Obama Bashes Christians AGAIN, and Gives Muslim Terrorists a Pass – at the Easter Prayer Breakfast, No Less


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Not again!

After comparing Christians to ISIS at a February prayer breakfast, Barack Obama used yet another such meeting — today’s Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House to … wait for it … criticize Christians who make “less than loving expressions,” whatever that means.

What is he talking about? The Indiana pizzeria? The Crusades again? He doesn’t say, leaving others to speculate:

Yep, that’s exactly what he did, AGAIN. But don’t worry, he’s such a “Christian,” or so we are told, and that the subject may not be debated.

Yet for a so-called Christian, Obama repeatedly embraces the Muslim worldview and attacks Christianity. Such was the case with his error-filled review of the Crusades, which we debunked in a previous article. And Obama goes out of his way to excuse Muslim terrorists, refusing to call those whose mass murder roiled Paris “Islamic” or even “terrorists,” calling them only generic “extremists.” — despite their unquestionable Islamic nature.

And this morning –true to form — Obama completely left out any mention of last week’s Islamic terror attack on Christians at Garissa University in Kenya — where Muslims murdered 147 human beings simply for being Christians.



[h/t Twitchy]


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