Muslims Say Fallen U.S. Soldiers Should NOT Be Honored on Memorial Day


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has decided that Memorial Day should not honor those American soldiers who have died, instead, it should honor those Muslim terrorists who were killed by American soldiers.

You read that right. As nearly all Americans come together on Memorial Day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety, two CAIR officials spent the holiday weekend differently: questioning whether U.S. troops deserve to be honored and tweeting that the country was “established upon white supremacy.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group labeled by the Justice Department as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and “un-indicted co-conspirator” in a terrorism-financing trial, disingenuously claims that it is a moderate organization.

Yet, on May 23, Zahra Billoo, the radical executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, tweeted that she “struggles with Memorial Day each year” about whether to honor American soldiers who died in wars:


She also quoted another CAIR official, Dawud Walid, the executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, as questioning whether they should honor American soldiers that died in “unjust” wars and occupations.

That’s a direct insult to American soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan and those that have returned from Iraq, as CAIR officials consistently describe those wars with that terminology. Billoo quoted Walid as saying:


Billoo did, however, find one “soldier” she felt comfortably honoring. On May 26, she promoted an article from the anti-Semitic and anti-American Nation of Islam that asked for help for a “black liberation soldier” named Imam Jamil al-Amin:


Al-Amin was a member of the Black Panthers terrorist group and was convicted of murdering a police officer in 2000. He is also anti-American, stating “if America doesn’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down,” and “I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.”

Al-Amin also said the U.S. Constitution is “diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.”

THIS is who CAIR wants to honor on Memorial Day? A racist, anti-American cop-killer?

Walid, the other CAIR official, took it further yesterday Tweeting:


And they are not the only CAIR officials caught defending terrorists. Last year, the Clarion Project reported on how the chairman of the board for CAIR’s Arizona chapter, sent out tweets depicting the U.S. military as “occupiers” and “murderers.”

So a Muslim organization that Barack Obama invites to secret White House meetings, and wants you to believe is as American as apple pie, is caught once against denouncing America, and supporting Muslim jihadists.

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  • chris carruth

    Get the he$$ out of the US

  • Silvergryphon

    F CAIR, deport the Shiiteheads.

    • Jerry Fleming

      concur… immediately

  • dan52d


  • David Michael

    Does ANYONE give a rat’s ass what these muzzies think? We should help more of them go to meet the prophet…

  • Steve Chenoweth

    Why the F#@*^+_# are they here if they hate us so much ?

    • Bobinms

      To infiltrate.

    • jerseydevil

      Right Bobinms…we can pick them out in a crowd… gone!

    • Karen Schroeder

      Because they only feel free in a Camel Free country and want to turn Every one of them into they same country they came from… Stupid is as stupid Does… In twenty years we will go from Mustangs to Camels and hay…

    • W Dawes

      Worldwide Caliphate is a main part of their doctrine. Call it soft terrorism.

    • Legirons

      Because we pay them better money here and give them better housing here. They’re talking about bringing in another 60,000 of her goat phucking brothers in this year too.

      • Angela

        I don’t agree with using insults to justify your prejudice!

        • Legirons

          I don’t give a shat

        • ronl11

          Truth sweetie is not prejudice. If you loved it here you would assimilate into society. that is a rule of being a naturalized citizen. If not, go the F*** back to your third world rat hole.

        • Mudpuppy

          That wasn’t an insult. They actually do that. Look it up for yourself.

  • American pride

    We need to bring back flogging and just destroy these pos! So tired of this crap nuke their homeland and stone the ones here. Its no less what they would do to us. America needs to stop cowarding and fight back. These people are not american they are the evil within. Lets just be rid of them.

    • Sheryl L

      And QUICKLY!!!

    • Andre Canard

      should have nuked them years ago.

  • Darryl Burkman

    I do not care about a religion that has a child molester like Mohammed as its guiding leader.

    • Angela

      I don’t care about a religion (such as Catholicism) which hides the truth and protects its members that sexually abuse Children!!!

      • Legirons

        So you mitigate it and that makes what the muslims do to kids okay huh? Why don’t you move there and let them hack off part of your sex organ.

    • Mohamed

      Please don’t mention our prophet Muhammad (SCW) in this conversation, he deserves respect from every human, and he is the leader for all human beings. Thank you all, and I respect all of you.

      • Slone Z

        Muhammad is not my leader, God is.

      • Goldfinger

        He deserves no respect, he was a pedophile.

      • William Mcallister

        “He is the leader of all human beings”…. Speak for yourself islamo-nazi.
        I don’t respect your prophet Muhammad.

  • Barbara

    Im sorry….where is the *bite me and go back to your own country* button

    • Chuck Geske

      So with you on that one.

    • Ferrari fan

      Does anyone really CAIR what these people think/say anymore? We all know they hate us, and want to change our way of life.

      • jazzy

        And should get their butts out of America.

        • Adam Sternberg

          They are on a mission to destroy the country from within. Why on Earth would they want to leave?

          • MargaretWJohnson

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          • Legirons

            And the POTUS is supporting them

          • 19mad74

            Just wait and see who Obama gives pardons to before he leaves office. And there won’t be anything anyone can do about it. I cringe when I think about it.

          • Legirons

            there are two upsides, he can’t pardon himself and he will finally be out of office.

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          • bibleanda44

            No he can’t. You have to be accused of a crime before he can pardon you. Maybe the House and Senate will do something when President Trump takes over. Naah, they’ll talk a good game and let him go free as usual.

          • hookemowls

            I think you’re right if he thinks the Dems are going to lose….which with all their malfeasance and lawlessness, it’ll take a lot of votes for Trump to win against all the fraud perpetrated by the Democrat party or the Party of Corruption.

          • Yahoo

            then he can go back to Chicago and start some more trouble,

          • Kenneth Birgholtz

            Yea, His time is coming Too…Adjoining cells with the Hill-dog in Guantanamo Bay Prison…Specifically for Treason.!!!

          • Bobi Ann Campbell

            Obama ain’t leaving office…he’s going to declare martial law… I honestly believe he will…I pray I’m wrong though.

          • Craig M. Bryda

            then some poor bastard will martyr himself to take barry out and the rest of his crew

          • Ken Arts

            Is he looking for a virgin too??

          • keylover

            Why would anyone want a virgin or a man that has a dick that won’t bend in paradise? Do they know it’s either heaven or hell? No paradise in heaven for any Isalmic

          • Richard Pope

            Since islam is not a religion there can not be any place for them to go. They just cease to exist.
            GOD Bless and GOD help us,
            I have to go to bed. Goodnight all.

          • disqus_Jwz6tzxH5A

            Well the way they rape women and children I doubt they would be able to find any.

          • Michelle Castañeda

            Thats what worries me about this transgender bathroom shit. Does anyone really think that Muslims and sick Os will not take a vantage of that. Hell Muslims already feel they have a right to rape anyone who does not believe their way.

          • Lizfan

            Heck they rape women & kids who DO believe their way.

          • Yvonne

            Ken Arts: No he’s just looking for a nice floppy eared goat…

          • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

            Muslim proverb
            A woman for children
            a boy for pleasure
            A goat for necessity

          • CWS_FAN

            That belief has been misinterpreted. It’s one virgin who is 72 years old.

          • taylor

            won’t they be surprised when it turns out to be 72 piglets

          • woodyrogers1

            Or Virginians with whips.

          • Frank W Brown

            I heard it was actually RAISINS!!!!

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          • Mary Curry

            Nope, it is one virgin goat that is 72 years old.

          • john

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          • marla1

            They are for killing homosexual men, yet the less than animals rape little boy and use them as prostitutes!! Someone please explain that to America!

          • Bruce Chowning

            Perhaps it is 72 virgins…..and they are all MALE.

          • Kenneth Birgholtz

            Nah, that would be too close to Obama’s Liking…Remember now, he has his Own Perversions right there at the White House with Micheal…

          • branoli

            Technically it is 72 raisins, boy are they in for a tiny little surprise! LOL

          • Kissingfan

            What? Michelle wasn’t?

          • trishae61

            You mean Michael!

          • bendecido

            Don’t forget, it is 72 virgins, not one. I tell you, they are crazy. What woman would want to make love to a man with a pamper on his head.

          • trishae61

            Why would he want a virgin unless it was a boy!!!!

          • Yahoo

            yes he was caught coming out of a gay bar in chicago–maybe he was looking then also.

          • Shayne Jenkins

            Martyr? Nay, HERO!

          • 3ronald1

            Yes, HERO!

          • Sgt. York

            Martyr is the Muslim word not our word,we are HEROS here in America not self made suicide fools for a devil we call God as the muzzies are.

          • mreester

            I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried in all these years.

          • afftongrown

            They know they would make him a martyr, and that would open a whole new can of worms!

          • hexxuss

            You’re not the only one who thinks this, and prays they’re wrong… =(

          • carres kennedy

            No he’s going to be world dictator !

          • DelRioRoy

            He should be arrested for Treason and lodged at GITMO.

          • Mike Burkett

            On October 1st, Obama gave the internet control to the UN. Hillary, if elected, will appoint Obama to the UN s secretary-general.

          • Melissa Auffinger

            im praying too

          • Debra Pike

            If he trys that he will not live long.

          • Nancy Anthony Gagliardi

            I’m surprised he’s still living now!

          • disqus_Jwz6tzxH5A

            I have been saying the same thing for a long time now and it is getting closer to it every day.

          • Really?

          • Mindfield

            Your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

          • afftongrown

            No, your eyes are shut!

          • Tara p71

            The hell he will. He can try- but he will end up eating a bullet.

          • Fltflyer

            He could declare martial law until hell freezes and his ass will still be out of the White House in January. Presidential directives do not supersede the Constitution no matter what he thinks.

          • afftongrown

            Since when? Congress has been complicit for the last 7+ years, allowing him to do anything he pleases.

          • Fltflyer

            Because it would take the military to enforce a martial law directive and they are not going to follow an illegal order.

          • afftongrown

            Makes perfect sense!

          • trishae61

            Again, HE can NOT declare Martial Law, only Congress has the authority and the power to do that!

          • Richard Pope

            HE doesn’t care about that. He has shown over and over that he doesn’t care about the Constitution or Federal law. He is a muslim and he is guilty of multiple counts of high treason during wartime, providing aid, comfort, and material support to the enemy during wartime, and bringing in enemy soldiers during wartime. All of these are capitol offenses.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Fltflyer

            I agree trishae61, the Constitution doesn’t give him the power to do so. He could try to declare martial law, you can try anything, as is obvious by some of the executive orders he has put out, but if he did so Congress and the Military would tell him to pound sand. At least I hope they would.

          • Rob

            He does have that power now, and there are a few FEMA camps (concentration camps?)).

          • AFVET

            Enough of the martial law nonsense. No way, not in this country!

          • trishae61

            He can’t and his pen can’t do it either! Congress is the only ones that can declare martial law!!!!!

          • Jesusprotectus

            You are wrong…he isn’t that stupid to fire up American Patriots! Our founding fathers fought and won against England ….the puppet and his master are evil, and they have already lost their souls!

          • Sgt. York

            This is exactly why thes imported Muslim men are scattered throu out the 50 states just waiting for his start command. But he and them have no knowledge of Americans call to Arms and how with the great number of Vets we have sill answer this call and wipe the whole damn bunch from the Shore to Shore of America OUT. God Bless and Save Our Country the United States of America.

          • DrTrudy Veerman

            As far as I can remember, a couple of years ago Obama put/ordered high ranking military staff to early retirement, providing a good pension. Of course this was accepted and military staff was replaced by fanatic Muslim officers. But all is quiet for now until…. until Obama creates/allowing more chaos amongst the nation… taking the chance to act out the plan he has been setting up long time ago. Just keep this possibility in your vision….

          • marla1

            There are Americas who will never let that African muslim do that
            If he was as smart as he thinks he is, for the safety of his family , he would find an African country to live in!!!!!

          • Ken Arts

            IT don’t mean shit

          • CWS_FAN

            The best input of this thread.

          • Michelle Castañeda

            Don’t bank on no one doing anything about it.

          • Rob

            Yes, there is something we can do, think 1776.

          • 19mad74

            Hi Rob,
            I haven’t been on Disqus in quite a while since they cancelled my account. Why? I don’t know. You’re responding to a very old comment I made. Anyway, I agree with you, it’s time to raise a little hell.

          • Richard Pope

            Actually since he is a muslim he is in the Office of the President illegally. That means that all of the garbage that he has done are illegal. I hope that Mr. Trump immediately over turns everything he has done. This includes any pardons that brackkie issued.

            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • Michelle Castañeda

            NO we are

          • Crypt

            Because the POTUS is a POS.

          • Mike Burkett

            No, American taxpayer’s money is supporting them.

          • trishae61

            Supporting them, hell he’s part of them. The ring on his finger tells that!!!!

          • Paul Dragotto


          • jim_wright

            Why is that a shock? He is a MUSLIM and he has stated that he will ALWAYS stand with the MUSLIMS. He should have been impeached at that point.

          • Alice House

            So is that fat ugly, lying hiliary supporting them–she wants many more than the original 60,000.

          • Richard Pope

            He is a muslim and he is bent on destroying the US. He wants all of us to convert to islam. I will never submit.
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • marla1

            President Oslima , 50% of America does not believe he is American and should be removed from our country!!

          • olee1947

            they are in the White House already

          • Mildred_ESharpe

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          • Nancy Anthony Gagliardi

            lots of them!!

          • afftongrown

            Also EVERY government agency!

          • bibleanda44

            In it? They run it!

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          • Michelle Castañeda

            They are getting everything free. Why would they leave.

          • bendecido

            It brings to mind that we should arm ourselves and force these decrepits to leave or be shot on the spot. It works both ways folks. They do it to us, we should be doing to them.

          • Yahoo

            the mission is too steel all our pork lol

          • Phannesa

            And guess who is permitting that? congress elitists headed by paul ryan!!!

          • Soulspeaker

            Its what we have to start doing and that is to cause them to leave or end up dead instead of us. You guys need to understand we are at war with them and if you just ignore it they will wipe you out

        • Sandy

          They shouldn’t be here in the first place, and the US Government is bringing them by droves(and that’s not just the White House, it”s the whole rotton bunch of them, with gas and oil $ in their eyes, same reason we ever got into this damn mess! Send them home and send a US representative or two with each one!

          • hate doesn’t help

            Generalizing is never a good idea. Please look at individuals rather than groups.

          • Diane Pugh

            When you belong to a group you are counted among them. You dont belong to that group unless you want to be one of them. Take your advice and stick it where the sun doesnt shine.

          • hate doesn’t help

            No need to get hostile. All I am suggesting is that people should learn more about the core beliefs of any particular religion before making harsh judgements. I am sure that without much effort you will discover that there are extremists in every ‘group.’

          • Aggie Carlson-Chiarillo

            You are so very right. I have Muslim friends and they are abhorred by some of the radicals actions.

          • kershaw63

            Only some of the radicals actions? What are the actions of the radicals that they don’t find offensive? When they feel they have enough power they will kill you and your family.

          • Until it’s time to cut YOUR head off!

          • DelRioRoy

            Radical Muslimism is not a religion. It’s a political movement.

          • desperaddo


          • Brian Robert McLellan

            at again Allen ? I can not wait for the AP candidate forums .

          • Matt Davidson

            hey retard there are Muslims that serve in the US military honorably.

          • True, Just with them, almost ALL of them are extremists. Muslims ONLY understand force.

          • JP

            These people will keep pushing this bullshit and you are going to see real hostility.

          • Happiness Noel

            Personal knowledge of individuals and groups. They don’t like us. I commented because it’s my personal experience and the rest of the world needs to know from people who have seen, witnessed and lived it.

          • Willgo

            Wake up and smell the roses. There no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Their Koran and Sharia Law prevents it.

          • Matt Davidson

            hey retard there are Muslims that serve in the US military honerably.

          • mikeydoit

            For now!

          • Crusader1096

            You mean like Major Nidal Hasan?

          • Matt Davidson


          • JP

            I wouldn’t trust any of them to protect this country when the shit hits the fan.

          • Catsrule2015

            Hmmmm.. The KKK is a group too… should we look at the individuals instead of the group? So are violent gangs…. like the Bloods..

          • ThrowDaBombOhio

            KKK doesn’t have the support of the President. The KKK has less than 2000 members, how many muslims associate with CAIR? Is the leadership of the KKK or the Bloods saying we should disrespect our war dead? I think not.

          • lcuvillier

            It’s not about hate – it’s about our survival as a people. If they follow Islam, and if Islam takes over, all these “moderate” muslims will fall in line with Sharia Law and will not bat and eye about it. They will turn on all of us Americans. Their loyalty is not to the US – it is to Sharia. That is the bottom line and Islam is our enemy….now pull your head out of your behind and wake up to the facts.

          • Debra Pike

            Radical Islam and Islam is all the same. On the outside you may meet a muslim that seems nice. You do not know what they really feel and what their goals are. I know first hand.

          • I agree. I lived amongst them for a long time. After months, the truth started coming out!

          • Johnstone Little

            Are all christians witch hunters.Muslims believe in Jesus,do you?

          • Debra Pike

            The believe in Jesus? Sure, they believe he is only a prophet, not our Saviour and Redeemer. Lot of difference there.

          • Goldfinger

            They are very adept at this, and are trained to deceive and lie. I’ve even noticed this in having business dealings with them. I’ll never trust one ever again, and have even gone as far as not dealing with them at all, or visiting any establishment they are connected with.

          • Debra Pike

            Agreed. Not many Americans trust muslims now. I try not to do business with them period. They disowned their son, a friend of mine, after he was saved through Jesus Christ, matter of fact his brothers tried to kill him. He left.

          • We do. And we don’t like what we see!

          • JP

            I wonder if you would have said the same thing about Nazis in the 1930s. You have a serious thinking disorder.

