NBA Great Charles Barkley Slams Ferguson Protesters, Defends Darren Wilson in EPIC Interview


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

[UPDATE: Full interview audio added below]

Uh, oh. The race-baiters trying to turn Mike Brown into Rosa Parks are not going to like what NBC Hall of Famer Charles Barkley had to say about Ferguson, the media, and the police officer Darren Wilson.

Barkley called out the media for “jumping to conclusions in the Michael Brown shooting, because the media love race stories.” Barkley made these comments on Tuesday in a radio interview with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic inPhiladelphia:

When asked about the Ferguson decision, and why “Black America” doesn’t trust the ruling, Barkley said that “the true story came out from the grand jury testimony,” adding that he was made aware of “key forensic evidence, and several black witnesses that supported Officer Darren Wilson’s story for the first time Monday Night. I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore. And, that’s why I don’t like talking about race issues with the media anymore, because they (the media) love this stuff, and lead people to jump to conclusions. The media shouldn’t do that.

Barkley added: “They never do that when black people kill each other,” echoing the comments made by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani started last week,  about how Black-on-Black crime is excused by “Black leaders,” Obama and the media.

Barkley also praised the police saying “we have to be really careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods. We can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be without the cops?”

Very different from Barack Obama, who is holding a “meeting” today on “police tactics on minority communities” — yet another effort to divide Americans by our race-baiter-in-chief.

When asked what he thought on those who rioted in Ferguson last week, burning more than a dozen businesses to the ground, in what Barack Obama called an “understandable anger,” Barkley simply said: “They are all scumbags.”

It’s nice to see not every Black athlete is so easily manipulated by Obama-style race propaganda, as were the St. Louis Rams players who ignorantly performed the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” nonsense before yesterday’s game.

And it is terrific to see his respect for the difficult job our police have to handle each and every day on the most dangerous streets in America.

Kudos to “Sir Charles” for his common sense and courage in speaking truth to the brainwashed.

UPDATE:  Full interview below. Enjoy…

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  • Les K

    “They are all scumbags.”

    Amen Charles

    • Guest

      And you are too

      • Guest

        That is the reason why this country is going to fall. The world is watching all this hypocritical bullshit from white male police officers.

        The white men in this country -are evil and the white male police officers are even more evil.

        You can call people scumbags all you want, but what you are doing is showing the world how you are. Keep talking so that you can show people what trash you
        This is December 2014 and white male police officers are still evil.

        • Les K

          Since this commenter is too much of a coward to talk from an account, I have no reason to take anything said seriously.

        • Joe

          What bullshit ! You people loot, steal, and “burn t he bitch down” while acting like Neanderthals, yet you think whitey is evil. Grow up, thug,

  • disqus_TCcuOqHqBF

    Love Charles Barkley! Thank you

  • akcita

    God love and protect Charles. I appreciate his candor, but fear for his safety the same way I fear for those witnesses who bravely spoke the truth. Our President is a disgrace in how he has dealt with this.

    • Orlando

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    • mike

      Charles alway has spoken his mind on issues. hes right on this one

      • Paul West

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    • Alexander Nikolai Kontoff

      It is not the presidents responsibility to “deal with this”. It ISNT his problem, its literally solely the problem of those directly involved to “deal with this”.

  • Harriet

    Class act. Always has been. He and Whoopee aught to have a chat. At least he does not excuse bad behavior.

  • gunner

    it is a cultural change that needs to happen, black family structure too often is a single mother.There is a lack of positive role models, too often the rap culture is what the kids are taught by. rather than a father teaching them to be men, they learn to be spoiled children all their lives.

    • Miraclewhip515

      I raised 3 children by myself. I raised 3 kids while being disabled. They are all good kids. My youngest just graduated high school with honors. She went out to find a job and got one. They never had a male role model. So don’t blame it on a single mother home. I have had a hard time but I did it without having a gang member kid.
      I think attitude has the most to do with it. They instill the hate into their kids. If they would raise kids with love then that is what kids will learn.

      • Kerry B

        Amen, girlfriend. Raising my two on my own and they are great kids. Smart, loving, helpful, creative, and respectful.

        • Fauntleroy

          I think both of you missed the point gunner was trying to make. He was not trying to blame the single mother but, the culture. Obviously you 2 ladies did not raise your children in a culture that leads to destruction. He is correct that the change needs to come from within the black culture, no one is going to change it for them.

      • wiserperson8710

        Great to read a positive story from a single head of household mother. Excuses for destructive behavior has to end! There was no reason for these losers to loot and riot Ferguson. All these looting demonstrators should be in jail.

