MUST SEE: IRS Goon Lois Lerner Tries to Barge Into Neighbor’s Home to Escape Reporter



by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Instant classic!

Former IRS official Lois Lerner, who repeatedly targeted Barack Obama’s political opponents by denying them tax-exempt status, investigating and auditing them, got a taste of her own medicine last week.

Lerner was herself “targeted” — in her own neighborhood — at the hands of fearless reporter Jason Mattera.

WATCH the whole thing — and wait for the best part….the old neighbor:

“I wouldn’t want her in my house either!” Awesome. Even her own neighbors want nothing to do with her.

In case you don’t remember who Lerner targeted, it was essentially anyone who opposed her boss Obama, using the full power of her officer in a way that would have made Josef Stalin proud. Jim Hoft did a great job summarizing her enemies list:

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

Emails released in July show Lois Lerner has a “deep animous” towards “a–hole”conservatives.
Lois Lerner warned colleagues to hide information from Congress back in 2013 – after the targeting investigation was in full swing.
Lois Lerner targeted conservative Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa.
Lois Lerner reached out to the Holder Department of Justice on a plan to prosecute conservative tax-exempt groups.
Lois Lerner funneled Democrat Elijah Cummings information on a targeted conservative group.
Lois Lerner and the Treasury Department secretly drafted rules to target conservatives.

Payback is a bitch, but it won’t be complete until this corruptocrat sits in a Federal prison cell.

You can buy Jason’s new book on Amazon: Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars

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  • Lynn

    I love this reporter…. WTG Sir.

  • mp_mikie

    oh yeah she is busting in the doors. typical media always exaggerating to try and get their point across

    • Allen Michael

      defending the criminal lois lerner will get you no where! Any exposure for the crook she is, is justice. No matter liberal opinions like yours! Your thinking and the thinking of lois lerner and her cronies, has this country in the position it is in!

      • mp_mikie

        wasnt defending this scumbag but just stating how one sided the media is to get its point across. It doesnt matter which side you are on the media on both sides do the same thing.

  • moddly

    she should’ve said “could you call the IRS,please”?

  • Gayle Wendell

    She’s a liar and a puppet, but I don’t blame her. that reporter really had no right to do that. Two wrongs don’t make a right

    • Laureen Acton

      This is EXACTLY what reporters should be doing. It’s a disgrace that there aren’t more there harassing this piece of crap !!!

    • Allen Michael

      Then you don’t know real journalism! It is something that doesn’t exist today!

  • Bryant Hill

    I didn’t view the view to know what a shank Lois Lerner is.

    She should do 15-20 years in a federal prison.
    No less.

    • Chuck Peyton

      State prison feds is to easy

  • Laureen Acton

    I wish that there were more reporters in front of her house 24/7 !!!! Let her really know what it’s like to be targeted !!!!

  • Not Anonymous

    If she keeps going maybe she will find the way to Sesame Street.

  • SgtMac

    She is such a c**t….someone needs to take all her assets away for her crimes. She doesn’t deserve to live there.

  • Allen Michael

    Good on CrapitalismSucks for holding this IRS criminal to the fire for her corruption! And exposing her on video. She is so hated that her own neighborhood doesn’t want anything to do with her!

  • agassiz rocks

    That was great – she didn’t know the woman whose door she was pounding on – She kept telling Lois to go away –

  • Judy Selich

    Does anyone believe it was solely her idea to target conservatives? I certainly don’t. Doesn’t matter whose idea it was; it was a violation of law as she most certainly knew. I want to see an investigation that identifies who the mastermind actually was. Trey Gowdy’s questions were excellent and he certainly dug as hard and fast as he could but I believe there is more to the story. There will be no further investigation and she will go on her merry way, even in disgrace.

  • Ray Alex Perry

    The @#$! clip won’t play !!!!!

  • Chuck Peyton

    she should have just told the truth and she might be in this mess. The Bibles says the truth shall set you free. She now sees obama is not going to take up for her so sing like a Canary. LOL

  • Art0fWAR

    The bitch needs to be tarred and feathered. Then her head placed on a pike in front of the IRS building in Washington as a warning to all tyrants of the people.


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