          • Crusader1096

            Coming to a city near you:

            American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI

          • Timm

            id have to be armed to do that and shooting to protect myself

          • Stephen O’Brien

            Unbelievable!! This is nothing but pure hatred & violence, Obama-sanctioned Christian persecution, and the left says anybody who doesn’t like this kind of anti-American behavior is either a bigot, or an Islamophobe, or an evil, white, Christian terrorist. And the cops, for all intents & purposes, have stamped this religious discrimination with the Dearborn Seal of Approval. This is a clear & direct violation of the Christians civil & Constitutional rights. The Fibees should have investigated this and indicted the city, the PD, and anybody they could identify from the crowd who threw anything. If it had been whites throwing stuff at blacks, or Christians throwing things at Muslims, you can bet your sweet ass that is EXACTLY what would have happened.

          • Michelle Castañeda

            The sad thing is. Obama is not only bringing in our enemy, he is making enemies for the white people by making blacks think we hate them and owe them something. He is getting everyone to hate white people. When war starts everyone will be going after white people. They already are.

          • Michelle Castañeda

            Look at all their kids. They are gowing up hating the very people who feed them. Vote Trump and stop this madness.

          • afftongrown

            Already here!

          • Peggi Watkins


          • afftongrown

            There are laws on the books forbidding muslims in America.

        • Labor74

          and quickly!!

        • JohnB

          Round em up and move em out.

        • Yahoo

          AMEN to that not alla or how ever they say it.

      • Cleatus

        You SHOULD care. They are ingraining themselves into our society and I doubt with good intentions. The Broward County sherrif’s Office in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. has hire the local Director of CAIR as one of their Deputy Sheriff’s. So the answer is YES, you should care!

        • cassie1655

          These are the same people how have an office near the White House and who also meets with the MuSLIME-n-Chief! These bastards hate our guts and want us dead. What part of this aren’t people understanding yet? i guess they will catch on when they show up at their door to cut their worthless heads off.

        • Diane Pugh

          I was raised in Broward County. This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!

      • empiresentry

        they key thing about this is they have worked so hard to spin their propaganda and then these snips get out. For her, in cali where she is surrounded by obamatron peeps, she feels comfortable spewing on behalf of CAIR. I am sure they made her yank it down asap.

      • Ralph Simpson

        It depresses me to bring you this breaking news Ferrari fan, but Barack Obama’s presence in the White House would seem to indicate that as unbelievable as it is, the only answer to your question is yes. People, allegedly 51% of voters??? Loooove, Muslims and hate America. Because no, despite what you may have been told by MSNBC you cannot do both.

      • Andy

        Yes…I care. When someone wants to take away the sacrifice my son made to this country then yes I care.

      • Mary Spurlock

        The really sad part is they are winning and changing our way of life. About time American people start letting our government know we’ve had enough of PC.

      • kerston

        Even the ones that have died in our many wars? Not to mention this story is complete rehashed BS. Do your research.

      • BlueViolets

        But we should pay attention because our politicians seem to be bowing down to all their demands.

      • bendecido

        More Americans should be buying guns, rifles to protect themselves from these nuts. If I had a gun and was attacked by any one of these turds with a pamper on their heads, I would not hesitate to blow their heads off.

      • Paul Dragotto


      • Fire21

        Yes! The president CAIRs. The media CAIR. Liberals CAIR. Never mind that the muxlims hate us, so do the liberals within our country. They hate what we are and what we stand for.

      • Phannesa

        Thanks to obum and hellary, the muslims are more powerful than ever before.

    • empiresentry

      When you send that message, here are some keystroke entries you can try out:
      Using the middle finger, type out the following
      1. turn on caps lock
      2. type in “U-P-Y-O-u-R-S:
      3. use the middle finger.
      4. If that is insufficient, use all five fingers.

      • Sarah Mahala

        Great idea you have there! I would like to put a boot up where the sun don’t shine and give her a ride back to where she came from.

        • Patty Bloss


        • SCarter0810

          Unfortunately, many of the anti-American Muslims spewing hate and destruction of The American Way are born here. They are born of parents who RAN from their countries (grabbing all their wealth…and how much did they get when they got here from our government?) under politcal/religious asylum. These spawn grow up hearing how to hate US, thereby biting the hand that feeds them. Yes, there are those that moved here or were born here that are good, upstanding citizens and then you have CAIR and the Boston Bomber Mother Bitch. Do we kick them ALL out, deny any more to come in or what? One more generation of Muslims born in the US will be the end of the American Way. This country WILL become the United States of Islam by 2050…and we’ll all be speaking praises to Allah…in Spanglish.

          • Mudpuppy

            Yes, get rid of ALL of them. Every last one. Born here or not.

    • Danna Cruzan

      EXACTLY then get the Fruck out of America!

      • Patty Bloss

        Yes go home!!!!!

        • OldCowboy 2

          I agree. Both Danna Cruzan and Patty Bloss should go back to where they came from. Those are obviously not American names.

    • MatthewKemp

      This is her country. If you don’t like pluralism and freedom of speech I suggest you go back to wherever your ancestors crawled out of.

      • Cindy100

        This isn’t her country. I think you need to go back to wherever your ancestors crawled out of.

        • Fred

          Actually it is her country, she was born here.

      • Howard Anderson

        Failed Troll…

        • Aaron Schatz

          If you walk around with a sighn disrespectful to the fallen troops who pay the price for freedom witch gives them freedom to own a gass station right here.only shows how truly stupid these people are .When they come across a old Jar head who just found out he got terminal cancer.pulls up with a rifle and smokes about 4 or five I will tilt a Corona to a real american

      • MelinTN

        She and other of her kind do have the right to think whatever they want. We have the right to not give a rat’s arse what they “demand” and to continue to honor ALL our military in any way we see fit. If it bothers them so much they are free to leave and go live in that hellhole in the sand.

        • Dave Hottforit

          The problem is, they inspire hate and there will be an uprising, while I agree that freedom of thought and speech are essential but, we should have a law of some sort, disrespect our flag, then we slice your head off like they do in the country they are from, that simple.

      • L_Dave

        The people objecting have a right to free speech too.

      • Barbara Linn

        Hey, Matthew, why don’t you go live with muslims. Just wait a few more years and see how you feel about them.

        • L – Moderator #3541

          That’s racist as it gets. How does it feel to fulfill all the ignorance you hate.

      • Dave Hottforit

        You are a fascist idiot.

      • DelRioRoy

        Her country or not – she has no right to impose her beliefs on anyone else in the United States of America – that is still our right!

    • Patty Bloss

      Mind your own business or pack your butt home.

    • L – Moderator #3541

      While I completely disagree with not honoring our dead, what she said has an incredible amount of truth behind it. Should we really be celebrating them as soldiers if their cause as soldiers was an unjust one.

      We should celebrate their lives, not their lives as soldiers. Essentially if you have any intelligence in your family someone is going to be more bitter about the cause of death then happy about the celebration.

      • Sarah Mahala

        The only real truth that I see behind it is that she considers their “soldiers” aka terrorists the real heroes for their attacks on innocent people while American soldiers join the military and fight the battles that gives her the freedom to speak whatever she chooses even if it is in hatred of them giving their lives to give her the freedom to speak her mind, with no threat to her life for speaking her mind. Those soldiers are in uniform and everyone knows what they stand for and the job they are trained to do, while her heroes hide amid the innocent until they decide to strike while those around them know nothing of their true intentions. At least, when an American soldier is in uniform, there is no doubt what his/her intentions would be if called upon to use their training. They don’t hide in plain sight pretending to be something they are not.

      • Barbara Linn

        You are nuts!! It is not the fault of our service men and women if our political system decides to go to war. But these People that DO GO TO WAR DO DESERVE OUR RESPECT AND HONOR. Most of the Muslims that come here do not like the US. They are only here to get free welfare payments. They say why work when we can get free money, groceries, and health care. Now I realize that not all Muslims feel this way, but they make it harder for the ones who do not feel this way……OR THEY ARE IN IS IS AND HAVE STATED KILLING OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MILITARY!!

        • L – Moderator #3541

          I respect and honor them for being good people, if that’s what they were. Which I don’t doubt most all of them are fantastic individuals. Veterans being honored is fantastic, but that’s veteran day. This is for honored dead.

          And you seem to be watching a lot of fox news, I don’t expect you to understand education is new.

          • Goldfinger

            I’ve noticed that persons who do not have a valid argument or lost the argument resort to name-calling or asinine references to Fox News.

          • Peggi Watkins


        • USPatriot2011

          Having spent 28 years Active duty I want to thank you for your respect. In those 28 years I was fed many times the line that islam was peaceful. It wasn’t till I retired from the military that I decided to find out for myself why the so called moderates do nothing to stop the so called radicals. To find out why I read their Koran and the Haddiths. What I found out was that islam for a FACT is evil, and full have hate and killing. The reason the moderates don’t do anything against the radicals is the radicals are following islam to the letter. IF the moderates were to speak out against the radicals they would be found guilty of apostasy and killed.

      • Dave Hottforit

        What the hell kind of statement are you making, of course we honor our soldiers, they are doing what they do on orders, shame on you.

        • L – Moderator #3541

          Under unjust orders… we should remember them for the people they were, and how they influenced our lives.

          • Eric Brian

            Not sure what part of Memorial Day you don’t understand, but THIS FEDERAL HOLIDAY HONORS FALLEN SERVICEMEMBERS OF THE U.S.ARMED FORCES.
            It has nothing to do with just or “unjust orders;” it’s not “[Those Who Followed] Justified Orders Day.” It has everything to do with the fact they served & died to protect the Constitution of our God-given rights, including your right to spout nonsense on the Internet, including & especially your nearly incoherent gibberish here: “We should celebrate their lives, not their lives as soldiers. Essentially if you have any intelligence in your family someone is going to be more bitter about the cause of death then happy about the celebration.”
            Who in the hell is “happy about the celebration” of Memorial Day or isn’t going to be sad, but proud of their loved ones’ deaths if they died in Service of our great country?! How do you honor fallen Servicemembers but “not their lives as Soldiers”? We’re not honoring their civilian lives. If your grandfather wore the uniform, we’re not remembering him. Do you honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day without thinking of Reverend Doctor King’s life as a champion of Civil Rights? “We shall overcome ,,,” what, bad manicures, naming a major street in the worst ‘hood in a city?
            – – –
            You should lay off the high-THC-content weed & ‘shrooms, L7^2

          • Goldfinger

            And WHO determines what unjust orders are? You?

      • Eric Brian

        Not sure what part of Memorial Day you don’t understand, but THIS FEDERAL HOLIDAY HONORS FALLEN SERVICEMEMBERS OF THE U.S. ARMED FORCES.

        It has nothing to do with just or “unjust orders”; it’s not “[Those Who Followed] Justified Orders Day.” It has everything to do with the fact they served & died to protect the Constitution of our God-given rights, including your right to spout nonsense on the Internet, including & especially your nearly incoherent gibberish here: “We should celebrate their lives, not their lives as soldiers. Essentially if you have any intelligence in your family someone is going to be more bitter about the cause of death then happy about the celebration.”

        Who in the hell is “happy about the celebration” of Memorial Day? Who isn’t going to be sad, but proud of their loved ones’ deaths if they died while in Uniformed Service of our great country?! How do you honor fallen Servicemembers but “not their lives as Soldiers”? We’re not honoring just their civilian lives. If your grandfather never wore the uniform, we’re not remembering him … at least not on Memorial Day. Maybe he should be remembered on May Day. Do you honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day without thinking of Reverend Doctor King’s life as a champion of Civil Rights? “We shall overcome …” what, bad manicures? Not naming a major street in the worst ‘hood after him in every city?

        – – –

        You should lay off the high-THC-content weed & ‘shrooms, L7^2

      • SoHz Assassin

        So you’re supporting the free radicals that attacked US soil, killed hundreds of American citizens, and soldiers, declared war on the US, murdered hundreds in France, killed neutral parties, and yet you still believe American soldiers died because of “unjust orders”? Memorial day is the day of remembrance of the people who died for our country. Not their skin color. Not their religion. Not their occupation. The only reason you can spout such ignorant drivel is from those dead men and women who you are currently opposing! No one is happy about our people dying. Taking the side of anti American bigot just shows how truly ignorant you are. If you agree so much with what they have to say about us, why don’t you go live over there? See how long you last without the rights our soldiers have given you.

    • OldCowboy 2

      Oh, you mean the one every American Indian wants to punch??

    • calvin

      you win the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cj’s Starry

      I respect your right to voice your opinion, because here in the United
      States of America, our soldiers fought for that right with there blood
      and lives. But please understand I DISAGREE with your opinion for the
      same reasons. So, may I suggest if you wish to stay in the United
      States of America you respect the costumes on our country and the
      soldiers that fought for it.

      • Barbara

        CJ I was born in this country…as was my father, grandfather, great grandfather etc…their blood was spilled for our rights….not the rights of those born somewhere else and want to change things…Im not leaving…you can kiss my butt…..

    • Fred

      You will send her back to Southern California where she was born?

    • John Hall

      Or the “lick the underside of my nut sack” button.

    • 2broke4 her

      this story is 1 year old and ran its course!

  • seems the ones that can’t be sold as sex slaves they put out there as a shinning display of stupidity and ignorance…

  • John Carroll

    Just leave now I have Had it or shut the fuup

  • wrestler79

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • jrstudioboss

    if they hate it so much, then vote with their feet and leave!

  • Christine Travis

    you dont like the US go back to where ever you came from….. my family came to the US back in the 1600’s . you have no idea what it cost to have what we have ….. Just Go Away!!!!!!!!

    • Jeanette Sanderson

      But their goal is to change America and make a global caliphate. They won’t go away, they want to take over.

      • cassie1655

        Exactly, Jeanette!

    • Patty Bloss


    • Mario Castro

      Please do tell me what it cost to have what you have. I’m very interested in hearing all the hardships that you’ve been through that the rest of the world OBVIOUSLY hasn’t had to go through.

    • OldCowboy 2

      I expect the American Indians wish you and your family would like to see you go back to where you came from. Your family is guilty of genocide.

      • Angela

        I agree! The Native Americans were forced to change everything- they were forced to give up their religion, their language, their culture- and THEY were called “savage”, when that name more aptly describes the settlers! Then those same settlers and many of their descendants have the nerve to claim that the US is “their country” and the gall to tell all immigrants to “live their way” or go home!!

      • Christopher Lunsford

        Really? You do realize that *EVERY* person in this country is descended from peoples who migrated here? Does the Bering Strait ring a bell??

        • Dave Hottforit

          That may be true, but it should not mean that we give them permission to destroy our country or to change it. They should just go home to where their ancestry is.

      • Mudpuppy

        Bury it moron.

      • PoBD

        My ancestors did not kill Native Americans, they were the cheapest most poorly treated slaves. We’re Irish. So, Old Cowboy, whose family did what again?

  • Christine Travis

    you don’t have tolerance for the US, I don’t have tolerance for you, Guess what idiot , Tolerance works both Ways!!!!!!

  • mheadrick

    I call for Jihad on these f uc ks .Ki ll all of them .

    • mheadrick

      Let me make myself clear. I am a former us army infantryman. I don’t take no crap from anyone.

      • greylady67

        Thank you for your service!

        • mheadrick

          Thank you greylady67.

      • Susanaw

        Glad we have men like you that know the truth and are ready to protect us.

      • Seralynn

        Yes! Thank you for your service!! You are one of the heroes of our day!

  • Richard StJohn

    Cair is making it very easy to want them out of our country. As soon as Obama leaves office that will happen. In the mean time I hope they enjoy the smell of bacon.

    • abbypatch

      i hope you’re right but I doubt it. By the time Obammy leaves office (if he does), the masses will be so indoctrinated by political correctness, the muslims in our government (yes, they are in congress and in administrative positions), and CAIR, that they have already begun the takeover, but some people, mainly those who blindly follow Obammy, are too blind to see it and i might be too late…

    • empiresentry

      Oblamer is trying to bring in another 60,000 this year…war refugees but won’t take Christians, persecuted gays or persecuted women.

  • DNavyBrat

    Who CARES, what CAIR has to say! Your “agenda will not win; and like the camel y’all ride in on…you will be dropped like the 90 sec milk drop of a Camel! Fast, while keeping on the move!

  • wildoutlaw4440

    th can K%^6p8 my white AZZ too send um all back to where they came from.

  • Laurie McHugh Cassidy

    The one thing I don’t understand…if you think our country is so horrible, then go live somewhere else!!!!!!!!
    Go back to where you used to live and change it anyway you want. BYE!!!!!

  • Dawn Tunnell

    They need to take their happy little … Back to the country they came from and see how much …. Freedom they have there.

    • mheadrick

      dawn tunnel can I inspect your tunnell

      • Siobhan Falen

        Really, mheadrick? You might want to get the wind tunnel you’ve got going in your head inspected if you think that’s a worthwhile response.

        • mheadrick

          Time to take a s`iesta

  • imbog

    What is this ? Love your enemy day?? They know our leaders are whimps and are afraid of them

  • Oscar C Salinas


  • Amanda Demko Zellers

    I am soooo sick of these “people” (and I use the term lightly) telling us what we should believe, who we should believe in and now who we should honor on OUR HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!! Get the F*CK out of our country!!!!! YOU OFFEND ME just by being in this country!!

    • Angela

      …..Which is what the Native Americans should have said to the first settlers!!

      • Legirons

        And what the people who were here when the indians walked in should have done and what the monkeys should have done to the apes. That Native American crap is so lame.

      • sunshinegirl

        Angela many settlers have had their difficulties in one way or another. I feel bad the way some things were done also, but our generation cannot help the way things happened way back then. We can be responsible for our actions now and if we don’t safeguard this Country from what is trying to take over in this day and age you nor any of us will have ANY Freedoms to anything. Yes, the American Indian was treated wrong I agree, but today WE are being treated wrong by people that have no regard for anyone……NOT even their own people.

    • sunshinegirl

      Amen Amanda. I’m with you

  • tomcsy44

    To be honest, who really cares what CAIR thinks? I, for one, would like to ship them back to their rat hole Middle East, where they can complain all they want.

  • Hugh_Jass

    Wait don’t the liberals tell us they support the soldiers but NOT the War? But this liberal says she supported neither. Is their anything Liberals are consistent at besides being wrong ?

  • Ken Darby


  • Link

    This kind of talk is part of CAIR’s strategy to attract and radicalize American blacks.

  • mary

    They can all SH*T in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills up faster, too!

  • Dan Gore

    Muslims offend me. Everything about them offends me: Their culture, their dress, their attitudes, their beliefs, their demands, etc. Now, since I am offended by them our government is obligated to make them leave, right?

