New York State Senate Defeats ‘Dream Act’ Financial Aid for Illegal Aliens


Above: Protesters demanding passage of a financial
aid bill for illegal alien students in New York State.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Legislators stunned the pundits this evening by defeating a $200 million taxpayer giveaway to illegal aliens students in New York’s Senate, which had the strong support of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The ‘DREAM Act’ — which was expected to pass — was defeated by a 30-29 vote in the state Senate just minutes ago in Albany.

The bill would have allowed college students in the country illegally to get state financial aid. The state Assembly passed the measure last month.

The measure included up to $200 million in the state budget to open up Tuition Assistance Program money for students at both public and private colleges. Senate Democrats had claimed the bill would “only” cost $25 million — but the number was exposed as grossly underestimated by New York’s Democrat Comptroller.

After the bill failed in the state Senate, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver issued a statement that read, in part, “The Senate’s refusal to pass this crucial measure is disappointing to me, but more importantly, it is blatantly unfair to the thousands of talented, ambitious young New Yorkers who are being denied a college education, simply because of their immigration status.”

Callers against taxpayer funds for illegal aliens were active, and may well have made this difference in this very close vote.

Also worthy of salute were patriotic (and these days, brave) legislators who stood against this giveaway for illegal aliens. One such legislator was Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn, Staten Island) who rightly asked “where is the compassion for taxpaying, law-abiding immigrants and citizens” trying to afford their college cost:

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    They are NOT “New Yorkers”. They are here ILLEGALLY!!! GO HOME!!

    • Hargraves Ian
      • Bo Treat


    • Amy

      You are an illegal immigrant. You are not Native American. You are also not a spiritual healer.

      • fltflyer

        You don’t know that. He may be Native American, I am, so you go home and take the illegal immigrants with you. This 2014 not 1492. This is the United States, not some wild, untamed land. We now have the rule of law, not the rule of man and these people need to obey the laws of the land. Maybe the U.S.A. should adopt the immigration laws of Mexico or any number of other countries in which case these a-holes would be in jail and not in our streets protesting.

      • Brian Johnson

        This argument is always so comical. Among other things, the Native Americans were disparate groups of people who constantly roamed, trespassed upon, and warred with other tribes. Yeah, THEY are the paragon of immigration virtue…

    • Jude

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • gzizzle

    If they were New Yorkers, they wouldn’t be ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

  • Globe Warmer

    Let me guess…the next step for the Marxists: Challenge it in court with an activist judge!

    • Kevin Mathews

      Like they did here in California in 1994 with Prop187. It was going uhh about 50/50 and then they marched on downtown L.A. with a sea of mexican flags(shows you how stupid these people are) and it passed over 68%.and then the new Governor,Gray Davis went and cried to the State Supreme court(like liberals do when they don’t get their way) and they overturned it

  • Hargraves Ian

    Do a “Rawhide” round em up and ship them out NOW or this is what will happen here. This is MY CITY, London England. You have been warned!!!

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      Exactly, it’s not just Mexicans that are the problem! Muslims are here to breed and create more Muslims. They dont want to live in their countries, they want to live in a country that they can turn into theirs.

  • Addam Cigarroa

    California needs to learn from New York

  • Globe Warmer

    …who are being denied a college education, SIMPLY because of their immigration status???
    Hello? Someone forgot the word “ILLEGAL” as in “against the LAW”.
    As in “methods of social order for the common good”.
    Marxist always lie.

    • DeeDee1213

      well it seems Liberals have no clue as what “illegal’ means..probably because 1/2 the things THEY do are ‘mostly illegal.. 🙂 so they just disregard the word. Next they will try to get that word removed from Websters

      • Dalton

        Both sides of the political table get away with illegal acts all the time. I mean it was a republican who put the False Flag Attack Plan on the table that was turned down by JFK. Many republicans and Democrats get money for campaigns from organized crime for later favors. I do agree we have a problem with illegal immigration, but we have a much larger issue in are entire government. We need to wipe the slate clean and fire every last person in government and start having people who have worked middle class there whole life and know how to manage a budget.

