New York Punk Picks Fight With Arizona Trucker, Instantly Regrets It


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A New York City thug started talking trash to an Arizona trucker at this Quik Trip in Mesa.

Then he tried to back up his tough talk with action. Bad idea.

Some are already calling this “racism,” but that is just ridiculous, as no one would suggest that for a minute had the races been reversed. He started it, and the trucker finished it.

But did the trucker go too far in his beating?

WATCH: (Language Warning):

  • JoS America

    Act the fool, get the beatdown. That is justice.

    • Guest

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    • libsrclowns

      If Obama had a son he’d look like….

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      • That black thug was a pantywaist. The trucker just sat on him and whooped him senseless. He should’ve pounded the punk to death and saved us some tax dollars!

    • Don_cos

      How dare you! Didn’t your Momma teach you that it’s not nice to accuse people of acting?

  • The honorable John

    I’m betting this wasn’t the thug’s first beat down.

    • yearounder .

      lol…and I’m bettin’ it won’t be his last, either…lol

  • Christopher

    This is in Arizona, NOT New Jersey. Notice the green discount cab, phone number 602-200-2000? That’s a Phoenix,AZ area code.

    • Julie Smiley

      Your right, look at the plant growing there, isn’t that a oleander?

    • Guest

      well the black guy was horribly pissed about something. Hope the white guy did not say something racist maybe? yes he went too far–I counted 25 hard hits to his head. He has brain damage now I`d assume. Such anger and hate. Glad there was no gun, but this was just as violent via punches. Allot of yelling and cussing but the black guy took the 1st punch.

      • Tammy Moore

        Seems to me, you keep running your alligator mouth that overloads that hummingbird ass, you already have some type of brain damage!!

        • Bee Cee

          ….alligator mouth and hummingbird ass….LOLOL!

          • danny glasgow

            We truckers call that a hummagator, thats what happens to radio rambos outside the truck.

          • TexasJester

            I’m surprised the Rambo got out of his truck!! Usually they just hide behind the mike!

      • CJ

        If you take another look at the video, you’ll see that the black guy THREW the first punch. Also, why is your first thought that the white guy said something racist? Could it not have gone either way. I will admit though, the trucker may have gone a bit overboard. Black guy looks like he’s definitely got a concussion, hopefully that’s all. However, he should’ve thought about that before he threw the first punch.

        • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

          Half of them was just bitch slaps, watch again!

      • Jon Weiss

        At what point do you suggest letting an attacker get up to attack you a second time? The punk kid was the aggressor, he was beaten until he was no longer a threat. He is lucky however, the trucker could have asked for someone to call a cop, while he sat on the guy, and after the ass whooping, had the punk charged for aggravated assault and battery, on top the ass kicking. The video would prove self defense on the part of the trucker

        • Adam Vierra

          meh, no need for charges he got what he had coming.

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            Nigga got his ass handed to him! Should happen more often!

      • Scott Millican

        Pretty sure he had brain damage before he took the beating.

        • Wiliam Deitrick

          re – “Pretty sure he had brain damage before he took the beating”
          Assuming facts not in evident. No brain – No damage.

      • Daniel J Lair

        Why would you assume that the white guys are racist? I didn’t hear them say anything racist. That’s an awfully racist assumption.

        • The-Big-I-Am

          Don’t you know that EVERYTHING a white man does is racist?

      • Him

        Even by the incredibly low standards of Internet news articles’ comments sections this is a uniquely stupid posting. The loudmouth degenerate got off lightly and is lucky to have picked a fight with a reasonable person who stopped once he had control of the situation. The number of punches thrown is of no relevance, be it 1 or 100. Punches were thrown by the person who was defending himself until the threat of an aggressor was neutralized. Adults with IQs greater than their shoe size call this self-defense. Also, you have no information or indication that race played a role in this so your decision to bring race into the equation drags down an already woefully thoughtless post.

        • foolishness


      • Dano

        Automatically assuming that the white guy said something is RACIST. And you know what happens when you assume… You make an asshole… Out of yourself.

      • jimnbubba

        He had brain damage to begin with

      • Ronald Pence

        The black guy was saying racist things. I had to listen more than once to determine who was saying it.

      • Jack Russell

        Watch the video gain. The only one spewing the “N – word” is the punk who got his azz beat. Keep throwing that race card.

    • Larry Notton

      So what’s this NYC thug doing in AZ. messing with the good people?

    • Morons Everywhere

      Headline even reads Arizona, Captain Obvious.

      • Miss Jenni

        The article states it happened in New Jersey Captain Obvious…

        • Christopher

          Title was obviously edited after they saw mistake…. man you are dim.

          • Miss Jenni

            Is that all you have to offer? your assumption that the title was edited? Not that maybe, JUST maybe this article is just poor journalism.

      • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

        It does not! Says Arizona trucker. First sentence says it happened in New Jersey. So who it the one that cannot read? You only read headlines? That must be interesting.

    • TexasJester

      Good catch. Video has been around a while – saw it a year ago, I think..

  • Mike

    Good for him, I see looting in the near future

    • foolishness

      He’s probably moved on to Ferguson.

  • Viking_61

    Avoid the groid!!!

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Guy was still moving. He didn’t take it far enough.

    What gets me is, the idiot just kept on and kept on. Refused to shut up. Then threw the first punch. Nothing racist about it, unless it was on his part.

    • Ryno Lascavio

      C’mon man. The guy was through after about 5 punches. If the other white guy wasnt egging him on, he probably would have stopped sooner.
      The guy deserved a beat down, but NO ONE deserves brain damage!

      • Mike Crowson

        Who can tell when a GAR like that is brain damaged …….he appeared brain damaged from the very beginning . We have a saying where I live ” DONT STARTETH NONE WONT BEIETH NONE …..

      • JUde

        Black guy was already brain damaged when he picked a fight with truckers, the fool deserved what he got, should have kept that vulgar mouth of his shut. People are getting tired of assaults by blacks, it going to get worse.

        • jim

          Your right, and I surly hope it don’t get worse.

          • leewacker

            It will, and the entire onus will be on the blacks because they think they’re the “chosen” these days!
            All they’re doing is making it worse for the millions of blacks who work hard, raise great kids, serve in the military, and are top notch citizens!

          • Willie

            If they think they are the chosen, it’s because of race agitators like $harpton, Obama and Holder the whole bunch of them would be out of a job if their were no racial problems, they keep it on the front burner so that they can get everybody worked up and agitated .

          • wandakate

            Does Jesse Jackson have anything to do with it? I think Martin Luther King hated all of it. I believe he just wanted justice fair and square for all races of people.

          • Dianne Johnson

            The problem with many of these idiots these days, they are no longer interested in equality. They want SUPERIORITY!!!

          • wandakate

            I think they need “role models” to lead them and guide them down the right path. Many are raised in the ghettos. Many come from one parent homes, and the lost of a father or a mother is devastating to a child. Children need not only a mom and dad, but parents that at least care about their welfare and don’t just send them out on the streets to learn the ways of the world (tough). They bring them into the world and don’t love them or nurture them properly. They don’t have the opportunities that some kids are afforded. They need to grow up and learn how to live and be decent productive human beings and somebody needs to teach these kids how to love their neighbor as themselves (the golden rule), DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TO DO UNTO YOU. If they knew it and practiced it, it would go along way.
            Don’t ever do to somebody what you don’t want somebody to do to you…

          • LostHearts

            It’s biological.

          • James

            No, dear, it’s environmental. From what we saw, the guy begged for a beat down but what we did NOT see was the ‘beforehand’. What got this whole thing started.

          • Virgil-ism Tapispisan

            The “beforehand” does not matter in this situation. What ever it was clearly the white guy was walking away from it. The black guy kept on coming, egging him on and threw the first punch.

          • harry


          • Richard Ladson

            I couldn’t have said it better

          • StevenE

            Like Obama!

          • Albert Matzelle

            I think his killer was shooting for Jackson and missed hitting MLK instead.

          • wandakate

            That’s a huge possibility…

          • James

            Many say that Jackson helped to set MLK up by ensuring that he’d be there and in position for the sniper shot. If he did so, he should have killed himself by now because MLK (had he lived on) would have helped this part of my culture to not be the situation in which we find it. If this is true, Jackson helped to destroy the “Black” community. All, in fact, MOST of we are not bad people but we all get stereotyped by situations like this one.

          • harry


          • Carolyn Burton

            MLK was a Uniter who loved God and people His goal was to raise and teach blacks out of poor situations to create Equality for all. Obama is the opposite as he is a Divider. He uses his position to promote hate. He gets riots started, he bad mouths whites and cops. Instead of teaching these young people how to improve themselves, he stirs up the “thug” mentality.

          • Heylottylotty

            Agenda 21 is the goal for their “handlers” and they are so far up the Government plantation they can’t see if.

          • James

            @heylottylotty what you stated is correct and incorrect at the same time. As you phrased it, all of we are on the plantation which is the furthest thing from the truth. This thing boils down to environment more so than to the color of ones’ skin. I am of the same skin tone but you’d never catch me behaving in such a manner! However, I believe in and exercise the 2nd, wouldn’t do that much long talking before fighting someone, use my training in self-defense only and would have pepper sprayed that gorilla before I’d allow him to beat my brains out.

          • PJ Thompson


          • James

            The majority of African Americans are not thugs but a studious African American reading Shakespeare is not as entertaining, degrading or stereotyping enough to make citizen news.

          • harry


          • Carolyn Burton

            Obama set race relations back 50 years

          • James

            His administration, certainly.

          • MR LEE

            The tactics taught by Marx, Engles, Ayers, and followed up on by the likes of OH! BUMMER.

          • JonTB

            Very true, there are many, but the thugs of the black community, who remain in the media, because they feel that everyone “owes” them. when its not them our ancestors owe, its their ancestors, its just been passed down. if anythign this is just a big ass family fued between families. Which should really stop

          • Fletch

            When will they start blaming their African brothers for selling their ancestors to the slave traders.

          • Watchman73

            When you see Muslims selling “Support Israel” buttons on the street corners.

          • James

            The slave traders had guns, sticks that shot fire. The Africans had spears and roughcut knives. Deals were struck with certain tribes and nations of Africans to allow passage and to even sell some of their captured to the slave traders; however, true to American, etc. fashion these peace treaties were broken and even these tribes/nations had their people kidnapped and sold into slavery. Some Africans are to blame, too, however, NO Africans sailed large slave ships across the oceans and delivered these people. Acts of survival under duress. We must hold ultimately accountable the slave traders and those who sent them to kidnap these people.

          • Ssdd

            Find them and hold them accountable.need a shovel?

          • harry


          • Heylottylotty

            Why are so few of our black Americans refusing to step up and make a stand for a united America? The best way to stop this is to prove the “dividers” are not the masses and it will stop.

          • Watchman73

            The few that do speak up are castigated by the Obama Propaganda Machine known as the lamestream media, or they are ignored and nobody hears what they have to say. The Niggers bad mouth them and hate them because they tell them to clean up their act.

          • James

            They are but the lame stream media is controlled by those who would rather the most simplest component of our mindsets to see these examples instead.

          • Heylottylotty

            Bottom line, you are right on. It seems nowadays too many people of all races, and backgrounds are less likely to stand up for (not only the right thing), but for what they actually believe. Fear is a terrible thing, right up there with complacency. Our nation needs more men and women who stand for our true beliefs and freedom, and in this case, color doesn’t matter. Morals and ethics do.

          • James

            I agree with what you are stating but remember we did not owe the actual native americans who are and have received from us in this day and age….yet, we pay out to them on a daily basis….then, there are the casinos. Just one example.

          • nadinemccarthy

            I was trying to make that point the other day. I think the majority of blacks don’t like what is going on either and they are hard working, great parent, and top notch citizens but the climate is going to paint all blacks the same until the extremist activists are seen as the race baiters that they are.

          • James

            Trust me, we hate it that these idiot few create undeserved perception for the rest of us!!!! They’re making it so that before getting to the business that we came to do we have to ease the minds and/or ‘prove’ ourselves NOT the “niggas/thugs” that these types create a perception of. They are damaging and destroying our entire culture!!!

          • Heylottylotty

            Ever think of running for office? (no disrespect meant on the political side).

          • Watchman73

            I just hope the Blacks don’t end up paying for what the Niggers are promoting. Know what I mean?

        • Michelle Headlam

          The fat trucker started the fight not the negro.

          • Brian K EyeRappino

            Are u blind?

          • Icarus

            Do you have eyes?

          • lanezdoster

            Bullcrap.. idiot would not shut up. Black dude started it.

          • PB&J~MO`fer

            Punks jump up to get beat down, absolutely love it!

            Big mouth, pompously arrogant and stupidly ignorant fool, just received
            everything he deserved.

            Just because the color of your skin is black, does not automatically mean you
            are the baddest on the planet.

            Learn this Punks;

            “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark

          • Dorotha

            typical of a demonrat to say that, evidently the black thug had NO brain power to start with

          • Jack Perry

            The physical altercation was started by the black guy in taking a left swing to the trucker’s right side of the face.

          • TexasJester

            As the trucker was trying to leave. He chased the trucker down, postured, swung a couple times, jabbed left – and got a SERIOUS beat down.

          • Dorotha

            are you stupid or ?? the white guy was trying to walk away and the thuggy punk just kept on following him mouthing, seems the trucker had enough and went after the loud mouthed punk, loud mouths are usually chicken sh*** and wont fight

          • Handlebar Said It

            You must be blind, little lady. He deserved to get the crapola beat out of him! Jive talking Niggah took his jive talking bullshit too far, then could NOT back it up! He got what he deserved!

          • Herman Vogel

            Michelle is Black and a Race Baiter. sad but True,,this is the Fergusson Mentality.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Actually I am caucasian. I live in Australia. Most yanks are hillbillies and that video demonstrates hillbilly behaviour to the fullest.

          • rich

            Or, we can say most Australian’s are nothing but murders and thief’s, look how your country started. Your remarks are stupid and ridiculous.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Murders and thiefs, thats what your countrys based on not Australia. Look up your history moron. This country is run by a monarch the Queen of England not a president.

          • Skyhawk

            Australia is not a monarchy idiot. If you don’t even know what style of government runs your own nation why should anyone give any weight to your opinions? Oh that’s right, they don’t.

          • 1SouthernLady1


          • Mark Desade

            It’s a Commonwealth. And it doesn’t report to the Queen. The Commonwealth is for economic trade advantages. She obviously doesn’t know her own form of government. They have a Parliamentary form of government.

          • Steve Sparks

            We have a queen in the White House… Oh a different type of queen.

          • scott

            LOL!!! Good one, Steve!!

          • Kevin Joyner

            Personally I could care less about your opinion. You live in a country that kowtowed down as a collective group of cowards and handed over your rights like good little servants. You have absolutely NOTHING to be proud of and you can keep it! We may not be the most polished but by damn we have the fighting spirit of honor and integrity and that makes us unique on this planet. Your legacy is that you gave up. There is no honor in that. You are gutless, spineless, lapdogs.

          • EL VERDUGO


          • Larry

            You are full of crap El Verd

          • Mark Desade

            You can thank obama for the decifits. Other than that, you seem like a miserable wretch who never found success.

          • Michael Jay

            Right. Because it was the Obama Administration that took us into a war that has nearly bankrupted this country…

          • Steve Sparks

            The all cap style makes him look extra retarded.

          • James Kaelin

            Who made you the Punctuation God?

          • Citizenright

            Not exactly, ElDumbasso. And you are no veteran.

          • Jason Pearson

            True., but in this case my friend., your country woman is seriously out of line.

          • Oregonpapa

            Judging by the all cap presentation, you must have been a drill instructor.

          • CMB313

            So you want socialism. Move to a country that offers it. Apparently you have long misunderstood the nation you supposedly fought for. We are a democratic republic, not a socialist nation. Nope, no free healthcare here. Only socialist nations offer that and then it’s not truly free. We have our asses handed to us because we have to play by UN rules when at war. Get rid of the UN and the US will be handing the enemy their asses. You’re not much of an American for being a vet which I’m doubting you are. What were your reasons for joining the Army? Patriotic or other?

          • Dudon

            Kevin – you idiot – the Aussies are a great friends of the US and have stood by us through thick and thin – fought side by side us in the ‘nam as well many other places!

          • Kevin Joyner

            Good for them and those brave, proud soldiers. As for the others who bent knee and gave in. I look at them the same as any other coward no matter what country that they live in.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Kevin you are a son of a bitch and lastly but not leastly an Asshole.

          • Kevin Joyner

            I’ll take that as a compliment! Thank you!

          • Norman Koch

            talking about using profanity wow i think the mirror i calling your name hillbilly

          • Bo

            You certainly are the pot calling the kettle black. Just like a good lil liberal turd.

          • Geno Tanna

            I’ll admit I consider Aussies our good friends but you don’t have a clue about what America is all about so you are NOT a friend to America. Come here and live for one month and you’ll see what I mean. All is not as it seems. There are loudmouthed thugs like this black guy on ever street corner in America. They are born and bred to hate whites and believe that we all owe them something. They are coddles and taken care of by our government from cradle to grave. Resentment grows from that and it festers. You need to educate yourself. By the way, I have never heard of anyone from Arizona being referred to as a “hillbilly”! Arizona is in the Southwest and is mostly desert.

          • Mickey Jay

            Hi Geno. I’m from Australia too but I am nothing like Michelle. I actually follow the events in America quit closely knowing that if America falls then we all fall. I am a huge fan of Bill Whittle (American) and his conservative views. Australia, as with America has a very vocal (moronic) left who want to shout down any opinion that differs from theirs. We have a similar problem with many Aboriginals who love calling us every racist name under the sun, yet scream bloody murder if anybody dares return the favour. BTW well done to the trucker on the video, that certainly seemed to shut the black guy up.

          • James

            “Every” street corner?? Really? You didn’t complete your comment and are denigrating my culture on an international level. What would have made your statement truth is if you had included the word SOME….some Black people are….THEN, included the fact that SOME White people are the very same that you accuse Black people of in your comment. Btw, there are rednecks in AZ – a friend of mine (who IS a selfproclaimed redneck) says there are also hillbillies there but mostly rednecks.

          • Ssdd

            How bout most and a few ,in that order.statistics prove me correct.

          • gusgus

            And you’re a C word.

          • Steve

            Get off the Aussies. They’ve always been there in times of crisis. Our countries made different choices about English rule. Doesn’t make them cowards. Their troops are always right there with the U.S. and NATO and serve valiantly.

          • Jason Pearson

            this is true Dudon., unfortunately., not Aussies use the brains they were born with.