    • przhm

      Right. Me too. I am mightily offended by these behaviors. They need to change all this stuff that offends me right away.

    • przhm

      Political correctness is the noose that hangs us. We need to speak up for ourselves and say that we are offended. No one can tell me I shouldn’t be offended. That would be denying the reality that I am offended.

    • sunshinegirl

      They wouldn’t be here now if Obama wasn’t in the W H.

  • tim

    if they want to honor their dead then they all can leave America we will not conform to meet their needs and wishes

  • altos

    Why are these people even allowed in the U.S. ???

  • LJP

    I really wish they would post the address of these terrorist idiots.

  • Heather Marie

    Disgusting…they just need to GTFO!! Keep their anti – American bulls $!*t to themselves!! This is OUR country and if they don’t like who we decide to honor and celebrate then they need to go back to their own $hitty Country!!

  • Dbyter63old

    She really needs to get the hell out of the U.S.

  • FM505

    Struggles with ‘Staunchy’…?

    Stenchy seems more accurate.

  • Jake Devenney

    The only good Muslims are dead one’s it s time Americans stop allowing this scum into our nation there race wouldn’t exist if we just gave Israel the green light already!!! maybe then we could all live in peace how dare those savages declare that we should not honor our fallen soldiers the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so America could become the great nation it is, and so we could live in peace without having 2 worry about being persecuted for speaking our minds or practicing our religious beliefs!!! Muslims wont be have 2 they destroy everything they dean unacceptable 2 them and their religion so we need 2 stand up and fight just like our four-fathers did so many generations ago! Thank You 2 all who have served our great nation and made the ultimate sacrifice even those these words could never truly show enough appreciation or thanks for the sacrifices u have made.

  • Kris Lowell-Furman

    This is our country and we do things our way. You’ve come and you’ve seen it, now leave and go back to the rock you crawled out from under.

  • fedup

    F–k a musslim and what they want… and any other anti-human religion that wants to change American tradiation and culture. Go practice your bullshit in a country where beheadings are your sport. This is AMERICA you azzholes, not some barbaric islamic state. We have our own American culture here!

  • Gary

    i blame america for voting obama into office twice americans will never learn

    • L – Moderator #3541

      But the fact that bush got in there twice doesn’t matter.

      • sunshinegirl

        Bush at least respected, honored, and looked out for our Military. Obama Doesn’t care and could care less about our Military AND America.

        • L – Moderator #3541

          What you just said is a farce. He looked out for the military, and only the military. Why? Because militarization led to his investors pockets.

          • sunshinegirl

            Bush still meets our soldiers at the airport, and goes to see them if they’re in the hospital. Obama spends American tax dollars on whims and fancies and we’ve made him rich and he still doesn’t show any appreciation or gratitude

    • Peggi Watkins

      Never voted for him. People wanted a black president. Boy did they get more than they bargained for. And took all of us non-Obama voters right along with them. Assholes!!

  • Brendan


  • Barnlady

    We better deport them while we still can…

  • canamm

    Come say that to my face.

  • And their suicide bombers of innocent people are martyrs? Go back to your own country!!! Why are you here?

    • Sheryl L

      So that they can take over!

  • Emmie

    if you don’t like it go back to your f’in cat litter box in the middle of no where…go get the hell out. Dear god-shut them up

    • sunshinegirl

      Emmie how can u say Dear God when you have just used the language you have before that?

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    They can kiss my ass.

  • Cracker Jack

    The prophet Muhammad can suck a pig cock. Same for Allah the pedophile.

  • Mike

    Just the kind of Bull Snot one can expect from came jockeys. I have another term for them but it’ll get consored

  • jerseydevil

    WHY are we paying attention to this…like it MATTERS what these idiots have to say?

  • PS

    No need for her to struggle, she isn’t an American.

  • jimbo675

    I am all for engraved invitations to the ingrates along with a one way ticket on a doomed plane back to somewhere.

  • pj

    i am lady but if i wasn’t .what i could say //Why do they always butt into or lives .we have right to honor who we won’t .DON’T LIKE ME AS A AMERICAN U CAN KISS MY SOUTHERN BACK SIDE ..

  • Halo

    I’ll help those losers pack!

  • Carmelia Cobain

    Live by this countries beliefs or get the Hell out! Jesus Loves you!!!

  • JT

    Screw them and the goats they slept with last night! My father fought and was wounded in WWII. His buddies saved his life. They went on to Iwo Jima–and they didn’t come back! THAT is why we have Memorial Day!

  • sansured

    Isn’t it obvious? They are trying to divide and conquer.

  • rascallyrabbit

    Once again, people need to understand, these people are not here to live WITH you, but to live INSTEAD of you. They readily claim their superiority, and their right to destroy and/or dominate America and the rest of the West. Obama supports importing 100,000 a year Syrians, and others from the very worst of the Islamists. They are the epitome of fascist racists. Hitler and Stalin were JV when comparing the tenaciousness of Islam.

  • ziggy

    This is America not the middle east, if you don’t like the way we run things here then get the hell out of this country. Why should anything change for muslims here in America a place where things have remained the same for century’s. They come here and expect traditions to change because of their beliefs, I say piss off morons, go back to the middle east where you belong, if you want change go there and stop trying to do it here! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY NOT YOURS!

  • diggerdude

    Stupid bastards should be shown the door with a one way ticket……..

  • chicobill

    She should fear for her future in the US

  • Miss Jenni

    Memorial Day is not just honoring White Soldiers, it is honoring EVERY Soldier! Black, White, Yellow, Brown and Red! If they don’t like our culture and customs they can get the hell out!

  • Bob Davis

    If you hate us and our country so much why don’t you go back to your own country? Maybe someone will cut your head off!

  • Jack Burgin Jr

    The lady is full of crap, really she honors Terrorists ? she really is a damn moron, the term used to describe them says exactly what they are. American troops fight to liberate nations from dictators like Gadafi, Saddam, and others. What sucks about it is this, after all the loves lost, wonded warriors, and all, a weak,, spineless admin, yes the Obama admin has thrown all those sacrifices away. This admin has allowed ISIS to rise up and become a greater threat. But this lady is so full of crap it is unreal.

  • Tim

    This person does not care for America and it’s holidays. This person is just a selfish little pig that wants everything to bow to her beliefs and convictions. I have had about enough of this crap. Where are these immature little brat’s moms? If this one was mine I would beat a wooden spoon over her butt and tell her to grow up. America has a right to celebrate American Holidays. You don’t have to go home, but don’t foist your opinions on everyone else. America was built on these ideals and no one from another country has the right to tell us how to live, love, celebrate, worship, or anything else.

  • Madame_deFarge

    They need to be shut down and banned.

  • Yazzy Tedder

    If this is “true”..its time America starts standing up to these invaders, illegals, and let the Muzzie President KNOW we do NOT Cair, Care…w/ever..about these people that came over here illegally seeking refuge from what they called “oppression” when all they are trying to do is turn us into that same country they LEFT? Idiots!!!!!!!!! I’m so sick and tired of the Toleration our America is allowing these invader morons. PLEASE GOD… MAKE THE LEAVE THE USA FOREVER …AND NEVER TO RETURN…NEVER..

  • Patriot4739 .

    You wouldn’t want to say that to my face on the street, and you wouldn’t do it twice.

  • David Stinnett

    so go away

    • mheadrick

      Do you want me to go away?I will come to where you are.

  • Jim

    Maybe she should ‘struggle’ in another country.

  • Joan Lax Hamilton

    Why do we allow them to stay here, is my question. Sopping up our tax money, they think a “free county” is Free everything. Out, out, out.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    When are Americans going to Wake up and Demand these Godless Heathen be told to LEAVE OUR COUNTRY???

    • BM-poWered Singh

      Heathen – person that does not believe in a great faith like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Yet these are the faiths that have shed the most blood in their history. I follow a religion of peace, which you call heathen – (such an ironical story)

  • Radical Islamists hate America and what our country stands for today and historically. They are doctrinally opposed to women’s rights, to gays, to the rule of justice for all, to most all of the Bill of Rights and especially to the First Amendment. They are theologically driven ideologues who lack the intellectual capacity or the moral integrity to comprehend liberty and democracy or modernity. They are lost in a 14th century mindset that has no ability to grasp current reality. They cannot and will not change. They are violent and lack any values that fit into the realities of the human condition. In short, there is no way to deal with them other than isolation or elimination.

  • kansas

    Time for American Islamic Relations American Style.

  • Yvette


  • Kirsten Binski

    If your religion consists of killing people please be so kind as to start with yourself. GOG BLESS AMERICA.

  • Chandra M. Jordan

    Get the heck out of our country, biznatches, if you don’t like us honoring AMERICAN soldiers and it’ll be a cold day in he-l-l before we honor f-ing terrorists.

  • SgtMac

    Well if there ever is another Civil War, I know who my first targets will be.


    Get her ass outta America!

  • joe m
  • tahiti 5000

    America is well-aware of islamic sentiments and beliefs and that is why they are disgusted by them.

  • Ed

    How did they get here and who is responsible for admitting them? Why don’t we arrest the officials and then deport these people?

  • Laurie Hurley

    Memorial Day is about World War 1 &2 not just this War. I for 1 don’t think this War should of been fought. Our Troops took an Oath upon entering the Military to Obey the orders received. I believe “from the post I was seeing” Their were Troops that actually was helping Israel. The we have Troops coming back brain washed one Man didn’t even know his own Wife. What does that tell you? I for 1 am sorry for everything that took place in Israel. I don’t care who don’t like what I say. I can see why they have this post out here they are as devastated as the people who actually know the truth. So read up U.S.A. find out what went on instead of bashing them for saying what they said. I don’t believe Obama likes the U.S.A. but yet he sits in our White House starting Wars that he can’t even pay for lol he put us in so much debt we will never get out of it. If anybody has anything mean to say keep it to them selves. God Bless Us All Worldwide Amen

  • Elizabeth Parker

    if you want us Americans to honor your dead then leave this country and go to hell, because it will be a cold day in hell before i would do anything you people want. this is our country and i will not allow you to dictate to me or my fellow Americans who we should honor and who we should not. You need to go back to your country and leave us alone.

  • steveyl

    see what happens when you let a cult run wild. islam should be outlawed

  • Captain_Incredulous

    Well…maybe she can struggle with it from wherever it is that she came from……don’t go away mad….just go away…..

  • Harry Hickey

    I m with her…… I would love to honor 10,000,000 dead Muslims. USA baby!!!

  • H thomas

    This is why there should be mass deportation of muslims who have a problem adjusting their foolishness.
    Get them out of here.

  • Dennis Knox

    If you don’t like how we do things you are welcome to go home. Don’t let the door hit you in your backside. Good riddance.

  • Robert Hay

    Deport this skum

  • Valerie Hunter Summers

    This proves CAIR is a terrorist organization, and any of them that are US citizens are traitors and should be executed as such.

  • sunbum40

    Send these RAGHEAD bitches packing !

  • Doug

    I am from Canada and I argue send them all back. They are here to take over North America we should all stand together and help everyone of them on a plane

  • Steve Novotny

    If you don’t care about the people who have given their all for this country go find another one tt o live in. It’s about Christians stood up to theses barbaric heathens and took our country back! Islam, a religion of peace? I sincerely doubt it. It is time for us to take an “eye for an eye”!

  • Sergio D

    Uncle Sam speaks to the towelheads

  • Anonymous Me

    One excellent reason to stop the immigration of these people to America, they hate us, our culture, our way of life, etc. We need to revoke the citizenship of any member of CAIR going to join ISIS and to put them all on the “do not fly” list. Or we can just keep letting them “diversify” our country and end up as bad off as the European countries.

    • sunshinegirl

      The European Countries have warned us of things not to do, but how many are listening?

  • Bill Catz

    Would somebody please give her a pig blood cocktail and an airline ticket to Somalia please.

  • American firefighter

    Don’t like it? Get the hell out of America and take your towel head ass back to the middle east and honor your terrorist pals. Good day! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Sharon Patro

    Go back to muslimland!

  • CE Vaughn

    Who gives one rats f**k what those mooslims have to say all I can say is I have a couple of bullets for them go home you fricking diaper heads

  • John Brookes

    we , as a christian nation should give these CULTS exactly what they do not want or they deem anti iskam.

  • Mileaway

    There is NO place for Islam in America! There is NO place for Shariah law in America! There has NEVER been world peace as long as Islam has survived and there will NEVER be world peace as long as Islam survives.
    1400 years of this murdering cult is enough! Eradicate Islam forever!

  • Charly Brown

    what part of TERRORIST eludes them, wait.. what part of F off eludes em as well, again, dont like it here.. LEAVE!!

  • justme

    I dont give a flying “F” (yes this brought me to say the F word) how they feel. I am sick and tired of hearing how they dont like this or that. Go back to your own country and tell them how you dont like this or that and see if you have your stupid head in the morning. Dont like it? Dont let the boarder doors Hit you on the ass on the way OUT!

  • I cannot wait until Obama is out of office. Even Rand Paul is a better choice.

  • Red47

    Brilliant. Bloody brilliant. Way to show America that you are Americans. *spit

    • Cletus B Neckbeard

      How many ways can all of these JAs on the left vindicate us and the things we’ve been telling them?

      • Red47

        “If only we were a little nicer…”

        • Cletus B Neckbeard

          Ha ha. Yeah. Works ever time, just like socialism. SMH

          • Red47

            Actually, K, it works well. Their paradigm teaches the great unwashed to submit. Simple. Nice means acting as you are told. Never mind that feeding junkies their drugs isn’t exactly compassion.

      • Red47

        JAs…that would be Junior Achievers, am I right? >:-)

        • Cletus B Neckbeard

          Yeah, that’s it. :o)

        • sunshinegirl

          Oh Red that’s not Junior Achievement I assure you as that’s one of my expressions too….LOL

          • Red47

            Oops. I caught you in the joke! I know a few JAs myself. 🙂

  • Craig Mcdonald

    If this is true, it is time to storm CAIR offices everywhere
    and give them a choice, leave the US immediately or be executed. It is apparent
    that they are anti-American and will always try and undermine our rights.

  • Matt Ragan

    What she said has merit but her anger is directed in the wrong place. Put the anger towards those who instigate these wars, not the soldiers who are blinded and taken advantage of. Soldiers are but students, some with corrupt teachers. No such thing as a bad student, only a bad teacher. Soldiers have honor. Many of the politicians… less so.

  • Joe

    Choke on some bacon ….then get the F..K out of our country ..

  • rdt400

    Seriously, who in the hell cares what they think – duh

  • Sarah Mahala

    Oh, I get soooo tired of listening to their crap about every little thing that they don’t like. If a person of any other religion said something about the terrorist that these people consider heroes, there would be hell to pay because when it comes to freedom of speech, it really does boil down to what religion you are, the color of your skin and what you can get away with. I don’t see any of them that doesn’t like pork, or Memorial Day and what it stands for, leaving this country for parts unknown. I wish they would pack up, shut up and leave. I will eat as much pork as I want and don’t care if it offends them, honor those Americans who served this country and those who gave their lives to give them the freedom to spew their crap hatred about any and every thing and get away with it. Maybe we should just start deporting them back to where they came from and listen with closed ears when they spew their hatred about deportation.

  • britbike

    This is , or is not your country now,,, choose,,, If it is ,,, I invite you to stay and the American Soldier will fight for your Rights,,, If it isent,, Leave,,, and go back to your own country and be Murdered by your own family or the terrorists you protect,,,, America is pretty great in that way,,, we protect our own ,, you must choose,,, never downgrade the couhtry you choose to live in,,,, we love America,,, I suggest you love it as well,,,, Or go back to the country you choose,,, and Die there,,,,,, your choice,,,,,

  • jf

    we need to send all muslims back to what ever country they came from or where ever else that they would like to go, but they can’t stay here …. America has no place for islam nor sharia law

  • W Dawes

    Muslims should know about “unjust” wars and occupations, they have been doing it from the 600’s A.D. They even tear down the religious centers of those they occupy and burn their records.

  • Yvonne Jones

    Words fail me, for their very own daring to come to our country and try to take over. They need to be taken out to an airport and shown the way home. Nobody ask them to come. Now send
    .them home!!!

  • Robin Martz

    why even give them a VOICE???

  • Jim Simpson

    The only reason they have the right to say such foolish rhetoric is that a United State soldier gave his very life to ensure their right. I will agree we need to keep watch where extremists of all factions are ingrains get themselves. We as the American people need to unite not under race nor religion nor sex, but as a nation of one people with hope for the future. With unity and pride to be a American citizen. I challenge anyone here that reads this to again find our national pride and stand with me and what I will teach my children. “One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” God bless all of you.

  • american i am

    put it this way, out law this orginization and everone who is a member , revoke their citizen ship and deport them back to iraq, iran . muslims are low life stinking slugs

  • Colleen Edwards Donaldson

    If they truly do not want our help and don’t appreciate the sacrifices made by our service men and women, then they need to return to their own country where Islamic law IS accepted. They can then fight amongst themselves until the end of time without any US support; monetary or manpower. It would save us a hell of a lot of money and lives that could be put to use on people who DO want and need it.

  • Have Gun Will Travel

    It is time we round up all the worthless Muslims in the
    United States of America and throw there asses out of OUR NATION. We The People
    own this Nation. They are guests at best. Kick them out on their asses. We do
    not have to put up with Johnny come lately. If you allowed some to stay in your
    home and they starting telling you what was OK for you to do and what they
    would not allow you to do in your own home, I am sure you would tell them they
    had to leave. They are in our Nation, that that gives us the right to throw
    there asses out any time we want to. It is passed time for their asses to be
    kicked of what is ours. We do not need this kind of trash in OUR NATION. Good
    bye and I’ll leave a bag out for you. Do Not Come Back!

  • Bonna

    Muslims have NO say in this holiday or any other historically honored holiday in America.

    Did you know…. the history of Decoration Day (morphed into Memorial Day) started not Philly

    The Civil War claimed more lives than any confli…ct in U.S. history, requiring the establishment of the country’s first national cemeteries. By the late 1860s Americans in various towns and cities had begun holding springtime tributes to these countless fallen soldiers, decorating their graves with flowers and reciting prayers.

