit is only given to those that have “earned income” and only those that have earned less income than you can survive on. If you didn’t have a job and you didn’t pay taxes from that paycheck – then you don’t get earned income credits.

  • working stiff

    You idiots are the best, I have a bridge for sale anyone interested, its 24000 dollars, its amazing how the right wing neocons believe everything they read on the internet,by the way I’m an international fashion model….morons!!!!

  • Michael Varnal

    Nothing wrong with current immigration laws – just enforce it – means deportation!

  • Becca Candia

    Wow…you people will believe anything. This is not true, not to mention, even people with ITIN’s cannot receive a refund. The system knows the difference. Just more fear mongering or poorly done satire, can’t decide

  • Backdoor Barry

    I don’t get it, will anyone ever confront this scumbag?


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