    • wobbles9094

      single moms aren’t the problem. Instilling the idea that race is an excuse for every failure in life and a reason for not working hard at anything or respecting anything is the problem. And where did this come from? We know MLK’s generation didn’t think or act this way, that’s for sure. This has all come about from collusion between the democratic (AKA plantation) party and self advancing race hustlers within the black community itself like Sharpton and Jackson.

    • Linda

      MY neighbors are black and they are wonderful neighbors.

  • Karlec

    CB just moved to the top of my favorites list for CHOOSING to accept the facts of the case. Thank you!!!!

  • Gayle Hammen

    someone is finally making sense!!

  • James Bond

    Thank you for standing up… Big Respect. And I do not watch basketball!

  • Bryant Hill


  • Armed Grandpappy

    Sir Charles! Thank you for being able to see through all the hype. TRUTH!

  • Viet Vet 67

    Love ya’ Sir Charles.

  • Andy

    The title “Sir Charles” is a fitting one. It perfectly describes him. No bowing to the PC liberal media. Way to go!!

  • Sheila Ray

    amen Sir Charles…well said.

  • AL S

    Thank you Charles!! Race problems will never go away as long as the media keeps stirring the pot!!!! Our worthless president can’t see past his nose!! Understandable that people would destroy their own town. That they would destroy innocent people’s livelihood!! It is just disgusting!! Scumbags is a good term for them!!!

  • Joe Tokoph

    Barkleys come a long way, he didn’t always like white people, but he has had a chance to be around a wide range of people in his commentator job with TNT and he has grown, age has a way of making things more clear thats for sure. Good job Barkley we need more high profile athletes to tell all these race baiters to chill. Id love to know what Charles says about Sharpton.
    Oh and the 5 schmucks from the Rams should be fined and all fines go to the city of Ferguson to help in the repair of ghetto rats and outside losers. Al Sharpton comes to mind. He looks like a little greasy cheesy rat. Al Sharpton should be in jail.

    • Linda

      for impersonating a reverend.

    • Just Me2

      He didn’t always like white people?? His wife is white. Married to her since 1989.

      • Joe Tokoph

        He and his wife have had an open relationship for a very long time. All this came out when he played here for the Suns. Just because a black dude bones a white chick doesn’t make him not a racist. He has come a long way is what I’m saying, but now blacks just call him Uncle Tom, its what unintelligent blacks call successful blacks.

  • Rob

    Mr Charles Barkley..Always tells it like it is. Charles Barkley for President

  • Gary Hall

    I come from the Left, but have always loved and appreciated Chuck’s candor and willingness to go against the grain. I too believe that it’s a disgrace how many in black communities ignore the blatant black-on-black grime that goes by the wayside in terms of drawing attention. Most of those people who do the looting don’t even care about the issues; just an opportunity to get a few beers and some sneakers. How the hell can they wake up the next day knowing they’ve destroyed their own community for $50 worth of merchandise! No black leader can justify this.

    • nannerbs

      What do you mean “no black leader can justify this”? They ARE, including the man in the White House.

      • james

        Obama did not justify the looting.

        • Miraclewhip515

          He didn’t try to stop it either.

        • Linda Burris

          Obama is making excuses for the looters, But he’s a criminal too so nothing shocking about that.

          • Jonathan

            I can’t even make a case for what you said not being racist. Like, at all. Good job, Linda.

          • Joshua Jansen

            Because she didn’t like Obama, or because she called him a criminal. He did just arbitrarily pass his executive order on immigration, which is at core a crime.

          • Titus

            The executive order in principle or his view on immigration? If it is over the executive order than, no, the Constitution does empower the President with the power to give executive orders that do not require the approval of Congress. If it is over his view on immigration than that is a personal view. If your main point of disdain is the President’s “friendly” immigration police, then I respectfully point your attention to the fact that this nation and any no-native resident is an immigrant. If it is over his view on immigrants doing the work no American wants, then I point to history. As history has show immigration is generally a net gain for the nation. The first generation might be a “drain” on society, but they provide a larger pool for extremely harsh work. The second generation generally goes on to attain High School/University degrees and go on to found business that provide jobs for Nationally born people. The third generation generally goes on to become doctors/engineers/lawyers and other high-paying jobs. Many well wishes and hope for a civil conversation.

          • Joshua Jansen

            Actually, an executive order is a unilateral decision of the President intended to guide the nation into imediate action under the prerequisite that the action is of national security, and can not be delayed for fear of impending danger to the nation or other international interests. It would be a legal executive order had he said that “ISIS is a threat due to X, Y, Z, so let’s build a more secure boarder!” That does not mean it can’t be challenged. It can still be challenged, however, Obama ordered this executive order over non-military, and non-national security legislation to unilaterally circumvent the need to interact with a republican congress, and that is an illegal misuse of the “executive order.”

