Obama FURIOUS After His Former Law Professor Said THIS About Him


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The White House is fuming and Democrats are in a panic after liberal legal icon Lawrence Tribe — who was Barack Obama’s law professor and mentor at Harvard — shredded his former pupil, saying he is “burning the Constitution” via executive overreach.

Tribe, who has been frequently discussed as being on Obama’s “short list” for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, stunned Democrats by agreeing to oppose Obama’s war on coal and oil companies, violating the law to punish them under the guise of “climate change.”

Obama has ordered his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue new rules in an attempt to go around Congress on his radical environmental agenda.

Tribe says the White House has gone too far, and is, incredible, helping the energy companies in court, trying to stop the EPA dead in its tracks.  

The New York Times (via L. Todd Wood) reports:

Next week Mr. Tribe is to deliver oral arguments for Peabody in the first federal court case about Mr. Obama’s climate change rules. Mr. Tribe argues in a brief for the case that in requiring states to cut carbon emissions, thus to change their energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable sources, the E.P.A. is asserting executive power far beyond its lawful authority under the Clean Air Act.

At a House hearing last month, Mr. Tribe likened the climate change policies of Mr. Obama to “burning the Constitution.”

Politico elaborated:

“You know, I’ve cared about the environment ever since I was a kid. And you know, I taught the first environmental course in this country, and I’ve won major victories for environmental causes. But I’m committed to doing it within the law,” Tribe said.

Obama has no such respect for his oath to the Constitution.

Burning the Constitution should not become part of our national energy policy,” he added.

If EPA is allowed to choose its interpretation of whether it may regulate power plants under section 111(d) and 112, the agency would essentially be making laws itself, according to Tribe.

“EPA is attempting an unconstitutional trifecta: usurping the prerogatives of the States, Congress and the Federal Courts all at once,” he said.

White House senior advisers are said to be “livid” with Tribe for his “betrayal.”

Incredible. Perhaps the most prominent jurist on the Democrat side has defected. This follows the stunning words from liberal law professor Jonathan Turley last year that Obama had
“become the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”

Some ‘Old School’ Democrats still respect the law. But the ‘New School’ Alinskyite Democrats believe their radical Progressive ends justify any means. And they were quick to stab Tribe  in the back.

Where we used to see memes like this all over liberal blog sites:


Now we see absolute rage:

As Wood said:

The courts seem to be stepping up as the check on Obama’s illegal dictates as the Constitution says they should. Congress has abdicated its power to the executive branch. The judicial branch does not seem to share the same mindset.

This case is just one of many working through the court system. Next week, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on the halting of Obama’s executive amnesty.

Get out the popcorn. The Obama agenda’s destruction in the courts may lie dead ahead.


 [h/t Western Journalism]

  • Scooter Tramp

    They’re JUST realizing this NOW??????

  • Scotty P

    Obama has been wiping his ass with our Constitution for years.

  • schr8er

    Odumba… I mean Obama, has been burning the U.S. Constitution since he was elected… almost every one of his
    EXECUTIVE ACTIONS” is against the law he swore to uphold.. especially by bypassing Congress, where the laws are made… not in the Executive branch of government… He ( Odumba ) has stepped on too many toes lately and it is finally getting through to the rest of Congress that the people have had enough………….

  • Bruce Darling

    Didn’t he promise something like “Hoax and Chains”?

  • RHaav

    God save this great country from the liberal Democrats and Obama.

    • Why should God do that when Conservative Patriots themselves are enabling, encouraging and and supporting ineligible candidates over Constitutionally viable ones?
      We scream about double standards then ourselves practice them?

      • manmadeclimatechangeisbs

        If you are referring to Ted Cruz, take a class. Anyone born of an American citizen, anywhere, is a cituzen and eligible to be president.

        • Guest

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        • I have and you are absolutely wrong….You must be BORN of TWO [PARENTS] not [PARENT] who are AMERICAN CITIZENS and Born upon AMERICAN sovereign SOIL to be Natural Born!

          And anyone who supports his Candidacy is as a fact trampling on our Constitution!
          Obama, Cruz, Rubio, Jindal are all ineligible, period…

          Founder and Historian David Ramsay Defined Natural Born Citizenship in 1789 – by Atty Mario Apuzzo: http://www.scribd.com/doc/33676461/Founder-and-Historian-David-Ramsay-Defined-Natural-Born-Citizenship-in-1789-by-Atty-Mario-Apuzzo

          Papers Discussing Natural Born Citizen Meaning …

          A Congressional Natural Born Citizen Parts I, II & III: Who Knew What & For How Long?