    • Amy

      You’re a bigger idiot. Read the Dream Act, then comment. Children are not inherently complicit in their parents crimes.

      • fltflyer

        Screw the Dream Act, the whole lot needs to be deported back to what ever country they or their parents came from and let it be a lesson to future law breakers.

      • Globe Warmer

        Then YOU pay for their education with your own money or pay their way back to their country, MEXICO….retard!

      • Steve J. Brown

        Even the bible, which you liberals like to quote, but only when it fits your communist agenda, says that the sons shall suffer the sins of the fathers. You liberals like to distort the anchor baby clause in the constitution to meet your own agenda to, when it was only meant for Native Americans and blacks, who were already here. It was never meant for illegal immigrants. Some dumb@ssed liberal Supreme Court judges came up with that stupid interpretation. Just like liberal judges for years claimed that slavery was legal, and liberal judges claimed that abortions are legal, when the first guarantee in the Bill of Rights is the Right to life. Funny how liberals only believe that babies have rights if they’re babies of illegals! Any other babies don’t have rights, because they’ll probably grow up and vote against liberals.

    • Steve J. Brown

      No Globe Warmer, he’s a democrat and laws mean nothing to them, unless it’s a law passed by them, that violates the constitution. Then it means everything, example: Obamacare, gun control laws, motor voter, dream act, only to name a few. You have to be a law breaker to be a democrat nowadays. We’ve been trying to tell voters that for years, this is not your father’s democrat party. It and the republican establishment party, has been hijacked by the American Communist party. Why do you think they’re all trying to destroy the Tea Party? The Tea Party is the only party that stands for true American values. Vote conservative American values, vote Tea Party!

  • Globe Warmer

    Illegal Children, Illegal children, Illegal children…then they’ll grow up to be Marxist A-holes educated in Marxist colleges funded by tax payers.

    • Kevin Mathews

      Come to L.A. on May 1st(you know May Day,THE communist holiday?) and see the sea of red and all of the images of Che Guevara!
      Typical leftists,take what other people have worked hard for.

  • Adan Starr

    They are denied nothing! How about Mexico cough up the money for their tuition. Most immigrants don’t want to be Americans. 1 dollar equals 13 peso’s and I work with immigrants every day and have yet to meet one that wants to raise their children here. They can work for a few years and move home and buy a house for cash and start a business. They don’t spend the money they make here. They take it home.

  • hears_the_rest_of_the_story

    you are right, there are alot of young new yorkers that can’t get financial aide and their both, them and their tax paying parents are Americans….stop worrying about outsiders and start worrying about our own…they can go home to mexico and get their aide from them to go to college

    • the realist

      but a lot of them ARE NOT. A lot get paid and send all their money out of the country whick doesnt even support our economy. A lot of them get benefits they really dont need because they work under the table for cash. A lot of them shouldnt be here.

      • Richard Cranium

        the realist writes “Alot of them shouldnt be here”. No illegal alien should remain in the USA; that’s how the current immigration laws are written. You can make any opinion you want; but the law is the law.

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    Eff tonks!!!

  • The allegiance between the temporary foreign worker lobby (austerity) group and the amnesty crowd appears to be fracturing.

  • sherry8260

    You see? This always happens under Democrats…we set up a system to help people who legitimately need it and all the moochers come in demanding everything. Send these criminals back to their own countries…let them deal with it. I’m sick of these losers.

    • Amy

      You’re a loser.

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      Democrats have completely infantilized the populace.

  • cheebo

    law abiding citizens? aren’t they illegal immigrants? What starts as a helping hand with food stamps, health care and free schooling grows to a huge sense of entitlement to free college education. What next??? Once they start receiving assistance, you can never do enough. As a citizen of this country, my children do not qualify for any college assistance. WTF!!

