Native Americans Team Up to Expose Elizabeth Warren’s LIES About Her ‘Heritage’


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is one of the top contenders to be Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

This despite how Warren claimed she was a Cherokee Native American, which gave her affirmative action preferences for entry to Harvard, scholarships and high-paying job offers. Many have called this out as outright fraud — but for some reason, nobody has done anything about it.

Now Warren has inserted herself into the 2016 election season — attacking Donald Trump every time she gets a chance via social media.

Well, the members of the Cherokee Nation created a video to call out Warren over her lies, and it’s powerful.

Hopefully, you will share this after watching, and this needs to go viral. If Warren wants to jump in the race, everything is up for grabs, agreed?

  • i2luvmyusa

    This Fraud has the stupidity to call Trump a fraud! Idiot High cheek bones do not make you a Native Indian!

    • richarddorrough

      High cheek bones no but big lips yes???

      • guest

        I have not read any other comment about cheek bones or big lip except by you…what an idiot.

        • richarddorrough

          If it suited your agenda you would read the hundreds of high cheek bones/evil Warren stories. Especially remarks buy Big Lips Cornsilk. He and Barnes were so offended that anybody claims there are common traits among ethnic groups. But Cornsilk himslef is There was, for example, the matter of
          lips. Cornsilk’s are a big-lipped people. “So many of my family have really
          big lips, and that’s a characteristic, I think, to a certain degree, of many
          American Indians. Many American Indians have full lips. But some of my family have
          big lips. Really big lips. I had one cousin, we used to call him ‘Lips.’

  • William Stearns

    Many whites can claim native american heritage, but if you do be prepared to prove it. The people who claim they are of native american decent and aren’t do a disservice to all native americans by stealing a heritage not their own. Are these the people you want leading your nation?

    • Tawanarsadler1

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  • Albert Schmitlap.

    WOW, my wife in 1/8th Cherokee, so why isn’t she being paid $460K a year like her for only teaching ONE CLASS in college,,, and she does MORE work then this fraud and helps more people as well. My son-in-law is HALF Cree and has YET to use that to further his career and he is a National Director in the company he works for,,,BTW,,,BOTH made it as far as they did with HARD WORK and NOT Buffalo Chips like Liz.

  • sgb1

    It is not just that she lied. The problem for me is that she lied in order to gain advantage over other women professionally. Perhaps some Cherokee girl could have used and deserved the scholarships and the jobs. My family has a legend that we might be part Native American. Do we claim it? Do we use it? No, we don’t because we don’t know the truth. If the Cherokee people say she is not Cherokee then she is not Cherokee. Not only did she lie about her heritage, she used it to get an advantage over others. By the way, she plagarized a recipe in a cookbook. What a horrible woman. She goes quite well with crooked, lying Hillary.

    • richarddorrough

      “If the Cherokee people say she is not Cherokee”..What Cherokees. Twila Barnes and David Cornsilk who financed by the Republican party have engaged in this witch hunt. Never has any of the three nations been a part of this witch hunt or taken part in this witch hunt. It has always been two people . David Cornsilk who is as cherokee as my socks and Twila Barnes a documented Racist calls herself a “wanna be hunter” and claims to fighting the evil whitey. This video was paid for by the Mass Republican Party . Not surprised.
      So they go and talk to some Cherokees tell them “their” story and ask for statements. I would like it confirmed that any of the people being USED in this video have ever seen any documents regarding Warrens family history or any proof she used Native claims to gain advantage. And no I am not a Clinton or Warren supporter

      • Brenda Rapp Sabo

        The New England Historic Genealogical Society backtracked on Warren’s ancestry, saying it has “no proof” of Cherokee descent.

        • richarddorrough

          OK. So?? I have been doing genealogy for close to 45 years. I find “No Proof “she does not have Cherokee descent.

          • Jerry

            Do you have any proof she does?

