New Poll Shows Dismal Re-Election Prospects for John McCain


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Arizona Republicans have increasing contempt for Senator John McCain.

And no wonder. After shameful betrayals on everything from amnesty to ObamaCare to the Muslim Brotherhood, John McCain was recently dealt an unprecedented censure by the Arizona GOP.

McCain was humiliated in the national press as elected state committeemen assembled at the annual Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party and voted to censure him. Two weeks earlier, Maricopa County Republican elected precinct committeemen also voted to censure John McCain. That resolution, expressing deep dissatisfaction with Arizona’s senior senator, passed overwhelmingly — by a vote of 1,150 to 351.

Today a poll confirms what the censures first suggested: if McCain is planning another run at the Senate — as he recently indicted he would — he may be in for a world of hurt.

As Seeing Red Arizona reported, in the latest Rocky Mountain Poll, of over 700 interviewees, which indicate McCain would likely face a very tough race if he were to run for reelection in 2016:

McCain’s numbers in the Behavior Research Center’s Rocky Mountain poll showed his job approval at a dismal 37% rating of ‘Excellent/Good.’  His ‘Fair/Poor/Very Poor’ rating was a stunning 56%.

The Republican establishment may still love McCain, as he has tossed around Federal goodies like candy for decades around the state. But clearly his contemptuous acts have done him in with the rank and file.

After McCain held several closed door town halls on amnesty last year, state Republicans expressed their outrage with his stance on rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship.

McCain betrayed the state by proclaiming his intent to “Complete the Dang Fence” when running in his 2010 primary, then turning around and pushing through last year’s “Gang of 8″ Senate amnesty bill that would gut border security and hand tens of millions of illegals instant legalization.

McCain also opposed attempts to defund ObamaCare, pushed to arm Al Queda-backed “rebels” in Syria, and shamed his state when he was photographed with a Syrian terroristwho had kidnapped and tortured 11 civilians.

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