DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: Illegal Aliens Have ‘Earned the Right to be Citizens’


Above:  Illegal aliens “earning” citizenship, according to Big Sis’ replacement at DHS.

by John Urban | Top Right News

Speaking at the United States Conference of Mayors on Friday, newly minted Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the millions of foreigners who are in the country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.”

“An earned path to citizenship for those currently present in this country is a matter of, in my view, homeland security to encourage people to come out from the shadows,” said Johnson, in what he remarked was one of his first public speeches since being confirmed as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief in December.

“It is also, frankly, in my judgment, a matter of who we are as Americans,” he said, “to offer the opportunity to those who want to be citizens, who’ve earned the right to be citizens, who are present in this country–many of whom came here as children–to have the opportunity that we all have to try to become American citizens.”

If you are thinking: according to Federal law, it is Johnson’s job to deport these illegal aliens, you are correct.

But in an Administration that has been called the most lawless in American history, a quaint little oath to the Constitution won’t keep Johnson from perverting his role into an advocate for foreign invaders, identity thieves, criminals and visa overstayers to have the same rights as citizens and legal immigrants.

After all, his predecessor, Janet Napolitano, set the stage by making a mockery of border security and prosecution of illegal aliens.


Above: Johnson picks up where Napolitano left off:
the best friend illegal aliens ever had.

Back in August, Obama surprised many with his choice of Johnson – a  career lawyer and political crony with zero immigration enforcement experience to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – and also one with very controversial views on the military and drone powers of the president.

Johnson, ho was previously General Counsel at the Department of Defense before entering private practice, is a lifelong Democrat political hack, who served numerous campaigns including John Kerry and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

A political hack with zero law enforcement experience. Just the right stooge for the lawless president to carry out his new top priority: minting  20 million new undocumented Democrats.

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  • 4MeNoRinos

    How do you earn the right to anything if you started by breaking the law? !

    • Andy Miller III


  • Les Kimbler

    Of course Obama appoints someone with NO experience. Why should he be the only black man to hold an important office and be incompetent?

  • Tom Alexander

    Not your call to make and you would be wrong as well!

  • Ted Johnson

    what in the hell is going on the ass who is trying to get all done before we kick him out of office you can be sure that if those illeagals are let in there won`t be any type of keeping track of who they are and will infect this nation with more hate and anger ever seen before

  • Tom Markee

    Illegal Immigrant’s don’t have any rights, they’re not citizens.

    • Charles Batchelor

      Not completely true, they have at least one right, the right to leave.

      • Chad Edwards

        That is not a right… that is an obligation.

  • aunti obama

    They earned their right to citizenship the same way Obama did, corruptly and illegally …..And by the way Lefties, I am not racist, I Just do not like criminals and do not think they should be REWARDED with citizenship to a country built by Blood sweat and tears…. They can wait in line like the rest of our neighbors do…Any one that gives them cuts in line is racist against our other neighbors who have waited legally…..

  • Margaret Surovietz

    The only right to citizenship earned immigrants ,woo immigrated to USA, not the one who jump rio grande or over stayed their tourist visa

  • Jkc

    They broke the law and should be shipped back were they crawled from

  • Patty Pasko

    Wow another incompetent in office, how on earth has an illegal immigrant earned the right for citizenship. Dumb me I thought that was reserved for people who come here through the legal channels.

  • nancyj1922

    What an arrogant ass. However, what do we expect. He was appointed by the dictator in charge and they share the same condescending, I can do whatever I want to smile. I’m surprised this jerk didn’t say, “I have a pen!” Can we please clean house in Washington, from the top down and then start straining through all the crap they take our taxes for and getting rid of the crap. We could start with Obama care and ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that wasn’t read and debated, and voted on AS THE PEOPLE WANTED, before it was passed.

  • Andy Miller III

    By that logic, I guess they earned the right to be terrorists too. Better let ’em go. Aliens and terrorists have Human rights, BUT NOT CIVIL RIGHTS. And I say human rights clenching my teeth.

  • nancyj1922

    Geez, They EARNED IT? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? So there is a law that declares what they do as illegal. There is also a law that declares robbing banks as illegal. So does that mean that when a lowlife goes in and robs that bank they have earned the right to do so????????????????
    Have mercy. I should never read this crap!

  • 4MeNoRinos

    so if I go to other countries with no visa will I be allowed in,, No.. if I go with a temp visa and it expires and I stay until caught breaking the laws.. should I have rights.. No..

    so sick of this treasonous administration.

    • Charles Batchelor

      If you do to Mexico without a visa, you do 10 years in a Mexican prison.

    • Rob Alfie Inostroza-Lindley

      yes, if you go to other countries with no visa you ARE allowed in, you didn’t know? I just went to a bunch…read up! 🙂

  • Lorin Chane Partain

    At this rate who want’s it.