          Senator Ted Cruz Is Not a “Natural Born Citizen” and Therefore Not Eligible to Be President: http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2013/03/senator-ted-cruz-is-not-natural-born.html

          The Fallacies of Congressional Legislative Attorney Jack Maskell’s Definition of a “Natural Born Citizen”

          The Natural Born Citizen Clause of Our U.S. Constitution Requires that Both of the Child’s Parents Be U.S. Citizens At the Time of Birth: http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2009/09/natural-born-citizen-clause-requires.html

          • Wedge


          • supajohnny

            Why do you Progressives call the truth ‘bullshit’ without giving sourced facts? Because you can’t. Critical theory is the only bullshit, and you have only that as an argument.

          • Greetings Brother †
            I pray our Father’s healing presence has blessed you immensely…

            Johnny, my concerns are this, Obama is going to unconstitutionally allow an estimated 15 million Illegal border jumpers, “CRIMINALS” to be amnestied…They have many anchor baby’s who then will become American Citizens and then be redefined as Natural Born under the current lawlessness against our Constitution

            If Americans encourage, enable, support anyone to run and redefine their Natural Born Status which clearly states according to the validated links I supplied above that you must be BORN of TWO PARENTS who are AMERICAN Citizens [NOT PARENT] and Born upon American Sovereign soil, which Senator Ted Cruz nor then Senator Barry Soetoro clearly have not met, than this will REDEFINE these estimated 15 million Mexicans ANCHOR BABY’S Natural Born Status, and They Will in turn Become Eligible for the CANDIDACY for the Presidency of the United States of America according to these new redefinitions of Natural Born citizen…

            What makes me pissy about this, is that most of those on this thread are American Patriots who rightfully challenged and protested Obama’s candidacy, his eligibility under those same definitions, but are now silent against Cruz…And then attack me for pointing that out.

            They are screaming that these ungodly Democrats are applying double standards yet themselves practice the very same destructiveness…

            Obama, Cruz, Jindal and Rubio are not eligible and if they are allowed to redefine their Natural Born status, then this Nation is finished….
            Its just that simple.

          • supajohnny

            Hello My Brother Jeffrey;
            I wonder what the immigrants, who have faced hardship and poverty waiting in line to become Citizens, feel about Obama’s let of the illegals?

          • Brother Supajohnny… Not hearing much if anything from them, though I have looked, I can’t find a huge outcry against this unconstitutional amnesty bill, Like Britain and all of Europe, the United States is head strong about committing National and Ethnic Suicide…
            We do have some Naturalized citizens complaining about it, but there are many who have family that are a part of this growing amnesty mess, so they are just as complacent…
            Many of these illegal border jumpers have family here already that were Naturalized, so we aren’t going to hear anything negative coming from them at all…

          • The basis for the requirement of Natural Born Citizen were made very clear by our Founding Fathers as a qualification to become President was to eliminate foreign influence at the highest level of our government. The Founding fathers intent was to insure that the security of our nation would not devolve to anyone with loyalties other than to the USA.

            People just don’t understand that when our Constitution was written we were still under threat of invasion, as was the case with the wars against Britain in 1812-1814 some 36 years after the Revolutionary war…

            The founding Fathers knew that Britain still held quite a lot of influence over Her new government, and that they needed to provide a protection against that influence and installed the Natural Born provision …

            It was as you said earlier made strict for a very good reason and we are encouraging an unconstitutional allowance because these fools are blinded by their hero worshiping of a damn politician…

          • I have posted 6 very credible links to 6 very validated articles of Constitutional law and literature showing the definition of Natural Born…

            They are written by Conservatives, Constitutional lawyers and Patriots who are not so foolish as to allow or support, enable and or encourage the redefinition of this very PRECIOUS Constitutional document that when we start circumventing it, will ruin our Nation, and you call it BullS_t?

            You’re the very type of person that Allowed and enabled Obama to get into office…Obama wasn’t eligible neither, did you protest his candidacy, if of course you had protested Obama’s ineligibility, than I must ask, how is that possible when you aren’t protesting Cruz’s ineligible under the same definition Obama was illegally elected, its one or the other and your silence on either are quite telling of you?

            I did protest Obama, still are today, and you can damn well guarantee I will about Cruz…

            Because you and others have encouraged Cruz to run, Rubio and Jindaol are now trying to redefine their Natural Born status, and so will the 12 million Mexicans Obama is about to amnesty, do you even have an idea what that means for our children’s children and this Nation’s future, do you!?

