New MTV Show Hosted by Illegal Alien Shames ‘White People’ for What They’ve ‘Done’ in America


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Does it get any sicker than this? Here is the product of nearly 60 years of Progressive indoctrination in our schools, media and culture.

MTV will air a show later this month entitled White People which shows young white Americans crying on camera over their “white privilege” and publicly shaming them for “what they’ve done in America”.

No, this is not a joke. The documentary is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant and amnesty activist who has worked for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post.

The trailer for the show, which has been widely criticized by YouTube respondents, features white people expressing angst about how they are desperate not to appear “racist” or “offend people.”

According to Kimberly Ricci, the documentary forces the participants “to internalize what they’ve done in America” – in other words, this a huge exercise in white guilt tripping for public consumption.

An MTV write up of the show also explains how Vargas talks to young Native Americans who feel that European settlers did not ‘save the country’.

“They are the ones who invaded. They are the ones who took,” says Vargas.

In the interests of balance, when will Vargas be fronting a show called Black People that collectively blames all black people for black crime statistics, including the fact that black people in America commit over half of homicides despite making up only 13 per cent of the population?

How about the fact that despite being outnumbered by whites five to one, blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa?

How about the fact that interracial rapes are almost exclusively black on white?

How about the Barbary slave trade, under which over 1 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa until the middle of the 18th century?

Are black people going to be shown crying on camera having been shamed into taking responsibility for all of this? No, because that would be racist. But according to MTV and Vargas, subjecting someone to trial by media purely because of their skin color is perfectly acceptable – so long as they are white.

This documentary represents the culmination of years of race-baiting and racial division which is being driven by the mass media and the Obama White House, tensions which have rapidly accelerated since the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

Responses to the video trailer on YouTube were savage, with the clip receiving twice as many ‘thumbs down’ in comparison to ‘thumbs up’.

“I’m black, even I know this show is straight up racist. Only because it’s stereotyping white people, all white INDIVIDUALS are not like that,” wrote one respondent.

“You want an uncomfortable conversation on race? Let’s talk about violent crime stats shall we? No? I get it, you only want white people to feel uncomfortable,” added another.

“Fuck you MTV, I will NEVER apologize for the skin I was born with, nor will I apologize for being a male, or for being straight,” another respondent asserted.

However, many in the liberal media are celebrating the show, with Kristen Yoonsoo remarking how pleased she is about the fact that, “lots of white people tears lie ahead.”

“It’s always a good time poking fun at white people,” she concludes.

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  • Beth McKean Hargrove

    I won’t be shamed for being “white” and I will not feel one bit of guilt for it

  • Brenda southerland

    Go back to Mexico you sick jerk the white race is sick and tired of hearing the word racist you have no voice in this country you and your freeloading realitives go home we have done nothing to you get out.

    • White Devil

      You tell my white sister !!!

  • oldwhitewoman88

    No one has ever admitted to voting for Obama and his failed immigration policies!

  • Mel

    Same white idiots that voted Obama so they wouldn’t be perceived as rasist.

    • White Devil

      I wounder how all that change is working for them ! LMFAO

  • Send lawyers,guns and money

    The Progressive Agenda is failing across the board. All they have left is to use race to sow the seeds of hate and discontent The tactics are classic Alinsky 101.

  • La Gray

    wait…he’s “worked” for the Washington and Huffington Posts, illegally, in this country….and no one’s batting a freakin’ eye???? He’s here illegally. He’s supposed to be being deported…DUH. Who made those kids go to him in the first place? I’m ashamed to think that any US citizen would participate in this, and why were the parents allowing their children to be subjected to this moron?

    • Fran Boyle

      you just caught that? LOL

      • La Gray

        LOL…it was my sarcasm speaking…sometimes stating the obvious is not enough to make ourselves clear…ergo, the “DUH” in my response…

    • caligirl1960

      He most likely lived in sanctuary cities to get those jobs and or lied about his legal status here

  • Secretsquid

    This will not end well for Hispanics. It will help the Republican nominee by highlighting the alien author.

  • Ron Davis

    Boys ….you dumbass’s better watch what you ask for….you may get it

  • Bill Pittman

    Things are great in Mexico, Central, and South America? That is why we have fences and border guards to prevent the flow of people to the south? If white people are so evil and are in the majority in this country, why is the illegal alien here?

  • Dennis Hubbard

    but they break our laws to be here,,, with puppet flip-flops help,,,,, and to call me white,, your a color blinded racist illegal alien,, I am Red, White and Blue,,, All American,,,, yes I have a skin tone lighter than some,,, but I am not a color,, and fyi all Americans are just different shades of skin tone,,, it illegal aliens like president flip-flop and you that are racist,,, for racism is pointing out races and promoting hate,,, you all the way,,,, so be offended,,, I’m not,, for there are alot of honest people here as they followed the laws,,, not like you and fake birth certificate flip-flop,,, go home so your not offened…..

  • nadinemccarthy

    I agree. I won’t be ashamed of my skin color. screw this producer. Notice he had to interview YOUNG white people. Older people would have told him where to shove it.

  • Fran Boyle

    why should I be ashamed for being white? Everything I own in life I got through working hard to better myself, working rotating shifts and weekends for 30 years. I graduated High School, served in the US Navy, attended trade school in the evening to be prepare for my life when discharged. Everything that was available to me was available to anybody else, you just had to apply yourself. With this I suggest MTV get a grip and pull this BS show

    • White Devil

      Thank you for serving this GREAT COUNTRY sir !

