Native Americans Say What They Really Think Of The ‘Washington Redskins’ in This Surprising Video


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

The phony “controversy” over the Washington Redskins’ name and mascot continues to build among the leftist media and liberal White sportswriters, even since Barack Obama and Harry Reid came out against it.

Now the Washington Post said it would no longer use the name “Redskins” in its own editorials about its hometown team.

Of course lost in this so-called controversy is the fact that, despite the Democrat activists who got Obama to act, polls show the vast majority of Native Americans are not offended by the Redskins moniker. And in fact dozens of Native-majority school districts use the “Redskins” team name themselves, including one Arizona school that is 100% Navajo.

And a new video brings many Indians together to remind people of a little known facts — that the Redskins logo was conceived and designed by a Native American, and that most of them couldn’t care less about it.


An organization of former Washington Redskins players and fans, Redskins Facts, compiled the video of Native American Redskins fans, including descendants of the Native American who designed the logo, explaining why they are in fact honored by the title, “Redskins.”

Furthermore, many on the video say the mascot is not a big deal and that there are far more important issues facing Native Americans, such as jobs, crime and drugs.


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