Navy Sailor Who REFUSED to Stand for Anthem Gets EXACTLY What She Deserves


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

An arrogant Navy sailor who recorded herself refusing to stand for the “racist” national anthem just got the punishment she deserved.

Taking a page from flag-dissing NFL QB Colin Kaepernick’s playbook, a Navy intelligence specialist recently refused to stand for the national anthem during morning colors.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Janaye Ervin refused to stand for the anthem while on reserve duty at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. She claimed she was trying to make a statement about the persecution of blacks in America, the International Business Times reported.

According to Navy rules, enlisted soldiers must stand and face the flag whenever the national anthem is played. Moreover, if in uniform, they must salute the flag. And if in casual gear, as the unnamed soldier was on the morning of Aug. 31, they must stand in attention and place their right hand over their heart.

The sailor who recorded herself did neither…

Instead she remained seated and raised a fist to show solidarity with the (Marxist) “Black Power” movement.

Afterward, she delivered a “manifesto” blasting the U.S. flag and anthem as racist:

“I just didn’t want to stand,” Ervin said. “I can’t stand for this song knowing that the song isn’t for me, being black. The song doesn’t represent me at all. To be honest, I never really thought about the flag my entire life, I had no reason to. It’s just a flag.

The video immediately went viral and generated massive outrage across the nation.

Now the Navy has taken decisive and permanent action…booting her out of the Navy.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Janaye Ervin was stripped of her security clearance, assigned to menial labor for a several days, then shown the door, according to CTribune:

Ervin was read her rights before being given a warning about potentially compromising her security clearance — one that she needed for both her civilian and military jobs. (She was then) stripped of her clearance and escorted out of her secure workplace.

Good. Officers with divided loyalties have no place in our military, let alone in intelligence services.

She is now a former Petty Officer, 2nd Class.

Ervin is now playing the victim, claiming “racism” and saying she was never informed which order she was violating.

As Shari Savage of CT points out, that is complete B.S…

Really? It’s the 10th general order for sentries, which is taught in Navy boot camp. You memorize the 11 general orders until they are burned into your brain. Violation of any one of them is subject to Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and is subject to whatever punishment is decided by court-martial. That’s how the military works, and for good reason. Everyone knows it going in.

Some vets are still upset, saying she got off too easy, since Obama’s Navy reportedly handed her an honorable discharge.

She dis-honored herself and our flag, and deserved a full court martial. But it is good to see her out of the Navy any way we can get it.

Expect to see the usual parade of racial hucksters screaming about her treatment, and calling for a “civil rights” investigation by the Department of Justice.

Unfortunately for Ms. Ervin, Al Sharpton and others, Barack Obama is also being shown the door, and the new president has little patience for such nonsense.

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  • Greg Miller

    She should have gotten at least an OTH discharge.

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  • yossarion

    There is a reason why this honorable discharge was done now. I am sure Obama ordered it knowing that after January 20th she would be booted with a dishonorable discharge.

    • Peter Brown

      I agree 100%

    • RonKeffer

      this is a RACIST decision. The reason Obama ordered it is because they are both BLACK

  • EllisWyatt

    I see Obama’s next move: a flood of honorable discharges for “oppressed” people like Ms. Ervin before he leaves office.

  • kathycasey

    I don’t agree with the “honorable” discharge, but at least she is out. How the heck can this kind of anti-American person get a job that requires a security clearance?

    • Greg Miller

      Obviously a lot of lying.

    • GenEarly

      Two words………Hilarity Clinton!

  • Ernie Engle

    Military service knows no color, it is a privilege to serve this great country. She dis-honored our country and received a just punishment. She will live with this disgrace all her life. Justice.

    • FreedomFighter

      She did NOT receive just punishment. Only a dishonorable discharge in her case would be just punishment.

    • RonKeffer

      bullshit……just punishment would be court martial, ordered to stand trial, if convicted, she should go to Military Prison for a period of time, and given a DIS HONORABLE DISCHARGE……………PERIOD……….

      I wonder if Stupid Ernie Engle will ever realize how stupid he is and if he ever does, what is he going to do about it…………

      • Ernie Engle

        This is for stupid Ron Keffer. Yes, you are right, we should have drawn and quartered her, taken those pieces and shattered them to the four corners of the world as a just punishment. Right Ron, since your opinion only matters, you pose as an conservative, but in reality you are just as much a turd as the sailor.

