NFL Legend Jim Brown Just DESTROYED John Lewis’ Claim That Trump is ‘Illegitimate’

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Rep. John Lewis has led a boycott of nearly 60 House members Donald Trump’s inauguration, with mostly Congressional Black Caucus members participating.

Lewis started the firestorm during a Meet the Press interview, saying he could not “in good conscience,” attend the Trump inauguration because he felt he was “illegitimate,” because “the Russians” stole the election, or something…

But when asked about Lewis’ attack on the President-Elect, legendary NFL running back Jim Brown, who supported Hillary Clinton, put the “civil rights icon” Lewis in his place once and for all, saying Trump won the election “fair and square”and called for Trump’s opponents to “support him”…

“[Trump] won, in my opinion, fair and square, and I’m going to support him as president of the United States,” Brown told host Stuart Varney.

He also said in the interview, “When you win against all odds and you defeat those who are against you — and I was for Hillary so I’m one of those who Mr. Trump defeated — but he is the president-elect of the United States, I’m a citizen. I’m not asking him to do everything. I’m going to pitch in and do some of the things that I can do with the like-minded people that I represent.”

Brown, who is also a Democrat, is a true civil rights hero in his own right, who unlike Lewis, has continued to work for inner city Black youth and against gang violence for decades, while Lewis got rich on his legacy — even buying a million-dollar townhouse near the Capitol that he failed to pay taxes on for years.

Brown is founder of Amer-I-Can, which works in 26 cities to stop gang violence, and teaches Black youths to “stop blaming the system, and take personal responsibility to change your life.”

The Media will NEVER report Brown’s comments to keep up the “racist” narrative against Trump.
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  • Greg

    Maybe Trump will see to it that Lewis, Sharpton, and Hillary will all get adjoining jail cells for their crimes.

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