  • Tinaw1969

    Could you explain to me what these law breakers have done to “EARN” citizenship in this country??? They broke federal laws when they came here! How does that earn them citizenship? And what a slap in the face to the immigrants who came here legally!!!! You sir are a disgrace to this country!

    • dghealy

      registered (or at least voted) as DEMOCRATS.

  • Coyotecanyon Badger

    What Johnson and his fat-head cronies, including many RINOS, the churches and all bleeding hearts refuse to see is that the damage amnesty will do to our country in all ways will directly affect them as much as it will the NO AMENESTY people they hate. Live on the open Arizona border you smug ignorant blank. OTM are coming across. Muslims from terrorist countries. Destroy the country liberals and you destroy yourselves. Libs are incapable of learning from history. A forced showdown coming. Where will you hide libs?

  • Randy Dees

    If I sell enough drugs illegally have I earned the right to be a Pharmacist ?
    Beam me up Scotty !!!

  • ron44

    He is another so called politician of the marxist persuasion that will do any thing to tare this country apart..these so called humans are evil to their core. Scum of the earth is a better fit.

  • Les Williamson

    Bought and paid for by who? Damn sure not the Ghetto, they can’t afford a person like this that would just push his own kind to the side!

  • Herman Vogel

    I have a Question to ask this person,,,”How did they EARN that right,,,by voting illegally for Obama, or just walking across OUR borders illegally??? And This guy is the head of Homeland Defense. Any wonder the rate of illegal entry has gone UP in the last 5 yrs?

  • joe

    I agree breaking the law is absolutely not to be tolerated, that’s exactly what senator Abraham Lincoln said to President Polk when he declared war on Mexico 1846, it is unconstitutional and unfair to war against a Nation that can not defend it self .However because of manifest Destiny the U.S. government went ahead and marched its military all the way down to Mexico city but decided not to take all of Mexico just seven states California,Nevada,Oregon,Utha,Texas,New Mexico,Colorado..
    So in essence if you’re not a Mexican and are related to the founding fathers ,you have to ask who are the real wet backs?

    • Kevin Beasley

      Eloquently put but whatever the case we cannot just let the down trodden from a whole other country come in without a plan of action…it almost bankrupted arizona..as it is central phoenix is looking like nogales more and more everyday. Nice history lesson, but gives no sensable plan of action to solve the problems of illegal immigration. Which if you dobt see the begative impact then your not looking at the reality of the situation. One being the connection of the drug lords and their chicano gang. I wush we lived in a world without borders. But until a righteius government is brought to power it cannot happen. l

  • Roy Mallmann

    Please take the time to travel to one of the states that have more than twenty or thirty, like where there are say, 4 million and then watch the evening news or live with them and see the drain on public service and the lawlessness. Come to a city like Houstob where you really don’t want to drive after 2 am because of drunk drivers out in droves, (yes they drink a lot). Then see how much you want them to be a major part of our society. So they mess up their country so you want them to do it here. And yes, there are some good ones who follow the law,…but!

  • Joel Rivera

    The American people have earned the right to kick Jeh Johnson and his ilk in the ass.

  • Dale Birmingham

    In November he will have to go back and wait in line just like all the other illegal aliens.

  • kay Gaddy

    If this is the way we are doing things now, how about we bring the people of Haiti over here that are starving to death. Im pretty sure they would appreciate a nice glass of water and not fly their own flag here while demanding a free sandwich.

  • Peggy Gartman

    20 million is optimistic view. More like 30-40 million.

  • Philip Bloxam

    Another idiot politician.Nice tgat foreigners can own it if the do something illegal…

  • ken

    Hey, you stupid Jackass, they have broken the laws that you have sworn to uphold. Do your job and kick them out.

  • Amanda Demko Zellers

    all of the legal immigrants should have something to say to him! they earned the “right to be a citizen” legally!

  • Dan Snow

    How to encourage racial strife, bigotry and unrest in America? Promote amnesty for illegal aliens, promote entitlement programs for minorities over others, promote the rights of one group by denying rights to another.
    Yup, I’d say the libs agenda of destroying America to impose their own flavor of socialism is going according to their plan.

    • Les Kimbler

      You forgot the most important one… Ignorant minorities promoting other ignorant minorities to places of power. And we have the most ignorant of all people and minorities in charge of our country, who is putting people just like him in places of power who will stand behind every idiotic idea he comes up with.

      But your final statement is right on the money. America is being destroyed.