          • Titus

            The Constitution never limited the executive order to only military polices and issues, though. Executive orders have been used to pass internal development planes to re energize the economy to national security. In most causes it is used by a President that is in a different party than those who control Congress. (In some cases the President just does not want to wait on Congress.) Anyway, the Constitution never actually states an executive order has to be in reference to national security. In fact the Constitution never even makes mention of executive orders. One thing to keep in mind is that the Constitution, as is written, falls in (somewhat) line with the old British belief that a constitution should only be oral or a book of laws or, if you absolutely needed one, a brief and short and to the point write document detailing the powers and what positions had which powers. The Constitution was short and brief, but not very detailed in the grand picture. As such the government and branches have distributed power among themselves, in a fairly informal way, since it was writen. The Supreme Court was never intended to have the power to nullify laws if unconstitutional, they received that said power through the efforts of Chief-Justice John Marshal. (Thus, Congress is not all powerful.) With this, if you will, “correct as you go mentality”, the Executive Order was born.

            Many apologies for the length of the comment.

        • Jon Hodgkiss

          By saying ” many are angry and that’s understandable ” is his way of saying he’s fine with it

  • payasyougo

    Thank God for an honest pro athlete. Barkley is still a star.

    • wiserperson8710

      Where are the OTHER Black leaders and Black high profile people telling the truth! No, race baiting is their talk.

  • akansan

    Thank you Charles Barkley! I think it is time for EVERY black person in the USA to stand up and be counted if the USA has been good to them. I think President and Mrs. Obama will have to stand up. I think Eric Holder will have to stand up. Oprah, you better never sit down. I have a list of people I went to school with and my child went to school with who I know have great lives. What should the hashtag be? Not white and well treated in the USA!?!

  • guamjeff

    Why are there so few?

  • Rob Brown

    Thanks for exposing the media who only want ratings instead of giving the facts. sorry Chuck I know you didn’t want to be but you’re one of my role models

    • wiserperson8710

      Well said, Rob Brown. I agree 1000%!

  • A Hondo Amaya

    Sir Charles is not picking sides – he’s simply being rational – whake up Ferguson – next time you need protection who you gona call?

  • Lester Forsythe

    When they’ve lost Sir Charles….they’ve lost the war….

  • We are having a meeting now to decide the future of protests. Please stand by.

  • Dan Siebert

    Thank you for your candor. A brave thing for a minority high profile person. On the subject of Ferguson, You and God no the same thing…. The Truth!

  • Julian Hardaway

    Charles probably doesn’t get treated like the normal black out there by cops

    • Texan1st

      How does the “normal black” get treated? Granted, cops aren’t going to grovel and pander to anyone…even blacks. They’re there to do a job. Not make friends. Still, I suspect the vast majority of blacks get respect when respect is given. On the flipside, if someone wants to be an ass and confrontational then I’m sure cops can go that route too. Nothing says they can’t throw the legal book at someone that verbally abuses them. There are so many laws on the books, I’m sure they can find at least one that the person violated, then put them in jail for it. And sure, you can claim that they put the person in jail for getting mouthy. But the fact is they went to jail for the violation. It’ll say so on the paperwork. It was getting under the cop’s skin that kept him from giving this person a break.

    • JoAnn Barrick

      To me he is speaking like a real person. If any of the ignorant thugs that keep that crap going actually tried to find out the truth they would have to come to the same conclusion !
      They are too lazy or ignorant or both to even want to know the truth ! All they care about is stealing and bullying everybody like the cesspool dwellers in the so called White House !!!

      A normal person does not get treated like loud mouthed thugs or egging the cops on and asking for it, no matter what color you are ! If you act like an IDIOT you’ll be treated like one. I know I wouldn’t put up with it….why don’t you idiots sit on that tattered old race card and TWIRL then just SHUT UP????

    • Guest

      He’s not a “normal black” because he can think for himself?

    • notbuttkissinlib

      Julian: Don’t be stupid. …”normal black”??? What the hell does that mean? There ain’t no such thing as a “normal black” just as there is no such thing as a “normal white”. And what does his money have to do with his comments? I suspect your comment is based on the fact that you are a racist.

      • wobbles9094

        i think he means “ghetto”, but is trying to not be overt with his self hate….

    • wobbles9094

      considering black people call the cops more often than they call for pizza, why aren’t all those black folks dead? Explain please…

    • wiserperson8710

      I know too many blacks that are treated very courteously by police. Furthermore, what race is doing the majority of crime, looting and rioting. Guess it is the Asians and Whites.