    • bigsurprise

      THe woman speaking is fighting for tax paying law abiding citizens..she is not defending the non tax paying law breaking non citizens who are the illegal immigrants. THIS is OUR OWN governments fault. They entice them here…knowing all they have to do is cross the border and have their baby FREE here…When our LAW SHOULD BE any child born in the US is NOT an American citizen, but is the citizenship of their PARENTS…THAT law needs to be repealed and rectroactively reversed, and all of those children be Mexican citizens….THAT was a STUPID thing for our government to do…and NOW other countries are pulling the same thing, Pregnant women from othre countries are coming her, staying in establishments just for this purpose. It has started a new cottage industry of illegal proprietors to breed more of this into our country…AND we know that the anchor babies can have their families become citizens as well through them . We OFFER all these illegals them food stamps, welfare….things our own citizens have trouble getting sometimes,and WE are PAYING for it…WHAT HAPPENED to ICE….is not their job supposed to be to LOCATE people here ILlegally and SEND THEM HOME ?? WELL…they are standing on the corner, loudly and rudely screaming that they have rights , holding BIG signs that say UNAFRAID..UNDOCUMENTED, and UNAFRAID….NOT hard to find them. These are liars, cheaters, thieves, and law breakers in just what they have done to BE here. I am so ANGRY at our government for allowing in over 11 MILLION of these people, overcrowding us, bringing in their crime mentality, assaulting, hit and runs, murders, gangs, and rapists…..We hear this on the news every day….These people here ILLEGALLY are creating and WINNING Law suits….They are from a lawless society of rampant criminals , and this is what they know…then they bring that mentality here and take advantage of us. WE ARE NOT SAFE anymore,and THIS is LARGELY WHY

      • Kevin Mathews

        11 million?! There are 10 million here in L.A. county alone!(at the cost of 654,000,000 a year(54 MILLION dollars a month!)

    • Brandi Cline Sugrue

      Operative word: citizen. They are not citizens. That’s the basis for their whole problem. We should be providing for our own citizens, not Mexico, China, middle eastern, European, African, or any other illegal aliens.

    • Kevin Mathews

      I live in L.A.! You give an inch they want a mile! You give a mile,they want a 1000 miles

    • Jim Trent

      If all of our own legal citizens had all their basic needs met and had everything that they are trying to give away to illegals then sure I guess I could see giving them some extra. But as long as we have people who are homeless, jobless, can’t afford school, going hungry etc. We should never give anything away to people committing criminal acts. This includes criminals in jail. IMO criminals in jail get 3 meals a day and should have to work for any other privileges.

      • C.A.R.

        so true, amen to that

      • Bang

        Hlaf of the people in prison are there for something that shouldn’t be illegal to start with – cannabis. As surely as there is a military/industrial complex there is also a drugs/cannabis/prison complex. Corporations are profiting from people being wrongly incarcerated and that has to stop (both the profits and the incarceration.)

        Other than that I agree with you completely.

    • Amy

      Your grammar and puncuation denote that you, also didn’t go to college.

      • Chance Holt


      • Sarah Kohut

        *no comma between you and also

        • Bang

          Not so. In this case when the comma preceeds ‘also’ there should also be a comma after because this denotes the word is optional to the sentence, i.e, not required to maintain the context of the sentence. In this way the word ‘also’ can be left out of the sentence and the sentence will still have its full meaning.

          Your grammar and puncuation denote that you, also, didn’t go to college.


          Your grammar and puncuation denote that you didn’t go to college.

          I didn’t go to college but I did rate in the top 97% in English in high school.
          Class dismissed.

      • fltflyer


    • an american

      Hey cheebo, i cant even afford to send my own kids to school, why should my taxes send yours ???, and i was born here

  • Melinda Jordan

    my hat is off to the lady speaking she is saying the things america should be listening to. Those men in the back need their faces slapped for being rude and not giving her full attention. The days of bleeding hearts and just grossly handing out money to every one is over it’s time we have to start taking care of our own.

  • jwood1952

    Ca. did learn from NY, that’s how they got this way. It will take another decade, at least for Californians to wake up, if ever.

  • Evony Master

    In other words 29 state senators attempted to commit treason and violated US immigration law by aiding and abetting illegal immigrants and encouraging them to stay here unlawfully.

    • worked2death

      YOU Evony are so right I totally agree with you.

    • Popeye

      That is happening because the people elected to protect this country is the first one to betray the voters and negatively impact the future of America. This time we won just for ONE vote, but maybe we’ll be defeated next time. We need to get rid of every Illegal Immigration supporter that works for the government. One day we will regret our lack of initiative when it comes to protect our own country.