          • gusgus

            Grow up dillweed, the aussies are only the value of their supporters. She has lessened their value to me, therefore she should be called out as a country representative so possibly good Aussies will correct her stupid rant.

          • Panzer

            Australia is also one of the few nations to strongly defend its borders against mass invading illegals, which has helped to keep its economy and its wages strong. Europe’s lack of spine is turning it into a muslim hell hole infested with the lowest leeches possible.

          • My opinion.

            Well said Kevin..

          • john

            They had the crocodile hunter, lol

          • xmrax

            Sorry Kevin your wrong.

          • Arizona Willie

            I dare you to stand in Kings Cross in Sydney and yell that at the top of your lungs.

          • Meredith Putvin

            Australias was first found by the Dutch and then claimed by the English. It was initially settled via Penal Transport. You have a Constitutional Monarchy as well as a Federal Parliamentary democracy. AKA you only pay lip service to the crown.

          • ssn708

            Look up YOUR history, moron. You are clueless. You do not even understand how your own country is run.

          • Joe Jabroni

            Ok Michelle, put that skinny guy who just got his ass beat in Australia talking like that to the locals….what do you think would happen?


            Actually sweetheart your country is a constitutional monarchy. Maybe it is you who should crack a history book

          • Michelle Headlam

            You remind me of a wigwam for a goose’s bridle

          • dan wipper

            Michelle, you have nothing helpful towards debating your side so you resort to personally attacking people, like a child? Oddly you do this by trying to bash some one who is obviously pretty? You must be jealous both our country and Sickofthedogmedia.


            Thank you for the kind words

          • Richard Winchester

            So your just a troll.

          • Mark Desade

            Did you get the license number of the truck that ran over your face?

          • Pat Taylor

            Whipped that boy like a RENTED MULE!

          • PB&J~MO`fer

            Punks jump up to get beat down, absolutely love it!

            Big mouth, pompously arrogant and stupidly ignorant fool, just received
            everything he deserved.

            Just because the color of your skin is black, does not automatically mean you
            are the baddest on the planet.

            Learn this Punks;

            “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark

          • Pat Taylor

            Yeah, that punk is very lucky that at the first engagement that he didn’t wind up with a broken larynx at the front of the business’s door – missed opportunity

          • Pat Taylor

            Great quote too!

          • Tom Ferrell

            Awww! That’s hillbilly talk. LOL

          • Pat Taylor

            They can take the “billy” from the “hill”…..
            But they will never take the “hill” from the “billy”.


            Project much?

          • scooter

            Are you for real? It’s understandable if you don’t know how America got its start, but being totally ignorant of how Australia was formed is pure ignorance and you should turn off your computer, and go enroll in some history classes.

          • Joe TaaDaa

            Who cares enough about austraileria to wanna know who runs that trash heap.

          • Dian Pitts

            Don’t they read English in Australia? He said that was how your country was started. By prisoners, remember? Ours was founded by religious persecution.

          • Linda

            Criminals from England were sent to Australia to live.

          • 1SouthernLady1

            NooOooo, it was a PENAL colony for England, Brainiac. Read YOUR OWN HISTORY – LIKE EVER?!

          • scott

            Apparently, Michelle’s never heard of Van Dieman’s Land lol!!

          • 1SouthernLady1

            Clearly not! LOLOL!!

          • jimmyd787

            murders there were 4 murders in Detroit last night

            murderers there are 407 murderers on death row.

            thief there must be some kind of way out of here, said to joker to the thief (jimi hendrix/bob dylan all along the watchtower)

            thieves there is no honor among thieves

            didnt we go over this before? maybe you should take notes? or go back to grade school.

          • LilMissPrepper

            Do you actually not know the history of your own country? How it was started as a penal colony??

          • Joe TaaDaa

            penis colony

          • Richard Winchester

            You live in an old penal colony, look up your history honey.

          • Jeff Bouchard

            You don’t represent the rest of your country which I respect and admire. You just seem like a disheveled old hag

          • HonestC

            Then you don’t know your history! Australia was first populated by the worst criminals of England. They were sent away to exile in Australia. You have no idea of what you’re talking about. “Hillbillies” are in no way related to anyone in the New England area (New York, New Jersey, etc.), nor do they have to do with anyone in the southwest (Arizona, etc.). As for America . . . we were first populated by people who wanted religious freedom . . . NOT criminals (like Australia).

          • angf117

            wow…dont you know your own history?……australia started as a penal colony from england…….better study past the first grade…

          • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

            I LOVE Australia and MOST Aussies. But there’s always one or two like YOU around, flappin’ yer uneducated gums… Have you read your own history, ma’am? Certainly doesn’t sound like it…

          • Will Coleman

            Yes our queen sent all the scum to Australia lmao

          • baktoolarew

            You’re a bunch of sissies with no guns and a love for Islam. We know that fact.

          • Joshua Burdo

            wow… talk about not knowing history… the Queen Mother has virtually no legislative powers and no British Monarch has had any for decades before Elizabeth II…name one law she’s passed.
            Australia is governed by a parliament and Prime Minister in much the way America is governed by Congress and President. She’s not black and uneducated, she’s just old and senile….

            and Australian.

          • Mark Desade

            Australia started as a penal colony for England! It’s where all the criminals went. In fact, the Black Watch was sent to Australia to put down riots.

          • Citizenright

            You are a dipsht, making that comment.

          • bushidoedge

            Look up your history. Your island was an island of exile ran by the Queen you idiot, over prisoners…. again, please don’t add to our stupidity. Stay on your island….

          • CaptainAmerica69

            he was referrin to it bein a prison colony

          • xmrax

            It was also an English penal colony.guess you failed history too.

          • jay2010master

            You do realize that England shipped prisoners to Australia – ie the undesirables that they didn’t want walking the streets in England.

          • gusgus

            led by a queen that won’t even set foot in your god forsaken country.
            After all how hard is it to lead a country of aborigines and kangaroo’s.

          • Guy Post

            Actually….Australia, the eastern half, was settled in 1770 by Great Britain as a penal colony.

            If you were here in the United States, you sound like you would be one of the liberal idiots who ATTEMPT to rewrite the history of their respective country.

          • jimmyd787

            murderers thieves plural thief singular thieves plural leaf singular leaves plural loaf singular loaves plural dwarf singular dwarves plural scarf singular scarves plural see the pattern???? your grammar is stupid and ridiculous.

          • EL VERDUGO


          • patrick looper

            Hillbillies are only found in Appalachian mountains, which is not most of the United States. You’re using words that you do not understand. The black guy took the first swing and he got his ass kicked. You’re too stupid to figure out in any country if you swing and hit someone it will lead to a fight, and had he done that in Australia the same thing would have happened.

          • Michelle Headlam

            No us Australians have got more manners and sense.

          • Tom Ac

            are you joking ? i used to live in melbourne and while going out a wrong look at someone could get you into a fight. Im originally from croatia and even i havent seen young people drink as much as the aussies. Manners and sense my ass

          • Michelle Headlam

            white ass homie

          • scott

            Michelle, you’re only digging your way down further into the Stupid Hole. You really need to stop, before the whole country is laughing at you and the nice men in the clean white coats show up to take you to your cell……….

          • 4august20

            matters maybe but sense you don,t have a licl


            Manners? You are name calling and making sad attempts at belittling. Is that what you Aussie’s call manners?

          • Ricardo Agila

            It’s called condescension. The Aussies are real good at it as they have learned a lot of their manners from the English.

          • 1SouthernLady1

            Condescension comes straight from insecurity and feeling lesser than _______ fill it in. In this case? It’s U.S.

          • 1SouthernLady1

            Yup – that’s about right!

          • JPM

            Go suck a crock, you’re an idiot

          • 1SouthernLady1

            Okay, Sweetheart, you sure do. You win, you really do. You’re all better than ANYONE on Earth – God made you that way, so that you could be His favorites. Congrats!

          • Michelle Headlam

            Thankyou Im not religious but I hope you have a wonderul Xmas and Happy New Year.

          • Michelle C

            That would be called Christmas…not Xmas. Wow you are so disrespectful!

          • bluenoser

            Is that why the Muslims are running amock in Australia? Because you don’t have the balls to fight back?

          • Michelle Headlam

            We got the balls…

          • dan wipper

            Michelle, you who verbally attacks other people and their country, you claim to have manors? You do not display manors nor sense.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Its Manners not manors learn how to spell. You are disspiicable.

          • dan wipper

            Spelling a word wrong is not as bad as being an evil bitch. Sucks to be you doesn’t it.

          • Tom Ferrell

            That actually is “despicable” Ms Headlam.

          • Billy

            just shut up!

          • Richard Winchester

            I thought you were all so sedate from alcohol abuse and pass it off as manners.

          • Michelle GivesBadHead

            Obviously, based on your horrible manners online.

          • Rex1949

            Patrick Looper. Your right about your comment. And if someone took a swing at a Australian. There would of been a brawl for sure and someone would of gotten whipped.

          • Michelle = dumb

            Michelle is not blind you guys need to back off and let her have her opinion, retards deserve to have a voice too

          • Michelle Headlam

            Takes one to know one.

          • Rex1949

            Michelle Headlam: Your not a very nice person is all I can say.


            “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own set of facts” Moynihan

          • 1SouthernLady1


          • Michelle Headlam

            Retards are humans too.

          • George Ward

            What planet are you from again ? That comment sounded very racist to me ! Would you appreciate comments about growing up in a “penal colony” ?

          • Michelle Headlam

            Thats all you know about Australia it seems. A penal colony.Well la de da. Oh and America doesnt have criminals. Charles Manson is a big criminal. And most yanks tote guns. We dont carry guns in Australia. It seems yanks cant get rid of their cowboy n Indian background.

          • ssn708

            Thanks for further proving your ignorance. Countries like Canada and the UK, with strict gun laws, actually have much higher crime rates than the US. Your crime rate has risen what, 42% since the gun ban?


            You as a law abiding citizen may not carry a gun but criminals do. Once again do a little research sweetheart . Here is what happened after you country took away your right to protect yourself Since Australia banned semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and pump action shotguns the gun crime rates have skyrocketed throughout the country.

            Murders committed with guns increased by 19%.

            Home invasions increased by 21%.

            Assaults committed with guns increased by 28%.

            Armed robberies skyrocketed with an increase of 69%.


          • chopper

            Damn! You are good, I hope your life is going just the way you want it to be going and I wish you a long and happy life.

          • Rex1949

            Michelle Headlam: There are criminals in Australia also. So don’t give me none of your bull about your country not having no criminals OK? And you Australians do have guns.Who are you fooling anyway. Your a limy idiot if you believe that Australians don’t have guns.

          • Rick Prohaska

            now your just babbling

          • JRJ21

            Yeah we love our guns,America is number one in gun ownership n the world and number 28 in violent crime, behind countries like England and Australia.Criminals don’t like armed victims.Is that too hard for you to grasp?

          • Richard Winchester

            O.J. Simpson is a criminal that got away with murder because he was black…

          • James Kaelin

            Hey Aussie, are you sure your not Transgendered? you act like your Hormones are out of wack! and who smacked you in the Nose! you look like some German girls I use to date.

          • fedup

            Listen you assie islanders paricite… if it wasn’t for us ‘YANKS” you dumb asses would be goose steppin with the nazis, or still be living in the bronze age chuckin spears and throwing boomerangs at one another. Yanks are the only reason you spears chuckers are still on the planet. You ought to be greatfull we took pity on your sorry asses and gave you the ware-with-all to survive in the modern world… the world we YANKS gave you the ability to live in… AND YOU ARE STILL WELCOME… ingrate!!!

          • Ronald Pence

            Actually I am glad you have that attitude. It will bring you a lot of Karma. Some people see things that happen the opposite of the way they actually are. I can see you have that problem. Eventually you will feel out of control of your environment and then angry, then likely to do things that will land you in prison. I hope you can avoid the norm.

          • retro666@home

            Most Americans do have a HUGE hillbilly mentality. Not sure how the fight started the video didn’t start early enough but the other hillbilly did egg on his buddy thank god the stranger broke it up.

          • Meredith Putvin

            I beg to differ, madam. Being that I am a Yank and by no means are most Yanks Hillbillies. You are playing on a bad stereotype, much like racism.

          • 1SouthernLady1

            EXACTLY like racism – blaming the ‘whole’ for a perceived set of ideas from a few.

          • Herman Vogel

            Yeah, you are Caucasian,,,and I am Santa Clause. I doubt you are even from down under.

          • jimmyd787

            claus santa claus clause part of a legal contract. thanks for playing. signed, the grammar nazi….

          • ssn708

            Right. He shouldn’t have raised a hand to defend himself, should have let the thug just beat on him. You are one of the most clueless people I have ever run across in my life.

          • David Fournier

            I am glaqd you live in Australia,stay ther please.

          • Rex1949

            Michelle Headlam: I think you owe a apology to the Americans. As we are pretty civilized here. If it wasn’t for us yanks as you say. You wouldn’t have the freedom you have now in Australia. As you would be under some other country telling you what to do. I don’t know who brainwashed you. But your wrong about us here in the USA OK?

          • Rick Prohaska

            those hillbillies stopped you from a japanese internment camp

          • Donald Chandler

            wow how damn stupid are you

          • Linda

            I am not a hillbilly where did you get that idea? Have you been to America?

          • 1SouthernLady1

            That’s ridiculous – that’s like saying MOST AUSSIES are loud-mouthed, rude and stuck up. MOST Yanks have manners, “Ma’am”, clearly not THIS particular ignorant. And I’m NOT speaking of the ‘Fat Trucker’. You stink, and I can smell it here in Texas, OVER the cow-crap!

          • mamaof2

            Who are you to call me a hillbilly?? You do NOT know me at all, so you’re are RIDICULOUSLY prejudiced. Talk about stereotyping!
            And you must be blind! A monkey could see that black boy was running his mouth like a tough guy and without a doubt threw the first punch. You’re insane.

          • Billy

            hey now michelle, Australia and the US have love with each other, I lived in Melbourne for years, if you know me you can call me a yank! You’re name better be Luke “Jaffa” Curtis or Will Styles though. otherwise you’re just as racist as the rest. watch your words smart ass.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Watcha gonna do white boy homie ass white m………..

          • Richard Winchester

            Are you that stupid?

          • Jeff Bouchard

            Really? Do you think that all “yanks” think of you living in the outback with kangaroos? Get a life..

          • hHeather

            Yes… we should all be so impressed with two grown men fighting. This is what is wrong with this country. Adults can’t act like adults.

          • angelo valentino

            and most aussies are aboriginals?? what a cretin

          • Michelle GivesBadHead

            It figures… some hillbilly Brit (aka Australian). Whiny dumbasses.

          • Mark Desade

            Oh yeah, we invented the Space Shuttle, the Internet, electricity, light bulbs, anti-biotics, etc. Are you ignorant or just acting?.

          • Pat Taylor

            You must be the world’s ONLY brain donor?

          • James Kaelin

            Hey STUPID! you don’t have a clue as to what a REAL HILLBILLIE is! had that Trucker been one! He would have skinned your negro like a Rabbit and left his skin hung on a gas pump! Now that’s a HILLBILLIE!

          • KWT

            Do NOT lump all Americans into one category… I am from the south, but and not a hillbilly as you suggest… As a white American.. I have to be extremely cautious of what I do or say and tolerant of many things..otherwise, I will be labeled. Which seems to be what so many people nowadays love to do, that have the liberal, racist or thug mentality… and do not have a clue.

          • heilbama

            Generalizations are always untrue and are usually spouted by those whose intelligence is questionable. I will consider that to be the case with you, since I don’t think most Australians are that stupid.

          • Bo

            You are a racist bush jumper. Don’t surprise me coming from a country that outlawed guns. Idiot libs are like an infestation upon humanity.

          • Ernest Murphy

            So you are saying you would had sucked his prick?

          • bushidoedge

            You’re an idiot. Please stay on your island..

          • byebyebigred

            Better than being an Australian ahole.

          • Ronnie Little

            us yanks can whoop an aussies ass anyday .

          • Harry

            You really understand nothing about America. Your using the same type of stereotyping that many people use against Australians and many other races, religious and political figures use. The black guy not n*gger started it when he was asking for money from people because he didn’t have enough to fill his car up. The two white guys said no go get a job. This angered young black person. Started calling them names. Now one of the white guys did use a bad word back at him but not the one who through punches. The black guy clearly in the video through the first punch. In America you have the right to defend yourself no matter what your race is. The white guy got off him I feel when the attacker could no longer pose a risk. Even the other black guy in the picture there didn’t help the ignorant black man. You even hear him say the fool got what he deserved.

          • xmrax

            Funny thing ,blacks were not allowed to enter Australia till the mid to late 60’s

          • Michelle Headlam

            They are not blacks they are aborigines.

          • xmrax

            Who said anything about aboriginals ,pay attention,I said your history.

          • Michelle Headlam

            I can’t read.

          • xmrax

            Thank you,you just proved my are a disgrace to the people of Australia

          • Lian Renaud

            Only blacks with money were allowed they welcomed the Agher Khan…money speaks and has always done so.

          • Leory

            You are an idiot.

          • gusgus

            You are a stupid person and need a good old fashion hillbilly spanking.

          • gloBULLwarming

            Yanks are hillbilly’s huh, you might check what criminal your great great Grandpa was, an then go blow a kangaroo.

          • azsdft

            Such generalization from someone that doesn’t live here in the US and probably never visited here either. I’ve never been to Australia, but you won’t catch me saying that most of you screw Kangaroos or Koalas…….

          • scott

            You idiot twat, Arizona is nowhere near any hilbillies. It would be like calling Aussies “eskimos.” Totally ridiculous and nonsensical.
            You know nothing about 21st century America. TV is NOT reality!!!

          • pugwis

            I don’t think you know what a hill billy is. That’s like saying all Aussies are Abos. I’ve traveled around Australia a bit and found “hill billies” in Queensland and in small towns in the interior who are a few cards short of a whole deck. These guys were not from the hills. They live in the city.

          • datroofhomez

            Take the Pepsi Challenge. We’ll hand over 100,000 of these fine upstanding negro citizens to every one of your major cities. The process of integration will go smoothly. No, really. It will. ROFL

          • Citizen Outkast

            Nah, your reply demonstrates bleeding heart, disconnected-from-reality “thinking.” I use the word “thinking” loosely, of course.