  • David Fournier

    Sir Charles,I have always been a fan of yours because you speak from the heart and dont care if it is PC or not.

  • Kathy Leary

    What the hell is Obummer’s big fat nose in this for? He is the scumbag!

  • Every single day,, 167 cops are assaulted by these thugs.

    • wolfe16

      Every week an unarmed person gets gunned down. Assault is supposed to equal murder???

      • wobbles9094

        considering people have been killing each other with their bare hands since the cave man days, and many cops are murdered by “unarmed” crooks who got their guns away from them after a physical fight, only a true moron would think “unarmed” = not deadly.

      • Jerry74

        So wolfe16, your math would tell you…. If you assault a police officer, you have a 1 in 1169 chance of being gunned down. Logic would tell you to respect them!!!

      • dart68

        How is defending yourself murder? Just because someone is unarmed doesn’t mean they are not life threatening. What is your motivation for calling this murder?

      • Lolly

        It wasn’t murder.

  • People now know it was obama, holder and sharpton who engineered the riots to continue dividing America and to destroy our country.
    Also, the damn media are helping him.

    • fivefatcats

      maybe we should charge THEM with inciting a riot ..

  • John Sherker

    Wild, wild west? What we have learned is that the police create violent situations where no violence was called for. Funny that Charles is talking about this months after the fact, but he has jack to say about Tamir Rice. I guess that case of summary police execution is too uncomfortable making for the bought and paid for racist media.

    Charles Barkley is known the world over as a fool who says stupid things for attention. If he is your spokesman, you really need to reconsider your position.

    • You sir, need to have your head examined. If you think that the police create violent situations for no reason, think again. Maybe if someone assaults you, you can handle the situation yourself, no need for police intervention, good luck.

    • chatty60

      Tamir Rice pulled a gun from his waist after being told to put his hands up. The gun turned out to be an air pistol but someone took the orange tip, that indicated it was not a real gun, off of it. His death is a tragedy that should not have happened, but maybe you should blame the parents or who ever took the orange tip off, or maybe he should have been taught that you obey the police, maybe he should have been taught to not point a gun at people in a park. There was a call to the police that a kid was pointing a gun at people that is how the police came to be there. Apparently someone felt there maybe a problem. What young people need to learn is to accept responsibility for their actions as there maybe consequences.

    • wiserperson8710

      Most ignorant post I have ever read John Sherker.

  • One thing I admire about Barkley, is that he always speaks his mind. He not a bullshitter like so many other people. His the best sports commentator on ?V. Hands down.

  • wandszy

    Look out Charles…they got Cosby for speaking the truth. You’ll be next.

  • DavStp

    Really like Sir Charles. Intelligence is hard to hide. 🙂

  • alnga

    President Obama needs a full scale war to break out so that our focus will be off him while he continues to dismantle what is left of our Union. Congress led by Bonehead and Reid will plod along ignoring his felonious assault on our Constitution.

  • MyPantsAreOnFire

    How could anyone even understand that mushmouth???

    He sounds as if he’s been hit in the head SEVERAL times during his career.

  • Disappointed in CHARLES

    Barkley is a news whore… He loves controversity…he goes with whoever he believes is winning. They will always find the one black person that has a little voice to agree with them.. BARKLEY YOU ARE THAT MULE (A_ _).SUCKER!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte Carney

    Well said. So true.

  • Daniel d. Hull

    Yea Charles Barkley. Are the police always right, no. In this particular case it appears the officer was justified. Could he have taken other action, possibly yes. If so we might be reading about the officers demise. The Grand Jury found him innocent. A jury found O.J.Simpson Not Guilty. Many People weren’t satisfied with that verdict but they didn’t ‘t burn down neighborhoods. There has to be order. A Federal investigation is going to follow. If there was any wrong doing they will positively uncover it. Now what is the Officer suppose to do. He did his job to the best of his ability under the circumstances yet his life is ruined. Are there problems in Ferguson, Missouri regarding the police & the community. Maybe. However the Federal Government is also conducting an investigation into that and I’m sure if there are inequities they will uncover them. LOOTING, BURNING, ROBBING, SHOOTING OFF FIREARMS, INCITING A RIOT, I would prosecute each and every individual to the fullest extent of the law.

    • wobbles9094

      the “other action” he could have taken was to get murdered by this thug. That’s not an option you would advocate, was it? Wouldn’t have been the first person Brown had murdered either. He was arrested as a juvenile for 2nd degree homicide…

    • nannerbs

      No, Daniel….we wouldn’t have been reading about the officer’s demise…..because the media doesn’t acknowledge those deaths!