        • RonKeffer

          Thank you….that being said, enjoy your life time with the. Rest of the flock. You need to inform yourself with the laws of the military justice system. You not wanting to fight for my country tells me a lot… until you have walked a mile in MY shoes….shut the fuck up

          • Ernie Engle

            Ron, Ron first of all I want to say thank you… with that said, who made you judge, jury and executioner ?? Yes, Ron we do have a rule of law in his country. I will fight for this country and what it stands for, I personally have taken that oath 3 times Ron and will stand for what is right. You do not know a thing about me Ron, you are just a unhappy, bitter, loud mouth ass hole who thinks if someone does not agree with you then they are wrong. I do not want to walk in your shoes Ron, I can not fill the shoes of a person who lets anger cloud his judgement and who does not know right from wrong…so with that said…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

          • RonKeffer

            Thank you for your comments. Have a wonderful year

          • Ernie Engle

            Ron same to you. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful life.

          • RonKeffer

            Ernie. Life is too short. There is nothing I can do to change it so I am no longer even thinking about it..I did enjoy the comrade

      • Ernie Engle

        Oh, by the way Ron F…K Off.

        • RonKeffer

          Same to you Dick head….she still has veterans benefits she should lose all rights of a Veteran. If you don’t understand why I feel this way then read the Manuel for Military Justice. It is obvious you did not serve your country

          • Ernie Engle

            No Ron I did .

  • Wm Bj Miller Pollock Jr.

    Hey STUPID?! How’d THAT Work Out For Ya’?!!! Being A “Village Idiot” Does Indeed Have It’s Consequences; just ask the Clinton’s and the Obama’s… That BIG Whaaaaaaa-Woooooosh sound you keep hearing are THEIR career’s being Flushed Down The Toilet, right where it belongs ~ And… Right Along With Yours! The only sad thing… You NEVER should have been given a “Honorable” Discharge. But, having received one, you have NO excuse, NOT to be “Employed”, or find “Educational” opportunities on the “outside”. And THAT’S why they gave you one.

  • Fred Smith

    I hope this striping of the security clearance give this new administration the insight to strip hilarity, huma, valarie and that cabal of their clearances and flag them so they can never get another, I wish they would have held this up until after the 20th of Jan to insure the zero/mabus/carter have no chance of interfering

  • Robert Chartier

    Folks, I don’t like the Honorable discharge either, but… She was an intelligence specialist, and she had her security clearance revoked. She will never get another one from the government, and because of that, her experience in the military is utterly useless. She’ll be flipping burgers in a month or 2, crying about $15 an hour.

    • RonKeffer

      bullshit….she can always go to work for Killary, Billy, Obama, and any other idiot on the left

  • katal1

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes……….1

  • Bill T

    “Intelligence specialist”, I guess she showed them!

    • Keith Rollman

      …make’s me fear for current Navy standards

  • George

    If she tried this crap in North Korea you would never hear from her again. If she lived in a third world country for a while she would change her mind. She is ungrateful and got off easy. She got off too easy with an honorable discharge to say the least. There is absolutely nothing honorable about this poor excuse of a woman.

  • David Jordan

    where do we get these stupid people? and what happened to investigating people who joined the military?if this little twit had these feelings and showed it she should never have been allowed in the Navy to begin with. and to the author of this article, i take exception of you improperly calling petty officers”officers’ we petty officers are senior enlisted and actually work for a living. lol

    • Peter Brown

      where? aff-ree-ka

  • Lynn Jewett

    I believe she should have gotten a Bad Conduct Discharge. With the Honorable discharge she will be eligible for all the benefits of being a Veteran, which, in my opinion, she does not deserve it.

  • aloharider

    Repeat after me… “Would you like fries with that?”

  • Proud Deplorable

    More of this!

  • Russ Foster

    Hope she lost civilian job also. To bad it was OTH she could never get any security clearance with a dishonorable discharge

  • T. Gillespie Quinn

    Perhaps President elect Trump can reverse the honorable discharge. After all is said and done she dishonored the shed blood of fallen soldiers, and that is outrageous. I hope she loses her civilian job as well == she can trot herself over to Black Lives Mater and apply for a job there. (Oh, that’s right. Black Lives Matter isn’t hiring. They are losing their main source of income: the t shirts and hats are being rejected from shelves at Walmart, Amazon and other stores. End of the line for the gravy train BLM.)

    • Ashleycclement

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  • T Mee

    The DOJ has no jurisdiction over the military.

  • RonKeffer

    she does not deserve an honorable discharge. there was nothing honorable about what she did. With an honorable discharge she is entitled to benefits anyone with an Honorable Discharge is entitled to. such as medical care in the event she cannot afford, Medical care for up to two years provided by the VA….She is scum and should be treated as such……….

  • Greg Miller

    At the very least she should have gotten an OTH discharge, but she should have gotten courtmartialed and spent some time in the brig.


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