    Did You Know?
    Each year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time.

    It is unclear where exactly this tradition originated; numerous different communities may have independently initiated the memorial gatherings. Nevertheless, in 1966 the federal government declared Waterloo, New York, the official birthplace of Memorial Day. Waterloo—which had first celebrated the day on May 5, 1866—was chosen because it hosted an annual, community-wide event, during which businesses closed and residents decorated the graves of soldiers with flowers and flags.

    On May 5, 1862, General John A. Logan, leader of an organization for Northern Civil War veterans, called for a nationwide day of remembrance later that month. “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land,” he proclaimed. The date of Decoration Day, as he called it, was chosen because it wasn’t the anniversary of any particular battle.

    On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, and 5,000 participants decorated the graves of the 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there. Many Northern states held similar commemorative events and reprised the tradition in subsequent years; by 1890 each one had made Decoration Day an official state holiday. Many Southern states, on the other hand, continued to honor their dead on separate days until after World War I.

    Memorial Day, as Decoration Day gradually came to be known, originally honored only those lost while fighting in the Civil War. But during World War I the United States found itself embroiled in another major conflict, and the holiday evolved to commemorate American military personnel who died in all wars.

    For decades, Memorial Day continued to be observed on May 30, the date Logan had selected for the first Decoration Day. But in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which established Memorial Day as the last Monday in May in order to create a three-day weekend for federal employees; the change went into effect in 1971. The same law also declared Memorial Day a federal holiday.

    Cities and towns across the United States host Memorial Day parades each year, often incorporating military personnel and members of veterans’ organizations. Some of the largest parades take place in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. Americans also observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries and memorials. On a less somber note, many people throw parties and barbecues on the holiday, perhaps because it unofficially marks the beginning of summer.


  • Kimberly Knafel

    These people are the reason groups of Hate are formed here. They really need to keep silent and stop forcing hate on themselves … Its gonna be not so cute once this country has had enough of their foreign polices. But on the other hand…We should have stayed out of IRAQ. Close all borders stop trade and use our own resources for our own country and keep these untrustworthy immigrants or infidels out of this country.

  • oscar1939

    Stuff it. goat rapers!

  • Howard Anderson

    If there were any real Justice in the Justice Department, this organization would have already been tried and found guilty on their crimes for supporting Hamas and other organizations across the world which are declared terror organizations. Just as those inside of the Black Panther Party who have tried to block white people from voting would have been dealt with as well among other issues which actually requires JUSTICE.

  • Kimberly Knafel

    Once we send a message that we are just as guilty if not more than guilty by shedding blood against our father or four fathers we will be respected by countries who hate us. What right do they have to come over here and display their force of laws if we dont see what force of laws we are putting on them. We cant force Christianity on other people. As they cant force anyone to conform to their message. No one fights the creator they fight the message of the creator. All we can do is hope that they stop the killings of Christians or those Christians begin to understand and flee. And the ones who impose their beliefs on a Christian country aught to understand or flee as well.

  • TheOtherFromHERE

    It is totally disingenuous of them to take advantage of all the freedoms and benefits our way of life has to offer while, at the same time trying to destroy it!!

  • cardmaster1

    You can KISS OUR AMERICAN ASSES!! You make this American Sick! Just a damned shame the Crusaders did not Finish the job!!

  • Frank Spada

    America love it or leave.

  • Lew

    Deport these un-American p’s & c’s in a pine box wrapped in swine skin.

  • jimr

    Ship them ALL back to the crap hole country from whence they came and bring back every US soldier that’s over there let them fight it out

  • chippr63 .

    It is my deepest wish that if you do not like the U.S. and truly misunderstand our inclusiveness that you return to the places that made you happy. From recent events all I see is Muslims fleeing the tyrannical governments of the Middle East to escape to the freedom of the west. if America, it’s beliefs and societal norms are so upsetting than why do you stay here? Also if it is your wish to remake our government, society and religious life in your image, then why have you fled the place in which you already had these very things which love so dearly? And finally, since quite clearly you had found perfection there, why did you leave in the first place? If you want to stay here and live “with us” please do. But do not expect us to change or even profess an interest in doing that so that you may feel “more at home”. We may not be perfect, but we Americans are doing the best we can and are actually doing quite nicely thank you. As my mother used to say, “if it’s too hot in the kitchen…get out”.

  • Steve Schultz

    “go home” is too good for these towel heads

  • Tech_rick_2

    Here’s what I say to people who are offended by Memorial day. (Sorry for the profanity, but this story upsets me.)

  • Legirons

    How about we pack that goat smelling POS up in a box and ship her hind end off to some other country who supports her despicable viewpoint. How about we load her in a shipping crate filled with other pigs to keep her company on her journey and we off load her into the air over whatever country we choose from about 30K feet. The shat splat when she hits the ground might take out some of her pig ISIS brothers.

    • Michael M

      Are you suggesting bombing those countries with real “live” ammo? Hmmm kinda does have a ring to it.

  • Legirons
  • Legirons
  • Gary Kohlman

    If they don’t like it, Get the Hell out of this

  • Kathy Linneman

    if you don’t want to honor american soldiers, keep your ass at home. go to hell bitch

  • Norma J Pratt

    I agree with with Barbara where is “the Bite me and go back to your own country button”

  • 19mad74

    And these people are pals of “our” president? Nice. If we are such a racist nation, then why do they come here and why do they stay? Could it be all of the free stuff they get here that they would never get from their home countries.

  • Daniel Tyson

    I just keep a football with me and throw it to the idiots then explain they are holding a pigskin….they usually flee before I can give them a blt ….many tip their bullets in pig blood as a symbolic way to say No Paradise for you no slave wives and no honor in your bullshit

  • z–man

    CAIR is a terrorist organization which should be shut down and all its members executed.

  • James

    Go back to where you came from you bunch of goat fuckers

  • Chris

    This is coming from Muslims….a religion based COMPLETELY from DAY ONE on Arabic supremacy over the entire world, including other Muslims. Islam is spread SOLELY by violence and coercion, and has been at it for for roughly 1400 years.

  • Dawn Elkins

    guess freedoms only work for those who want to destroy America and burn
    the flag ironically freedoms dont seem to work for those who actually
    fought for them.

  • L – Moderator #3541

    While I completely disagree with not honoring our dead, what she said has an incredible amount of truth behind it. Should we really be celebrating them as soldiers if their cause as soldiers was an unjust one.

    We should celebrate their lives, not their lives as soldiers. Essentially if you have any intelligence in your family someone is going to be more bitter about the cause of death then happy about the celebration.

    • Michael M

      A nicely stated point of view. However, I somewhat disagree. Soldiers don’t decide what is a just war and what is not. They do their duty (to this country) and put their lives on the line. This is what we celebrate…those willing to contribute in this manner to our country. Perhaps your point should be about leaders and politics and then perhaps we might be in agreement as to what is really suspect.

  • L – Moderator #3541

    I think it is incredibly unfair to remember these people as soldiers, they were human beings. Celebrate that, not the fact that our government hasn’t led us into one meaningful war since WW2.

    • sunshinegirl

      I don’t think it’s because they wetey Soldiers necessarily. We honor them for their sacrifices and willingness to leave everything behind to fight for the Freedoms that our Constitution provides for us. They are honored because they fought for YOU and for ME not knowing if they would ever see their own family’s again We remember our fallen soldiers. FREEDOM isn’t FREE. There is a price for it.

  • jerry granger

    Take your camel loving, child raping, allah babbling asses back to the sands of the middle east. Don’t come here and think you will dictate law.

  • Charly Everett

    I’m thinking a hearty high ho F&#$K you is appropriate here…

  • Jean Meyer

    You know what? How about we celebrate CAIR kissing my abundant white American butt?

  • reggie98ud

    Time to start sending the ragheads home, what do they even contribute to society anyway?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama must be cheering.

  • Bolivar Shagnasty

    Mohammed was a Mass Murderer, Rapist and a Pedophile, he also took women and children into slavery. Any person who follows his maniacal teachings doesn’t belong in a civilized country.

  • Mark Lepore

    What happens when two cultures that are not compatible clash? Never ending war. Muslims are involved in a radical killing religion which is never wrong, and the american public is to proud to admit they have ever wrongfully started war and apologize for killing thousands of innocent civilians in the middle east perpetuating war and hate, not Christian PEACE. This may not be the more popular comment, but if I was a solider, I would drop my weapon, come home, face court marshal and tell off the judge with one simple statement. WHEN MY COUNTRYMEN NEED ME TO PROTECT THEIR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, COME AND GET ME. Don’t expect a solider to sign up to protect political / foreign and corporate interest at the sacrifice of their lives. It’s WRONG on every level. So in some ways, I sort of see where the conflict comes up.

  • OldCowboy 2

    This article is nothing but a bunch of lies and half truths spun for a bunch of ignorant and/or stupid racists and bigots.

  • Celeste Aiken

    I wish she could tell me that one on one! You crazy bitch, go home and take your rags with you!

  • Nemesis_Nexus

    Ok let me see if I’ve got this right, you question honoring the memories of fallen American soldiers because they died in wars that you disagreed with but you are willing to call martyrs those who not only are willing to commit suicide but are willing to do so in the most populated areas so that they take out as many OTHER people as they can? Your logic is illogical and you are ignorant, self important, self righteous bitch who if you have SUCH a problem with Memorial Day every year then perhaps you should consider LEAVING and going to a country that doesn’t celebrate it!!

  • squirrelmender

    Hey Muslims try stopping us from honoring fallen soldiers and you’ll be sorry you did. Go home and celebrate your pedophile Moohammad

  • Megs Rene

    I hope she chokes on that rag around her nasty head and dies. How dare you say terrorists should be honored.. how about you go to your own country and honor them because we AMERICANS sure as hell DO NOT want your nasty terrorist selves in our country. Stupid towel head.

  • David J Baglione

    If you can not stand behind and back up our troops feel free to stand in
    front of them.

  • Jeremy Stephenson


  • Angela

    This article seems to have been written to incite hatred! Just because a group of people from that country feel this way, (I don’t see any quotes from anybody else) it doesn’t mean that ALL people from that country feel the same way! There are people from ALL countries everywhere that have beliefs/ ways, etc. that most people from those same countries do not practice! (I remember when people din’t trust Germans because of what Hitler did! Was that fair?

  • Raymond Howell

    Has anyone interviewed d truly original inhabitants of America; concerning, their land being invaded by foreigners and those invaders should go back 2 their lands of origin. Hmm interesting.

  • enubus

    CAIR and that ugly bitch must be smoking large quantities of Hash. I agree that we should celebrate the death of all Islamic terrorists and I hope it happens soon. The more of these cockroaches Obozo lets in to this country the more we will hear this inbred crap.

  • Lee Tan


  • LooneyBinEscapee

    You don’t like Memorial Day? Head your a double s back to wherever you were hatched.

  • ella

    I’m not an American, I’m English. But I love America. Think it’s an amazing Country. Both England and America have been targeted by terrorists. We’ve lost soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. This saddens me, angers me, and yet don’t say anything about it, because your considered to be the problem.

  • Raymond Parlin

    enough is enough….just go away

  • Anthony S. Comella

    Some of these people in CAIR need to go skydiving over the Atlantic without parachutes.

  • Pam Bartz

    They should have been escorted out of the U.S. Freedom of speach is one thing, but disrespecting the men and women who fight for our Country, BITCH NEEDS TO LEAVE!!!!! HIT THE ROAD BITCH, DON’T YOU COME BACK NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, HIT THE ROAD BITCH! DONT YA COME BACK NO MORE!

  • Rani Rich

    To be American, one must take an oath to America and her Constitution placing America first. If they can’t live with their oath, they need to return to their own country. Illegal invader voices or desire hold no power over Americans and OUR way of life. Ignorant parents who came as legal immigrants and neglected to teach their children about the values and responsibility of being Americans, have failed their children and their oath.

    CAIR is a known for funding terrorism and by all means is a violation of our constitution and our laws called High Treason!

  • Barack’sGotYourBack

    It’s too bad that our soldiers didn’t Billoo Dawud off of the miscreants who eventually hatched Zahra.

    Go back to Goatpokeistan, Zahra. You too, Walid.

  • olee1947

    IT YOU DON’ T LIKE IT LEAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!!! WE are getting tired of your crap and BS

  • Letitbe

    People who believe like that should be stripped of their citizenship and deported.

  • Jalen

    I don’t know if you can read but. This is TWO people… wtf?? How the hell do they represent all Muslims? Perfect example of some grade A islamaphobia.

  • Mike Heaton

    you got it barb

  • Daniel

    All these hate comments make me sick, on both ends. All the white people or “Americans” are just making it hard for me to be proud to live in America. Should not be a place of hate and slamming racial comments over the Internet. All this article is filled with is hate and poorly portrayed image of “all” Muslims and anyone with darker skin . Not that hard to see these articles sway your mind set and ingrain in you that anyone not born here or anyone that doesn’t look, speak, or act “white/American” is a terrorist and set out to destroy us and takeover. There are good people out in the world, but none commenting on the article. I also think that this individuals words were twisted and not worded correctly as he or she meant for them to be.

  • Phoebe

    If ever two pictures told a story: her face and that of a soldier honoring another soldier’s grave. She has no idea what respect means.

  • David

    I hope the grim reaper finds you soon,real soon!

  • Steve

    Are those jokers for real? Muslims need to be rounded up and be deported.

  • Mudpuppy

    Ban Islam and kick all of its adherents out of our country. Destroy all their property, confiscate all their money. The unmitigated gall of this POS. Make her swim to Sandland. Time to stop putting up with their nonsense.

  • Marine King

    As I use to comment this particular religion is all about jealousy of others, because they follow stone age thinking and law. They are practically jealous of every one in the world.

  • telh

    Free country – you are free to leave. I’ll help you pack.

  • Labley

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  • houmid

    @Zahra Billo

    If a soldier dies in an unjust war in which we illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, that person should indeed still be honored.

    U.S. soldiers go where they are told by their civilian leaders. Every one of them is a volunteer. Every one of them gave an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and at least the enlisted personnel, to obey to orders of the President and the officers appointed over them.

    That requires placing trust in their leaders to not waste their lives, and to use them properly, even if they aren’t told the whole story.

    Disrespecting a man or a woman who died in good faith that they were protecting their comrades in arms, their families, their communities, and their nation is just showing that you don’t deserve any respect yourself.

    If that behavior is reflective of CAIR and Muslims in general, then you all are a bunch of immoral monsters and the only form of relationship Islam will have with Americans is as mortal enemies. In which case, CAIR needs to be declared personae non gratis and deported.

  • Dave Hottforit

    I think it is time she packed her bags along with all the rest of those that think like this and fly back to Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country. We do not need the likes of these morons in the U.S. we give them the best life possible and then they want it to be like what they left behind.

  • Mildred_ESharpe

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  • Scott Munoz

    My pic says it all. go back to Hell.

  • Ken

    Whatever Muslims and radical leftists say about America…even though we continue to put up with it over and over again, remember one thing: We’re not going to put up with any of it very much longer.
    Muslims: watch yourselves.Obama will not be in the White House much longer.
    Radical leftists: What I already said.
    Both ideologies will crumble in the United States.

  • Robert Kelley


  • Diane

    Get out of our country you are so stupid their really is not a place for you stupid

  • ed

    And just WHY should anyone give a flying f— what muslims want? If they do not want to assimilate, let them go back from whence they came.

  • Thomas Ross

    The Arab world has declared CAIR as a terrorist organization, but the USA does nothing, why?

  • Her statement is out of line and inappropriate. Her opinion indicates that she does nor care for this country for what it stands for. She does not understand or appreciate the fact that she is able to live in this free country because young American men and woman laid down their lives to keep it free. If she is not happy here, as so many do not seem to be, they are free to go. Actually, I don’t think they want to go. They know that live is better here than where they came from.

  • LT714RET

    They all need a good bath in pig blood and force fed bacon. Then deported.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Wallid, we don’t care what you think. These are our heros. This is our country. We will honor the soldiers who fight terrorism to keep us safe from your people. Now eff off and go home.

  • hate doesn’t help

    Firstly, I do realize and respect that this is a sensitive issue. I think the soldiers should be honored for giving their lives and serving their country.

    In regards to a lot of the comments written here, I think that this just about sums it up. (Image attached)

  • robertdavidhummel

    Just LINE-EM UP…I will HONOR CAIR with CARE of PULLING the TRGGER as many times as needed.

  • Debbie Martin

    And what makes you think America cares what you “say”? America ‘says’ you are nothing but towel wearin’ camel humping pains in the ass!

  • Craig M. Bryda

    Do they, CAIR members, realize they are free to leave whenever they want to, let them protest someplace else and see how long they live, in fact I’d venture a guess that if a fund were started to raise their fare $$$$$ it’d soon be overwhelmingly full to take/send as many as wanted to leave

  • jlizm

    I am a proud American and I will honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. Don’t get me started on this group.

  • Michelle B

    suck some pork dick and STFU!!!!

  • greatattractor

    And why is this whore still alive?

    • Shhelb

      Because we are a civilized people. We deport instead and let their own country deal with them. 😉

  • BX

    They choose to being a soldier, that’s enough for us to look upon them. Their valor, their death, it all depends on where the commander send them to.

  • Shhelb

    Live in my country? Honor my holidays. Don’t like my holidays? Get the F out.

  • phoenixcomm

    part of the problem you see is our own way of life and the laws of the land.
    1. Freedom of Speach
    2. Freedom of Religion
    They go hand and hand together.. so but you go to jail if you say Fire in a movie theater get it?!
    I think basically If you want to tear down the US and you preach it.. then maybe you should be guilty of sedition. and if found guilty you should be stripped of citizenship and be deported..

  • Tinker Belle

    My response is :
    If you don’t like our country go live somewhere else
    I am honestly disgusted that people continue to come to our country and try to make us convert to their beliefs
    Being a Native American I can honestly say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
    It is time we took our country back and quit bowing down to please other cultures

  • blahblah

    America is pretty accepting of everyone and as far as im concerned i always see far more white people being pushed around or mistreated than anyone else from my life experiences so far. But i guess im not allowed to speak the truth about the matter because im racist if i say that its actually usually whites that are mistreated and not anyone else. Because white people cannot really stand up for themselves when literaly no one backs them up. And no im not talking about “back in the day” im talking about here and now in reality and in the time period we are actually living in

  • SerenaDBayer

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  • Tommy Eagle

    I agree ” bite me!” THIS COUNTRY was founded upon CHRISTIANITY, NOT your religion! Screw your so called prophets and your feelings. Go back to your dusty impoverished promise lands and leave if you think it’s so bad here!