          • Carlos Valdés

            Most Australians are descendants of english convicts… so fuck off stupid ausi… ABC

          • Michelle Headlam


          • CMB313

            You’re not even close. You don’t even know what a hillbilly is to make that statement. That video demonstrates much less than the Aussies who are infamous for pounding the snot out of people. By the way, how are you guys treating the aboriginals out there? Any better or are you still squashing them every chance you get?

          • Ssdd

            ,Dear Michelle .throw your self on the barbie. I’ve met many Aussies and loved them ,wonderful people you on the other hand can go play down bye the river.splash a lot while cleaning chicken.

          • Michelle Headlam

            And I dont like racist remarks.

          • patrick looper

            Michelle, if you didn’t have your head so far up your ass you might have seen in the video who took the first swing.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Your head it seems is continually stuck up your fat bloody arse.

          • Meredith Putvin

            Then don’t stereotype others. You can’t have one and do the other.

          • Rex1949

            Well, quit giving everybody crap and say sarcastic remarks and shut the heck up then . If you hate people making racist remarks as you say. But nobody here is slinging racist remarks but you OK?

          • Rick Prohaska

            a lot of black men like to pretend they are white women they even made a movie about it

          • Tom Ac

            then you should stop making them

          • Michelle Headlam

            You’re talkin crap dude.

          • James

            From what we saw this loser begged for a beating but once he was somewhat unconscious and the fat guy was on his back holding his head up punching him in the head….it became a crime. He’d better hope this matter just dies down and goes away quietly or he and his trucking company that he works for is going to be in a lot of legal criminal and civil trouble.

          • Herman Vogel

            LMAO,,so YOU were there,,,give me an address or shut the hell up Race Baiter.

          • Beavus B’head

            Honestly, Im embarressed as a conservative by the comments here. I know conservatives tend to be more informed on the issues, but “top right news” somehow found the bottom of the barrel to sign up.


            Those are the trolls posing as conservatives

          • Cubalibre1953

            Fool!! Blind!”

          • Claude Heck

            what a dumb ass statement and the black guy got just what he ask for !!

          • Beavus B’head

            Of course he did. But no one deserves to be beat into oblivion. But for some reason, its OK with the “conservatives” here to be no better than the “niggers” they make fun of. Theres a term for this where I come from – REDNECK.


            He did not deserve as sever of a beating as he received I agree with you there but please do not lump conservatives in with the racist as we are not

          • Michelle Headlam

            You’re a dumb ass yourself. And you’re racist.

          • patrick looper

            Yea, when you’re too dumb to address the facts………..scream racist !

          • Meredith Putvin

            No, that’s a troll.

          • Ed Woodson

            Michelle Headlam, are you really that stupid. Never mind, don’t answer that. Another object of a Ron White Book.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Can I buy a Ron White book? Honey you’re not stupid you are moronic.

          • TexasJester

            Ron White isn’t a hillbilly; he’s from Houston, TX. And one of the funniest comedians around, I might add!

          • Rose Rasey Bullock Buss

            You must be blind and deaf……..or a total racist. Take your pick, Michelle! SMH -PTF

          • Michelle Headlam

            I am neither blnnd nor deaf. So there ya go.

          • Rose Rasey Bullock Buss

            Well, that leaves “total racist”…..& I certainly won’t quarrel with that!

          • FrontRowNews

            The fight started when the first punch was thrown…. was thrown by the black man…. NOT negro.

          • ARTURO


          • Ronald Pence

            She only sees her own agenda and believes it that strongly. Its like I read about some people would choose to believe a lie and be dammed for it. 2nd Thessalonians 2:11 If they are so determined God lets them believe it.

          • B Dog

            How? The man in the black hat threw the first punch and got beaten in retaliation.

          • ssn708

            Are you blind, or just ridiculously stupid?

          • G L

            Shut up douche

          • David Fournier

            Just like Brown was a gentle giant.Are you brain dead or just blind.He started the confrontation trucker finished it end of story.

          • Rodney Davis

            The thug went after him and threw the first punch you left wing dumbass

          • Billy Ray Holden

            did you watch the video or are you one of those that bitches without even knowing the facts?

          • 4august20

            the black man though the first punch lady did you have your glasses on

          • Abby Normal

            Negro? WTF you think this is, 1953? Why not call him a “colored” or “darky” while you are at it. Your comment is more offensive than anything the trucker did.

          • Tom Ac

            she did call him coloured… lol

          • chopper

            She’s from Australia, everything happens 50 years later down there….


            When was the last time you had a vision/ hearing screening?

          • Nancy C

            When is the last time you had your head examined!

          • Jim Myers

            I would love to hear WHY you think the trucker started this.

            Race aside, the gentleman that was taunting the trucker, and then threw a punch at the trucker, was the instigator of this event. The trucker had every legal right to defend himself once he was attacked by the other gentleman.

          • Rex1949

            Michelle Headlam: You seriously need to review the fight. As you see the black guy was at fault with his foul mouth. Plus the Black guy did take the first punch towards the white guy. I tell the truth as i see it. I am not bias or racist either OK?

          • scooter

            She doesn’t care. she’s just a race baiting fool from down under. Hell she’s too stupid to even know her own countries origins.

          • Rex1949

            ScooterL Thanks for your comment. I think something must be wrong with her. She has a real bad attitude about Americans and thinks Low about us Americans. Not all the Australian people think the ways she does. I Guess she has been brainwashed by someone else who has told her bad things about Americans and she believes every word they have told her is all.

          • scooter

            He was just a poor little black kid minding his own business… right?

          • 1SouthernLady1

            LOL – yup, that’s it. Watched a different video, did ya??????????????????????????????????????

          • Pa

            The black guy threw the first punch

          • Fed Up

            You are an ignorant slut…. Bitch go peddle. your crazy elsewhere

          • Michelle Headlam


          • Dave W

            Lol, priceless Princess.

            Dare you to answer, try not to be distracted insulting me.

            WHY did the kid grab his crotch and taunt the driver?

            Stay focused you can do it.

          • Reply ifyouare deaf

            Your wack if you think so…

          • Richard Winchester

            Your one of those witnesses like the ones in Ferguson, you didn’t see it but you’ll tell us all about it.

          • Dave Evans

            Bulls–t, the black guy would not shut up and took the first punch. He was lucky the guy stopped when he did. The punks in Fergusson that picked on white guys that did nothing did not stop until the white guys wound up having to go to the hospital.

          • Will Coleman

            black guy threw the first punch. dont give it if you cant take it.

          • Joshua Burdo

            punk black guy threw the first punch too…
            watch it again dumbass…

          • SYG

            Michelle H. . . . .Where you been gurl? Dems ain’t negros. Dems African Americans, and BTW . . .the trucker didn’t start the fight, the NYC punk kept running his mouth off. One of life’s rules is this: “Never let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash.”

          • Mark Desade

            You’re a gal and automatically ignorant about fighting. Go make me a sandwich.

          • Pat Taylor


          • Willie

            The black guy threw the first punch !

          • Notashamedofmynature

            were you watching the video? or is your white guilt so bad that you wont let facts get in the way? look at the video and see who went up to who in a threating manner and instigated the fight. the main difference if races were reversed the other black guy would have joined in and it would have been a 2 on 1 fight.

          • PB&J~MO`fer

            MH you are a c~u~m~smuggling D~Bag! And, you were not present so you can not provide any accurate information as to who initiated.

            In the video, the white guy has walked away and the Black guy continued to seek the white guy out, the black guy then walked directly up to the white guy and started throwing punches…..

            The Negro (as you called him) threw the first 3 punches and missed, awe to bad, (Ah Ha) because after that, the fat trucker (as you call him) done put a whoppin on that big mouthed and stupidly arrogant black fools head and face. Absolutely Hilarious LMFAO!

            PUNKS Jump up to get beat down!

            PUNKS Jump up to get beat down!

            PUNKS Jump up to get beat down!
            “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain

          • James Kaelin

            Awwwww is that the best you can do MORON! BTW they aren’t Negro’s anymore!

          • My opinion.

            Words coming from a liberal lunatic…

          • Geno Tanna

            You’re stupid! Who threw the first punch, dumbass? The white guy was walking away and the black guy went after him. He got what he deserved. Sounds to me like you deserve some of what he got.

          • Ronnie Little

            it is better to be thought a fool , than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • Lynn Kirk

            how do you figure that? He kept walking away, mr. thug kept on following him. He got exactly what he deserved and I can only hope nio charges were brought against the trucker

          • joe m

            really cause in the video i just watched the two white guys were walking away and the negro walked back over in there direction got mouthy again and then started swinging. so…unless you have a different version of the video put down the crack pipe and back away from the table.

          • Hemicrashbox

            Skipping your meds again I see…What did the Dr tell you about doing that?

          • Hemicrashbox

            top right likes too censor i see

          • Connie Watson-Froom

            Then you were watching a different video than I saw. Clearly the Black boy started it.

          • Kathy McKinny

            just wondering…..what color is the sky in YOUR world???

          • Michael Gibbons

            your wrong the negro started the fight the white guy finished it dont hate becouse a negro got his ass beaten down

          • Scott A Bregi

            The brotha threw the first punch, or did you not even view the video?

          • LostHearts

            Yeah, it always be whitey’s fault. You must be blind.

          • gusgus

            Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

          • arnie

            BUT HE ENDED IT……

          • gloBULLwarming

            What state of confusion are you in? it does not show what started this fight, only show’s this loud mouth punk throwing the first punch.

          • azsdft

            Were you there? Did you see the start of it or are you just assuming by when the video started?

          • Dick Stumbaugh

            You are an ignorant bitch !

          • Citizen Outkast

            First, the white guy was trying to walk away. Black guy kept at it.

            Second, “negro?” Wow, I didn’t know you could use the Internet to communicate from 1964.

          • Carlos Valdés

            Sorry but I think you need better glasses. look at the video properly.

          • R.J. Hood

            The “negro” started it when he started demanding sex from the white women. Trucker was trying to get him to leave…he wouldn’t and was approaching the women again. Maybe you like to be gang raped by “negros” and the men in Australia allow it…but women here in America don’t like it and the men here will stand up for their women

          • Postman12

            The black guy started the fight, he even hit the trucker first.

          • Wickerbill

            You are full of crap and so ignorant you are a good example of why SOME blacks are having a tough time in this world. You are smarter than that. Watch the video again please.

          • harry


        • Michelle Headlam

          Look they will all fight chinese, european black you name it. And that coloured guy was outnumbered. .

          • Ed Woodson

            Looked like a one on one ass kicking to me. You really are stupid.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Oh well if Fatso wants to punch someone good on him.He’s so bloody fat he is pathetic. Let him guts his big greasy hamburgers and get even fatter. At least the coloured guy had a good physique.

          • Tyler Crane

            Michelle, please do not reply to or post anymore comments. You’ve made an idiot of yourself similar to the African American man in this video, if not worse. “If fatso wants to punch someone good on him” WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSED TO DO?! The New York guy punched him first and was already swinging in for another one! FML sometimes when I bear witness to morons like you. And yes I am being very mean right now.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Takes one to know one.!

          • Janea Stephen

            Look at the pot calling the kettle black. You cannot legitimately complain about people being racist nor ignorant when you yourself are committing the same offense. From your post here I have come to the conclusion that your bigotry knows no bounds. One such as yourself should take a long look in the mirror and figure out what it is you hate so much about yourself that you feel compelled to degrade and label others in such a way that it presumably make you look and feel better about your pathetic existence.


            “Takes one to know one “What are you 5?

          • chopper

            Okay, now I know you are just a kid. Time for bed ugly little girl.

          • Dean Ace Thomas

            Troll, from the nation started by criminals and prostitutes


            So you would let someone punch you in the face and you would not react?

          • SYG

            Yes he “had” a good physique. I could see it laying there on the ground after getting his ass whooped by the big fat trucker guy. BY THE WAY, Michelle. . . .. . .When did you Australians allow the Aborigines the right to vote? Wasn’t it just recently?

          • W Dawes

            Only saw ONE guy beating his butt, so how is that out numbered? Only the guy that was attacked by the thug fought back. Get some glasses and learn how to count.

          • Ronald Pence

            one on one. yep he was outnumbered. See. Does not see reality.

          • Tom Ac

            coloured guy… sounds like a racist comment to me

        • xAmericanPridex

          That loud mouthed punk was already brain damaged.

        • Geoff Jacobs

          F’n A

        • Geno Tanna

          I disagree! I guarantee this punk will never mess with another white boy again. Especially after he sees that millions of people have watched him get his ass kicked by a white dude! That beatdown may have saved his life. He just realized he ain’t as badass as he thought he was.

        • John Brady

          What trucker? the guy who punched him out drove off in a Toyota or something like it.

      • Harry

        He deserved everything he got and then some!

        • RDieder

          Street cred!

      • Gumby Rules

        Hell that punk already had brain damage

      • c musgrave

        Looks like he already is brain damaged

        • Ricardo Agila

          True. Who is stupid enough to pick a fight against someone who outweighs you over 20 pounds.

      • phred01

        you have to have a brain to get damage.

        • jim


      • BusyMomOf7

        The OTHER white guy is heard saying “you got him. That’s enough.”
        Probably save the dumbass’s life. If it were reversed, they never would have stopped

        • bigsurprise

          Actually it was the calm black guy who came up on them that said that .. BUT the trucker did stop then …BUT the trucker did not fight dirty , as we see thug blacks doing…kicking in the head, slamming heads into the pavement, or ganging up on one..IF he had not physically attacked the trucker, the trucker would have kept walking away, just as he was doing….These thugs do not care that they are screaming FILTH for children to hear….because this is how they talk in front of their own children…This is common vocabulary for them…..Disgusting lot of low lifes !!!

          • jupakos79

            The control came from the truckers buddy who let them fight it out, most people want to jump in.

          • jim


          • W Dawes

            100% correct. Thugs fight dirty and then have “poor sportsmanship” when they LOSE!

        • Miraclewhip515

          The black gentleman at the end was the one who kept saying “He’s done.” That’s when the trucker got off of him and left.

        • Cubalibre1953

          So true

          • Michelle Headlam

            You are a bigot. Hope you have a thoroughly crap Xmas.

          • dan wipper

            Michelle you really are a sick individual. Get help.

        • jiminee1

          Thye should have picked him up and dropped him in the trash can…..where garbage belongs.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Thats rascist and snide.

          • Dianna Hughey

            Really Mic helle Head lam? Why is it that every time someone starts losing an argument they throw out “That’s racist”. Close your eyes and just listen to the video (Justice is blind after all), then tell me who was the antagonist and went too far.

          • W Dawes

            No, it is not racist. What are you 10 years old? Garbage is not color centric

        • Michelle Headlam

          The fat bastard trucker deserves a stint in a jail.

          • Michelle is an obnoxious ignorant troll. She only wants to get a reaction. Ignore her and she will tire and return to her usual pursuits: nose-picking, drooling, and playing the pokies.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Your like the rest of ’em narrow minded, ignorant and a bigot.

          • Hahahahaha . . . poor baby. breathe deeply. Try to calm yourself.

          • ken clute

            your,you’re? Learn the queens english retard!

          • Michelle Headlam

            Oh you poor little thing boo hoo I didnt write a word correctly. Oh no its Armageddon the end of the world is nigh. In my hurry must’ve forgot oh no. You obviously have had a good education otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed that. Bye Hillbilly.

          • ken clute

            michelle, you are an uneducated hillbilly that loves to troll the internet. Why don’t you find yourself a real man(not that dildo that you use)and shut the f up? You are making the good people of Australia quite angry with your trolling. There, there now, run along like the beef-witted cockalorum that you are…

          • Michelle Headlam

            You have the intelligence of a newt. Still tied to mummys apron strings. By the way where can you get a beef witted cockolorum are they available in the supermarket aisle. By the sounds of you you watch too many hard core porn movies.

          • ken clute

            Obviously more intelligent than you, I , atleast, know the difference between you and you’re!!LOL!!! Plus I know what a beef-witted person is and a cockalorum, which your dirty little mind does not. Skank!

          • dan wipper

            Michelle is a man, he prefers his dildo over women and he is actually from America.

          • Simon Williams

            Michelle, you really need to shut up. it is clear who started the fight(first punch any way) not sure what started the verbal. As for the rest of your remarks, wake up to you’r self. Your comment are just the result of an uneducated white trash. Yes I am Australian as well, you are just giving us a bad name. the black dude got what he deserved.


            Simon I don’t think she is really Australian

          • dan wipper

            I was thinkingthe same thing. My guess is she is a liberal from California?

          • dan wipper

            Got it and you are right SOTLDM. This Michelle profile is a black man from America. Would a lady from Australia ever use this wording? Michelle’s reply @ billy; “Watcha gonna do white boy homie ass white m………..”,. I do not think a lady would make this type of threat nor would an Australian use the Ebonics term “homie.”


            You really should stop projecting your hate onto others

          • Nancy C

            Take your own advice!

          • patrick looper

            Michelles ISP address is not even in Australia.

          • jerry B

            you lady are an idiot….must have a black boyfriend that’s a thug

          • Michelle Headlam

            No we dont have negros in Australia. You must have a girlfriend whos chinese and makes you eat fried rice.. You are a moron. Period.

          • iplaymusic4u

            Poor Michelle. I dug really deep and tried to find someway to defend you however, you continued with ignorance. I am not going to personally attack your intelligence here as I do not know what institution you are admitted and the rules that allow you to continue to make comments online.

          • Michelle Headlam

            Oh woe is me. Oh boo hoo oh so pathetic you are, you piddly little excuse for a human being, still tied to mummys apron strings.

          • foolishness

            Are aborigines “negros”?

          • Tom Ac

            whats wrong with fried rice ?

          • chopper

            You are NOT from Australia if you don’t think that there are black people there. Look at the indigenous peoples of Australia, then look in the mirror at a fool that isn’t fooling anyone.

          • dan wipper

            What? A black man hiding behind an Australian ladies profile should not be so stupid. The indigenous people of Australia are black you idiot. Also, in the 2006 Australian Census, 248,605 residents declared that they were born in Africa.

          • Nathan Howell

            Since you’re from Australia and are not knowledgeable about how some people around here act, then you should keep your mouth shut. The “black” guy got what he deserved. What the trucker deserves is a medal!

          • Michelle Headlam

            Well if thats how people act in your area god help you.

      • Ronald Pence

        It looks like he already had brain damage and a smart mouth too. Some people are slow learners or only learn the hard way. Either way I think he learned that he would be better off to keep mouth shut.

        • LlarryLLama

          Yeah, he’s been reduced to mouthing off only to little old white ladies, and only then if he’s with about three or more of his homies.