    • Steve J. Brown

      What did you expect, that’s the liberals voter base. It’s called low information voters. How do you think the liberals kept slavery going for so long? Keep them dumb and uneducated. If they go through legal immigration, they learn about the constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the conservative principles this country was founded on. If they learn that, they’ll have no reason to vote for liberals. Keep them dumb, and teach them that they can’t do anything for themselves, so government has to do it for them, and they vote liberal, and they enjoy being slaves. Hell, it worked with the blacks for almost two centuries, and it’s working again. The liberals have rewritten history, so the blacks think the conservatives made them slaves. They’ve forgotten that it was the liberals who went to Africa, with promises to take care of their every need, just like liberals are doing today. You know what they say, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it! As for the race baitors, like Jesse Jackson and All Sharpton and the NAACP, well they’ve sold out to the liberals for profit, just like the African chiefs who ran the slave blocks in Africa did!

  • Joe B

    These NY politicians are idiots. Why do we need to pay for illegals to attend college? They are illegal aliens and should be sent back to their own countries. They want dollars for college, go back home and apply for a student visa, then ask your family to pay for your own college. It’s time to send these NY politicians to jail for the rest of their lives for breaking the laws of this country.

    • Karen

      They’d probably get a better aid package if they were from a foreign country. Didn’t Obama get accepted as a foreign student? And he had a financial aid package to boot.

  • Charo

    Pay the 10s of thousands of $$$ it costs to immigrate here legally, after you earn the right to be considered, and then complain about things.

  • SophiaWeisheit

    They are not being denied a college education, this just means that they will have to pay their own tuition . What a shame, what a tragedy, oh the humanity!

    • Bang

      There arent enough American students to fill slots? They can get an education in Mexico where they belong. They SHOULD be denied an education in America. They aren’t even supposed to be here much less illegally attending our schools.

    • Globe Warmer

      Oh yeah…but not as “Out of state” students. They’ll be paying “In-state” tuitions. Oh, the insanity!

  • Ragman69

    About 10 seconds in she called them “American” citizens….that was enough for me. Maybe she would like to pay for the illegals? I don’t!

    • a9cromancer

      She was against the measure. She wants more affordable tuition for citizens.

  • worked2death


  • Guest


  • pamdix

    Give it to American kids! No one told their parents to break the law. Tell them to be mad at their own parents for not trying to fix their own country. No, they want to come here and mess up ours!!!! Illegals have no voice, PERIOD!

  • worked2death


    • Kevin Mathews

      I live in L.A.! And have had to DEAL with this B.S for over 30 YEARS!

      • Bang

        I’ve never understood why anyone would want to live there. It’s a cesspool.

    • Steve J. Brown

      If you send them home, the liberals won’t get elected anymore!

  • Treva G. Allen


  • pamdix

    Why do illegal aliens even have a voice? Why do they even have the right to demand anything? Big businesses want cheap labor, plain and simple. And Democrats and some RINOs are bought by big business. Boycott the businesses and vote out the traitors to our Constitution. Follow the laws on the books!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin Mathews

      Don’t worry pam,the dumbocraps are DONE! and if the Republicant’s don’t get a clue,they are done too!

  • theferrisoneofall

    Hey, if you want tax dollars to help you go to school, go back to your country and apply legally to come live the “DREAM-act.”

  • acidulous

    They DEMANDED our money??? Go F yourselves you parasitic scum. Imagine if we went back to your hellhole countries and demanded anything. And they wonder why NOBODY WANTS THEM HERE. What makes them think they are special and get way with it? The left wing which has made having BROWN SKIN A SPECIAL STATUS.

    • John Redcorn

      Now its time to make sure the parasites that voted yes be voted out in NOV

  • talkto

    Perhaps the Mayor will override this…executive action…

  • scott

    finally,some sense is being used

  • talkto

    If students from a different state have to pay out of state tuition, shouldn’t non citizens also pah out of state tuition? And why should they get any grants, loans, or scholarships? Those go to legal American citizens. It is unbelievable to me that this vote was close.