          • richarddorrough

            I dont know. do I??.. It does not matter. I am not trying to prove she is or isnt. Neither are any of the Cherokee nations. Two podunks from podunk nowhere started this and are being used by a political party in exchanged for two minutes of fame. These two have proven that one is a hypocrite. “High Cheek bones bad. Big lips good.”” My own grandmothers Dawes is a fraud and etc.
            And the other calls herslef a “wanna be hunter” and is clearly not only a nut job but a racist judging by here racist rants agianst the evil whitey. Further this nobody from nowhere said “If you or your Cherokee ancestor left the nation WE said goodbye to them and their descendents for all time.” and “To put it bluntly to HELL with them and anybody who descends from them” Who is we. She speaks for nobody but herslef so perhaps one of the voices??I think the poltical party should have done a bit more homework on these two.
            Those that claim that Warren is not have nothing. She is not on the Dawes. So what many are not .Many refused and many that are on the Dawes are frauds and liars. She ancestors records say she is white. So what so do mine form 1870 untilo now .Every generation and every document.That does not change the FACT that in 1860 we were lsited as Mallotto and in 1850 were slaves.How many white records does it take to wash the Native or African American out of your blood.These people have not proven a thing and have not exhausted all the Warren lines. In regards to the one they are pointing to as Warrens possible Native connection one OC Sarah Smith Crawford or so they say Naoma Crawford is called.They have not proven who she is or is not. Yet make the statement “She is probalby Swedish or something”. Well if they do not know what she how do they know what she is not… Then we have the Johnathan Crawford was evil and rounding up Cherokees . Lauderdale and Waterhouse were not with Dunlap but with Arnstring. Crawford was with the Jackson Blues and not lauderdale in 1837. All fabricated in an attemt to slander and demonize.
            These are what causing such a stip abut Warren ad her statements of possible Native Heritage. Lets remebers in the Second Seminole war Cherokees were right beside Lauderdale Batalion killing Seminoles. The Cherokees by 1838 had been so pollulted with White trash Eurpopen blood lke the Ross that they were slavers that brought their property west and one of the largetset slave revolts in 1842 The 1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation, then located in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) west of the Mississippi River, was the largest escape of a group of slaves to occur among the Cherokee. The slave revolt started on November 15, 1842, when a group of 20 African-American slaves owned by the Cherokee..In the aftermath of this escape, the Cherokee Nation passed stricter slave codes, expelled freedmen from the territory, and established a slave-catching company to try to prevent additional losses of property. Nothng personnel but Warren should have chosen better if she wanted to pretend to be native..

          • guest

            Sounds like excuses..she said she had 367th percentile of Cherokee blood and she had proof…so you assertion is bunk! The fact si Native Americans tell stories and and them down through the generations…someone would know…adn whether to like these 2 people or not THEY ARE CHEROKEE AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND HER TO PROVE IT..if she can’t , she cannot claim ..just like many of us who grew up with family stories…you are a Democrat hack and like all democrats nowadays, lie and lie some more.

          • richarddorrough

            They can yak all they want but lets be clear who and what they are two hypocritical nut jobs being corn fed by the Republican party. Hack this by the .. Im not a dem or repub I hate them both equally. I laugh at them just as I laugh at you

          • JHolland

            Interesting how this is being used for politically.

          • Yarbles

            I think you have had a few too many, sir. Are you familiar with the field sobriety test?

          • Story

            You really don’t have a fucking clue, do you? All of your little history lessons mean absolutely nothing as to whether she is in any way Indian. It is also never the onus on anyone to prove a negative. It can’t be done. The onus is always on the claimant. ie: “I’m an American Indian and here is the proof.” Never “I’m an American Indian… now prove I’m not.” WTF is wrong with you?