      • kwkss

        Maybe the thug receives a lesson in politeness.
        Lucky the trucker didn’t have a full mAGAZINE THAT NEEDED TO BE EMPTIED.

        • jupakos79

          Being from Az everyone carries, that boy is lucky he popped of in New York and not in Az.

          • Charles Main

            They are in AZ, look at the phone number on the taxi.

          • jim

            Yep, true here to.

          • Miraclewhip515

            They are in AZ. Around the Phoenix area.

          • Sara Nichols

            Mesa, Arizona The QT on Broadway next to the old tradewind apartments to be exact.

          • Claude Heck

            the article say’s new jersey
            quick trip, also new York city thug.

          • Miraclewhip515

            Green Discount cab with (602) area code = Phoenix and surrounding areas AZ. Oleanders and scarcity of trees and grass definitely = AZ. Plus someone ID’d this QT in Mesa which is surrounding area to Phoenix.

          • W Dawes

            correct. New Jersey

      • musksnipe

        Can’t damage something that ain’t there

      • cephasalpha

        You can’t damage something tgat isn’t there.That punk’s head is just a hollow hat rack.

      • Highwall

        He had brain damage before the fight!

      • Marie

        I would say he already had brain damage the way he was carrying on…

      • 4 respect

        If it had been two blacks the trucker would have left either in an ambulance or the coroner’s wagon. Should have beat him unconscious, couldn’t beat any sense into him. The punk had none to begin with! Blacks got to stop this hate against whites.

        • jim


        • EttaMae Williams Svider

          So true….they normally come in packs to beat up one white person.

          • W Dawes

            or sneak up on old people for a knockout game.

        • Miraclewhip515

          I agree with you totally. Black people don’t understand a LOT of us whites don’t hate them or have anything against them. I, for one, treat everybody equally and don’t look at color until they bring it up. Like in the MB riots and then all I see is idiots.

        • abbypatch

          Not necessarily. The trucker had a buddy. It may have been an equal fight. I’m just surprised the black dude wasn’t carrying.

      • Tiffany

        Who stops a fight after five punches to make sure that the person who ASSAULTED them is ok? It’s no the UFC! You don’t stop a fight to check someones boo boos. He wouldn’t stop trying to get up, which is a signal that he wants to keep going, and at no point did he say he was done or ask him to stop. When someone walked up and said that dude was done, the trucker got up and walked away.

        • Linda Naylor Lehmann

          The black will probably go attack an elderly couple too get back at whites.

          • LlarryLLama

            only with several of his peeps.

      • Mark Wade

        Brain damage already there otherwise the altercation never would have occurred.

      • Patrick J Shields

        You ain’t damaging nothing in that peanut-shell head!

      • anonymous

        I’m with you; pointless to beat the guy after he’s out cold. At that point, the white guy became the thug. It’s a fine line.

        • Randall Benson

          maybe you should help him up and give him a little hug

        • althtnmore

          He was never out cold, and when he was told to stop he did. You don’t stop swinging until they stop fighting. That’s how you get the tables turned on you and lose a fight you were winning.

        • Dave Suchy

          he wasnt out cold, ever.

        • jupakos79

          Its a fight moron, adrenaline is something you have probably never had to deal with.

        • LlarryLLama

          The trucker was probably fighting on adrenaline after being the first one punched. Can’t blame the guy for keeping on, good thing his friend was there to tell him to stop.

      • Randall Benson

        if the role had been reversed,two black guys and one white guy,both blacks would have ganged up on him and probably stomped him after he was down.this asshole got off easy.

        • W Dawes

          100% correct. See it in Stockton, CA

      • smokey

        He had “brain damage”, connected to his mouth, long before the beatdown

      • prdatki

        All Blacks deserve to be beaten, they need to go back to Africa

        • Beavus B’head

          Ill let Ben Carson and Herman Cain know how you feel.

        • jupakos79

          You are part of the problem sir.

        • Jon The Mechanic

          It is people like you who are part of the problem. Please stay off the internet and away from society

          • twobadknee

            A lot of talk above about people without a brain. I’d say prdatke demonstrated his lack of a brain in his statement. HE and HIS LACK OF MENTALITY is at the heart of this strife. THAT is the type of talk that needs to cease on all sides of the color issue.

        • mary dunlap

          Don’t be an ass

        • Michelle Headlam

          What a vile useless comment. You are a sick person.

      • Pro American

        The POS niqqer deserved what he got, this is what society has to put up with across the Country. When a black man like this guy ends up dead, it’s a tragic racist act. But when Black men are beating and shooting people to death, it’s just a misunderstanding. That made me laugh, I live in AZ, I recognized the QT and Green Taxi’s right off. Wish I was there to see it happen, those guys deserve a medal. It was classy they finally let him go.

        • Guest

          The trucker wasn’t looking to make it an issue. The black dude was, however, and when the he threw the first punch the trucker then made it an issue that the other dude won’t soon forget.

          • Miraclewhip515

            If he even remembers it at all.

      • David Morence

        The guy on the ground had brain damage to start with

      • jupakos79

        Im guessing you have never been in a real fight. Looking at it from the outside it is easy to see when the dude was done for, then you can say I would have just gotten up right then. Its a whole new world when you are un it and your adrenaline is racing. Why do you think they have to stop so many fights in mma, and those fighters are trained to control themselves.

      • jim

        Sorry but you need not come where we live, You attack me and you wont walk away. The truck driver walked away several times only to be attacked. The very second you attack someone who is trying to avoid you, you write your own sentence which means a trip to the hospital or worse. How can you say he was through, because he was on the bottom losing, No he started it and got actually less than he deserved. He was crazy to attack the man and you cannot let someone like that get up for you don’t know what he might do.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        No one deserves to be attacked, either, but the black guy did it. Was he going to let him get back up so he could come at him from behind when he walked away? I think not.

      • Brian K EyeRappino

        You need a brain for brain damage

      • abbypatch

        The white guy might have knocked some sense into the black guy…hope so. Just because he was from NYC meant he was a big, tough dude? Yeah, maybe if there was 20 other punks backing him up. Punks need to learn sooner or later they’re gonna get a hurtin’ if they keep acting stupid…and it makes no difference which race acts stupid. They’ll all get hurt.

      • lanezdoster

        He did. I think someone got to him before the awesome trucker.

      • bob e. wills

        Well…one thing you gotta know here. The black dude started the fight, threw the first 2,3, punches. But then the trucker took over. Which means this…the fight will be over when HE decides IT’s over. Maybe he just wasn’t thru whooping a**.

        • foolishness

          Afirm, and well put, thank you.

      • David Alan

        He was already brain damaged before the fight.

      • bill

        the guy already had brain damage

      • Beavus B’head

        “he already had brain damage”. Jeez, can someone please post something else!?!?
        And we have the nerve to call lefties “drones”?

      • gimpy

        Got what he deserved

      • FedUp

        That dude was brain damaged looooooong before he got this well deserved a z z whoopin. Probably brain damaged at birth from his mother being a crack w h o r e.

      • David Fournier

        First off you have to have a brain to recieve brain damage.

      • 4august20

        he all ready had brain damage he was a puck who got just what he ask for beat them to they can,t get up

      • Dennis Day

        How many fights have you seen where just as soon as one person gets the upper hand, they back off? I have seen zero to date. I’ve been taught not to start a fight but end it if I’m in one.

      • AirFrank

        He was brain damaged before the fight started.

      • Harry Verderci

        Appears from his actions he was already brain damaged.

      • Linda

        Can’t damage what h doesn’t have.

      • Lyle Whitaker

        Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the beginning of the video! I wouldn’t be surprised if those to “Truckers” started to pick on the homeless street man to begin with!

      • Sweet Emm

        he already had brain damage..of the mouth….before the fight started..

      • Kenneth Clark

        He was already brain damaged. His continuing to run his mouth proved it. I would say the trucker knocked some sense into him.

      • Richard Winchester

        You can’t damage what he doesn’t have… A brain.

      • Daniel Dishmone

        he was already brain damaged before the fight

      • dick pickle

        He has a brain???

      • Dale Burris

        The dumb ass ALREADY had brine damage ROFLMFAO

      • SYG

        Ryno lascavio. . . .I disagreed with your comment about the brain damage insinuation. The thug never should have run his mouth off especially when he couldn’t back it up being that “he’s from New York and all.” Maybe a little brain damage will keep him alive longer, because the path he’s going down right now is leading to something much worse. One day, somebody is going to just cap him, and it’s all over and he won’t have to worry bout no brain damage after that.

      • hadenough48

        It probably helped his worthless brain going forward. I’ll bet he never took a book home after we gave him a free education and free lunches.

      • Ernest Murphy

        He already had brain damage. Maybe you think reasonable people talk like that.

      • Sandy

        Ryno Lascavio……That guy was already brain damaged or he wouldn’t have been asking for trouble!!! He’s lucky they didn’t both jump him. Two to one and he wouldn’t stop running his filthy mouth.

      • rogerl

        He didn’t have a brain or this would have never happened….

      • Jason Pearson

        the African American guy started it. If he shut his mouth., didnt carry it on and walked away then he wouldnt have gotten hammered the way he did. Who threw the 1st punch? You neglect to mention that didnt you. I suggest you brick your mouth up as well or atleast have someone lock your keyboard away to give you time to think about what you wrote.
        We have a saying where I come from.
        Its better to be thought an idiot, than to speak and remove all doubt.
        Undoubtedly., you have just proven your lineage.

      • Hendrick

        That dude was already brain damaged.

      • Harvey Mushman

        He already had brain damage. Seems as if he was born with it

      • Scott Egebjerg

        You have to have a brain to have it damaged!

      • Dianne Johnson

        That’s assuming he had a brain to start with. The main insult he could come up with was “suck my dick”. Seriously?

      • xmrax

        Probably brain damaged to start with

      • Arizona Willie

        If he had a brain he wouldn’t have been mouthing off to two guys. Especially guys he didn’t know. I couldn’t understand what they were saying before the fight started. Have no idea what started it.
        But he deserved every smack he got.
        Surprising thing is how many of the big guys punches MISSED with the dude laying there right in front of him.

      • DarkUnderbellyoftheHumanSoul

        Not much brain to damage, except for the speech center.

      • pugwis

        Don’t know how may fights you’ve been in, but when the juices flow there isn’t much stopping a guy until he wears himself down. My younger son and I “black out” once a fight starts and don’t “come to” until afterward. Can’t remember much about the fights I’ve been in. Pressure builds, then – nothing. Last one was five years ago and I ended up on a sidewalk outside the Asti bar in Santa Cruz with the bartender telling me to get out of there because the police were coming. My other son is just the opposite. He stays cool and often takes a punch without punching back as long as it is only one light punch. I think it is some sort of genetic thing because I’ve been like that for decades since my first fight in junior high school. It is a bit scary because I don’t know what is going on until I calm down. No pain until an hour or so afterward. Maybe this is the same with the trucker.

        • Ryno Lascavio

          Good desciption. My ex-wife has descibed the same thing when her blood boils to the “point of no return”, as she says. Problem is, she is in jail for the next 8 months. Most people would agree that if you are blacking out (due to rage) during a disagreement or fight, you probably have a serious rage problem. I just hope you stay out of fights in the future. Next time you get in a fight you might “come to” and discover that during your blackout, you ended up killing someone. I hope that never happens, for your sake and theirs. Plenty of people around this world deserve a shiner or fat lip for mouthing off or just being azzholes. But I dont believe anyone needs to die for being a jerk.
          Also, it doesnt sound like you should be drinking at all. All of my ex-wifes rage-induced felonies came while she had been drinking.

          • pugwis

            I agree with all that. There is a serious rage issue my son and I have. Things go along, escalate, then we reach a point of no return. The bar incident happened when I was riding my bike, went into the bar and, because I was feeling good that day, bought a round of drinks for everyone. Then bought another. Some guy in a greasy ponytail was sitting next to me and started mouthing off. I told him to lay off. He poked me in the arm. I told him not to touch me. He poked me in the shoulder and said, “Like this?” And the next thing I knew I was outside on the sidewalk with the bartender telling me to take off because the police were on their way. I don’t know what happened to the guy. I’m 73 years old and this has been the way I’ve been since I was 15. I don’t look for problems, but sometimes they happen. Many times I’d “come to” pretty much wiped out. It is a serious problem that the Air Force doctors couldn’t deal with when I was in the military. Now, I just try to walk away but that doesn’t always work. I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. and there are a lot of druggies and wackos in this town. Unless you hide in your house, it is hard not to run into someone who wants to cause trouble. My son had both his hands broken punching guys in the head, an arm broken, his face opened up with a flexible wand, his clavicle broken and has been bashed over the head with bottles. Why? Guys trying to break into his car and truck, vandalizing his cars, trash talking his wife and sister, having oral sex behind his condo, and on and on. This isn’t an easy town.

      • Citizen Outkast

        You have to have a brain first before you can damage it. If you’re not willing to risk a severe beat down, don’t throw a punch. Besides, the ghetto trash probably got him so worked up, not leaving it alone, that when he did attack, the white guy lost it and it probably seemed like only a second or two to him. If you don’t want to get gored, don’t fight the bull.

      • Sonseeahray

        Yet when the black thugs gang up on one person and beat the crap out of them, it isn’t racism. Many innocent people have been left brain damaged or crippled by this thugs. I think he got what he deserved. They should have taken on the video Grapher also.

      • Heylottylotty

        Where were you when the black pistol whipped the police officer in B’ham not long ago? Where have you been when the black thugs run up behind an older person and slug them so hard they are knocked out and go face first into the pavement? Where were you to complain when the black guys ganged up on a white guy and his date then threw an metal rod into her window ripping up her face? Pick a side people. Are we ALL worth saving or are NONE of us worth it? I have heard “yo been disin’ me” until it is sickening. Show respect, get respect.

      • LuJohnson

        One must have a working brain first, to be concerned about damage happening to it.
        This is the kind of clip that teachers and parents need to be playing to their kids. A lot of good common sense can be learned by observing those who don’t use it!!!! Ha ha!

      • Rufnuk

        Ryno Lascavio: I say this in all seriousness: guys like that honestly don’t seem to learn without “physical” emphasis.

      • PJ Thompson


        • Ryno Lascavio

          Everyone here seems to think they’re Rick Grimes. But they really are the a-holes from the “claimed” group……….F’in rednecks.

      • No, this thug deserved brain damage. It would probably improve his IQ.

      • Lovebandit

        Make that ALMOST no one… 😎

      • harry


      • Terry Heagepath

        Would the black guy stopped 5 punches in if he was winning? My experiences are that he would have stood up and started stomping on his head.

        • Ryno Lascavio

          You may be right. But ask yourself, does that justify doing the same thing? How are you better than the “niggers” is you act the same way?
          Some of you people here have spent too much time in class – Redneck 101.

      • Jan Holland

        It appears the african already had “brain damage.”

    • jim

      You said it, I think he quit to soon since he was attacked.

    • bubba2001

      I think he already had brain damage.

    • lanezdoster


    • Michelle Headlam

      Maybe the fat trucker should go on a diet. Too many greasy hamburgers at truck stops.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        Yeah…..that’s what this is all about, right? Not a fight between 2 people, but what one of them eats. Smh. Very adult of you. How many “your momma’s so fat” jokes have you told lately?

        • dan wipper

          Michelle is a black man from America. Read all his comments and it make sense. Nothing but racist remarks and name calling.

    • RDieder

      Ironic thing is he was left beat up in the handicap space.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        Lol. I noticed that. lol

    • dan wipper

      A note to all on this thread MICHELLE Headlam is not a white lady from Australia. This is why she/he knows nothing about the country. Michelle’s profile stated here; @ ton ac “white ass homie”, @ billy “Watcha gonna do white boy homie ass white m………..”, @ handlebar “You’re talkin crap dude.”. THIS is not how a white lady from Australia talks nor would she call everyone racists after spewing racism. THIS IS how a black man who is prejudice speaks. Cross dressing there much Michael, oops sorry, Michelle.

    • Sid

      Keli , you have probably not been in many physical confrontations. Because he was moving shows either racism or ignorance on your part . He deserved a couple of whacks for being stupid enough to pick on a much bigger guy. But the fight was done after a few solid hits. Buddy should not be egging on his friend , but back him by getting him to step away. There could have been damage done that right or wrong could have cost the winner thousands in legal fees . Plus after the heat of the moment you may feel bad about hurting someone.

    • smmy33

      Are for real , if this was the other way around, it would have been 4 on 1 beating the white guy.

      If is was two blacks and white guy, both would have gotten in on the beating, never seen a Black hood rats stand around like his friend did.

      Ghetto scum always fight 2 or more on one person, watch some videos, so many on the web , hood rats love fliming fights.

  • Jason M. Ferguson

    You got Knocked the F$%^ OUT!

  • John Doe

    Trucker stood his ground…but if you are hitting someone who is knocked out and I’m there I’ll put a bullet in your chest for attempted man-slaughter. Know when to stop tool.

    • AZSDFT

      And you would go to jail for murder in the 1st degree. Learn when you can use your firearm, tool

      • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

        Tools are incapable of learning!

    • Ura Annette Stephens Bacon

      Figures, someone always wants to bring a gun to a fist fight. Thanks… It’s No wonder they’re pushin for gun control.

  • Craig

    Promise you one thing if that were 2 blacks on one white they both would have been beating on him!

    • Jim Miller

      Yes, some blacks they fight like Hyenas, they still think and act like most African Muslims

    • kikz2

      i also noticed there was no ‘head stomping’ either…. that seems to be a Black thing, as they don’t do ‘restraint’. punk*ss crotchgrabbin mufuu foulmouth got what he deserved….

    • Arnie

      Don’t make this about race. Only one black guy and one white guy threw punches. He just let his hummingbird mouth over run his Tweety Bird ass and he threw the first punch. You did notice when the trucker got up he didn’t kick him while he was down. He got exactly what he was asking for

    • Scott Loyed

      This shocked me. In my experience these thugs are cowards, they only hunt in packs and if you stand up to one man to man they ALWAYS back down if they don’t have their homies to back them up

      • Patrick J Shields


  • J0ann

    Hopefully the dummy learned his lesson from this ass whooping and keeps his mouth shut next time he’s in a situation like this. He’s lucky they didn’t both beat on him like the low life thugs normally do. At least this was a fair fight, one on one, the way it should be.

    • Galen

      I see some mistake in the methodology however. Driving his head into the pavement so he looked different MIGHT have changed his attitude. Unfortunately, he’ll recover by the time he gets back to NY and none of his friends will ever know about this beat

    • Nancy Campbell

      That is how we were raised. Remember the after school fights??? we would all gather to keep it fair ALWAYS ONE ON ONE.

