NBC Interviews IRAQIS Watching ‘American Sniper’ Expecting Outrage – Get a Very Different Response Instead


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Hollywood liberals like Seth Rogen and Michael Moore, and media liberals at MSNBC and the Washington Post have been trying to defame American Sniper subject Chris Kyle for two weeks now, falsely claiming he was some kind of bloodthirsty Iraqi-hating racist who reveled in killing all Muslims. Islamic whiners at CAIR even said the film was to blame for “Muslim-hating speech” on social media.

So when NBC sent a reporter to Baghdad, Iraq, where American Sniper was shown at theaters, they surely must have expected the very people they claimed Kyle despised to be outraged by the film.

They were stunned when the exact opposite was true — Iraqis are flocking to the film, which has been sold out at several theaters since it opened last week.

NBC reported on some moviegoers reactions:

“Some people watching were just concentrating, but others were screaming ‘F***, shoot him! He has an IED, don’t wait for permission!!’” Gaith Mohammed laughed, recounting the film’s many tense scenes when U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, radios in for authorization to take out a potential threat in his crosshairs.

Mohammed said he and his friends loved the film and were inspired by it:

“I love watching war movies like this because, especially now, they give me the strength to face ISIS”

Hear that whimpering sound? That’s the sound of liberals crying, as their narrative goes down the drain.

Another viewer, Ibrahim said but that he saw no reason to be bothered by Kyle’s real-life sniper activities:

Why [be bothered]? The sniper was killing terrorists, the only thing that bothered me was when he said he didn’t know anything about the Quran!

Why be bothered indeed? Only stupid American liberals seem not to understand that Chris Kyle was killing terrorists and not acting out some “Islamophobic” fantasy.

Unfortunately, Mansour Mall theater in Baghdad pulled the movie after only one week. Not because theatergoers were insulted, but because of death threats from Islamic radicals in the region.

NBC could only find one Iraqi who was “offended” by the film, and it was (not surprisingly) “government official.” He would only use his first name Wael, and said he thought the movie was too violent, and he threw in some politics along with his “review” of one critical scene:

“The sniper, he has a chance to hit the [characters hidden to avoid spoiler] in their foot or anywhere without killing them, but he didn’t because he’s bloodthirsty like all the American troops.”

Hilariously, though, even with Wael saying he was “happy” the movie was pulled by some theaters for being “anti-Muslim,” — he then admitted he watched it twice in theaters and a third time at a friend’s home.

Take that liberal weenies and CAIR crybabies! All their arguments just went right out the window.


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