          • richarddorrough

            Clue this. Not only do YOU not have a clue your also a punk .My history lessons are meant to show the two people behind this are full of crap and wack jobs. I dont care I f Warren is native or not. I can say If I was to pretend to be native. I sure would not pick Cherokee who at the time of the removal were murdering Seminoles for Uncle Sam. Run by white European stock. Were slavers who also made a living as slave catchers..Allowed the feds to declare if they were native or not. Many were”made” native by the Dawes even if they were not.
            “How are you possibly so knowledgeable about the players”. Sorry if your IQ impedes your ability to do anything but run your mouth from hiding on a blog.This is not brain surgery. Any genealogist with knowledge would take all of a day to learn that those spewing this garbage are full of crap and this IS in fact a political party backed agenda.
            I have studied Eastern US Indigenous groups for as long as I have been at Genealogy. I know a tiny bit about them and thats why this whole “I am Cherokee and your not” or “I am a full blood” is pure BS and a joke.By 1840 you had 200 years of Intermarriage with Europeans.Adoption policy’s and replacing populations decimated by war and disease with non Cheorkees made it almost impossible even then to claim your a full blood Cherokee..Suddenly the Dawes comes along and poof your a full blood. What BS.Then these two clowns claim if your not on the Dawes then f.. you. Or if you did not make the move to Oklahoma then “to hell with you and all you descendants” Barnes” “If you or your cherokee ancestor left the
            nation we said goodbye to them and their descendants for all time.” and “To put
            it bluntly to HELL with them and anybody who descends from them” As if anybody but the Republican party pandering to a couple of wack jobs cares what Barnes says.
            I read a news story where these two made the all “white records statement” and then the “dawes or nothing” statement. Any real genealogist knows both of those statements are BS and only a moron would make them. Further their claims to represent and speak for the Cherokee nations is BS. The day any one of the Cheorkee Nations issue an official request to Warren stating they are involved in this witch hunt then Warren should answer. Until then if I were her I would tell these two wack jobs who are clearly delusional “wanna be hunters””Fighting the evil whitey” and punks like you to kiss her ass.
            That is my real name. Your to ashamed to use your own. Your a punk and have a big mouth from hiding on a blog.The only lie here is you.Talk again when you have the guts to use your name and have credibility..Until then Shut your Gob.

          • katal1

            Don’t tell me…..You get free money from the government ….Anybody who is against the party who provides the free money and subsidies is you’re enemy and must be trolled to the fullest ……Just another taint licking liberal…….!

          • katal1

            Here’s your proof……..

          • Al Gore

            She said it was because she had high cheek bones and that she thought she was American Indian.

          • Al Gore

            He’s a liberal, that’s what’s wrong with him.

          • BuenSabor

            Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw at powwow last year:

            “I’m part white but I can’t prove it!”

          • JHolland

            Sounds like you take exception to these “hunters” more than the genealogical lie of Ms Warren.

          • Ian Huntley

            The traditional “can’t prove a negative.”

            Hey, Richard Dorrough… you can’t prove I’m not in line for the English throne.

          • richarddorrough

            I dont know there was an a lot of inbreeding in the royal line and judging by your post in yours as well.
            The traditional I cant prove anythng.. Negative or Positive

          • guest

   it goes…can’t back your claims, so the rabid liberal starts name calling…Well I have proof of Irish royalty, but only family stories of Cherokee …I would never say I was Cherokee without proof, and steal someones else chance to a better life like Warren did..and her 367th percentile blood claim what a joke!

          • guest

            And you find no proof she does..the two you mention re still Cherokee and have the right to buff the claim..she is shameful.

          • guest

            and there is NO PROOF SHE DOES….AND YOUR POINT? The Cherokee nation has records, and they would know I believe….there would be someone who would know…as for our genealogy expertise…how do we know that ?

          • Ann Elizabeth

            If her family member is not on the Indian Rolls, she is not considered Cherokee (or any other tribe). Her genealogy has been done. She is not Cherokee. She admits this, NOW. Unfortunately, she did not admit this when she was using this as her status to gain advantages she was not due.

          • richarddorrough

            Her genealogy has been done… So says who??

        • richarddorrough

          The claims of all white records and no Dawes list prove nothing but they are claiming it does.

        • richarddorrough

          Lets not forget made up stories to discredit her dead ancestors for gods sake. We have
          It is true that Jonathan Crawford,
          “served in the East Tennessee Mounted
          Infantry Volunteer Militia commanded
          by Brigadier General R. G. Dunlap
          from late 1835 to late 1836. While
          under Dunlap’s command he was a
          member of Major William
          Lauderdale’s Battalion, and Captain
          Richard E. Waterhouse’s Company

          Said he Jonathan Crawford with Dunlap rounding up Cherokees in 1836.. Wrong Lauderdale and Waterhouse were with Armstrong

          • guest

            Thats the problem you don’t care if she has Cherokee blood on not..meaning scamming for affirmative action for monies and other perks that belong to another does not matter to you..she is a fraud in my book..and can’t be trusted.

          • Yarbles

            Sir, have you been drinking? You are weaving all over the road.

