Nancy Pelosi BUSTED in HUGE Lie About Russia… Trump Immediately Destroys Her

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Democrats and their Fake Media allies have gone to war with President Trump this week by trying to invent a “scandal” regarding Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian Ambassador last year.

Sessions met with Ambassador in his capacity as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee, as did other Senators. He did not “perjure” himself regarding testimony about those meetings, as this NRO article clearly proves, beyond any doubt.

But in attacking Sessions, Democrats are unwittingly exposing themselves in damaging lies.

Now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been busted big time — and Trump is destroying her for it.

Friday morning, C-SPAN simply asked Pelosi if she had ever met with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, as Sessions had.

A stunned-into-silence Pelosi then said THIS:

CSPAN: “You’ve been in Congress a little bit..uh and you’re in leadership..have you ever met with the Russian ambassador?”

Pelosi: (Awkward silence) “Not with this Russian ambassador, no. But it it uh uh…”

CSPAN: “Is there anything wrong with, I mean is it normal to meet with ambassadors? Or what? us understand..”

Of course there’s nothing wrong with it, and there is no “scandal” with Sessions whatsoever.

But there was just one big problem…SHE LIED through her teeth.

Politico quickly exposed that not only had Pelosi met with “this Russian ambassador,” Sergey Kislev, but had done so as Speaker of the House, just 7 years ago in 2010, along with the Russian President, in her own conference room.

They even published a PHOTO!

That’s Ambassador Sergey Kislev under the red arrow.

Pelosi busted in a massive, easily provable lie. Perhaps that explains her stunned silence.


Trump immediately shredded Pelosi on Twitter, clearly sensing that the entire Democrat “Russian Scandal” fraud is unraveling before our eyes.

Earlier today, Trump skewered Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for meeting with Vladimir Putin in New York City — feting the Russian President and giving him donuts.

The Democrats’ big gambit to take down Sessions is collapsing, and it is a beautiful thing to behold.


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