      • LlarryLLama

        reminds me of a fight I was in when I was in junior high..we traded punches for a little bit, wrestled around, finally gave up ..a bruise here, a little blood there, …ahh the good old days. As I remember ,none of the fights you saw back then were particularly vicious, and they usually ended quickly with none of the stomping, beating one’s head in the ground, etc. etc.

  • ou812

    Hahaha hahahahahaha hey Al Sharpton go suck on that one…..

  • lark07

    Black dude threw the 1rst punch!

    • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

      Yep the little bitch did!

  • Nanna

    when you make a menacing lunge at a buff Az guy immediately after you invite him to suck your junk….. did he expect a kiss?

    • Michael Janzen


    • foolishness

      I wouldn’t say buff.

  • Fight for Freedom

    Pro-tip: Make sure you can back your nonsense up when you decide to throw a punch at a trucker.

    • Bee Cee

      That would be like using common sense. Look again at who took the first swing…somebody with no sense at all.

  • Wiggle D

    The sad thing is, the trucker wasn’t using a whole lot of force and still whooped his @ss

    • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

      No he didn’t use full force, he just bitch slapped him which is appropriate for a black bitch from NY!

  • Nanna

    psst….. that was the QT by my house…… that’s Az not Jersey.

  • Pete Briggs

    OK this is in Phoenix somewhere. Not a truck stop. And the guy probably should have stopped once the guy was out.

    • Bob Smith

      I hope you meant to say “keep going until the scum thug was dead”.

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    Punks need to learn there are definitely consequences for their crap. Good job.

  • Seth R Hazen


  • Dan Woodward

    Who cares, what is the point in posting this crap?

    • Wiggle D

      It’s funny. Duh.

  • Dee Nicholson

    Dude this was in Mesa, Arizona at the quicktrip just west of Dobson and Broadway Not f-ing New Jersey Hell look at the Cab phone number. No Cabbie here would drive a fare all the way to jersy really though but a little research into it first like read the YOUTUBE info for the video ….jeez *eyeroll*

  • Scott McIntosh

    Fun to watch a loud mouth get his ass handed to him. “I’m from New York!” LOL.

    • Bob Smith

      New York: home of the loud-mouthed bitches.

      • Steve Watson

        Not all NY’ers.. Loud-mouthed bitches are everywhere.

        • sbozich


          • EL VERDUGO

            your mother too

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            do you even know who your mother is or where you raised by nana?

          • sbozich

            Thanks for proving my point.

          • john

            No not all new Yorkers. Some of us were raised with respect, pride and intelligence.

      • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

        you are an idiot, us loud mouthed bitches are everywhere!

  • Dan

    the big guy went to far that wasn’t necessary

    • Bob Smith

      Not far enough, IMO. Teach these pussies a lesson.

    • j…re

      I bet you have never been in this situation, yet you can tell what is necessary.

  • Jon Weiss

    Nothing racist about it, the black guy simply bit off more than he could chew and took a knuckle sandwich for his lunch.

  • Terry Smith

    He didn’t go too far. He gave him what he wanted and left him alive.

  • Gianni Paone

    Jason DeWitt, this is NOT Jersey, it’s Arizona. Pull your head out of your ass.

    • Michael Janzen

      That’s kinda harsh. Simple mistake.
      …You pull your head out of your ass.

  • KarnakTM

    Works for me.

  • TJ

    Perfect reaction. Someone throws a punch at you, you return in kind and make sure they aren’t able to throw another. Racists are gonna cry racism, but that’s what racists do. Screw em, man’s got a right to defend himself.

  • Bill Stringer

    That’s a good old attitude adjustment.

  • Arelar2

    Not far enough – he was still conscious

  • Miraclewhip515

    Don’t mess with the boys from Arizona! We won’t take that kinda of crap here. LOL


      the mexicans own you

      • Miraclewhip515

        I’m not no slave. No one owns me.

      • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

        you nasty ass Mexicans own no one!

  • Jim Miller

    That black jackass was bragging being from New York, he threw the first punch and…….. got his sorry African ass whipped…………..ooops is that RACIST?????

  • Jay Page

    This isn’t a NY thug, this is a NY fool. I don’t think an NY thug would be so stupid, and there was no motivation for him to mess with this trucker. This is a senseless video.

  • Cliff_Skridlow

    That punk let his mouth write a check that his azz couldn’t cash. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned…the hard way.

  • Mike Pinnegar

    For you people saying he went too far f off. If someone takes a swing then they take the ass whoopin. Personally I would have kicked him in the head a few times for good measure.

    • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

      I would have done the same with pleasure!

  • OngoingFreedom

    Did the trucker go too far?!?

    Did you see the same video I did? The thug challenged a trucker (who had a buddy, remember that) and got his ass handed to him. One on two, but two didn’t intervene. A third DID intervene, in the plea for mercy for the thug, which was honored.

    Do you think a trucker challenging two (three) thugs would have received the same treatment?

    An educational opportunity was taken advantage of today. Pray the pupil learns his lesson.

    • Bee Cee

      Something tells me that the guy told a completely different story when he got back to his ‘hood’ and his homies.

      • foolishness

        No doubt he got jumped by white honky mo-fos and persevered.

  • Miraclewhip515

    Bet he isnt going to ask anyone to ‘suck his dick’ anymore.

    • Rizzan

      Not without some cash in his hand.

  • Ethan

    love it but the new yorker really would have probably beat his ass if he didn’t fall like that right off the bat. you would get your ass beat too with a 240 pound man on you clobbering you in the back of the head

    • Killer B

      Yeah right dude. First off, there for a sec when they hit the ground the New Yorker was on top. Second, a lot of those punches the trucker through were only grazing the new yorker. He got caught slipping and got his ass beat. If you got glass jaw, you better keep your chin tucked in and your mouth shut!

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Id like to say that violence never solves anything. and we were not there personally and we do not know all the information.. that being said. the black man instigated the fight, and was schooled well in the fisticuffs for his foolishness.

  • Tex

    I’ve seen this in person, all too many times. They always act tough. Then end up making the beatdown sound. It always sounds best coming from a monkey.

  • Cathy Jones

    Justice was served!

  • Chitcago

    …and I bet he didn’t learn his lesson either.

  • flyphish

    It’s pay ta play boys.
    Best thing ever happened in that punk’s life is when the driver’s buddy called him off.

  • BuddyLuv

    Push it real good!

  • Timk

    YOU Fuqed Up Big Mouth….
    Semper Fi’


    he sucked you alright , he sucked the air and little bit of brain out yer ass.

  • Tarantula2

    As my dad always told me after I f***ed up…well son, I hope you learned a lesson…

  • Hank Smith

    One thing I don’t understand. He didn’t have a bunch of fellow thugs as backup. I got jumped 3 times as a kid in the 60s in Detroit and they always outnumbered me. Like a pack of dogs. After all of the Ferguson nonsense and many other acts of animal like behavior in the past, I watched this twice. He started it and wouldn’t leave it alone. A life changing beating for that tortured soul. He brought it on himself.

    • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

      I have watched it at least ten times laughing my ass off. Justice served!


    He should grab the assholes hair in both hands and beat his head into the cement a dozen times. Then no one would have to deal with that bullshit punk again.

  • michael

    I think perhaps his visit to Arizona is going to be his last trip to Arizona. He seemed out of his element. A pretty serious beating. I do think the thug has seen better days, this is definitely not one of them. He looked a little wonky at the end of the video. Did the trucker go too far?? I was not there for the whole thing but I can say he did not kick him in the head or stomp him. I would not call it racist either. Sad that the New York fellow did not have any respect for others.

  • Mr.right

    He may have been from NY… but the other guy was from as small town called ” just off a niggers ass… and he was getting pretty home sick …lol

  • SuzyQ

    Should have walked away

  • Halo

    Epic beat down.

  • Keith Marsland

    He ran his mouth, was telling the guy to suck his d*ck, and then charged the trucker and threw the first punch. And then got his ass whipped. He’s lucky there were people there to stop it.

  • Birdbranze


  • Ne’er-do-well

    This video is old as hell. At least stay current.

  • Gene Jenkins

    I know this QuickTrip which is located on Broadway between the 101 and Dobson in MESA ARIZONA not in NJ. Someone needs to check their facts! BTW, it’s real freaking simple to lookup the phone number on the side of the cab (which I used to drive for Discount Cab part time on the weekends which is why I am very familiar with this QT!)

  • rams375

    He ask for it, deserved it and got it. Case closed.

  • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

    I would have grabbed that nappy ass head and bounced it off the concrete a few times. BTW do they not teach English in NY?

  • Twobee

    Sad!!! The smart mouth black guy just couldn’t shut up then he goes back and gives the first punch.. But now I fear the white guy is going to get arrested for “excessive” body blows! Ok, so yeah he could have stopped at the 15th blow… but maybe he feared if he stopped, he’d be in more danger? I also fear the black guy has been terribly injured with a bad concussion if not brain damage?!!! SAD all the way around what YOUR STUPID BRAIN & MOUTH can cause!!!

    • Twobee

      PS….It was out and out “Self Defense”!!!

  • Dan

    Were’s Mr. Tough Guy now? Who’s the Lady now? LOL!!

  • Ronald Sklar

    Loud classless black mouth got his real justice! Too bad he is still moving!

  • ptwaugh

    Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes. 🙂

  • Peter Griffiths

    Arizona was just defending himself! As is his right to do.

  • jjjddd

    He could get a Job if He wants One @ Sea World in The Mammal Show As a “Barking Seal” ARF! ARF! ARF! FOR ALL THE MULLET HE CAN EAT!!!!

  • Tronx


  • Tronx

    Sick and tired of BS with these ghetto BLACK Mother f___kers!

  • Tronx

    I hope the Dark man is paralyzed for life.

  • Bee Cee

    The big mouth and tough act didn’t seem to match with what the punk THOUGHT he could do. It must suck to be him. He seemed to think the odds weren’t fair when he saw 2 white dudes….wouldn’t have bothered him to have 2 or more blacks help him jump the whites though.

  • Grunt

    I’m going to watch this 1000 times.

  • Bill Herrmann

    Now that’s justice…. street justice. Never write a check with your mouth that your ass can’t cash….

  • Ryno Lascavio

    My question is, who was filming this?!

  • Mireille Diltz

    He got what he wanted 1on 1 and all he had a big damn mouth..Good Job Arizona Trucker. Show that bully what he is Trash on the ground beaten as he deserved it ….

  • jimnbubba

    1 down many to go

  • Real America

    I guess “JUST WALKING AWAY” is not an option anymore these days. Someone talks smack and you have to attack, is that? That makes it justified. I don’t care what color, sexual orientation or religious beliefs you have. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND/OR REACTIONS.

  • Dave Otter

    the attacker was looking for a fight the guy in orange even said ain’t nobody bothering u.

  • Lisa Tomlin

    So funny I had to watch over again. He got what he deserved. The truckers were trying to walk away but he went and swung at them. He started they finished it. Not racism and its only being called racism because the white truckers beat the crap out of the blow hard punk who just happens to be black. He got what he deserved.

  • RHaav

    There are a whole lot of these fools that needed some parenting while they were growing up which may prevent these kind of beatings. If this boy doesn’t learn from this he is going to have a very rough life.

  • BobM001

    If you look closely you can see the “stars” spinning ’round his head! LOL!

  • Wolfgang A Barreto

    Refreshing , enlightening. hopefully the punk learned a thing.R E S P E C T …WALK.

  • Never believe your own hype.

  • YU Suk

    I hope he has Obamacare to cover for his medical expenses.

  • Stephen Houmard

    He dropped the N bomb….he should be beat.

  • Elizabeth

    Deserved what he got!! He asked for it!!

  • Yes, this is racism. It’s apparent that this man had a hatred for white people. It’s an example of black on white crime. The black man assaulted the white man, and then got what he deserved. No jury necessary.

  • ozarksunshine

    Don’t start nothing, ain’t gonna be nothing. Don’t let your mouth write checks that your punk a$$ can’t cash.

  • David

    New york punk deserves it big time.Its time for the biggest knuckle sandwich if they dont behave like they should.

  • nancyetanner52@

    I pray for the betterment of society

  • Tina Stachura Newby

    He went waaaay too far. Should have stopped long ago. He had him pinned down and kept hitting and hitting him in the head – the black guy could have been dead and he wouldnt have known it.

  • John Echols

    This was in Arizona, not NY. In fact, it’s the Quick Trip on Broadway just east of the 101 in Mesa.

  • Kathy Pozel Clark

    At least we fight fair, the other white guy could have jumped in to, but he didn’t. How do you like the black guy coming out stopping it. Hell if tables were turned and this was to black guys and one white guy. They both would have beat him to a pulp and put in the hospital.

  • Lou9999

    Nobody said this was racist….the typical “some said” is really a journalist trick. But he needed his ass beat…and the guy was nice enough to end it before he should have. Some people are just stupid.

  • respect

    Trucker didn’t beat him bad enough. He was still conscious. If it had been two blacks or more they would have all kicked, beaten, and stomped the trucker until he was dead or in the hospital for months. The only racism was from the dumb ass punk black boy running his stupid mouth. AND HE threw the first punch! Should have got his ass beat bad enough to remember to respect other people!!

  • ken

    Send these MEN to Ferguson to beat up all the rest of the whining pussies.

  • Puckhead716

    Staged, you people believe anything

  • Byron Shutt

    Don’t like to see anybody get beaten…..but you got to learn to shut up. Maybe it will save him from a worse beating.

  • Ednar

    This is why they use different weight classes!

  • Judylynn

    The black guy threw the first punch. Had that been the white guy on the ground you know it would have been 2 against one. He got what he deserved, he should have kept his mouth shut and not thrown the 1st punch. Oh Well !

  • John Brown

    I just love a story with a happy ending.

  • Mike Hickerson

    hahahahahah susk his FISTS mofo!!! hahahahahahah

  • libsmakemelaugh

    Does suck my “d” in NYC mean kick my ass?

  • RDieder

    Old article, and happened in Phoenix not in Jersey. Jason DeWitt needs to read the youtube titles.

  • Notmymess

    I think this went too far, but it was NOT racism! This punk threw the first punch. See, his mouth had passed checks that his a$$ could not cover.

  • John Kmetz

    Good job but He was still moving.

  • tommyboy11743

    The trucker was pumped up. Now you want to say he went to far?
    Give me a break.
    When the black Man starts it and loses it racist.
    When a group of black men beat a white man down, that’s ok.
    Talk about f… up

  • Mark Yarbrough

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a gun involved. This was how disputes were settled where I grew up. Guns were for hunting.

  • In my observation New Yorkers (the city) in general think some how that their unique life experiences makes them tougher and more formidable than every one else, even other urbanites, let alone people from rural and suburban areas. This hubris sometimes is misplaced, as demonstrated here.

  • burtmet

    Ask for it ,You will get It . He was lucky to be a live .

  • Frisco1522

    No the trucker didn’t go too far! This POS kept begging for it and finally got what he deserved. A classic case of Alligator Mouth and a Canary Ass.

  • Sandy

    Looks like he can dish it out, but can’t take it. Race didn’t even come into play in this beat down. It was a smartass idiot that tried to start something he wasn’t big enough to finish. WTG Trucker.

  • Dukdog

    Just far enough!! Left him with tweeting birds circling his head! Lippy Asshat got what he needed!

  • billybob

    I’m calling BS on the Hudson New Jersey just because the discount cabs there in Phoenix Arizona

  • Randall Benson

    this is going to continue until everyone realizes that people are just not going to put up with this kind of bullshit or white,if your a jerk off your going to pay the price.

  • truthsayer

    and look no one robbed his beat butt.

    • Shep Schultz

      Notice how nobody put his open mouth on the curb and jumped on the back of his head.

  • Art Collins

    get er done,1 down 13 mil to go.

  • Bonione

    Notice how fast everyone ran to help the black. Kept recording the fight but no help.

  • twiggle

    Where do you get that’s in New Jersey that’s the QT on Scottsdale rd in Tempe az where the discount cab drivers fill up hence the 5 discount cabs in the background with the 602 number on them

  • TN

    I wonder when the black community will start looting and burning business’s

  • Shemp

    This guy could definitely be 0bama’s son…

  • TheMissingLinx

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • yearounder .

    Now THAT was funny!! Ya just can’t fix stupid…10 to 1 odds it’ll happen to him again one day…lol

  • Rick

    Should have broke his jaw and knocked all his teeth out so he couldnt run his punk ass black mouth for a LONG time. Yes, I said BLACK not african non-american.

  • katherine

    he got what he deserved. The black guy threw the 1st punch. If they white guy did this it would be called racist.

  • shal

    It was unclear by this video who started it. Defending oneself is to be expected.However, once he was down the trucker should have stopped sooner. Easy to see right and wrong in hindsight. No judgement here.

  • Cletus LaBoe

    It appears the punk let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass. Oh well, too bad. He got what he was asking for!!!

  • erduck72

    That made me smile. 🙂

  • Will

    You’re all assholes. The video starts too late to tell who said the first words. The black guy is walking backwards the whole time trying to avoid a confrontation. Only when the oaf blocks his path on the sidewalk is he forced to defend himself. And yes, I happen to be white.

  • concreetedad

    Just because a man walks away does not mean that he is weak! He is trying to avoid the conflict. A fool chooses to see his departure as weakness and suffers for being a fool. No one deserves to be beat but sometimes you get what you ask for.

  • Curt Wichman

    loud mouth thug got EXACTLY what he deserved. A message needs to be sent to these thugs that they can no longer assault or intimidate the hard working people of this country, It doesn’t matter

  • Judge

    It was one on one~ If it was reversed it would be 4 on one! GOOD!!!

  • Gary Warren


  • Jus Sayin

    This ain’t a black or white thing. It’s a punk with a big mouth that got his ass kicked for talking smack. That’s it.

  • prdatki

    Well,I think he should have beaten him some more, you know the black fool voted for Obama!

  • Lisa

    Ha ha ha ha!!

  • DebbieKV

    I just wonder if he was going in there to pee, because I bet if he was, he probably wound up peeing his pants right there on the pavement.

  • denise

    Lol…that was great!! Shut his ass up! Be careful who u run your mouth to!

  • Chris Culotta

    This happened in Arizona. Discount cab is an AZ company and so is the 602 area code. The loser of the fight was lucky that the guy that ended up on top of him had a sense of honor and the concept of a fair fight.