  • wayne8734

    What part of illegal don’t they understand????? If you’re not a citizen,broke the law coming here illegally,you’re a criminal.Criminals have no right,criminals are entitled to nothing but a jail cell and 3 meals a day!!!!!!

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    Yeah, I am so glad it was voted down. Now offer it to legal citizens who want to go to college. These illegals have over stayed their visit. Take away everything they are getting and they will leave and they can take their anchor babies with them… We seriously need to come up with a way to get rid of them forever…

  • Jeffrey Romine

    our first problem is we the people doesn’t mean anything anymore and the statue of liberty reads but we have gone toooo far to help and forgotten our own were spread to thin and are losing this battle cry of the people to feed the homeless and help the wicked of other sorts we need to take a long look at what we are doing and keep the funds to ourselves for a while

  • Gordon Harvey

    No send the friggin illegal aliens back home and tell them to demand something from their own country. They can stay the fuk out of ours until entering legally.

  • aorobert

    Well if they get money for school, how are they expected to get a JOB afterwards if they are illegal? We have loans and grants as an investment in ourselves. DUH.

  • robbpa

    Thank God for small favors!

  • gatekeeper96740

    Breaking into this country illegally doesn’t make you an immigrant just like breaking into someones home doesn’t make you a member of the family

    • BubbleePOP

      Love this analogy!

  • Brittany Alana

    Ummm, hello! There is a process to become an official legal citizen in America… How about you just go through that damn process & become legal?! And it’s not like they are saying you can’t go to college. They are just not gonna pay for you, as an ILLEGAL ALIEN, to do so! Gotta pay your own way. Poor poor you! …What worries me is how 29 of the senate were going to pass this and only lost by one vote. We have actual citizens, born & raised Americans, who need an education so we can have careers… which could help our currently messed up economy. Government should be more worried about it’s own people before just giving out money to others. smh. But it sadly doesn’t surprise me at all

  • Lee Span

    wow, they look so angry in the pic-talk about bad entitlement attitude..yikes….even illegally they are obviously well fed and well clothed.

    • Twila Jeanenne Ramsey

      That was a perfect opportunity to round-up and deport a bunch of illegal aliens who were disturbing the peace and trying to steal taxpayer funds.

  • janettabass

    If my AMERICAN kid has to pay out the nose for her college, then these people who do not belong hre, should pay double…….

  • John Redcorn

    Now we should see if they should be sent to jail!!! And I dont mean the ILLEGAL ALIENS,THE ILLEGAL ALIENS GO HOME AN RAPE YOUR OWN COUNTRY

  • John Redcorn

    Make sure to vote this AHOLE SILVER out of office in NOVEMBER..He has pilfered the system long enough

  • John Redcorn

    THANK YOU MS Nicole Malliotakis Nice to see someone standing up for US

  • Mrs. Chief

    Just because they’re being denied aid doesn’t mean they can’t go to college. They’ll just have to maybe work more hours, take fewer classes, be in school longer & pay for it themselves. It’s similar to when we’re denied insurance coverage for a particular procedure, treatment or medication, the insurance company isn’t denying us the treatment, they’re only denying having to pay for it & we get the coverage, but if not we just have to pay for it ourselves.

  • Jim Trent

    The thing is the states that give away everything to illegal aliens will be the ones that will go bankrupt first. If you give everything to illegal aliens guess what? They are going to be moving to your state. Do you think they also will tell the truth on any government forms for assistance? Why? Because they are law abiding people and wouldn’t break the law by lying on a government form? Hint Hint Illegal aliens gives the answer away to that one. If they are caught lying what will be the penalty? That’s of course if they are caught and then found. Deported? Having to pay it back? Wow that’s a huge deterrence considering that is what they are facing already.

    If a criminal has a choice to steal 100 dollars and get one punishment and steal 10,000 dollars and get the same punishment which do you think they are going to do? Of course, steal the 10,000. You can’t expect people who are already breaking the law to worry about breaking the law some more if the penalty IF they get caught is the same they are facing already.