  • Tom Cook

    CAIR needs to be listed as a terrorist organization and disbanded. Its members need to be investigated as terrorists also.

  • Michael M

    CAIR – an organization that includes several higher ups who are or have spent time in prison for money laundering, charity fronts that support known terrorist groups and more. Yeah, like I care what they think. Just a damn pity they lobby our gov’t.

  • extyrequeen

    Who the hell cares what these muslum nut jobs have to say….we a great country because od our brave men and women to keep us free and I don’t want to keep it that way….

  • Michael M

    Mudslimes are such temperamental folks. The problem is not that they are misunderstood but that they ARE understood and more and more people are taking steps to undo their deconstructive behavior in this great nation.

  • nofaith

    Most 7-11’s have closed. Time for all the towel head worthless people to go back to their 3 rd world desert country.

  • carres kennedy

    Look Allah is Satan ! There book said so ! I have read it , I posted the sites on my google acont , look for your self !! NIMROD WAS THE FIRST SUN AND MOON GOD IM NOT POSITIVELY SURE . WELL IR ITS NOT TRUE WORSHIP IT IS SATAN WORSHIP !

  • carres kennedy

    Obama’s kin to NIMROD and an Edomite ! Fact ! Oh yea he is gay as prophesied !!


    I have the same solution for her and all of her squirter cousins. It comes in different sizes,.223-5.56-7.62-.50cal-20 and 30 mike mike! These nasty hajis are pissed off they couldn’t already over throw the country with the false claim that Islam is a religion with it’s own rules.

    I say it is past time to take these animals on in the streets before we end up looking like our cousins in Europe~

  • Tina

    who cares what they say they do NOT rule our country

  • Steve Bacher

    Really, is the ANY Fair War? And, as much as much as we hate what she has to say, at least she is in a country that ALLOWS her to vent her point of view. Not like her “home” country in the middle east. That said, my freedom of speech allows me to say, “Screw you! Go back to where you came from! And if you were born here, I am sure one of your towel-head run countries would love to have you over there where they can control everything you do and say!”
    BTW, I LOVED the BACON ad video that played on my page right next to this YaHoo!

  • sozo85

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  • Loman Ray Carroll

    you dont like get the hell out and go back to your desert wasteland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobbyalpy

    Who cares what muslims think…I mean really.Listening to Muslims is like sitting down to hear the opinions of a meal worm…a waste of time.

  • YellowYam

    If America were founded on White supremacy, it’d have no problems with me. America was founded on incredibly undemocratic ideas, including slavery, not excluding wage slavery, greed, and the corruption of the natural world. America is a blight, and time is the final solution. America is a nation of evil-doers.

  • harriet

    My message to Americans. Note how Muslims are going at our culture in bits and pieces. That is their MO. Americans are making changes to their everyday lives to satisfy these fakes. As I said bits and pieces and soon you have the whole enchilada.

  • Crypt

    Time to start hanging them from the lamp posts on main street in every town and city in America.

  • Chris

    Get back on your swimming camel you F’ING piece of trash and get back to your useless trash deposit land mass!!

  • Aggie Carlson-Chiarillo

    They can go to their own country and honor their dead any way they see fit. This is America and we have our own CUSTOMS. Why come to this country if you are not willing to RESPECT OUR LAWS!????

  • John McDonald

    This is exactly WHY AMERICA needs to deport “ANY AND ALL PEOPLE” that are against the United States.. I do NOT care who they are. If they refuse to be FOR the US, then they are AGAINST the US…which to me means, they are NOT wanting to be US citizens..and we should accommodate them… Can you imagine how much better the US would be if we would RID it of all the people that do NOT want to follow the laws of the land. We could save a LOT of money to be used on things like the Veterans who fought for the country… The people on Welfare that truly “DO” need help and not just a handout….Our military defense and support….medical insurance, and a new health care assistance program…..and quite possibly, getting the debt under control, and a budget passed……imagine that. So , for all the “illegal Aliens”, Muslims that want Sharia Law, or people that disrespect the flag, the country, for refuse to abide by the laws and The Constitution of the US….HIT THE DAMN ROAD !!

  • David Nance

    Well, ah, to start nobody asked their stupid opinion and no one really gives a flying Fig what they think. If they are really that upset they are free to go back to the Country where they came from.

  • John Garron

    Piss off.

  • ben

    At list they say,what they think

  • DelRioRoy

    If that’s what Muslims say about Memorial Day – the American Soldiers and Veterans say Muslims should return to the countries of their ethnic origin.

  • DelRioRoy

    Muslimism is not a religion. It’s an anti-American political movement. They need to be deported.

  • bowie1

    CAIR can do what they want, but everyone else can continue to honor the soldiers who gave their life for their country.

  • Mistergilgamesh

    Would someone PLEASE capture that ass-clown woman and drop her without a parachute over Syria???

  • Infidelnight

    Muslims living in the United States need to pull their collective heads out of their collective assholes. There are very good reasons that most Americans neither care for nor support islam. islam is to religion what Nazism is to government. muslims bring nothing of value to the American way of life or the American fabric, they clearly do not belong in a Christian county.

  • WhatMeWorry

    Memorial Day should be behead a muslim day

  • Rhonda Darby

    First Christmas then Thanksgiving now Memorial Day one by one they are trying to change our Holidays not going to happen get the hell out now!

  • CQQL33

    Screw the muslims……if they do not like what we American do then why in hell did they come here ? Why don’t you go back to that hell hole you created and stay there instead of trying to change my country, America.

  • William Sanders

    CAIRy your ass out of the US. Don’t like our system? DON’T come here. Already here and don’t like the laws? LEAVE. Simple solutions to simple problems.

  • Jeannie Mills

    Happy Memorial Day!

  • Robert Melford Nickerson

    Muslims got nothing to say , they don’t like ower ways GO BACK TO YOUR HOMELAND !!!!!!

  • nadinemccarthy

    I agree. If they don’t like how America is, why did they come here. Why do they want America to be more like where they came from and what they fled from? rhetorical question.

  • Ken Arts

    CAIR shouldn’t decide shit. They should pack their asses right out of this country before the shit hits the fan, and they are on the receiving end of it.

  • John Singleton

    if america is so evil why are they here

  • Andy

    Violence is as American as apple pie. Well let’s get it started with these scumbags and take back our country!! Ready?

  • Melissa Auffinger

    If you are living in this country, than you are being protected by our military and therefore should honor and respect it. If they want to honor their terrorist than go to their country.

  • Doug_723

    Who gives a SHIT what these whiny, bitchy, muzzie WHORES think or want?
    CAIR assholes: If you don’t like how it is here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, feel free to FUCKING LEAVE!!!

  • Peter Toth

    From the bottom of my heart, with all honesty and sincerity, I say to those Muslims….Fuck Off and DIE!

  • Florida Rebel

    I don’t give a damn what this trash organization likes or doesn’t like, thinks, or doesn’t think. It’s a useless organization that does nothing but make me despise Muslims even more than I already do. This is the USA. Don’t like? Get the hell out. I hope this offends every piece of trash that agrees with this way of thinking. Black Panthers? They can go to. Obama? Don’t let the door hit you where the sun don’t shine [and take the rest of your “family” with you!]. There is going to be some serious stuff going down real soon. This trash that keeps floating up on our shores is due for a good flushing.

  • Katherine

    Why are they even here? Who cares what they want? They can all go back to hell where they came from!!!

  • Daniel W Kauffman Jr

    We can do both. Honor Fallen American soldiers and Celebrate Dead Terrorists

  • KesterEd1967

    careful they may get Obamass to Write & Sign an Executive Order

  • Concerned

    Fuck islam. Fuck muslims. Fuck allah. Fuck Mohammed.

  • Sabreena Lachlainn

    Found this very interesting…..
    Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited.

  • Mark Rosenthal

    islam and America are not compatible all muslems need to go. outlawed and banned

  • onesoldiersmom

    Get these people out of my country. Get them out!

  • Medusa 2015

    They should not even be anywhere but in an islamic country.. they come and disrespect our ways, religions and traditions and expect us to change for them… muslimes don’t fit in anywhere but in muslime countries…. go homes and be happy there

  • Medusa 2015

    its amazing how such an unwanted people think they have the right to tell everyone else what to respect… fk off

  • Jay Dillon

    I hate every stinking Muslim Islamofascist, but CAIR in particular, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA, should be taken apart piece by piece. Rip these traitors out of the White House where they have entrenched themselves. They are TRAITORS. Arrest them, put them in chains, deny any bail/bond arrangement, and prosecute them under military tribunal as “enemy combatants.” That’s not a far-fetched scenario. We are under attack, and this is what we need to do.

  • Jay Dillon

    Race was not part of the foundational documents of the United States except by what appears to be omission. Race was later dealt with as a key issue and it almost ripped the USA apart forever, but we improved the situation in regard to the human rights of everyone, as those rights were originally described and given in the founding documents. Of course, race has nothing to do with Islam, it is not a race but rather a pseudoreligion, a form of fascism developed from the ravings of a psychotic warlord, and disguised as a religion to deceive everyone. Pretty good disguise, because even today, people still tend to think Islam is a religion. Islam is garbage. The Koran is garbage. These doctrines have nothing to do with spirituality or religion; they are vile, they are abominations foisted on us by idiots, and we have to eradicate all of Islam and outlaw the vile Koran, which calls on its followers to persecute and attack all non Muslims. That is intolerable; that is unacceptable, and it will be defeated as a deadly and dangerous program. Until we defeat Islam worldwide, there can be no real peace other than occasional outbreaks of false peace based on foolish appeasement and misguided accommodation of Islamofascist totalitarianism.

  • Timm

    looking forward to Trumph designating CAIR as a terrorist organization and out lawing it in America

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Why do those people stay here? They seem to want to control a nation that is not theirs, but they won’t leave and go where they will be happy. I move that we pay them for a plane ticket to their homelands. Now.

  • Randy R Pearson

    I am angry that this organization still exists… it is a hate group. The group also attempts to honor enemies of the nation who acted to murder members of our nation’s military or police forces, denies basic human rights to their victims, and performs targeted criminal activities against American citizens .

  • USPatriot2011

    If one were to look at WHY Memorial Day is recognized when it is before trying to answer these “americans”, one would know that the people of islam have had NOTHING to do with the founding or growth of this nation.

  • robert owen

    The Constitution is contrary to what Allah has commanded? I say “neutron bomb”! Dozens, hundreds. Now.

  • BM-poWered Singh

    I just hope you people can differentiate between a Muslim, Sikh and a Hindu before you’ll retaliate. Because Sikhs and Hindus are peaceful people – always have been. You have my blessings fucking up these Jihadi fanatics. Anyone who uses their religion to justify violence shows how demoniac a society they have created. And Islam supposed to mean “peace” – that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

    • robert owen

      I think we can tell the difference. I hope the Sikhs and Hindus will react when the leaflets start to fall from the bombers, and get out of whatever target city they’re in! The neutron bomb just kills the roaches and leaves all the beautiful buildings.

      • BM-poWered Singh

        I was meaning more in relation to the Hindus and Sikhs that are living in USA and Britain and everywhere else in smaller numbers. History has shown that Hindu people have endured genocide persecutionsand killings in greater numbers in their own motherland India than in any other nation. Their so called prophet was in fact a war monger – history proves the tyranical nature in which it was formed, in the way it grew and now being a tumour of the civilized world.

  • robert owen

    When Obama is gone…..and he is leaving, in an urn if necessary, we’ll get to work ridding America of these cockroaches.

  • BM-poWered Singh

    The Judeo-Christian religions and Islam have always spread their faith with religious persecution and bloodshed. The Jews done this……. the Christian Missionaries have done this extensively worldwide

    Perhaps with the radical nature in which Islam has spread within your own society, like an aggressive virus attacking the immune system of western society from within, that can only be attributed to a karmic reaction of your own wrong-doings of the past. As you commit sin in the past, so to in the future you shall reap the bad fruits of that sin.

    This is the fundamental truth of Hinduism and Buddhism. There is no way one can avoid the repercussions of Karma. The Infallible Law of Karma is the ultimate cycle of life and death.

    You do Good in your life, and good things you shall reap in the future. If you do bad, so too shall you reap bad fruit. These Muslims in your basket are nothing but bad apples and must be thrown out.

  • Brenda Golden

    Someone needs to drag her out in the street and treat her like a muslim woman; i.e. beat the hell out of her until she shuts up. She whines about invading another country in an illegal war, this is exactly what has happened in Israel and the world is silent. She and her goat humpers need to go back to their sandbox. And the Imam she supports so much should have been executed already.

  • Kyle Fallon

    Muslims can celebrate their own way. I don’t care, as long as they go back to Muslim countries with Sharia Law to do so. <

  • Cindy Kay

    The Council on American and Islamic Relations [CAIR] spends more than Atheists and the ACLU combined bringing lawsuits against states and businesses in the U.S.A., yet, they get tax free status as a non-political organization. The liberal media [ 90% of which is owned by six huge corporations] seems to always come down on the side of Muslims. Is it already too late to make a stand for our sovereignty, since our POTUS has stated on the record that he will always side with Muslims? It’s quite a conundrum…

  • Cindy Kay

    I just discovered that some of my comments have been removed when they hit too close to home. I am not in the habit of calling people derogatory names or cursing, as I see plenty of evidence of others doing. Perhaps a reasonable remark stands the possibility of being believed, so must be removed.

  • Dotprince

    Since when did THEY get to make policy — or even comment on our policy — for this country? I agree with Barbara — where’s the “bite me” button!?

  • Debra Pike

    If you don’t like Memorial Day and other days honoring our military then go somewhere else. That’s the answer, and STOP trying to change our laws.

  • Debra Pike

    Zahra Billo on Twitter says there are more in American jails that in muslim countries. WOW…it’s because muslims can get away with murder, rape, molestation, bombing their own selves, killing their children and much more.

  • henri1940

    I said they come and try to change our ways to their heathen ways this is so upsetting to tell us our troops don’t deserve to be honored on memorial day, get the heck out of our country go back to your own country you wouldn’t know honor if it was in your face all you know is what they let you know and tell you. Don’t tell us what to do,we are a free country.

  • keylover

    Why do those bitches talk here they all need to go home no one cares to hear them and we don’t care what the hell they think! Who do they think they are except a bunch of Muslims…scum of the earth from hell!

  • Guy Flatley


  • Ken Reid

    Let’s make sure that we let more of these folks into our country, eh? Please explain how they add to our society? I say more Latinos and deport these people!!!!

  • Ken Reid

    At least the Mexicans assimilate and contribute, for the most part!

  • cafeblue

    When will our “leaders” get it through their thick skulls that Islam is incompatible with Western ideals and values? They are not here to assimilate, but to advance the supremacy of Islam. I cannot think of a single Western nation where Islamic populations have settled and successfully assimilated.

  • Deloris Summers

    It is just my thinking, however, I believe it may be time to refrain from printing what OFFENDS some of these people. As for me, I am offended by reading it.

  • patriot1

    Vote Trump, he’ll kick their asses out!!!

  • ThrowDaBombOhio

    Hopefully someday soon she will go to Syria and be shown how woman are treated in these unjust wars. May she die a slow painful death along with the rest of the CAIR terrorist leadership.

  • CAIR must be outlawed! Muslims have never done anything for the world except rob, rape and murder!

  • Patricia

    YES I CARE BARBARA!!! This is my last straw CAIR needs to get the hell out of the US. They don’t belong here. They can never assimilate with us and we WON”T assimilaye with them and when they go they can take that traitor in the white house with them. Maybe if the behead him he will begin to believe these people are savages. The ones we have here and do not have problems with you bet your boots as soon as muslims get strong they will be right there with them. You can’t trust them from what I have heard mohammad said they should lie to get people to trust them. You lay down with whores and your going to get crabs. I’m a Christian and this is my last straw. They come over here and tell us we can’tcelebrate our Saviors birth now they say we can’t give the soldiers who gave their lives to keep us safe the honor they deserve and they want us to commemorate the satans that kill innocent people. Well they can kiss my rosey red ass. Forgive me Lord for my foul mouth. Muslims NEVER need to come to America NEVER period their lifestyle does not or never will assimilate to us.For nost part they are heathens, Some who haveconverted to Christianity or moved away totally from the islam faith may be ok here but you can’t trust what they say is true because they are told to lie. There are many safe places over there for them to stay with their own kind. I’m fed up with what has happened to my country. Gods wrath is coming and for all those asses that want the pagan islamist here Wait till you find out Gods wrath is just what you wanted so bad and they take ypur head. I hope it’s before they take mine so I can laugh my ass off. I don’t have to worry about me I know where I’m going. I just want to watch them go burn in hell before I go.Heavenly Father forgive me for my mouth. I am not smart enough how to get my rage out any other way.Father vengence is yours not mine.

  • Joe Cheney



    why is this sad un-american given space and time here? she does not belong here, it appears she really wants to be elsewhere, what is holding up her trip outa here?

  • R.N. Rivera


  • Philip Roderick

    who cares what they have “decided” … since when does America care what terrorist think?

  • OldmanRick

    Why hasn’t CAIR been declared a terrorist organization and tossed out of this country since it readily supports the overthrow of our form of government and wishes to establish Islam as the law of the land?

  • Cariniti Cannon

    …As Tho We USA Patriots Give A Shit About What Any muslim Says Concerning OUR Country!!!
    …They Are Not Worth the Wasted Energy of Getting All Riled Up!!!
    …I…Myself Am Strong & Sure Enough Of My Rights & Purpose in USA That I Will NOT Allow Some Backward Thinkers to Get Under My Skin…
    …I Suggest My Fellow Patriots to Do The Same!!!
    …We Have Much Bigger Fish to Fry w/ALL That Needs to Be Done in DC of Ridding the Traitors in The Senate, Congress & The White House!!!
    …We Have the Chance to CLEAN HOUSE This Next Election…
    …I Suggest Rolling Up Our Sleeves…
    …PURGING DC of the FILTH That Has Been Swept Under the Carpet & Left Untended WAY to Long!!!