  • Behning Brad

    All he wanted was his dick sucked and instead got the bonus plan.

  • Etickets

    Much respect for making it a 1 on 1 fight. In many instances the “friend” would have jumped in as well.

  • Ross

    That black dude is just a dumb ass!!! Really man just because your from NY you think your going to take on those country boys and have even the slightest chance of backing up that smart ass mouth of yours! You got EXACTLY what you deserved!

  • Mike Gardner

    golly guess these white boys didn’t get the memo that they supposed to be skeeeered of mouthy thugs,, uh,, nobody is

  • Ed Anger

    Question, why is this “Top Right News”, was this posted so the KKK crowd could use the N word and feel generally good about hating other people?

  • Tony Lockhart

    This made my day, monkey boy had a big mouth and someone shut it….love it.

  • Eddie

    It’s nice to see that a white boy isn’t afraid of a spear chunker. That’s the basic consensus of blacks. They think whites are all afraid of them. Not so ! Did the trucker take it too far…..Not nearly far enough. An ambulance wasn’t needed !!!!

  • sharon Hendrickson

    No not all blacks need to be beaten an sent back to Africa. as this guy stated There are white thugs also, But this guy deserved what he got .He kept on and on. They think they can win being in your face and that is the way they treat the police. The sad part is that Wilson would have taken a bullet for a thug like this..

  • bigsurprise

    HE is just they typical loud mouth disrectful thug looking for a fight ….or seriously to get his dick sucked, since that is what he was endlessly screaming. HE was the yelling disrespectful instigator, and the two truckers were trying to get him to drop it and calm down…Then he keeps shooting his thug mouth off and Then he throws the first punch…..THIS IS THE MENTALITY OF THESE PEOPLE, when THEN cry foul and racism…..WE ALL KNOW IT !!! WHEN they stop thinking like, and behaving like thugs….people will give them some respect….THEY ARE the reason blacks are pulled over and targeted by police sometimes….because the have set the standard that they have weapons, drugs, stolen goods, or SOMETHING….BECAUSE their BEHAVIOR has RUINED the reputation for their race…. Their own GOOD people need to go down and talk some sense into them that THEY are creating the problems FOR THEMSELVES and for the rest of the respecting blacks……IF you have done nothing wrong….you comply with police and then you are let to go on your way. UNFORTUNATELY their parents act this way, and teach their children to grow up the same way ….IT has to START at home, and if it is too late….then they need to open their eyes and minds and do it on their own….GET SOME INTELLIGENCE…MANY successful black people, and successful well known blacks have been TRYING to tell them this……NOTHING will change for them…UNTIL THEY CHANGE their way of thinking and behaving , drop the victim mentality, when no one had done them wrong and they call upon their 100 year old ancestors who were done wrong…and act like they have suffered this, when they have not….They just want to have a perpetual pity party,live in rage and anger, be given things they have not earned or deserve, through a feeling of entitlement….What they need to do, is FINALLY begin to make the proper efforts ….like all other people who live in peace and have success in their lives.

  • Geoffrey Watson

    He is a FOOL from New York City !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Rationalthinker

    Yep…he sure looked “dope” ,there at the end …lol.

  • Russ Frame

    Yes the black guy was a racist pig. TY citizen for the attitude adjustment.

  • tax man

    Fair is fair! When will these idiots realize they need to earn respect? They are not entitled to it!

  • Daniel Baker

    These thugs keep going on about how great ‘social justice’ is, but hate it when it’s applied equally.

  • Ron Smorynski


    • Sam Weatherford

      “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

      • Jed

        Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis
        Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis
        Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem

        • Sam Weatherford

          ..Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, grant us Peace.

  • Jon

    Damn!!! I guess if your going to trash talk you better make sure you can back it up.

  • jim

    New York don’t want him back after this. Shame on him. He got what he deserved. No the truck driver did not go to far. He was attacked.

  • Tidewaterhorse

    I’m, from NY and I am about to get my ass beat.

  • Alexander Gregory

    There was a racist involved, he got beat up…

  • Ricardo Agila

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  • highplainsdrifter

    Yeah go ahead and run your filthy mouth!

  • Neely

    So sad to even see this in this world. What was so bad with this guy that he just had to keep running his mouth and looking for trouble. This world is filled with so much hate and anger and I don’t care what color a persons skin is or where they are from this should never be a part of our society. I pray he will re-evaluate his life and what he wants out of it.

  • James Chandler

    That was great! He got exactly what he deserved. Perhaps next time he’ll keep his big mouth SHUT. Being from New York didn’t phase the white guy. He just handed the black guy his ass. Racism? Bullshit. It was just a good old asskicking on a punk who so righteously deserved it. 🙂

  • Christine Bodor

    Hope he will learn that you dont verbally keep attacking someone no matter what state your from !

  • on_the_right

    He must of left his brain at home.

  • John McMickle

    Glad this is on video, they cannot call the truck driver the aggressor. Wonder if the police showed up and arrested the punk?

  • leewacker

    The New York jerk started it, the Arizonan finished it! THAT’S the best kind of beat-down! What was the trucker supposed to do, let the little troll walk all over him? Not on this earth!

  • Keith

    F@#$ around lay around… Love it … too bad he wasn’t knocked out …. POS. F NY

  • Guest

    He should have been charged with assault. Absolute thuggery. I was appalled by it. I would have tried to break it up and cslled the police.

  • Michelle Headlam

    Terrible behaviour. That trucker was twice his size. Pathetic. Pick on your own size. Police should have been called.

  • Brian K EyeRappino

    Truck driver 1, wanna be tough guy, 0

  • Brian K EyeRappino

    I guess he never got the oral sex he was looking for either lol

  • Bullseye

    It was racist, looked like a black guy being racist to a white guy to me. Good for him getting his ass whooped. He should have kept going and sent that sorry ass racist to the hospital!!!

  • georgechevrolet

    Running your mouth is asking for it, throwing the first punch is guaranteeing it.

  • bubba2001

    Lol, that guy turned into Gumby!

  • abbypatch

    All I can say is poor, poor baby. LOLOLOLOL He got what he deserved.

  • lanezdoster

    It really did my heart good to watch the foul mouth get what he had coming. So good that I watched again with the sound off.

  • Thill

    It was a good clean fight the truck driver would have walked away if the punk hadn’t swung on him. Maybe that guy will think twice before he let’s his mouth overload his ass.

  • dasher

    Calling Al Sharpton…

  • Mike

    This wasn’t in New Jersey. Discount cab is a local cab company in Phoenix, note the 602 area code on the cab that’s Phoenix. The guy may have been from New York but he got his ass kicked in Phoenix. I saw all kinds of other clues to tell me this took place in Arizona. We don’t like those east coast liberals coming here and telling us how to do things, including that half-breed president.

  • George

    This isn’t fighting nor racism, this is simply hate. That trucker wanted to beat him up, he knew the black guy was already done and beat up but he wanted more than necessary, the trucker lost his damn mind and would’ve committed murder if no one told him to stop

  • Gordon Schumway II

    Being from New York does not make you invincible, learn to shut your mouth and walk away. On the other hand, that was a bit much. Defend yourself, yes. Continually beat him when he is down, not cool. on a positive note, I did not hear any racist comments, just a lot of foolish talk.

  • Jack Perry

    If you cannot finish then do not start it. It’s clear the instigator gave the first punch and was finished in short order.

  • rdj120

    No pc here, the nigga got exactly what he deserved.

  • Wodoesit

    Oh well, talk the talk, you must walk the walk!

  • Herman Vogel

    Justice, Ask and ye shall receive. He asked,,,he Received. I love it!!!!!

  • alnga

    Well I am not to sure this could not have been prevented by simply walking away. Words are momentary, now if he was armed that would be different.

    • Ed Woodson

      He did walk away. The idiot went after him and got what he deserved.

  • Charlotte Carney

    Yes, should have not been running his mouth. Got what he should have. Yes, this is justice.

  • Cubalibre1953

    If i’ts too hot get out of the kitchen!
    If you can’t back it up best to shut up!!
    He met someone who is not willing to put up with his crap!!
    Hope he learned something!!

  • Jessica MissChievous Lund

    Ha! He got knocked the “F” Out! Just what He deserved!

  • Laszlo Bedegen

    It seems the young man demanding fellatio is playing to the camera, possibly being held by an associate. It would seem the scenario didn’t play out as expected and fellatio man was handed an early holiday gift of his ass.

  • Mary Caldas

    Crusin’ for a brusin’ and got one.

  • John


  • Paul Baker

    Shoulda stayed in NY and Kept His Mouth Shut

  • quietlyvocal

    The trucker walked away at least 4 times. The instigator kept on and got in his face and from the video threw the first punch. What is racist about this?

  • Michelle Headlam

    I think the majority of you are incredibly violent. I do not condone violence and being from Australia we dont have this type of behaviour on our streets. We are a civilised country.

    • Ed Woodson

      Yeah, right.

    • Michele

      so someone throws a swing at you and you just sit there and take it, sounds stupid to me

    • dan wipper

      Michelle; you are a black man from America, we are not that dumb.

  • Toni

    I would say the trucker went just far enough….do it only till the person shuts their mouth.

  • Joe

    That’s the problem with NEW YORKERS THEY HAVE A BIG MOUTH…I’m from NY so I can say it….(I moved because of all the assholes like him….) This guy deserved all the punches he got for his fricken BIG NY MOUTH…..This wasn’t racist in any way since the black guy gave the first punch…..Good work truckers…..

  • HD94

    Race is not the issue. The issue is responsibility. I was taught that you take responsibility for your actions, if you choose a path you must be ready for the outcome. In this case the black man chose to continue with the verbal and escalate to physical when he swung. Unfortunately for him the trucker was more powerful. Some of the comments said the trucker should have stopped, well I can also say maybe the young man should have stopped with the verbal and not tried to take it physical. I personally do not ever put myself in also situation where it would get physical, and if it starts to escalate, I simply walk away. Words can’t hurt me…

  • Ed Woodson

    N*gger bit off more than he could chew. Racism, not at all. Punk getting his ass kicked.

  • Miklo II

    First and foremost: THIS TOOK PLACE IN AZ, **NOT** NEW JERSEY. NJ does not have QuikTrips, and punk ass AZ is the only state that have those damn hybrid green prius Discount Cabs. To the original poster, edit the opening sentence of this article.

    • Michele

      it does say Arizona what are you talking about

      • Miklo II

        “A New York City thug started talking trash to an Arizona trucker at this New Jersey Quik Trip.”

        This is the beginning sentence implying that this incident took place in New Jersey state, for those who dont understand. The person who posted this needs to reword the first sentenc

  • Rose Rasey Bullock Buss

    Dude didn’t just ASK for it……he BEGGED for it & was even stupid enough to START it! LMAO!!

  • Spysea

    teachable moment : don’t fu*k with truckers , black folk

  • ruthslater


  • Jerry Verdugo

    Hahahahahaha! What an idiot! This Negro starts a fight, with a white man no less, and then gets the Hell out of him! What? Does he think that he’t the Champion fighter of the world? Yeah, Mr. Champion big mouth!

    • Tyler Crane

      I know right? At the same time though, can we please just see this as a New York man getting beaten up by a trucker from Arizona? In the midst of Ferguson no one wants to add more fuel to the racism fire. After all there are plenty of stupid white guys that won’t shut up until they are on the ground nearly KO’d. And yes that punk is a real champ all right lol.

  • copywriter111

    Hope and change.

  • Gerald

    That’s Thug Justice. He got what he deserved!!

  • copywriter111

    How the black guy behaved was a disgrace. How the white guy treated the black is insane. We need real change otherwise there is no hope.

  • Ghostrider127

    Haha, this isn’t racism this is just some punk a$$ getting his rear kicked for not shutting his mouth!

  • Rick Allen

    Hey Michelle re: History
    True Australia does have HM Queen Elizabeth II as their Head of a State/Monarch but! Australia was a British PENAL Colony where Britain sent its lowlifes as punishment for even minor crimes woman and children too!

  • Art69z

    Looks like this punk may be sucking though a straw while his jaw heals.

  • Art69z

    I love the part where the black dude says, “I’m from New York”, like that was suppose to give him an invincible suit of armor.

  • Lincoln Hayes Pennell

    Okay I get it the Dude Jumped the Trucker first … but come on that went to far in my eyes the mnan was down enough ….. The point was made he went after the wriong guy no need to knock the guy to the next week here … to far …. Just to far



  • joe barron

    Nothing better than seeing a shine get what he had coming to him.

  • Jamie Krasnoo

    Legally, yes. He took it too far. As soon as “New York” stopped his attack “Arizona” should have stopped. Continuing now makes him the assaulter. The law is a fickle thing. If both wind up in court usually the judge calls it even and drops both charges. Jails have better things to do with their space than house two brawlers.

    There’s a rule of thumb when I get attacked and I’ll probably be accused of quoting Ender in Ender’s Game. There’s two fights. First to stop them. Second, to make sure they don’t do it again.

    • Dean

      You obviously do not understand Arizona law. When the white individual was attacked by the black individual, the white individual is allowed, under Arizona law, to use as much force as necessary to end the attack and the threat of further attack. He was well within his rights under Arizona law.

      • Jamie Krasnoo

        You’re absolutely right. I’m in California where the law is much different and unfortunately backwards.

  • Michael Gerardi

    I love seeing punks get what they asked for 🙂

  • Loren331

    What is wrong with everyone, No one should be beaten like this. What are we animals? No, we’re gods Devine creations. This makes me sad, very sad. No one won. We all lost.

  • Loren331

    What is wrong with everyone, No one should be beaten like this. What are we animals? No, we’re gods Devine creations. This makes me sad, very sad. No one won. We all lost.

  • foolishness

    Why is he referred to as a “trucker”? He gets in a car at the end.



  • EJ

    That was THE best. Definitely a real case of letting your mouth overload your a$$.

  • PeterLeonard Ludwinski Godsown


  • Dennisr1028

    Guess home boy won’t be mouthen off again real soon !

  • Hood Roberts

    Another black thug gets his comeuppance. How do you like this knockout game thuggie?

  • FedUp

    H3LL yes it is racist…… that dumb a z z black dude was being one racist mthr fkr. I bet he has suddenly found a new respect for us “crackers”.

  • Sheila Becker

    He deserved it, another black thug, bit off more than he can chew

  • sheriffchris

    He used the “N” word…..what does the President have to say about that ??

  • another_engineer

    Not a proper beat down… kind of a weak fight, punches thrown were too slow

  • IndyMason

    Got exactly what he asked for, nothing more.

  • Les K

    Obviously didn’t see the beginning, but come up on 2 guys screaming ‘suck my D***’, you deserve whatever you get.
    And kudo’s to the friend for leaving it 1 on 1. like he needed the help anyway.
    DANG, like 10 head punches.

  • New York Dope man

    Wow, he jumped right out the window. His lips flapping then he went for the attack!! Love the dumb look when he woke up!

  • New York Dope man

    at .36 who threw the punch to start the fight, also jump started the fight at .35–wrote a check he could not cash!

  • disqus_7u1iRNS5VM

    seemed fair to me, you insist on a fight ten yo pay the price…..he got to pay the price he asked for……i just think he should have gotten some more, they cal it education…….he needed to be educated unlike most schools this one was free

  • Billy Ray Holden

    hahaha. when you live in a glass house dont be the first to throw stones bitch

  • phoenixcomm

    I think the black dude was brain damaged from the start. He only got what he wanted!

  • odinsthunder

    Sadly, a fight isn’t over till it’s over. If you stop before the opponent is defeated, he’ll just get up and you’re going to have to start over. I deplore violence, but once it’s started, it needs to be resolved….

  • Joe Jabroni

    um….I’m very skeptical this was in “New Jersey” that looks like Arizona especially a Quick Trip I’ve stopped at in Chandler Arizona. A buddy of mine noticed the cab has 602 area codes too (didn’t see myself).

    • Joe Jabroni

      oh, also the guy who got beat up UFC style for no money said something like “out here all the way from NY”. His beatdown was deserved but it should have stopped a few punches before. I’m glad he wasn’t seriously hurt, I would have let him run his mouth and just moved on myself but obviously not everyone is going to do that.


    I think he was gay asking two me to Suck his D—

  • Liberalism_is_mental_AIDS

    Too bad he didn’t denut him. U know there’s gonna be bastards we have to pay for otherwise.

  • Rex1949

    The black guy was the one asking for it with his snide remarks he made. As they were racist remarks. And the black guy took the first swing at the white guy. That is just plain self defense if you ask me. The black guy got what he deserved is all. And He didn’t go to far with the beating either. As when the car beside him honked the horn. The black youth moved right away and was looking around. This is my view on this topic.

  • Rick Prohaska

    suck my pavement

  • Robert L. Rice

    Well,I guess he didn’t get the bj he was asking for,but,he did get an ass beating,,,

  • Duh

    There’s no Quiktrip in New Jersey. Leave it to conservatives to get this wrong too.

  • retired_geek

    What is this, the year in review? This video has been on YouTube for over 6 months. Not exactly “news”

  • I hate thugs. Want to be a real man? Spend time with your kids, volunteer for causes you believe in, make the world a better place because of your actions.
    Now that’s hardcore.

  • Okc Dave

    A better man would have just ignored the punk instead of pursuing a fight, particularly when he was significantly larger. That doesn’t make the punk any less of an idiot but still, it’s best to show pity for the mentally deficient in our society.

    • SoundMind

      The white men kept walking away and walking away. A man can only take so much. From what I saw, thug chased him down and threw the first punch. BIG mistake..!!

  • SoundMind

    How to Treat Thugs 101… love it! He had it coming. Might… just might… think twice before mouthing off again.

  • sward14

    Too funny he got his ass beat, I liked it when he was looking around like a newborn.

  • wayne8734

    That was great,the ghetto trash got just what he deserved!!!!! And justice is served.

    • SoundMind

      Swift and sure, the best kind of justice.

  • Janet Ketchikan

    The neegro threw the first punch sooooo,

  • Anthony Fletcher

    Ugly fight but not racist. Not based on the content of this video at any rate.

  • Warrior Brigade

    This was is phoenix not jersey

  • wakeupsa

    They should put that trucker in a cage for UFC fighting, That Thug got what he deserved A BEAT DOWN!!!!! ALA Trucker

  • dancingontheheadofapin

    He got a beat down. He started it, the trucker finished it in a way that the punk would not want another go at it. He didn’t really harm him, just knocked some sense into his head!

  • tizwicky2009

    Talk $**t get hit!