  • paulflag Citizen arrest! If you know hes here illegal, detain him till ICE can come and take custody.

  • Wiggle D

    You know what? The moment illegals feel shame for what they’ve done, I might consider that.

  • RichmondVaCane

    Being born white in the US is the original political and social sin in the 21st century.

    • White Devil

      F U C K that ! I will never apologize, be ashamed, or bow down to anyone for being a WHITE AMERICAN !

  • Tina

    Get the hell outta here! There is NO shame in being white! And I’d love to have a few words with that illegal alien piece of sh*t who shouldn’t even be in this Country, let alone have a job on TV and making videos like this? I call Bull! If there is a white person “crying” over being white…they were paid to do it! I am white and I am proud!

    • White Devil

      Amen to that my BEAUTIFUL WHITE SISTER !

  • Not Anonymous

    Can you imagine the reaction if they did a show called Black people and they just simply played videos of black violence in this country????

    • White Devil

      It wouldn’t shock me at all. I would just assume it was another day in Detroit

  • harriet

    What people did Jose Antonio Vargas’ ancestors displace when they came to this country? Migration has been going on for thousands of years. The migration started in Africa our origins. People replaced people. Even American Indians raided and displaced other tribes. Took the captives as slaves and slaughtered others. Vargas is not an illegal IMMIGRANT, he is an illegal ALIEN.




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  • Mitchell Dell’Aquila

    Winning the Pulitzer must not mean as much as it used to.

  • LaFlare1017

    The show looks like complete garbage. White people are now discriminated against in college and the workplace due to affirmative action and diversity programs. White people publicly are shamed, simply for being born white. White people are made to feel guilty for things white people did in the past, even if they are not even the same ethnicity of the white people that were responsible for things(there are different regions of europe, just like a chinese person isn’t korean, europeans are not all just one group). White people who become successful due to hard work, intelligence, and family values are shamed for having “white privilege”. Opportunities for minorities are at an all time high, yet so is hatred for white people?

    I am a young white male, I make money through small online businesses without the help of anyone(aside being raised with values by my parents), my success is based on my own merits, not privilege or hand outs.

    I will not apologize for the color of my skin, I have done nothing wrong. I am not responsible for history, I am not responsible for another person’s failure, I am not responsible for anyone but myself. Personal responsibility is the only way to success, fixating on race and blaming others will keep you in a cycle of failure. Period.

    • White Devil

      Good for you young man. You should be thankful that your parents actually took the time to raise you right. Never ever be ashamed or feel guilty for being a WHITE man. Stand up and be PROUD !

    • Len

      “The show looks like complete garbage.” Well, it’s MTV, so …
      But, this one is definitely over the top.

  • homeboy

    Wasnt for white people you motherfuckers wouldn’t Have a paycheck so shut the f*** up!!! your welcome to go south why is it when you Shitheads do come here you fly the Mexican flag If your country was so great why the hell do you run from it so fast and risk your lifes? I fart on Mexicans any chance I get

  • Paul Kmf Tubbs

    Wow, I bet the KKK recruitment is soaring.

  • White Devil

    This POS needs to go back to the Philippines with a one way ticket to taking a dirt nap.

  • Kandie Fritsche

    why hasn’t he been deported?? How could the Washington post, and the huffington post hire him without proper documentation??? I have to prove my citizenship every time I apply for a job, how did he get away with this? Both newspapers should be fined big time for hiring him to begin with. And what did he win a Pulitzer prize for? Being a jerk???

  • caligirl1960

    How uncomfortable would Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant feel if he got deported!

  • Betty Elenor Unterbrink

    Go back to your country. We will take our amnesty back, plus any benefits you are collecting because you are an illegal and give them to homeless vets who actually fought for this country. . I DONT APOLOGIZE FOR BEING AMERICAN YOU IDIOT.

  • ThomasHTillotson

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  • stew4844

    shame on you MTV. I will never apologize for being white and shame on you for letting a law breaker come into this country and abuse it’s people for the sake of ratings.

  • TimothyGWarren

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  • Thomas Pyke

    You should feel guilt for having us pay for all you illegals.

  • Jim Lindsey

    As I post this I am continually whipping myself for being white. After I can stand no more, I will hire someone to pour salt all over my bloody back!

    Whoever said, “The inmates have overtaken the asylum” is a genius!

  • MZAZ86442i

    Call your cable or dish company. Have them DROP MTV. Do you SEE what that ILLEGAL MUZZIE ALIEN occupying our WH has done to this once great country?????????????

  • Ron Christy

    I will not be held responsible for things that happened before I was born. I am sorry that you are to lazy to go out and make something of yourself no matter what your skin color is. I see people as people. What they do with themselves in life is the problem. Piss poor upbringing from parents is what I see is to blame.

  • David Pendleton

    F you jose, I’m PROUD to be white, no guilt here…

  • jerry

    Did anyone get it ?who is the host? Hes an illegal immigrant now come on why is this this guy even on the airwaves? what have we become? Can anyone really give an intelligent answer on this one PLZ

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  • Adam Gulledge

    Remember when MTV was about music? I miss those days.

  • william rose

    great white men built this country

  • Phyllisegriffith

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