            I sure as hell know what it will do to us!!!

            It means they could very well have an amnestied border jumping Rio Grande Wet Back Mexican’s anchor baby as their president because you said BullSh_t to me, instead of reading through the documents I supplied via the SIX links, you and those like you are the reason this Nation is failing, your a damn Hero worshiper instead of a Patriot guarding your Constitution…

          • supajohnny

            I agree. The bar was set high by your forefathers for good reasons. Accepting Obama as a President not only lowers that bar. It throws it on the floor. Presidents MUST have a higher standard than us mortals or why have a Presidency?

        • TAOsmun

          Yeah, take your own advice. Not anyone born to an American citizen “anywhee” qualifies as a natural born citizen, and that is what is required to be President.
          There are very strict rules to being a natural born citizen. My sister had to fill out an enornous amount ofnpaperwork to prevent my nephew from being born a dual citizen of the US and Japan. And that was simply because he was born in an off base hospital in Okinawa.
          If you’re going to chide someone about the law, you should know it first.

        • Dave In Arizona

          If you believe Wikipedia “Regardless of where they are born, children of U.S. citizens are U.S.
          citizens in most cases. Children born outside the United States with at
          least one U.S. citizen parent usually have birthright citizenship by parentage.”

      • Wedge

        Who is ineligible? Please don’t start on Cruz, the man is as legal as they come and definitely more do then the incompetent pos in the wh now

        • NO Cruz isn’t eligible, he doesn’t meet the definition nor requirements of Natural Born that you must be born of TWO Parents Who Are American Citizens and Born Upon American Soil, Cruz does not meet that requirement, neither did Obama, nor does Jindal or Rubio..

          My post contains links to validated documents that prove as much, and this had at least concern you enough to investigate it, but your so hungry for a champion, even a false one, that you to are willing to overlook this and trample on our Nations Constitution, and you have, or you would have read or at least visited those links I supplied and informed yourself, the fact that you hadn’t, shows you’re not prepared to believe anything anyone says, so we are done here?

          Read them, then come back, that’s all I ask..

          • Lyndau123

            I think we have an issue of the difference between natural born and naturalized citizens – two DIFFERENT things! Cruz is a Naturalized Citizen, born of an American mother and Cuban father in Canada. He gave up his Canadian citizenship (for being born in Canada) to become a naturalized citizen of the United States when they moved here. I am a Natural Born citizen. My dad WAS Canadian and mom was born in America. My dad gave up his Canadian citizenship and became a legal U.S. Naturalized citizen with all rights including voting and taxes as a Natural Born citizen had.

          • Thanks for the reply, and you are absolutely right,,,Naturalized Citizen, but not Natural Born Citizen which is a requirement for the office of the Presidency.

            A naturalized Citizen by our Constitution has all those alienable rights and can run for Congressional and Senatorial seats, but not Presidential ones, that is the only office that they cannot run for…
            John McCain is an American Citizen, but by the standards our founding Father set, John McCain who was born to Two American Citizens was not Natural born because he was not Born on American Soil, inside of American borders…

            There was and is good reason for this clause and one that we should make sure is never ever breached because of the dangers it would expose the United States to…

            If we redefine this, than every border jumpers baby then becomes Natural born under the definition Obama, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal wish to redefine themselves as and that makes them constitutionally my enemy because they are trampling on the very protections that they meant to put in place, and they are put in place to keep out foreign influences….

      • kidwinona

        Barry still is ineligible because of dual citizenship if the U.S. is even one of them. Two terms later. Oh they say he’s black, but he’s white. So just change the definition of any word, hell! every word

    • SDYHFT

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  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    Pray obama’s crap care, illegal amnesty, EPA, etc., etc., all get flushed down the toilet where they belong. Pray obama is stopped in his tracks for good.

  • rdc101

    It’s about time the Supreme Court got back on track and ruled in favor of Constitutional safeguards instead of letting this POTUS and his administration run rough shod over the elected people’s representatives in Congress thru executive fiat. Of course, Congress needs a “kick in the A$%” to get them working for the citizens instead of corporate America and their own pocketbooks

  • RoadTramp

    Liberals Win @LiberalsKickAss
    Judas and Brutus had nothing on bastard @LawrenceTribe – sold out to the Koch Brother Nazis for cash. Blacklist this traitor asshole!

    While you Democrats take money, openly, from George Soros, an admitted socialist who is trying his best to undermine the Constitution. BHO is his handpicked darling to push his agenda.