  • Twila Jeanenne Ramsey

    Congratulations to the New York State Senate. They have recognized that “Illegal” is not and should not be a protected class. Millions of American citizens cannot go to college because there is not room and no money for them. Any funds should go to citizens and legal immigrants, not criminal, screaming, aliens..

  • Katie Wiberg

    The 29 who voted need to be on unemployment

  • donnak106

    My kids paid their own way (with what help we could give them) cause they didn’t qualify for aid. We”earned” too much. My husband works 3 jobs. So glad this was defeated.

  • wargasm

    enough is enough, illegal means criminal

  • Bill Ropp

    america needs to stand up for what we are ! no president or politician has the balls to do this no more ! they think about their paycheck , they dont worry about us ! they worry about foreigners ! lets take america back ! WHITE POWER TO THE PPL ! AND BLACK POWER TOO !

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    They are NOT “New Yorkers”. They are NOT citizens of the USA.

  • the realist

    I dont owe you a education based on the fact you simply EXIST…

  • CB

    Nobody’s denying them an education, they’re just denying paying for it for no reason other than someone “wants” it. They’re free to pursue their education, as messed up as that is considering they’re here illegally, just not for free.

    • BubbleePOP

      Well said! I pay, you pay, we all pay… except illegals?? *SMH*

  • Karen

    This is a blatant attempt to “buy” the votes of those who would benefit from this bill. However, anyone who would vote for it should stand to lose their office by those same taxpayers from whom they would take the money.

  • Snake

    Senate Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Since when are illegal aliens citizens of the state they live in? Does the word “Illegal” come up in that brain dead Dimocratic Skull!

  • skepticalvoter

    I am hearing more and more that the financial aide given to illegal immigrants are going unpaid as they return to their native country when they can’t find a job then the bill comes due. It’s been bad enough with legal citizens who received financial aide then could not find a job when their courses were completed but compounding the situation is not helping our already over taxed system!

  • Calm Your Tits

    You white people are so ornery and mean. Considering you were all “illegal” at some point, you sound like a bunch of hypocrites.

    However, I agree that America should be concerned with citizens who pay taxes first, immigrants who are here legally second, and illegal immigrants last in regards to the education system.

    • BubbleePOP

      I was never an “illegal”. Perhaps you met my great great great great great great grandfather? He was an immigrant but still not here “illegally”. Then he worked for a living and paid his own way and made a life for himself in this country and for future generations. WHY do you assume we are all white? Have you heard the term African AMERICANS ( I stress the American part ) Not illegal either… and African Americans worked harder than white people and paid taxes as well. Why should someone who doesn’t pay taxes here NOT pay for their own education? I could go on and on… you got those Italian -AMERICANS and Irish Americans and Chinese Americans… WHY would any of those people who work hard and pay their taxes and struggle to send their own kids to college have to pay for people who DON’T pay taxes and aren’t here LEGALLY.

      • Calm Your Tits

        There you go. Reading what you want to read and failing to see the bigger picture. Typical.

        • BubbleePOP

          Really? What’s the bigger picture? Do tell as you seem to be all knowing and the rest of us should bow to your wisdom.

          • Calm Your Tits

            First of all, calm your tits. Second of all, before you wrote that lengthy paragraph full of emotion, I clearly stated that that America should be concerned with Citizens firsts, Immigrants here on Visa second (aka, here legally) and illegals third, summing up everything you’ve basically just cried about in your response. Where did I mention we should be paying for illegal immigrants to receive an education?

            Oh, that’s right, I didn’t. All you saw was the “white people” part. Typical.

          • BubbleePOP

            You did. You said ILLEGALLY last. So my response was to being illegal and it shouldn’t be paid for at all. So calm your nuts… and perhaps stop smoking so much weed that you forget what you’ve written.

            *slaps forehead at the stupidity*

          • Calm Your Tits

            Ad hominem. Typical. You’re proving your whiteness with every sentence you post. Since I’m of color, I must smoke weed right? That’s probably your twisted logic. But no matter. That’s neither here nor there.