          • Story

            If you don’t have a dog in this hunt, how are you possibly so knowledgeable about the players and their decedents? Why go to all the trouble of researching this thing if you really don’t care? You’re a liar….. not a good liar mind you, just a simple liar.

        • JHolland

          The question is why Harvard did not request evidence.

      • guest

        They are amor Cherokee that Warren that is the point isn’t it…and they have a right to call her out as a liar.

      • Charr Cook

        I am part Cherokee so I can speak up and say..Warren show us the should be in the register..then the attacks might stop

    • Anne

      Absolutely agree with you. I am astounded at the cheating and lying that goes on with so many democrats. Making a deal with a democrat is like making a deal with the devil.

    • JHolland


    • mray2b1

      there is no proof of what you say. She was brought up with her parents telling her she was part Cherokee, she believed it and she was proud of it. And there is no proof that she benfitted from it. Harvard has said it wasn’t part of why she was accepted.

  • Katherine Wimberley

    I have documented proof Im 1/8 cherokee, and I never never play the Indian card, and Ive never felt entitled to free education or anything else. We need people we can trust. She should pay back every dime she has taken that she is not entitled to as a non native.

  • Cavs4theWin

    White liberals are so annoying.

    • Yarbles

      Breathtakingly so.

  • richarddorrough

    “The problem for me is that she lied in order to gain advantage over other women professionally” Prove it. Your taking the word of others without ever examining any record your self that she ever used claims of Native history to gain advantage. If your gong to speak it prove it.

    • guest

      She told it herself..idiot.”The legitimacy of Warren’s claims to Native American heritage has certainly been challenged by many critics, and it is true that while Warren was at U. Penn. Law School she put herself on the “Minority Law Teacher” list as Native American) in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools, and that Harvard Law School at one time promoted Warren as a Native American faculty member.”

      A Fighting Chance, which is scheduled for release next Tuesday.
      “As a kid, I had learned about my Native American background the same way every kid learns about who they are: from family,” Senator Warren writes in an excerpt published Wednesday in the Boston Globe.

      One piece of debunked evidence was her inclusion of Warren “family recipes” in the Pow Wow Chow Cookbook, published by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum of Muskogee, Oklahama in 1984. The book’s publishers claimed all the recipes in the book were contributed by descendants of the five civilized tribes–Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole.
      Each recipe contributor identified the tribe from which he or she claimed to descend. In Senator Warren’s case, she claimed to descend from the Cherokee tribe in each of her published recipes. Two of the recipes contributed by Senator Warren as evidence of her Cherokee heritage and published in the Pow Wow Chow Cookbook, “Cold Omelets with Crab Meat” and “Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing” were copied from a 1979 New York Times News Service article by Pierre Franey.

      A second piece of debunked evidence, a purported 1894 marriage license application which was said to list her great-great-grandmother as a Native American, was demonstrated not to exist.

      Breitbart News and a noted Cherokee genealogist have documented there is no evidence to support Senator Warren’s claim of Cherokee ancestry. There is evidence, however, that shows Senator Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, Jonathan Crawford, was a member of the Tennessee militia in the 1830s who rounded up the local Cherokee as the first step in their forced “Trail of Tears” journey to Oklahoma.

      • richarddorrough

        You quote Breitbart News and call me an idiot you moron.a noted Cherokee genealogist have documented there is no evidence.Name them

      • richarddorrough

        There is no such evidence regarding Johnathan Crawford and I can prove it

  • BuenSabor

    I’m not Cherokee, but considering all the people whose grandmothers were “Cherokee Princesses”, I can see how this kind of claim of indigenous ancestry can rankle after awhile.
    If you listen to the video, though, the complaint sounds more like a bad imitation of a Donald Trump speech: “All those OUTSIDERS are taking our STUFF!”

    But the great Lakota chief Black Elk is reputed to have said, “If you have one drop of Indian blood in you, you are Indian.” And one of the biggest problems in Indian Country today is the “dis-enrollment” of people of historical tribal background. There is a sort of “ethnic cleansing” going on here, but it is nothing new.

    Basically, tribal governments formed under the white man’s laws, are using the white man’s rules to exclude people from their own heritage, so that some may benefit from the white man’s money, and others must suffer for it. But as I said, nothing new here.

    For hundreds of years, there have been “half-breeds”, people of mixed indigenous and foreign blood, who have been systematically robbed of their indigenous heritage, forced to “pass”, as white, as black, as latino.