  • glory

    retard Americans

  • bobbymike34

    No sympathy for anyone in this video but I saw an opportunity for others to help the fight loser. One of my friends would get into a fight every weekend and we would always help the loser are we beyond that in this nation, are our divisions too deep? I hope not.

  • Clay

    I agree, 98% of these thugs are all talk, put a redneck beatdown on them. Next week, after the bruises goes away, HIS story will be how HE beat that honky white cracker ass up.

  • Bruce Keyes

    This is exactly what should have happened, no matter what the race.

  • nunya bidness

    lol ny chump needs to learn how to fight before starting one…

  • Lyle Whitaker

    There should of been NO fight to start with, the 2 white dudes should of just ignored him. It was certain the that he was unstable, just walk away! The so called Arizona Trucker was also looking for a fight with that other dude. We didn’t see the beginning of the video. I can bet any amount of money they were calling the Black dude names before they started filming. Just by judging the mouths of the “Arizona Truckers” they were just wanting to get into something bad. They were already fighting with the black guy before the video even started. We only got to look at the last part of the fight. Totally not fair that people only show the this side of the fight. RECORD it all people!

  • Robert Brumley

    Lol. I live in Arizona, and the truck driver who in reality was a construction worker doing some work in the store there. Unfortunately he got fired from the job for fighting. I believe it was unfair to fire him because he was defending himself after the black guy struck him first.

  • Billy Belcaro

    4 or 5 punches = good. 12+ punches = bad.

  • Sweet Emm

    NO …it’s called one on one…instead of 1 white………… and a mob on 1

  • Richard Winchester

    Looks like just the right amount of “tenderizing”… I wonder if he still wants to ask for that sexual favor again.

  • sicklesteel

    So it has gotten the point when a white man defends himself against a black man who assaulted him…….watch the video as the black guy swung first at the 35 second mark….it is called a racial incident? ….did I get that right?

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    He should have beat him more. Hey you motherf**kers, you gonna stand up for this POS black thug, too. You don’t want to fight with us cause you will lose…

  • Michelle Headlam

    you’re right the black guy did hit him first.

  • gs34129

    Run your filthy mouth off that’s what you get a deserved BEAT DOWN!

  • Wraith Ideal

    How do they know the guy was a trucker??? He got into a tiny car at the end. I don’t see a truck or a rig. C’mon guys do done fact checking, don’t make crap up to get more hits.

  • Cutwould

    This needs to happen more often…takes the place of the old pillary LOL

  • Thill

    The black guy obviously started it and the driver finished him off.

  • Stoney Burt

    Now that’s an education.

  • Anti Lib

    That is priceless! Looks like the pack animal needs his pack to be a real bad A S S. I notice the second dude didn’t even get involved. That;s the way it should be!

  • ross

    Not too far unless someone dies. He was a willing and capable combatant.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    Yo, you still by yoself, dude?!

  • Mark Allen

    Well done

  • LieutenantSword

    Play a stupid game, get a stupid prize.

  • Tony Themover

    Typical asshole with a big mouth. He looks like he was on queer street when that big ole white boy gave him a lesson on street justice.

  • Mark a Christian

    The right thing to do is realize what the black guy is saying or yelling to the other two are just words. Last I checked they don’t leave what could have been brain damage or even death and for others around them to watch and not try to stop are just as much to blame. We as a world should pray for all involved that this doesn’t happen again as I said white guys lucky black guy didn’t die and he’s spending life in prison for his actions. Thank God all is OK and again please pray for both to learn from this and never harm or talk against anymore people Amen.

  • 86mk

    The best part of this is the comment thread…. to all the racist americans on here having a crack at australia u make me laugh….. yes the african american started the fight to attack a whole country bcoz of one ladies comments shows y ppl world wide think very low of americans as a whole…. u attack a whole race etc bcoz of minoritys…. look at ur history….. oh and just to clarify ur excellence howd vietnam war go for u guys???? Also how do like living in a country where ur president was assinated and it still to this day the truth is swept under a rug????

    • Citizenright

      And you are doing what you are accusing others of doing, Saying that the whole world judges America on what a few people do.
      How about, you grow up, get an education, learn to spell for Christ’s sake.

  • Mike

    The black bastard gets what it deserves.

  • Thomas_A_Jefferson

    ……..need to finish with the Joe Pesci beatdown in the desert scene from casino….

  • mike whiteley

    well like my late father always said there is always somebody tuffer

  • asdfqwer

    That isn’t how adults act. This video is just 3 children that don’t know any better.

    • Kenneth Clark

      One adult, being a punk, one adult teaching a lesson to keep your mouth shut and one adult gathering evidence of a punk learning a lesson the hard way.

      • asdfqwer

        3 children.

        • Citizenright

          And, the 4th adult saying, “He’s done, man.” And then it stopped.

  • Daniel Noblett

    The cabs have a 602 area code in their phone numbers, 602 is Arizona, this happened in Phoenix, not a NJ Quick Trip.

  • Pat Taylor

    Whipped that stupid big mouthed idiot like a RENTED DONKEY!

  • Steve Sparks

    When Keeping it Real goes Wrong!

  • Citizen

    Forget the history and politics of Australia; let’s talk about their race issues.
    Austalia’s aboriginals have been persecuted by the whites for centuries and they were there first.
    From what I have seen they do not cause every sort of social problem like the AAs in the US.
    Why are they persecuted? Don’t see them burning and looting.
    Australia’s experience with blacks is totally different than the US’s.
    Leewacker is right about the results of AAs in the US. They just make it bad for all the upstanding AA citizens.
    Sharpton and Jackson need to go away or else start to change the inner city black culture.
    Kids need fathers and mothers and education.
    Check out Micheal Brown’s parents.

  • Paul Farber

    That was quite enjoyable. In fact, I’d like to see more thugs like this get a good ass whooping like that more often. It’s just a shame the police generally don’t take a “shine” to it; if you get my drift.

  • observing57

    Ryno, like so many others that have been proving themselves lately, they were born with and practice Drain Bamage.

  • datimes

    The punk is lucky it wasn’t me who taught him a lesson. When I got tired he would have gotten the boot.

  • dan wipper

    A note to all on this thread MICHELLE Headlam is not a white lady from Australia. This is why she/he knows nothing about the country. Michelle’s profile stated here; @ tom ac “white ass homie”, @ billy “Watcha gonna do white boy homie ass white m………..”, @ handlebar “You’re talkin crap dude.”. THIS is not how a white lady from Australia talks nor would she call everyone racists after spewing racism. THIS IS how a black man who is prejudice speaks.

  • Jarhead

    Glad to see the punk get an ass beating. Maybe he’ll think twice before he gets his head bashed in once again but maybe not. LOL

  • Girlonfire

    This was in Phoenix, AZ not New Jersey, notice the 602 area code on cabs.

  • PB&J~MO`fer

    Punks jump up to get beat down, absolutely love it!

    Big mouth, pompously arrogant and stupidly ignorant fool, just received everything he deserved.

    Just because the color of your skin is black, does not automatically mean you are the baddest on the planet.

    Learn this Punks;

    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain

  • PB&J~MO`fer

    Punks jump up to get beat down, absolutely love it!

    Big mouth, pompously arrogant and stupidly ignorant fool, just received
    everything he deserved.

    Just because the color of your skin is black, does not automatically mean you
    are the baddest on the planet.

    Learn this Punks;

    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark

  • jimijo

    The thug wanted his dick sucked and he got it, “trucker style”. Street justice.

  • James Kaelin

    I LOVE IT! did anyone else see the Dog Tags the Trucker was wearing! Hey ryno! There are NO RULES IN COMBAT! That Punk deserved everything that HERO gave him!

  • theelviscerator

    If the situation was reversed, as soon as white guy was on the ground the 2nd person would kick them in the head till they were spitting teeth out. FACT.

  • Tom

    Got what he deserved.

  • Craig Wood

    He is from NY? I pity that fool!

  • Jason G

    I believe the trucker was well within his rights to defend himself from his foul-mouthed attacker and the New Yorker deserved to be beat for he was the aggressor physically. However I believe the trucker went too far. Under criminal law you have a right to defend yourself from an imminent threat. Once the trucker got on top of his assailant and landed a few good blows the attacker no longer posed a threat. At this point the trucker does not have the right to keep beating the man. He now becomes the attacker. The other guy clearly was not fighting back at this point. Even in brutal organized fighting (UFC) they don’t allow one man to keep beating another when the other man can’t defend himself. The New Yorker was asking for trouble with his trash talk and throwing the first punch, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Mark Allen

    Good job

  • Scott

    If you watch their feet. The mouth started it. The trucker has every right to neutralize the threat. Hit him twice, he may go to his car and get a gun. And he was already brain damaged, he kept holding his twig, because he couldn’t find a tree.

  • canucksam

    Throw the first punch…suffer the consequences.

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    The guy could have used a few more licks. Quite a tough guy.

  • To tell the truth, I think all 3 of them are idiots.

  • Wrecktomb

    But did the trucker go too far in his beating?”

    I say “just about right”.

  • Bob Beck

    Who’s sucking what now?

  • chickief

    AND … The moral to the story is, “don’t write a check with your mouth that your a$$ can’t cover”.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    ‘Cause once the camera be rollin’ yu cant stop running yo mout until you be a star on worl’ wide hiphop lookin’ like a tuff dude. One of obama’s sons.

  • Michelle Headlam


  • imyourshadow

    He’s from where? New York, like that makes him bad. I had a punk say them same words to me before I wiped the street with his face. He had a similar expression on his face. So funny to watch this. I think the White guy showed a little to much compassion though. He should have kicked his ass all the way back to New York.

  • Prosted

    nothing to do with color, a low life is a low life in any color.. Glad, maybe he will check his mouth next time.

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  • Leon Siwek

    Born Free:
    Ladies/Gentlemen: I thought the article was about a dumb punk bad mouthing a trucker, that finally said enough is enough,bamm. Why has the issue become a loud mouth brawl between TWO GREAT
    One chooses to live under UK Queen of England, and the other under a questionable locale political hack.
    Stop calling each other names, does not speak well of your upbringing.
    Also remember, when there is a LADY in the house…act like gentlemen,
    even if it hurts.

  • TJ

    Got the beat down he deserved

  • paisa

    What an idiot, trying to act gangsta, suck my **** and got beat down, keep talking idiot. Jajaja

  • The 50

    Beat that thug like a baby seal. Who Ra!. If the tables were turned it would have been several negro’s on one white guy. Maybe next time the punk ass will keep his mouth shut.

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  • Gary BlackLightning

    This wasn’t in New Jersey. It was the QT at 2311 W Broadway (@ Valencia rd) in Mesa, Arizona.

  • Dennis Brown

    The “City” kid got what he deserved. He could have just walked away BUT with his big mouth he had to ‘Save” face. Unfortunately, his alligator mouth overloaded and he got his as ass/face handed to him. Maybe it will be a lesson so that he doesn’t wind up in the morgue or worse. db

  • Dennis Brown

    Michele from Australia! Your insight into American Hillbillies appears to be very limited. Those guys were from the South West, so we’re told, which does not figure into your ignorant comment! Last time I looked Australia was all outback and not too far from being a Third World country. I might be able to arrange a couple of “real” hillbillies to come over and assist your people with the know how on planting crops. Get back into the pouch, you’re not ready for the US. db Tired of outsiders knowing more about the USA they we do

  • BobbiAlyce Dennis

    LOVED THIS!! He’s not so cocky now!!…But I do wonder…did he find that Blow Job he wanted???lol

  • Rick Morgan

    Never heard the saying “Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash!”

  • daman

    he’s parked in a handicapped spot. better move his @ss.

  • Jim Bob

    That video never gets old.

  • sammy

    Too much testosterone somebody was going to get hurt..Just stupid and unnecessary.

  • MJ

    He looked like James Kirkland tonight.

  • Not Anonymous

    When you walk around puffed up all the time, sometimes you get deflated……

  • adobong_paksiw

    he from NuYohk…lol….as if that meant something….

  • Dustin Welch

    His mother should be proud of the prick she raised

  • 19mad74

    Looks like he should have stayed in New York city.

  • TopAssistant

    Every time I watch this I am amused by it and I would have given him one more punch when he raised his his head up!

  • Marcus127

    I say the Trucker quit too soon. He should have stood up and started kicking that Dumb Ass clear into the middle of Next Week.

  • themires

    I just wish we didn’t have to fight like that.

  • harriet

    Wonder what the guy from NY thought was going to happen! DUH!

  • Eric Lent

    As far as I know, nobody is right. the video does not show what happened BEFORE the video recording started, maybe the trucker started it all. People only want to believe what they see.You tube type media is to blame for racist racism radicals. One question. Does anyone here, know what bias means?

  • Skip Phillips

    Just simply got what he was asking for !

  • McMac1983

    The only time I heard any racist terms was out of the mouth of the guy from New York, who is African American…. However I don’t think there is enough video to show that the guy from New York actually started the fight.

  • Reader

    The beating may have gone on longer than needed, but the black guy clearly started it, including throwing the first punch. I would say the beat down is completely appropriate, at least up until he stopped being a potential threat to the trucker.

    I notice that the trucker did NOT throw a punch for any of the insults thrown his way, and I think he should be commended for that. At least some excuse should be given for the extent of the return beating simply for being a heat of the moment response to being physically attacked.

  • John Brady

    The loud mouth wingman in the orange shirt is almost as annoying as the punk who got beat. Then the trucker takes of in his Toyota

  • Tim

    Who’s suckin who’s dick now BeeeAch?…..LMFAO

  • xmrax

    My my my , he done got his black ass woopt

  • John Berryhill

    Phony video. Impossible for one white to fight one black. In the real world, blacks would be coming out of the wood work to gang up on whitey

    • Wiggle D

      No, it happened. Sometimes it takes a bit for word to run through the hood.

  • dave

    I thought I read somewhere this guy died after this but I could be mistaken.

  • Kathy McKinny

    1. You NEVER pick a fight with a guy that out weighs you by 100 lbs. 2. the guys were walking away, (TWICE) but the PUNK could NOT let it go. 3. This guy NEEDS to learn to QUIT writing checks with his BIG MOUTH that his LITTLE BODY can NOT cash!!

  • Leland Whitehouse

    Overall this is very sad. I dont think it had anything to do with a black & white issue. It was a great lack of self control & intelligence on both of their parts.

  • Patriot1348

    The sad part is that the guy on the receiving end of that beating still had not learned his lesson….

  • LostHearts

    Also, blacks are surprised when whites actually fight back. We need more white guys like him.

    • Michael Jay

      BLACKS ARE SURPRISED? Gee, nothing like generalized statements…

    • Fletch

      These days, you may end up with a bullet in you. More whites are carrying and don’t mind protecting themselves or family.

      • James

        True and they as well as any other citizen have the right to do so….but so too are many more African Americans and “Black” people carrying. What we don’t want or need are shoot outs in the streets and businesses of our country. When this starts Agenda 21 in full force and nationwide martial law will be declared. Obama will go from President to Emperor in a matter of minutes. Think you don’t like him, now?? Hon, you ain’t’ seen nothing yet.

        • Ryno Lascavio

          Obama is positioning the UN to have WAY more power than it ever has had before. I think his sights are set on becoming Secretary-General of the UN. Obama sees himself as more of a “world leader” than one of a specific nation. Heck, he doesnt even like the idea of specific nations.
          Base Democrat are no longer patriots. 90% of them are UN junkies.

    • James

      Clearly, this loser was just running his mouth because real fighters don’t do that much talking. Why not call the police or threaten to do so?? Imagine a large group of people driving up and seeing only the part where the fat White guy was on top of the back of the unconscious Black guy still punching what lights he had left out all while the other fat White guy stood over him keeping it going?? It would have been a riot situation and you know this!! Or, maybe you’re the type that wants riot situations, perhaps??

  • Puzzled

    Gee…I don’t know WHY…but..for SOME reason..I just can’t fell ANY sympathy for the LOSER!!!…Go figure!!!

  • John L. Battey

    The trucker went too far. He kept beating the guy even after he was clearly out cold.

  • John Greer

    It is most defiantly race baiting the guy was looking to get beet why else did he have someone videoing this. I believe that as much as acts of racism are criminal race baiting should be as well.

  • jay2010master

    Good. He deserved it.

  • gusgus

    He stopped far to soon, that racist asshole should have been hospitalized so he had a bill to frame.

  • jay2010master

    For the people that say he took it too far, you tried to remember all the time when its one white person and a bunch of black people. They all jump on the white guy. At least this guy’s friend kept the fight fair by not jumping in.

  • airborne54

    GOT WHAT HE DESERVED…and it was one on one not how they attack the whites

  • Jim Miller

    Obama’s thug got his sorry n*gger ass whipped

  • azsdft

    White Guy wasn’t a Trucker, and the guy in the Orange shirt was fired from his job with the Electrical Contractor shown on his shirt. I live in Phoenix and know guys in that company.

  • Art69z

    Oh Sh&t…that’s going to leave a mark and some bad dreams of white truckers chasing his skinny a$$.

  • scott

    You trash talking black racist asshole, I guess you got what you deserved !!! Now take your vile bag of bones back to NYC where it belongs!

  • Allan

    I feel so sorry for both of them. That’s what the terrorist want us to do, war again each other. Lest get alone and respect each other. For the love of God.

  • vinceinaz

    In law they call it “assumption of the risk”. When you start a fight, you accept all responsibility for what happens to yourself, and your target, and innocent bystanders. Even if you’re from New York.

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  • Bill Burns

    I’ve seen this video before.
    Had to watch it again.
    Love it when the bullies get their comeupance.

  • Golfer1113

    Who hit who first? He got what he deserved. Maybe he won’t go out looking for trouble again. Hope it is a lesson learned.

  • Dr. Death

    lol, someone needs to photoshop some birdies flying around that dude’s head at the end of the video

  • nmats353

    All people are animals. Pride and ego get in the way of love and humanity. A real man would have ignore this guy, walked to his truck, and driven away. I don’t care what people “deserve”. Man fell, but we don’t have to keep falling.

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  • LT

    I will quote the great Smokee from “Friday”! ” you got knocked the F— Out!” Go back to NY, it is because of idiots like this jackass that I live in LA! I am from NY and can’t stand it when people are like “I am from NY, like oh no, one should be soooo scared, you are from NY, please someone, save me!!!

  • yohan63

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  • kevin68

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  • Vanessa Lachusa

    Glad this loud mouth got his handled to him… He must watch fox news and must be a undercover republican and a fan of the worst president in history. George W Bush. What a idiot.

  • Vanessa Lachusa

    I love this video. I hate New York loud mouth ass holes. Great job Mr.

