NFL HELL: League CRUSHED by Fan Backlash in Week 7 — Look At these Photos!

by Gina Cassini |  Top Right News

The National Football League, and its liberal Commissioner Roger Goodell thought it would be a swell idea to stand with their players who sat during the national anthem — disrespecting the flag and allying themselves with defenders of cop-killers.

It was a mistake from the start, but in Week 7 it turned into a complete disaster, as empty stadiums and a crushing embarrassment in Cleveland crippled the League.

This Sunday saw nearly every stadium haunted by empty seats as fans stayed away in droves. Plenty of empty seats were visible at the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida as the New York Jets played the Miami Dolphins.

“Swaths of empty seats here post kickoff,” tweeted columnist Armando Salguero.

More empty seats in Chicago as the Bears played the Carolina Panthers — after every game was a sellout just one year ago…

 Lucas Oil Stadium had “tons,” of empty seats during the Indiana Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars.

But the biggest slap in the face to NFL brass came in Cleveland.

Like every other stadium, the Browns suffered thousands of no-shows…

But that wasn’t even the most embarrassing part of the day for the Browns. That came after the stadium announcer revealed the winner of the day’s big raffle.

And the winning seat was empty!

Absolutely brutal. And it looks like the suffering is going to get worse according to a new poll, showing that nearly 60 percent of working class Trump supporters now view the NFL unfavorably.

The Week reported:

Just three weeks ago, about 60 percent of both Democrats and Republicans said they viewed the NFL favorably, a daily tracking poll from Morning Consult found. Then President Trump stepped in.

After the president told NFL owners to fire players who kneeled during the national anthem, more and more players did the opposite of what Trump wanted. Now, Trump voters have flipped their allegiances: More than 60 percent view the NFL unfavorably, up from around 30 percent in September. Meanwhile, analysis from The New York Times shows Hillary Clinton voters’ views remain relatively unchanged.

And Trump still hasn’t given up the debate:

President Trump has been driving this hot button issue, waging a culture ware against the NFL that has been damaging to both their players and owners.

The NFL sided with Social Justice Warriors against President Trump and the American People…and are losing in a blowout.

  • wyldbill100

    I guess the NFL will be playing at the local YMCA next year?

  • Carter_Burger67

    Interesting how the broadcast partners are not showing this. and they are suddenly not interested in showing the Nation Anthem since it’s blown up in their faces now, either.

    • usaok59

      And those are the kinds of actions that ex-fans loathe, thus reinforcing our determination to keep the boycott going.

  • Charles Oliver

    When you support cop killers, this is what happens

  • Fastflyer

    The NFL is dead to me.

  • SilentMajority

    They should make everyone fill in the seats down low. Then you will really see how empty it is. LOOOOOSERS.

  • USPatriot

    I can live without the NFL, stopped watching this year until those overpaid crybabies start showing some respect to our flag and country again. They’re employees, and the workplace is NOT the place to make a political statement. Too bad there isn’t an owner in all the NFL with the balls to stand up to their players.

  • 不止一次的来,不止一次的去,来来去去,这就是这个博客的魅力!

  • Ectomy

    Baltimore is the home of “The Star Spangled
    Banner”. It was written as the British bombarded Fort McHenry in the harbor. Then the Ravens knelt during it’s playing and stood while the Brits played their anthem. That was the unforgivable act of shameless turncoats.
    They cannot apologize for THAT.

  • Austrailianterrierlady

    The left has destroyed a good sport, like they try to dstroy the whole country

  • Austrailianterrierlady

    The NFL is history we must start a new league if, players do not stand, fired on the spot


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