    • guest

      Well I am…her ridiculous claims are without proof…and the fact she went to college using it is appalling..she is shameful…and if the American natives do want to ‘cleanse” their heritage..isn’t that what EVERY OTHER RACE DONE in the US… African American, latino american, asian american…American native…why not,

      • BuenSabor

        Revival of heritage is not the same as ethnic cleansing. Culture is a living, growing way of life, not a museum piece. Revival of heritage, restoring a culture to life, requires including MORE people, not FEWER; Teaching more people and having more people to teach. If native women had understood this better 100 to 200 years ago, this wouldn’t be the United STATES but the United TRIBES. Instead,

  • Guy Daley

    What is an Indian? Sounds like a stupid question, doesn’t it but when you delve deeper into the question, there is a lot of trivia involved. I don’t know the specifics and I most certainly don’t know how or IF it differs between Indian nations.

    Isn’t the correct term, “enrolled”? So if you are an “enrolled” indian then you are on the tribes rolls as a bona fide indian (I realize I am probably wrong, so please, anybody that TRULY knows, step up and correct me).

    If you are a bona fide indian, why wouldn’t you want to be enrolled? Is it automatic?

    In any case, if Elizabeth Warren isn’t an “enrolled” indian she shouldn’t be lying about her heritage.

    If anybody knows for certain, what is the minimum fraction you need to be in order to be considered an “enrolled” tribal member.

    These are the sorts of details that will either easily squash Warren’s claim or support it and nobody seems to be mentioning anything about the details that count.

    • richarddorrough

      No it does not mean anybody lied about their heritage.
      Many of the liars are enrolled. Many were put on the Dawes, which is the only
      thing that can make you Cherokee, by fraud. In many cases they refused to part
      of the Dawes debacle and were included by Professional witnesses in the employ
      of the Feds. Did they lie about their heritage?? Are they really Cherokee able
      to cal somebody else a liar. The Two behind this witch hunt admit their own ancestors
      Dawes are fraud. David Cornsilks mother was full white. Daddy descended from
      full blood Italian He admits his grandmothers Dawes is a fraud. Twila Barns ancestors
      Polly Boots Smith an the Careys are a joke.

      • Guy Daley

        One little detail you left out. What is the minimum percentage of ancestry you have to be, to be considered an official member of the tribe? Does that percentage vary from nation to nation or is it consistent? IF Warren is 1/16th, does she qualify? What does?

        • richarddorrough

          I did not leave it out as blood % is not used. ONLY Dawes listing or a lisitng on another of the earlier rolls

          • Guy Daley

            They MUST have certain criteria for getting on the Dawes listing. One of the UNIVERSAL criteria for determining eligibility is the percentage of ancestry. You have been unable to adequately explain to an outsider expecting the outsider to already know certain information.

            You make it sound like anybody who wants to be a Cherokee, can just pay a fee and presto, they get on the Dawes listing (WHICH MEANS BEING ENROLLED). I’m 100% certain it doesn’t work that way.

          • richarddorrough

            I am 100 % sure I said nothing of the sort. What I said was Cherokee or not if the Feds wanted you on the Dawes Presto your enrolled. Did not stop the outsider form talking though did it

          • Penny S

            Okay I can tell you the percentage has no limits in the Cherokee Tribe, other tribes do have a cut off. I am Cherokee. I am also Scot and Irish and got the red hair and blue eyes. I am 1/64th and receive full Indian benefits. I have a white card also know as CDIB, certificate of degree of Indian Blood and a blue card which is your tribal membership. You must have both of those and be able to prove your family line back to the person who was originally on the Dawes Roll which closed in 1907 in order to get those cards. I can trace to my Grandfather who was 2 at the time he was enrolled. Those that refused were not in Indian Territory as Oklahoma was known until 1907 when it became a State and once again the Indians were disenfranchised of their land. If you were on Indian land you were rounded up and thrown in jail until you filled out the paperwork, there was no presto to it but you were forced. If you go to Oklahoma you will find that the majority of Indians look just like white people, unless they tell you you will never know that they have tribal membership. In Az you will see the typical “Indian” coloring you expect because there was less race mixing as America was being settled, whites hadn’t made it that far West yet, they have also hung onto more of their original reservation land so the whites were not close to them to take an Indian spouse and produce half breeds so often as the more populated areas. I hope any of that cleared up some of your questions. There is no fee to be paid to become a Cherokee, you either are by birth or adoption by Cherokee parents or you aren’t. If your ancestors didn’t get put on the roll they gave up all rights to Indian Heritage and you cannot get it back. Once the roll was closed and the final applications were all handled, which took several years after they closed, were processed no new families were allowed on the rolls. That is more than 100 yrs ago now.