            Okay, darling, Let me help you out because your emotion is getting the best of you. Grab your crayons and underline for me where in my very first comment I said the words “pay for,” “paid for,” “spend money on,” or anything fathomably close. I didn’t? Oh, that’s because what I did say was:

            America should be concerned. I didn’t lay out details of who should be paying whom. Assumptions are what you people are constantly being mocked for, yet you don’t even understand because it’s in your nature to pre judge.

            Maybe you should stop hitting yourself in the head as it seems to be affecting your reading skills.

  • Tacjam4

    Good for NY…still doesn’t make up for that big screw up they elected to be thier Mayor! These Illegal Aliens can use our money and schools then go right back home with thier American education and we the tax payer are left holding the bill!!!

  • Paige Foltz

    I’m glad this is being brought up in New York. When applying to colleges, I couldn’t get barely anything in financial aid and the combined income was $75,000. Private colleges usually offer a scholarship for good grades when you apply which is great, but sucks when you can’t get any more money. This shows us that when we follow the law not much good comes out from the situation. I’m not against immigrants, just want everyone to be hear legally. The country should care about its citizens before the illegals.

  • BubbleePOP

    Let them pay for their own damn college! I had to pay for mine and my children are paying for their own…

  • Dan Manns

    They made the right decision in defeating this bill. If only they had done the same thing with the NY SAFE Act.

  • Adam L.

    I think by denying the offspring of illegal immigrants college education benefits, you might see a few more people start going through the appropriate channels for citizenship. You know, a “pathway.”

  • Kathie Bailey

    What about the American citizens that cannot afford to send their children to college? Why do illegal persons feel entitled to the money and privileges we have worked hard to earn? Go back to country of origin and protest that government for a free education. Build your country the way we have done.

  • Calvin Snelling

    wow when I was really hating new york you go and do something to gain some self dignity back. good job on this

  • stalkedinamerica

    Wow common sense prevailed!!!! Why in the world was this bill introduced in the first place? It is very sad, when our government bends over backwards to accommodate people are NOT supposed be in this country to begin with!

  • In_the_OC

    It’s a MIRACLE!!!!

  • Jay

    Let those who vote for the tuition for illegals pay for it out of their own pockets..They are wreck less spend freaks who just giveaway taxpayer dollars..Voters should take note as to who voted in favor of this bill & cast them out of office at the next election..WAKE UP !!!

  • Uncle Bob

    Giving HELP to people here Illegally is TREASONOUS when as some in the days of old said Charity starts at home. Investments in our citizens and not someone who already broke the law. If we can get this economy going and we can take more people fine but now is wrong because we have millions out of work of our own Citizens While illegals are working WHY ?

  • Barb Schmidt

    OMG illegal says it all doesn’t it? Wow America get it together…how about taking care of legals…

  • pamdix

    If they give this to illegals brought here and they think they deserve it, then give it to every legal American born citizen. Why are they so special?

  • Liz

    “The Senate’s refusal to pass this crucial measure is disappointing to me, but more importantly, it is blatantly unfair to the thousands of talented, ambitious young New Yorkers who are being denied a college education, simply because of their immigration status.”

    So is it illegal in the state of New York for illegal immigrants to go to college? I don’t think so. This is about money, not education. Fund each and every legal New Yorker and return any left over monies to the taxpayers.

  • Andrew Clayterman

    “Above: Protesters demanding passage” ..demanding..

  • Jon

    Ok see here’s the deal…. These Illegal aliens, are so good at becoming Americans that their even too lazy to actually become Americans! “I would like to go to college… for free… but I do not want to become a citizen, that would be too much work”.


    Dream Act defeated? GOOD! hopefully EVERY TIME!!!


    democRAT fat cat 1%’ers, who live in mansions, like Nita Lowey, in lily white neighborhoods, but “cry” tears for the less fortunate, need cheap gardeners and waiters – so they entice the laborers by saying “look what we’ll give your kids! – come and work for the min wage – and btw: SERVE ME, PEASANTS, press my clothes, cut my lawn, clean my windows, SERVE MY FOOD!!!! These kids are being co-opted and they do not even know it. SHAME ON THESE POLS FOR TRYING TO MAKE NEW SLAVES!!!

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