  • Ted Johnson

    this patsy sure hasn`t earned the right to be an American deport him also

  • Evony Master


  • Pissed off

    “Come out from the shadows”??????? Are you kidding me, they will come out with their AK”s and take over from there!!! Are you kidding!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Jeh Johnson

  • Broken Arrow


  • Claude D. Faulk

    They have the right to remain silent anything …………. Put their ass on a non stop bus with bars on windows and every other security feature and send them back. Bus is cheaper than plane, but plane would take more . Sick of them getting things that Americans can’t. Getting the aid when pregmant. Not supposed to. Time to take OUR COUNTRY BACK. I don’t blame them. They come for a better life. It is our own Government allowing all to take place.

  • I hope some Border Agent throws one of the rocks that are thrown at them at this man. Maybe THEN he’ll understand that these aren’t little pelting rocks, but huge honking knock you out at best, permanently cripple you kinds of rocks.

  • Dana F. Davis

    It doesn’t appear that Jeh Johnson has earned the right, let alone the wherewithal to qualify others.

  • Bo_Kassa

    This jag off needs to be removed from any official government job. These illegal aliens are foreign invaders who are here illegally and have broken our nations laws concerning admission to this nation and need to be deported immediately!!!!

  • headusher

    November is coming folks.

  • Sgt Roy

    Like his leader, this man is a Socialist and is simply one of the many who are collaborating to bring Our Nation into the depths of Socialism, then Marxism! WE must all do everything we can to impress on our Liberal friends, have we have many, that it is time to start paying attention, and to STOP saying “it doesn’t matter”!! Assume the mantra good people, and spread it far and wide!

  • John Cromack

    Pack em up and sender home and send this guy to
    show em the way.

  • John Grey

    We want people who respect our borders to be a part of our society, not these illegal aliens.

  • bigsurprise

    I think he is trying to project that the children who were brought here, or birthed as their anchor babies have ” earned the right” to be here because it was not their idea…but that is CRAP !! Our legislators need to reverse and revoke citizenship of children born here , when their parents are citizens of another country, and if they happen to be born while the mother is here, they should bear the citizenship of their parents. It is also happening now with pregnant women from other countries, like China are coming her to have their children born her and be their anchor babies. THIS IS NUTS…There are the money mongering unscrupulous ones who have created birthing hotels for this purpose and charging them for doing this….That law should have NEVER been created, and WE THE PEOPLE need to write and call our representatives insisting that it be revokes. I believe ALL immigration should have stopped after 9-11, and our borders need to REALLY be secured and guarded by some of our military, instead of cutting back on our military. Build REAL walls, instead of the 9 or 10 foot flemsey fences. Terrorists as well as Mexican Drug cartels and gangs are coming through there too ! IF WE THE PEOPLE do not start CALLING our representatives in mass and DEMANDING the changes we want in our government, they will CERTAINLY NOT DO THEM…..We need to be calling on MANY matters !!And the FACT that we have an ICE department which are SUPPOSED to locate and return illegals, and are TOLD NOT TO …And these illegals hold up huge signs that read” UNDOCUMENTED, UNAFRAID and UNAPOLOGETIC”….is SPITTING IN OUR FACES…They are given FREE Child births, Free health care, welfare, Food stamps, Free Cell phones…when many US citizens cannot afford nor are given these things. THIS situation is our governments fault. Houston Texas is over 50% Mexicans now. Sam Houston , Daniel Boone, Boey and all who fought and DIED at the Alamo and San JAcinto to keep Texas a US territory , have been disrespected by OUR GOVERNMENT who is handing them our country ….there are MILLIONS of ILLEGALS HERE…THEY ALL, including their anchor babies, DEVISED JUST for this purpose…NEED TO BE SENT BACK !!! I woudl rather some of my tax dollars go to aiding Mexico to enforce their own police, and make Mexico safe, and to help this country create some industries so that these people can earn a living wage and STAY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES !!! CALL and TELL your representatives all of these things, and if enough of us would, they would start listening…because they know that revolution comes after no action on their part.and I am afraid that is what this country is headed for if this is not STOPPED and RECTIFIED NOW !!

  • Jon Weiss

    And EXACTLY WHAT did they do to earn citizenship? Is violating the law the new standard for a government handout, under the Obama administration?

  • dan3333333333

    We want heads of departments such as DHS to have half a brain cell also!

  • fedup222

    WE DON’T OWE THESE PARASITES A DAMN THING!! Close the border and enforce our laws like you’re supposed to. We are becoming mexico!

  • cc0623

    How in gods name did this person get appointed to this position? Where was the Repubs on this nomination?

  • Holliston777

    Death to Tyranny!

  • KLinNYC

    It gets me SO ANGRY when I realize that they are just going to ignore that the majority of Legal US Citizens — no matter what their political affiliation — don’t want any form of amnesty whatsoever, and they’ll force it through with some kind of executive order.

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