          • Guy Daley

            Thank you very much. That is EXACTLY the type of information that people need to know as far as what it takes to be considered a Cherokee. Direct and to the point. Well done.

          • Penny S

            Glad I could help. I get very frustrated with the untruths told as to who is and who isn’t a tribal member. The Princess is the worst one. There were no princesses in the tribes. I hate that everyone thinks Native American is the proper term. George Washington and his pals started America not the Indians. Indian was the name they called the tribes they saw, they called themselves “The People”. The Govt’s goal was to kill the Indian and save the man so they took their children as early as age 5 and put them in boarding schools to learn to be white. Some of those children didn’t see their parents again until they were 18. When they were kept away that long those children couldn’t communicate with their own parents, they had been taught to speak English only. I have met people who actually went to the Indian Schools, they were beaten for speaking their language. They were fed horrible food. I know the Indian School didn’t close in Phoenix AZ until 1989 so this is not distant history. That school was open for 99 yrs. I was in it yesterday, they are refurbishing them for cultural centers and actually “letting” the Indian tribes say how they are redone. I think the one in Seneca, OK was open until the late 70’s. It is sad they have taught generations and generations of Indians that they are dependent on the Govt for their survival, if they would just get off the reservation and build their own life they would do better but I also understand them not wanting to leave their homeland. As bad as gambling is for some people it is the best thing that happened to the tribes, it gives them an out from being under total government dependency.

          • Steve Smith

            Tell the whole story. The Dawes Commission only listed those that lived within the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, they did not list Cherokees that were living elsewhere. If anyone’s Cherokee ancestor lived outside of Cherokee Nation prior to 1907 they will not be listed on the Dawes Rolls. Quite a few mixed-blood Indians, including Cherokee, became Quakers and left for non-slaveholding states such as Indiana and Ohio. They did so out of pure survival. And of course there would be no records. That would defeat the purpose of hiding. Who knows how many white and black Americans today have unknown Native American heritage. It was hard times back then. And I don’t care what others think.

          • Ann Elizabeth

            They do. If your ancestor is NOT on a roll you are not legally a member of any tribe. If your ancestor IS on a roll and you are less than 1/8th, you will not be given membership in any tribe. There are a couple that recognize 1/16th. In other words, at least 1 of her grandparents had to be 1/2 blood and on a roll … and they were not.

      • Ann Elizabeth

        Sorry, but the Eastern band of the Cherokee uses the Guion Miller.

        • richarddorrough

          And your feelings on the Dawes??

    • richarddorrough

      Do you know how many Cherokees refused to be enrolled

      • Guy Daley

        No I don’t. Why would they refuse? Why have a database of indians if there is no point of being considered an indian except via your own opinion? There has to be advantages and disadvantages that the average Joe, doesn’t know about.

        How else would anybody know if Warren was actually an indian or not? The issue is pretty important if she’s claiming to be something she isn’t. Just like that white woman in state of Washington claiming to be black so that she could get preferential hiring treatment and special consideration for being placed on boards.

        • richarddorrough

          Go read …

          One Drop of Blood – The New York

          One of the people behind the Warren attack, David Cornsik gives an interview explaing
          his own grandmothers Dawes was a fraud and why she refused. Further despite
          screaming about Warrens High Cheekbones statement and claiming their are NO
          common Cherokee traits he claims “big lips” are

          • Guy Daley

            NO fucking way I’m going to read a whole book. I’m sure my simple questions can be answered without reading an entire book. The issue isn’t that important to me.