  • hardy78

    ➳➳➳➳➳➳➳➳➳ toprightnews====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • c45acper

    That tuff Nu Yawka thought he was tuff wit his “s*** ma d*** talk. Well maybe some Nu Yawkas ain’t so tuff after all.

  • miller56

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  • Patriot7972

    Hoorraaaah! I’m glad to see a mouthy, Obama thug, POS Liberal type that think they can say whatever, do whatever because they feel empowered with their POS in our White house. WTG to get back at this black, mouthy thug! Hoooorah!

  • Michael Jay

    Whether or not the trucker went a little overboard is NOT the issue. Had the DUMBASS not been picking a FIGHT with the trucker, there would have been NO ASS WHOOPIN to speak of. Brotha man wrote a check that was returned for INSUFFICIENT FUNDS…and I confess, I ENJOYED EVERY LICK!

  • Michael Jay

    BLACKS will rarely fight one on one? You don’t know many black people do you? If you did, you would realized that statement is generalized BULLSHIT.

    • Resist the left

      You must live in a different world than I do.

      Maybe you mean that they will fight each other one-on-one. When encountering a white guy, three-to-one is more likely. That’s why many of us now carry.

      • Michael Jay

        THEY? You do realize that I’m BLACK, right? I don’t act that way and how ignorant of you to assume all black people are the same.

        • joe

          shouldn’t you be at black lives matters telling those idiots most blacks die from homicide from oops other blacks

          • James

            Racist, stereotyping and derogatory. Grow up.

        • Heylottylotty

          Mr. Jay, you are correct that many whites believe all blacks are “dangerous”. Unfortunately the most visible blacks over the last 4 or so years are those who say all whites are bad. In fact, all whites should die was the comment in a recent face book rant. A large number of white people (or should I say not black people) continually make appearances, speeches, discussions, and interventions to enforce that this is not racial but political. So far, again, very few blacks have made that stand. Our nation can not stand if the tax payers are overtaken by the welfare groups. The working groups (of all colors) are the ones in jeopardy while this rioting continues. Socialism can not feed people who will not pay the government for long.

          • James

            Very well spoken. Sadly, when socialism dies communism arises…..This is where our nation is headed.

      • James

        The problem with your thinly veiled threats is that many of we carry now as well. What we don’t need are shoot outs in our streets and businesses unless your goal IS the fema camps??

    • Panzer

      Wow more profanity. Thank you for displaying your great education, maturity and civility. That was easier than actually trying to make a point or adding your own experience. I however saw the same thing in middle school and high school blacks would NOT fight one on one it would be a large gang if the odds were even they would rarely try anything.

      • James

        A handful of persons stating they saw the same thing when dealing with 10s of millions of people (the Black community) is still only stereotyping when that handful of persons now declares that all are this way because they saw the same thing. I come from a majority Black family and the people I grew up with are hardworking, business owners, students, etc. but ALL of we could fight one on one – culturally, we have had to be ready to fight off multiple attackers at one time. Those who believe that Black people won’t fight one on one are generalizing and hopefully won’t meet the wrong Black who will fight back and fiercely one on one.

    • CMB313

      Apparently you do not know your people very well. Case in point (I have many, many more such vids of black gangs attacking whites and even their own)

      • James

        You just killed your own argument and proven mine in your own comment – Black ‘GANGS’ hon. We are trying to discuss Black People/African Americans. Now, Google works on my computer as well and I can pull up White’s attacking Blacks in their way and post or we can pull up history books going not too far back and pull up millions of STRANGE FRUIT pictures of White GANGS hiding under white sheets (not always though) with fire in their hands laughing at the good work they’d just done. Good citizens are going to have to stop this or as God is my witness, we are going to have national martial law declared….

        • CMB313

          Hey James who looks like a girl… have your own version of those men in white sheets (they were all democrats by the way, I bet you vote for democrats) anyway, you have your own gang now. It’s called the black live matter movement and they are threatening death to all white people. Good job! This is why you people can’t keep going back to a history that was resolved already. Blacks are no longer slaves. They have every opportunity as white and any other color have. They even get all black colleges….if whites were to try that we’d be called racists. What the blacks need to do is quit their cry babying, stop breaking the law, get off welfare, get jobs and start acting like productive members of society like those blacks do that you other blacks call Uncle Toms. So sick of the whiners crying about crap that happen 50 sixty years ago. As for God, he’s shaking his head at adults acting like kids having tantrums.

    • James

      Culturally and historically we have HAD to fight off more than one oppressor/attacker/opponent at the same time! This guys statement is generalized bull shat and he’s met the wrong “Black” people. I’m trained to and I have ensured that all of my children are trained to fight off more than one at a time but to never, ever, start a fight…..but dam n sure finish one started with you by any means necessary – keeping your mind on how far is too far, of course.

    • dyhart

      lol Is that why he felt the need to specify that he was by himself more than once?

  • Citizen Outkast

    Too far? Nope, just right. When that ghetto trash looked up at the end, you could just maybe see a slight glimmer of reality sink in. The quicker more whites react like this to aggressive black posturing, the quicker it will end.

  • rentslave

    Oh,it’s a ditsoon.I was hoping that it was a $aturday person.Never mind.

  • tim

    made me laugh dumb ass

  • FallingRoc

    The loud-mouth Blacks better learn that you “Do NOT want to get the White man MAD”… we far outnumber them… and we ARE getting tired of their $hit…
    Pay-back is coming…

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  • Mildred_ESharpe

    ☑✦☑✦ $88 per h0ur @mi12//



  • Plebian

    At least he will get free treatment with that Obamacare

  • Carlos Valdés

    Send the nigga back to NYC. One on One not like the baboons do in a group…

  • nadinemccarthy

    I really don’t know if he took it too far or not, but I’m betting the instigator will think twice about trying to bait someone into fighting them. Not every person you meet and harass is going to put up with that BS.

  • joe

    haha Nigga wanted his dick sucked and kept calling white people nigga then got his ass beat #blacklivesmatter #blacksarecriminals

  • Kanray

    His first mistake was the “I’m from New York”. Then he just kept messing with them. Did he go to far in whipping his ass? Hell no, the idiot was still moving. Old saying, when in Rome do as the Romans do, when your in Arizona, don’t mess with truckers in a truck stop.

  • Panzer

    From what I saw the black gentlemen threw the first blow attacking the ‘trucker’ and one was displaying his great education with loud profanity and other vile word’s. Yes his mother would be proud. Also of note the other man with the so called trucker did not get involved.

    • You_R_Responsible

      “gentalemen/man” ? Nothing gentle about the black thug and he obviously was not a man but a boy w/a big mouth.

  • ChemicalDeath

    Trash needs to stay in New York.

  • Jim Jacobs

    The punk deserved it!

  • joe

    if it was reversed they would have all jumped in and kicked him

  • 1frances1

    pahetic!!! I am sorry but 3 guys bigger than the thug punk who thought he was so tough? At least it was just a one on one fight and thank goodness for the guy who ended it by saying enough, you got him man

  • William Stearns

    To quote Will Smith from one of his movies, “Don”t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.” If New York had shut up and done his business, he wouldn’t be wondering what truck just ran his ass over multiple times.

  • barbara

    So sick of crying racist. I’m surprised he didn’t get his ignorant foul mouth punched minutes earlier. Had it coming.

  • Roger Munson

    He got what he deserved.
    He picked the wrong guy to swing on !
    Go too far ? NO !
    When in battle….neutralize your opponent, or stop them dead in their tracks !

  • Janet Dillon

    These thugs are a disgrace to their race. Thank God all are not like them. They need someone from their family to step in and teach them how to be responsible, productive citizens. He had this filmed intentionally to start a race war. Time for all to call it like it is.

    • silly girl

      you are weird janet and paranoid

  • StevenE

    Some blacks feel empowered since Al and Obama are in power. Too bad. Obama has really done the blacks an injustice. But, does Obama care, no!

    • silly girl

      blacks were out of hand way before obama even got in there. they have been shoving people around for 50years and it has gone on too long

  • weikamis


  • Curtius Simplus

    What no more mouth?

  • Golfer1113

    Who threw the first punch? The guy who got his butt handed to him after all that mouthing. He got what he asked for. Anyone calling this racist is the true racist. It was a fight between two men. The one that started it and the one who finished it.

  • Curtius Simplus

    Seems the working class Whites are not quite as safe a target as the upper middle class cucks … just saying.

    • silly girl

      yeah thats true and when the black thugs come oout to the west coast and try their game they are going to be really sorry

  • Frank Loftice

    Hell no he didn’t go far enough

  • RedMeatState

    shoulda stayed in New Yawk, muthafokka!!

  • enrique


  • nana24

    All mouth and no brains ! He got what he deserved ! And it should be happening more often !

  • chuck

    nothing like getting your clock cleaned…

  • Henriandy

    Anyone notice how the second guy did not get involved? You can bet if it was the other way around there would be four to five jack asses on the trucker. Punk thug got exactly what he deserved. And if it was a white guy saying suck my d*ck he would deserve the exact same beat down. Decent people are sick and tired of this behavior and they are starting to fight back! And good for them.

  • You_R_Responsible

    Nice to see an arrogant idiot from NY get what he deserved and have no sympathy whatsoever for him.

  • James

    Nor, are the opponents. That’s just what we need: people growing up in this environment shooting first instead of all of that talking these two did and some bubbas all paranoid and shooting first thinking everything with melonin in their skin is out to get them. Martial law and the suspension of the Constitution, anyone?? You think you don’t like finishing out Obama’s last few months in office…..imagine YOUR fears and disgust when this causes him to NEVER leave office. People, all citizens, need to get this thing under control.

  • James

    Bull Shat. Loud mouth punks like this one seems to be can’t swing a lick but most of we are trained fighters and many of we exercise the 2nd amendment. Personally, I don’t do that much talking if I have to defend myself against someone – martial arts, pepperspray, old school knuckling up….that’s my answer to an assault.

  • James

    From what we saw, this guy asked for a beating; however, the moment that he went somewhat if not all unconscious and the guy was on top of him beating and punching him in the head….this fight became a crime. The trucker and his trucking company will, at some point, get sued and possibly arrested for battery and assault if not attempted murder (depending on how the young man is doing post). Then, there is the wording that either the trucker or his “friend” used that escalated this matter up to a hate crime. Smh. He shouldn’t worry. I’m sure that the fat guy on the sidelines ‘egging’ him on will put a lot of money on his books or maybe do the time for him/pay the lawsuit settlements for him….no?? The trucker should have just knocked him down, got the guy or himself away from the guy, called the police….anything before punching an unconscious man repeatedly in the head. Right or wrong, he is in legal trouble. Mark my words.

    • silly girl

      OH WAHHHHHH jamsey, you jig a boos need to take a step back and sit on your haunches. you got whitey and the cops and the klan and the mexicans and the orientals and all the rest of em looking at ya’all really close since you got into killing cops and raping babies and bludgeoning old ladies in churches lately. we are done with your crap BE ON NOTICE

  • James

    I watched the vid again just to make sure that I got it correct and…that guy bleeding out on the ground needs to sue this mofo – JUST so that fat racist calling him the N word feels it. Period. I’m out.

    • silly girl

      yeah right and they will hunt him down and finish the job straight up and yes you are definitely OUT

  • Downstater

    Yee-haa! Beat his punk a**s

  • Downstater

    First of all, you can’t even understand what the thug is saying, his speech is so bad, but he is obviously threatening.

    • silly girl

      nigs all talk weird, they are really hard to understand, they call it ebonics or ubonics or something like that they talk an ignorant sloppy kind of english

  • Downstater

    if he’s from NY and went to AZ, he ought to understand he’s in their terf.

    • silly girl

      well he does now. they dont run away from blacks down in AZ

  • Downstater

    The Svwartzeh didn’t even have a New York Accent, sounded like he was from the Caribbean or Africa, probably an illegal immigrant.

  • Downstater

    Another one of Obama’s sons is on the lose again, and just got the cxx** kicked outta him.

  • Downstater

    I’ll bet the thug goes back to NY with a new respect for Arizona.

  • captaindandan

    Comment: When you are on top and he’s face down–don’t keep flailing away at his head: The top of the head is the hardest spot on the body.
    Use the downward force of your elbow into his spine. OR, grab his ears and face-slam him into the asphalt. You gotta plan our moves before the fight, my man.
    As the old lady said in “Blazing Saddles” Isn’t anybody gonna help that poor man?

  • johnanaguski

    Oops I done picked on the wrong mfkr.

  • John Garron

    Looks like the fool let his mouth over load his ass and he didn’t have enough ass to back up his mouth. Got exactly what he deserved.

  • pelones

    Firstly, I see three loudmouths. Two of them backing down the other loudmouth. All three actin’ the fool. Secondly, the white boy’s mama should have taught him not to hit a man when he is down. Once a person is defenseless. STOP. Otherwise you become the jerk and also you are taking a chance on killing him. Thirdly, I have no idea where, whoever wrote this, came up with the white guy being a trucker. He drives away in a car for heaven’s sake. It is very likely the white guys were just as responsible for this problem. Why do people make up stupid titles to totally unrelated scenes like this?

  • get fucked bruh

    hahaha should have gone on longer and also kicked the other guys ass who siad enough filming he needs to get fucked up even worse 🙂

  • MCVet

    Typical NY B.S. got his azz handed to him. Maybe next time he’ll learn to keep his suck shut.

  • james70

    this spear chunker got his ass whipped no 10 can size maybe some one will slit his throat

  • Donald Gaines

    Got less than he was asking for.

  • Terry Mackey

    At least the other trucker stayed out of it. If the colors were reversed it would be two on one. Bet on it.

  • Lew McCloud

    How many African Americans actually came from Africa? I say if they are here in the United States and was born here they are American just as I was born here I am an American. Lets knock off this dividing talk and realize that we are American Citizens and we have the same goals in mind. Lets work together and stop this whinning and fighting and start acting like grown ups not little squabbling children who are going to take their ball and go home.

  • Dr What

    Ahhh he might have gone too far in the beating, but it looks kinda like a Pansy Fight to me anyways. There was a guy who stopped the wailing so it’s good all round. That Black dude kept calling the white dudes, Niggers for some reason so if there was any racism involved that was it. Stupid is as stupid does. That white guy overpowered that black skinny guy. I can hear his telling his pals “I had that PUNK on the ropes, but he has 10 or 20 friends jump in and kicked my ass. It’s good there is a video haha

    • silly girl

      naw he went just the right amount with the beating, he knocked him out and got up off him. it was over. if he had gotten up sooner the guy would still be blathering some trash

  • Dr What

    Did those cabs have orange STUDENT DRIVER things on their tops or were they Pizza Delivery toppers?

  • Coonhound

    I don’t like to see violence like that no matter who’s at fault. I wish people could see that govt wants everyone at each others throats. That way they can be the answer to the problem (that they are generally responsible for). Some would say he got what he deserved as he DID throw the 1st punch. THAT really surprised me, African-Americans generally do not fight one on one. If the situation were reversed, (2 black guys+1 white guy) the ‘friend’ [if black] would have jumped right in there and you would see the loser in the hospital.

    You wont see this crap on main stream propaganda media like CNN/MSNBC. It doesn’t fit their agenda as blacks are victims. One story I found today was critical of a white police officer that shot an ARMED black criminal in St Louis, allegedly in the back, but like the rest of these ‘events’ we need judgement before facts.. I’ sure this has NOTHING to do w/ Wall Streets implosion last week

    I mean really they are playing w/ fire as they know most inner-city blacks (young ones at least) do not see the orchestration behind the protests and how they turn violent. Some DO though and are speaking out They see the end game is not in their best interests. See LOCAL man tell how it starts up in Ferguson

    Soros funds BlackLivesMatter to stir up crap, its proven. ‘Protesters’ or agent provocateurs got stiffed apparently and started #CutTheCheck!!

    Of interest-our president Mr Barak Hussein Obama used to be a member of ACORN since ‘rebranded’ as MORE, even representing them in court as a lawyer. I always wondered what being a ‘community organizer’ actually entailed. I see he’s still at it~
    Justice Department announced it would reward rioters by funneling $163 million to community organizations like MORE.


  • rick dees

    lol, I have watched this a few times, dat brother sho did get his a– kicked fo dissin da wrong whitey. His head was jus like da bobble doll in my caddy. He forgot dat two against one is preferable. He sho don’t have no smart mouth after he got whupped!

    • silly girl

      yeah we all know that its always two niggers jumping on one white old lady is how they play it. they are dead in the soul and cowards is the truth of it

  • PJ Thompson


  • johnathon1234

    NO ! ! ! ! That trucker didn’t go far enough in his beating. He should have killed that Racist.

    • silly girl

      not worth the trouble john

  • johnathon1234

    Good for that Trucker. Did He Go Far Enough? NO ! ! ! He should have killed that black person for making those remarks and starting that fight.

    • silly girl

      naw he went far enough. we are not animals like blacks are

  • Rahul Nair

    Awesome things here. I am very glad to look your post. Thank you a lot and I’m Having a look forward to touch you


    When he finished he should have done what the “black lives matter” group would have done with a swift kick to the face,These bastards better be careful white people the majority in this country are mad and we are not going to take it any more. “White lives matter,too sonabitches”

  • CentralFlaGirl

    Doesn’t it hurt your own knuckles to hit a hard head???

  • Hood Roberts

    Another of the seemingly endless number of worthless, sociopathic, dangerous sub-human blacks who really just need to be shot in the head and hauled off to the garbage dump. This particular Paranthropus Boisei got his comeuppance.

  • Osamabeenscrewed

    Mr. Big mouth got his mouth shut up. He is a typical big mouth a-hole.

  • Circa53

    He isn’t even bleeding and still has his teeth..

  • summertime

    Notice it remained one on one, gentleman code. Black thugs would have piled on.

  • Lovebandit

    Notice how the white guys kept it one-on-one and waited got the black guy to throw the first punch? If it were reversed, it would have been three blacks on one white. Nothing like a gentlemanly BEATDOWN on a loud mouth NY punk…LOL

  • harry


  • Jeanette Bleckley

    OH WELL…….things do happen when one acts STUPID!!!

  • Ron Vaughan

    Looks like a thing called justice – Who went after who 1st ? – White Guy was gone – walking off –

  • Justintime

    The thug will probably get invited to the white house.

  • John Doe

    Why did he stop???

  • PCS

    Homies gots to lose the ghetto ATTITUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gettin him beat, gettin him killed.

  • Janice Fowler

    The trucker did not start it, but he did finish it.

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