Now We Know Why Ferguson Police DELAYED Release of the Mike Brown Robbery Video: O-B-A-M-A

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The video (below) showing the ‘strong-arm’ robbery of Swisher Sweet cigars by Michael Brown blew the entire Ferguson, Missouri controversy wide open yesterday. It shredded the media/activist narrative that Brown was a saintly “gentle giant”, completely innocent until a racist cop cut him down in his prime.

The video so shocked Brown’s defenders that they refused to believe it, claiming it was ‘Photoshopped’, even as the Brown family attorney admitted it was in fact him.

But many analysts criticized the Ferguson Police department for waiting days to release the video — especially after street crowds turned to riots and looting early this week — when the fact that Brown was the prime suspect in that robbery before his shooting could have “calmed” protesters before they rioted.

Now we know why they took so long to release it: because Barack Obama’s Attorney General told them not to.

That’s right, Eric Holder pressured the Ferguson P.D. all week to hold back the robbery video, nor even tell anyone about it, terming it too “inflammatory” to be seen.

It was only after Obama pressured Democrat Governor Jay Nixon to take the Ferguson police off the case and put the state Highway Patrol (with its Black chief) in charge, that the fed-up, betrayed department finally released the truth about Mike Brown — angering Obama and Holder.

As CNN reported it:

Stunning. The nation’s chief law enforcement official trying to obstruct justice of a local police force in order to enforce his and Obama’s racial narrative.

Will Holder once again escape any consequences of his actions? As one commenter on our YouTube video remarked: “Trying to hide exculpatory evidence is illegal.”


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