  • Chitcago

    At least Charles sees the truth.

  • Joseph Dennery

    I’ve always admired Sir Charles, but now I can honestly say I love him like a brother should…! Thanks for the show of courage in telling the truth. God bless you brother.

  • Rboo

    Good for him and others that are not worried about being called racist or race betrayers by coming out and telling it like it is. Too bad obama, who is suppose to be the leader of our country, can’t put his hatred away and lead like that. It’s a shame that our first black president was a racist, lieing, POS, who may very well destroy our country.

  • Bobby Austin

    My respect just grew for Barkley. Who stated the truth and is has to be hard in his position. Good job guy. Truth still matters. Stand up for it.

  • Bobby Austin

    Most of the trouble makers in Ferguson are members of the American communist party. Many are Muslims as in the new black panthers many or both. It’s the fundamental change to Marxist ideology that Obama spoke of his fundamental change is the destruction of capitalism and our republic. Don’t allow these Marxist. Progressive .liberal scum to destroy America any further challenge their beliefs and ideology at every turn.expose them and their agenda. Save the Republic. You are the answer. Stand up. Make a difference. Speak out.freedom.

  • No Crime Please

    Well stated. Crime is the issue, start to finish, from assault and robbery, to killing, to nightly lootings. Here’s an experiment…remove all the police. You will find its not about race. Just plain crime.

  • wiserperson8710

    President Obama is a race baiter like Sharpton. Kudos to Charles Barkley for telling the truth and telling like it is.

  • Linda

    Wow that is good! Someone who believes what the grand jury said.

  • Rebel Rouser

    Good old souther boy talking some good sense…. we need more of them to stand up and talk the truth….

  • Deo

    I had courtside Sixer season tickets from ’80 to ’03…loved the “Round Mound of Rebound” then & love him more & for better reason now!

  • Kathleen Reed

    This is a prime example of educated verses non-educated, no matter the color of your skin.

  • Mr. X.

    Charles B. is a lair… He is a role model…

  • pastrami

    “Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be without the cops?”
    Sir Charles doesn’t need me or anyone else to add a single word.

  • we need to change

    Change requires leadership!

    Jonathan Gentry Ferguson Missouri:

  • No Crime Please

    The notion of more funding for “education” of police is absurd.
    The issue is crime and those who commit it.

    Our collective standard of decent civil conduct should be universal for all races. Special rules and special treatment by race only propagates notions of entitlement, racial division, government imposed racial profiling, and notions of license for uncivilized behavior. If criminals can’t respect simple law and order, they need to be arrested….they are criminals.

    Civilized society should must be able to see, recognize, and stop crime from spreading.

    Likely, it is too late to educate present criminals. A future of civil decency depends on educating the next generation. Valuable time has, and is now, being wasted on misguided voices whipping up political race-based discontent. There is still good in this nation and good people. Government, especially, needs to be an example of decency…not a platform for self-serving, divisive, race politics.

    Get it right….live, act and speak to decent civil conduct.
    If everyone did, the “problem” would be gone.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    the problem with political correctness, and not wanting to offend anyone, started out as a way to help people who were being insulted, abused, and or oppressed. and had turned into a battle against plain unvarnished truth, of a spade being a spade. and now, even speaking ANY TRUTH, will cause people to hate, loathe, and revile you for not being a brainwashed propaganda speaking idiot, like them.

    • Texan1st

      LOL! So true!

  • kavin

    He has a lot of good commonsense and good words that need to be said if only more people would listen.

  • Sarah Mahala

    Every black person in America needs to listen to this interview. Charles is so right about this whole black and Ferguson issue. If only the black youth who see him as a role model would follow what he says about speaking in an educated way, get an education and maybe influence some of their friends to work to get an education and quit wearing their pants below their butts or around their ankles, they just might be able to make a difference in their communities. God bless Sir Charles for speaking the truth about black culture and the Michael Brown incident. God go with him and keep him safe for speaking the truth. Just to note, football fans should not buy tickets to any St. Louis Rams games until the ignorant black players who did their stupid “Hands up” routine are benched for their display that only made matters worse by showing support for such ignorance.

  • No Crime Please

    Charles Barkley appeared on CNN this morning. Did a great interview.

    As the program went on, I was physically sickened by the newscaster stating that Barkley was expressing “his truth”.

    People, there is only ONE TRUTH. TRUTH is not a matter of 1) opinion, 2) of politics, 3) financial leverage, 4) power/influence, 5) or race.

    If there is no truth in us, we are truly nothing.
    Disturbing to think what we have allowed our collective conscience to become.

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