Obama Bashes Christians AGAIN, and Gives Muslim Terrorists a Pass – at the Easter Prayer Breakfast, No Less


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Not again!

After comparing Christians to ISIS at a February prayer breakfast, Barack Obama used yet another such meeting — today’s Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House to … wait for it … criticize Christians who make “less than loving expressions,” whatever that means.

What is he talking about? The Indiana pizzeria? The Crusades again? He doesn’t say, leaving others to speculate:

Yep, that’s exactly what he did, AGAIN. But don’t worry, he’s such a “Christian,” or so we are told, and that the subject may not be debated.

Yet for a so-called Christian, Obama repeatedly embraces the Muslim worldview and attacks Christianity. Such was the case with his error-filled review of the Crusades, which we debunked in a previous article. And Obama goes out of his way to excuse Muslim terrorists, refusing to call those whose mass murder roiled Paris “Islamic” or even “terrorists,” calling them only generic “extremists.” — despite their unquestionable Islamic nature.

And this morning –true to form — Obama completely left out any mention of last week’s Islamic terror attack on Christians at Garissa University in Kenya — where Muslims murdered 147 human beings simply for being Christians.



[h/t Twitchy]

  • Chet

    “I am shocked!”
    -No one

  • MILAN68

    obama has never been a Christian and never will be..Why is still breathing?

    • BeFreeIL

      I agree with the first part but only God can know the second. If He saved me, the Obama is not beyond God’s reach.

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    • Guest

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    • Please. What he is, is an enlightened christian. He realizes that christians are giving muslims a bad reputation. They love their God and follow his teachings more closely than virtually any Christian does. They do not cherrypick and follow whatever laws of God they want like Christians do. Only a small fraction of Muslims are terrorists but people like you act as if all of them are. President Obama is only trying to save you from yourselves. He has a clear vision of where this country needs to go, if you open your ears, listen and follow him, you will live a much richer life. Hopefully Hillary will follow his lead when she is elected President.

  • Davey Dunn

    Obama a islamicquranpig

  • June

    Obama will be changing his mind when the Lord returns.

  • Sarah Mahala

    I have NEVER seen nor heard the first thing that leads me to believe that he is a Christian!

  • Christian

    but he is right. I know plenty of “Christians” with anything but loving expressions.

  • Jerry Yax Jr.

    i hope the ones who gave this loser a second turn feel like complete idiots

    • Bert

      The Morons who elected him twice are too stupid to even realize their idiocy, and too arrogant to admit it.

    • This second term he will not be hamstrung by crazy conservative republicans. He will executive order this country back into greatness. It’s too bad we can’t give him a third term. Look how hard he as worked to erase the disaster Bush left us. Record low unemployment – check. Record stock market – check. Nuclear deal with Iran – Good as done. Bring the troops home from an unholy war – check. Securing freedom for immigrants from Mexico – check. Look at all the good that has been done. When is the last time that happened???

  • William Stearns

    Speaking as a Christian, who cares who he bashes or what he says. I know the truth of my faith and that is all that counts. We all will one day tand before our creator and make an account of our lives. At that time every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and so will Barack Hussein Obama. Christian or nt is between him and God almighty, who are we to judge him? If you clam to be a Christian then you are commanded to pray for him not criticize him.

    • GJ

      You are so right William Stearns. All these criticizers better worry about getting their own souls in control.

    • PixelPusher777

      There is no sin in shining the light of truth on another human being. This man, our leader, is the epitome of lies and deception. Many will live or die depending on his word and character.

      There is no sin in giving those we love a warning as to the dangers ahead and this man has created much danger for all Americans. I don’t hate him as much as I don’t hate a person who breaks into my house, but this does not mean I don’t have the right to speak out or act in defense of my family…

      • BeFreeIL

        PixelPusher777, you are on the mark. Of course we pray but in our system, as American citizens, we absolutely have a responsibility to be knowledgeable and engaged about those we’ve elected to office.

  • Guest

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  • xprocowboy

    I have heard the so called pastor of the so called Christian church Obama attended, I do not hear Christianity being preached, so there is no surprise he would have this view,

  • Jason Pearson

    You will be known by your fruit.
    The meaning of this scripture is clear. Our actions will show our true nature and this wanna-be mini-golf pro has shown his true nature. Heck, he has even shown the world that he is anti-American with his attitude

  • Swaggy Rogers


  • PixelPusher777

    Why can’t Obama say the name of Jesus? Does he fear being struck by lightening? He talks and talks about some sort of vague “savior”, but that’s as far as he goes. As he spoke, I kept asking “Who? Who are you talking about?” Gads, if you are so earnestly in awe of this all powerful being, can you at least say his holy name??????

    Obama is like a special invited guest who comes into my home, and takes over. Before praying at dinner, he first tells my family and guests that I’m not all that great of a man, but he forgives me. After I’m humiliated, he laughs it off, pats me on the back and says, “Okay folks, now let’s eat.”

  • Guest

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  • Jana Fedon

    At an Easter Prayer of all places to dis Christians….this man is so NOT my president.


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