  • Steven Dean Jr

    Trump 16 ….!

  • Tom Walker

    F*ck these a$$holes……

  • Mickey Collazo


  • Concerned

    ALL muslims should leave the USA…or die. True hu8man garbge scum. Islam and musli9ms are pure evil and we shoud eradicate evil…NOW. Fuk islam and muslims.

  • Betty4440


  • firep0w3r

    “The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has decided”

    That should be enough to dismiss this post,

  • Lake Wateree

    and they wonder why we call them rag heads

  • Gradus Quia

    Furthermore, I consider that Islam must be destroyed.

  • dennam

    No, it was founded by white people who were smart enough and had the balls to do what no other people would even attempt.

  • Daniel Brewer

    Fuck muslims. My brothers and sisters, deserve respect. They deserve a one way ticket to the middle east, or hell, I don’t care which.

  • manikajo

    Why should we care what these America hating people want?

  • Linda

    CAIR can kiss my lily-white behind. I’m sick of them all. If I had a super power it would be to send people who come here and complain about our way of life back to their hell hole they came from.


    the writer who did this is a traiter to american people lets tell her call her on the phone at her work we the people are tacking back our country one way or another it their needs to be civil war then it shall be


    lets find out who the bad ones are and lets get them out of here lets make their life rough lets do it people

  • Rich Bawol

    Go to hell b***h. If you don’t like what we celebrate here, no one has a ball and chanin tied to your ass. So pack up and leave. I’m a Viet Nam Vet so please look me up and come tell me that to my face. Want to bet you’re going to be in a hurting kind of way when you leave?

  • aVet

    and the fooking POS in the White Mosque probably agrees with them…..

  • Thomas Crowley


  • truthjunkie

    Silence is Golden, but Ducktape is Silver

  • rickster12

    Sure hope they are going to fumigate the white house after Obama is gone so as to make sure all the Muslim sent is gone.

  • guest1

    these people are very simply – traitors.

  • guest1

    the conversation with muslims is over.

  • Pebbles

    Next we will be hearing what the Brits are …… muslims telling them to leave GB, that it now belongs to them. My jaw dropped when I read that last week.

  • RandyB1

    CAIR can go to hell.

  • Chuck Rolando

    You Muslim scum bags should get out of my country .You scum bags are here under protest and because the president is a coward scum bag muslim terrorist. I personally would like to see more Americans kill more muslim scum and then you could have more muslim holidays. When you scum bag muslim are either dead or back in your shit hole county’s then real Americans can celebrate. You are not a religon you are a cult

  • jim morrison

    Ignorant camel jockey

  • Svt40

    CAIR can suck on a bag of AIDs riddled cactii.

  • mreester

    Don’t like it, leave!!!! We’re not changing Memorial Day for your stupid ass!

  • Steve Konrad

    Let me make something totally clear here…Yes America was founded by whites ,yes America grew strong because of whites…yes America went to the moon because of whites,,designed bridges,built infrastructure,developed agriculture tech to feed the world including millions of non whites.discovered vaccines and cured diseased that ended the misery to millions…yes all because America was founded by whites…and you can you the word supremacists too it does not alter THE TRUTH ONE IOTA… there any part of that historic reality that you don’t understand?

  • Steve Konrad

    I have to wonder how long will we be jabbering about what is right in front of us and not take action?….it is time to move to the next phase of this invasion…that is the discussion about what do do about it.

  • Hassenbensober

    Can’t wait till Trump gets into office and deports these anti American SOB’s

  • thomachuck

    This site professes to extol issues that show support for law enforcement officers. Why is it intermittently a conduit for hate memes?

  • Patriotic Texan

    It’s so obvious their goal is to destroy our culture and take over our country & instate sharia law. Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others are doing everything they can to help them. This upcoming election is our last chance to salvage our country.

  • Joe

    Uh yeah, good luck with that!

  • russrjn

    Sadly…..its coming down to the phrase….only good muslim is a dead one…

  • Lisa Ann Cobb-kurchock

    These people are pieces of shit….if they dont like the way we do things in our damn country then they can take their sorry asses back to where ever they came from !!

  • Mark Leonard

    How bout all the American soldiers who are muslim does she feel the same way about them. Go drink your camel piss and buy your boyfriend or husband another goat before he decides to kill you for conversing with other men on the Internet

  • william ebel

    To bad CAIRs not in charge around here. Memorial Day is an American holiday. You can honor all the murdering Muslims you want but if you don’t like America, get to stepping.

  • william ebel

    People might not like Trump, but everything he says is right on the money.

  • Ronald Bryant Jr.

    I’ve been to Arlington and many other cemeteries for veterans. I’ve seen row upon row upon row of headstones emblazoned with crosses and the Star of David, but so far not a single crescent. KMA

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    They fought and died so that you, (unprintable words) would be free to insult their memory and their sacrifice.

  • whytoldbear

    “Al-Amin also said the U.S. Constitution is “diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.”

    THIS is WHY ALLMuslims should be deported and barred from entry since ALL Muslims believe the above statement!

  • kunner

    F–k CAIR

  • Alan Wolfy Schilde

    To hell with these liberal assholes. We honor the fallen like we always have. If CAIR and the Muslims do not like our way of life then they should go back where they came from.

  • Yvonne

    CAIR is nothing…..go back to 7th century s%$# hole you came from…..Honor belongs to the American soldiers who are taking out the Muslim terrorists….may they continue to be successful…..


    She use the term “we invaded” , i am sorry SHE is not part of “WE”, since she is muslim , she CANNOT be an American—EVER!!! Muslims CANNOT swear an oath to the Constitution, and mean it, because it is the antithesis of Islam !!!!!!!!!!

  • Denniel

    My dislike towards their belief system is growing. I think our belief systems are worlds apart and that’s why they’re not a good fit for Canada.

  • Marie Knight

    This makes my blood boil !!! These men and woman died to keep us free. Not for some, but for everyone who lives in America. Those who are against the honor we bestow our fallen Hero’s should go back to their mother country. I know I’d chip in for a one way ticket.

  • Jim

    If u don’t like what we do for our fallen then pack up your shit and head home. This will never change

  • Fallschirmjager

    Go fuck your goats,leave this country,and take your whore virgins with you.Us Infadels had our way with these sluts anyway.Camel shit smells better than you Halloweeners

  • Wendy Maison

    I’m sick of these people demanding and trying to change holiday’s to comfort them..We will always have Memorial Day..Easter, Christmas,Valentine’s..Get the Hell out of our country and take your CAIR/BLM with you..your all loser’s and don’t have God in your follow Satan…and that’s truth…

  • dynadude

    We need about a billion more volunteers to make the holiday official.

  • patty lewis

    Get the he// out of our country!

  • Brian Davis

    who the fuck do they think they are.Get rid of this scum off the planet.

  • Jo Mama

    What the hell were Americans thinking by letting these filthy rats into this beautiful country?

    America the great is fading away. Goodbye, you will be missed

  • luv2trailride

    Unfortunately the United States is so busy taking care of everybody else that we can’t take care of ourselves. Sad. We bend to other cultures while forgetting hours.

  • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

    Dear CAIR, Go Fornicate Yourselves…

  • alyn21

    These idiotic comments just prove that Islam is not compatible with western values. Isn’t it time to consider a program of repatriating these people back to their own countries?

  • Tara p71

    Why does this towelheaded sped think she has any fkn say? Lick my white AMERICAN asshole. Keep insulting my family bitches, and see what happens.

  • Kim

    For people who supposedly want to be accepted and to be viewed as not a threat, they seem to be going out of their way to piss off Americans.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Islam has no place in the civilized world.

    TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 – Unite the voters against the Washington elitists

    You can’t help liberals who still vote Democrats after eight years of Obama

    Love cannot defeat evil unless it is more heavily armed

    The Eagle and the Snake – America’s war with Islam

    Jihadi terrorism and the failure of presidential candidates and the West

    Follow the money of the global warming scam

  • Peggy Martin Caraccio

    Struggle with it in your own country…not in ours…then you can honor your murdering martyrs.

  • Ellen

    I can say it much simpler. Go To Hell.

  • PoBD

    Looks like I’m going all out on Memorial Day this year, normally it’s a quiet day remembering my brother & sisters. Not this year. Not ever again. I will not sit quietly over this. I didn’t have to cash my blank check but I WILL honor those who did!

  • Caryn Cann

    They are welcome to go to the middle east & honor them. This is America and we honor our fallen heroes who gave their lives so that ungrateful, hateful people like her have the right to free speech.

  • Mickey Collazo

    FUCK YOU PIG muzzis get the fuck out

  • rjhnyc52

    We need to kill more of those scum sucking muslim terrorists…..

  • goldenshepard

    Who cares what these moose limb usurpers believe or want. They are free to go back to their homeland.

  • Pete Michaud

    Fuck them camel riding, towel wearing, smelly fucking camel jockeys! They can bend over and KISS MY ASS if they think I’m not going to honor the men and women that lay lives on the line to protect me against their rebel relatives! GO SUCK A BIG ONE if you don’t like it go the fuck back home in your SLUM neighborhoods and live your sucky lives and leave our lives alone “NUFF SAID! Sorry if I offended any REAL AMERICANS!

  • kay

    know what? we don’t give a rats ass what you say …this is our country
    and if you don’t like the way we honor our fallen hero get the fuck out

  • Larry Conner

    One of these days, America will rise up and throw their sorry asses out of the country. I hope.

    • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

      Today would be a good day to start!!

  • Howard

    As a Veteran , You are free to leave now , if it were not for Veterans & those who paid the ultimate price , you would not be free here either . So now — return to camel land & study sand fleas.

  • Jahna Derr

    Far as I’m concerned ALL the immigrants, white, black, yellow, muslim, christians, the whole lot of you can go back to where your ancestors came from and leave this country to the first peoples, the red ones.

  • Chris

    My thought is if you have a problem with this or anything else in the United States of America, then leave. I am sick of hearing how we as Americans need to bend over backwards for people because they are so ignorant and butt hurt about something offending them. If you have a problem honoring those who are fighting and have fought for this country, and the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country then I am glad to hear you use those rights that We had provided to you. I would rather you not waste mine or any one else’s time and just leave. But until then please enjoy the rights that “We” have provided to you.

  • Mr J.

    The paranoia is strong with this fool.

  • Keoni Ronald May

    It will be a liberally & politically correct politician, who will see the academic argument.

    War is not an academic & politically correct event.

    Death of a warrior, gives an academically & politically correct politician, a 1st amendment right.

    Their 1st amendment right, doesn’t make them right.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Muslims say all kinds of really dumb stuff. Like convert or kill all non-Muslims, stone gay people, a woman must have 4 male witnesses to prove rape in court and the like. Really dumb stuff. I never pay any attention to what Muslims say. I figure they must be imbeciles if they believe that junk!!!

  • Deb Judge

    Our military keeps this country from becoming the country she ran from to be safe…So if she doesn’t stand behind them, she should go back to her own country and fight her own battles.

  • Richard Berger

    Memorial Day was created to honor the dead soldiers from both the Grand Army of the Republic/Grand Army of the Potomac, and the Confederate States of America. It later was expanded to include those killed during wartime in defense of the United States of America.
    If these people want to not honor the war dead, fine, let them stay home.

  • Joe Bobby Van Vactor

    Go back where you came from.

  • Patriotic USVeteran1776

    Why in the Hell are we allowing changes to appease these sand rats? What i see right now is a build up to a new civil war. Our government is no longer ours but theirs, and if they do not stand with us, then they are against us. We are losing our Country a bit at a time, at first it started as a trickle, but now the flood gates have been opened by this administration. GOD Help us All.

  • Babcq

    They have no right to say anything they do not belong here and need to be deported back to their own country. They are not wanted here they should all be lined up and shot.

  • Jessie Miller

    Once again Muslims are blaming everyone for their hate, they are trying to put it off on whites because white people are always the all guys when something doesn’t go their way. The Muslim religion preaches mostly hate and death of those who wont convert to Islam, in fact it states a 109 time to kill non-believes which is non Muslims and is also preaches about raping women who are not Muslim to humiliate them, to teach them why its good to be Muslim and why the should convert. they also preach and teach to take slaves again to humiliate them, to teach them why its good to be Muslim and why the should convert. their religion says they are to refuse to conform to any outside influences and keep Islam pure. this is the religion of peace some say, this is the religion that has a morning call to pray that president Obama says is the most beautiful sound in the world. Islam is where the vast majority of all terrorist come from. but our president apologizes to them for what Americans say about Muslims and how they are terrorists. maybe Obama is one and I mean a terrorist, he is sinking America faster that the great depression. all these Muslims can go straight to hell and if they don’t like to bad. their terrorist relatives all died for nothing but political bullshit, the only virgins their going to get are 72 to sheep and the sad thing is they will be happy about the sheep.

  • Jessie Miller

    All you terrorist can go to hell, the only person in America that will agree with you is Obama the rest will be trying put the rest of you in the ground.

  • Michelle Castañeda

    “Honor those Muslim terrorists who were killed by American soldiers.” Not in our life time. You Muslims are a very sick breed of people. I will die thanking the Lord Jesus Christ I was born in America and never had to live one day the way you all do. War is on the arising. Get ready. Hell I’m an old lady. I’m sure if I feel this way a lot of American men do to. It sounds like they are ready for some good old American whip ass.

  • Mommy Says

    These savages murder women daily, kill boys for not showing up to prayers, and butcher Christians, and Americans are supposed to worry about offending THEM? Bull turds.

  • Rhastafarian

    Muslims will have their way because we are so divided as a Nation we fight against ourselves instead of the true enemy, “MOHAMMADISM” Obama has us so hateful towards each other, left vs right, white vs black it’s the worst this country has been since it began.

    • Rhastafarian

      Black panthers showing up again all over at conservative gatherings? they been pretty much quiet for decades.. well till Obama became president

    • Rhastafarian

      They try to intimidate Trump supporters… ha.. good luck with that… a few bradahs with a few pop guns won’t scare a hundred million Americans with 14 trillion rounds of ammo

    • Rhastafarian

      It’s almost like the Liberals are seeking a civil war of epic consequences. The passive liberal is lost. They have found a voice and use it to push hate and agenda after agenda on the rest of us.

  • madeuce42

    islam is sowing HATRED I hope they reap what they sow ASAP

  • Paul Keating

    I don’t believe this story. I think this story was fabricated to turn people against all Muslims.

  • Moogie46

    Go back to your country We Honor our hero’s

  • rand

    Lets get rid of these Muslims! They are bold and brassy enough to take everything!

  • Danny

    This should prove Muslims believing in Islam cannot assimilate in to our society which is required in the immigration and naturalization act and should be deported. Where is our representatives who swear to uphold our laws and constitution. Oh! They are busy running for president or telling us we are too stupid to know who to vote for.

  • YOU CAN GO TO HELL AND TAKE YOUR FAMILY AND THE REST OF YOUR MUSLIMS PEOPLE WITH YOU! Our soldiers fought for OUR Country that your people terrorised your people are the scum of the earth — Your religion nothing more than an EVIL COW Worshiping DEMON from HELL! YOUR soul shall NEVER see the Glory Gates of Heaven—YOUR Prophet is DEAD your GOD is no god—Making you NOTHING! So Leave my country and Die!

    • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

      Gee, don’t sugarcoat it, tell us how you really feel…

  • J L

    I think the muslime slut needs to go back to her own country….



  • Diane Madaj

    Why the hell do they even live here if they hate our American traditions? Go back to their country and try to fix what is broke. If they spent half as much time trying to fix their homeland vs. the time they send trying to change America maybe change could be made there and they would all go back. I’m tired of their arrogant ways and spoiled, misbehaved children along with using the excuse I DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH. Learn to speak it since you live in the US.

  • Rebecca Reece-Hochstedler

    This is what I have to say to Muslim people that do want to honor our laws and traditions. They can go live in a country where they have there own traditions and saria law. But they won’t go there because if they did this lady would not be able to say what she wants. Our soldiers fought for our rights so people like her can say what she wants. If you don’t like memorial day don’t celebrate it ,that to is your right in this country. If you do not like our country LEAVE. NOBODY WILL STOP YOU.

  • Mike Crognale

    I wonder if this person ever thought that many muslims served in the US Armed Forces and likely died for this country. Does she think that they do not deserve to be honored?

  • Sandy Jones

    Ship these camel humping piece of shit out of the United States. They don’t belong here, they hate Americans and want us to changer our country to fit where they came from. Sorry but we don”t want you here.

  • Snookie from Illinois

    If the Muslims don’t want to honor American servicemen and women on Memorial Day, they are welcome to leave this country – permanently. They need to understand this is America, we have decided we want to honor our military personnel on Memorial Day, and they can go to he!!, if they don’t like our decision.

  • Jack Daniels

    friggin muzzies…

  • Lia

    Fortunately, these people (CAIR) do not make the decisions about who the American people honor on Memorial Day. If they are offended that we honor those fallen in defense of freedom and the liberation of the oppressed, they should return to their Arabic homeland, wherever that is. We will not miss them. Mean while, I will continue putting flags on the graves of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless America!

  • Cindy Shephard

    And why are you idiots giving them the time of day?

  • bsum1

    sure would be an improvement if she had a .50 cal middle eye hole

  • pat

    Most Muslims are probably here illegally, they estimate 4 million so now you can double that figure because the government lies.

  • David Bump

    Who the &$#@ cares what Muslims think. All Muslims (true Muslims) want us all dead anyway. Don’t try to convince me otherwise, I have read that blasted vile book. They all should be banned from our country. It is not a religion in any sense of the word. It is a cult that promotes hate, and death to all who do not follow the word of Allah. This article dishonors all Americans and other persons that have died throughout the ages from these sick and twisted people. I am not saying that all Arabs or other foreigners from that region are bad, but anyone that follows the Islamic teachings need to be removed from this country, forcibly if necessary. I am using my Constitutional and God given right of freedom of speech, if you do not like what I have to say, well I’m not sorry, and I sure the H E L L will not apologize for defending my country or my rights as an American. be offended because frankly if you are offended, you are part of the problem.

