Obama FINALLY Comments on Torture of White Boy… And People Are Just Shaking Their Heads


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Americans were stunned last night to see brutal video of a White, mentally disabled teen being brutally tortured, degraded, and taunted with racial slurs and anti-Trump invective.

All day long as it became obvious to all that this was a 2-day long, vicious hate crime, the White House remained silent. The only comment out of Obama’s spokeman Josh Earnest was — incredibly — to say it was “too early to tell if this was a hate crime.”

But we have heard absolutely nothing from the same president who leaped to inject himself into the Trayvon Martin case, saying he could have been my “son” before any of the facts were in. The same president who met with Ferguson riot leaders and repeated the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” phrase that was later proven a lie.

But we heard nothing from Obama about this brutal, racist beating of a White boy in his hometown of Chicago.

Until now. Obama just spoke out on the kidnapping and assault, and many almost wish he hadn’t.

Obama used the video to actually say race relations have “gotten better” on his watch, and one CNN analyst said Obama even seemed to blame “overall, or White racism” for the actions of the 4 Black assailants.

However you slice it, his comments are leaving many people shaking their heads:


I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better. But I think what we have seen over the last several years, when it comes to tensions between police and communities, the internet, the horrific hate crimes that we appear to have seen on Facebook. So part of what technology allows us to see now is the terrible toll that racism and discrimination and hate takes on families and communities,” he added. “But that’s part of how we learn and how we get better. We don’t benefit from pretending that racism doesn’t exist and hate doesn’t exist.”

No specific condemnation of the perps, as he did (falsely) in Florida and Ferguson, before any facts were in. Here, they did it all on video, yet Obama talks in generalities about “racism’s toll.”

The four suspects, who have since been identified and charged with multiple felonies and hate crimes, were heard on video shouting “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** white people” as they tortured the victim, 18 year old special needs teen Austin Hilbourn. He was bound with duct tape, beaten, forced to drink from a dirty toilet, clothing cut off, was scalped, while being forced to utter vile anti-White slurs and insults to Donald Trump.


Reaction on Twitter was instant, and fierce…

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  • Greenbeane

    POTUS Obama is totally out of touch. Has he had a #mentalhealth evaluation lately?? It is concerning.

  • Tina

    “I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better.”
    I’ve always said this man is delusional! Racial division has not been this bad in ages. He has divided this country horribly! All I can say is Thank God he is done in 14 days!
    And speaking of delusional….had a great laugh when he said he would have been elected for a 3rd term if it was allowed! LMAO!
    Obama…how about you just go play golf for the last two weeks.

    • sgb1

      The problem is he will keep shooting off his mouth and the racial division won’t heal.

      • Carlynataylor

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  • lmc959714@gmail.com

    Yes, they have improved. Ten years ago, four black thugs kidnapped a young, white couple then spent two days beating, raping, torturing, eventually murdering them, stuffing one’s battered, near-death body into a garbage can to die and setting the body of the other on fire. And this was not in a crime-ridden hell-hole like Chicago. This happened in a lovely, Southern university town with low crime and little obvious racism. So, by that standard, things have improved but the Obamas have caused the greatest deterioration in race relations in all my years and I’m old. I remember the bombing of Clinton High School. What a damning mistake the election of our ‘first (partly) black president’ actually was!! To read more, search Channon Christianson, Christopher Newsom murders.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Turn this around and HE would have been the FIRST to call for Hate Crimes and a Complete investigation for the DOJ.

  • Greg

    Those 4 thugs will be the last 4 to have dinner with Obama at the WH before he leaves office. Obama may even commute them or even pardon them before he leaves in two weeks.

    • Smarter than u

      Thankfully the president can only pardon federal crimes, not state crimes.

  • RobGoblin

    They should be spanked and sent to bed without supper,for their tomfoolery. Those hooligans!!

    • usaok59

      POSSIBLE “tomfoolery”!

      • RobGoblin


  • RightofAttila

    With less than two weeks remaining in his second term, why would we think that obama would become a President of all Americans.

  • Kypat

    Obama=Worst President Ever

  • PixelPusher777

    Yes, I don’t mind copying another post: Obama=Worst President Ever!

  • Danna

    Far from just a kidnapping. When beating up person and yelling racial slurs-You blank —- whites several times. How much more evidence do you need to know this is a hate crime. yell it for whites finally. When it has happened and been hid too much not yelled out and rioted about and smeared on the T.V. NEWS.


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