          • richarddorrough

            Before the Dawes Commission could accomplish its goal of instilling selfishness in the hearts of Cherokees, it had to determine Cherokeeness, and this was done in the language of blood. (There were many impostors, mainly white, claiming Cherokee roots in order to get land allotments.) It required a shocking amount of paperwork. The commissioners interviewed thousands of Cherokees, many of whom, after forced relocations, intermarriages, absconded parents, informal adoptions, and civil wars, had only the fuzziest ideas about where they were from. A significant number of Cherokees—usually members of or sympathizers with the traditionalist Keetoowah society, known as Nighthawks— refused to go along with the Dawes Commission’s racial categorizing. These people were put on the Dawes lists thanks to genealogical assertions made by informants. Because the Nighthawks were known to follow traditional ways, and perhaps also because they were thought to dislike white people, they commonly were registered as full-bloods. (This was the case with Cornsilk’s paternal grandmother, she of the wavy hair, who was informed on by her neighbor Leonard and enrolled as a full-blood, although she wasn’t one. When she found out, she went down the road and slapped Leonard in the face.)

          • richarddorrough

            Not that he got a much more positive view of blacks from his Cherokee family. But the picture there had some subtleties. There was, for example, the matter of lips. Cornsilk’s are a big-lipped people. “So many of my family have really big lips, and that’s a characteristic, I think, to a certain degree, of many American Indians. Many American Indians have full lips. But some of my family have big lips. Really big lips. I had one cousin, we used to call him ‘Lips.’ They were just turned up, I mean they were so big. But I tried to discern what that small amount of blood that runs through our family that is not Cherokee, on that side, really is. I found Irish, Scottish, English in that small strain. But no evidence that there’s any African ancestry in there. Which wouldn’t bother me at all.”

          • richarddorrough

            Its not an entire book..Big lips. Why they refused Dawes..
            These lists are still the basis for determining Cherokeeness. The tribe today will not recognize anyone as Cherokee who does not have an ancestor on the Dawes rolls, though all it takes is one drop of blood.

    • Ann Elizabeth

      The “Indian Rolls” were a form of census taking, beginning in 1884, and done as late as 1950 (1950 has not been released). If you are not a descendent of someone on the rolls, you are not viewed as a member of any tribe. Different tribes have different levels of inclusion (how far removed from generational membership) that they allow. Most use 1/8th at best. To answer the question why wouldn’t someone want to have been included in the “rolls” when they were taken … the answer is complicated. In the East, some Native Americans refused to be enumerated on the roll because they feared removal to the west (as is the case of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation). Others in the east and midwest assimilated and hid their ancestry out of fear as well, and beyond that, there were also those who were unaware of their ancestry. If they weren’t on a reservation, they weren’t enumerated.

      • Guy Daley

        Another excellent explanation, thank you.

      • richarddorrough

        And some never ever got enrolled or cared to out of fear.But per one of these two whack jobs then your garbage.

        you or your Cherokee ancestor left the nation WE said goodbye to them and their
        descendants for all time.” and “To put it bluntly to HELL with them and anybody
        who descends from them”

  • richarddorrough

    I wonder how the Cherokee being used in this video would react if they heard Barnes rant..
    “If you or your Cherokee ancestor left the nation WE said goodbye to them and their
    descendants for all time.” and “To put it bluntly to HELL with them and anybody
    who descends from them”

  • Bitter Klingon

    A simple DNA test would settle this once and for all. Yet she refuses….

    • Dave

      Think so?

      From the Department of the Interior’s “A Guide to Tracing American Indian & Alaska Native Ancestry” : “Blood tests and DNA tests will not help an individual document his or her descent from a specific Federally recognized tribe or tribal community.”

      There are those however that offer DNA testing to trace individual biological relations to actual tribal members but genetic markers are NOT a valid test of actual Native American identity. This is because there is no way to get any sort of data base of any pure individuals.

  • Colleen C

    My husband was told all his life that he was native American. Big research into it. DNA says, “No.” My aunt told me I was Cherokee on my grandma’s side. I’m betting I’m not. She said she was told that by her family. My guess is that she was and like many trusted that info. Particularly where her family hails from.

  • Bob Shuttleworth

    Apparently she IS about 1/32 Cherokee. To little to allow her to be listed on the Tribe’s rolls. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a trickle of Cherokee blood in her background.

  • Jill

    My husband and my 2 sons are proven members of the Grande Ronde tribe in Oregon. I don’t know why this is an issue. IF the woman is a true member…then she can submit a DNA test to see if she is a true member of whatever tribe she claims to be from.