  • MDP58

    I am ex-military, and I will honor my fallen brothers and sisters. No muslim will tell me what I can and cannot do, not in my country.

  • Scott Drury

    How many ex christian african and middle eastern lands have been the unlucky recipients of Muslim supremacy.

  • Ron Goodrich

    maybe the muslims that died trying to kill our soldiers should have their own day.we can call it the”you got your ass kicked for messing with us so you shouldnt do it or you will get your ass whipped again”day.they shouldnt be allowed to forget what happens when you mess with america.

  • chris

    why in blazes should anyone honor a terrorist?? I don’t think so.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    You see this is proof positive that they have no intention, or interest in assimilation into the culture, and traditions of this nation. Only to fundamentally change every aspect of the western way of life, to fit and conform to a Islamic profile, with an agenda of Muslim rule. Donald J Trump is absolutely correct about Islam, and the temporary ban on those seeking refuge. Until safeguards, such as a properly vetting process can be put into place to insure the preservation of every aspect of this nation. And insure that whoever is allowed into our great nation, assimilates into this western way of life. This statement about ‘not honoring fallen servicemen and women may seem harmless to some, but it is far from that. As this is how it begins, with a desired result being that which is taking place in London England. #Trump2016

  • Ellis Thorwaldson

    Get Muslims out of the USA!!! and back to their cat box in the middle east, and then they can mourn their jihad killers over there

  • Billy Buchanan

    Yes CAIR hates America and is a terrorist organization that should be labeled as such.

  • Dolph

    Damn, my ptsd went away after reading this. Now I feel better that my brothers in arms dusted so many of you scumbags.

  • Unbelievable!

  • Gloria Haynes

    Oh, puke me a river. No one gives a crap what CAIR says or thinks. And we aren’t going to stop honoring our soldiers, no matter what they say. Nut jobs.

  • MemyselfandI

    This is WHY ALL Muslims should be deported they want our country because theirs is awful and deep down they resent us! You can’t be ANY Muslim and be their religion when it reads EVERYONE should die that is not who they are!

  • alfredparodi

    Just what rights have been given to them that they can dictate to us how we run our country. That old saying of When in Rome do as the romans do applies here. When in the USA do as the Americans do. Not your liberal Americans but the true patriotic Americans who love their country and would do anything to protect our freedoms and way of life.

  • Phillip Newton

    I don’t want o be a wet blanket and rain on your parade, but this story is at least two years old and maybe older. Is it true now or was it true then, hell, I don’t know and neither do any of you. Do I like Muslims, no I do not. Does this sound like something a Muslim would say, yes it does. Did the comments attributed to CAIR actually take place, you cannot prove they did and I won’t say they didn’t, but I will say that there is no proof, no verifiable evidence of it happening. What I do know is that we have a story critical of Muslims and written in such a way as to fan the flames of racial and religious discord in our country and from what I’ve read it is working. Now, before you start slinging hate and intolerance at me for not following the herd here, I recommend you go to my Facebook page, read other things I’ve written and understand, I’m a retired soldier with over twenty years of service to America. I have always sworn allegiance to the country and out Constitution, there is no de-swearing allegiance ceremony, so I will always defend The United States of America and the Constitution by which we live in a free country. Thanks for reading, take care, be kind to the unfortunate and hey, be safe out there, okay? God bless you, our service men and women in the field and God Bless America.

  • woodyrogers1

    If you don’t like it, move. Our soldiers have died fighting terrorists from your countries. Your countrymen are woman denigrating murders and child rapists that cut the heads off of anyone that doesn’t agree with them, that’s why you’re here. There’s an old saying, “freedom isn’t free”. Go back home, we were doing fine without you. Learn how to live with other religions, you won’t find out if yours is the only true path until YOU’RE DEAD! On a lighter note, I’m learning how to fly drones.! Be seeing you soon!!!

  • Bill Denham

    Not just the one middle finger to them but one bullet for each and every member of cair! To hell what they think or want. The same goes for odouchbag.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Wow, “white Supremacy” so I guess all the countries inhabited by NON whites are doing just fine, citizens have rights, lots of jobs, good pay and benefits Free elections and laws that actually WORK…huh. think about that for a minute.

  • dkw

    They are the enemy.

  • JimmiJames

    We honor our fallin soldiers. They honor a pedophile Mohammad…. geez louise.

  • Wayne Paller


  • kelly

    Who the F** are they to say??? Memorial day was around LONG BEFORE they ever came to this country! If they don’t like it, they can LEAVE! GO BACK to their oh so wonderful country where things are exactly how they want them.

  • Told You So

    They hate us, and we (normal Americans) hate them. That’s called WAR!

  • Tina

    I am really sick of these muslims thinking they can interfere with our ways and customs and what we celebrate and remember! If they don’t like what they do…..get the HELL OUT!! We will never celebrate the terrorists! And you have to be freaking crazy to even suggest such a thing!

  • Nelly Suissa

    All these organizations and people should be treated as terrorist, that is what they are and should be sent back to their f-ing POS country! So sick of these Muslim terrorist taking advantage of all that America has to give yet they spit on our flag and in our face!

  • another_engineer

    And Obama’s Homeland security just increased green cards to Muslim countries by 34%

  • amber

    We need to honor our fallen by getting the people that killed them OUT of our country! Send them back and build that wall!

  • Bruce Chowning

    Evidently the Council on American-Islamic Relations does not know how to do “relations.”

  • Shaniqua

    This kind of muslim is why Americans don’t want them here! They are NOT assimilating, appreciating, nor respecting U.S.! GET EM OUT and KEEP EM OUT!

  • SomebodyNobody

    These people are asking for violence. Almost like they are trying to provoke it so they can pretend to be victims.

  • Keith Hodges

    These turds get more ridiculous everyday, with the help of the goat humper freeloading in our whitehouse. Fuck CAIR, and all their goat humping followers. These subspecies inbred pieces of shit need to be flushed.

  • DK

    And the wars and murders they have been a part of is ok. For the last 1400 years they have murdered innocent people and they think they are above us. Please get these pieces of shit out of this country. I can’t wait for Trump to douche this country of these savage inbreed sociopaths. How dare Obozo go to Hiroshima on Memorial weekend and apologizing to the Japs. What a fucking disgrace he is to this country. OMG I’m so over this bullshit. When do we start fighting back!

  • Cornelius

    sounds un-American to me———why bring them here?
    the only reason I can think of is to cause trouble and mayhem.

  • another_engineer


  • okydokyartichoky

    and you wonder why you are unliked or untrusted?


    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today marked the upcoming Memorial Day holiday with the release of a video featuring American Muslim veterans expressing pride in serving their nation (America) through military service and sacrifice.

    The video ends with the tag line: “On this Memorial Day, CAIR honors all who served our country.” 3/11/15

  • Stephanie Tilley Wilcox

    For over 1400 yrs Islam and your Allah the Demon seed have NEVER in your miserable Lives EVER Done anything that was for Humanity for someone else other than your own selfish needs! So I can totally understand your brain wash thinking We wouldn’t expect any less from you.


    How about a PURGE Day ridding this country of trash. lol

  • NR

    You are all idiots. I seriously doubt CAIR published anything of the sort and even if it did, it is absolutely ridiculous to draw conclusions about an entire religion based off of one stupid organization/person. If there were not such blatant double standards in this culture, I would be able to say that white men should get out of America on the grounds of Sandy Hook, the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre, the murder of George Tiller, the Knoxville Unitarian Church shooting, the murder of John Britton, the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, the Planned Parenthood bombing, the attack on the IRS building, and Oklahoma City, to name a few. Most of these were done in the name of Christianity, but I am not stupid enough to characterize the entire religion because I know the RELIGION’S values versus a few morons who decide to use Christianity as an excuse to commit heinous crimes. There were sixteen other shootings during the month of San Bernardino, all of which were committed by white people, and none of which were reported on the news. America has its flaws, but we all came to this country for a reason: a better life for ourselves and our future generations. It is ridiculous to think that after leaving a country, a home, and all things familiar for America that we would think such evil things. Grow a brain and stop humiliating yourself online.

  • k
    I would just like everyone to take a moment to read through this. Maybe not even all of it, but just a few short sentences. This is what CAIR truly is and I implore you to think for yourselves and not rely on news from a site whose main categories are Islam, Immigration, Common Core, and Guns, as there are many more topics to be covered.

  • skates

    Dear CAIR, you and I are definitely not on the same page. Hundreds of thousands of US servicemen and women have given their lives so that we enjoy the benefits of our constitution and Bill of Rights; our freedom, our democracy and our republic. If you don’t want to honor them, then don’t, it’s your right as a US citizen; however poorly it reflects on you.

  • Dr What

    It would be a CELEBRATION day for us, like Valentines Day or something, but definately NOT a ‘memorial’

  • Elle Ahearn

    Then go back to your “comfortable” paternal, misogynistic country that practices familiar and “comfortable” traditions like female gentile mutilation and arranged marriage; where women aren’t “allowed” to drive, seek education, appear in public w/o being shrouded, travel w/o ‘written permission’ from a “male guardian” or express opinions about things that make them “uncomfortable”.
    If you don’t ‘like’ it then go back to the “comfortable” country you fled where your status as a woman is lower than that of a male child and your worth is measured in terms of your ability to cook, clean, bear and raise children and provide sexual pleasure to a ‘loving’ husband/master who may legally rape, beat, murder or throw acid in your face with impunity for any reason he sees fit.
    If you don’t approve of our tradition of honoring those who died defending the inalienable right to justice, dignity, and liberty enjoyed equally by natural born American citizens as well as immigrants, then you’re free to leave this country just as you were privileged to enter into it.
    We’re not about to dishonor our fallen or abandon our traditions to accomodate the many entitlement seeking, narcissistic, ungrateful, 3rd world desert dwellers that we no longer want in our country anyway. Given your utter arrogance, ignorance, disrespect, and inability or unwillingness to assimilate, show a modicum of gratitude and humility for the opportunity to enter our great country I suggest you get over it and find a way to deal with it, GTF-up, STFU or pack your bags and take your ungrateful a$$ back to where you came from.
    Those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our way of life for everyone including ingrates like you are my fellow veterans and I will continue to honor them everyday whether you or your ilk like it or not. I don’t give a f..k if it makes you “uncomfortable”. You are in the USA -OUR country, and if you can’t grow up and show a little respect for veterans and my fellow countrymen and woman who make it possible for people like you to enjoy the freedoms we provide, then get the f..k out! We’re tired of your BS.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    oh thats right.. I have not said my motto this week: FUCK CAIR!

  • Popcorn

    Vote, Vote, Vote…..

  • DD788Snipe

    As far as I’m concerned CAIR is a terrorist organization and need to be banned in America. They serve no useful purpose in western judao christian society.

  • Raymond Miller

    “F” the SOB’s

  • patriotrenegade

    Create a cemetary for them….in the middle of the ocean.

    • Matthew Mixon

      We should honor fallen US soldiers every day, especially on memorial day. shame on anyone who says we shouldn’t! Clearly they do not respect or understand the values of freedom and liberty that define this country. They should go back to their home land, where they can live as slaves to their government, that is the correct place for them to be since they do not truly desire freedom. Our soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice and this is an incredible display of disrespect towards them. Only come here if you want freedom and liberty! People who do not desire or promote these values do not belong here at all and should be removed from this country, since they are threat to the freedom and liberty of all people.

  • V.

    Why do people even give a moments time to idiots like this?

    • Zer Zezzer

      THESE PEOPLE ARE LIKE CANCER…if you ignore a little bit of cancer to thrive in your body it WILL KILL YOU!!! Any More Questions?

  • SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim

    Send all Muslims who have Un-American viewpoints packing the F_ _k out of our Country! Send them back to the Hell Holes they came from! It will soon be time for Open Season Hunting on Un-American Muslims. If there do not like the U.S. Constitution … send them straight to hell!

  • Wayne Sayers

    I think we need to start playing cowboys and muslims.

    • Zer Zezzer

      True but YOU HAVE TO LET THE COWBOYS be the WARRIORs they have been trained to be and allow them to get the JOB DONE!!!


    To the muslim council on American-islamic relations you don’t like it that we honor our war heroes? Well 3 things 1) GFYS and 2) GTFOOTUSA 3) GBTTSHYCF. Enjoy yourself when you figure out what they mean.

  • Bob

    ” Kill them all , let god sort them out later”

  • fidel

    Can’t wait to piss on his his sorry -ss

  • fidel

    It’s the same for Obama

  • Frank Amadeo

    Muslims Say Fallen U.S. Soldiers Should NOT Be Honored on Memorial Day


    • Don

      You said it brother, But you forgot to say that they should take Obama and Hillary with them

  • This is what Muslims do to it’s host Nation wanting
    to change laws and culture

    • Zer Zezzer


      How Sad that we as American’s have programs to give people a chance to change their lives and they crap on your values!

  • desertcelt

    Deport,deport,deport! Islam is not compatible with western civilization.

  • Benjamin Michel

    We should kick her no good ass out of USA now!!!

  • Name

    We need to pack them up and send them back to the middle east. They are not wanted here.

  • Estoban

    Zahra Billoo is no American. She should be immediately deported. CAIR should be listed as a terrorist organization.

  • theseer

    cair should be ousted from our country

  • Lizard

    I think time for all muslims pack it up and get out of america before we do it for you

  • urbisoler

    So Liberal/Progressive left! Are these the honest US loving Muslims you have been telling us about and whom we should respect?? Wake up America!! Hillary will take you down the path of world socialism. Are you blind?? this may our last chance to protect US sovereignty.

  • ernst

    Only our true enemies will protest an event so critical to the spirit of this country. CAIR is an enemy of the USA.

  • Fedup

    This is America. If you don’t like the way we believe pack up your camel and and your ugly ole lady and go back to where you came from.

    • Zer Zezzer

      You mean, “YOUR COVERED-UP OLE LADY”

      Additionally, I can’t wait for the day when “sharia law” DIES or REVERSES it’s direction! Dies so we can finally allow the “Women to Uncover Themselves” and require Men to Cover-Up their Smelly-you know whats!”

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Deport them all – PERIOD!~

  • aztex7007

    Just send these b22222ds back to the Middle East and be done with it !

  • Benjamin Michel

    That is what BHO has being doing sense he took office trying to destroy the USA from with in that is why he wants more Muslims here to change are country and that is why he has let the dis-hate go on in are streets all to ruin the USA VOTE TRUMP

    • Zer Zezzer

      DONALD J. TRUMP ALL-THE-WAY!!! But I tell you what, if Trump doesn’t get it right we are in for some rough ROUGH Waters! Sadly, but Trump has been the only alternative in this election–glad to see he’s heeded the call!

  • Zer Zezzer

    YOU GOT TO BE SHITIN’ ME … yep you read right!

    Sad to say but the VAST VAST Majority of Muslims in America are nothing more than Opportunist and betrayers looking for a handout … yep you read that right TOO!

    Why, reflecting on the Late Great Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s ethos that he not only crafted by also lived by states that; “UNTIL A MAN (or woman) DISCOVERS SOMETHING THEY ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR, THEY HAVE YET EARNED THE RIGHT TO LIVE!”

    So I say to ALL Muslims who are unhappy and unwilling to assimalte here in our United States of America to kindly GO HOME! HOME where ever that may be so they can cast these teasonist comments and may your Allah Be With You.

  • Peggy Cantley

    If they don’t like America I will supply the boat full of holes & thr prs if they don’t row fast enough they can drown! Get the hell out of My Country if you don’t like it, give us back the money you have received while you was here & take kill-ary. billy & obama with you!

  • Frank W Brown

    And c.a.i.r. is STILL in OUR country WHY???

  • Born in the South and proud

    These people are a bunch of lying, killing terrorists and should be rounded up for treason and exported back to the caves and sand dunes they came from. Zahra and dawud you don’t get to select the holidays that are honored in America. you don’t have to celebrate them and we dam well don’t have to celebrate your holidays. So take it and shove it.
    Trump 2016 God Bless America

  • rocky63

    I’d be happy to give CAIR members, and any others who feel the way they seem to feel, directions and a map to the nearest international airport or seaport. I’ll wish them a happy journey back to the place them came from.

  • bob breglio

    These pigs from CAIR should be summarily expelled from this county. If they think the Constitution is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commended then they should be sent to a country where they can practice their hate and can worship their false god and leave good GOD fearing Christians in peace. Their religion of peace is nothing but a hate filled ideology that they want to inflict on the entire world. GOD will make sure they rot in hell when he judges them.

    • Zer Zezzer

      Spot-On but watch out the Crusades are a-coming to a Neighborhood Near YOU!!!

      But hey no biggy as that’s what your Government Leadership Wants!

  • Rob

    I don’t think anyone wants to say it, but at some point there is going to have to be a revolution. Trump gets in, fine I’d love it, but ISIS and other Miuslims are in our country right now. Why Iinclude the other Muslims is ever seen a Muslim charity? How about a Muslim theater? The list can go on. The point is they don’t wish to assimilate, taking over would make them much happier. So anyone with me?

    • Zer Zezzer

      Sad to say but it’s inevitable — I’d prefer they just go back to hell from whence they came!

      Americans prefer the fight be in their land(s) but we’ve allowed too many in our country already so fighting them is going to leave a scar. A scar as their sick mindset to meet the Virginians waiting to kick their ass (aka Allah) is that: “they Win if they Kill You;” “they Win if you Kill Them;” “they Win if they Die Trying to Kill You.” SO TRUST YOU CAN SEE THAT WE CANNOT DEFEAT THIS SICK MINDSET and IT’S GOING TO LEAVE A SCAR!

  • trishae61

    I will be nice, SCREW CAIR they need to be kicked out of the USA and take all the other muslims with them!!!!!!

  • Ben

    If I were one of these Muslims and I had a lick of common sense I would be seriously considering
    getting out of America while it’s still possible.

  • hookemowls

    I have two words to that……F*#K YOU!!!

  • My country

    This is the rhetoric that Hillary spouts too! Obama has brought this type of boil on the back of Americans . If Congress doesn’t throw this woman and her kind out of this country they all should be physically removed from their so called job . This is America not a Muslim nation It is time we stood behind our soldiers and our fallen people need to remember this is our country. Tell them to get out of this country ! Obama has brought Cair to the White House but our soldiers are dying because of gutless politicians . And this thing attacks Memorial Day for our soldiers. ?


