N.J. Woman Murdered While WAITING for Pistol Permit to Protect Herself


by Beth Callen | Top Right News

The State of New Jersey and their gun-grabbing activist allies have blood on their hands today.

In New Jersey, you have to get permission from your local police chief to be allowed to simply purchase a firearm.

There is no open or concealed carry in the state. You cannot carry a firearm unless you are a security guard (on-duty only), prosecutor or police officer.

Or, of course, if you are a criminal.

Mere mortals in New Jersey aren’t allowed to protect themselves unless they are inside their homes.

Because of New Jersey’s draconian gun laws, a woman is dead.

From the Federalist Papers:

When Carol Bowne felt the threat of domestic violence, the petite hairdresser took steps to protect herself.

The Berlin Township woman got a restraining order against a former boyfriend, installed security cameras and an alarm system to her home and began the months-long process of obtaining a handgun, friends said.

But it wasn’t enough.

Bowne, 39, was stabbed to death in the driveway of her Patton Avenue home on Wednesday night.

Carol Browne did everything right. She got the useless piece of paper the law allows her to get aka restraining order; she got security systems and on April 21 asked permission to be allowed to purchase a firearm to protect herself.

That’s right, in the state of New Jersey, you have to get permission to defend your very life against a psychotic killer. Even passing a background check and fulfilling the “waiting period” is not enough.

Even when you are a woman who reports being threatened with domestic violence — it still isn’t enough!

Gun control is the “War on Women.” What could possibly be more anti-woman than a law which insures they will be helpless victims against their would-be murderers?

Carol Browne’s horrific death must not be in vain. This must is a wake-up call to Americans and legislators across the country: ENOUGH.

It is un-American, and un-Constitutional. All state laws restricting gun ownership must be fought and overturned at every level.

Americans have the fundamental, 2nd Amendment right to protect themselves.

Gun control extremists have worked hard to take that right away.

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