Nancy Pelosi Holds Presser to Blast Michael Flynn’s “Tweets”… But Just Makes a FOOL of Herself Yet Again

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called a special press conference Tuesday afternoon to scold the Trump administration for a tweet from the account of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who resigned Monday…

There was just one BIG problem…the tweets are completely fake from a PARODY account, which the Democrat leader didn’t bother to confirm before going live on national TV.

These are the tweets from the now-suspended account:

Speaking on the tweets, Pelosi said:

“Do you know was a scapegoat is? It’s when the people in a community want to absolve themselves of guilt, so they get a goat and heap all of the ills on the goat, and then they run the goat out of town. The inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people have blame that should be shared in all of this. The good news is that General Flynn is gone.”

A reporter captured the hilarious moment an aide explained to Pelosi that the tweet was not actually from Flynn:

And Pelosi wasn’t the only Democrat fooled. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking House Oversight member — Congress’ chief investigating committee, didn’t do much investigating himself before following Pelosi to blast Flynn for the fake tweets:

Pelosi once again made Democrats look completely foolish — the latest example of her bizarre gaffes.

One included her saying if any Americans breathe air or drink water”,  Trump’s pick for Supreme Court — Neil Gorsuch — would harm them.

Pelosi has also referred to Trump as “President Bush.”

With an opponent like Pelosi repeatedly making herself the unfortunate headline, Trump is going to have an easy 4 years with Congressional Democrats.


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