  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    We all know CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and, as part of its goal to impose an Islamic state, wants to subvert America and other western countries from within.

    As such CAIR needs to be opposed and continually called out for its messages and positions.

    We should be pressuring our elected representatives to remove all government funding from CAIR and its affiliates.

  • CharlyO

    How far do we let this islamic scum dictate what we can or not do? Ship all of them back to mecca where they can do as they wish. When they interfere with this country, citizens or not, eliminate the problem. There are no terrorists who count for anything, including CAIR, who deserve anything but a dirt whole in the ground.

  • tubesaft

    Are these two citizens? If they are they should be disenfranchised.


    Why don,t the American People refuse to acknowledge all Muslims and there Religion because they do not and never will acknowledge the Christian Religion.They come to this country to bring there lifestyle here and never adjust to Civilization as we know it.

  • Irvan

    The day I even CONSIDER honoring a muslim for ANYTHING will be the day the world comes to an end. The only way I would like to deal will a muslim is to bury the bastard six feet under.

  • Ed Durham

    Muslims need to go back to their own country and continue abusing their woman, who must like it, after all U S A will continue to stand, so good bye..

  • John Siemens

    And CAIR has infiltrated the WH. Obama refuses to identify the enemy because he is a part of the enemy. We do not get to choose whether or not we are at war. Islam has declared war on us and we must react or die. Just as it is in a ball game, we cannot win a war if we are on the defense. The offense must be taken to win.

  • jim_wright

    Zahra Billoo, I have a better idea. Since you don’t honor this country or the people who have fought to defend it, get the hell out. Please go to what ever Muslim crap hole you wish, but please see this as an invitation to use one of the other freedoms given to you and protected by the men and women who have fought and died to protect this nation and leave. Please take ALL the members of CAIR with you for the same reasons.

  • psychosally

    relax sweetie every one of you idiots will be killed by americans sooner or later

  • Eva

    another article to get Donald Trump to Tweet something that will hurt him during the next debate.

  • aschark

    Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and ASSIMILATES HIMSELF TO US, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    • flagmantexasmarine

      Semper Fi

  • WatchDog

    I think that we should have a list of all the
    CAIR members names and addresses so.
    every vet can go out on Memorial Day and shoot one.

  • Garys_opinion

    We really need to kick them out of our country. It’ll never happen as long as Obama and Clinton have any power.

  • takeitbacknow42012

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s aim . . . To get any reminder of our strong heritage and patriotic ways out of America and Hillary would help them!!!

  • flagmantexasmarine

    all terrorist are musluns
    all terrorist need to be killed


    Hey Moe-HAM-Mud Fuque! Pack your bags, there will be a new sheriff in town!

  • Robert Pekarik

    Don’t forget America, Obama has these people in “our” White House for policy advisement.

  • kaitty

    Islamites do not belong in this country! The all should be in their own countries!

  • Dinosaur

    It is high time we as a nation stopped worrying about what is or is not going to irritate someone, especially a narrow minded group such as CAIR and most of the other alphabets we put up with. Now if this upsets someone that ‘s just too damn bad. Accept the country you live or go back where your view will be lauded by individuals of the same ilk as you.

  • MJL

    Go to HELL you Jihad Bastards you dont like US the way it is get your MUSLIM ASSES the fuck where you came FROM Wrap your asses in BACON along with the Jackass Oduma the Muslim BASTARD HIMSELF

  • Jesusprotectus







  • daveveselenak

    They are our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s part of his Trojan horse that is undermining America! He is the enemy and so is his former political whore the ole ugly commie whore “Hillary the Pillory” !

  • Lisa Millar

    Damn those muslim male rats and female bats in their burka, they are so ungrateful, unappreciative. They left a dispicable country and come here to try to change our country into the type they left. How dumb can they be; quess they think they are pretty smart coming from a backward country. I am offended by them like millions .of other Americans are. We need to put them in their place (like sending them back) if they don’t shut up and quit their bitching. I’m offended and disgusted with their wants..

  • Jay

    I served 24 yrs in the military both as enlisted and commissioned officer. Just this post offends me and should offend every American. Who the hell do these muslim s think they are? If we don’t stop them soon we will be like France, UK, Germany. We will be Fucked!!!

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    You POS towelheads need to leave America now. When Obozo gets out of office, then we’ll deal with you anti-American POS’s.

  • jimmy9522

    Deport every damned one of them.

  • Branwen

    CAIR fails to understand US history correctly and perpetuates a current myth being taught nationally and globally which is that America was founded by White European Supremacists. The simple fact is that America was founded by Christians, and all but two of the signers to the Constitution held pastoral degrees. Founding members of America were other ethnicity than just White. For example, there were many Black founding Americans as well. Copied excerpt from “America’s Black Founding Fathers” By Bob Ellis on May 29th, 2010:

    “Glenn Beck has been looking at the founders of American on “Founders Friday.” This week, he and some historians looked at black Americans who were present at the founding of America and had important roles in our country’s independence.

    One of those was Peter Salem, who can be found in a painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

    In the painting of the Battle of Lexington, the people assembled here are members of Rev. Jonas Clark’s congregation. They were a congregation of both black and white Americans. One of those men was Prince Estabrook, a black American.

    Remember the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware? Near the front of the boat you will see Prince Whipple helping row the boat, as well as a woman. All Americans were involved in winning our independence.

    There is another painting of Marquis de Lafayette, the Frenchman who so greatly helped George Washington with our troops, and James Armistead. Armistead was an American double-spy who helped get information from the British and feed them bad information about us. His service was pivotal to our success at the Battle of Yorktown…which effectively won the American Revolution for us.

    One of the guests on Beck’s show was David Barton, founder of WallBuilders and author of “American History in Black and White.” Another was Dr. Lucas Morel, a professor at Washington and Lee University in Virginia and author of “Lincoln’s Sacred Effort.” Barton goes into greater detail about Armistead’s role in American history, as well as the friendship between Lafayette and Armistead.

    Barton also talked about Wentworth Cheswell, who is considered the first black American elected to public office. We all know about Paul Revere’s famous ride warning that the British were coming, but Cheswell rode in another direction to give the same warning.

    At one point, Barton points out that obviously at some point in history, since many of these black founders show up in various paintings of the Revolution, we knew about the role of black Americans in our founding. Somewhere along the way, like many historical facts, this has been forgotten.

    There is also considerable discussion of Frederick Douglass, who is better known in history and someone Beck calls a “re-founder.” Barton says Douglass once believed the “Three-Fifths Compromise” was a terrible affront to enslaved black Americans and that it rendered the U.S. Constitution totally corrupt. However, when he studied the Constitution along with the notes from the Constitutional Convention, he realized it was an anti-slavery document.

    The bulk of the founders recognized that slavery was wrong and was counter to the ideals of freedom upon which the American Revolution was based. However, there were some in the South who wanted to preserve slavery in the United States, and the impasse threatened the union of our fledgling nation. As a compromise, they came up with the idea of counting slaves as “three-fifths” for the purposes of representation and apportionment.

    If a slave was not worthy of freedom like any other American, then he should not really be counted for the purposes of representation and apportionment. Of course, the Southern states saw how this would hurt them in the federal government, so they compromised by counting slaves at three-fifths of a free person. It made it harder for pro-slavery states to get as much representation in congress; thus the anti-slavery states would have greater representation in apportionment…and in making laws for the nation in general. This gave the Southern states an incentive to free their slaves so that their overall population numbers would increase and thus give the Southern states greater representation and apportionment.

    Of course, the truth doesn’t fit the liberal narrative of America as an evil place, a place founded by evil rich slave-owning white guys (and there is some truth to that: some founders were wealthy, and some did own slaves) that has always been a place of great inequality. The truth doesn’t advance the culture of victimhood promoted by the modern Left in America. The reality of our history–both good and bad–must be sanitized and revised and rewritten, therefore, in order for the Left to fundamentally alter our present and future public policy.

    People like Lemuel Haynes (as well as some of these other black American historical figures) throw a lot of water on that revisionist narrative, however. Haynes was a black American, born to a white woman and a black man. He became a minister and pastored a church with a white congregation, and also fought in the militia in the American Revolution. Barton says that he always preached a special sermon about George Washington on Washington’s birthday every year.

    There was Benjamin Banneker, a black American who was involved in the planning of Washington D.C. and was said to be very intelligent and involved with building clocks and predicting eclipses.

    During the question and answer segment (below), they take on the liberal historical revisionism concerning ethnic issues and the two major political parties in America. While liberals want us to believe the opposite, history shows that it was a Republican president who sent hundreds of thousands of white Americans to die to free black Americans, Democrats who started the KKK and opposed full freedom for black Americans, and Democrats who fought full civil rights for black Americans all the way through the Civil Rights Act. Today’s Democrat Party is definitely unsurpassed in pandering to black Americans (while delivering nothing but empty promises), but history proves their despicable history as enemies of freedom (some things never change).

    America’s history is rich, and it took all of us regardless of skin color to make it what it is today. America’s history has not been perfect (no country’s has), and we have not always lived up to our ideals, but our ideals and our struggle to live up to those noble ideals are what sets this nation apart from any other in the world throughout human history.

    Let’s take our history straight, with our shortcomings and our glorious successes, and not allow liberals who are hostile to our ideals to rewrite our history in their effort to rewrite our future.

    Part 1”

    I kindly suggest that the members of CAIR take the time to study US history more factually rather than working to re-write it to conform to their personal and group agenda.

    Copied excerpt from:

  • desert fox

    They don’t like our Memorial Day? Too bad! We’ll celebrate their day April 1st. They don’t like it here they can always leave. The one thing most Americans feel for them is something we will not change. You want your sharia law got back to your country. Has there ever been such ill feeling for a U.S. President as what is being said about the muslim in office now. President Trump will heal the wounds he has caused.

  • needful

    piss on the sandmonkeys!!!!

  • michael schimanski

    I would hope that when Trump is elected he starts rounding up these pigs and kicks there MFing , pig eating , muSLIME asses out of our country . I’d gladly help if I can .

  • RuFus92

    More of the level of intelligence and thoughts of the very people that Obama is trying his best to flood our country with. What a legacy he is leaving; disrespect our National anthem, don’t salute the flag if your in the military, and race relations at an all time low and national debt continuing to rise, jobs dwindling illegals being moved all over the country. WOW some legacy that he wants Hillary to continue. I’m for the deportation of all here illegally and if they don’t voluntarily leave or turn their selves in for deportation to be permanently barred from entering this country. As for CAIR as Hillary so famously quoted “Who Cares at this point in time!”

  • Sgt. York

    No one has asked these stupid Bastards for one damn thing? This is our Country and not there’s there not Citizens nor do they pay zip in Taxes. They can keep there Cesspool comments in there dirty mouths. There here as Refugees not future citizens as when Syria is over by Law there to be Returned to there Country of Origin. They hate us as were Christians and there sworn to hate and kill us and yet in some places we let there damn butts start telling us what they don’t like,well that’s TS as its America and not the Syrian Cesspool where they were booted out of. Without any background checks as there is no real way to check on them as there like cattle in the Cesspool where they came from nothing but bodies. This influx of these 80% trained or brain washed Terriorists in to America by none other than our own President who is a Muslim as well. He is trying to shut this country down with his 95% male Muslims aged 16/50 a fighting age at that in groups thruout the 50 states. They are here just waiting for Ovomits command to rise up. Ovomit must first get our Guns then the command comes. He,Ovomit is just waiting for the time when he can tell Americans He Is The Dictator from now till hell freezes over. And hell freezing over will come way before he thinks it will.


    They are free to go back to were they came from. No one is forcing them to stay in the USA. Let’s see what kind of freedoms they receive then. They don’t like us then leave. We will not change just to be politically correct and they can take Obummer with them and his whole clan, as they are as Un-American as all the other radicals. They can go to “HELL” with all their other problem makers.

  • rivahmitch

    If we simply exterminate these creatures the problem goes away.

  • peanut butter

    Well, they are showing their true SHARIA colors, now. You can take refugees out of an islamic country, but you can’t take islam out of the refugee. That’s why islam was banned from this country in 1952. They can’t assimilate because they don’t want to go by the Constitution or our customs. On another note: they are now trying to get the BLM movement to join them by extolling the negativity of white supremacy and referring to slavery as a reason that black people should join the muslims. What they fail to state is the fact that the muslims brought those slaves here and sold them to the white man, and the fact that the arabs STILL own black slaves. After they use them to accomplish their purposes, they will still need black slaves to do their work for them. I guess they will have a ready supply of these who have so happily joined them.

  • stick

    It is about time these muzzy’s learn that if they want to live here they will respect our way of life. If they do not then they can go back to where they came from. We didn’t fight them to celebrate their loss of life afterward. We fought them to save our lives and the lives of those who didn’t want to summit to terrorist. I don’t know who these people think they are, but I do know they ain’t Americans nor citizens. If I was President I would ship all of their asses (that don’t want to respect our way of life) back to where they came from.

  • Mark V

    CAIR can kiss my butt then STFU

  • catfleas

    Puke time. I thought I would have a nice, quiet retirement. But no, the government has made my life a basket case with illegals, Arabs, high gas, high food prices, threat of loosing everything we saved, etc. So much to give me a headache.

  • GI Joe

    Given it’s none of their damned business in the first place, does anyone give a fourpenny f*ck WHAT these death cult members think? If any muslim is “offended” by the way our society here in the US functions, let the lousy SOB go back to whatever Suckistan he/she came from in the first place. We damned sure don’t need the little whiners, we didn’t invite them (even IF president Barry Soetoro-Obama did invite them, the nation did NOT), and they most certainly will NOT be missed when they’re gone.

  • Bo

    Anyone who feels they should honor terrorists should move to a terroist state and they will feel better. We certainly want those who honor terrorists to reside in a land that honors terrorists, NOT IN AMERICA.

  • AFGus

    CAIR can kiss my white, non-Muslim, Patriotic, USAF retired “ASS”! FU CAIR!

  • AFGus

    SKIT CAIR! They can kiss my white, non-Muslim, Patriotic, USAF retired “Derriere”!

  • Bill Peddie

    Do you believe the stones on these muslims of CAIR??
    Who the hell do they think they are??
    And, Hillary wants to dramatically increase the number of muslims coming here????
    I would strongly recommend that these radical muslims be gathered up and sent back on a slow boat to where ever we decide.
    How about the deserts of Algeria.
    Not celebrate Memorial Day??????
    These sick bastards.
    Don’t they realize that they are pushing their efforts on the wrong group of people.
    We are not Germany or France or England.
    And, if they are not careful they will get one hell of a welcome from a whole lot of AMERICANS!!!!!

  • scott forman

    It’s time to rid our country of the terrorist organization known as CAIR. Let’s send them back to the hell-hole of the middle east from which they came

  • Dave

    Islam seeks only the submission or death to all unbelievers! Lying to unbelievers is encouraged. Not a religion and not peaceful.

  • Gerald Holloway

    If you do not like America why are you still here. We support our troops in the things they do. As a retired Veteran I think your organization should be arrested and deportation back to where you belong. You do not like what I am saying TUFF.

  • Patriot159

    Even more reason to honor our fallen heroes!

  • Yahoo

    Sure we can scrape up money to rid OUR COUNTRY of these ass holes MEN & WOMEN-both same

  • Chris Robinette

    This an American culture and if the “f king” muslims do now what to become American and honor American traditions yes they can get the Hell out of the US. If American muslims believe that as well they too can leave.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well we see and hear the same thing from blm these days , hard to tell witch one is worse , i say send them back to the desirt and the blacks that are so unhappy here back to africa

  • Original Anna

    It is whites who built this country so you muslims could come here, live well, and not only bitch about it but be treasonist toward this country. If you do not like being here among all these whites go back to the middle east country that is your ethnic background and from where whoever brought your family here came from. You creeps are even traitors to your relatives who brought your family here to give you a better life. If your ethnics are so good why is the middle east still looking like a ghetto where people have their heads chopped off and raping children is part of your religion and police are not allowed to stop rioters from burning alive inside their homes those who don’t agree with muslims because Mohammed said police cannot stop muslims from killing those who don’t agree with them and burning them alive is the way to make sure they are dead.

  • Angela Monaghan

    they just need to go back to where they came from

  • R Monty


  • Kenneth Birgholtz

    I’d say that THEY are in No Position to Tell the United State Citizen Who to Honor or When.!!! They can cair-ry their sorry asses right back from whence they came…WE didn’t ask them to be here, Obama did and he can take His ass right along With them…

  • GeneZ

    America is in trouble because too many of us do not realize we have real enemies that wear smiles on their faces to our faces.

    • wheredidhopego

      They ARE taqqiya!!!!!

  • Mary C


    • wheredidhopego

      …and that *ONE GOD* *ISN’T* allah, the *PAGAN* moon god…!!!

  • IMSweetOlBob

    We need to have a special designation for filthy muslims. I for one, am sick and tired of these demonstrating, demanding, barbaric assholes (that’s a unisex word, Zahra ) using the American tradition of protection for religious thought and then making nothing but political statements.
    None, that’s NONE, of them were invited here. None of them were invied to partake of our welfare. Yet, they were all invited to assimilate. None chose to do that but instead they attempt to force us to adopt their backward ways.
    As a religion that includes many races, they are a cancer upon the earth. They have no excuse for living except to further their own agendas. We, as a Nation, need to weed them out and rid ourselves of the cancer. They will continue to DEMAND more and more special considerations and situations, as well as the surrender of government facilities for their exclusive use.

  • Philomena


  • Marc

    F#&K them . I want them ALL dead or gone….or both . They want us all dead or at least enslaved .How could Killery and Obummer hate the country that’s done so much for them .

  • NSB FL

    These CAIR folks have lost their minds.

  • Michelle.

    CAIR should be classified as a domestic terrorist group and shut down. They oppose everything that we stand for.

  • Yellowman King

    I don’t understand why they are allowed in America are quoted my the retarded media and touted to speak for wicked Muslims among us? We should take away their 401C status and more, make them sweat some, it’s high time


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