    • Carl Tim

      More like the IQ of A stringed puppet…

  • hildebeastC

    Dear LORD Help this man because the barracuda’s are vicious. AND cocktail parties? I hate to tell them but some people don’t want to drink with vicious ppl.

  • Dena Kelley

    Ah, liberal tolerance at it’s finest. Former hero is now a Judas and traitor because he stands up for the Constitution and for a check on executive overreach. How sad.

    • sai-john

      agree – well said!

  • PridebeforetheFall

    This entire presidency has been an overreach, and no one has the guts to stop him, why is this I wonder?

    • Russell

      Because he is black and being politically correct is easier ,than saving our country from the enemy.

  • GatorDog

    That’s Liberals for you. Step off the reservation and your dead. No free thought allowed. Get in line you goats..

    • Carl Tim

      …and you know what they like to do with goats. The first goat marriage is scheduled for next week in San Franthithco…..

      • Wedge


  • William Owen

    I think there are a lot of democrats and liberals who are beginning to wonder just how dangerous all this “change” is for the USA’s long term outlook. Truthfully our country is really beginning to resemble Russia and China in many, many ways. Its truly terrifying to think that our speech is controlled, our media is controlled, our internet is controlled, anything we do in life could break some law, and then to put the cherry on the cake there are groups of people literally destroying the USA from within (ISIS, communists party, Nazi, the UN is trying to influence our laws and actually want some of the amendments in the US constitution to be rewritten, Hate groups like La Raza and the Black Panthers directly influencing policy and procedure specifically in the department of justice). Society is eroding so very quickly. There really is only one way to stop it all at this point.

    • ki-lee

      we can only hope they see

  • Carl Tim

    Why can’t all the idiot libtards just abort themselves?!?!?

  • jimnbubba

    Now if we could just see Obama’s college records

    • Wedge

      He was a stoned funky, who lied to get into college, only thing he didn’t lie about was being a FOREIGN student he has NEVER been eligible to be president, and every law he takes in himself is null and void.

  • Not Anonymous

    The U.N. stands for United Nazis.

  • DanaLanders

    It is absolutely un-American to hear and see the venom these Democrats use against one of their own once they awaken from their stupor and realize just how bad Obama is!

  • Richard M

    I still want to know who is holding the balls of the Legislative Branch; they are really just a bunch of spineless cowards and won’t do anything against the current regime.

  • Philip Papineau

    Tribe’s textbooks have been used in law schools across the nation for generations. He’s got some cred.

  • Guest

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  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    The Pathological Lying DumboCrats spread gossip, lies and deceit about everyone who stands in their way. The “walking dead” are ignorant and believe everything they say. Wake Up People !!

  • TheSpasticAvenger .

    Can you feel the liberal love

  • Ron Widel

    as I can see it he is not any better then we are so throw t he book at Obama he is no better the us as far as the law goes, and Impeach him from offices too??

  • manmadeclimatechangeisbs

    Love how utterly dumb liberals are. 49000 jobs lost and 4 times that in green jobs. 196000 green jobs? I doubt it. What percent is that of total jobs in either arena? Any industry that the gov is over regulating and attacking, while propping the other up would have the same outcome. What is the cost to the taxpayers to prop it up?

  • Bob

    Obama has been over reaching since day one but our corrupt Congress has
    looked the other way. ACA is the worst shredding of the Constitution imaginable
    yet generous bribes to some congressmen and possibly the Supreme Court coupled
    with greed allowed this abomination. The Constitution is no longer a valid
    working document thanks to these people.

    • JD

      When we send a low intelligence *ssClown to infest the White House we have to understand that we will have a low intelligence *ssClown infesting the White House.

  • Bob Cannell

    Obama has had to overreach on many policy issues because he is a poor politician.

  • JD

    oBozo is an incompetent *ssClown of a blivet who should be impeached then jailed for treason.

  • Bruce

    how long did it take to get Obunghole’s birth certificate? the next “birther” issue will be when Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas”Warren decides to run.

  • Buhwhee

    This kind of talk could inspire someone in the Secret Service to do something…patriotic.

  • R Kent

    If Obummer’s law professor is selling POTUS out it’s proof positive that even some lefties finally have this phony’s number.
    Maybe there is a god.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Hmm? “@LiberalsKickAss”? Shouldn’t that be “@LiberalsKissAss”?

  • Guest

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  • Burnerman

    Koch sucker funded sellouts are so obvious its Not even funny. They Always whine about the Constitution and do everything in their power to manipulate it to their Agenda. The Koch suckers don’t give a rats ass about the Constitution or US Citizens..


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