  • dave

    Hey I’m an American Native Indian. Who cares if I can prove it or not just give me the Federal privileges. I want to go to Harvard, pay no taxes, get free subsidy funds paid for by the tax payers, I also want a very high paying Government job with outrageous benefits. WHO’S WITH ME… Except Richard Dorrough becuz someone has to pay for my stream of good fortune.. Get back to work Richard and stop playing Chief I Talk Alot Of Shit…

    • richarddorrough

      Actually it is Chief why dont you kiss my ass

      Try to get it correct

  • Natasha78

    Elizabeth Warren is a fraud, a total disgrace and she is just pitching for a White House job. She engages in the war on women, lies, and is a monster.

  • Natasha78

    This video is beautiful, look at the faces of these amazing people, and they are insulted to be lied about. Elizabeth, go away, you are a joke.

  • A DNA test would reveal the truth – it should be asked of her.

  • jlenoreb

    Please get her for fraud and charge her and convict her, and she will not be qualified to hold any political office ever again!!!!!! I know, through Indian friends, that few tribes pay out past 1/8 but this liar claims 1/32! Get her disqualified, and do it soon! She is evil and just as dangerous as Killery, if not more so! She had to have done research into how to pull off a fraud and then did it with no conscience what-so-ever!

  • jlenoreb

    There’s a reason so many refer to her as Liawatha Fauxahauntus!

  • wildcathoya

    It’s just a little lie… 1/32nd or so.

  • ct907

    Liberals protect their own.

  • Dino Cavallo

    And knowing this the people elected her to the Senate and are considering her as Presidential material? Integrity? Honesty? Anyone?


    True she would make hillary a good VeePee, both liars

  • SweetMarmot

    Elizabeth Warren can end this controversy, and if she has Native American ancestry, she can prove it once and for all. Just get a DNA test. That will settle it. She has the money to afford it. So why doesn’t she just get tested and show the proof if she’s part Native. This will quiet the people who are denying her. If she refuses to do this, then I’d be suspicious that the Natives are right to deny she’s one of them.

  • Crook Hillary Millhouse Nixon


  • Millicent Belton

    I’m not Cherokee or “American Indian” by any sense of that term even though both my maternal and paternal grandmothers were the biological offspring of Cherokee/Choctaw women (4/4, 16/16, 32/32 full blood allegedly) who willingly procreated with first generation free and legal American citizen African men born during the United States of North America’s post Civil War’s reconstruction period to people who (despite having ancestors originally from Africa but had been slaves in the Americas since the sixteenth century) were some of the nearly 4.9 to 7.3 million newly emancipated African slaves living in the American South. I would never claim or feign being “Indian” as Elizabeth Warren (aka or d/b/a “another Great Pretender”) unabashedly did to game the system. No game, no gain, eh? Yet tonight, this “great pretender” was given the prime time mantle (right after FLOTUS Michelle Robinson Obama) to speak “truthfully/honestly” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention being held in the secular hallowed Constitutional hall. She must be cut from the same exact piece of cloth that yielded “il duce/der furher/TSAR/emperor” Mr. Miller, the Donald J. Trump (in the third person tense) and the karma, karma, karma email chameleon HRH, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Very fascinating.

  • Ronald Aki

    Only during this period in history where we have
    a President that encourages Liar’s and Cheater’s.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren has no moral’s or Pride
    and should therefor be rejected by Americans as a credible

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren should be made and will be
    made to pay back her education grant money or face Federal FRAUD Charges using a
    FEDERAL GRANT only designated for Native American’s

    that she deliberately and knowingly stole as a
    free ticket to pay for her College Tuition.

    Native People NEED A VOICE and should rise up
    Get a Voice and Speak Out this needs to be Addressed.

  • cloudwaltzer

    The sad thing of it all is she is not the only Democrat that is a fraud!

  • Al Gore

    DNA test, why doesn’t she take one? They can’t track down the exact tribe as of yet, but they can prove if she is part Native American. She’s not taking one because she’s not from any Native American tribe. Do not vote for this woman when she runs for President in 2020.

  • mray2b1

    in fairness, she was brought up being told she was part Cherokee and was proud of it. There is no proof she was given any special treatment


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